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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 14, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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investigation into the fbi )s behavior. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. of an investigation into the fbi's behavior. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. scott mcgrew has had only a few moments to look it over but we wanted to get as much details as possible to you. scott, what did you find out? >> good morning. only the broad details, marcus. it's the inspector general's report in the behavior of the fbi as it investigated hillary clinton. the fbi has been criticized by both democrats and republicans for its action. you will remember very late into the campaign, july 2016, then director james comey shocked the world with news the fbi was once again looking into clinton's actions, which angered democrats. and then a few days later said
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it had done nothing wrong -- or she had done nothing wrong, which angered republicans. hillary clinton says that last minute accusation cost her the election. that's debatable, but no question she lost support. a justice department inspectors general's report released just a few minutes ago, not the investigation into clinton but rather the investigation into the investigation. it says james comey did wrong, he deviated from proper superior, he didn't check with superiors before announcing the fbi was reopened the case. he should never have talked about it publicly. the report says comey caused people to question the fairness of the fbi that says comey was not politically motivated. he wasn't choosing sides. it also took a look at two fbi agents who exchanged text messages that were critical of donald trump. it concludes the text messages including one that says they will stop trump were not politically motivated. this is not what the president was looking for.
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this comes short of recommending any action. you know, we honestly thought this would be the biggest news of the morning but the trump news is coming hard and fast. the new york attorney general has accused of president and his children of fraud. in their management of the trump foundation. persistently illegal conduct she says, including diverting money from the charity to the campaign. these are civil charges, no the criminal charges, the president says he will fight them in court, won't settle. he said that about trump university and ended up settling, but it has been a heck of a morning for the president. >> and his birthday as that. >> his birthday as well. well, it is a name you will be hearing a lot of, london breed and she is taking a victory lap at this minute. a day after claiming victory as san francisco's first female african-american mayor breed is speaking about his accomplishments in front of a familiar crowd. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us live from rosa parks elementary school in san francisco. when you think of former education this is where it all started for london.
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>> good morning, marcus. that's right. london breed saying that she attended rosa parks elementary where we're standing, that's where she delivered what i would characterize as a rousing speech 24 hours after declaring victory as the mayor of san francisco saying she only lived a block away from this school. she understands the importance of his role as the first female african-american mayor in san francisco, saying that she is the exception not the norm and she's hoping to change that narrative with her election to this prominent role. we will show you some of the video from not so long ago when she wrapped up that speech and really you can call this a full circle moment for the san francisco native. she was born and raised in public housing in the western addition area of the city going on to attend galileo high, then learning an undergraduate degree from u.c. davis, then coming getting her master's degree as usf. her rise in san francisco politics began with a director role, executive director role with the african-american art and culture complex in the area
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she grew up in the western addition to her most recent role as the president of the board of supervisors in san francisco. now, if you guys recall she briefly held the role of interim mayor following the unexpected death of mayor ed lee before the board of supervisors voted to replace her with then board member and current mayor mark farrell. but now breed can say she is the mayor at least until the next election when they vote again in november of 2019. she had this to say about her role in the city right now. >> and i never thought -- i never thought the opportunity to be mayor of the city and county of san francisco was ever possible. today -- today we show the next generation of young people, many of them sitting in this front row, we show the next generation
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of young people that anything is possible. >> reporter: it took eight days of counting votes following election day for breed to officially declare victory after narrowly defeating mark leno. there are still votes to be counted about the city's director of elections not certifying the election until the end of the month. breed will take office next month and she will serve as the mayor for the remainder of mayor ed lee's term which is early 2020. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> such an inspiring story for the students there. when london breed spoke we actually sent out a push alert through our nbc bay area app, this is a perfect time for you to download that app and we will keep you informed about all the news that matters to you. and just in, it's a story which probably shocked you, the san francisco woman is accused of killing her roommate and putting her body parts in storage container face add judge
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today. we were the only cameras in that courtroom when lisa gonzales was in court. she pled not guilty to charges. investigators say that she was trying to force her roommate to move out of their mission district apartment and killed her during a heated argument. they say that she then used a hacksaw to dis member the body. we have new video this midday showing a car that crashed into a lafayette home. can you make it out there? nbc bay area sky ranger found the house alongside glen side drive off of st. mare yes's road. police say they pulled someone from that car, took them to the hospital. we don't know how that person is doing, we hopewell. crews are checking that home now for structural damage. happening today, debt relief for students who took out loans to attend the now closed corinthian colleges, a california attorney general xavier becerra is expected to announce a $67 million
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settlement soon. the for profit schools include healed college campuses in san francisco, hill yard, concord, san jose and milpitas. turning to our microclimate forecast, it is finally cooling down after several hot days. >> yes, and it was hot. so for those inland areas looking forward to some relief as we get closer to the week and as we take a live look at twin peaks in san francisco you can see the clouds, the low clouds that are rolling across the hills right there and blocking your view at the top of the towers. as we get a look at dublin, all clear, a hazy sunshine right now as we've dealt with some really high heat. spots like dublin will be cooling off as well as san jose. as we go to the south bay and check out our temperature trend for los gatos for the rest of the afternoon it will be in the mid 70s but then eventually reaching 85 degrees by about 4:00 to 5:00 today before it cools down and we will have some much cooler temperatures and a forecast for tomorrow.
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that's right in time for the weekend and there's a lot going on so i will show you some events going on around the bay area and the temperature for those locations coming up in just a few minutes. sounds good. thanks so much. new details if you're heading to big sur, highway 1 is going to reopen two months early. you may recall that huge landslide there, the stretch of highway 1 just south of big sur state park will reopen in july. intense and relentless storms led to the massive mudslides back in 2017. all right. so let the games begin. do you have soccer fever? i know i do. the soccer tournament started this morning and you can watch the games on tv on our sister station, telemundo 48 or see them in person at avia stadium in san jose. we sent our vianey arana there. vianey, what did you see? >> reporter: well, everybody has gone home now, the game might be
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over now, but we did get a couple of fans out here early morning at 8:00 a.m. there was that game with russia versus saudi arabia and we have that earlier video of a couple of fans just a couple dozen as you can imagine, i would assume there wasn't as many people simply because it was a workday, the game was at 8:00 a.m., but it was quite a blow out. russia did win 5-0 as you probably already well know. it's pretty cool, though, we did see a couple stations with kids playing around, kicking soccer balls and parents, you're going to like this one. even though it was an 8:00 a.m. game there was an open bar even at that hour. so we can only imagine what's going to happen once we get some weekend games going, but we did get a chance to chat with some of the fans and here is what they had to say. >> here it's only a handful of people but it's the first game and it's a working day. on sunday it's going to be crazy out here. >> it's the first time ever coming to a soccer game and i think that they will really like enjoy it and have a good time. >> good chance to come by, check
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out the stadium and get more exposure to soccer. come out, check out the bar, it's open at 6:00. >> reporter: and as you see we had a couple people that stopped by just to see what the vibe was like, waiting in anticipation for the big game, as you know, germany versus mexico kicks off on sunday. did i say open bar, it's not an open bar. bar will be open. alcohol won't be free. if you are going to stop by for a nice drink on the weekend let us know when you are here celebrating, tweet us your photos. we want to see how you're celebrating, i can only imagine how pumped it will be for the mexico game. i know i have my jersey ready, i know kris sanchez has her jersey ready. >> we will be breaking them out. they have a bar that is open, not an open bar. sister station telemundo 48 your home for tomorw's first game between egypt and paraguay airs at 4:. that's tomorrow morning. >> coming up we just watched
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this in the newsroom, it's video you have to see, our bob redell just got a front row seat of great america's newest roller coaster and you don't want to miss this one. and what's in your makeup? a push to find out the dangerous ingredients in lipstick. and check out our social media pages as well, we will help you out if you're stuck with an item after a business closes. >> what happens when a business closes and they haven't delivered your stuff? nbc bay area is here to help. send the company a letter. their mail is most likely being forwarded. you can also talk to a neighboring store or the landlord to get their forwarding address. if the company files for bankruptcy, the money gained from selling their assets goes to their creditors and employees. anything left over will go to
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the customers who are on the record as losing money. to get on the record you can file a claim with the better business bureau. attorney general or file a police report. if you paid with a credit card, file a dispute with your credit card company to get your money back. have a problem or tip? give us a call or submit online. we respond to every call and inquiry.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that.
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we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. anme y help a customer, to it's a really good feeling. it's especially sohen it's customer tt's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. i'm kris sanchez in the telemundo 48 studios. they are not on the air right now because they are showing all of the action of the fifa consider. opa mundial. i have my colleague here, he is not on the air today but he has been here since 5:30 this morning. what did you think of the match this morning? >> i woke up this morning and it was great. it was worthwhile to turn on the tv and watch the opening of the
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game. i have my cheat sheet. let me talk to you about that because i want to tell you about the games. one of the games happened today obviously was russia. again, saudi arabia. 5-0. really bad. >> that was a blow out. that was not very exciting. >> i know. tomorrow we have portugal and spain and i'm definitely watching that. >> the one that everybody is talking about is sunday. >> of course, it's on sunday, father's day. >> father's day. >> yes, and we are going to have a match germany against mexico and we are expecting obviously that mexico wins. >> i'm wearing my mexico green. thank you. fl we will be watching on telemundo. there is brandon weber here, he is helping us get all of our guides really to go. what do you have for us if we're trying to keep track of all the action here? >> we have a feature page dedicated to anything and everything world cup, we have recaps, galleries, videos, everything and anything you want related to the competition. if you want to check this out we
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have a cool schedule where it breaks down on the games, you can see where they're going to be played, what time they will be played so you can be prepped and ready to watch all the action. >> i know you keep track of all of our tweets and facebook posts. that's where we want to get you involved. i did post a twitter poll on my twitter page and so far it sounds like the region getting the most interest, latin america. latin america getting the most play in terms of folks who are watching an rooting for their teams. second is europe. not a lot of action for our friends who are rooting for asian teams and that is maybe because they are playing a little bit later on. but we want you to join the conversation, make sure that you join the conversation not only on twitter but on facebook. on facebook some folks saying, hey, we're rooting for somebody other than u.s.a. because, once again, u.s.a. did not qualify. maybe in 2026 when it comes here. make sure you watch all the action on tell mund goe 48 our
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sister station. make sure you root for mexico or maybe your second choice. laura and marcus? well, there you see some rooting going on at the new york stock exchange, the opening bell there, us xpress. the dow is down a bit, s&p 500 up but the nasdaq hits record high as media and tech stocks jump on deal making. ladies, this next story may make you think twice before you put on your makeup. some people are pushing lawmakers for changing rules about what's allowed in cosmetics. 2007 a tud did youy showed 61% of lipsticks contain lead. then the fda followed up and found the actual number was four times higher than that number. here is why one nail salon owner thinks companies aren't changing their formulas. >> probably more out of fear base that something is going to change, i think it's because it's been there for years and
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for whatever reason they are not willing to change that. you have to disclose if you're buying a house that there could be will ed in there. why is it okay that we can educate people that there is no lead in the walls but we can have it in our lipstick. >> kourtney kardashian is one of the big names forcing companies to take lead out of their products. experts say research your products and find safer alternatives. new video of great america's brand-new roller coaster, it is a one of a kind here on the west coast. naturally our own bob redell investigate investigated. >> yeah, one of the first ones to test it out, looked like he enjoyed it, giving it a thumbs up. he said it turned him into a screaming idiot, those are his words. it's called trail blazer, it has a 90 degree drop from 100 feet
11:19 am
up. bob thinks there might have been another roll but it was hard to tell. the cars right on a single rail, see, he is not sitting next to anybody, you are single file without anyone next to you. >> because you have that low center of gravitiy and you're low against the rail it allows us to have the riders experience more dynamic turns and twists and barrel rolls that you would not be able to do with a higher profile train. so that's where you really feel the incredible forces. you look at it, you think, wow, when you ride it really takes your breath away. >> i thought the first drop was going to be the craziest part and i was right. going down that drop and through that tunnel it looks like you're going to get hit by that and you immediately go back up the hill. it's really exciting. >> bottom line, you can't hold anybody's hand. great america invited the group american coaster enthusiasts to try out the rail blazer this morning. one member ranked this ride his top ten out of 100 in the
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country. must be pretty good. >> it must be. i'm upset because bob did not tell me he was going to get to take a ride. >> and great america -- >> and the weather is nice, too. a win-win for him. it looked like a lot of fun. >> sometimes the best part of the ride is looking beside you and seeing the other person's reaction. >> makes you laugh so hard. >> well, that looks like a lot of fun. we are also going to have some great weather no matter what you have planned. nice that it will be cooling off. a live look in sunol with our temperatures at 72 degrees, all clear sunshine here, but then as we head to the coast it's all cloudy at half-moon bay and the clouds will hang around for most of the day. keep those temperatures lower, but also transport some cooler air for those inland areas. now, right now we are at 70 degrees in palo alto, it's 72 in san jose and also in livermore, 70 now in santa rosa as the seven-day forecast can comes up at the bottom of the screen. you will see we will have some
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low 60s for oakland and san francisco, but look at the difference and just from 24 hours ago, the difference a day makes. we are 12 degrees cooler now in santa rosa than we were yesterday at this time and in livermore it's 5 degrees cooler, we are making some progress there, in concord now 11 degrees lower than yesterday. what are you going to do to enjoy this nice weather? maybe head out to the san mateo county fair, that's happening today starting at noon and it will be in the upper 60s. we will eventually make it up to about 70 degrees and then cool down, bring the sunscreen, and enjoy your time outside. here is a look at all of our high temperatures, it's still going to be very warm for the inland areas, we are having to crank up the air conditioning in concord and antioch with highs in the upper 80s, mid 80s for the north bay and in san jose expect a high of 84 degrees. san francisco mid 60s and 72 in oakland. here is an update on what was hurricane bud, now a tropical
11:22 am
storm. this system continues to weaken. as that continues to move in for tonight into tomrow this will quickly weaken, but right now with wind speeds at 45 miles per hour heading into the d tomorrow this will become a subtropical low, but we will continue to watch that. and as we kick off the weekend here is one event going on close to home, the alameda county fair cattle drive. make plans to line the streets, it will be in the upper 60s then low 70s and then we will see the fair happening this weekend. and then on saturday in martinez the barbecue music festival, it will be in the mid 70s, we have some very comfortable weather for that and enjoying the rest of our weekend. also on sunday in san francisco the north beach festival, upper 60s there and it will be a nice way to wrap up the weekend. we will talk about some other events going on around the bay area, that's coming up in the
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next microclimate forecast. >> we will look forward to it. coming up, meeting for the first time, kim kardashian meets -- kim kardashian west i should say meets alice johnson, the woman she helped set free. her reaction coming up next. denver, colorado, apparently has no coal rans for electric scooters, the kinds plaguing san francisco streets. the city sees more than 250 of those scooters and it's fining the companies which own them. also right now more than 500-year-old letter is back at the vatican. christopher columbus wrote it and someone stole it, but the u.s. homeland security department helped find it. you can find more news right after the break. whether to spli.
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tomorrow - scott mcgrew shares part of his conversation with the man pu this fall we get to know whether to split up the state. san mateo shares his plan for a man fighting for three cals. is. . . californs. is. as. flag day?
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nbc )s scott budman tweeted this well, welcome back. did you know today was flag day? nbc's scott budman tweeted out this photo of a flag at his home. you can follow him @scottbudman and don't forget to join our conversation on social media. we're hearing more from kim kardashian west and the woman she helped get out of jail. maybe you watched the interview on the "today" show. >> the reality tv star and alice johnson sat down together for the first time to talk to hoda kotb. kardashian west successfully lobbied trump to pardon johnson after spending more than 20 years in prison for a first time nonviolent drug offense. we learned that oday t was kim who actually called with the
11:27 am
good news. >> i believe she said you can go home. that you can go home. >> you can go home? >> you can go home now. are you ready to go home? when she said that i went into full-fledged pentecostal holy dance. i started screaming and jumping, people were listening. i'm telling you i was dancing. i was dancing. i was jumping, i was screaming. i was doing everything. >> amen to that. so you can watch that full interview on coming up, she was killed while on the job. an sf city worker dies, the mother of a toddler. the crazy series of events that ended in tragedy.
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i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from. listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. the mother of a toddler -- is dead. she was killed by a car that rolled off san francisco city worker, the mother of a toddler, is dead. she was killed by a car that rolled off of the back of a tow
11:30 am
truck. >> really strange events. witnesses said the tow truck operator made a revealing comment moments before the accident. terry mcsweeney filed this report. >> reporter: 34-year-old lillianna precadio of san bruno, mother of a two-year-old and worker to the san francisco water department died on the job. a driver was pulling a car on to the bed of his tow truck when suddenly the car broke loose, rolling right over the ditch where pshe and two others were. >> the two guys jumped out of the hole so fast but the woman did not. i'm so sorry to hear that she's gone. >> reporter: those two men and other city workers con sold each other following her death. catherine says the truck driver was having trouble with the tow cables. >> there was some kind of a problem. >> with the tow truck? >> yes. >> reporter: san francisco police and others are conducting a full investigation. >> everything will be measured, cal osha is also part of this
11:31 am
investigation as well as the department of public health. >> reporter: mayor mark farrell saying we are incredibly saddened anytime a member of the city family passes away but it is particularly painful when an individual parishes while working on the behalf of the city. this mother of a two-year-old had been with them for six years and was one of their few female plumbers. terry mcsweeney. >> we tracked down the registered owner of the tow truck in southern california but we were unable to contact them for comment. happening today in san francisco we are expecting to hear more about an officer-involved shooting which played out in front of dozens of people. officers shot a suspect while chasing him. this was through north beach last weekend. right here from this video you can see how busy that area was at the time of the shooting. the suspect did survive, no one else was injured. we could find out why police were finding that suspect during a townall dcussion
11:32 am
discussing that shooting. ederal investigars are looking into a possible hate crime in solano county. a large cross behind the alter at the union baptist church in rio vista was set on fire. agents arrested this woman, 23-year-old danielle ricafrente. she faces charges including burglary, arson of a church and hate crimes. our next story sounds like a script out of a courtroom tv show. investigators say a san francisco man on trial for robbery tried to tamper with the jury. investigators say romel navies looked up two jurors online and went to their homes to talk to them. here is what the da says. >> he went there, there was nobody answering at the door because the only person inside was the juror's teenage daughter who was in the shower. he went around to the side of the house and was peeking in the window when she suddenly saw him. >> the da said he went to another juror's house that
11:33 am
person was not either so he left a note after finding out that the judge he actually declared a mistrial. he faces new charges for tampering and peeping. he is now in jail. >> continuing coverage now and the response to a heartless act of vandalism in the tri-valley. someone stole a piece of art and two white crosses in livermore. this was for 25-year-old alexys garcia and 16-year-old violet campbell. they died in a car crash last year over the thanksgiving holiday. the driver of that car survived, now, overnight we received a photo showing what's been done to restore that memorial. take a look there. friends and family they really hoped to complete that work sometime today. and new video now for you, you might see a still image of this moment trending online, but as our scott mcgrew rightly points out right there on twitter, this morning, that that picture alone with misleading. in that picture president trump appears to be saluting a north
11:34 am
korean officer, but when you watch the full video which we're showing you right here you can see it was more of a mix-up. first the president tried to shake the hand of the officer, but the officer did a salute out of respect. only then does president trump salute a natural response there. so maybe not proper etiquette, but definitely nothing sinister. and a developing story for you, the white house is closely watching what happens with president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen. now, the big question is could cohen be ready to flip on his former boss? here is nbc's kristen welker. this morning with speculation mounting that michael cohen could cooperate with federal prosecutors the president's attorney rudy giuliani is trying to turn down the heat telling nbc news i have no information suggesting cohen is going to flip and there's nothing involving the president even if he did. therefore, i'm not concerned. and on laura ingraham overnight.
11:35 am
>> the president did nothing wrong. we're comfortable if he cooperates. there's nothing he can cooperate about with regard to president trump. >> reporter: still buzz began to build after revelations cohen is looking to split with his current legal team. people familiar with the matter tell nbc news that cohen who has not been charged with a crime has not even spoken with prosecutors. a necessary step in any plea agreement. investigators are still pouring over documents they seized from cohen's office and residences in that dramatic fbi raid two months ago. one focus that $130,000 hush money payment cohen admits making to porn star storm ranger just before the 2016 election. daniels said she had a sexual encounter with mr. trump in 2006 which the white house denies. daniel's lawyer michael avenatti weighing in overnight. >> when the music stops he is not going to be left with a chair and this is a very, very dangerous situation for the president. >> the president rushed to cohen's defense following the april raid, lashing out at the
11:36 am
fbi at the time. >> we just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys, a good man, and it's a disgraceful situation, it's a total witch-hunt. >> reporter: later dismissing speculation cohen would flip on him, tweeting, most people will flip if the government let's them out of trouble. sorry, i don't see michael doing that. and just before the president took office cohen declaring -- >> and i will do anything to protect mr. trump. >> reporter: meanwhile, there's evidence president trump's frequent attacks on the russia inquiry are taking a toll. a new poll showing special counsel robert mueller's public image at its lowest level so far, 36% of all voters viewing mueller unfavorably including 53% of republicans. >> at least one washington capitals player will no the be visiting the white house before the team even won the stanley cup da vap day smith-pelly told canadian media he would turn
11:37 am
down an invitation. he was saying that the things that he spews are abrasive and sexist. during an autograph signing session he confirmed plans to skip the visit. >> you reportedly said that you don't want to go. do you still feel that way? >> yeah, i said what i said. i stand by that. >> the majority of the caps say they will attend the white house visit, although president trump has not officially invited the team yet. most professional championship teams do receive invitations but the president recently canceled the philadelphia eagles visit. he also uninvited the warriors after players said they wouldn't attend. you have a chance to see former presidential candidate and first lady hillary clinton today, she is in san francisco speaking to a group backing gun violence reform. today is the 25th anniversary of the giffords law center. gabby gifford is the arizona congresswoman hit by gunfire. the fight to remove a 124-year-old statue from san francisco's civic center
11:38 am
reignites today. that statue shows a priest and a fallen indian. some american indians and people find it offensive and have been fighting for decades to remove it. sf arts commission voted to put it in storage but the city's board of appeals reversed that ruling saying that history should not be concealed. after continued backlash the board will take up the issue again tonight. and remember the napa earthquake back in 2014? well, we are now learning what could have possibly caused it. a new study points to changing ground water levels. the theory is that every summer the ground water which flakes the fault under napa and sonoma valleys recedes causing the earth's crust to expand. researchers say that in the summer of 2014 the expansion could have been the final straw which caused that 6.0 earthquake. conservatives like kris milan are not surprised. >> myself i have actually seen pools on the napa river where the groundwater is sucking so far that the pools are
11:39 am
diminishing and the fish are dying. >> researchers do not know why the groundwater recedes every season. the napa quake killed one person and caused half a billion dollars in damages. if you get on at the north concord bart station you know there is a major expansion going on in that area surrounding the station. happening today bart leaders will get an update on that progress. we have artist renderings to show you some of the development going on there. in all about two dozen projects are finished or still in the works for the north concord martinez area. happening today, you could get a glimpse of the electric buses in san francisco. transportation leaders will roll out the 43 foot battery powered bus at city hall this morning. this is video of the bus and it is to highlight a new study which shows benefits of the bus buses. muni conveniently committed to transition their full fleet to zero emission buses. we will check the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> and the cooling starts today,
11:40 am
continues into the weekend. beautiful day as we take a live look outside in san jose. let's go to santa teresa to check out our temperatures that will be in the low 80s for early afternoon and a nice little cool down this evening as ocean breeze kicks in. we will talk about cooler temperatures and a forecast for the weekend that's coming up next.
11:41 am
look outside in san jose. storie
11:42 am
11:43 am
the bay area )s last fire season. . we have had plenty of stories of destruction from the bay area's last fire season. >> but there is one place where flames revealed as much as it destroyed. nbc bay area's joe rizotto jr. >> reporter: we normally think of wildfires as elements of destruction and last july the lariat fire near san jose's alum rock park lived up to that reputation along with several houses the fire swept through the park's edge scorching trees and vegetation. >> we had hot spots for two to three weeks after. >> reporter: after the fire this park ranger walked a trial he had walked countless times. >> it used to be taller than this. >> reporter: and the clearing burned away from the fire mac noticed something he had never noticed before. >> when the fire went through and cleared everything out and i saw the different materials that were on top of the surface, it looks like a mattress spring
11:44 am
bed, here you have some roof tiles, a bathtub, a nice stone fireplace. that's kind of one of my first indicators, okay, this might be, you know, a house or a lodge. >> reporter: mac realized the fire had peeled away brush and time to reveal the remains of a forgotten building. >> i think that was a front door of the driveways coming in there. >> reporter: to unravel more of the mystery mac enlisted archeology professor matt and his class. >> this looks like it's probably an old maybe oil can. >> reporter: the class sifted through the site looking for clues to its past. >> primarily what we are looking for a material that's going to help us determine how old the structure is. it's the pepper shaker. >> reporter: old bricks may hold the key to dating the structure. >> so this is one of the fire bricks with the manufacturers stamp on it. the company that made these bricks, they started making that brick in 1905. >> another brick was maclosed i
11:45 am
1957. >> this building was built between 1905 and 1907. i do think it was a domestic house. >> i think it's a hunting lodge. >> whether it was a house or hunting lodge old maps don't show the building but they do show that davis lundy once owned the property befe it became part of the pa. >>very d something new about the park. >> but slowly the weeds and thistle are reclaiming their secret. >> they are just taking it back. >> the latest chapter of a forgotten story written by the flames of a wildfire. >> somebody lived there, somebody's story is there. >> nbc bay area news. well, if you're heading to lake tahoe this summer you will see something a little different there. the lake famous for its clarity but uc davis researchers say that that water is the cloudiest it's ever been. experts blame the extreme drought followed by extreme rainfall. all that record rain and snow last year washed some 12,000
11:46 am
tons of sediment into the lake. the clarity will improve once that dirt settles. >> got to keep it blue. a lot of people head to tahoe from the bay area but you said it could be cooler up there by sunday. >> we also will have a chance of rain. as we make plans for the weekend also quite a few events and festivals going on around the bay area. as we head into this friday eve here is a live look outside and downtown san jose with all clear skies. it's a beautiful day, we are looking forward to some cooler temperatures. right now it's 72 degrees in san jose and livermore, 61 in oakland, 70 in palo alto and it's 65 degrees in napa. so as we go through the day it's still going to be very warm for spots like martinez where we will be in the low 80s by 1:00, reaching 84 degrees and then it starts to come down by 7:00 we are at 77, it will be a nice evening to get outside as the winds start to pick up and it will be breezy in san francisco with a high of 84 degrees, 84
11:47 am
santa rosa, oakland a high today 72 degrees, mid 80s for the south bay and tri-valley. our pollen report shows we still have a high amount of grass pollen and really that's not the only offender right now. if your allergies are bothering you the grass is the problem. that will not change. we still do have a lot of dry air in place. that keeps the pollen floating through the air. some clouds for parts of the pacific northwest showing that we will see a lot of those clouds staying away from the bay area even as this high pressure that we have now gave us that really hot weather starts to shift off towards the east. as we see on the bottom of the screen in the seven-day forecast the temperatures are steady for san francisco, other areas will be cooling off. let's make some weekend plans. the pirate festival will be happening in vallejo, the upper 60s at noon on saturday and will reach into the low 70s. overall comfortable weather but we will have breezy winds and the alameda county fair
11:48 am
happening in pleasanton, it may be wrapping up the weekend here, it will be in the upper 70s. it still will be warm through the middle of the day but as we go into the evening this goes on until 11:00 p.m., those temperatures will be dropping off fast. also all weekend long there is the country music -- country summer music festival in santa rosa and there it's going to reach up to 80 degrees by the end of the weekend with mostly sunny skies, but if you are going to be out there all day long keep in mind to make sure you stay hydrated and have some shade, a cowboy hat always works. squaw valley we are going to see temperatures warm for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, upper 60s, but then by the end of the weekend it will be cooling off and there will be some scattered showers moving through. if you're thinking about taking dad to the beach on sunday, well, santa cruz will only be 61 degrees on sunday. we will see a lot of clouds rolling by. it's going to be a cool day for the coast, but inland areas will be nice and comfortable, upper
11:49 am
70s. next week it's going to heat up once again, upper 80s by tuesday. san francisco not much of a change here but we will see the return of morning clouds and fog and we will see that pretty much each day through early next week. i will have another quick look at the forecast coming up later, marcus and laura. coming up, learning from the crowd, the lessons the newest royal learned from queen elizabe elizabeth. leverage the power of us all as well as the power of google. your waze app on iphone or android. there's going to be a magnifying glass. click on that, then click at your name at the top, that's your profile, scroll down to see teams and you will pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. meghan markle, now known as
11:50 am
11:51 am
the duchess of sussex, made her
11:52 am
first joint appearance with well, meghan markle is known as duchess of sussex, made her first joint appearance with britain's queen elizabeth on an official royal visit to the northwest of england today. >> it was a big day for the newest royal. nbc's keir simmons is in cheshire, england. >> reporter: royal duty with the queen. megan the duchess of sussex on her first official engagement without her husband, learning the ropes from the world's longest serving monarch in chester in the north of england, pausing to observe a minute of silence on the anniversary of the horrific tower fire in britain. it's less than a month since the ameran actress bame a british royal. from a wedng dress train to the royal train. kate traveled for her first solo engagement with the queen but that was a normal scheduled
11:53 am
train. last weekend megan attended the queen's official birthday celebration in london and making her first buckingham palace appearance with megan putting on another perfect performance. >> so far she hasn't put a foot wrong, she has hit the ground running, she has already started work as a working royal and she has been embraced by the family. >> reporter: today two royal generations on show, the queen who has been doing this job for 65 years and megan in her new role for less than a month. even without harry, wowing the crowd. imagine that she ever thought when she was growing back up in california that she would be addressed as your royal highness and would be on official events like this with her majesty the queen. >> she is now. we will be right back.
11:54 am
11:55 am
i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
11:56 am
tonight. the family comedy marlin returns for a new season tonight, marlon wayans stars as larger than life dad and ex-husband who is still very much the part of the lives of his ex-wife and kids. he is known his sometimes misguided advice. >> i live to imp row vice and i don't know what i'm going to do, it's a scary feeling to not know what you're going to do in certain scenes, but once i have the grounded scenes down i'm
11:57 am
like, all right, cool, i'm good, let's go. >> first there is a new episode of little big shots at 8:00, then marlon returns with back to back episodes at 9:00, 10:00 you can catch law and order special victims unit followed by nbc bay area news at 11:00 p.m. >> a fun filled night there. >> there you go. >> last look at what we can expect weather wise. >> a warm day for the inland areas, mid 80s. a little relief for the weekend. we will be in the upper 70s. by next week it will warm up again into the upper 80s but that doesn't last long. san francisco keeps more of the same temperatures, morning fog and coastal clouds, we will see that throughout the next several days and highs reaching into the mid 60s. >> not upset with that forecast at all. >> looks pretty good. >> thanks for joining us, our next newscast coming up at 5:00. >> catch us on and catch us tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 with "today in the bay." we're see you then. e see you th. . . .
11:58 am
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three, two, one! >> [ inaudible ]. >> don't forget to show live. so excited. he's become a nalts super hero. four-year-old austin from birmingham. we have him here today with his dad. yesterday they were handing out food to the homeless on skid row. they'll join us later in the


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