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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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here does sound like the plot o the center of the fight. there are still parts of the south bay that remind you of its past and the connection between those that raise cattle and land owners with room for grazing. today the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating whether a dispute between cattle owners and a land owner had anything to do with numerous dead cows apparently killed and buried near henry state park. sheriff's officers say the two sides got into a bitter argument last week, but when the cattle owners wanted to take back their 60 head of cattle, the property owner refused to unlock his gate. a fairly common situation in the >> santa clara county is much more rural than it was now. it's something that happens in this county. it doesn't happen often. >> when the cattle were released, the cattle owners claimed about 26 cows were missing. investigators say a hoof was
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spotted sticking up out of the ground. today armed with a search warrant, the sheriff's special rural unit began finding and digging up makeshift graves on the property owner's land. >> what we're looking at, number one, how did the cows die? if it's a firearm, we'll have to look to see how that is. i don't think we have the rationale of why yet. >> reporter: well, why is a key question, especially with nine cows apparently killed and buried. but the sheriff's office says it's still early in the investigation and there are no official suspects yet. we have not been able to contact the cattle owners or the property owners. their names have not been released yet, and at this point, deputies are still searching the vast terrain here to see if they can find any of the other cows still missing. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> just moments ago, robert broke this story on twitter. if you'd like to be the first to get breaking news alerts, follow us, our handle is @nbcbayarea.
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>> a sickening case of animal abuse in san francisco. tonight police say they now know who brutally killed and kicked a puppy. police believe nicholas cornelius, the man seen on this video kicking a 3-year-old terrier mix named puppet. walking down market street on june 1st when puppet ran up to him. we froze the image before the man gets upset and kicks the dog against the wall. the attack left the dog with a fractured skull and he died shortly after. she spends her days cheering and her nights crying. came home from the warriors parade to her property burned after a fire broke out at a nearby homeless encampment. nbc bayhere at the encampment. the woman says she's been complaining for years. >> reporter: been complaining about a homeless encampment behind her house for about four years. on tuesday, her worst fears were
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realized. take a look at her car, firefighters had to break through the window to put out the flames. >> it's not fair. and i'm trying to stay strong because i don't want to see my s son to see my crying. this is hard. >> reporter: 8 months pregnant the single mother and her son have been pushed out of their oakland home after a fire broke out in their backyard on tuesday. the family spent the day at the warriors parade only to come home to disaster. >> i got off the freeway and saw shooting red flames coming from the redwood trees. >> reporter: the oakland fire rt homelessly's house. a propane tank and tea kettle are among the debris. franklin says about ten homeless people have been camping behind her house for the past four years. she says calls to police, caltrans and the city have gone nowhere. >> i've been complaining,
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complaining, complaining and nothing has happened. >> people cook. people use candles for light. it's dangerous. >> reporter: the city says it's doing its best to deal with an unprecedented housing crisis. homeless encampments have sprung up all over the city. the fire department says they've responded to 136 encampment fires since september of 2017. >> i would say that we are scared, too and we are making every effort. >> i'm trying to stay okay for my son and because i'm pregnant, but my emotions are just -- i'm broken right now. i don't even know what to do. >> reporter: we're back here live. the house is still standing. it's too working with they can repair their home here. franklin to find housing until reporting like in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> new information tonight about an attempt to kidnapping that turned into a high-speed chase and ended in a deadly crash. the d.a. now tells us it was a
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case of human trafficking. here is what that chase ended in emeryville on sunday. started when police say a man forced a woman into the trunk of his car in san francisco. the woman got out by pulling a lever inside the trunk. when police spotted the driver, they chased him across the bay bridge where he crashed. a woman who was in the passenger seat died in that crash. the driver, hospitalized in critical condition. well, they were just out to have a fun day at the pool. instead, dozens of south bay kids got a trip to the hospital. a worker accidentally mixed chlorine and acid into a popular swimming pool, creating a toxic cloud and triggering a major emergency. nbc bay area's damian trujillo was the first on the scene. they're adow brookeike doing fine, jessica. we just saw a couple returning from the hospital going home, three of those swimmers. everyone seems to be doing oka . the cloud has dissipated. that toxic cloud.
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still a lot of questions and 35 people who needed to go to the hospital. one by one, swimmers at the shadow brooke swim club traded bathing suits for white disposable suits and a decontamination shower before taken to the hospital. >> because if we transport people to the hospital with those chemicals still on them, we potentially bring that exposure with to us the hospital and create a problem at the hospital as well. >> reporter: kids and parents say they became nauseous after a contractor at the pool mixed chlorine with acid, a dangerous sometimes fatal combination. paramedics say it can cause what's called secondary drowning. so they issued what they call a mass casualty incident, level ii. one of the terrifying calls parents say they can get. >> it's pretty scary, especially when kids are involved. you know, all the parents are obviously concerned. it's not theal get. >> reporter: michelle's son is a lifeguard at the pool. she also happens to be a pediatrician. >> there could be a delayed
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response in your lungs where, you know, suddenly your lungs get inflamed and fill up with fluid. i think that's what they want to watch them four. >> reporter: all ten ambulances were used to take 35 patients to nine different hospitals across the south bay, most of them kids. none of the injuries are considered serious, but with such a toxic combination of chemicals, no one here is taking any chances. and, again, it all appears to be an accident. police say they were not even called out to the scene. live in south san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you damian. standing up for the high school principal. supporters coming forward with a petition. more than 100 people have signed a petition in support of the petaluma principal. there was a petition circulating for his removal. that one gathered more than 750 -- this graduation speech cut off when the valedictorian veered from the pre-approved
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script. she wanted to say she had been sexual assaulted. school leaders say they have no comment on the situation or what will happen next. >> the outcry growing louder. rallies continue across the country to denounce a recent immigration policy separating adults from their children crossing the u.s. border. it's the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live from concord where a group of activists is gathering right now. christie? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this is one of the groups and the families belong together, demonstrators got here about 30 minutes ago, talking about things they can do to help. they say these demonstrations are unfair and not in line with their values. demonstrators beg gathering about 30 minutes ago here in concord, calling for attorney general jeff sessions to stop separating kids from parents and improve the conditions and holding facilities where they're being kept. protesters say the children are being used as political pawns, but the acting deputy
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commissioner of customs and border protection said he would not change the policy because he wants to send a message. but first -- >> families that are seeking a better life, fleeing violence and poverty, and their welcome is to be separate. it's a deep concern to us. >> if they weren't part of this flow, we would be doing better on the border with drugs, gang mens and illegal alien. we wouldn't be distracted by this humanitarian mission that we're forced to do. >> reporter: now, the rallies come as nbc was granted special access to a facility in texas where undocumented children were housed. the facility is said td s ages 10 to 17 years old. the tv cameras were not let in, but health and human services shared images after an nbc news crew reported the facility was pushed to capacity. the administration says that these children are being cared for. reporting live in concord, christie smith, nbc bay area news.
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>> okay, christie, thank you. we are just hours away from the hillary clinton taking center stage in san francisco. the former presidential candidate actually in just momentarily she's going to be addressing a group that advocates for gun violence reform. the group is the giffords law center in san francisco. tonight is the anniversary gala in san francisco. the group is named in honor of gabby giffords, the former arizona congresswoman shot in 2011. since then, she's worked to tighten gun laws and stem gun violence. a health scare in the east bay. the warning being given to pregnant women and young children. plus, should we get rid of daylight's savings time? the reason voters can finally get a say in this matter. one of the hottest spots this week has been concord. today, though, only 85. right now down to 79. we'll talk about colder temperatures coming our way and let you know how much to drops tomorrow in about eight minutes. e
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hall of justice today. a disturbing crime. grizzly, really, took center stage in the hall of justice today. at the center of woman, lisa. she pled not guilty to the of murder. she's accused of killing her 61-year-old roommate, dismember her and storing the chopped up body in a storage bin beneath the house. prosecutors say it's murder but the defense says it is now waiting for the autopsy results to come in.
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>> the dismemberment by all accounts is something that happened after death. so i think the cause of death and in the toxicology report would still be relevant to the investigation and the defense in this case. >> i think it's important to realize that the defense has made some statement today and they made some statements a couple of days ago. they're different statements, but let's see where the investigation goes. >> those autopsy results expected in two to three weeks. depending on the result, if gonzalez is found not guilty of murder, the act of dismemberment could be just a misdemeanor in the state of california. well, police think they've caught the woman who tried to burn down a local pre-cole. union city police christina romo tried to build down safari kids preschool with a molotov cocktail. happened back in february. investigators released the footage this week. you can see a woman there trying to light a molotov cocktail. identified romo after this video was aired on the news.
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no motive for that attack. fear of an unwanted comeback. four years ago california was center stage for a whooping cough outbreak. today health officials in alameda county are concerned about another one that could be serious in adults and deadly for infanlts. nbc bay area's melissa colorado has more on the request health officials are making. >> reporter: the alameda county public health department says whooping cough cases are soring and there is no need to parents to panic but now is the time to take the necessary precautions. >> there is a whooping sound that it makes, which it why it's called >> reporter: whooping cough is on the rise in alameda county. this year there has been a 450% jump in cases compared to last year. >> we had a lot of cases in teenagers, the vast majority, and we really want to get the message out about the importance of protecting infants. >> reporter: whooping cough can easily spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes. for adults, the disease can lead
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to vomiting and extreme fatigue. but for babies, the outcome can be deadly. >> it can actually cause them to have apnea, stopping their breathing. >> reporter: thankfully no children have died from whooping cough this year. whooping cough epidemics happen in cycles, and this year california is due for one. >> if you have an infant in the household or a pregnant woman, no matter what your age is, worth looking at when you were last vaccinated. >> your instinct as a parent outweighs everything. >> reporter: that's why florence is making sure her baby boy's vaccine shots are up to date. >> the information i shared with my pediatrician and the things i researched on my own shows the vaccines themselves are safe and help people stay healthy. >> reporter: the alameda county public health department is encouraging all pregnant women to get the whooping cough vaccine shot during their third trimester. if years later they get pregnant again, they're encouraged to get
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the vaccine shot one more time because their immunity may have weakened. that's the latest here in emeryville, i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. some breaking news we're tracking. we want to show you right now. this is a fire in oakland. looking at a live look from one of our traffic cameras. in the glenn highland area, that's near the regional recreation area. 24 and 13 meet. known as the glenn highlands area. we don't know at this point what exactly is on fire. you can see there is a lot of white smoke coming out of there. skranger is headed in that direction. we're going to continue to monitor it. of course we'll keep an eye on it for you online and on air. a warning about san francisco's spectacular sky scrapers. some of the city's most iconic buildings will be at high risk of collapse during a major earthquake. according to a report by the us gment s, the headquarters of pg&e, the office of senator dianne feinstein and the former bank of america building are
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among 40 high rise buildings likely to collapse in a 1906-sized earthquake. a magnitude 7.9. the bill passed an initial vote in the california state legislature that would make it mandatory for cities to produce an inventory of seismically vulnerable buildings. closing a loophole that allowed outsiders to get locked iphones without a password. a blow to law enforcement agencies using that security gap to collect evidence in criminal investigations. apple says the move was part of a larger plan to better protect users' information. the fix will be part of an upcoming ios software update. elon musk's boring company claims the high-speed train will take people from downtown chicago to o'hare airport underground in ten minutes and his company will pay to build if. the riders will ride in autonomous cars base loosely on
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the tesla model x. >> i think we're going to be very good at boring. and the ride is going to be very exciting. >> in exchange for agreeing to pay the new transit system, musk and his company will keep the revenue. the state senate approved a proposal to repeal a reqres a ta year clock change. instead, it gives lawmakers the power to adjust the time with the two-thirds vote. supporters say it's dangerous to health and public safety. people against it say putting it on the ballot is just a waste of taxpayer money. >> permanent daylights savings time will give californians more daylight for evening activities and improve health and safety. >> some states like arizona and hawaii that do not switch their clocks during the year. all right. let's bring in jeff raniere right now. talking about that fire happening in oakland right now. right where 13 and 24 meet,
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south of claremont. what are we talking about temperature wise and wind wise? >> temperature not a big problem. winds kicking up. the sea breeze moving in. 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the west. you can see we have it pointed out towards that direction. again, this is just in. it's breaking near 24, right near the tunnel and 13. piedmont, mont claire. those are some of the larger cities around there. of course, through the oakland hills. some of the smoke from this could, again, be blowing into piedmont, mont claire, maybe back towards maraga. i can tell you over the past couple of minutes, the smoke plume seems to be lowering, seems to be a little bit less. looks like hopefully we're getting a handle on this and we'll have more details on our twitter, nbc bay area. also on facebook. and throughout the show as needed. get a look right now. temperatures not a problem for
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firefighters. 66 degrees. humidity is on the increase but it's the wind out of the west 10 to 20 that could be providing a little bit of an issue here. you'll see through tonight, we'll continue with clear skies and those 50s. right up against san francisco, there is the fog right back at the immediate coastline. that's going to come into play for tomorrow mornink wre going totally fogged in, but we'll definitely see some low clouds beginning to develop, once we hit about 1:00 a.m. and most of the fog forornihe hours would be confined to the immediate coast, san francisco and also a little bit of patchy fog near the peninsula. notice how temperatures drop. we are out of the upper 80s now down to 80 in concord tomorrow, 79 in livermore, 78 in san jose, 69 in oakland and 59 in half moon bay. we'll have more on that fire. i'll come back with any more wind conditions as needed throughout the show, you guys. >> okay. >> thanks, jeff. from a tweet to a white house meeting to a commuted
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sentence. kim kardashian west explains how she helped a mother get out of prison. the search is on for two
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handguns - stolen from a san francisco sheriff )s happening now, the search i a san francisco sheriff's deputy car. happened in pinole around 7:30 this morning. we are tweeting the latest. fallen san jose police officer killed. died in a motorcycle crash back on this day back in 2016. to read more, go to from prison, alin
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appeared on the today a week after being released from prison, alice johnson appeared on the "today" show with the woman who lobbied for her release, kim kardashian west. this is the tweet that started it all. heard about her life sentence for attempted possession of cocaine. her first offense but linked to a drug trafficking ring. kardashian west contacted her attorney then ivanka trump and finally the president who commuted her sentence. johnson in prison for 20 years had no idea who the reality star was. >> i didn't know her name. i didn't know kim. as soon as i found out who she was, i started getting every magazine i could find. i started reading everything that i could about her. everyone was >> a lot of reading. a lot of stories on her. johnson and kardashian west say
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they plan to team up to advocate for the release of other nonviolent drug offenders. we are getting a first look at how north korean state tv is portraying president trump and kim jong-un's statement. 42-minute visit is the first images the north koreans have seen of the trip. footage we haven't seen yet of president trump saluting and shinorth korean general. music is played and narrated by north korea's most did not follow regulations. that and other revelations in the investigation into former fbi director jim comey. soccer fever's hit the bay area and the rest of the world. the excitement surrounding this year's world cup. nbc bay area )w
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overhead a fire in the want to take you back to oakland and give you that update on that breaking news. skyranger's overhead now so we've got a better look at this. we're talking about the oakland hills. right south of the claremont areas knownco a glenn highlands, where 13 and 24 meet. you can s here is what we know now. a shed caught fire. that spread to some of the vegetation there. you can see some of the smoke. doesn't look too bad. not too windy outside, which is good, and not too hot, also very important. we are keeping a close eye on this because obviously this is an area where people don't like to see any type of fire, given what they've been through in the past in the oakland hills. so we're going to continue to
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monitor it online and on air. if anything changes, we'll come back to this. also at 6:30, the report is out. did former fbi director james comey mishandle the hillary clinton e-mail investigation? did his actions affect the 2016 presidential race? we are getting some new insight into the inspector general's month-longwhithouse to comey his something to say. >> in a scathing 500-page report, the justice department's internal watchdog finds former fbi director james comey was insubordinate, deviated from fbi norms and damaged the agency's image in its handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. but the 18-month investigation did not find any political motivation from comey or others in the fbi before the 2016 election. >> nothing in this report
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impugns the integrity of our workforce as a whole or the fbi as an institution. >> the president's supporters and detractors are each seizing on different findings in the report. >> at the end of the day, the actions reviewed in this report helped donald trump win the election, not the other way around. >> reporter: president trump sees proof he was right to fire comey. >> it reaffirmed the president's suspicions about comey's conduct and the political bias among some of the members of the fbi. >> reporter: comey calls the report reasonable but says he disagrees. another focus of the report, text messages between two top fbi employees involved in a personal relationship. lisa page telling peter strzok he's not ever going to become president, right? right? strzok responding, no, no, he won't. we'll stop it. the report says the two showed a willingness to take official action to prevent trump from becoming president but not finding they actually did so.
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one question yet to be answered, does this report hurt james comey's credibility as a witness in the russia investigation? in washington, susan mcginnis, nbc news. >> after thousands of students left stranded by the closing of corinthiansian colleges, some debts are being forgiven. corinthiansian was a for-profit school. attorney general xavier becerra announced the settlement. that includes debt forgiveness and other relief. the problem is balboa financed just a fraction of those loans. >> clearly to unwind what they did has been -- it's a soap opera. unfortunately there are a lot of victims in this soap opera. >> the relief includes correcting student credit reports. becerra calls on the trump administration and the department of education to provide relief on federal loans to those corinthians students. one day after claiming
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victory as san francisco's first african-american mayor, london breed spoke about her accomplishments today in front of a familiar crowd. it was a packed house inside the auditorium at rosa parks elementary where breed attended as a child. she talked what it was like growing up a block from the school. breed said she never thought the opportunity to become mayor was possible. >> today we show the next generation of young people, many of them sitting in this front row, we show the next generation of young people that anything is possible. >> it took eight days of vote counting for breed to declare victory. the city's director of elections says votes are still being counted and not certifying the election until the end of this month. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you know what it. that sound only means one thing, the world cup is underway.
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that's the famous goal call from telemundo's legendary soccer announcer andres cantor. >> nbc bay area anousha rasta is live at the stadium. who are fans rooting for? which country? >> reporter: they are rooting for everyone. germany, england, colombia, iran, japan, just to name a few for you. if there is a time to celebrate diversity, it is now. one month the world celebrates what brings us together. and not what pulls us apart. >> we all love to watch sock? that's the common bond between all nationalities around the world. >> reporter: around the world, millions of eyes on russia today. for the opening match in moscow. with russian president vladimir putin in attendance -- the hosts
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kicked the tournament off with a 5-0 thrashing of saudi arabia. the excitement thousands of miles away in downtown san jose at the brit, where we found a couple of colombia fans having a few 8:00 a.m. drinks to celebrate. the cup is fun for fans and a boom for local businesses. >> it's just in my dna. it's my number one passion. my father instilled it on me. >> we are opening up early for our fans. at least at 7:00 and 8:00 for all the middle games. normally the summer season is very slow with hockey and basketball weaving their way out. the world cup is going to keep us going all through july. >> reporter: about a mile away -- >> i feel like this is definitely a worldwide sport. >> reporter: another spot to watch the game. >> we show thehere. >> reporter: and there will be a free watch party for every game of the world cup here at avaya stadium. if you're in san francisco, you can attend watch parties there. at the civic center plaza starting with the semifinal
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game. reporting live from san jose, anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. >> so thanks, anousha. what are you going to do if you're not an avaya or civic center plaza? where do you watch the game? from our sister station telemundo joins us now. this is an exciting start to this year's tournament. >> yes, that is correct. russia started this fifa world cup with a bang beating saudi arabia 5-0. you know they're still celebrating as we speak. not only did russia get the three pointstoday, also made history becoming the first player to come off the bench and score in an opening world cup bench not once, but twice. if you don't want to miss any of the history being made, set your alarm to 4:30 in the morning. egypt will take on group favorite uruguay and the report is thatoladies and gentlemen. morocco will face iran. to close the second day of group
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play, we have a big one, portugal versus spain. cristiano ronaldo set to make his world cup debut. and spain full of drama after sacking their coach just a few days ago. we'll see now with -- you can catch all those games on telemundo 48. you will be watching that portal game close. >> what time is that so i can get up? i'll be watching that one. >> gracias. >> you can also watch our award winning documentary series "bay area revelations" tomorrow. take a look at some of the most memorable teams in bay area baseball. >> one of the most successful oakland a's team came in the s. three world series trips, swept the giant to win in 1989. pitcher dave stewart was the mvp of that series. >> put it to one word, winning. >> when you put the team together and you have this huge juggernaut team and expected to win, the pressure is really on. you really have to perform.
6:38 pm
there is no room for error. lucky enough through the timeframe of the oakland a's, you know, we won a lot of games. >> tune in for more "untold stories" tomorrow night on "bay area revelations: champions of baseball" see it right after the giants-dodgers game. stay with us. two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room. how a mustang ended up in an east bay home. blame... for the t
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a sports car plowing into a it does appear speeding is to blame for a crash that sent a sports car plowing into a home in lafayette shortly after 8:00 a.m. 73-year-old woman driving a mustang lost control and crashed into that house. it's on glenn side drive in lafayette. the woman was pulled from the car, taken to the hospital. no word on her condition at this point. luckily, though, no one was inside the house was hurt. >> it's almost like a huge earthquake just took place. yeah. i don't know that it's scary. really? the person was driving so fast
6:41 pm
they had to go up the driveway. >> crews spent the day trying to determine if that home can even be stabilized at that point. >> a motorcyclist is dead after a hit-and-run in san jose. happened around 1:00 this morning on northbound 880. chp officers say the motorcyclist hit the median and investigators think another vehicle hit him and killed him and then kept driving. an update to a story of a heartless act of in thtrvalley. firsolnd two white crosses for 25-year-old alexis garcia and 16-year-old violet campbell. they died in a car crash last year over the thanksgiving holiday. the driver of the car survived. we showed a photo of what's being done to restore that memorial. friends and family hope to complete the work today. a group of neighbors on the peninsula declaring victory in a fight to save some cherished trees. denying a developer's request to cut down five heritage redwood
6:42 pm
tree trees along sierra avenue. the developer wanted to cut down the industries to make way for new construction. it led to protests and the parks and rec to rule against. >> it felt a touch cooler. are we still going to have this lovely weather for the upcoming father's day weekend. >> see that smoke there in oakland, really hard to pick up any smoke right now. winds out of the west, 10 to 20. tracking a fire near merry wood drive. in oakland right now, cool 66. we'll talk more about that chillier weather in just a few minutes. >> our own bob redell into the bay area's newest roller coaster ride. his response is something you won't want to miss. buying a homs
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
of paperwork and seemingly endless fees. well, buying a home comes with piles of paperwork and seemingly endless fees. >> that it does. consumer investigator chris chmura says one fee is
6:45 pm
negotiable. >> it's one of the few things we are forced to buy when we're signing all those papers. we have no idea how it works and we don't bother to question the price, but even if you're clueless about title insurance when you're buying a new home, know that it's negotiable. the california department of insurance says you can save money by comparing rates. depending on the price of the home, that can mean hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in your pocket. send us our consumer questions. the number is 1-888-996-tips. or online at >> thank you, chris. good america has a high-flying new roller coast? we sent one of our own, the bravest of us, to check it out. good si. that's "today in the bay's" bob redell. a thrill ride. starts with a 90-degree drop
6:46 pm
from 100 feet high before a series of loop. the car rides on a single rail letting the passengers sit single-file without anything or anyone beside you. >> because you have that low center of gravity and low against the rail, it really allows us to have the riders experience more dynamic turns and twists and barrel rolls that you would not be able to do with a higher profi. that's where you really feel the incredible forces. you look at it, you think, wow, when you ride it, it really takes your breath away. >> i thought that first drop was going to be the craziest part. i was right. just going down that drop and through that tunnel, looks like you're going to get hit by that. go immediately back up the hill. it's really exciting. >> it looks so good. >> s new ride, turne into a, quote, screaming idiot. that looks like so much fun. >> so much fun. >> yes. >> let's all go. >> all three of us. >> let's do it. >> we could facebook live from
6:47 pm
it. >> i'd drop my phone, though. i don't want to do that. >> i thought he had suspenders on at first but it was actually the harness. >> to keep you strapped in. >> it's so thin, though. normally it's this huge. >> technology, right? >> oh, man. good weather for anything like that tonight. next couple of days. make your plans. make them now. let's go ahead and get you our microclimate forecast on this thursday night. it feels like a friday. the weather is so beautiful out there today. if been ofunder, a couple of degre you're really going to like the next couple of days in the forecast. the hot hot air we've been tracking this week for the interior valleys. right now at this very second, starting to move off towards the south and the east. by tomorrow, this cooler system moving in and that's going to bring back, well, temperatures dropping down even more. even a little bit of morning fog. it's that same exact pattern we've seen on and off again for the past four to about six weeks. we get these storm systems moving in. no rainfall from it but we get
6:48 pm
these nice and enjoyable temperatures. only in -- as you get close to the peninsula, the coast, san francisco, we'll see some areas of patchy fog developing. watch out for that. still mostly sunny for the south bay and 59. tri-valley looking all good at 57. right across the north bay, 56 and sunny skies. there are your patchy clouds for san francisco and some low clouds with the east bay. numbers through that system moving into the north will drop even more tomorrow. this will bring us down to the 70s throughout the south bay. beautiful weather right there in santa clara at great america. we got 78 degrees. right gilroy, 75. huge departure from the upper 90s we had this week. we are now down to 80 in concord for our forecast on friday. also looking at 81 in danville. get near the coast, 69 in oakland. so these temperatures will actually be helping our fire danger with some increased humidity. these lower numbers, this will be good news for us this time of
6:49 pm
year. 72 in redwood city. san mateo, 68. normal weather in san francisco. if you're here visiting, need the hoodie, the light jacket. it will be in the 60s. when the wind blows out of the west at 19 it's going to feel chillier. in the north bay, 76 in sonoma, 79 in napa and 72 in mill valley. extended forecast right through father's day in san francisco keeps temperatures in the 60s. we'll get our usual breeze moving into san francisco the next couple of days and dry as we head into next thursday. cities away from the coastline, no more upper 90s to near 100. staying with this trend of upper 70s friday, saturday and sunday. starting to warm up once we hit next tuesday. it's not a trend. look at this, next wednesday and thursday, we are back down. if you're already thinking about this weekend, something to do, we have you covered. let's go ahead and get a look. it is that time of the year already. can you believe it? alameda county fair starting their saturday. normally we're talking about
6:50 pm
triple-digit heat. only in the upper 70s. >> that's good amusement park weather. >> great. >> we could wimp out on the other one and do the fair rides. there are some good thrills there. >> warm-up for great america. >> exactly. >> you don't want to go to the fair ones too hot. when you're eating and going on all the rides and it's too hot, it could be dangerous. >> those little pig races. remember those? >> i love the pigs. >> so cute. >> thanks, jeff. okay. the raiders wrapping up mini camp and john gruden looking for some help. colin resch explains next. the ga
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
double header today in miami... even though they were the giants almost played a double-header today in miami even though they were only secretary-generaled to play one game. hall-of-famer rodriguez at the game to watch his son derek who pitched really well today. the game went into the 16th inning. yes, 16 innings. that's when pablo sandoval broke a 3-3 tie with a two-run single. the giants win 6-3. they'll play the dodgers tomorrow in l.a. watch that game right here on nbc bay area. the a's were swept by the astros today, losing 7-3he coliseum. let's talk football. insight from the raiders high-profile head coach as the raiders complainted mini camp today. >> we're talking about john gruden. colin resch was there and has the latest on the team and the coach's injury.
6:54 pm
>> i'm having elbow surgery tomorrow so i'm kicking off my off-season with a real, real bang, aren't i? >> reporter: gruden says his bad elbow stems from his first go-round leading the silver and black. a certain drill with lineman mo collins. let's just say it's a decision he'd like to have back. >> i was simulating junior seau in an "a" gap and mo got me. >> reporter: gruden is thrilled with how things have gone the last few months in everies asuspect except one. >> i feel pretty good. i'd feel a lot better if number 52 was walking around here. he's the man. he's the guy we've got to figure out how to get back in here. >> reporter: he's referring to star defensive end khalil mack who hopes to secure a long-term contract extension. he'll return eventually, we just
6:55 pm
don't know when. it's a commonly used word these days. like gruden, another former raider coach back in the fold, tom cable, who like gruden sees this as unfinished business. >> yeah, we both felt like that, you know? i think that for some people this can be just a business all the time. i think for guys like he and i, at least as i get to know him, it's more personal, you know? this has been my team since i was a little boy. it's not le it changed because, you know, i got run out of town. it probably made it a little deep for me. which ir: that's why they're both here. in alameda, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> okay. coming up tonight at 11:00. will she talk about it? as we told you earlier in in the newscast, hillary clinton is taking the stage in san francisco the same day the department of justice released a much anticipated report on the fbi's handles of her clinton e-mail investigation. we have a crew sat at the event. we'll bring you that story coming up at 11:00. >> before we go, a last check of our forecast. a beauty.
6:56 pm
another one. >> right into father's day weekend, we weep with the temperatures in the upper 70s. clear out to lots of sun. if you're looking for something to do. that weekend upon us in san francisco, the festival celebrating filipino food, art, music and dance, low 60s sure to be a good time. check that out. >> the alameda county fair, the do it for us.county fair. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you at 11:00. bye-bye. >> bye.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for better california..ilng a
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now, on "extra." kim kardashian and the grandma she got out of prison finally meet. >> i love this woman.
7:00 pm
>> did alice marie johnson really have no idea who kim was? >> their new interview today about kim's crusade. and the icebreaker she used when she first met the president. >> that was the first thing i said, and he laughed. >> new photos, sandra bullock's rare public date night with her boyfriend. where we just spotted the happy couple. >> meghan and her majesty, giggling through their first appearance together. the gichft the queen gave the n


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