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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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there was aorker inhere. the car struck. e was taken to san francisco general hospital. take a look at somes video from the scene. we do not know the condition of the two men who were in that ditch, in that hole with the woman who's been tansco general. the latest pd, not know exa why that car broke loose from the tow truck. we looked at the chain. it seems to be in good shape, maybe it was hooked wrong. it's all speculation now. we can tell you the tow truck is out ofodesto. the connection to the car, we don't know that either. we do know the car was being pulled up onto the tow truck. it broke free, struck is a woman in diamond heights about 2:00 this afternoon. and the woman is in the hospital. police are only saying she is in
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critical condition.rry mcsweene news. >> nethere is discrepancy on th condition, we heights neighborhood at 28th and castro. what you are looking at is the hole where the female worker was working when the car on the tow truck broke free and basically ran her over. we'll keep an eye onhe situation. terry remains on the situation. he'll have another live update at 6:00. if we get any new information we'll post it on our twitter feed. it appears we have a new mayor in san francisco. late today london breed announced victory. >> the responsible for count beg t counting the votes isn't ready to declare a winner.
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>> sam brock has the latest on that count. >> reporter: we may have a new mayor, we think. this is what we know. london breed extended her lead to 2200 votes or just under 1% of the vote. she did stand in sfronts of city hall, but nothings official until it's certified. under an umbrella of applause, london breed walked up to the microphones, smile irrepressbling. >> i am london breed, and soon to be mayor of the city and county of san francisco. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: breed's accep speech followed earerar from mark leno, who politely conceded. >> weaven't seen a day that it hasn't gone in her direction. we're down to fewer votes than
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we had a week ago. >> reporter: in the basement of city hall, election workers still toil over the ballots as they tell me it is not a done al y. don't project the winner until cerfied by the election. and i don't expect to certify the election until the end of the month. >> reporter: should she prevail, she makes history as the first african-american woman to hold the position. >> the reason i feel so incredible about this, i think the message this sends to the next generation of young people growing up in this city, that no matter where you come from, no matter what you decide to do no life, y can do anything you want to do. never let your circumstances determine your outcome in life. >> reporter: and before those remark, breed saying, look, she grew up in difficult circumstances as you kno more than likely, she grew up in public housing here in san francisco. as for the results, we expecting them to be certified later this
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.onth, but that's not the endf after they're certified, the board ofupervirs has it to declare at th official. sam brock. a san francisco motorcycle officer is in the hospital right now. he collided with a driver on the potrero hill neighborhood where a traffic light just went in. christie smith is live with why they are taking a serious look at that intersection now. >> reporter: we came here to the hospital, and we are told that officer is here with family members and fellow officers. now initially, he was listed in critical condition, but late this afternoon police and the hospital spokesperson said that was upgraded to serious. >> just heard an extremely loud thud and walked outside. >> reporter: nathan rockhold says he first spotted a car missing its bumper, then noticed
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a san francisco police officer and its motorcycle on i side. >> soon after i walked out, the cop set out and took off his helmet. and the person who was in the car, vehicle came out, was in scrubs and telling him, the police officer, not to move. >> reporter: he believes the driver i in the collision has a medical background and offered help as paramedics arrived. police said the 12-year veteran was in critical condition. >> the motorist involved in the collision is cooperating with our investigatio >> reporter: a hospital spokesperson says his condition has been upgraded. the circumstances of the collision are still under investigation. but those who work no the in the neighborhood say they've had close calls here before. >> if the light's green, people are just absolutely barrelling through here. >> they don't stop or slow down. as you can see, they just go
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straight and i, like i have to step in and like wait and eye contact the drivers on the other side. it's tricky. >> reporter: san francisco police tell us they do not believe the driver who was operating that car in the collision was driving whi impaired. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith. no sympathy from a judge for a jogger who was videotaped clearing out aomeless man's belongings. he appeared in court facing felony charges. this is the video that was posted on facebook on saturday and it quickly went viral. today hen cente was charged with second degree robbery for allegedly stealing the cell phone of a man recording him at lake merritt. he had tried helping a homeless man for months but got frustred when while jogging,
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he saw syringes on the ground and was with video of him clear out the man's camp led to death threats. his attorne says he was under stress when they confronted him about that incident. dna evidence has ruled out the suspected golden state killer in another homicide. they wondered if he was behind the deaths of a woman and her 4-year-old in 1978. the case was reopened as it was discovered the original suspect in prison for four decades was actually innocent. but dna evidence from the scene does not matchng he is accused in at least a dozen murders up and down the state. adding insult to tragedy. vandals h trashed a roadside tribute to two young women killed by a suspected drunk driver. this was the crashne before thanksgiving.
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it happened in livermore, and now the victims' families are hoping you can help. melissolorad joins us with what's now left of that memorial. melissa? >> reporter: well, this is just another tragic blow for these two families. and the vandals stole two crosses dedicated to the 16 victim violet campbell as well as an art piece dedicated to the other victim, alexis garcia, and the families tell me this is a sacred area f them, and there's a $1500 reward to find the person who desecrated this memorial. >> she's thebaby, the smallest. >> reporter: this locket never leaves her neck, nor does the pain of losing her daughte alexis. the 25 ke25-year-old was out wi friends when she got a ride from
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this woman. also in the car, violet campbell. davis had beenrinking that night and had marijuana in her system. davis crashed her car along this stretch of stanley boulevard. she survived, but the girls did not. >> this is our onlyy place where we can come feel like we hav a little bit of her last moments, kind of were. >> reporter: and that'sow moerl ca mo came to be. lexie's sister created this mermaid tail as a tribute. >> that's what she was to us, an a little mermaid. >> reporter: for violet, white crosses that glowed in candlelight overnight. >> it ld omeby came and ransacked the place. >> reporter: family believe somebody stole the items monday evening. >> this was vin decktive. >> reporter: family returned to the memorial this afternoon with every brush stroke and effort to bring the memorial back to life. >> it's an f-edveo.
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despicable. >> rterirs who didn't know the girls are disgusted by this, too. the family tells us they believe is was a tar getted attack and they plan to file a report with the alameda sheriff's department. nbs. >> thanks, melissa. north korea is still celebrating kim jong un's summit with president trump. president trump's concession to stop war games, military exercises between the u.s. and south korea startled many in washington, d.c. critics worry itiv away too much too soon. mike pompeo says if north korea stops acting in good faith the exercises will resume. experts are skeptical. >> let's hope for the best in
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ateverheir conversations were. there's nothing in the documents that were signed that would indicate that north korea's no longer a nuclear threat. i'm conceed the nuclear threat is a proliferator. >> they want the decrease of winds to be part of future negotiations going forward. sunburns and leftover confetti after the victory parade. the buzz continues. after sweeping the cavs, a lot of diffent kinds of sweeping is happening downtownand. so much confetti came raining down, crews are still sweeping up the blue and gold tissue paper. about a million fans converged on oakland, filling downtown restaurants and shops, and the ternatnal news coverage, once ain, put oakland in the limelight. >> if you were at a bar or restaurant yesterday in downtown oakland, i think you did extremely well, and we want people to come back and enjoy downtown and all the great
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restaurants and bars and retail stores in the area. >> no major problems yesterday and no arrests at the pe. the warriors picked up thets of that parade. as expected, a lot of people ing bt. youkt th lines hear there to get on the trains, 494,000 people rode the trains, which makes it the seventh highest ridership day. that's down about 5% from the warriors' paradeear. the highest dana history remains the giants 2012 world series victory parade. california split into three states? voters will get a chance to vote on the proposal in november. what still has it to happen evef th passes. also world cup excitement comes to the bay area. we have a chance to host some matches. what has to happ though, before the final decision is
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made. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. after mid to upper 80s in the south bay, we're dropping to 8 we'll let you know about cooler ather for everyone and how much temps drop in about six minutes. a surprise on the novemr
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ballot. voters get to decide whether california is t big t function, and should be carved into three smaller states. okay. it's going to be on the november ballot. investigators g
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voters decide on separate states. the initiativeotce the signatures needed to be put on e novemb ballot. analysts say i from activists coming from the politil right many they can parse out a wte california, then perhaps they will prey saer serve whatever these individual think they need prey ser. >> aoll found 72% oppose the divide. it still with not be a done dale. congress with still need it give it an okay. the organizer of the campaign even acknowledges, it's a long shot. >> this as soon as going to happen immediately, everyone.
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this is going to happen over time, but, the first step is to give, get this initiative passed as three calornias. >> he made the statement during anh vwor our show "press here". you can watch that sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. areou rdy for the world cup? it connectiokicks off in russia. fifa will host the 2026 world cup. it's join bid between the u.s., can and mexico. andevi stadium could be one of the stadiums. marianne favro has the details. >> reporter: u.s. soccer leaders celebrating in russia aft ng t wldup wl be held in the u.s. for the first time since 1994. in a first of its kind bid, mexico, canada and the u.s. are team up to host the world's biggest sporting event, 23 u.s.
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stadiums were named as possible venues, includi lev stadium. patricia engstrom worked on the bid. she says the bay area offers hotels, trgse transportatianspo great venue. >> levi stadium has a tremendous track record hosting preeminent, world class soccer events. the gold cup final, we have a lot of international soccer. >> reporte accorng to fifa, in 2026, an estimated 80 games would be played in the host countries. 10 in mexico, 10 in canada and 60 in the u.s. the earthquakes are celebrating the annouent. while their home is too small to host world cup matches it may still play a role. >> a part of the bid packet for this region is a practice venue, should teams need arainin base we have a couple of grass
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fields they can use to train. >> reporter: and he says avaya may hold world cup training parties here in 2026. they celebrated with fancy footwork. >> i'm extremely excited. >> reporter: the next goal is to convince fifa it is the perfect place to hold matches. right now levi stadium has been in the choices. but it will be narrowed. take a look. it's going to have the colors of canada, mexico and the u.s. to celebrate winning this 2026 world cup bid. repo nbc bay area news.santa clara, we got to get tinckets now. >> as for this year's world cup,
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the first game is between the host nation russia and saudi arabia tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. our coverage kicks off at 5:00 a.m. we have a lot of world cup contense content on our website. it's all at we have to pick our it teamteam. who are we rooting for? >> i never really watched the world cup. this is the first time. >> i'm going to try to follow to. have you ever been in a public place? it's crazy. you feel like you are in it. telemunicip telemundo is our source for all that fun. great weather to g outside, no matter what kind of sport you're into as we head closer to many
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-- a little bit hot. we are still at a hot 92 degrees, but not quite as warm as it was this teime last my. the -- night. if this was too hot for you today we have good news coming your way, chainges beginning as early as tomorrow. that will maay for a chillier system right through this weekend. changes tomorrow will be minimal, but it's going to start, still sunshine for the tri valley and 61. areas of fog in san francisco and 55 to start. so wei get a little bit of clou
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cover. we are out of the 90s. back down to the 80s in the south bay, so it's going to be a lot more enjoyable for you. across cupertino, 83. instead of mid-90s in gilroy, down to 83. out of the 90snhe east bay. 89 in antioch and free mawmont,. san francisco, no 70s. we're back to the 60s from the embarcadero. we'll stay with 60s through the weekend. very typical for this type of the we're for cities away from the coast many we'. and a sweet weekend coming our way, 78 on saturday, 80 on
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sunday. we go back up tuesday but then back down again. this is probably one of the most enjoyable pre-summer forecasts i think we've had in seven or eight years. >> it fee like summer. >> it feels great. mountain lions on the prowl. we'll sell you where these foal owes were taken.
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clear. but this year, the waters are much murkier than in years past. researchers at u-c davis say you can blame it on extreme style. only at livi lake tahoe is known for being clear. uc davis says you can blame it on extreme drought followed by
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extreme rainfall. we're right back with more news. stay with us. deal talk. to make sure my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo is a great deal. i asked a sales expert. it's amazing, jack! you get a spicy crispy chicken breast, hickory-smoked bacon, and melted cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. you said it, stanley. ow. wait, what's happening? stanley, stanley! you're deflating! i'm so cold. we need a doctor! jack, tell my wife i love her.
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nooooooo!!!!!! try my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo. mechanical sweepers today. they )re specially designed to clean bike lanes. a cleanup in san francisco. take a lk. the city unveiling these three new mechanical sweepers today. they're specifically designed to clean the bike lanes of san francisco. the city has more it than 15 mai
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miles of protected bike lanes. they are needed to keep them clean and safe. did you know it's illegal to feed deer? the reason, photos are showing an increasing number of visits of mountain lions, they like to eat deer and pets. people are cautioned to k pets indoors. bring in their food. also, if you happen it to be feeding deer, cut it out. we'll be right back with more news. tonight at 6:
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a mass eviction in one of the bay area )s poshest neighborhoods. the reason dozens of oplbeing cked out tonight at , a mass eviction in one of the bay area's poshest neighborhoods. why it's renewing the debate over affordable housing. >> pbably the most talked-about raccoon in the country. this raccoon scaled the building in st. paul yesterday. he clawed his way up that 20-sorry offi20 20-story office building where it was baited with cat food into a cage. it is now in the care of
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wildlife workers. >> we have more pics on our website. >> he's at the top length like ac taking a map. tonight, is president trump's personal lawyer preparing to flip michael cohen's legal shake-up, stoking specification he may cooperate with the feds. what does he know? a growing wildfire emergency spreading across several states. >> the fire just exploded and created a vortex which was throwing flames down the mountain. >> thousands evacuated in colorado. homes burned to the ground in utah. in california, flames getting way too close in beverly hills. the price you pay for your home. the cost of borrowing just got more expensive. is it a better time to rent than buy? >> alarming news about the serious side effects in some of the popular prescription


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