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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 14, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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at 10:00 sunshine. 68. it will be warming up fast. warm at 2:00, 80 degrees and breezy winds start to pick up. high temperatures inland reach into the upper 80s with low- to mid-60s for the coast. more on that cooldown in just a few minutes and vianey has a look at the morning commute. >> as we start inching closer to the later par of the 5:00 hour when it really starts to get busy, i am starting to nice a couple more slow spots out there. aside from that we've managed to stay fairly clear in terms of major accidents out there. i do want to give you a look at south bay drive times. if you're heading early, perfect time to get started from highway 85, 18 minutes. northbound 280 from highway 101 towards highway 85, only 7 minutes. this is definitely the time to hit the road to beat the traffic, although you might not want to beat the traffic on the bay bridge. we are seeing already some slowing out there.
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it looks like metering lights might be on at 5:00 a.m. today. i'll send it back to you. >> there was a pretty bad accident earlier in the middle of the night. breaking news out of the south bay, motorcyclist dead after an accident on interstate 880. now investigators are trying to figure out if anyone else is involved. >> live near coleman avenue, bob, what have you been able to find out so far. >> good morning to you marcus and laura, overnight we did speak with chp. they indicated either possible another vehicle collided with this motorcyclist after he wrecked here on northbound 880. they want to find this person. even if they hit this motorcyclist accidentally, the fact they did not stop is a problem. this happened around 1:00 this morning. this motorcyclist was on coleman avenue on ramp to northbound 880. chp officers tell us he was going well over the speed limit, failed to negotiate the turn onto the freeway, hit the median on the on ramp. him and his bike.
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he was wearing a helmet by the way ended up in the middle of northbound 880 where, again, chp believe he might have been hit by a vehicle. the reason why they believe this, among the debris, they found debris that did not match the motorcycle. in other words they found debris from another vehicle. that's part of the investigation. they are trying to figure out, trying to determine what killed the man. was it the initial crash into the median and ending up in the middle of the freeway or subsequent possible collision with another vehicle. this had been a sig alert all lanes at 880 near norman mineta international had been shut down. you can see brake lights headed in that direction that lanes are back open for the commute. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks for the update. 5:02. developing this morning cal osha investigating a tragic accident in san francisco where a city worker was killed. she was also the mother of a
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toddler. yesterday afternoon in diamond heights, a car rolled off of the back of a tow truck over a ditch with three water department crew members were working. the woman having her car towed said the truck operator had already called about a problem with the towing cables. >> the two guys jumped out of the hole so fast but the woman did not. i'm so sorry to hear that she's gone. >> the workers who died is 34-year-old lilianna preciado of san bruno. the city says she's one of a few women plumbers on the staff. >> very sad. 5:03 right now. you might see them on your way to work. today thousands of immigration advocates will hold rallies across the nation and here in the bay area. they are protesting families forced to part at the border. kris sanchez joins us with a look at one of the dozens of facilities housing immigrant children that have been separated from their parents. hard not to have your heart go
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out to them. kris. >> reporter: it certainly is a difficult situation. lawmakers on both sides seem to agree on, that laura. a lot of activists will gather at city hall. under that united battle cry that families belong together and what they are doing is decrying these conditions. take a look at this video here. this is a detention center in texas where children separated from their parents waiting prosecution for being undocumented are being housed. nbc got a rare look at that detention center in brownsville, texas. the shelter has 1400 immigrant poise separated from their parents. the children are between the ages of 10 and 17. you can see more on that on the "today" show after the newscast at 7:00. we have another center that used to be a walmart store. these are provided by the government. there are 100 such detention centers and cases are backing up
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quickly with the attorney general's zero tolerance policy. congress changed the law allowing families to be separated next week. republicans are agreeing to address immigration. >> we can come together on the fact that families need to be unified. >> children's, babies are being ripped away from their mother's arms. if that's not psychological torture, i don't know what is. >> there are 700,000 families waiting for a court date. that number is growing as a result of the trump administration zero tolerance policy. attorney general jeff sessions says he's assigning prosecutors and judges to move these cases along. as you mentioned, activists are rallying across the country at city hall and also city hall in hayward. kris sanchez "today in the bay." we are just hours from the start of the world cup. russia plays saudi arabia this morning. i can tell you fans are already excited especially right here in the bay area.
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avaya stadium is hosting a free watch party for every single game. in russia security really tight across the 11 cities hosting matches but it's still a party. here is one fan talking about all that fun. >> people around the world, it's very nice, very exciting. >> apparently sales of tickets to non-russians are lagging, this is because of the sanctions and tensions between russia and western countries. our sister station telemundo 48 is home of copa rms, the home game between saudi arabia and russia. you have a chance to see former presidential candidate and first lady hillary clinton today. she's in sfraan francisco speak to a group that backs gun reform. gabby giffords, the woman hit by
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gunfire. also today waiting for a report from the justice department, internal watchdog. the big question, did the fbi botch the investigation into the hillary clinton's e-mails. the inspectors general report is an 18-month review. its findings will surely revive debate about whether fbi and former director james comey affected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. >> i know many of you remember the napa earthquake back in 2014. we are now learning what could have possibly caused it. a new study points to changing groundwater levels. the theory is every summer the groundwater under napa and sonoma valley recedes causing the earth's crust to expand. researchers say in the summer of 2014 the expansion could have been the final straw which caused that 6.0 earthquake. conservationists like chris are not surprised. >> i myself have actually seen pools on the napa river where
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the groundwater is sucking so hard the pools are diminishing and the fish are dying. >> researchers don't know why the ground water recedes every season. the napa quake killed one person and caused half a billion dollars in damage. a victory for a group of neighbors on the peninsula fighting to save some trees. mountain view's "parks and rec" commission has denied developers request to cut down five heritage redwood trees to make way for new construction. the neighborhood a few blocks away from downtown. the developer was first allowed to remove the trees. backlash from dozens of neighbors forced the commission to reconsider. meantime the city council voted to let another developer to remove 16 trees for a new construction project. >> right now at 5:08 we are waking up to some clouds near the coast as we take a live look outside in san francisco right now. we'll see patches of fog. it's at 57 as you head out the door, also 57 in san jose, 55 in
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livermore right now and oakland 56 degrees. one of the things you can do today is take in the san mateo fair and enjoy sunshine. this evening cooling down into the mid-60s so you might want to bring a jacket, make sure you do, indeed, have sunscreen. highs in the 80s, san francisco 65 and livermore today 85 degrees. i'll break it down for san jose coming up in a few minutes. vianey has a look at the morning commute. looking good? >> getting busier on the roads, kari, but still not too bad. however, just as i was making my way out here for the traffic report, chp did report what was going on along 580. it appears a piece of metal, a bit of a traffic hazard out on the road. that's what could be causing some of these delays leaving tracy off the 205. if you encounter some slowing, there's a piece of metal across the road. they do have crews headed out there to try it out.
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tri-valley drive time 20 minutes. it's getting busy. you may want to hit the road if that's your commute. >> thanks. >> what's really in makeup products many people use every day. >> it's quite alarming actually. >> this morning we take a closer look at the ingredients used to make lipstick. the answer might surprise you. plus a faster way to get to the airport in business and tech. and later: an nbc news exclusive. coming up at 5-26-- kim kardashian west and the woman >> alice didn't know it was me in the beginning trying to help out. >> later an nbc news exclusive coming up at 5:26 kim kardashian west and the woman she fought to free from prison meet for the first time since her release.
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it's a nice, clear sunrise right now at 5:13 as we take a live look outside in san jose and as we go into the rest of the afternoon we're going to see a lot of sunshine. starting out in the upper 50s at 7:00, at 10:00 at 68 degrees and 78 today. this is going to be so much cooler than what we had recently. that cooling trend continues. i'll have a look at the rest of the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. >> here's the latest look at your bridge drive times westbound 580 towards richmond bridge 7 minutes. westbound 80 toward bay bridge 9 minutes.
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92 towards san mateo, 11 minutes. i'll have an update on slow spots in the bay area coming up. >> and a very happy thursday it's flag day. it's also the president's birthday today. stocks making news. comcast is going to challenge disney's bid to buy parts of fox. comcast owns this tv station that writes my paycheck, by the way. the fed raised interest rates again. here is the new head of the fed jerome powell. >> the economy is doing very well. most people who want to find jobs are finding them. unemployment and inflation are low. interest rates have been low for some years while the economy has been recovering from the financial crisis. >> that may not sound all that remarkable to you, might have even sounded boring. if you were around in the era of alan greenspan fed chairman rarely speak plainly. that was powell's first press conference, he was easy to understand, makes my life easier. apple security company is going to plug a security hole that law
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enforcement and bad guys were using to crack open a phone without a password. law enforcement has been at odds since san bernardino shooting when they wouldn't open terrorist iphone. they opened it anyway. they are going to dig a tunnel from downtown chicago to o'hare airport taking people from the loop to the airport in 12 minutes using high-speed trains like this one. importantly chicago is not going to pay for it. musk and the boring company will get the financing for chicago. we'll learn more today as the two of them, the mayor of chicago and elon musk, get together. let me point out there already is an electric train to o'hare from chicago, much like with our own high-speed rail. hey, i can get to los angeles by lunch. you can already get to los angeles by lunch. >> in a different way. >> a dirt wafferent way.
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>> it's supposed to be faster, more complicated but importantly chicago isn't paying for it. >> ladies, the next story will make you think twice before you put your makeup on this morning. some are pushing lawmakers to change the rules about what's allowed in cosmetics. in 2007 a study showed 61% of lipsticks contain led. then fda followed up in 2009 and found the actual number was four times higher than the first study showed. in the decade since nothing has really happened. here is why one nailalon own thinks companies aren't changing their formulas. >> more fear based that sothing is going to change. i think it's been in there for years. for whatever reason they are not willing to change that have you to disclose if you're buys a house if there could potentially be led in there. why is it okay we can educate people there's no led on the walls but we can have it in our lipstick, which is on our face. >> kourtney kardashian one of
5:17 am
the big names forcing cosmetic companies to take led out of their product. what should you do. you need to research and find safer alternatives. today you can get a glimpse of electric buses in san francisco. transportation leaders will roll out 43 foot battery powered bus this morning. this video of the bus. it's to highlight a new study which shows the benefits of buses. recently committed to transitioning its whole fleet of bus toss zero emission buses by the year 2035. >> plan to watch the world cup kickoff game a little later this morning? our sister station telemundo providing coverage. at any rate this morning why are we showing you zoo animals? well, if you want to believe who the winner is, you would trust the meerkats at san jose happy holly zoo. they picked the host nation russia to win today's game.
5:18 am
how do they do that. >> the biggest cheer. >> i'm excited for it. >> someone says russia already fixed this one as well. >> got to the meerkats. >> all right. let's get a look outside right now. we are going to have a beautiful day. we're looking forward to a lot of sunshine in the inland areas. this is a live look outside in our cameras in san jose. can you see the sunrise happening right now. the sun getting ready to come over the hills. as you get your day started, we are going to have some clouds near the coast. let's go to walnut creek and check out the temperature trend lower today compared to what we've had recently. 63 will be our temperature at 9:00. 74 at noon. can you have lunch outside. after that, though, it will start to warm up and be in the low 80s by early afternoon. here is a look at all of our high temperatures for today and downtown san jose. we'll see a high of 84 degrees and 87 degrees in walnut creek,
5:19 am
78 in vallejo and napa. oakland 72 there, redwood city 78 degrees and some 60s in san francisco marina district at 65. in santa rosa we're looking at a high there of 84 degrees. it's going to be cool along the coast, half moon bay will struggle to hit 60 degrees. we will start out with clouds and fog but we should get some clearing right around noon into the rest of the afternoon. pollen counts shows grass pollen still high, hasn't changed in a while and will not change over the next few days. just keep in mind if you're sneadsing it's probably grass pollen. if you're going out there tomorrow to the alameda county cattle drive this kicks off the county fair and this will go right through downtown pleasanton starting at 10:30 in the morning. a cool event to check out. upper 60s and rising into the upper 70s. let me know what you're doing this weekend. do you like the heat that we just had recently or how have you been staying cool?
5:20 am
it's still going to be warm today. we'll talk about that, what's ahead for the weekend forecast. there's a lot of events going on. upper 70s for the rest of the weekend and early next week we're going to heat up once again to 88 on tuesday. heading over to vianey this morning, anything that the driver should have a heads up about. >> not a lot going on in terms of traffic and reports of accidents, which i think for commuters is always a good thing on a thursday morning. so far looking at the bay area you can see we've still got that slowing coming out of the 580. that's due to a piece of metal along lanes two and three. they are working to clear that out. so it should kind of start to recover nicely but we're still seeing flight delays out of the area westbound 580 from grant line road to 680, looking at 26 minutes. aside from that tri-valley drive times not doing too bad out there. bridge drive times pretty good. westbound 580 towards richmond bridge seven minutes, westbound
5:21 am
80 toward bay bdg nine minutes. a look outside palo alto not too bad along 101. both sides fairly smooth. no accidents to report along the peninsula in that area. back to you. >> thanks vianey. >> coming up here on "today in the bay," a bizarre investigation involving a comic book legend, the elder abuse allegation surfacing against stanley's businessman.
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crime in solano county.
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5:23 right now. federal investigators are looking into a possible hate crime in solano county. the fbi and atf agents say a large crop behind altar in rio vista set on fire. agents arrested this woman, 23-year-old danielle ricafrente. she faces arson of a church and hate crime. >> 5:24 right now. if you're a fan of marvel com s comics, nao who stan lee is. he helped create the marvel universe. now they are issuing a restraining order against his adviser. they are investigating claims of elder abuse. the 95-year-old lee is in the middle of a tug-of-war. they arrested him after filing a false police report, accused of calling authorities after a welfare check on lee.
5:25 am
also, kim kardashian meets the woman she helped get out of jail for the very first time of this this is a "today" show exclusive. this is part of hoda kotb's conversation. >> after being incarcerated 20 years, how well did you know the name kim kardashian. >> i didn't. i did not know her name. i didn't know kim. as soon as i found out who she was, i started getting every magazine i could find, started reading everything i could about her. everyone was amazed and i was amazed, too. >> alice didn't even know it was me at the beginning trying to help out. >> you can see that full story. it airs at 7:30 on nbc "today" after "today in the bay." this is showing the internet's most famous raccoon released into the wild. the world watch on tuesday as the raccoon scaled a minnesota skyscraper. there she goes.
5:26 am
yesterday local wildlife management services posted the clip on facebook. they let the animal go in the suburb of th twin cities after sh scaled this amazing skyscraper. >> looked like she didn't want to get out. >> she was like i wanted to get to the top of the building. >> and she did. 5:26. coming up on "today in the bay" heading to the supreme court, the pivotal decision we could get today on the controversial police shooting of andy lopez. you remember that case rocked the bay area. plus -- >> whether you voted for me or not, as mayor i will be your mayor, too. >> a declaration in san francisco, soon to be mayor london breed.
5:27 am
blam downtown san jose
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5:29 am
who is ready for world cup action? look at downtown city hall this morning. lit up and ready for the big matchup. it takes place today. watch it on sister station telemundo 48. good morning to you. quickly approaching 5:30. this morning, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. let's head to meteorologist kari hall with a look at the cooldown. >> all because of this, we're seeing low clouds back in the coast in san francisco this morning. a live look outside, it's golden gate bridge. past few days we started with all clear skies. here is the change. that will keep it cooler for coastal areas. it will still be warm for inland spots like martinez where we see
5:30 am
the sunshine to start and it will be 62 at 7:00. at 10:we're up to 70, low 80s for early afternoon. we're heading into the upper 80s for concord and antioch, livermore 85 and 85 in napa. san jose highs up to 84 and 65 in san francisco. we'll talk about the weekend forecast as you make plans coming up in 7 minutes. vianey has a big heads up for the tri-valley. >> yeah. unfortunately in the tri-valley we have this new issue popping up. coming in we have the traffic hazard with the meadow but now chp reporting what appears to be a car fire westbound 580 before hacienda boulevard. the good news, everybody is out of the video safely. now they are going to work to remove that car right now. it is blocking the right-hand shoulder. so far since it is off to the shoulder we're not seeing major delays. keep an eye out for that.
5:31 am
a quick check of peninsula drive time, van ness to sfo only 11 minutes. back to you. >> thank you so much. 5:30 right now. this morning we are waiting for a possible supremeourt decisi on a deadly police shooting of sonoma county teenager. you may recall the story we've been covering for years. andy lopez was killed after sheriff's deputy mistook a toy gun for an ak-47. the supreme court couldn't decide on this controversial and ongoing case, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. that shooting of andy lopez sparking a number of protests around the bay area. today what the supreme court is going to decide if they want to hear this case following an appeal by sonoma county regarding sheriff's deputies use of excessive force in that shooting. let's recap first the time line of what happened with the shooting. it happened back in october of
5:32 am
2013. you had sheriff's deputy shooting and killing lopez in october of that year when he was walking in unincorporated part of santa rosa carrying a pellet gun that sheriff's deputies thought looked like ak-47. he was not guilty of those charges. but the family filed civil rights lawsuit against the county and deputy following that claiming he violated what they said was a constitutional ban on unreasonable search and seizure by using excessive force. he said at the time he believed the weapon was an assault rifle and lopez was raising it towards him and his partner saying he was shielded from being sued because his use of force was reasonable under the circumstances. the federal appeals court and ninth circuit appeals disagree saying he's not protected from this and that's why the county is appealing that decision to
5:33 am
the u.s. supreme court. a review by the supreme court, an official ruling could take several months. the supreme court reviews only about 1% of cases petitioned each year. we're live in santa rosa, pete suratos, "today in the bay." >> keep following that one. >> 5:33, san francisco is making history again. london breed continues her victory celebration today at her alma mater rosa parks elementary school. she is the first black woman to be elected mayor of san francisco. breed made it official yesterday. >> whether you voted for me or not, as mayor i will be your mayor, too. >> breed speaking to supporters on the ste of city hall aer former senator mark leno conceded. there are still votes to be counted but he said the math is not in his favor. meantime she will finish out 17 months. she has a lot to prove.
5:34 am
>> london breed is like boo-yah. it's powerful for symbolic purposes but when it comes to nuts and bolts she has to deliver. >> she's expected to lay out her mayoral plan this morning. in san francisco we're expecting to hear more about officer-involved shooting which played out in front of dozens of people. officers shot a suspect while chasing him through north beach last weekend. the city showed how busy that area was at the time of the shooting. the suspect survived. no one else was injured. we couldn't find out why they were chasing the suspect during a town hall discussing the shooting. a heartless act of vandalism in the tri-valley. someone stole a piece of art and two white crosses, this is for 25-year-old alexis garcia and 16-year-old violet campbell. they died in a car crash last year over thanksgiving holiday. the driver of their car survived. overnight we received a photo showing what's been done to
5:35 am
restore the memorial. friends and family hope to complete l work today. happening today, it's a story which probably shocked you. the san francisco woman accused of killing her roommate and putting her body parts in a storage container is expected in court. police arrested lisa dpogonzale two weeks ago. investigators say she was trying to get her roommate to move out of their mission district apartment and she killed her during an argument. they say she used a hacksaw to dismember the body. she has not entered a plea. >> the next souds like the script of a tv show. the san francisco man on trial for robbery tried to tamper with a jury. they say he looked up two jurors online and then went to their homes to talk to them. here is the san mateo county d.a. >> he went there. there was nobody answering at the door because the only person inside was the juror's teenager daughter who was in the shower and he went around to the side
5:36 am
of the house and he's peeking in the window when she suddenly saw h him. >> the d.a. says he went to another juror's house who wasn't home either. he left a note. after finding out the judge declared a mostly sunny trial. he faces new charges for tampering and peeping. he's in jail now. >> 5:36, happening today in our nation's capital congressional baseball returns. you may remember it's been one year since the shooter opened fire as republican lawmakers practiced. representative steve scalise was seriously injured there. he was back on the field yesterday practicing. >> definitely come a long way but had a lot of prayers, a lot of support, a lot of surgery. you know, just to know where i was a year ago and where i am now, it shows you you get back in the game and keep ttling. >> two police officers sho and kill that shooter. scalise and many lawmakers say that shooting has strengthened their commitment to protecting gun rights. congressional baseball game
5:37 am
between two parties is an annual charity match. this morning a retired air force colonel with northern california connection is pushing a new way to help veterans. >> he's using flag day today as the launch. chris strickland works with warriors heart foundation which helps vets cope with ptsd and mental health issues. one activity they say helps is hand crafting flags. that program is raffling and auctioning two flags to raise money. >> i think it's important because we have to protect those who protect us. people who serve whether veterans or first responders devote their lives, their family's lives to the flag, to what our freedom stands for. in their time of need we need to give back to them and take care of them. >> retired from the air force base near yuba city. you can find details on the fundraiser at glorious it is 5:37. you are definitely starting to see a couple issues pop out on the road. this one just popped up in the
5:38 am
south bay. i can tell you i'm seeing slowing on that route. checking the car fire westbound 580 before hacienda boulevard, it is blocking right hand shoulder. the good news about that, everyone got out of the vehicle safely and they are working to clear out the cig, working to clear the vehicle now. i'm not seeing any delays. earlier traffic hazard westbound 580 from grant line road 25 minutes. if we take a live look in san jose we can see traffic moving pretty smoothly but n moving smoothly unfortunately for all those who have to take the bay bridge toll plaza. it's busy out there. >> looking forward to the weekend. kari has a look at what we can expect weather wise. it's going to be nice. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. a lot going on around the bay area. let's get to those temperatures on saturday. it will be cool, 5 f65 for the
5:39 am
high, 74 for the bay. on father's day hopefully you've got your plans in place. it's going to be nice outside. inland valleys up to 80 degrees with mid-60s for the coast. juneteenth in the park happens in san jose this saturday. marcus washington will be. mid-70s for the concert and going on. if you're going up to martinez, slightly warmer for the barbecue and music festival. this will be at waterfront park starting at 10:00 in the morning during the middle of the day reaching up to 76 degrees, cooling down nicely as that festival wraps up. north beach festival happening on sunday in san francisco as you end your weekend it will be in the mid up toer 60s there and sunshine all throughout the day. if you're not around the bay
5:40 am
area, sierra, heavenly will be 70 on friday, slightly cooler on saturday with breezy winds and a chance of some showers on sunday. it will most likely be as you're heading back to the bay area. going to l.a. this weekend upper 60s and mostly sunny throughout the weekend. also a good weekend for a hike in muir woods. it will be in the mid-60s. for high temperatures all throughout the weekend with mostly sunny skies. i'll have a look at today's temperature trend for south bay coming up. >> looking forward to it, kari. coming up on "today in the bay." bart and a congested area. >> it's the president's birthday today and he could get quite a present. we'll tell you more about it when "today in the bay" continues.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
it is 5:43 right now on this thursday morning we're seeing clear skies as we take a live look outside over san jose. santa teresa, 70 at 7:00, overall we're in for a beautiful day. time to get up and get moving as we head into the weekend more weather like this, even slightly cooler. i'll have a look at that coming up in less than five minutes. >> a look at your peninsula drive times right now. southbound 101 from van ness to sfo, 11 minutes 101 to highway 92 about 5 minutes. an update on south bay coming
5:44 am
up. 5:43. if you get on at the north concord bart station there's a major expansion going on in the area around the station. happening today an update on that progress. these are artist renderings of some of the development. in all about two dozen projects are either finished or still in the work for north concord martinez area. >> if you ride muni some of the busiest lines are about to expand. larger buses for california and bayshore will add two more buses, 1x and 8x line. 9 san bruno rapid route will also receive larger buses. plan to speed up light rail rush hour for several lines. a follow-up to remove 124-year-old statue from the civic center reignites today. a priest and fallen indian. some american indians and people find it offensive and have been
5:45 am
fighting for decades to remove it. sf art voted to put it in storage. the city board of appeals reversed the ruling saying history should not be concealed. after continued backlash the board will take up the issue again tonight. quarter to 6:00. new morning breaking silence. former students talking exclusively to today about the abuse they say they received at the hands of a campus gynecologist. i read an away that broke about all the women he abused. that's when i realized it wasn't his style, he was a sexual predator, and he sexually molested me. along with thousands of women. >> five women sharing their allegations against dr. george kendall. federal authorities investigating allegations the school claimed he sexually harassed women during pelvic
5:46 am
exams. the story airs on "today" during the 8:00 hour. >> president trump, it's his birthday today. >> scott mcgrew, he may get quite a present. >> we are expecting an inspector general's report today, laura, about how the fbi handled its investigation into hillary clinton during 2016 presidential election. think about that there's all kinds of ammunition there for donald trump. he doesn't like hillary clinton, he's critical of the fbi and he likes talking about the election. now, to be clear, this not an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails, it's an investigation into how the fbi, and specifically james comey, handle the investigation into the e-mails including his now famous press conference about clinton right before the election. secretary of state mike pompeo busy with shuttle diplomacy. just left a meeting with leaders of south korea and japan. he's now meeting with chinese president xi briefing him on the american summit with kim
5:47 am
jong-un. now, the president is getting pushback even from fox news about the picture he's creating of the north korean dictator. here he is with bret baier who points out he executes people. >> executing people. >> hey, you take over a country, a tough country, tough people, and you take it over from your father, i don't care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have, if you can do that at 27 years old, that's one in 10,000 that can do that. he's a very smart guy, a great negotiator. i think we understand each other. >> trump would go on to praise chinese president xi as well for becoming president for life. he also recently said he'd like to go to lunch with vladimir putin and trade favors. the praise for strong men and dictators comes as the president continues to belittle leaders of democratic countries. that's north korean state
5:48 am
television reporting on the kim-trump summit. the anchor's enthusiastic voice there in the background. we're going to watch what's going to happen with china and pompeo and ig's report. we'll have that on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> if you love a roller coaster, look at this. great america unveiling a new roller coaster unlike anything you've seen on the west coast. it's called rail blazer. look at this. this is special. they say because rail blazer is built to take sharp turns and twists unlike any roller coaster. if you're like me and love roller coasters, start planning a trip. invite me, too. >> any word when it will be ready to go? >> today. >> after the show we can head over. >> i've got a season pass. all good. >> got a hookup? buddy passes.
5:49 am
>> we'll see about that. >> have you to earn the buddy. >> certainly a nice day to get out there. >> great weather today, especially for inland areas. happy to know it will be slightly cooler. here is a look at that beautiful sunrise this morning looking over south bay. you can see near the airport you can get a look at the hills as the sun comes up over the hills and it's nice and looks kind of hazy to start. we do have some clouds right along the coast where temperatures now in san francisco, as you head out the door, are in the upper 50s. 57 in san jose, 56 in napa. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we check out our hiking forecast for los gatos. going out to the park in that area, will ab cool start 57 at 10:00. we're already at 68 degrees. it will be warming up fast. overall a warm day with a high there reaching into the low 80s and breezy winds that will help cool us down heading into the evening right around sunset. san mateo county fair continues today, and it's going to be a
5:50 am
nice one with highs right there in the low 70s. so as you head out there, make sure you have sunscreen, bottles of water, get out there and enjoy it. some nice weather today for san francisco. still going to be windy. morning clouds and fog and then 65 for the high. napa up to 85 degrees, 88 today in antioch. livermore expect a high of 85 degrees and san jose a high of 84. so starting out this morning we get a look out the window getting dressed. it is still a day for summer wear. short sleeves and shorts and also sunglasses and sandals. but you may still need a light jacket as you head out the door early this morning. so we'll have a wide range in temperatures from the morning to the afternoon. also don't forget to take the allergy medication. we still have a high amount of grass pollen. i've also been keeping an eye on this now tropical storm bud that continues to move closer to cabo. if you do have plans to go to baja, california, this it's
5:51 am
going to move across cabo and farther off towards the north actually bringing some beneficial clouds and rain to the desert southwest here in the u.s. now, we are going to have some highs reaching into the upper 70s for the weekend. father's day perfect. 79 degrees but heating up early next week as san francisco keeps those 60s in the forecast. vianey takes us out to the south bay. anything special going on? >> unfortunately we have issues that popped up in the south. you can see them here on the map. let's get right to that. the first issue, which is better news. there was a crash on southbound 87 before almaden express. that cleared out. not an issue there. but we have a crash affecting some spots along southbound 101 after bayshore highway. the right-hand shoulder blocking delays. it was past torey road, looks a lot better which means your commute in the south bay a lot smoother. a live look at the san mateo bridge, looking like stop and do traffic. so far no issues on any of the
5:52 am
bridges. back to you. >> that's good. thanks. coming up, your utility bill may be spiking soon. the reason people on the peninsula may be more. >> l.a. will county office reviewing charges of sexual assault intense sylvester stallone. he refutes the charges. a japanese nuclear power plant may be scrapped. it's been closed since 2011 disaster and there's been tremendous pushback to reopening the plant. more news after the break. 5:52. we want to share this pictf
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
san jose city hall - good thursday morning to you. take a look here. >> this is san jose city hall right there. celebration of the world cup. can you follow her @krisnbc. you can see here the damage left behind after a powerful storm rips through a community in northeastern pennsylvania. look at the debris all over the road there. the strip mall was damaged and cars were even tossed around in that parking lot. the national weather service will be at the scene trying to figure out if this was a tornado that touched down. there are no reports of any injuries there.
5:56 am
>> at least one washington capitals player will not be visiting the white house. before the team even won the stanley cup, smith-pelly told canadian media he would turn down an invite from president trump. he was quoted as saying the things that he views are rapist and sexist. during a conference -- >> you reportedly said you don't want to go. do you still feel that way? >> i said what i said. i stand by that. >> the majority of the cavs say they will attend the white house visit. trump has not officially invited the team yet. most championship teams do receive an invitation. the president canceled the eagles visit and uninvited them after the players said they wouldn't attend. players in oakland warehouse fire expected in court today. the judge considering postponing
5:57 am
their trial. they pott face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the ghost ship warehouse fire. 36 people were killed when that warehouse caught fire during a party in december 2016. last month the judge denied a defense motion to dismiss the charges. at 5:57 get ready to may more for utilities if you live in palo alto. electric rates going up by 6% in july. palo alto approved changes last week. water rates up 3% and wastewater rates going up 11%. city council says increases are to cover growing costs and renewal energy projects. the search is on for the person who fired a shot at vera cars at a freeway near sea-tac. th heard a loud boom and realized their cars were hit by bullets. four cars targeted. one bullet went thank you driver's windshield, another
5:58 am
went through a driver's side door. luckily no one was hurt here. imagine having to wait in a checkout line at a grocery store. amazon already does this with amazon go convenience stores. now microsoft is working to bring that technology to other stores. apparently microsoft is in talks with walmart walmart about a possible partnership. >> it can be hard to work and manage kids during summer months. a new survey finds most working parents say you can have it all. in fact, 78% of workers with kids at home say it's possible to be equally successful in your career and as a parent. but time in the office does take a toll on families. more than a third of working parents say they have missed a significant event in their kids life because of work in the last year. >> never get tired of this. a surprise home coming for a milwaukee family. this is a mirth military family. this happened at brewers cubs game. the team honored the family of colonel jay morrison and their
5:59 am
12-year-old son's birthday. they didn't know morrison was actually involved in a covert operation to surprise them. he snuck up behind them as you see right there, the two sons greeting this father. the mom also surprised there. he's been deployed since july of last year helping military operations in syria. he has missed his son's last three birthdays but not this one. >> it's so nice to see those reunions. beautiful thing. right now at 6:00, following breaking news in the south bay. a motorcyclist killed in an accident on 880 overnight. the reason investigators think another driver may have been involved. plus immigration battles heat up, the rallies planned across the country and in the bay area against white house policy which splits up undocumented families. >> did the fbi botch the investigation into hillary clinton? a report we're expecting today as the presidential candidate gets ready to visit the bay area. "today in the bay" continues
6:00 am
right now. a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. of course we'll get to traffic in, vianey in for mike inouye. we'll get to that in a moment. first kari has us covered with the weather. it's going to be a nice one. >> it is nice, along the coastline, inland areas seeing a nice clear sunrise. as we get a live look outside in san jose as we head out the door, upper 50s in willow glen. normally we're up to 70 degrees. that's where we'll be at early afternoon but we will be heading into the low 80s in some spots. looking at high temperatures today up to 85 degrees in napa and 65 in san francisco, 85 in lirmore a88 today in antioch. let's talk about the weekend. that's in a few minutes. as we head to vianey, she's been tracking some slow spots and a lot of issues, right? >> a lot of issues. let's get to a couple. you can see


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