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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 14, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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we're in wilkes-barre township and the damage is all around us. >> breaking news. a possible tornado strikes in the middle of the night. pennsylvania police are on the scene. america's immigration situation is heating up on capitol hill. and also on the front lines, where families are being torn apart.>ill he flip? new details surrounding president trump's attorney michael cohen and his legal options. le tell a will he tell all including the details surrounding that $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? remembering one the basketball world's greatest players, coaches, and hall of famers ann donovan. with the announcement just 24 hours old the u.s. is already getting world cup fever. and then anything you can do i can do better. a bear and a boy just having
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fun. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> gigi stone woods. overnight a tornado struck parts of pennsylvania. overturned vehicles and multiple building collapses with people trapped inside. the luzerne county area of northeastern pennsylvania was under tornado warning late last night. the storm rolled through a large shopping plaza. strong winds knocked down trees and power lines, injuring multiple people in the area. several businesses sustained damage. residents have been warned to stay out of the storm's path. as the uproar continues over the trump administration's separation of immigrant families at the border, we are now getting our firstoo largest detention facilities for migrant children. nbc's jacob soboroff was mega s cameras were not allowed inside for these children. the facility, butob told msnbc's chris hayes that while the facility is licensed and run by trained staff the children
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are still essentially in prison. >> i have been inside a federal prison before. i've been inside several county jails. this place is called a shelter, but effectively these kids are incarcerated. they're not actually literally in cages or in cells, but i kid you not. one of the first things an employee of the shelter said to me is when we walked inside, can you try to smile at these kids? because it's weird to see people from the outside. they feel like animals locked up in cages. >> for more on the conditions in that facility and the backlash to the administration's zero tolerance policy let's go now to nbc's tracie potts in washington. good morning. >> hi there, good morning, phillip. we could see changes soon with republicans in congress agreeing to vote on immigration next week. but these advocates, they're not letting up. take a look. one of the groups that's planning another protest here today, families belong together. we've seen several of those
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protests recently about this family separation policy. meantime, more inside that facility. pictures provided by the government. there are 1,400 boys ages 10 to 17. children and teenagers who are inside this facility. some of them are allowed to talk to their parents. it depends on the policy at the facility where their parents are. they go to school, they are fed. but as jacob talked about, they really don't get a lot of outside contact. it looks like only about two hours a day. and there are interestingly murals inside that facility, including one that's causing some controversy. this one of president trump that according to some reports the children are afraid of. phillip? >> an eye-opening look at the realities there. busy trying to convince japanese and south korean officials in seoul to back president trump in the day pompeo saying major disarmament
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is expected in north korea within the president's first term but caution's against unsubstantiated north korean reports, vowing to keep sanctions against pyongyang in place until kim jong un's regime has completely denuclearized. however, pompeo refused to answer a reporter's question on just how the u.s. would verify those nukes are gone, berating that reporter for the inquiry instead. we begin this morning with the man referred to as donald trump's fixer michael cohen and swirling speculation he is cooperating with the feds to save his family with one i afted he's expected to drop his legal team amid building pressure as he remains the subject of a criminal investigation into his business dealings. meanwhile, the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, said he isn't worried about cohen cooperating with the feds. mr. trump's own history of tweets politics cohen will not flip. reporter: is michael cohen e. ready to cooperate with federal
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investigators? that's the question looming over the white house. after abc news reported cohen, the president's long-time fixer and personal attorney, is likely to strike a deal with prosecutors. so far cohen happensn't been charged and several sourcesfami matter tell nbc news -- cohen is looking to shake up his legal team according to sources close to the situation. it comes as prosecutors are poring over documents they seized from cohen's office and residences in a dramatic april fbi raid. federal investigators in new york are focusing on cohen's business dealings, including that t30 before the 2016 election. >> michael cohen should absolutely be concerned about being charged. the fbicu residence and his office. they don't do that lightly, and they don't do thatheohen case ce out of robert mueller's russia probe, who referred it to investigators in new york.
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that april raid sparking fury from president trump. >> it's frankly a real disgrace. it's an attack on a country in the true sense. an attack on what we call stand for. >> reporter: mr. trump later tweeting, "most people will flip if the government lets them out of trouble. sorry, i don't see michael doing that." >> the danger to the president is that mr. cohen, if he cooperates, will be required to cooperate broadly. he'll have to tell everything he knows to anyone who asks. >> reporter: the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, tells nbc news he's not concerned about michael cohen flipping, adding he has no information suggesting cohen is going to flip. phillip? >> all right, kristen, thank you. "rocky" actor sylvester stallone c facing an investigation. prosecutors review possible sexual assault allegations mad case involving a sex crime allegation. it was made by an unidentified woman against stallone. they didn't provide exact details against the allegations, though in december police said they were investigating a complaint of alleged sexual
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misconduct in the 1990s by the actor. it was according to reuters. police wouldn't comment on whether the age of the case would disqualify it. the statute of limitationsize ten years in california. through his lawyer stallone has categorically denied sexually assaulting anyone. in a meeting that was long overdue kim kardashian west traveled to memphis, tennessee to meet face to face with alice johnson, the 63-year-old great grandmother that she helped free after 21 years in nger case rig president trump's desk, resulting in the president commuting johnson's life sentence for a non-violent drug offense. in news's hoda kotb sat down with the pair for their first joint interview since a preview. >> you were about to do something that's changed this woman's life. you've been in that prison for 21 1/2 years. and someone pages you and says you have a phone call. >> mm-hmm. yes.
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i thought it was an attorney call. when my case manager was waiting on me. and it was. but i didn't know that kim was coming in. and when she told -- >> what did she say? >> i believe she said you can go home. >> mm-hmm. >> you can go home. zbluk go home? >> you can go home now. are you ready to go home? when she said that, i went into full-fledged pentecostal holy dance. i started screaming and jumping. people were listening. i'm telling you, i was dancing. i was dancing. i was jumping. i was screaming. i was doing everything. ew because the d it sound like news was starting to break and we had to get her on the phone. so she was kind of quiet on the phone. and i know her personality enough to know that she would have been screaming or something. and i said, wait, you don't know? and she was like, know what? and i was like, you're going
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home. and screams and cries. and we all just cried on the phone. >> you're definitely going to want to watch the full exclusive interview coming up on "today." nbc meteorologist bill care sinz here with a check on our forecast. what do you have, bill? >> good morning. still tracking what was hurricane bud down to a tropical storm. good news from cabo san lucas. but here's the great news. it's been so hot in the desert southwest we actually want this moisture and clouds to head that way to bring some relief. that's exactly what's going to happen. there's going to be no damage whatsoever from any winds or anything, but all that clouds and eventually some rainfall will cool you off in arizona, new mexico, and areas of colorado. remember all the fires we've been talking about the last week. this is also going to help some of those areas, especially in colorado. use today we're still baking in the heat. 109 in phoenix. getting. denver very hot. salt lake city. imagine being on the fire lines in some of these blazes in the heat like this. that's not fun at all. you'll be happy to give those clouds a little relief. lso in the
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dallas today to lubbock all the way through areas of new mexico. the hot spot on the map of course the desert southwest. and of course this weekend we'll have a lot of heat to spread, even to the east coast. we'll have details on that coming up. >> looking forward to it. thank you, bill. in your news by the numbers, a first for san francisco. after electing itsst by fewer than 2,000otes against a candidate running to become the first openly g actor jeff goldblum will become the 2,638th person honor star o fame. that do that math. a record 2 million people doideoame fortnight on tore their nintendo switch console in 24 hours. it came after nintendo announced its launch. smooth
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headed for the plate. the throw up the line. and he is out. >> things got a little heated during the dodgers-rangers game in l.a. after matt kemp collided with robinson turino at home plate. nothing escalated past some trash talk and a couple of shoves from both teams. both were put on time out for the rest of the game. birthday wishes are in order for president trump. the commander in chief turns 72 today. mr. trump has no public events on his schedule after a long week of travel. but perhaps more cake is in order after mr. trump was treated to an early birthday treat in singapore before his summit with north korea's kim jong un. after that historic trip the president has already earned a nobel peace prize nomination. two norwegian lawmakers from the country's populist progress party have submitted nominations according to state broadcaster nrk. trump will now be eligible for
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next year's prize. >> i'm sure he's glad to hear that. the cost to borrow is getting even more expensive, with the federal reserve raising a key interest rate by a quarter of a point as costs continue to go up some younger consumers and retirees looking to purchase that new place are choosing to skip buying in favor of renting. nbc's jo ling kent tells us ome. >> reporter: in atlanta newlywed dominica reid was feeling the pressure to buy a new home. >> my parents especially, they're like you have to buy now that you're married, there's really no excuse. >> reporter: but with a key interest rate now rising 1/46 a point and relatively few homes on the market, she and her husband are choosing to rent instead. >> we're trying to figure out if we want to stay in the city, like housing costs are really, really expensive. >> reporter: it's a dilemma for home buyers nationwide. mortgage applications have dropped dramatically, down more than 15% since last year, as the average mortgage rate rises to
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4.8% just this week. >> there is a trend for more people choosing to rent versus buy. >> reporter: the booming economy is also driving home prices up in big cities. >> prices are increasing in those markets much faster than incomes. which means down payments are going to be higher. and that's going to lead to additional frustrations other than just finding a house. >> reporter: so when could it be better to rent instead of buy? experts say if you plan to move within five years, if you cannot put down between 10% and 20%, and if you have a low credit score. finding the right deal at the right time, making home sweet home a little sweeter. >> this is so nice. >> reporter: jo ling kent, nbc news. just ahead, more men than ever are getting plastic surgery. if you can guess what kind. plus the tale of the boy and the bear. fast friends, new playmates. you're going to want to see it. you're watching "early today." t. simpari-what? simparica is what kills tick and fleas, like us. kills? kills!
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i felt very good at the beginning. the relationship was really good. he's got a very good personality. he's funny. it's been a very intense relationship. it's been short and very intense. >> sounds like somebody's going to the fantasy suite. that makes sense, though. kim is totally trump's type. he's foreign and half his age. >> bam. i think we need a sequel to the
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summit just for more jokes. >> yeah, i guess so. they are intense men. we will give them that. >> endless supply there. the nba finals, they may be over, but there is some hype this morning over a match-up that's coming up. as senator ted cruz has called out jimmy kim and he will challenged him to a game of one-on-one basketball. the late-night host accepted the republican senator's challenge and the trash talk has already saturday in houston. and the proceeds are going to benefit two local charities. the loser said they will donate $5,000 to the winner's charity of choice. and i have a feeling even though they are in the home state of ted cruz jimmy kimmel will have a little more fans there for his support. >> major ratings, and let's hope a scuffle doesn't break out. as the stigma around plastic surgery actually lifts more men, believe it or not, are opting to go under the knife. the american society of plastic surgeons is reporting that the number of plastic surgery procedures performed on men was 29%, from 2000 to 2017, with 1.3
4:20 am
million cosmetic procedures done on men last year alone. some of the most popular ones include nose reshaping and hair transplants. obviously not an issue for you. not everyone is born perfect. but there are some -- >> no shaming. >> -- that need some help. >> no shame in my game right here. i'm actually 61 years old. the proof is in the pudding there. >> very impressive. >> no shame. all right. another great story for you. there's a viral video out there, and it's going to make its way into your heart this morning. we wanted you to meet 5-year-old ian, who met luca the bear in nashville's zoo. and they jumped at the chance t. look at that. it turns out that luca the bear is the one who went over to the glass to jump alongside ian as well as several other kids. the boy's father said that the jumping session lasted for ten whole minutes and both ian and luca got a little tired out after that. >> that was amazing. good thing that glass is very strong because that bear is huge. just ahead, we're going to take a look at your weather. you're watching "early today."
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but one blows them all out of the water. hydro boost from neutrogena®. so it bounces back. neutrogena® colonel morrison hasis birtt today we have a special surprise. returning just this morning -- >> after missing his son's last three birthdays, colonel jay morrison surprised his family during the brewers-cubs game in milwaukee. morrison had been deployed since july of last year in conjunction with military operations in syria. when he stepped out, the fans
4:24 am
gave him a warm welcome, making his son's special day one he won't forget. major welling up just in time for father's day. >> one of those moments. >> that's right. and sunday's the big day. i'm sure they're going to have a lot of fun out there. >> doing whatever. doesn't matter what the weather is. they'll have a blast. but it's going to be extremely hot. today we're near a heat index of 100 in many areas like memphis. friday feel like0. dallas heat index right around 100. then by the time we get to sxart sunday that heat continues right sunday that heat continues right through t ma. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with o oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque, and oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro. air wick knows life moves too fast to chase odors.
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cities all vying for a shot to host a world cup game. nbc's dan sheneman has more. >> canada, mexico, and usa have been selected by the fifa congress to host the 2026 fifa world cup. >> reporter: on the eve of the 2018 fifa world cup soccer's governing body choosing the north american bid from the u.s., canada, and mexico over morocco as host of the world's biggest soccer tournament. >> thank you for entrusting us with this privilege, the prr:egn all 48 teams will play 80 games. 60 of those games expected to be in american stadiums. the competition has already started among 17 u.s. cities hoping to be among the ten sites to host a match. >> this is truly a world event. this is truly a world cup. and you're going to be talking about tens and tens of thousands of visitors coming to boston, staying for extended periods of time. >> reporter: the u.s. first played host to the fifa world cup in 1994. the tournament is credited with fueling the growth of the beautiful game in america.
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>> i watch as much as i can. i skip work to watch. but during my break, at home, i watch. >> reporter: it's a little more than 2,900 days till kickoff in 2026. dan sheneman, nbc news. >> can't play this. something to look forward to. now to the first guilty plea in the penn state fraternity death case. a former fraternity member, 21-year-old ryan burke, pleaded guilty to hazing and liquor charges in the death of tim piazza. piazza died last year after falling down a nieft stairs at a frat house after a night of heavy drinking. burke was accused of giving piazza a bottle of vodka at the party. he will be sentenced july 31st. 25 other defendants still face charges. ? painful story. we could soon see a new press secretary behind the white house press podium after cbs news reported that sarah sanders and principal deputy press secretary raj shah are eyeing the exits. sanders responding to the report
4:28 am
tweeting "does cbs know something about that i don't about my plans and my future? i love my job and working for potus." however, she did not explicitly denight article. nbc news has not independently verified the report. basketball hall of famer ann donovan has died of heart failure. the 6'8" center coached in college and the wnba becoming the first female coach and youngest to win a wnba title at 42 years old. she also was on three loip teams as player and coach. her family says while they are devastated with the loss they remain so grateful to be blessed with such a wonderful human being. ann donovan was 56 years old. >> i'm gigi stone woods. >> aad lib live picture-- bay be
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it is thursday morning. taking a live look outside at the bay bridge, a gorgeous site, helping you get through this
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day. friday eve. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. kari, today we started to see the cooldown. >> just a little for the inland areas today. you'll really feel it along the coastline in san francisco and with winds picking up. and it's going to be clouds and fog to st loo outside in palo alto, a clear start there. some cool temperatures. we're in the upper 50s, make it into the upper 70s. it's going to be nice


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