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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 15, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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tri-valley. this is what it looked like for drivers stuck in two different backups. i )m laura garcia. i )m marcus washington. people were sitting in their cars for hours. we brought you live breaking coverage all morning on the delays -- and there )s still a slow down. we have team coverage on the crash. vianey arana is tracking the delays still being felt. but first let )s go live to nbc bay area )s roz plater. she )s on 680 slowdown. we have team coverage on this crash. vianey is tracking the dehails first live felt butun to ros plater live on sunol. >> i am. and the first pete piece of good news this morning is that the traffic is flowing again. that happened within the last hour or so. but it was earlier, a traffic nightmare and it was the second
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nightmare of the morning. the first one started around 4:45 this morning on westbound 580 near eden cannon, involving a big rig and two other vehicles in a crash and the chp said all three collided and get tangled up during a lane change and it sent the big rig tumbling on to the side backing up the morning commute traffic for miles along that freeway. then just about 15 minutes later there was another crash. this time on southbound 680 near sheridan road. the chp said it appears a car rear-ended a big rig and sparking a fire and there was a chain reaction involving multiple cars and that also backed up traffic for miles. and as we found out the hard way, not only were the highways backed up but so was every feeder route leading to the highways, crowded with drivers looking for and not finding a work-around. >> not to mention just the freeway, but all of the city streets, dublin and pleasanton,
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livermore and everything is tied up because everybody is looking for alternate routes. >> reporter: now for the clean-up, they had to bring in crews to get the big rig upright and then crews to bring in to clean up the debris. again, all of the traffic is flowing here along 680. and no moror injuries we're told. ros plater, nbc bay area news. >> thehe craziness there. and so all morning long we have brought you the breaking news of the accidents on "today in the >> as soon as they happen, vianey filling in for mike, what a busy morning. >> it is a busy morning. but as roz said, the earlier crash was -- the sig-alert was canceled on # 580 but residual delays left over.
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toward southbound 680, still some spots slowing but all lanes are also open along that area so i do want to give you a quick update on the tri-valley drive time. still seeing slowing along 680 from 580 to vargas and much better on the alternate to 680 and ome about 15 minutes. a much better commute after that. >> quite a big difference. >> absolutely. now weyo pushed the news about this crash to your phones this morning. if you don't have our app, this is the perfect time to do it. it may have saved you a headache thisan morning. go to our app store and search nbc bay area. the app is free. a man in legal trouble and far more legal trouble. we'll talking about paul manafort, president trump's one time campaign chairman is going to jail. >> before his trial. and scott mcgrew, you have been following the updates in the latest twist out of washington. >> this morning the judge said man -- manafort would sit in
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jail until his trial because it is alleged he tried to tamper with witnesses. that is somethingnd courts take very seriously. he has already been acced of conspiracy against the united states, money laundering, bank fraud and obstruction related to his dealings with foreign powers. he said he's not guilty. those charges are generally unrelated to the time he directed the trump campaign. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentencent of 305 years. meanwhile, over at the white house, the president made a surprise appearance on television this morning, he was watching ""fox and friends" and then walked out of the white house and to appear on "fox and friends" and it appeared for half an hour and then he talked to the rest of the press, saying yesterday's inspector general's report absolved him of any charges of collusion with
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russia. >> it toelt -- it totally absolved me and there was no corruption -- you'll find that. >> now understand the inspector general's report wasn't about investigating the president's alleged collusion with russia. the report didn't absolve him of that because thesa report was n about that. the president also said a number of other things, he said he would have won the election by a greater percentage if obama stopped the russians from interfering and obama is to blame for the russians taking overer crimea and the biggest bombshell was the president now saidng he will not support the immigration reform bill that was going to go through congress next week. it's in congress because he said he would support it. so we'll start following that bright and early on monday morning but something that looked hopeful a couple of hours ago appears to be dead.
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>> how quickly things could change. >> in an hour. >> and how long he spoke. >> it is almost an hour. he has not given a press conference in 17 months and this is a full fledged press conference. >> and the navy released a plan to retest the hunter's point shipyard for radiation. they found officials from tetra tech hired to get rid of the radiation likely faked part of the clean-up. now the work has to be redone. the navy will start with 40 acres known as parcel g. the area is first in line for redevelopment. and the navy selected a company out of dallas called jacobs engineering to rescan buildings. the work plans for crews to resample the soil. tetra tech issued a statement saying it stands by its work saying the firm has offered to pay for retesting. the navy is considering the
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offer but hasn't made any decisions. no word on how much this will cost. the work is expected to start in the fall and last up to six months. we link to the navy plan on our website, nowke switching to the weatr and turning to our microclimate weather alert, cooler weather for the weekend and that is good because we have the fair and the festival happening this weekend and father's day. >> really important. so make sure you are -- you have that settled and planned and ready. it is going to be a great weekend. as we take a live look outside in san francisco. you have the fog and the clouds back there. cool temperatures and breezy winds. and some of the breezes will make it far enough inland where we are all feeling the change. even in san jose as the skies are clear. going through the rest of the day in campbell, it will be in the low 70s at 1:00. reaching into the mid-70s today and even just slightly below normal after we've had such a hot start to the week. seven-day forecast in the bottom of the screen. as we get a look at the count fair in san mateo today, it will
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be in the upper 60s for the afternoon. so get on out there and take advantage of all of the mini events going on around the bay area. i'll highlight more of those. coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. of the otherer topop stories. frightening nighted at the concd b.a.r.t. station with a knife fight disrupted an antioch-bound train and police made an arrest pausing service for ten minute but you could see how active it was there. one person cut their hand and we've learned of several arrests in the south bay as well. take a look at this scene. this was over on floyd, a crashed car and several people being handcuffed and put into place cars. police say they were chasing suspected carjackers who ended up hitting another car. neighbors tell us they see crashes in this area all of the time. also in san jose, a brushea fire along coyote creek happening about 3:00b a.m. firefighters rushing to the scene to put out those fires. nearly an acre burned by a homeless encampment, no word on
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what started the fire but the wind helped to spread. are heading to the alameda county fair. moving. and we talked to a couple of kids having a fun day. >> when i see a cow, up close, like a real live one, i kind of think, like, what? >> they are ginormous. they are really big and stuff like that. >> i think the same thing. what? this is just a beautiful sight there. and that fair is running through july 8th. get those kids out more to farms or something. coming up, oprah and apple. the new partnership that could have netflix worried. plus a thrill ride providing
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real life fear. a roller coaster stops mid right forci forcing riders to hold on for their lives. and check out our social media pages. we'll help you out if you have problems with a mechanic. six things to do when your car needs repairs. check with family and friends for recommendations. search for mechanics online. and check the better business bureau for rights. call the mechanic before you go. ask if their estimates are free. before you authorize repairs, make sure you receive a written estimate of the cost. if the mechanic can't return your car the same day you drop it off, ask for a written time of repairs estimate. if the mechanic won't give you everything in writing, walk away. have a problem or a tip? give us a call, or submit
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online. we respond to every call and inquiry.
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hey there, did you get stuck in the tri-valley woes this morning. we want to hear from you. i'm in the traffic center monitoring and checking out the bub lynn camera and it is getting better but we want to know how you prepare for traffic situations like this. are you smart and check the roads and wait it out and then hop on the road or get stuck in alternate routes? i do have a poll on my twitter account, nbc vianeyar anna, let me know what you think. >> right there the new york stock exchange opening ball all smiles but not looking great on
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the stock market. the dow is down more than 190 points and tumbling on rising fears of a u.s.-china trade war. well just in, apple just signed oprah, the cupertino tech giant signing the tv mogul to a multi-year to create original programs. apple is beefing up content to better compete with the likes of netflix and amazon. dmvs will open up on saturday and some spots tomorrow and then starting in july the now hours run on the first and third saturdays of every month. now you won't be able to take those behind the wheel driving tests. but here is a list of locations to check out on your screen. you'll find offices doing this in every part of the bay area. we've also put the same list up online so you could take a longer look and also posted on our nbc bay area twitter feed. >> well relief may be coming for
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people living in the central valley. looking for another weekend option to the bay area. the altamonte corridor express will launch a saturday train service, race running between stockton and san jose for the leisure crowd. it is still not known when the service will launch but a state grant is helping to cover the costs. and a story you want to hear about. san francisco spectacular skyscrapers really not looking so great with this new study. saying that some of the most iconic buildings are at risk of collapsing during a major earthquake. according to a report of usgs and the office of dianne feinstein and the bank of america building are among 40 high rights likely to clapts -- collapse the size of the earthquake hit in 1906 and estimated at a magnitude 7.9. a developing story to daytona beach, florida, this morning investigators are trying to figure out how a roller
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coaster ride went tragically wrong. the first car flew off the tracks, two riders plunging 30 feet to the ground. gabe guiterrez is in daytona beach with the latest on the frightening story. >> reporter: a fun night at a florida amusement park quickly turned into a nightmare. >> two cars from the roller coaster fell off and there are people on the costar. >> reporter: at the marti gras fun center in daytona beach on a ride called the sand blaster. the the front car going off the rails, dangling. >> please don't move -- >> panicked screams. >> two riders falling three stories to the ground. another desperately clinging to the ride. >> female's still on the car but hanging off of it. someone is holding on, puller her in. >> it looked like it just flipped upside down like part of the ride. >> reporter: rescuers working to get eight more riders down. >> we didn't want anyone else to fall out of the car so they had to be secured and taken out
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carefully. >> firefighters use a tower truck to help stranded passengers. >> twon thgrnd and there is one in the bucket. reporter: inll six people were taken to the hospital. >> i have to -- ambulatory. >> and then the heart-stopping rescue was over. >> everybody is out of the roller coaster and down. >> reporter: landon metler was almost on the roller coaster. >> i actually tried to talk my 11-year-old brother into riding it. he didn't want to -- >> reporter: she knows they are lucky. >> we're so glad we didn't get on the ride. it was very scary. >> reporter: in word from the company that runs this ride but according to an internet data base that tracks roller coasters, it had already been 35 years old. back when it opened at this location in 2013. gabe guiterrez nbc news, daytona beach, florida. new at 11:00, a major recall which could affect your family's breakfast. kellogg reraul -- recalling
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honey smack cereal. some boxes may be contaminated with salmonella and they link it to 17 illnesses in 34 states and 24 people were hospitalized. recall is honey smacks with best if used by dates between june 14th, 2018 and june 14th, 2019. if you have any of the recalled cereal throw it away or return to the store. other kellogg products are part of the recall. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, on saturday come out and hang out with me and brandy. the singer headlining this festival in downtown san jose. i'll be emceeing the event while brandy headlines at 3:00 for her but you could start getting there at noon. that is when all of the fun begins. that is going to take place at -- plaza de caesar chavez.
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and i'm excited. kari, you will deliver. >> it was sizzling hot during june teenth last weekend and so it is nice and the payback, enjoying cooler temperatures after the hot start to the week and this is part of the reason why. as we take a look outside from woodside, the peninsula and we still have some fog hugging the coast. so if you are planning to head to the beaches, cloudy and cool there right now. while we head over to sunol and skies are all clear at 71 degrees. a very comfortable day. and it is starting to warm up in some spots inland. in oakland, 62 degrees. right now at 69 in san jose. 70 in fairfield and napa now checking in at 65 degrees. seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen showing we'll have a few more days of mild weather as we check out the temperature trend from martinez coming out of the 90s from the start of the week and today upper 70s for the afternoon and then a nice little cooldown. it is going to be breezy right
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at about 6:00 to 7:00 as the winds pick up and the temperatures will be dropping. our highs today in antioch reaching 82 degrees. 79 in napa and in santa rosa. san francisco 63. and 77 in palo alto. san jose at a high of 79 degrees. which is about average. you may be starting out the weekend at the country summer music festival in santa rosa and this is all weekend long. but today we're looking at highs up to about 80 degrees and sunny skies. nice little cooldown. make sure you have on the layers for the warm temperatures for the day. but you are also able to add some layers for tonight once it cools down fast. and then tomorrow we have the june teenth parade and festival in san francisco and starting at 11:00 in the upper 60s and eventually reaching the low 70s for the festivities and we just talked about this june teenth in the park with marcus washington and it is going to be in the mid-70s throughout the day. beautiful weather and mostly sunny skies. in factual want to get out and
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enjoy it and wrap up the weekend at the alameda county fair. we saw the cattle drive kicking off. upper 70s on sunday and sunny skies. app it -- and comfortable through the evening with upper 60s at 7:00 on sunday evening. and there is also the north beach festival in san francisco going on. a lot of festivals and fairs and event this is time of the year. with low 70s on sunday and san francisco with breezy winds. if you are planning to hit the road, this is a live look at yosemite. and it is going to be very nice this weekend. mid-60s. but then we start to see more clouds on sunday. there will be scattered rain showers for yosemite in this part and it should stay all dry. we'll look at our dry forecast and it will -- will be heating up next week so we'll have those numbers later. >> a lot to do this weekend. getting ahead by digging down. a look at elon musk's new plan to move traffic underground.
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but first, happening now, a strike may be looming in berkeley. 800 city workers voted to authorize the strike and at issue is safety and the current contract runs out tomorrow. no date is set for a possible strike. also right now, the city of san jose said it is upgrading broadband infrastructure and that should mean better wireless service including with verizon and at&t. we're back after the break. (wie
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east bay on monday. the reason you won )t have to be worried. plus - new security tech as fire season continues, you'll see smoke rising on the east bay on monday and you wouldn't have to be worried. >> and what you can do to protect your pin card from thieves. >> join us every day from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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laughing at bob redell )s roller welcome back to you. one day later and we're still laughing at bob redell's roller coaster ride. did you miss it? we played the video yesterday. it is still online and mike inouye who is off today tweeted about it this morning. he thinks bob is wearing lederhosen. i think it is just the -- the seat belt. >> yeah. i think so as well. okay, so from the roller coasters to this right here. billionaire elon musk has created electric cars and out of this world rockets but now he has a set sights underground and moving people from point a to point b as quickly as possible and wants to do it in chicago to fix the transportation problem and with his own money. ron mott reports. >> reporter: billionaire inventor of cool things, elon musk, the man behind space x and
11:26 am
tesla is literally digging in against an old chicago menace. rush hour traffic on the kennedy expressway and he thinks his boring company has a radical fix. >> a transport structure better than anything that existed. >> reporter: the track between downtown and o'hare is the stuff of headaches and heartaches and missed flights. routinely an hour of hurry up and wait traffic. there is a train but it is not much quicker. about 45 minutes on a good day. >> i don't like the trains. i don't like the line. >> reporter: his idea, the express loop using driverless under ground vehicles traveling up to 150 miles per hour whisking passengers from touchdown to downtown in a pair of tunnels quitting the trip to about 12 minutes and musk said give him three years to build it. >> it almost sounds impossible. to prove to chicagoans this is possible. >> i think it will go pretty
11:27 am
fast. it will go faster than any other tunnel project in america by a long shot. i'm confident of that. >> reporter: he is putting up the ten figure price tag and something the mayor endorses. >> you have confidence this isn't too pie in the sky. >> that it can be real. >> not only the engineering but one of the best. he's never failed. he doesn't like failing. he's as much an impatient person as im. >> reporter: the project has something of a head start. a long unfinished $400 million subway superstation that will serve as the new terminal downtown. >> let's do something that everybody else will be jealous about. >> a bold plan from a bold man, who has a car in outer space willing to risk failure for creating something out of this world. >> can't wait to see that. so elon musk said he is confident he can cut through thick bureaucratic red tape and get the perm imts -- permits inw months and start boring. away. sticking up for family.
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the powerful messages sent by hundreds standing together for immigrant families being torn apart. jose joined protests acro
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country. they say the united states policy of separating parents from their welcome back. more than 300 people in san jose joining in protests saying the united states policy of separating parents at the board ser inhumane. we have more. >> reporter: father john has spent years working with immigrant communities in san jose and he was fired up about what he's been seeing over the last few weeks. this rally at san jose city hall has been in the works for more than a week. it is intended to coincide with dozens of others across the country. these events also come as the
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trump administration continues to get pushback on its policy of separating immigrant parents from their children at the border. during a speech in indiana, jeff sessions cited the bible to justify the practice. >> i would site you to the apostle paul and his clear and wise command in romans 13 to obey the laws of the government, because god has ordained the government for his purposes. >> you cannot use any form of scripture to justify the brutality that is happening. >> we have been here for thousands of years -- >> reporter: anna vasquez was brought to the u.s. as a child and she's shocked to see children being housed in large holding facilities now. >> i see that happening to people who are younger than i was when those things were happening. so it is just so inhuman and i don't know why -- how we even justify those separations. >> reporter: in san jose, sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. developing story, gunfire
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erupting last night near east bay funeral home. the five people were hurt in that shooting and it happened while a wake was going on inside of the chapel of chimes. police say the three people that were shot and also sent to the hospital. officers later found two more victims nearby. a woman holding a wake there for her mother told us that people inside had no idea those shots were being fired outside but the funeral home went into lockdown for a few hours. >> we were just viewing my mom's commemorating her life and it was very unfortunate that it had to end like that. >> as of right now police are still not sure how many shooters were involved. none of the people attending the wake were injured. can you imagine this? police think they have caught the woman who tried to burn down an east bay preschool. they arrested christina romo for the attempted arson of safari kids preschool in november and they released this surveillance of a woman trying to light a molotov cocktail outside of the girl and was not able to light
11:33 am
it so she used the bottle to smash the front door and someone identified her after this video aired on the news. happening today, santa clara will take the final vote to speed up the process of rape kits. the goal here is to add two positions and $300,000 to the district attorney budget. this would allow the da to contract with an outside company to process 200 kits that have been in the crime lab for more than four months. the added positions are intended to make sure the future kits are processed within 30 days. right now the average wait is 94 days. >> following up to the story all month, the petaluma principal still in question. david surat cut short a speech at vacation and the valedictorian went off script to talk about sexual harassment and now there are dualing petition and some supporting the principal but more than 15,000 people signed a petition to
11:34 am
replace him. new details at least one child is dead and three others are recovering from gunshots. now there was a brazen shooting at a shopping center in broad daylight at a dentist office in colorado. police have a person of interest in custody as they try to figure out a motive for the shooting. migel almaguer has more. >> we have a active shooter -- >> reporter: in broad daylight, thursday this shopping center, home to a dentist office for children, was turned into a shooting gallery. a number of rounds fired, four people hit. >> when officers arrived on scene they discovered four gunshot victims. two adults, two children. >> reporter: one of the victims, a young boy died overnight in the hospital. his brother and mother sustained life-threatening injuries, both in critical condition. another adult male unrelated to the family was also shot, but is expected to survive. witnesses say the gunman did not
11:35 am
appear to be in a rush. >> i heard seven, eight very deliberate shots or what sounded like gunshots. like somebody was taken their time aiming at whaver they were shooting at >> reporter: this black toyota was seen fleeing the area and 90 minutes later police locating the car and the driver with who they believe is responsible. the gunman not yet identified as police began their search for answers. >> migel almaguer reporting there. so the man in custody has not been charged. police want to have a chance to complete photo lineups with several of the witnesses. happening today, the kids behind the march for our lives movement are hitting the road to get young people registered to vote. the youth movement started by students who survived the mass shooting in parkland, florida and they are pushing for gun control. organizers say more than 4 million people turned 18 this year and are eligible to vote.
11:36 am
and hillary clinton was in san francisco last night. honored for her work pushing gun control legislation. the former congresswoman gabby giffords a gun control advocate after an assassination attempt presented the award and said she was a target of the gun lobby during the 2016 campaign. >> the gun lobby spent about $30 million against me. they never had the guts to take on any specific policy proposal. in fact, the ads they ran had nothing to do with guns. they were just outright lies. >> now in a separate note, bill clinton will be in san jose at the s.a.p. center in a couple of weeks and he and author james patterson are promoting the new book and you may remember their contentious interview on the "today" show this month. and it might affect your commute. tomorrow a big first step in the sales force transbay transit center. some of the muni largest lines will start using the bus plaza.
11:37 am
now if you rise muni buses at all in san francisco, those lines are probably familiar to you. the five fulton and the seven hate and third geary lines will operate from the street level plaza between free mond and bill street, this is a soft opening. this four-story facility likely will not open until august at the earlier. this is someone you may know. sterling k. brown. the award wing actor from nbc's "this is us" will be here on sunday in the bay area for this year's graduation at stanford and he's delivering the key note address. he graduated from stanford 20 years ago with a bachelor's degree in drama. stephen hawking has taken the place among the greatest scientists with the burial of his ashes in westminster abbey. >> and a thousand people are attending the service of the thanksgiving day for the psychiatrist -- who died in march at 76 after decades of
11:38 am
living with motor neuron disease. nbc's chapman bell reports from london. >> reporter: a public memorial for scientist stephen hawking at london westminster abbey. his ashes laid to rest between two other scientistic greats, ize yak newton and charles darwin, marked by a stone. his impact on the scientific community and bringing math and science to the masses with the best-selling book "a brief history oftime" for a household name and appearing on the s simpson's and the big bang theory and eddie redmayne winning a oscar for his movie and the unique computer generated voice we'll be familiar with. given to him after a motor newton disease left him unable to speak, confining him to a
11:39 am
wheelchair. today his words in a message of peace and hope and unit set to a musical score by composer vengalis will be beamed in outer space toward the nearest black hole where his message and that voice could live for ever through space and time. chapman bell, nbc news, london. >> what a tribute. >> absolutely. well, coming up, a great weekend. >> yes, sunshine and around the bay area, a live look outside in palo alto our temperatures reach into the 70s and the breeze keeping it cool throughout the weekend. we'll talk about what is ahead in the full forecast coming up next. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. buy one and get one free sometimes means buy two get a rebate for one. what can do you if that rebate never comes in? nbc bay area responds next.
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san bruno man who says didn )t get the phone rebate he was welcome back, everyone. nbc bay area responds to a san bruno man who didn't get the rebate he was promised. >> sew turned to chris chmura who said a lot of complaints like this happen. >> good morning. cell phone salesman tangle
11:43 am
rebates for phones and sometimes the money gets tied up in paperwork and that is what jose said when he filed for a $750 re bait during a t mobile promotion that offered buy one and get one. and he was told to wait a couple of weeks and he did and called us after getting nowhere for nine months. we reached out to t-mobile and it responded immediately to jose. not only did he get his $750 rebate, jose said t-mobile paid off his new phone. when you sign up for a rebate, you got to keep copies of everything. the receipt, proof of your purchase, and the rebate form itself. if the rebate doesn't come there a reasonable time, you should complain to the california department of consumer affairs. you could also give us a call at 888-996-tips, or well forget changing your
11:44 am
clocks. daylight saving time could soon be a thing of the past. the state senate has approved a proposal to ask voters to repeal the 70--year-old time change and instead giving lawmakers the power to adjust the time with a two-thirds vote. supporters say daylight saving times are dangerous to health and public safety. those against it say putting it on the ballot is a waste of taxpayer money. >> a permanent daylight saving time will give california's more daylight for evening activities and improve health and safety. >> some states like arizona and hawaii do not switch their clocks. well right now, a lot of people enjoy or planning the weekend because this weather will be nice. after all of the hot temperatures we experienced earlier this week. >> and this is just in time for a father's day and all of the festivities going on around the bay area. it will be in the upper 70s today for the inland valley, which is a big change from the 90s and even triple-digits we had. a live look outside in oakland with all of that sunshine. getting ready for the a's game
11:45 am
tonight athe coliseum, it will be at 62 degrees. at first pitch we'll be in the upper 50s throughout much of the evening. so make sure you have something nice and warm. it is going to be windy, too. warmer temperatures in walnut creek where our highs reach into the upper 70s. we'll hit that 79 degree mark at 2:00 today. we'll stay there and then cool off but a breezy evening on the way as our skies stay clear. let's look at all of our high temperatures for today. santa rosa, napa, up to 79 degrees. 63 degrees in san francisco. the clouds will -- maybe not clear for half moon bay today so only going to reach up to 58 degrees. but right on the other side of the hills in palo alto it will be 77 degrees. and 78 in san jose. check out the seven-day forecast at the bought o. screen. it is going to heat up next week and if you have allergies you're probably suffering because of the grass pollen. it is still high. everything else is fairly low at this point. and if you are going out to the
11:46 am
pirate festival in vallejo tomorrow, in the upper 60s and breezy and sunny and very nice and a fun event though check out with the kids and then we have the kalayaan festival in san francisco at union square. it is all things filipino and in the -- in the low 60s throughout the day and sunshine and nice temperatures. and barbecue and music festival in martinez and throughout the day comfortable weather and 70s and sunshine and bring the sunscreen to list an through the music. and dancing on the avenue in willow glen, upper 70s and then cooling back into the mid-60s by the time the festival wraps up. speaking of cool temperatures, if you are going to santa cruz this weekend, it is going to be so cool. mostly cloudy skies and highs in the low 60s and may have mist and drizzle during the morning on sunday. our seven-day forecast makes it into the upper 70s for father's
11:47 am
day. looks perfect for going out there and enjoying time outside and we'll be heating up next week. low 80s on monday and low 90s by wednesday. san francisco only seeing minor changes over the next few days with some mid-60s throughout much of the weekend and early next week some mid-60s once again and morning clouds and follow but 70 degrees toward the end of the forecast. we'll be watching those numbers going up. so i'll have more updates on that next week. and i'll have another look at this forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> sounds great. well, coming up, it is a story that will make you bay area proud. >> i had no idea what i was doing. >> well how a month's long hike on the pacific coast trail turned into a full time job of fulfilling acts of kindness.
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kindness so great, it forever changed the future of
11:50 am
another person how do you follow an act of kindness so great it for ever changed the future of another person's life. >> that is the question facing a walnut creek native you are about to meet. garvin thomas joins us with the answer in today's bay area proud. >> reporter: we first profile eugene in a bay area proud story three years ago for reasons you are about to see and after the story he went on a hunt for someone to give him a job being kind to others. he didn't find one. so you could guess what he did next. three years ago eugene yeun pulled off a single monumental act of kindness. really bing. like climbing mountains big. >> i climbed several mountains, yes, i did. yeah. >> reporter: in 2015 eugene hiked the pacific crest trail from mexico to canada. raising money along the way for
11:51 am
a paraplegic man he barely knew at the time. arthur wren owitz can i so he could buy a device to help him walk for the first time in a decade. >> oh, my god. >> when all was said and done, eugene was faced with a question. how do you top such a big act of kindness? >> you have eaten today? >> with thousands of small ones is the answer that came to eugene. >> would you care for -- >> the first act was so grand but something so simple and every day could be just as profound and touching the soul of someone else. >> you're very welcome. >> reporter: why he was in oakland recently. handing out home made meals and comforting hugs to people who could use one, or both. >> god bless you. >> reporter: it is part of a 50-state, 365-day act of kindness marathon youth is
11:52 am
undertaking. >> if they are in a fog of apathy and in a fog of depression, kindness has that ability to shine a light and pull them out. it kind of ignites that spark that lies within each and every one of us. >> to help fund the mission of kindness, eugene started a clothing company. kinlovgra. the money he makes from selling the t-shirts funds his good deeds. as if kindness has become his full time job. one where the benefits are wor way more than the salary. >> so to be able to sit with you today and realize, oh, my gosh, we're actually doing that, i'm actually using my life and spending my 9:00 to my 5:00 every day spreading kindness. it is a phenomenal job. >> reporter: the kindness marathon is just getting underway. giving out meals is one of the things he plans to do.
11:53 am
there are also visits to homeless shelters and to help out at schools. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. tonight you could watch our award winning documentary series bay area revelations. we take a look back at the most memorable teams in bay area baseball history and one of the most successful oakland a's squads came in the late 80s and they appeared in three straight world series and swept the giants to win the world series in 1989. pitcher dave stewart was the mvp of that series. >> to put it in one word. winning. >> when you put a team together and you have this huge juggernaut team and expected to win the appreciate is on. you have to perform and there is no room for error and lucky enough through that time frame of the oakland a's, we won a lot of games. >> and don't miss this. tune in for the untold stories tonight on bay area revelations, champions of baseball right after the giants and dodgers game here on nbc bay area.
11:54 am
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better than this: the free summer concert series at stern grove. for some people who live in san francisco, it doesn't get any better than this. a free summer concert series. they take place on sundays and it all gets underway this weekend. so a great idea for father's day, take your dad to see jeffrey osborne and peep bryson on the wings of love and then
11:57 am
can you woo woo woo. so this all starts at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon and the festival runs through august 19th. >> that is sunday. >> so sunday. >> and the weather should cooperate. >> we'll have some great weather and sunshine. inland areas in the upper 70s father's day looking nice. san francisco a little bit cooler but i think you'll still enjoy it. some mid-60s there and that continues into next week. >> here we go. happy father's day to all of the dads out there. >> happy father's day. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00 but we'll be back here monday morning starting at 4:30 and until then have a great weekend and enjoy your father's day, fathers out there, and just enjoy your weekend. have a good one. happening now: two south bay women have been
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♪ >> we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> can we talk right now? i'm sorry. i'm too busy freaking. >> it's friday. >> happy father's day. >> thank you. >> this weekend to our dads. we have our roset, so that means we get going. we have our fenny guy here, our radio hosting comedian mike catherwood joining us. >> and you have to bring it. >> i'm taken down when mike is in the building. >> good stuff, too. so whatever you got, bring it. >> okay, guys, ariana grande and pete


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