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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 12, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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a letter that we're signing is very comprehensive, and i think both sides are going to be very impressed with the results. a lot of goodwill went into this, a lot of work. >> major change. that's what kim jong-un is promising after a historic meeting with president trump, holding a celebratory signing and vowing to work together. doments, and will north korea agre to give up its nukes? and what will president trump promise in return? we have details. we go live to south korea for a look at how things are shapingon the ground as the country remains on edge. plus first
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responders go to the front lines to fight off the wildfires ravangra. an alligator stops a plane ints tracks. "early today" starts right now. d tgobe with you on a tuesday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'll phillip mena. a historic summit and a historic signing. after meeting for the first time season, president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un signing documents just hours ago, each promising that the world will see a major change. >> thank you very much. it's fantastic. >> most details vague, but did tell reporters the process of denuclearization would start very quickly. he also told kim it was an honor the meet with him, and suggested future meetings could be possible, perhaps in the united states. >> mr. president, will you invite chairman kim to the white house? >> absolutely i will. >> the president said details of
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those documents will come in a press conference later this morning. >> trump and came came face-to-face elier tod singapore, shaking hands as they began their historic meeting. i u.s. president has met with a north korean leader. the two leaders appearing cordial in front of the cameras after months of heated rhetoric and insult trading. but it was a very different tune today with president trump expressing optimism for positive relations going forward. today's summit included not just the one-on-one with tru amp kim, but a bilateral discussion with the delegation from both sides. for more on this historic moment, let's go to nbc white house correspondent kelly o'dolngape. kellooing. >> good morning, phillip and frances. from little rocket man to very talented man, both the words of president trump describing kim jong-un. what a change in their relationship. here in singapore, the two leaders met. there were many handshake, conversations, time with just the two leaders by themselves with their interpreters. prent trp and kim jong-un.en a e
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of their top advisers. a working lunch, and then what was sort of billed as a surprise. official sched the two leaders entered a room with pens, signing a document that president trump calls very, veryomprehensi about way forward betwn the countries. through his interpreter, kim jong-un said that he was ready to let go of the past and believed that this could be a new relationship. president trump was very upbeat, describing what he says is an opportunity for the two countries to work differently in the future. he also said he'd be willing to see jong-un come to the white house, and he expects they will meet again and again. this has been what is described as a historic summit there are also questions abo united states has elevated north korea, and specifically, kim jong-un to a level beyond where he should be given the record of human rights violations, and the isolation and nuclear weapons
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and threats that have come from kim jong-un. t y ofhe moment, the stage craft was all about putting these two men on largely equal footing with the flag side by side, the handshakes, and now the question of their agreement something with teeth? will it have substance? will it lead to denuclearization? those are questions to be answered over time. phillip, frances? >> kelly, thank you. >> of course, this historic summit is drawing attention from leaders all across the globe. but perhaps especially so in south korea, which has maintained a tense relationship with its northern borders for decades. janis mackey frayer is live. good morning there. >> good morning, phillip. south korean president moon jae-in has been watching this very closely, parsing by now the document signed by president trump and kim jong-un. the four points being that the
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u.s. and north korea commit to relations, very imporntly, that they will join their efforts to create a stable peace regime. the third point being that they will affirm the april 27th agreement that was signed between moon and kim in their summit. and then lastly, that the u.s. and north korea will commit to repatriating the remains of prisoners of war. it's that third point on reaffirming the agreement of april 27th. this was not a separate declaration between the u.s. and north korea toward complete denuclearization. this is important context. it's their affirmation of the commitment to denuclearization that already existed. so what's missing from this document is the complete verifiable, irreversible aspect of that denuclearization, a term that neither side has yesterday to define. phillip? >> and we will soon see, janis.
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thank you. let's take it back to washington now and what the north korea summit means on capitol hill. lawmakers have been split on whether or not they believe the meet willing be suessful, and any potential agreement in those documents may have to go straight to congress. let's go to nbc's tracie potts with more on this. tracy, good morning. >> hi there, frances. good morning. the question here in washington isow afntd when will lawmakers get their hands on this, what will their reaction be, and what role will they play in interpreting it, determining what this actually means for the united states. it is not a treaty, so it will not require a 2/3 vote of the senate as a treaty would. it is more of a general agreement. and as janis just said, it reaffirms an earlier agreement, leaving open to some degree for lawmakers here, interpretation how how that will play out. also the question this morning, how will this play in north korea. >> the north koreans have a state-run media. they can splice that footage any
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way they want. so they just got the president of the united states of america saying it was an honor to sit down with kim jong-un. his grandfather, his father, never achieved that. >> reporter: expectations were low for the summit. take a look at this. the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll before the summit of what were the expectations for success here. a fair deal for both sides? only 17%. no deal? 26%. so they have come out with some sort of agreement now. it will be up to lawmakers and others, the public here in the united states to determine what that deal really means. frances? >> we'll find out more about those documents thatter were signed. tracy, thank you. developing this morning, four children and a suspect are dead after a nearly day-long standoff in florida. he barricaded himself in an apartment after shooting an officer. he fatally took his own life. police found the suspect, 35-year-old gary lindsey in a
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closet. two of the children were lind y lindsey's and the others were his girlfriends. they were just 1, 6, 10, and 11 years old. the incident started just before midnight when police were responding to a domestic violence call from lindsey's girlfriend. lindsey fired shots from inside the apartment, striking orlando police officer kevin valencia in the head. police say he suffered significant injurie but is expected to survive after surgery. neighbors were forced to evacuate the area as officers tried to urge the suspect to release the children. they're still in shock. >> scary. for kids. i'm thinking about the little baby. >> lindsey was known to law enforcement. court records dating back to 2004 showing an extensive criminal history, including convictions for arson, domestic battery and police. firefighters in new mexico, colorado and california are bracing for a ferocious wildfire season this year. 27 uncontain are in the united
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states. most of it still uncontrolled. as much of the west sustains temperatures near record heat, the risk of even more wildfires increases. and only 12 days in to june, officials fear a disaster rivaling last year. the blazes so far have sent over 2100 evacuees out of their homes just in colorado. >> let's discuss further the conditions with meteorologist bill karins. good morning. >> good morning. so hot and so dry in central western portions while in the east we continue to dodge daily thunderstorms. this is how it will play out this afternoon. by 1:00 showers and storms developing in the ohio valley. then tomorrow, this cold front slides through areas of new york and also pennsylvania. and we're going get some severe thunderstorms out of it. for today only about 1.3 million people at risk. we're watching areas of kansas, colorado, north texas and also oklahoma. and then into wednesday, from pittsburgh to syracuse towards binghamton. mostly wind damage as the storms
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tr to head throughy very warm a humid from san antonio to houston. nothing is changing there and in the southeast, afternoon storms. and the heat will build after this cold front goes through. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. talk to you in a bit, bill. thank you. time for today's quick hits. north little rock police are searching for this suspect they say broke into a shell gas station in arkansas and stole lottery tickets. officers are hoping anyone with relevant information will contact them. a united airlines flight from rome to chicago was diverted to shannon ireland airport after a message referencing a bomb on the airplane. all 207 passengers and 11 crewmembers disembarked from the plane and were searched. a california police officer used a small rowboat to paddle
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leading the news, the white house says president trump's chief economic adviser larry kudlow is in good condition after suffering a mild heart attack. the president tweeted the news just momen hisc meeting with the north korean leader. kudl now recovering at walter reed medical center. the former cnbc anchor was tapped for his white house post in march and has since spearhead the president's trade policy. these financial disclosure reports show how those at the white house are raking in outside money, all while they work in the government sector. first daughter ivanka trump and jared kushner brought in at least $82 million in outside income during 2017. that's according to "the washington post." the two have given up daily oversight of their companies as they work as unpaid advisers to the president. while kushner divested some holdings in his maintained a le
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the leader of one of the world's most oppressive resumes. it's america's closest allies that areg after a pressure feud with the commander in chief, particularly our neighbors to the north. with a war of words between president trump and justin trudeau persisting. hallie jackson has more. >> reporter: as president trump tries to find peace with an enemy, he's fightings with a friend. he and his advisers throwing punches at canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> he really kind of stabbed us in the back. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with donald j. trump. >> the president calling trudeau dishonest and weak after the g7 summit in quebec. that's where trudeau made a measured comment calling new american tariffs insulting and promising to retaliate. >> canadians, we're polite.
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we're reasonable but we will not be pushed around. >> president trump keepinghis attack, firing off twefr let our friends or enemiesak anymore." american backing down either thinking was a difficult summit with at times very candid discussions. >> the president left the g7 early, a pulled out of a planned joint statement. tense talks that had british prime minister theresa may highlighti h she toohe fight to the u.s. >> i was very clear. i've been clear directly to president trump. i've been clear to president trump and elsewhere these are unjustified. >> and in germany, chancellor angela merkel said hi he could do economic damage around the world. that diplomatic function colliding with a priit cal face-to-face here. with mike pompeo in singapore and trying to downplay the drama. there are always irritants in relationships. i'm very confident the relationships between our countries, the united states and
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tonight in singapore, trump and north korean leader kim jong-un finally came fa-to-face, or in kim's case, more like face to belly button. butllmeeting. last nprightaring while at t wa
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waiting for spongebob to perform on the tonys. how does he have four legs? i can't believe. this, they will was last night. now that the summit meeting has actually happened, i'm sure there is going to be a lot more material. >> they've had months to prepare for it too. like president trump famously said he didn't prepare too much. but you know the writers all across late night certainly did. >> we'll hearette tonight. you might notice something a bit odd about major brands. some companies are dropping the letters a, b, and o from the logos. a unique way to encourage blood donations. with more here is health reporter erika edwards. >> reporter: something is missing from these refrigerator shelves. >> when you consider the fact that every two seconds someone needs blood and we don't have enough donors, we're putting patient care at risk. >> reporter: blo donations for alod types, a, b, and o are critically low. now the american red cross is dropping those letters, a, b, and o from its logo, hoping the glaring illustration of missing
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letters will encourage blood donations. major companies are doing the same for brands like mastercard, state farm, and/or owe. the problem is that the blood supply doesn't always meet the demand. 38% of the u.s population is eligible to donate blood, but only 3%r knows firsthand why donations are veit vital. her son has sickle cell disease. he needs blood, and a lot of it. >> i have to come back every three weeks to get blood transfusions. >> reporter: those blood transfusns thr weeks help jenson avoid the excruciating pain associated with sickle cell. >> without that, he would be in the hospital. he would have pain. the blood transfusions have kept him out of the hospital. >> reporter: this photo shows the massive amount of blood that's removed from jenson with each transfusion, nine to ten bags like these are necessary to replace it. just one patient among thousands nationwide who need le-saving help from blood donations.
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it's also called rwater hockey. it started back in the 1950s by a group ofiv wanted to stay in shape during the winter months. it's similar to ice hockey. it's a hard contact sport. and the objective is the same, to get the puck into the opponent's goal. this year over ten teams from across england battled it out for the national title. >> much more calm and less violent. >> it reminds me of tadpoles swimming around and the lost teeth. >> that too. warm and muggy conditions. hot weather. and you know, it's pretty much how you've been for the last daas hting next to 104. new orleans, 100. . loui up to 97. even vegas will feel like 105 today. as we go into wednesday, we continue with areas of texas, especially being one of the hot spots on the map. stay tuned. more "early today" coming right up. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close.
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give me kim! give me ♪ >> nope. >> it was an night full of fun and shade on a special celebrity edition of "family feud." the kardashian and west families took to stage to raise money for charities. in the end, kanye and the rest of the family won the fast money round, donating the $25,000 to the los angeles children's hospital. >> i have never seen kanye west smile so much. >> you know what? aing i going to do it, it's going to be family feud, bring everybody together. >> they say it's their favorite show. they watch it before bed. massive explosion leveled a home outside cleveland. itild o and badly injured another. investigators are trying to determine if it was a crime. pe been detained, including a woman with a criminal history.
4:27 am
the gas company says it found no leaks in the homend the force of the blast also damaged several nearby houses, triggering an evacuation. former senate intel committee staffer has been book booked on charge about lying with contact with repoers. here he was leaving fbi headquarters after over four hours. he was indicted on three counts of making false statements in december about providing sensitive information related to the work of the senate intel committee. the fbi began an investigation into wol after classified information showed up in an article by a reporter he'd previously dated. ultimately seizing her phone and e-mail records going back years. with the midterms coming up, the supreme court handed decision today that could have a major impact when you go to vote. in a 5-4 ruling, the court upheld an ohio law and said that states can purge people off voter roles if they sit out a few elections and fail to respond to official notices. ohio's republican secretary of state who was named in the case
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called the ruling a, quote,or e but democrats say it amounts to voter suppression. a missing u-haul has been returned 14 years later. a representative said the company was recently looking for the trailer when coincidentally it appeared in the middle of the night. someone anonymously dropped it off at a u-haul office in upst york. if u-haul wanted to charge the credit card of the last renter, the cost would be well over $100,000. but man, after all those years, can you imagine the person finally getting this thing after all that time? >> i bet that same person has no problem holding on the library books either for quite a while. this is a story, it's one of the where else but in florida stories. spirit airline passengers from boston were welcomed to orlando by a surprising guest. look at this thing, an al gate attorney tarmac. it had just landed, came to a stop and had to let the large alligator cross the runway. passengers say the delay only lasted a few moments. >> classic welcome to florida. >>'m iit )s tuesday june 12th -
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and it )s a big day in the bay area -- hureds of thousands of people will be descending upon it is tuesday, june 12th and it is a big day right here in the bay area. ndreds of thousands of people will descend upon oakland and you know why, for the grand warriors victory parade. live pictures from oracle arena. you can feel that excitement in the air. almost feel it and smell it and taste it. smells like victory. >> yeah, good morning, thank you so much for starting your day with us. >> laura garcia is off and traffic and weather going to be critical today as we try to head out to the parade. definitely sunscreen and water. >> it's going to be warmered it. warmer temperatures for the bay today. let's look at the


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