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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 15, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> it reall a h she was a silicon valley sensation. over night billionaire. dozens upon dozens of doctors and the savviest investors in the world. despite that she resigned this morning. hours later in federal court facing criminal charges. >> at one point the golden girl of silicon valley. is now facing illegal reckoning. the 34 year-old walked out without comment after eleven counts of wire fraud or conspiracy to commit >> he pled not guilty because he is not guilty. we intend to contest the charges. he invested millions of dollars of his money. >> reporter: so did many. hundreds of millions of dollars. >> the bottom line is they got it right. there's a sucker born every
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minute. and they include the walten family, a host of very sophisticated investors. >> included on the list. venture capital tim draper who defended holmes on press here. >> i feel fantastic about having made it. she did everything she possibly could have to make that company successful. >> the machines she's accused of defrauding investors but doctors and patients to. that bought into the idea that a few drops of blood could lead to full detection of disease. this indictment alleges a corporate conspiracy to defraud financial investors more egregiously. it misled about the reliability of medical tests. >> to put lives at risk for this phony make up technology is really outrageous. >> both holmes and right now are
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out on $500,000 bond. they had to surrender passports and if convicted they face up 20 years in prison. okay thank you. we sent a breaking news alert once the news came out. you can sign up for the press alerts. >> developing at this hour a protest growing in san francisco. 100 people at the ice building holding signs. in response to the federal government saying nearly 2,000 children have been separated from their families is it in just the past six weeks. as a result of the zero tolerance policy on undocumented immigrants. requiring criminal prosecution for anyone who illegally crosses the u.s. bodier that means the parns are jailed and the children are separated from their parents and instead placed in holding centers with no parental supervision. >> two best friend accuse ds of having sex with under age boys.
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the investigation has strange twists and turns. live from the county woman's jail where one of the women a student teacher is held without bail. >> that's right. we're at the elm wood facility. it is unusual for a suspect to accuse in a crime like this. to be held totally without bail. and remain incarcerated. this investigation is far from over. >> reporter: they are best friends. and have been since their days in high school. still together. now 23 year-olds face multiple felony charges for allegedly having sex with under age teenage boys. investigation tors say the women bragged and joked about the>> u deviant. and such as going to hell because of the actions. >> detectives for the say they launched a criminal investigation back on april 7 after getting tips to allween te
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women and several boys all 15 or 16 years old. >> it's outrageous. they think it's funny. it's a crime and they're predators. >> cisco was arrested here. at her family home. where much of the sexual activity took place. we didn't get a response whether we knocked. she was also a student teacher. but detectives say they haven't found any connection to any students there. the school district told detectives cisco has been barred from any contact with students. investigators are asking the public tr help in finding a fourth victim they say the suspect and victims have vague family connections. >> they're all intertwined somehow through a circle of family friends. >> now investigators say cisco is held here without bail. because oflt numerous charges against her. she's scheduled to be in court monday. the other posted bail and her court is still being arranged.
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>> thank you. someone has been cutting cables in the south bay. tonight police think they found the person responsible. officers say richard bridge caught comcast cables. at highway 85. the vandalism caused $10,000 in damage. they also believe he maybe tied to other cable vandalism in the area. >> a woman mauled by her own dog. police in fair field killed the animal yesterday. the attack is triggering a dog breeding investigation. hernandez is live with the investigation. what are neighbors saying about these dogs and the owner? >> they had a lot of dogs here. this is where the dog attack happened. you can see the beware of dog sign on the fence. tonight investigators tell us the family didn't have the license to keep the dozens or so dogs they housed here. >> it's just was a horrific site
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to see. >> reporter: she says she can't stop thinking about her neighbor. who she watched getting viciously mauled by her own dog. police say the dog attacked the 29 year-old when she opened the kennel. to give the dog some water yesterday morning. >> he was mauling her body. her arms, they looked like they were being torn. from her body. >> reporter: police say when they arrived the dog charged at them and officers shot it three times. before it stopped. >> i shot the dog it's down. we'll need medical quickly. >> the woman's husband was the dogs primary caretaker. according to face back page he shows and breeds argentina os. bred for big game in >>he kids. >> we saw seven puppies in the couples yard. and at least four adults on the
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property. investigators tell us the owners don't have the needed permits or licenses to house them. neighbors are shaken and worried. >> last night when i was going to sleep, i just kept seeing her. and i'm seeing i'm praying and i'm asking god to be with her. and her family. >> a traffic nightmare on the east bay. people sat in their cars for hours this morning because of two big rig crashes. first happened around 4:45 this morning on westbound 580. a big rig was knocked onto its side and that backed up the morning commute. two other cars were involved. 15 minutes later in another location, another big rig crash. that southbound 680. that's the view from sky ranger. that crash involved a car and a big rig.
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and attributed to the horrible traffic jam. no one was badly hurt. a hospital is apologizing after this. an emergency room doctor caught on tape grabbing and berating a patient. the patient father recorded it using his cell phone. the doctor grabs his sons arm. mocking him and cursing at him. we spoke to the patient who believes race may have been a factor. >> that's right. the patient says his arm still hurts after being yanked by the doctor. he is african american says left the hospital earlier to avoid con fron contamination with tco doctor. who is white. >> samuel says his doctor didn't
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believe he was sick. and the situation escalated. >> sit up. >> today rkts he has pain in his arm. caused by the nurse pulling it in the video. >> he was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed following basketball practice. on monday night. he claims it was a three hour wait to see the doctor. when she finally came. he says she was accompanied by a security guard. he believes race was a factor. >> what's the reason to bring a ar anything. sheeo nd cursing at her patient. >> when i inhaled like this. all the way with my chest out. it was agonizing pain. she laughed at it. >> he is still trying to figure
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out what made the doctor become so abusive. adding he left early to avoid further injury. >> did you at any point feel unsafe? and here you are physically not able to move. >> no doubt about it. i felt unsafe because she was in control. she had full control over me. i was in so much pain. >> the hospital wouldn't comment on camera. in a written statement they apologized. and the doctor has been removed from the list of contract doctors. he's considering a thanks. buzzing beyond belief. the reason we're seeing sudden bee swarms in the bay area. plus the world cup moment that has everyone talking. and the weekend match that is putting a restaurant owner against his own staff. >> cooling down today. san jose 69 degrees.
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we'll talk about the changes in our weekend forecast. that's coming up in seven minutes. this is the time of yea
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the bees tend to swarm . beware of the buzz. this is the time of year when bees tend to swarm. it can be t video in san francisco. live in san francisco where she spoke with a beekeeper on why
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this happening. >> these bees cause quite a store in the neighborhood on monday. it was caught on tape. beekeepers association came out and took care of it. and trying to get the word out on what people should know if they see that. >> reporter: he was home in san francisco and noticed something different. he's been into bee keeping for two years. >> the colony was spreading really fast. the queen was making a lot of babies. i added another box to give them room. >> the bees landed in a tree and moved in mass to his neighbors bush on monday. he posted this video. >> i was really stunned by it. it's a beautiful site. they're super gentle usually. when they with swarming they are -- i watched and i called the hot line.
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>> reporter: paul is among those who responded. he's a member of the san francisco beekeepers association. >> colonies are growing in size in the warm spring. and earl will summer. they're growing in size and they'll run out of room to raise new bees. >> he says the bees are looking for a new skmoem this is the time of year when calls about bee swarms boom. his team brings equipment and as the swarms settle they try to move the hive to a suitable place. >> they're at risk. they're harmless until you swat at them or in some way disturb them. >> it can be alarming for someone who doesn't know what's going on. they are docile and advices not to kill them, spray them or swat them. move slowly and be informed. >> for that hot line you dial 99 swarm. these were honey bees in this situation. i'm told the organization for many of the calls they get is unlike this situation it's from
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residents who see clusters of bees occurring around the city. >>. sec tear of state is applauding the move by the governor. sibs cyber threats are the new norm. california has to modernize. its ageing voting equipment and practices. budget calls for $134 million to help counties with upgrades by ballot on demand technology and poll books. a new office of election cyber security would protect voters from hacking, misinformation and voter suppression. >> hillary clinton continued her visit today. giving eight grade students a graduation to remember. she spoke sto graduates at the all girls school.
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speaking to a group that advoca advocates for gun violence reform. that is ronald o. the worlds biggest super-star in soccer signing on the brightest stage. portugal scored three goals sending the soccer world into a frenzy. and we're only on day two of the world cup. live in alameda where restaurants and bars are ready for a world cup weekend. it is only starting. over. but the soccer pandemonium is for bars and restaurants in the bay area, the world cup is a moneymaker. we have a couple fans out here. earlier this morning, this place was a mad house. and all eyes will be on sunday's big match. reign champ germany takes on mexico. this german restaurant is hoping
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to cash in. >> reporter: whether you are playing for your country on the biggest stage. or simply keeping up with the beer and orders at the restaurant in alameda. it all comes down to execution. >> that's why owner had to hire four extra workers to keep up with the innux of customers. his waiters and cooks are working over time. for the next month. >> most certainly more work. >> head chef has been frying and grilling broughts for ten years. >> it's a crazy insane time for us. we just open so early in the morning. and crazy hours working. >> if you this this is busy. wait until sunday morning. >> it will be crazy. we'll have an absolute full house. >> gmany playing against mexico.
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>> we are the world champions. so i hope we'll repeat. >> chef might love german cuisine. his heartbeats for his native count country. >> i was born and raised there. >> win or lose. the cash is flowing. while the team is scoring. >> the owner of the restaurant says he expects the business to generate tens of thousand of extra dollars this month alone. all eyes will be on sunday big match. that's the latest here in alameda. >> okay, thank you. our sister station is your home for coverage begins at 2:00 in the morning. o so it will be fantastic. everyone in the news room is wearing a jersey. >> so festive today. >> we have been having cup every
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day. >> we have been having cake every day. >> i learn from the best. >> i'll be getting up in about, we'll stay up all night. the first match is 2:00 a.m. >> maybe do a little dvr. we have nice weather coming our way. throughout the week. it's a friday. we'll take you down to los angeles. the weather under ground sky camera net work. we have high clouds and starting off just to remind you the giants are at the dodgers down in l.a. currently 66 with the high clouds. in for first pitch at 65 degrees. again 7:00 tonight we'll have all of the baseball action for you. right here across the bay area into saturday. forecast. we'll start with areas of morning clouds near the coastline. patchy fog as well. by the afternoon a comfortable
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day for june. only 78 in antioc. 76 in san jose. 75 napa. upper 50s and low 60s from half-moon bay to san francisco. looking for something to do i have you covered. it's fair to say the weather at the fair is going to be fairly nice. check it out. in tomorrow we have 76 degrees. and sunshine. to be fair this is not the only fair in the bay area. you can see we have temperatures in the upper 60s throughout the afternoon. we'll have more on that and changes for the sunday. i'll have details at 6:48 tonight. >> see you then. the bike share program that lets you leave your bicycle anywhere. you want in the south bay. feed.
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a fire in san jose avenue and halghacre, and a f down. but not fully contained. it burned a half acre and started in a homeless encampment. >> world cup fever sweeping the bay area. our sister station is your home for the coverage. first game tomorrow france vs. australia. coverage begins at 2:00 a.m. we'll be right back with more news.
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have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. you )ve seen them everywhere.
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now-- the company that started the trend-- is going dockless. "ford gobike" rolled out 200 >> bicycles that you can share. the company that started the trend is going dockless. rolling out 200 new bikes in san jose. what's unique is after you ride it, you can leave it. anywhere. planning on dockless system and it has been well before other companies hopped on the trend. so you can find the bikes by using the ford go bike app. here's ts map. with all the bikes in green. a 30 minute ride costs two bucks. >> new cars come with all new features from automatic braking to cruise control. what features should you get and skip? we ask an expert. >> sunday on press here. my reporters and i sit down with the head of kelly blue book. you talk about the blue b value of a car. we'll look at options worth the money in car and talk about what technology gets too old too fast.
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a particular problem for electric vehicle buyers. >> they have a terrible resell value. and it's because things are changing so quickly in the market. >> we'll talk about that. with reporters from u.s. today sunday morning at 9:00. >> thank you. president trump former campaign chairman ordered to be locked up while waiting trial. how the commander in chief is responding. >> when i went home i didn't want to talk about it. i wanted to rest. sleep. take the pain away. >> he is talking. our interview with barry bond. on his legacy, baseball, and the giants. trumps ) former campaign
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chairman, paul manafort, wil right now at 6:30. president trump former campaign chairman paul manafort will spend the next several weeks behind bars. a judge revoked his bond today. >> he's a key target in the russia investigation. today president trump down played his connection to manafort. >> reporter: former trump campaign chairman paul manafort brought into court hoping to continue his house he ended cta witnesses in his upcoming conspiracy trial. judge jackson said he abused the trust placed in him adding this
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isn't middle school. i can't take your phone. the question now will time behind bars change his mind about cooperating with special counsel robert mueller. >> he has been under the mind set that either through fighting this at trial and or through a pardon, he's going to get out of this. >> president trump tweeted sympathy this afternoon. but only hours before virtually disavowing him. >> he w for for a short period of time. >> a press conference outside the white house the president weighed in on a new report by the inspector general office. which blasted the fbi handling of the clinton investigation. >> comey lied a tremendous amount. >> the president dismissed the reports conclusion. that james comey was not politically motivated in his actions. >> what you'll see is bias against me. and millions of my followers. >> instead. he offered a very different take
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on the bottom line. >> it exonerates me. there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. if you read the report you'll see that. >> reporter: the report never addressed collusion or obstruction in the russia inquiry. >> rowdy giuliani says he might use his pardon power after the probe is over. >> after mornts of threats and concerns over a trade were. president trump is imposing tariffs on china. the to 1,000 i teps from china. >> on $50 billion worth of techno a we have .unfairly. >> china is planning to match the tariffs on u.s. goods. starting july 6. the european union and dan will do the same. mexico already retaliated. >> hundreds of city workers voted to authorize a strig.
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they rallied today at city hall. contract negotiations have been in the works. and for the city for months. they are set to end tomorrow at midnight. workers need safer working conditions and cost of living allowances. >> we are asking just to be able to afford the same gallon of milk tomorrow that we paid for yesterday. living in the bay area it's impossible to rent a one bedroom here. i can't afford it. >> the employees impacted by workers. mechanics. parking enforcement officers clerical staff. >> retesting the shipyard for radiation. earlier this year officials found workers from the contractor hired to get rid of radiation at the san francisco site likely faked part of clean up. now the work has to be redone. the navy will start with 40 acres. the area is first in line for
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redevelopment. they selected a company to rescan the building. the plan calls for crews to resample the soil. they issued a statement saying it standby the work and the firm offered to pay for the retesting. the hthey are considering the offer. no word on how much it will cost. it will start in the fall and last six months. we have a link to the plan on our web site. >> tonight we have the glimpse into the life of barly bonds. one of the most legendary and controversial athletes in american history. he changed his tune. eleven years after his career ended the home run king leads a quiet life in san francisco. he's finally answering some of the questions that people have been asking for decades. we have the exclusive interview.
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>> it was my job. my career. my provider for me family. >> reporter: eleven years after he walked away from the game. barry bounds walked into the executive office at at&t park. he had a story to tell. his story. about baseball and family. >> when i went home i didn't want to talk about it. i wanted to rest. sleep. take the pain away. and go do it again tomorrow. ter: 53 years old. slim and fit. bonds finally seems to be comfortable in his own skin. >> when i walk into ballpark. i see 40,000 people. i look at all of us that came through here. and i look at all of us and we did one hell of job. >> what made you better? i tried to ask you 62 times. now i can ask you. why are you better than every other player?
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>> my iq in baseball was like this. i didn't have social skills. i was great at one thing but horrible at something else. i like to that's who i am. it was never personal. it's just my character. i have learned my kids helped me tell them who i really am. >> he was born into giants baseball. his father. and his god father willy mays. >> my dad was my teacher. willy was my god father. he was my idol. there's two comparisons. to be a young kid and have a dream to be a baseball player and the person you idolize is your god father. what other gift do you want. >> when the giants were on the verge of moving to florida. peter saved the day keeping the team in san francisco. and luring bonds back to the bay area. from pittsburg. >> i remember peter and them were asking me how good am i. i sat and said if i don't min
6:36 pm
mvp i'll donate $1 million. and peter fixed his hair. and he's like okay. and i won the mvp that year. >> but throw all the magical years and through all the records. his story is still lipg linked to the steroid era. >> i don't agree with that. we played the rules of baseball. i went to court and i won my case. i went to federal court. and walked out with a victory and no one said i'm victorious. >> this is what i did. i can beat you 24/7 with this. in that game. there's not too much people that will beat me in this. >> fascinating interview. so much more to the interview. the history of the giants. part of the award winning
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document series bay area revolution. champions of baseball. airing tonight right here after the giants dodgers game. which will be here also. in just about less than 30 minutes. >> silicon valley biggest city.
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this is along coyote creek - by a homeless encampment a brush fire over night in san jose. this is along coyote creek around 3:00 a.m. it burned about an acre. wind helped fan the flames. >> a shooting outside an east bay funeral home. the victims are expected to recover. we brought you the story last night. someone shot at five people. this as a wake was going on inside. the hours. we have learned the victims are improving. no one attending the wake was hurt. as to why the shots were fired police are trying to figure out that. >> attempted carjacking in south
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bay. last night before 11:30. police say three men took off with the mans car. about an hour later the police spotted the men five miles away. officers chased the car and it crashed into another car. police arrested all thee suspects. >> wireless service about to come into san jose. it reached a separate agreement with verizon. mobile light to improve the quality and make it faster. the broad band boost will come in the form of the small cells placed on light poles through the san jose. the mayor says it's ground breaking. >> this is the largest deployment of small cells in any city in the country. more than 4,000 small cells. and investment of half a billion dollars in the city. and critically important. >> the agreement is especially important for schools and thousands of students who lack access to the internet.
6:41 pm
the broad band service will start rolling out next year. >> the weekend is here. it's father's day. a perfect weekend for the dads. >> comfortable temperatures. you can see the fog rolling in. pretty thick. we'll have the morning forecast and when it will be the cloudiest this weekend. san brun
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get the phone rebate he was promised. so he turned to consumer he didn't get the phone rebait he was promised. >> we see a lot of complaints like this. >> cell phone sales man dangle
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rebaits in frnt of us to entice new customer. sometimes the money gets tied up in paper work. he filed for a $750 rebait during a t mobile promotion. that offered buy one get one free phones. he was told to wait a couple weeks. he did. he called us after getting nowhere for nine months. we reached out to t mobile. it responded immediately. he got his $750. he says t mobile paid off his new phone. when you seen up for a rebait you have to keep copies of everything. the receipt. proof of purchase and the form itself. you should complain to the california department of consumer affairs. and give us a call. or nbc bay
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>> is the museum of ice cream misusing its sprinkles? that's what some are saying and they're upset about it. 19,000 people have signed this. the issue. visitors can dive into a pool of plastic sprinkles. but the people spearheading the petition say when people leave the plastic sprinkles stick to their shoe ands clothing and end up over the streets and in the storm drains. it's an environmental has art. the museum is not commenting. >> oprah is going into business with apple. it didn't pronounce specifics. but apple is confident in her ability to connect with audiences. apple is beefing up its original content to compete with netflix and amz amazon. >> sterling k brown. from this is us. he is delivering the keynote
6:46 pm
address at stanford. he graduated from stanford 20 years ago with his degree in drama. >> wild west comes to the east bay. a cattle drive to kick off the county fair. cattle. horses and sky ranger followed over head this morning. all the cattle making its way to the downtown to the county fairgrounds. the event pays tribute to the city's rural history. >> when i see cattle. i kind of think like what? >> they're giant. they're really big and stuff like that. >> they are. i live in pleasanton. it's freak si to see the cows and horses. we had the livermore rodeo. and i got caught mind a bunch of cows. i'm like what is going on.
6:47 pm
>> that's so much fun. >> they were cute. >> it will be running through the middle of july. the 8th. >> the 15th i think. maybe they extended it. >> the weather will be great. >> it's going to be phenomenal. normally we can be in the upper 80s and 90s. we'll have 70s. it will be perfect. the best day to go out this weekend would be saturday. we'll explain why we'll see changes here coming up. so let's get a live look outside. you can see the clouds moving in. fog is thickening up. 57 degrees. will keep the clouds in through tomorrow morning. it's not just the typical fog at the coastline. we have something else working to cool the temperatures down today. and comfortable through the weekend a system to the north. @will stay in just about the same spot through tomorrow. sunday it will move to the
6:48 pm
south. and that will increase the cloud cover. we'll have a closer look at sunday in a bit. i want to focus on saturday. and we have the fog and the low clouds coming back. temperatures in the 50s even clouds down for the south bay and 58. also look for the fog of course in san francisco. and patchy low clouds over the east bay and 58. we'll get sunshine tomorrow. it's not going to warm up a lot. even cool down toward morgan hill and gilroy. the coolest weather is there. we have a south wind. it will take the ocean breeze and pull it up from the south. these areas will be cooler than downtown san jose at 76. can't go wrong with that forecast. oakland 68. through the peninsula, also cool. 68 degrees. san francisco you will need a jacket. only 59 along.
6:49 pm
wind at 20. maybe you're going to wine country. 74 santa rose. 75 nap pa. and notice the difference ten degrees cooler in mill valley with 65. the ocean breeze and the cool air moving in from the system. to keep temperatures down. let's bring you to sunday changes. over all right now it's looking like we'll see increase clouds kor for the morning hours. also drizzle possible. sunday morning on father's day. by the afternoon the clouds break out of here. we'll get some sun in the south bay. it's really painting a cloudier picture near the coast. peninsula and the northbay. i have increased the cloud cover on sunday. we're looking at the 60s through the next seven days here. now for cities away from the coastline after upper 90s this week. probably won't need the air conditioner this weekend. 78 saturday. 77 sunday. and we start to warm up next
6:50 pm
tuesday to 88 degrees. and looks like 80s stay with us through next friday. so, it does warm up next week. no 100s coming our way. >> fine by me. >> feeling the world cup fever. everyone cheering. have you caught world cup fever
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
yet? impossible not to if you watched spain and port world cup fever. do you have it yet? >> impossible not to if you watched spain and portugal. so of course that's where we were. cohen? >> my take away from the watch party here, ronald o is not human. this game lived up to the hype. for the 700 or so fans who came to watch it. not a bay way to spend an extended lunch break. >> i was in the meeting this morning. i jumped in to this and i'll
6:54 pm
probably go back. maybe. >> it depends on the score. >> probably the goal of the tournament so far. look at this guy. he's got the feet of the day. what is your name. >> out here living the dream. watching soccer. >> colin. i knew i was drawn to this guy. look at your get up. >> you have the full lounge chair. a great soccer game. sunshining. the stadium is beautiful. can't ask for anything else. >> the earthquakes will show every single game of the tournament. some starting at 3:00 a.m. and entrance is free. >> we have inflatable goals for the kids. we have different food. today there was a portugal sandwich and a spanish sandwich competing at the concession stand. we'll probably from live entertainment at some point.
6:55 pm
as we look at how the demand is shaping up, we'll keep adding more things. we have no idea what to expect. >> in san jose. okay. our sister station is your home for the coverage. beginning at 2:00 a.m. the big match iceland and argentina. featuring super-star messy. >> yeah. >> i'm trying to learn from you. let's go to dodger stadium if l.a. rivalry giants take on the dodgers in minutes. watch it here. because of the game we have programming changes. american ninja warrior and will air. don't forget our special bay area revelations champions of baseball will air right after the giants dodger game.
6:56 pm
right here. i'm not going to miss that. >> final word. >> nice weekend coming our way. we get the morning fog tomorrow. sun for the afternoon. increase cloud cover on sunday. temperatures in the 70s. we warm up throughout next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. into the upper 80s. not bad for june. >> not bad at all. thanks so much. that will do it for us. see you tonight at 11:00.
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you do the math. because now for less than what 75 mbps used to cost, you can get 150 mbps internet. plus for a limited time, you can get a $200 visa prepaid card when you add a voice line. get the best price on fast, reliable speed. call today. j.d. power ranked us number one in customer satisfaction. while we're honored, we don't do it for the awards, we do it for you. on over 4,000 daily flights on average to 100 destinations. just so we're ready to go when you are. everything we do is done with you in mind. but hey, if they want to reward us for rewarding you, we won't stop them. putting people first. that's transparency. (clapping, electronic tone) the giants and dodgers, two of the oldest rivals.
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>> and the ball game is over. >> it is gone. it's out of here. and it's over. this is just getting in to. way to go. >> the rivalry continues. it's a perfect night


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