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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 18, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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> athes day, dammi and you have a right to talk to your children. and you don't even know where your children are. >> the battle over splitting families has the first lady weighing in as the president faces what might be his toughest domestic challenge yet. ew details surrounding late night new jersey shooting at an arts festival. >> it was like pow pow pow pow pow pow! two or three people went down 20 feet from me. >> a deadly earthquake strikes japan. the hundreds injured and the death toll rising. late details ahead. then to a weekend of world cup aocen >> a huge surprise and husband jay-z. "early today" starts right now.
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>> good morning. i'm danny cevallos in for philip. >> i'm frances rivera. democrats led by minority leader nancy pelosi will converge on a controversial detainment facility in brownsville, texas, to protest the trump administration's zero tolerance policy separating families at the u.s./mexico border. >> just as republicans head to the white house for a strategy session with the commander in chief, along the backlash over the current state of affairs reaches a fever pitch. nbc's jacob saverof is at the largest processing center in the u.s. >> reporter: this is not a new facility, it's been here under multiple administrations. it is at the epicenter of the trump administration's family separation policy. in fact, more children are being taken from their families inside this building than anywhere else that is because directly under the trump administration policy called zero tolerance. for the first time ever we were allowed inside without cameras.
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this is what we saw. the facility serves as an intake for the busiest sector of the southern border, the biggest of its iodine kind in the country. agents patrolling 316 river miles of the dividingine between the u.s. and mexico bring most people they pick up here for processing. 24 hours a day. there are 77,000 square feet of space under the roof. air conditioned to a cool 72 degrees. inside people are sorted based on their age, gender, and family status. four pods, as they call them. one for girls 17 and under. boys 17 and under. then the families. moms with kids. and fathers with kids. you'll b cpc -- >> reporter: when we walked in, over 1,100 people were inside. 525 family members, and nearly 200 kids without adults. the administration's fought back against this idea that children are kept in cages in some of these detention facilities.
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but at the border patrol station, that is exactly what we saw. mylar blankets, the type runners have after marathons. mattresses on the floor. they're supposed to be out within 72 hours but people are being detained longer than that as this policy sort out. border patrol tells us they're overwhelmed at this point. >> for more on the political backlash facing the trump administration, tracie potts is on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. first of all, let's talk about the protests. this is spilling into the streets all over the country. these protests tied with father's day. with advocates who say these families should be able to see . we're seeing the auntry. now nearly 2,000 children who ve bee separated from their families, even tent cities being set up to house these children, unlike the centers that we've seen before. and here in washington, republican pushback to the president's separation policy. the zero tolerance policy. from high-powered republicans,
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including house speaker paul ryan, lindsey graham who says the president could s this with one phone call. we're also now hearing from first ladies melania trump, her office revealing a stement here saying that mrs. trump hates to see children separated from their families but adding that this needs to be a country that follows all laws, but a country that also governs with heart. and a scathing op-ed from former first lady laura bush where she says that this policy is breaking her heart, it's cruel, and it's immoral. president trump will meet with republicans on capitol hill tomorrow. >> all right, tracie potts, thanks. at least three people have died and dozens have been injured after a powerful earthquake shook the city of osaka, japan, early this morning. japan's meteorological agency is calling it a 6.1 magnitude quake. one of the strongest of its kind on japan's scale, which runs from 0 to 7. ere we reports of structural
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damage, including building collapses, damaged pipes, and scattered fires all during the city's rush hour. government officials reported the deaths of two elderly men and a young child from falling debris. no tsunami warning has been issued. in the wake of sunday's shooting at an arts and music festival in trenton, new jersey, the city's mayor vows the violence won't shut down the annual event that's meant to unite his community. >> our history of art and culture is strong here. we are strong people and we can't let one or two senseless individuals create an atmosphere for us where we can't enjoy the great things of this city. >> police believe the shooting was sparked by local gangs. jt beenhe suspects was fatally released from prison for a homicide-related charge.lake mc. >> reporter: a gunfight in trenton, new jersey. sending bullets flying and people running. >> it was like pow pow pow pow pow pow! two or three people that went
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down right 20 feet from me. >> anybody hit over here? >> reporter: chaos in the moments after as the panicked crowd, some injured, poured into the street. the violence shattering a 24-hour art all night festival meant to bring the community together. this photo taken hours before. 17 people were shot, including irvin higginbother, hit four times in the leg. >> kids out here with guns and stuff, it's no good. put the guns up. go about your life. get education. >> reporter: police have recovered multiple guns and believe it was a gang-related dispute. one suspected shooter is dead, two others hospitalized. this is a community that knows violence all too well. >> to me, it's like a normal thing. it's like is it ever going to end? i don't know. >> the violence you say has become normal here? >> yeah. >> that's sad. >> shouldn't have to be that way. >> reporter: trenton's mayor
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pleading for peace. not just hear, but across the country. >> all shootings, whether large or small, are a crisis. this isn't just a random act of violence, this is a public health issue. >> reporter: i spoke with event organize hoarse say they are deeply saddened, but not deterred. more motivated now than ever to ing this community together. an australian tow truck company captured this disturbing video of a pickup truck driver losing control of his vehicle. you can see the truck goes flying through the air before landing on top of three other cars. a 23-year-old man was arrested and tested for illegal suerenc hospitalized after the incident. fortunately, no fatalits or life-threatening injuries. get ready for trouble here. a little guy, kansas city parents are looking at a $132,000 bill after their son accidentally knocked over that sculpture on display. here's the back story.
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the 5-year-old went up to hug the glass art, while attending a reception. you can see there the sculpture fell and toppled right on top of him. that caused damage to the back of the figure which the artist said took over two years to complete. the little boy is okay and the mom says accidents happen, but she cannot pay the damages the insurance company is looking to get. >> painful. >> that is an expensive wedding gift i w say. >> that is not the softball through the window in the neighborhood. a little different. all right, now to nbc meteorologist bill karins with a look at your forecast. >> good monday morning. hope everyone had a wonderful father's day. throughout the day today, it's going to be hot, we're already tracking storms. that will continue this afternoon. numerous areas getting heavy rain from minneapolis through green bay. this later today will shift into areas of the southern great lakes and then a little area of severe weather is possible. 2.7 million people at risk for strong afternoon storms. most areas of northern new england will see storms.
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heat numbers, 61 million people under excessive heat advisories or heat warnings. a lot of the midwest, ohio valley, and now the northeast. asses, showers and storms. chicago, you're hot this aftern coming up. it's going to be oppressive. storms. take a look at heat numbers >> bill, thank you. gal gadot gave anxious fans a first look at her costume in the "wonder woman" sequel with the caption "she's back." the costume looks similar to the previous outfit but it's brighter and shinnier, especially when compared to what she wore in "batman v. superman" when her character was first introduced. "wonder woman 1984" hits theaters in november 2019. still ahead, new revelations surrounding one of the
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the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. see what's possible. long-time confidant and informal advisor to the trump 2016 campaign, now admits he met with a russian national in m 2016. with stone telling congress via letter first obtained by "the washington post" he was offered damaging information about hillary clinton. all for the low, low price of $2 million. overnight stone confirmed the news to nbc telling our national reporr the meeting. saying, quote, i flatly rejected his proposal in what was a 20-minute meeting. and while stone did not previously disclose the meeting to congressional investigators, the "post" is reporting the sit-down is of interest to special counsel robert mueller. but stone tells nbc he, quote,
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never mentioned the meeting to trump or to the treasuump campa because the idea was so ludicrous, adding, it wa so ridiculous that i forgot about the approach. for the first tip in over 30 years, a back-to-back u.s. open champion at shinnecock hills golf course, bruce koepka. after a four-way tie, he was down early to danielge and tony finau. he finished in fifth place, finau dropped him out of the top three. world number one dustin johnson started the day out strong, looking to take this year's title. but several missed short putts down the stretch put him in third place at 3 over. that made way for k cruise to the finish line. he taps in a bogey to finish at plus 1 and win this year's title. the celebration continues with thousands of miles away a win rocking literally.
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up a small by irving that lifted his team over germany. germany the third defending champion to lose in the opening round. after the mega upset, five of the top six teams are now winless going into the second-round. this includes argentina and their superstar lionel messi playing in the world cup for the first time. iceland tied soccer powerhouse 1-1. they denied messi a game-winning pen ty kick down the stretch. play continues today at 8:00 a.m. eastern. did you see this? it's being referred tos musical couples therapy, a celebration of marriage, a stunning collaboration. whatever you call it, it is here. after what seems like years of speculation, jay-z and beyonce have released their first joint album. ambushing their dance and the musi industry and makin history in the process with a music video that breaks the mold. nbc's katie beck has more on
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what could be the most-talked abou album this year. >> reporter: rumored for years, but now the talk just got real. ♪ i can't believe we made it >> reporter: the first joint album from beyonce and jay-z, a surprise drop saturday on tie, e music streaming service jay-z owns. >> beyonce just dropped an album and i'm freaking out. >> reporter: a nine-track album a dazzling new music video shot at the louvre in paris, a feat nothing short of artistic. and unbelievable. two of the world's biggest superstars managing to film at one of the world's most iconic landmarks without a single leak. the mega stars and their dancer modern moves, highlighting black figures in a gallery withs arou. zay j taking aim at everything from the grammys to the nfl.
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>> i say no to the super bowl. >> reporter: some bracing for a split after jay-z's reported infidelity. the rap mogul opening up about a fight to save their marriage on david letterman's netflix show. >> we did the hard work of going to therapy, and we love each other. >> reporter: music's ultimate power couple now appearing stronger than ever. katie beck, nbc news, los angeles. >> so much to take in. the videos, the music, both of them, the whole thing. just ahead, a new study on the rising tides from the melting glaciers, and this one may rattle you more than most. stretched smooth scarred soaked the sun does not care. but we do. walgreens beauty consultants ar walgreens beauty to know what works for the health of your unique skin. walgreens. trusted since 1901.
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honey! >> three little kittens in italy, firefighters had the right touch and skillto children playing found the kittens trapped in a plas sick plastic pipe. it took hours to rescue the kit.sbut they got out okay and were returned to their mother. a new clite mat study shocking the very scientists after a key finding found the ice melt is melting faster than first thought and it could make a significant impact in the years ahead. anne thompson mass more on the majotudy and what scientists
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say we can do to slow down the melting. >> reporter: ominous developments at the bottom of the earth. the melting of the massive antarctic ice sheet speeding up, according to a new study. tripling in the past decade. causing sea levels to rise faster today than any time in the past 25 years. the culprit, climate change. greenhouse gasses heating up t water and air when we burn coal, oil, and glass. >> a lot of these glaciers have been speeding up in recent times in response to a warmer ocean. >> reporter: rault is one of"nature." using satellite survey, scientists from more than 40 international groups found antarctica shed 3ri of ice between 1992 and 2017, adding .3 inches to sea level rise. that doesn't sound like much but if the trend continues we could the end of the century, rise by reshaping america's coasts. >> it will be a sort of flooding
4:21 am
that's not going to be seen, flooding of streets and neighborhoods that's not going to go away once the water evaporates. >> reporter: most of the ice loss comes from west antarctica where two glaciers are in rapid retreat and an ice shelf collapse in the antarctic peninsula. scientists say we can slow down the melting if we moveo cleaner energy sources to keep the ice and seas where they belong. anne thompson, n news, new york. >> if that worri it's not going to help that bill's got your hot, hot weather forecast straight ahead. ectric toothbrush really cleans better than a manual. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque, and oral-b is the first electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b.
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available now for $7.99 gillette. the best a man can get. it's been very hot throughout may and june, throughout much of the middle of the country. now it has spread throughout much of the ohio valley into the northeast. boston 91. cleveland 94. chicago and st. louis easily into the mid 90s. on tuesday the heat gets pushed further south. raleigh is going to bake. new york city still warm at 89. still ahead, an update on that deadly crash at the southern border and an incredible weekend at the box office. t ruin my day. complicated relationship with milk? pour on the lactaid. it's delicious 100% real milk, just without that annoying lactose. mmm, that's good. ctaid. the real milk that doesn't mess with you.
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a high-speed chase resulted in the death of five undocumented immigrants in a texas town about 50 miles away from the mexican border on sunday. an suv carrying more than a dozen people spun out of control while fleeing border patrol agents in big wells. the vehicle was reportedly traveling at a speed of 100 miles an hour when it crashed. officials say four people were pronounced dead at the scene, another died at a local hospital, and several others were wounded. a statement from i.c.e. says the vehicle is one of three they attempted to stop, believing a smuggling event was taking place. the other two cars were stopped, however, the third continued forward, ultimately resulting in that crash. border patrol is investigating. pole washington hootg at a walmart. a suspect shot and killed and two others hurt during a series of car jackings. witnesses inside the store say they were in line when gunfire broke out. chaos followed as people tried to run out of the store. according to police the gunman was firing his weapon trying to
4:27 am
jack a car when he was fatally shot by a bystander. one victim was airlifted to a hospital, their condition is unknown. a second is being treated. officers are looking into four other incidents that may be connected. an urgent manhunt is under way in illinois for two escaped inmates. three men broke out of the white county jail early saturday morning, seen here just before their jail brea authorities believe they used a pipe from the shower area to break through a hole in a brick wall. one inmate, 28-year-old justin bray, has been captured. two others are on the run, 61-year-old johnny tipton, 24-year-old zachary shock, who's awaiting trial on a first degree murder charge. police say there is no reason to believe the mre ekend, it was an "incredible" one. the sequel to the superhero flick crushed the box office earning $180 million domestically, making it the best launch for any animated film in
4:28 am
history and the eighth-biggest opening of all-time. >> honey, where's my super suit? honey? >> one fan saw the film dressed as frozone quoting the famous line. that video racking up 10 million views. "ocean's 8" took the second spot on the list, its domestic total over $79 million. to round out the top three, "tag" snagged more than $14 million in its opening weekend. it is the summer season. you know it's the summer season, kids out of school, you're going to have all those kids and families t movies. >> tag, no tag-backs, that's the rule. i'm danny cevallos in for phil. >> i'm frances rivera. thanks for wating ch"ead lib li
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good monday morning to you. taking a live look out right now in san francisco as we get started with the day, transamerica building there, it is monday again, folks. >> start that wheel all over again. >> thanks for waking us with us. >> let's get straight to the forecast. hoping for a good one. >> it will be a good day but a little warmer than yesterday. we enjoyed amazing weather over the weekend and today it's still going to be breezy, we start out with mostly clear skies and looking live in san jose, won't see as many clouds as we've seen near the coast. as a result slightly warmer for the inland areas in spots like everygreen, we start out at 61


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