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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 17, 2018 7:00am-7:58am PDT

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embarcadero / sf good morning to you, 7:00 right now as we take a look outside live here in the embarcadero, san francisco, a cloudy start to the morning but it's going to turn into a nice day. i'm marcus washington and vianey is here with a look at our microclimate forecast. going to be a pleasant day. starting off a little cool. >> it's a little cool but we have lingering low clouds. we saw patchy drizzle overnight and early this morning. the reason is because we had a low drop through. you request scan see in san joso sunny but we'll get clearing in the skies and ir wool dcool day. i saw a couple of folks outside with jackets on and even some nice light sweaters because of
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the breezy conditions as well. 59 degrees in san jose right no the afternoon does climb into the 60s by midday but then it kind of lingers and stays in the 70s. we have 90s on the way and i'll look at the stadium celebration forecast coming up in 15 minutes. happy father's day. >> thanks, vianey. high winds causing havoc across the bay area. really intense moments in the east bay in one neighborhood specifically. take a look at this. the dramatic video yesterday afternoon. this is in martinez,d by those high winds. now toppling a tree that took down a power line, those lines as you see right there burned the inside of the truck. some friends were working on a car when they heard the big crash and ran outside to the streetgaw the cables arcing that sck on fire.
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>> the neighbor had a water hose from over there putting out the fire. and then it started arcing all around his truck. >> after all of that, there is news, all of the power in that neighborhood has been restored and no one was hurt. that wind causing more damage. this time with a fallen tree in the south bay as well. in campbell, another massive tree coming down during those high winds. this one pulverized a vehicle at the shopping center and damaged another. when the root came loose it mangled the sidewalk. crews turned it into mulch. to give a sense of the power of those winds, they were gusting at 40 miles per hour. this is across the bay area, just outside of concord, a grass fire. this is near highway 4, quickly spread to 25 acres. about 55 firefighters were deployed and cal fire helicopter was brought in to help. >> the winds presented some challenges for us which made the fire a little bit --tate dif an
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crews were able to deploy lots of resources very quickly. at within an hour among the structure threatened was a pair of transmission towers. the towers were not damaged. our nbc bay area app will let you know what you can expect when you head out the door. download that free app to get your forecast for the entire day. and the weather may have played a role in a deadly accident in the bay. this is off berkeley. a man's body was pulled from the water near cesar chavez park around 5:30 yesterday evening. first responders found the victim after someone reported a >> it's very windy today, yeah. also, across the bay area it's been pretty windy, we were in the south bay earlier it was much more windy than usual. >> the coast guard is investigating what happened. they do not believe anyone else
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was involved in the accident. >> a water main break in oakland sent water gushing into the streets there. take a look, threatening those nearby businesses and several cars with flooding. this happened at the corner of 7th and parkboulevard. it's not clear what caused the water main break. >> we have a follow-up to a story we first brought you yesterday morning. it's still not clear what caused two water main breaks in walnut creek. that first happened on saturday morning. this was at noel avenue in the park meade neighborhood. streets and yards were flooded there. that storm drain is also backed up. the problem is now fixed the other happened near walnut boulevard yag nos yo valley road. that break also led to flooding and crews worked into the evening to patch that one up. a harrowing situation there for a group of hikers along the coast. man and two teen girls ended
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up spending the entire night on a cliff. this was until rescu crews could get them out. "today in the bay's" chrissy smith has the story. >> they went out for a late hike and i guess the tide came in and they had to go to higher ground. >> family members watded for the rescue for two 13-year-old girls and a 23-year-old as a chp helicopter moved in to hoist them up and off a cliff to safety. they were stranded overnight after a walk by the shore near pacifica. >> the kids looked okay. we're going to make sure they are all right and take them home. >> the trio spend a long, cold someonear an unmaintained the is going hiking, stick to well lit hours and be aware of the time. >> set up to repel down earlier this morning and as they set up to repel, the coast side -- the chp helicopter moved in and made
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the rescue. >> the chp says the hikers were about 100 feet up from the shore. >> very small margin for error. you have to be very precise when you do a type of cliff rescue. >> he says the pilot was pete gaffe vit who has done many dramatic rescues before. >> he did the at las rescue the night of the fires in october. pete is very familiar with flying in high winds. >> reporter: today winds were moderate and one father grateful to those who helped. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christy was tweeting updates on the rescue all day. you can follow our twitter feed for up to the minute information on all of the top stories. our handle there, @nbcbayarea. new video surfaced this weekend showing a tesla burning in west hollywood. mccormick shot the cell phone video of her husband's electric car burning near santa monica boulevard.
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she said the battery pack caught fire friday afternoon as she was driving in normal traffic, firefighters quickly put out the flames. tesla says it is investigating that situation. mccormick added that the tesla model involved in that fire did not have an autopilot feature. 7:07, much more ahead on "today in the bay," coming up, a possible situation to how high prices in the bay area, talking about the down sizing first of its kind festival and what you need to know before buying a tiny home. a special delivery. no doctor in sight for a woman delivering a child in antioch. but two police officers answered that call. details of the surprise delivery and why it meant so much to one of the officers. take a live loo
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san francisco are tiny homes part of the a live look in san francisco, off to a cloudy start. vianey says it's going to burn
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off, the clouds, later making for nice temperatures. but s says the warm-up is coming. stick around for her forecast coming up in a bit. our tiny homes part of the solution in the bay area for those skyrocketing housing prices. thousands of people decided to check out the possibilities this weekend at california's first ever tiny homes festival. held in san jose. "today in the bay's" marianne favro went for a closer look. >> the sleeping area fits a queen bid. >> reporter: it appears the american dream has shrunk. welcome to california's first ever tiny home festival. tired of paying exorbitant rent to share an apartment in fran. she came here to xprexplore the benefits of down sizing. >> future of living in the bay area where the prices are getting so expensive. this opens up an jus o between u know, not being able to afford a $1 million house and wanting
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still to have that normal life experience of owning something. >> even if you do purchase a tiny home in the bay area, where can you put it? some counties including alameda and contra costa allow tiny homes in back yards to house caregivers. but the american tiny house association is working to allow tiny homes in back yards that are offered to anyone. >> therefore they can be securely housed instead of always on the edge of homelessness. >> hillary built her own itty bitty living space for $20,000. while her bathroom and living a from each other. she says she wouldn't trade her anything. >> it's my dream home. i have enough room to move around and it's much easier to cook when you don't have to move around your whole kitchen, turn around and grab something. >> reporter: instead of feeling like a genie trapped in a bottle, she says her tiny house makes her feel her wish for financial freedom heen
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granted. marianne favrfavro, nbc bay are news. >> i know you have heard of this before, if you break it, you bought it. that's something that applies to this kid and his parents but easiai tn done. how much they owe after this sculpture fell and broke. >> yikes. that is not good. now, wind speeds right now not as breezy or windy as yesterday but we're expecting another cool day across the bay area. i'll have a look at the father's day forecast and when we'll see the return of the '90s in the forecast coming up. take a live
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view of sf from san bruno mtn good morning, it's 7:14 on this father's day as we look outside from our san bruno mountain camera there in san francisco. you can see certainly a cloudy day. vianey says it will burn off later and will have the forecast coming up in just a second.
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well, netflix has released new rules for film crews in an effort to curb sexual harass. . the sun is reporting that the guidelines ban employees from giving lingering hugs and staring at anyone longer than five seconds. some are making jokes about this policy. one publication calls it 7th grade on steroids. but netflix says it's proud of its policy and training. guidelines come in the wake of the me too movement and firing of kevin spacey after he was accused of sexual misconduct. all right, next story is interesting. it is really was not intended to be a home birth but a baby boy was delivered at antioch home with the help of police officers. there's something else special about this story. this is a picture proud mother and officer first at the scene. two officers responded to the woman in labor on thursday but when they reached her, she was
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in the process of delivering that baby by herself. now the officer who caught the infant says a close family friend died earlier in the day and it was surreal to help bring a new life into the world on that same day. >> a head's up to that new mother and all parents, play time can come with a massive price tag. take a look here in the background. a family in kansas was at a community center last month when their child took love of an art too far. the boy started to hug that glass mow sayic torso and the sculpture tipped off and sh shattered. now the insurance company wants the parents to pay $132,000 for negligence. that mother says this could have happened to anyone and that the display was never secured. >> 15 prior appearances, can you give argentina the lead once again?
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>> a rare miss for one of the world's greatest, messi misses a penalty kick at the end of the match between argentina and ice land. it was another day of excitement in the world cup. fans cheering on their teams from around the world. here in the bay area, some of those fans opted to watch the game outdoors in san jose. the san jose earthquakes are hosting watch parties throughout the world cup at avaya stadium. fans plopped down on blankets to see excitement on the big screen. >> it is the world sport. it is every country plays the world cup. that's why -- it's -- it's a global event like the olympics, it's just -- it's a world game. it's fantastic. i don't know what else i can say. >> all right, world game indeed. here's a live look, people showing up there. you can watch every single game of the world cup for free. in fact, parking is also free
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foyou. all you have to do is rsvp online at the san jose eartuas website there. and our spanish language station telemundo 48 is the hope for copa de mundial. germany versus mexico, that game kicks off at 8:00 this morning right after "today in the bay." once you're done here, get over there. vianey, i heard you yesterday cheering -- >> yes, i've got my shirt ready to go. so binkz and i will be taking a jersey selfie this morning. but the forecast is perfect because if you will be at avaya stadium, i'll have a complete breakdown of that. but first let's get to what you're seeing outside your window right now. in san jose it's 59 degrees. wind speeds a lot slower than they were yesterday around this hour. we woke up to 60-mile-per-hour winds this morning at about 9 miles per hour and we're expecting another breezy day across the bay area but not as windy as some of those high
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winds we experienced yesterday. na napa, 57 degrees and hayward 58. san francisco 59 and we did have that low that dropped down. that's what's helping keep us nice and cool and it will keep our temperatures below seasonable in the 70s for today. by 12:00, 60 degrees and 3:00 in the 70s but then we'll stay there. let's look at the daytime highs throughout the bay area. for your outlook in terms of your skyline, we are starting off with a couple of low clouds here and there but eventually it will start to burn off quite nicely making the way for mostly clear conditions and we'll see breezy conditions through the afternoon. oakland a high of 68. palo alto 73. some of the warmer spots will be further inland in the interior valleys and antioch at 78 degrees. let's talk about the changes that we're expecting ahead. it's father's day and thanks to the system of this low that dropped in over the weekend we managed to keep the temperatures with comfortable 60s along the
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coast and bay and low 70s and mid hit mid-70s for the valleys. as we head towards monday and into tuesday, that low moves out and then right behind it we get a big ridge of high pressure that will warm us up quite nicely. perfect for first day of summer, which is on friday, the 22nd. so valleys in the '90s and 70s and 80s along the bay side and you can see the hot temperatures down through southern california as well. if you plan to head out to southern california towards the end of the week, you will be hit with hotter temperatures towards the weekend. now, sunday 4:30, we're tracking a system that's going to bring scattered showers and locally gusty conditions to the sierra. if you're heading out to lake tahoe now, you might already be encountering windier conditions and we're seeing possibility of thunderstorms pop up and lake tahoe in the upper 50s if you're heading out to ioyosemite. all of that will be left behind
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is leftover residual rain from that system. now, a couple of things to look out for, low clouds already making their return. we had drizzle early on. cooler than average and next week that summer really begins and valleys will start to climb in the '90s. let's talk about the mexico, mexico versus germany game on telemundo viewing party at avaya stadium. people have set up and lined up. i would check on the website, they might have room. you have to rsvp but it is completely free. for those heading out it starts at 8:00 a.m. and will be rather cloudy, a nice blanket to be cozy because it is low 60s for now. it will stay in the 60s through 11:00 a.m. before we see a warm-up by 1:00 in the '70s. let's talk about the next seven days. father's day is today. i hope you got your dad a good gift i have to call my dad and make sure he's going toelebrate
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sisters, monday and tuesday, in the 60s for a little bit but then quite a warm-up as we head in towards the middle of the week thanks toe the ridge of high pressure. we start climbing up in the upper 80s and check out next weekend. friday is the official first day of the summer. i don't know why i put it on thursday. we'll head in towards a hot weekend. marcus? >> all right, vianey. still ahead here on quts today in the bay, a fire uncovers unexpected history in the south bay. the find that had arcology students sifting through debris.
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♪ south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable.
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♪ stories heesuction from the bay area )s last fire season. we've heard plenty of storief destruction f where fla revealed as much as it here's "today in the bay's" joe ro sat to jr. >> last july the fire near san jose's alam rock park lived up to that reputation, along with
7:25 am
several houses, the fire swept through the park's edge, scorching trees and vegetation. >> we had hot spots for two to three weeks after the fire. >> reporter: the park ranger walked the trail he worked several times. and thistle. >> in the clearing burned away by the fire, he noticed something he had never noticed before. >> when the fire went through ab kind of cleared everything out i saw the different materials on top of the surface. looks like a mattressd roof t nice stone fireplace. indicators this might be a house or lodge. >> reporter: mac realized the fire peeled brush and time to reveal the remains of a forgotten building. >> i think that was a front door of the drivewayg comin in there. >> to unravel more of the mystery, mac enlisted professioner andrew kinden and his class at west valley clothe. >> this looks like it's probably
7:26 am
an old maybe oil can. >> reporter: the class sifted through the site looking for clues to the past. >> primarily what we're looking for is material that will help us determine how old the structure is. it is a child's shoe sole. >> old bricks may hold the key to dating structure. >> this is one of the fire bricks with the manufacturer stamp on it. >> the company that made the bricks started to make that brick in 1905. >> another brick was made by a company that closed in 1927. >> that gives us a really nice window of time where we know that this building was certainly built between 1905 and 1927. i think it was a domestic house. >> whether it was a house or hunting lodge, old maps don't show the building. but they do show that davis once owned the property before it became part of the park. >> every day something new about the park. >> but slowly the weeds and thistle are reclaiming their secret. >> they are just taking it back. >> the latest chapter of a
7:27 am
forgotten story written by the flames of a wildfire. >> somebody lived there and somebody's story is there. >> nbc bay area news. >> a treasure anywhere. much more ahead here, police release new clues in a vandalism investigation in the north bay, including surveillance photos of the possible getaway car. >> while her car is in the shop for repair, the shop tells her to grab a rental. but who's paying? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. down
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good morning on this sunday, seconds away from 7:30 on this father's day. a live look in downtown san jose, a beautiful start to the morning. it's going to warm up just a bit but nice and pleasant. thanks for starting with us on this father's day, i'm marcus washington. we're here with vianey arana looking at our microclimate forecast. cool start for us but it's going
7:30 am
to warm up nice pleasant day. >> once we get the clouds clearing out, we get a little more of the sunshine it will look a lot better outside. in terms of cloud cover, we're seeing strat us clouds out there and lingering low clouds in san jose. this nice shot but at least the weather is calm. we are expecting another breezy to windy day today but not as windy as yesterday. san francisco 59 degrees. half moon bay right now waking up to 54. if you're going to be out all day, do expect to see a nice climb into the '70s but just a quick look what to expect, we had drizzle early on and still expecting cooler than average temperatures. we have the beginning of summer this week which means we have a big warm-up on the way. exactly what day it will start, i will break it all down for you coming up in the next 15 minutes. you have to stick around because it's going to get hot in parts of the bay area. >> when to put the sweaters in the closet. >> not going to need a sweater towards the middle of the week, trust me. >> looking forward to it.
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we'll see what he says when the '90s roll around. vianey, we're talking about high winds wreaking havoc causing intense moments in one east bay neighborhood. let's look at this video, a dramatic situation yesterday afternoon in martinez. caused by those winds, toppling the tree that took down the power lines there. those lines, look, burned the inside of this truck. friends were working on a car when they heard the big crash. they ran out to the street and saw the cables arcing which set that truck on fire. neighbors rushed into action. >> the neighbor had a water hose from over there and putting out the fire. dry grass here and then it started arcing all around his truck. >> and all of the power in that mabd has been restored. no one was hurt. >> a fallen tree causes damage in the south bay as well. here in campbell another massive tree coming down during
7:32 am
thigh wind high winds, it pulverized one vehicle and damage the another when the root came loose and mangling the sidewalk. crews quickly cut it up and turned it into mulch. tense moments in morgan hill when a brush fire broke out and burned right up next to several homes. that fire broke out around 12:30 yesterday afternoon. thanks to the quick response of several fire agencies, it was out in about half an hour. no structures were destroyed and some fences did burn and one man says his third birthday party washe crackling and we got big flames for a while. then it started to go up a real nice house on the mountain there and i was afraid it was going to catch it on fire. it got real close to the back door. >> and firefighters stayed on the sce much of the afternoon mopping up those hot spots. the cause of that fire is under
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investigation. and you can download our nbc bay area weather app. this is a great way to find out what's happening weatherwise before youd the door. download it, it is free for you and you can get your forecast for the entire day. now to a follow-up on the vandalism of more than 30 cars earlyday morning. those cars in american canyon all got their windows smashed. investigators believe the vandals used a bb gun this weekend. police released these surveillance photos and they say whoever was in the dark blue dodge charger may be responsible. if your home surveillance camera caught anything suspicious, you're urged to contact american canyon police. a hair rowing situation for a group of hikers along the coast. a man and two teen girls ended up spending the entire night on the cliff until rescue crews got them down. now "today in the bay's" christie smith has the story from>> they went out for a latee
7:34 am
and i guess the tide came in and they had to get to higher ground. >> reporter: family members waited for the rescue of two 13-year-old girls and 23-year-old as the chp helicopter moved in to hoist them up and off a cliff to safety. they were stranded overnight after a walk by the shore near pacifica. >> the kids look like they are okay. we're going to take them home. >> reporter: the trio spent a long cold night near an unmaintained path. >> the tide came in and they were trapped. >> reporter: firefighters say there were rescue attempts last night but crews were hampered by high winds, poor visibility and steep terrain. an inspector says if someone is going hiking to stick to well lit hours and stresses that people be aware of the tide. >> set up to repel down early this morning. as they set up to repel, the coast side -- the chp helicopter moved in and made the rescue. >> the chp says the hikers were about 100 feet up from the
7:35 am
shore. >> very small margin for error. you have to be very precise when you do a type of cliff rescue. >> he says the pilot was pete gavit. >> he was the pilot who did the at las rescue in october. he is very familiar with flying in high winds. >> reporter: today winds were moderate and one father grateful to those who helped. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> reporter: christie smith nbc bay area news. >> christie was tweeting updates about the hikers, you can follow our twitter feed for up the minute information on all of the top stories, our handle, @nbcbay area. >> new video surfaced this weekend showing a tesla burning in west hollywood. it was actress mary mccormick who shot the cell phone video of her husband's electric car burning near santa monica boulevard. she says the car's battery pack caught fire as he was driving in
7:36 am
really normal traffic. firefighters quickly put out the flames and tesla says it is investigating the situation. mccormick added that the tesla model involved in that fire did not have an autopilot feature. now to a growing trend among the nation's senior citizens. enterprising elders have found a way to turn their homes into extra income, making money and new friends. nbc's jo ling kent has details. >> reporter: e nester carolyn winter isn't your typical entrepreneur. after retiring from her fashion industry job, she was looking for a new way to make ends meet. >> why did you decide to start hosting people with air bnb. >> things were not working out financially and it was a matter of choosing whether i wanted to stay in my home or leave. >> carolyn is part of a economic boom for the60 plus set. air bnb says senior citizens are the fasting growing host
7:37 am
demographic with 200,000 welcoming guests, taking advantage of the burj onning silver economy. she had 300 guests over two years bringing in about $28,000. >> how have the guests been? >> the guests have been great. i've had people from every nationality, every race. every >> including a professional flame dancer from hawaii who performed for her family. carolyn is proud of her five-star rating. >> i treat the guests how i would want to be treated. >> reporter: and the extra income allowed her to open more properties to host. but experts say the broader friend is also linked with senior's desire to stay active in retirement. >> the main driver we find are behavioral changes that relate to the desire for independence, the desire for activity. >> carolyn carefully vets guests
7:38 am
beome but aging specialists suggest added security with in home cameras and alarm systems. >> i didn't think i would enjoy it so much. it's been very interesting meeting so many interesting people. >> reporter: making her empty nest full again. jo ling kent, nbc news. >> nbc bay area responds to a milpitas woman who says that she got a rental car runaround from a dealership. chris chmura tells us how he helped her get her money back. >> good morning. schaar ri tell u.she bought a hyundai t stted shaking when she started the they told her she needed a new transmission already and the factory warranty covered it. here's the dispute, the dealer said it dsnny loaner cars to spare so shari said a mechanic promised they would reimburse her if sheented a car herself.
7:39 am
she spent $438 waiting for those repairs. she then followed the dealer's instructions to get paid back but spent four months making calls and send gs e-mails and got zero pay back. that's when she called us. the dealer didn't respond to us directly but shari says a few days after we asked the dealer to review her case, she got the full $438 owed to her. shari learned an important lesson. wherever a business makes you a verbal promise, no, that's not good enough. you have to get it in writing. a written reimbursement agreement can save a lot of time and a lot ofll us consumer complaints, 888-996-tips or >> still ahead here on quts today in the bay, the giants and dodgers continue their series down south. nbc sports bay area's laura britt will have all of the highlights coming up for you.
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laura britt here, it's been a packed weekend for bay area baseball fans. two big match-ups at dodgers stadium where the giants are visiting the dodgers, game tied at one, two outs. one for hernandez and hits a two-run shot to left field. it's his tenth homer of the season and dodgers leads 3-1. we take you to top of theth r 9th. pablo sandoval pinch-hitting and that one is caught and the giants f the final. let's head north to oakland, the a's and angels, day game at the coliseum. oakland trying to end the four-game skid. down by two. sim onstarting a rally with a solo shot. the sixth homer of the season and cuts the lead to one. later in the sixth, bases loaded situation, two outs, rips a
7:43 am
two-run single up the middle and a's go up 5 4i65-3 and hold on win. more news after this break. admif
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separating immigrant 7:45, anger over the trump administration's policy of separating immigrant families is growing. experts say that new republican bill aimed at stopping it would not actually end the practice but lead to longer detention for children. the president continues to blame democrats. here's nbc's chris pallone with more. >> reporter: amid scattered protests the federal government continues separate children at the border. the department of homeland security says in a six-week period nearly 2,000 children have been taken from their parents and held in government shelters. >> the department of justice will not stand idly by while our ws are being nullified and undermined.
7:46 am
>> the trump administration hopes changes to the criteriail others from coming. in a morning tweet the president blamed democrats for his border policy calling it their forced family break-up at the border. an apparent attempt to negotiate with republicans on other aspects of immigration law, including funding for a border wall. the administration is getting criticism from both sides of the aisle religious leaders even the american medical association. >> he could stop it if he wanted to. all he has to do is pick up the phone and say, stoping babies way from their mothers, that is entirely what's in the power of the president of the united states and if he's not willing to do that, then he needs to own it because it's on him. >> republican immigration bill which would stoiliep from being separated at the border will be debated in congress next week. chris pallone, nbc news. hud will have more on immigrn bate coming up at
7:47 am
8:00 this morning on "meet the press," plus an exclusive interview with counselor to the president, kelley yan conway. >> truth and consequences. president trump's many claims this week were not so true about the justice department and inspector general's report. the president claimed it totally exxon rates him. no, it didn't. about the fbi he claims they were plotting against my election. no, they weren't. about separating children from parents at the border he said this was a democratic bill. it's not a supposed to belie president who are yroutinely sa things that are leadingt congressman adam schiff. what's happening to the children separated from their parents. whoever wins this immigration battle it's those kids who appear to be the losers. we'll have the later. republicans who criticize the president, my conversation with conservative congressman mark sanford who lost his republican primary race for one reason and
7:48 am
run an only. he said something bad about the president. it's all ahead on "meet the press." >> president trump is boasting about reaching energy production milestones, fact says he's taking credit where credit isn't due. jim rosenfield has a story. >> reporter: president trump boasts about energy milestones and praises rick perry at the recent meeting on hurricane preparedness. >> taking credit for these energy milestones that have been expected or in some cas already happened and in the process misstating the facts on what exactly the milestones are. >> we're now exporting energy for the first time, never did it. we're exporting energy but we have become the largest energy plower in the world. who would have ghactually talking about the u.s. becoming the number one crude oil producer at some point this year. the international energy agency
7:49 am
says that is expected to happen 2012, they predicted that in 2012 that we would become the number one crude oil producer by 2017. it's not anything new. >> exporting energy for the first time ever? >> that's wrong. >> we're not a net energy exporter. >> white house says the president said energy but wasab. >> we were a net exporter of natural gas last year for first time since 1957. but that too had been expected for many years. >> the u.s. is not expected to become a net energy exporter until 2022. i'm jim rosenfield for nbc news. new cars come with all kinds of new features from automatic braking to adaptive cruise control. what feature should you get and what should you skip?w. reporters and i will sit down with the head of kelly blue >> this sunday on press here, my book. you know when you talk about the blue book value of the car, that
7:50 am
blue book. we'll look at what options are worth the money in a car and we'll talk about what technology gets too old too fast. a particular problem for electric vehicle buyers, evs. >> they have a terrible resale value and it's because things are changing so quickly in that market. >> yes, exactly. >> we'll talk about that with reporters from reuters and usa today, sundays morning at 9:00 right after "meet the press." >> always an interesting conversation there. still ahead here on "today in the bay," juneteenth celebrations in the bay area. we'll take you to an event i emceed in the south bay. >> look at you, marcus. 59 degrees right now. we'll talk about your daytime temperatures and when the big warm-up is on the way coming up.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
good morning, happy father's day, i hope you're up making dad breakfast this morning. wake up the kids and tell them it's their town. walnut creek, a lot of cloud cover, nice and calm though, beautiful scenery, 59 degrees and temperatures are comfortable across the bay area. san francisco at 59 degrees, hayward at hour.o a 54 degrees. we did have that low that dropped down and that's why we are seeing these cooler temperatures along with that cloud coverbree conditions agai is not going to be as windy a s what we yesterday. our temperatures will top out into the low 60s for the city, san francisco 63, santa rosa in the mid to upper 70s at about 76
7:54 am
degrees. oakland 68 and san jose 75. these are actually below seasonable temperatures and we did have that low. we still have it kind of sitting over the bay area as it begins to move out. we saw drizzle yesterday last night into early today along with the cloud cover. temperatures on the cooler side. if i fastward this time line through tuesday and wednesday, what's going to end up happening, as the low moves out, a ridge of high pressure will come in behind it dominating and taking over and summer begins on thursday at 3:07 in the morning. and it's 90s fornt valleys, just in time for the kickoff of summer. now, if you had plans to head up to the sierra or lake tahoe, we're tracking a system that's bringing scattered showers, locally gusty conditions expected, possibility of seeing thunderstorms out there. please check road conditions and be safe and take extra time on the road. it will clear out quite a bit into the overnight hours on monday but then we see the return again of some rain as we
7:55 am
head towards monday at 5:00. i heard that there's already a bunch of people gathering for the mexico versus germany game. your official home is our sister station telemundo 48. we're expecting pleasant conditions. t head out, you're probably already there because at 7:55,he starts after the show a a then a.m. we'll stay in the 60s eventually climbing in the definitely cool conditions there. over the next seven days we have shift in the weather pattern. thanks to the ridge of high pressure that will begin to dominate. inland temperatures will notice the biggest increase in terms of the day him hitime highs, happy father's day. monday and tuesday we'll start to see the big shift. if you notice we'll start warming up on monday but then by tuesday, we'll see that ridge of high pressure really start to take over and summer begins on thursday and it's coming with a
7:56 am
bang. 90 degree temperatures as we head towards friday and into saturday but hey, we haven't seen any triple digits just yet but we have microclimates here in the bay area. that means we're not too far off from seeing hundreds in our future summer forecast. >> all right. okay, so definitely -- >> big day yesterday, i know you celebration. >> take a look here. this is for the jutestival taki. this is a historic day to celebrate in san jose this weekend. the annual juneteenth celebration, commemorates african-american freedom and abolition of slavery. in 1865 the abolition of slavery was announced in ftexas. came two years after the effeive day. hundreds came out to celebrate with food and art work and music and we continue that celebration. i had the pleasure of em seeing the event there in san jose at the plaza decesar chavez,
7:57 am
celebrations took place across the country. it is one of the oldest national celebrations of the ending of slavery. that weather there was amazing yesterday. >> it was. >> brandi was there. i posted that on facebook and twitter, sitting up in my room, cinderella, she was there as well. we had a great time. yeah, but on this day, we celebrate fathers, happy father's day to fathers and father figures out there. vianey brought great weather for it. thanks for starting your morning with us. have a great weekend. d
7:58 am
7:59 am
this sunday, truth and consequences. presidt trump makes many false claims about e justice department and inspector general's report. >> the report yesterday may be more important than than anything it totally exonerates
8:00 am
me. >> no, it doesn't. the fbi. you look at what happened, they were plotting against my election. >> no, they weren't. and about separating the children at the boarder. >> that's the democrat's bill that's the democrats wanting to othat. >> no it isn't. how can we believe a president who routinely says things that are provably false? my guests kellyanne conway and adam


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