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tv   Today  NBC  June 18, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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nbc bay area news at 11:00. get the week started off right. enjoy it. it's going to be a beautiful day and thank you so much for starting your morning with us here on "today in the bay." have a great one. good morning. boiling int. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> the border erupting over the trump administration zero tolerance policy taking immigrant children away from their parents. this morning, a rare rebuke from first lady laura bush. calling it cruel and heartbreaking. what melania trump is saying as the president's allies dig in. >> he's drawing a line in the sand. >> we're live at the whouite hoe and the border. breaking overnight, a powerful earthquake rocks western japan. at least three people killed, hundreds more injured, as buildings collapsed. a frantic search for survivors
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under way. scorcher. extreme heat blanketing the nation. more than 6 on 0 million people facing record high 2e6rtemps. al's got the lowdown. all that, plus collapse. the shocking moment a ceiling gives way, landing on a crowded escalator. incredible opening. a record-breaking weekend for "incredibles 2." why the movie comes with a warning for your family. and royal regrets. meghan markle's dad talks about missing his daughter's wedding. >> i'm a footnote in history.
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>>rom nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from stuo 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's mondamorning. we're glad to have you with us. we're going to start with things boiling over at the border, over this enforcement of a zero tolerance policy, which is having the effect of separating children from their parents if the families are attempting to enter the u.s. illegally. >> yeah, this morning, protests are growing at processing centers nationwide, where those children are being detained. >> in a rare move, first lady melania trump is wading into the debate, saying she hates to see what happens and this needs to be a country that, quote, governs with heart. >> former first lady laura bush, labeling the policy quote cruel and immoral. >> this is set to take center stage in the house of representatives.
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we have in-depth coverage for you. we start with kristen welker, where the political action is. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the battle over the border is escalating with democrats accusing the president of using migrant children to pressure democrats to get onboard with his tougher laws. the president is defiant, tweeting that lawmakers of both parties need to work something out. warning, don't wait until after the election, because you're going to lose. this morning, the pressure is mounting over president trump's immigration policy. with protests sunday outside of detention facilities housing immigrants who are separated from their families. by federal authorities, democratic members of congress unveiling what they call an unannounced inspection of a new jersey facility. >> it's got to stop.
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>> reporter: as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle criticize the policy. >> what the administration is doing is they're using the grief, the tears, the pain of these kids as mortar to build their wall. >> reporter: all prompting a rast lady, who weighed in from a spokesperson. mrs. trump hates to see children separated from their families and hopes both sides of the aisle can come together to achieve successful immigration reform. she believes we need to be a country that follows all laws, but also a country that governs with heart. laura bush speaking out, writing an op-ed in "the washington post -- i live in a border state, i appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries. but this zero tolerance policy is cruel and it breaks my heart. >> as a mother, as a catholic, as somebody who has a conscience, i will tell you, nobody likes this policy. you saw the president on camera, he wants this to end.
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>> reporter: immigration hardliner and former top trump adviser, steve bannon, defending his former boss. >> he has a zero tolerance situation. he's drawn a line in the sand. and i don't think he's going to back off from it. the criminals when they come across, illegally. >> reporter: in an attempt to quell the controversy, homeland sir care kirstjen nielsen said, we don't have a policy of separating families at the border, period. but 2,000 families have been separated after a zero tolerance policy named in may. president trump attempting to blame democrats. >> no, i hate it. i hate the children being taken away. the democrats have to change their law. that's their law. >> reporter: a quick fact check here. there's nothing in the law that requires the administration to separate young children from their parents. and republican senator lindsey graham has argued the president could shop it all can one single phone call. house speaker paul ryan will introduce two bills this week
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that could deal with the issue. both are facing steep hurdles. mr. trump will meet with two lawmakers today to discuss immigration funding. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. let's focus more on what's happening inside the facilities where the children and the parents can be separated. jacob soboroff visited a center. in texas, where it is happening more than anywhere else. jacob, good morning. what did you see? >> reporter: good morning, hoda. this is the border patrol processing station in mckallen, texas. it's the epicenter of the policy of separating children from their parents. because of the volume of separations that are happening inside. nobody had gotten inside until yesterday when we went in. facing the cameras and opening his doors for the first time rio grande valley sector border patrol chief doubled down on the zero tolerance policy on anyone entering the u.s. illegally. but he didn't say it was
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designed to separate parents from children. can you describe the separation process, chief? how does it happen? >> there is no separation process. as they go through the judicial process, they are temporarily separated. >> reporter: he told us 1,174 kids were taken from their parents since the policy was enacted here alone. that's more than anywhere else in the border. and it happens inside this building. the facility serves as an intake for the busiest sector of the southern border, the busiest of its kind in the country. we were invited to see it with our own eyes, but not with the cameras. all we can show you is photos provided to us from the border patrol. migrants kept behind chain-link fences, wrapped in mylar blankets, the same kind used by marathon runners. when we walked into the 7,700-square-foot processing center, 1125 migrants were
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inside. 197 unaccompanied minors, and the rest, were adults on their own. inside, they're separated by gender and family status. they are separated into four pods, what the border patrol calls them. one for girls 17 and under. and one for boys 17 and under. and then, there are the families. moms with kids, and dads with kids. another one of those mothers with her child, captured in these heartbreaking photos going viral over the weekend. they show a 2-year-old girl, crying as a u.s. border patrol officer detains her mother. the border patrol is fighting back, insisting that no family space is happening in the field. but images like these are only adding to the debate of u.s. immigration policy. >> jacob, we see a lot of older kids in those -- i guess in those camps. how young are the youngest children in there? >> reporter: the youngest kids inside there are babies, infants. some born not long ago.
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that's not uncommon with people trying to cross illegally. agents inside will tell you they lack the manpower. there are only four social care workers signed this facility to deal with an increasing number of separated children there their parents. it's making the situation more tenuous by the day. >> oh, jacob. thank you very much. also at the border in texas, five undocumented immigrants were killed sunday after an suv crashed while fleeing from border patrol agents. the vehicle was carrying 14 people and went out of control at more than 100 miles per hour and overturned and then ejected almost everybody inside. the driver of the vehicle, a suspected smuggler and u.s. citizen, survived that crash. the county sheriff says chases involving smugglers are routine occurrences in that area. now to the breaking news overnight. a powerful and deadly earthquake in western japan. kelly cobiella joins us with the latest. hey, kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. they're assessing the damage in
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osaka, japan's manufacturing heartland, i should say. at least three people are confirmed dead, including, tragical tragically, a little girl who was walking to school when the ground started violently shaking. this is the moment the quick hit. cameras at the famous osaka castle, shaking violently. street lights swaying. offices rattled. the 6.1 quake struck japan's second largest city just after 8:00 am this morning, at the height of the monday rush. water pipes burst, streets cracked. worried commuters evacuated trains and buildings. a 9-year-old girl was killed just steps from her classroom when this school wall collapsed on top of her. the impact, significant, this government official said. three were killed and 214 injured. on social media, people shared pictures of the damage. this person, dealing with a monday morning mess.
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flights in and out of osaka were grounded and trains stopped while officials surveyed the damage and braced for aftershocks. the tremor was a reminder of the devastating earthquake in 1995 that destroyed nearby kobe and killed 6,000 people. this time, the damage is less severe. but people are on-edge and being warned that strong aftershocks could shake the region for at least a week. the two other confirmed deaths were men in their 80s. one, killed in his home when a book shelf fell on him. officials said it could take a couple of weeks to repair all of the water and gas lines. so far, it looks like they've avoided major damage. hoda? savannah? back to you guys. >> kelly, thank you. another big story we're following this morning, extreme heat. it's moving across the country and millions are looking at record highs today. al is here with what we need to know. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. and good morning.
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thank you for getting your first weather from us. we're watching the jet stream way up to the north. we're going to see sizzling heat indexes. 74 million people are under a heat warning or advisory, all the way into new england from kansas. we're looking at temperatures that are near record-setting. new york city, 95 degrees. 97 in d.c. cleveland could set a record. same with st. louis, indianapolis and raleigh. add the humidity and it's going to feel like 96 in new york today. 103 in washington. 103 in raleigh and cleveland. 102. st. louis will feel like 102 degrees. later in the week, temperatures will moderate in the northeast. as you make your way back to the south, temperatures are way high. milwaukee, you'll be nice and comfortable with temperatures in the 60s. you got to make sure you check on your elderly neighbors. make sure you put a cell phone our your briefcase in the backseat if you're transporting your kids.
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we don't want a report on any kind of tragedies. and make sure your pets have plenty of water. guys? >> al, thank you. a new twist in the russia investigation. the fbi agent sharply criticized in the inspector-general's report for sending anti-trump text messages now saying he's willing to testify before congress. hallie jackson has more on that. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, hoda, good morning. peter strzok's lawyer says his client is eager to talk publicly about all of this. if he does, it could give us a new window into the thinking of the people involved in some of the most high-profile and high-stakes investigations at the fbi in the last years. one of the country's most controversial fbi agents ready to tell all and tell everything. peter strzok, putting no restrictions on any testimony to lawmakers, after the head of the house judiciary committee reportedly began the process to subpoena the agent. >> i think he is eager to tell the truth.
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you kn, hopefuy, it will be an open session in congress. >> strzok, who was part of the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server, was also involved in a now infamous text message exchange from august 2016. recently revealed in an inspector general report. an fbi lawyer, lisa page, wrote about donald trump, he's not ever going to become president, right? right? strzok, then a senior agent and working on the russian investigation, and romantically linked to page said, no, we'll stop it. allies pouncing. >> their hatred, they weaponized the fbi against donald trump. this report is shocking on so many levels. >> reporter: the president himself overnight called strzok, a sick loser, as some republicans suggest strzok's conduct casts a cloud over the entire fbi. his lawyer tells nbc news --
7:15 am
>> the idea that he would have done something to affect an investigation because of his own personal, political opinions, is false. >> reporter: the inspector-general report finds there's no evidence the fbi was politically motivated to try to help or hurt hillary clinton or donald trump during the 2016 campaign. a conclusion democrats are pointing to. >> the i.g. concluded none of this affected decisionmaking. but nonetheless, that was completely inappropriate. >> reporter: as for the timing of when we might hear from strzok, there is no date that's been set for any appearance on capitol hill. but there could still be fireworks here today. that is because later on this afternoon, the author of big inspector general report will answer questions from lawmakers, as will the head of the fbi, christopher wray. both will face questions about the conclusion of that report. hoda? savannah? back to you. >> hallie, thanks. a lot of people talking about the u.s. open.
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especially carson. golf, father's day, like all your favorite things. >> watching golf, we're going to say congratulations to brooks koepka. two on sunday became the first golfer to win back-to-back opens in 28 years. he shot 68 in the final round to hold off tommy fleetwood by one stroke. the 28-year-old had to battle the best golfers in the world and grueling course conditions with high winds and fast greens. and speaking of the fast greens, there's a lot of people buzzing about what happened on saturday. if you haven't heard about this. this is phil mickelson on the 13th green on saturday. and watch this. he misses the bogey putt and runs after his ball to hit it again while it's rolling. >> is that allowed? >> no. rule 14-5 says that's a two-shot penalty. >> i do that in miniature golf. >> it's legal there. not in professional golf.
7:17 am
a lot of people said he should have been withdrawn from the tournament. saying, what's your intent moving the ball? >> look at you. >> he offered to withdraw. they told him it was unnecessary. he said he was trying to move on to the next hole. he didn't want to hold anybody up. >> if it kept going, it would have been in a terrible spot. >> and he said he would be hitting it back and forth. but then again, none of us really want to do that. a lot of people were not happy. >> that's how i play tennis. keep it alive. keep thel gog. >> can do that in a major. >> thank you, carson. >> we already talked about the hot forecast. we haven't talked about that hot seersucker suit. >> thank you. it's in violation of rule 1.78. i should be selling ice cream but i'm not. let's show you what we have going on. showers making their way through the western plains. near-record temperatures. a flood threat. we're going to talk about in the next half hour, coming through the gulf coast. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm... good morning, i'm mete meteorologist kari hall. we have clouds on the coast and san francisco but this will be clearing as we head through late morning, sunshine for the afternoon with highs in the mid-60s, oakland expect a high much 69 degrees and slightly warmer for the inland valleys today. concord to livermore down to morgan hill up to 8 degrees. and 80 in san jose and palo alto, 75 degrees and 77 today in napa. happy birthday, phil mickelson. >> right. >> that was saturday. >> thank you. >> he gave himself a present.
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just ahead, meghan markle's father speaks out. >> it was incredible watching her. i cried a little bit about it. but she was so beautiful walking down that aisle. >> what he is saying about his daughter, his health and prince harry, and his first interview since he missed the royal wedding. and a "rossen reports" this morning. a father injured when his e-cigarette battery suddenly exploded. he's sharing a warninghis mornin tg
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yep... at carmax, it's all about confidence. nothing but net. nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor. if you notice smoke in the skies near briones reservoir over the c it is 7:26. if you notice smoke in the air and skies in the coming days it may be from wildfire traini exercises, as soon as today firefighters from the orinda fire district will conduct training on two sites, one area covers 11 acres near the pg&e sub station and other is closer to the reservoir where happy valley road meets bear creek road. those exercises will only take place if conditions are ripe and could happen this month over about eight days or so. separately firefighters are supposed to do a controlled burn in oregon hill. checking in with kari with the forecast for this monday.
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>> we do start out with clouds as we look outside at the golden gate bridge this morning but this will be clearing and we will get some sunshine. but those clouds also keep it comfortable for much of the bay area with a high of 65 in san francisco, 77 in napa. nice and warm for antioch with a high of 84 degrees and 80 in san jose. 75 in palo alto and oakland expect a high of 69 degrees. as the week goes along, inland areas will be heating up going from 80 today to 90 on the first day of summer and 97 degrees by mid saturday. let's get an update on the morning commute from mike. >> looking over the peninsula northbound 101 just shy of the maple street overcrossing, sounds like it was hit by a garbage truck. that truck is on the shoulder. no lanes are blocked but caltrans is checking out the integrity. we'll let you know if anything happens, so far a little slowing and meanwhile rest of the bay shows a smooth drive, slow through hayward and nimitz and
7:28 am
berkeley curve, slowing towards the bay bridge. the walnut creek interchange, more slowing. back to you. >> another local news update in half an hour.
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back, now. we have 7:30 on a monday morning, june 18th. the temp says 73 degrees on the plaza. al says we're going to head up into the 90s. it's going to get steamy. but our crowd looks happy. >> a heat index of 3,000. it's going to be hot today. let's get a check of the headlines of the morning, including a big night ovfight o immigration. border uproar. new protests erupt over the trump administration's zero tolerance policy, separating immigrant children from their families, as lawmakers on both sides of the aisle speak out. >> that's traumatizing to the children who are innocent
7:31 am
victims. >> tearing children from the arms of their mother and father is not the right decision. it has got to stop. no end in sight. hawaii's kilauea volcano still spewing lava nearly two months after the first eruption. the lava flow covering more than 5,000 acres and destroying 500 homes. collapse. a ceiling-mounded art exhibit comes crashing down on an escalator at a popular tourist center in northwest china. nearly a dozen people hurt, but thankfully everyone survives. incredible performance. >> it's time to make some wrong things right. >> "incredibles 2" sets the record for the best animated opening of all-time, bringing in nearly 2 billion at the box office this weekend. >> combustion, what does that mean? >> it means fire. >> but the film's success, not without controversy, as disney issues an unprecedented warning
7:32 am
to moviegoers with epilepsy, saying the film could trigger seizures. and earth shaking. mexico upsets germany in the world cup. the fan celebration so big, they trigger earthquake sensors in mexico. today, monday, june 18th. >> got to hand it to you, mexico. triggering earthquake sensors, amazing. >> you get it. >> on the richter scale. new this morning, meghan markle's dad, he is opening up since he missed the royal wedding. he had a lot to say. keir simmons is in london with that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you both. so much to get to in this interview. this will be controversial, how meghan markle's dad talks about private conversations with prince harry. first, listen to the emotional way that he describes watching that wedding from thousands of
7:33 am
miles away. >> she was beautiful. it was inedible watchingher. i cried a little bit about it. but she was so beautiful walking down that aisle. and so proud and so gorgeous. i was very proud. i couldn't have seen a better moment in my life. >> reporter: for meghan markle's dad, the joy of watching his daughter marry prince harry, was marred by the pain of missing the big day. >> the unfortunate thing for me now, is i'm a footnote in one of the greatest moments in history, rather than the dad walking her down the aisle. >> reporter: in an at times emotional interview for "good morning prison," he describes his heart attack. >> i talked to harry and meghan. and at that time, i started getting heart palpitations and i started getting chest pains and said i had to cancel.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the service printed with his name. he was in california recovering from heart surgery. >> i told her before i was going in for the surgery, this was the second time in the hospital. they were disappointed but meghan cried, i'm sure. she did cry. and they both said, take care of yourself, we're really worried about you. so, they said the important thing was that i get better. >> reporter: he had been under intense pressure. but he says when he cooperated with a photographer, harry and meghan were forgiving. >> i did this to change my image for one whole year. i was presented as a hermit living and hiding in mexico. i was looking to change my image. and obviously, that was a mistake. it went wrong. >> reporter: he hasn't yet seen his daughter and son-in-law. everything was on the phone. >> meghan told me first and a few times after that, harry got on the phone with meghan. they called me together. and harry asked for her hand
7:35 am
over the phone. and i said, you're a gentleman. promise me you will never raise your hand against my daughter. of course, i give you my permission. >> reporter: his reaction, just like any proud father. >> of course, it's wow. it comes out as a wow. this is my daughter. my daughter, certainly is a prize for him, as well. i don't have -- he's great. he's an interesting guy and a prince. my daughter has been a prisnces since the day she was born. >> reporter: he thanks prince charles for walking her down the aisle. here's some of the controversy. he talks about politics with prince harry and says that prince harry told him that president trump should be given a chance. that conversation seems to have happened early in their relationship. that would be back in 2016. that is the kind of thing that would worry the royal family.
7:36 am
>> keir, thank you. >> good to hear from him. let's go over to al with a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. we're looking at two areas of precipitation. one around the gulf coast of texas. another system that's been hanging over the upper midwest and continues to bring lots of rain from salena, kansas, to the northeast. we have the possibility of strong storms, severe storms, damaging winds possible with this. we are looking at this system, slowly making its way to the east and dropping down to the south. storms stretch from maine to iowa, with strong storms through new england and right through central new york and st. louis. cincinnati, as well. this will continue pushing to the south. rainfall amounts anywhere from two to three inches. but locally up to four inches from wisconsin into nebraska. as we move south into texas, where the area of low pressure is tapping this tropical moisture, we could see 3 to 5
7:37 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out with clouds and patches of fog near the coast. san francisco today will reach up to 65 degrees and little bit warmer as you make your way inland. up to 82 in concord and livermore as well as morgan hill. san jose expect a high of 80 degrees and 81 in santa rosa. napa reaching 77 degrees. for the forecast through the rest of the week, it's going to be heating up with low 90s for the first day of summer andly weekend upper 90s for the inland valleys and wouldn't be surprised to see triple digits in a few spots. > much more ahea morning, including desmond is amazing. meet the kid taking over social media with an inspiring message and help from his supportive parents. plus, youth or experience. we're testing the boundaries of the age gap with a little competition between seniors and high school seniors. and the surprise album from beyonce and jay-z. it has their fans all worked up.
7:38 am
first, a "rossen reports" exclusive. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. this father is in the hospital because his e-cigarette battery explo exploded, right? >> i was driving along and it exploded out of my pocket. >> this is the warning for like we do. but they see you like it's the first time, every time. they see a tough day a mile away. and things they can't unsee. they see life. and they see love. every time they see you. maybe dogs can't see color. but what they see is so much more. dogs are more. let's treat them that way. milk-bone. doing more for dogs since 1908. wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer
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after all, you're the one working. and saving for the future. so let aarp help. from planning and budgeting, to getting a deal on your next trip. aarp is here to help you stretch your dollar further. our furry friends will have their day, but today is all yours. take on today and every day with aarp. we're back with a "rossen reports" exclusive. new warnings in the case of an e-cigarette battery explosion. >> jeff rossen is looking into it. good morning. >> reporter: guys, good morning. another e-cigarette battery explosion. this time, the victim, a father, says the spare batteries blew up inside his pocket. his clothes caught fire. this morning, he is issuing a new warning for all of us. the videos are scary.
7:43 am
lithium-ion batteries exploding in people's pockets without warning. it happened to this man riding the bus. the battery in his e-cigarette blowing up in his lap. in new york, this man at a wine shop burned after his vape pen exploded in his pocket. and this man, at a convenience store, when his e-cigarette burst into blaflames. this is kevin king, from his hospital bed. >> this is the worst pain of my life. >> reporter: was there any warning? >> it just exploded. one minute, you're pulling up in the driveway and the next minute your parents are on fire. >> reporter: his e-cigarette batteries were in his back et. his leg was so burned, he needed a skin graft. >> it burst into flames.
7:44 am
>> reporter: these are your jeans that you were wearing. it cut a hole through this back pocket. >> it burned through my pants. >> reporter: the explosion burning a hole through the car. kevin had another battery in his pocket. >> the other one explodes. it hits me in the eye. >> reporter: doctors say one inch over and kevin could have lost his vision. so, what caused the explosion? kevin had loose change in the same pocket as the batteries. when they came in contact with each other, boom. >> it's almost an accident waiting to happen. and because the batteries are in the pocket with a lot of loose change, they actually shorted out and energized the battery and caused the explosion. >> reporter: and experts say it can happen to anyone. in fact, according to the u.s. fire administration, many e-cigarette explosions happen while in the user's pocket. and there's often no warning at all. up close, it's even scarier. i got to see what can happen
7:45 am
firsthand at underwriters laboratories, u.l. you see the flames there? >> did you realize you had that much energy in your pocket? >> reporter: kevin says he won't make the same mistake ever again. you're in a lot of pain? >> yeah. >> reporter: you want to do this interview because you want to warn everybody else. >> something should be done. if this was a toy on the market, exploding all over the place, they would take it off the market. this is stuff that all of us have and it can happen to anybody. >> reporter: scary moments. experts say the explosions are preventable, keep lithium-ion batteries away when they're loose like that. also, buy batteries that are certified and tested by u.l. you saw the logo in that piece. you look for u.l. on those batteries. that means it's been certified and tested. >> thank you, jeff. just ahead, a musician devastated by a rejection letter
7:46 am
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7:50 am
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good monday morning, 7:56, we're seeing clouds rolling across the bay area. all of this will be clearing out with a very nice and sunny day and our temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday. reaching up to 80 degrees in san jose and 82 in livermore and also 82 in concord and san francisco mid-60s with breezy winds. our forecast shows that our temperatures will be heating up as we go through the week with mid-80s by tomorrow and summer officially begins this thursday. it will be 90 degrees for the valley, up to 92 degrees this saturday. it's going to be a really hot weekend. san francisco will be in the mid-6's today, nice and cool and feeling comfortable for the end of the week with mostly sunny skies continuing in the forecast and high of 75 this saturday. now let's get an update on how the roads are moving.
7:57 am
>> we have a problem with oakland, port of oakland onto the freeway, the 7th street on ramp is still closed. and an overturned rig there may have spilled. that's a problem for folks leaving the port of oakland but not the nimitz. he have circled westbound 580. there's a crash maybe two tloo. that's causing more slowing but overall a lighter volume and through the south bay and dumbarton bridge westbound on highway 84. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 7:57. happening now, firefighters plan to conduct controlled burns in at least two bay area locations to prepare for potential wildfires. the full story is on our home page including where the drills are scheduled. also on the home page, outrage is growing on both sides of the aisle over the separation of undocumented families at the border. a new response from texas native and former first lady laura bush. meghan markel's father speaking out about his relationship with
7:58 am
prince harry. on the twitter feed you can get details include his regret with missing the royal wedding. area t he expected after his crash. plus- the reason some county officials want to erase millions of dollars of debt for (thousands ( of local families. today in the bay. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, first ladies weigh in. melania trump and laura bush release statements overnight, speaking out on the white house policy, separating immigrant children from their parents. their comments coming amid growing protests along the border. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> and in washington. >> using the grief, the tears, the pain of these kids as mortar to build their wall. >> where does it go from here? we're live with the latest. plus, sour note. >> the ultimate betrayal. >> the young musician who was on the verge of aachiefing his
8:01 am
dream. now, he's speaking out, telling his unbelievable story. and the beehive is buzzing. ♪ music's biggest power couple drops a surprise album over the weekend, sending jay-z and beyonce fans into hysterics, today, monday, june 18th, 2018. ♪ >> i just retired after 31 years of teaching in lexington, south carolina. >> i brought my husband and my daughter to celebrate my 30th birthday. >> we're from upper maryland. >> and we're secelebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. ♪ >> we came from chicago to celebrate my 16th birthday at "today." >> we're a youth choir all the
8:02 am
way from -- >> orlando. >> good morning, everybody. nice to have you with us on a monday morning. it's getting hot out on the plaza. >> our first beautiful weekend on the east coast. and it's going to continue, she said. >> if you like hot weather, it's gorgeous. we'll start with your news at 8:00. tim gratio the immigration debate is take on new urgency. the first lady and her predecessor, laura bush, are weighing in. kristen welker is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. nearly 2,000 children spent the first day in the u.s. apart from their parents at federal detention centers, sparking protests outside of the facilities. president trump blaming democrats, saying they opposed every measure to close loopholes. it was the president's attorney general, who in may announced
8:03 am
this new zero tolerance policy, which has prompted federal authorities who pull apart families who enter the u.s. illegally. laura bush, a lifelong texan, called the policy cruel and demoral. and the first lady, melania trump, says she hates to see what's happening and calls for a country that governs with heart. savannah? >> kristen, thank you. now, to the rising temperatures from the midwest to the atlantic coast. it's hot enough to pose some health has hazards. al is back with that. >> we have warm, humid air in the gulf. the jet stream is up to the north. we're looking for temperatures, and heat advisories, up to 74 million people under the heat warning. for today, we're expecting to see the temperatures really start to climb. records possible in boston, new york, washington, raleigh, cleveland, indianapolis, into
8:04 am
st. louis. the good news is, we'll start to see temperatures start to moderate. tomorrow in new york city, 89 degrees. d.c., 91. cincinnati, 92. actually cools down as you get into the midwest. but stays warm as you move into louisville, roanoke and points to the south. guys? >> al, thanks. breaking news from western japan, where a deadly earthquake struck overnight. at least three people were killed, more than 200 hurt by the 6.1 quake. it was centered near osaka, the country's second-largest metropolitan area. the quake caused walls to collapse on people. water mains burst and ruptured gas lines started fires. no tsunami warning was issued but trains were halted. tesla is investigating how one of its electric cars driven by a hollywood director, burst into flames. michael moore said he was driving in los angeles when a couple flagged him down because there were flames shooting out
8:05 am
from his tesla model s. his wife tweeted video of the incident. she said there was no collision before the fire started. the l.a. fire department, said the fire could be from a faulty lithium-ion battery. tesla called that an unusual occurrence. we got the "boost." we wanted to share some touching tributes our team made to their fathers. you posted a beach photo of your husband, mike. the caption reads, adored by the ones he adores. al paying tribute to his late dad. al said, i miss albert lincoln roker sr. every day. thanks to deborah for making me a dad to my kids. i love you. carson shared a couple of photos. the first was for his dad, jim daly. the second celebrated his
8:06 am
stepfather, dick caruso, who he called pops. the caption said, i miss them both deeply. but god blessed me with two incredible fathers. if i'm half the dad as they were to me, i will take that. and i posted a video of haley saying dadda. i posted it. take a look. >> dadda. dadda. >> put it on a loop. >> she was sweet. she was saying daddy, all day. we couldn't believe it. it was sweet. coming up, some of the touching tributes the celebrities made on father's day. carson will have that later. straight ahead, what a story. the fake rejection letter for one musician from his dream school that changed the course of his life. and guess who was behind it? his ex-girlfriend. he will share the wild story. first, meet desmond is amazing.
8:07 am
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feed her passion, with the fresh roasted peanut taste she loves. where there's jif, there's love.™ we're back with a story that we cannot stop talking about. >> it's a weird one. a gifted, young clarinet player who dreamed of studying under a world-renowned instructor. but that dream was dashed, turns out, by a deceptive girlfriend. and she is paying a heavy price.
8:10 am
sheinelle, you have to explain this. >> that clarinet player was accepted into the program he had dreamed about for years. but a canadian court recently found that his girlfriend, at the time, faked a rejection letter from the school so he wouldn't leave. ♪ for clarinet player, eric, studying under his idol was a lifelong goal. in february of 2014, that dream was nearly realized when he was chosen to audition for the renowned instructor as part of a tuition-free, all-expense-paid scholarship, that's only awarded to one or two students a year. >> i wanted it so badly. i was thinking of it constantly. ♪ >> reporter: and while he thought he didn't make the cut -- >> i received an e-mail from him. and he said, basically, hey, eric, it was great meeting you. nice to hear you play. i think you're talented. but unfortunately, i won't be able to accept you in my studio. >> reporter: little did eric
8:11 am
know, he really was accepted. it turns out, his girlfriend at the time, jennifer lee, intercepted eric's acceptance e-mail and wrote the phony rejection letter because she was worried he might move away. according to court documents, she wrote to the instructor, saying she was eric, saying he was declining the offer. two years later, after he had broken up with lee, he applied for another music program. this time at the university of southern california, where he was also teaching. it made for an awkward exchange at the audition. >> he asked me, he said, what are you doing here? you rejected me. i was confused. i said, with all due respect, i think you rejected me. and he insisted i rejected him. >> reporter: after months of trying to figure out what happened, friends suggested it could be his ex-girlfriend. >> it was an ugly thought to even think. >> reporter: after logging on to the phony e-mail account she set up, he learned the truth. >> confirmation of the ultimate
8:12 am
betrayal. >> reporter: last week, a canadian judge ordered lee to pay eric $260,000 in damages, calling her conduct despicable, while eric finally had a chance to study under gilad at usc. jennifer lee never appeared in court to defend herself. and nbc news made numerous attempts to reach her for comment but never heard back. eric is now a member of the toronto sympathy orchestra. no word from the girlfriend, though. >> that woman could have ruined his life, his professional life, if he didn't go back again. >> he'll never get a penny. >> most of that. as a practical matter. >> not that it's about that. >> the court said, this happened. >> i was going to say, at least now he's met his idol and he's playing in the orchestra and all is well that ends well.
8:13 am
>> that's the name of that tune. let's get a check of the weather. >> i see what you did there. very nice. let's -- you're a good-looking guy. get off of there. all right. we can see, got a lot of moisture down through the south. low pressure that's tapping some tropical moisture there. the frontal system that's pushing through and hanging out. it's not going anywhere. it's going to bring wet weather, from the plains to the upper midwest. near-record heat in the east. a flood threat down through texas, from corpus christi to the louisiana/texas border. we could see 3 to 5 inches of rain. it's not going to stop. the southwest, looking pretty that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're going to have a nice start to the week. inland areas reaching 80 degrees today. as you look at these numbers, you can see it's going to be heating up as we go through the rest of the week for the inland valleys. and our temperatures peak on
8:14 am
saturday, up to 97. san francisco will be in the mid-60s today. some upper 60s, low 70s for the rest of the week. by saturday, expect a high of 75 degrees. >> that's your latest weather. hoda? >> al, thanks. this is national lgbt pride month. and kate snow is here with a story of someone who is spreading a message of hope. >> reporter: desmond is smart, self-assured, talented. he loves to dress up and work the runway in drag, with dramatic makeup. but only if his homework is done. that's because desmond is just 10 years old. but he's already a social media star. and he says he wants to use his platform to inspire other kids to love and accept themselves. sunday in the park with desmond. this is one of his favorite playgrounds. >> desmond is amazing.
8:15 am
>> reporter: and this is the other. you're doing lots of interviews lately. >> yeah. >> reporter: how come? >> i don't know. i guess it's because i'm so famous and an inspiration to so many people. >> reporter: an inspiration to so many people. >> yeah. >> reporter: you've heard of drag queens. well, desmond is a self-described drag kid. when he's not in school, he's doing photo shoots and runway shows. he's in "vogue" and has his own drag name. desmond is amazing. why are you so good at walking the runway? >> it's a born talent. >> reporter: we met up with desmond and his parents at the fluid project. in contrast to their son, wendy and andrew say they couldn't be more mainstream. they say desmond was born to have an audience. >> when they handed him to me, it looks like he's posing. okay. what a ham. >> reporter: when did he start dressing up? do you remember?
8:16 am
>> as soon as he could grab things. >> reporter: when desmond was a toddler, wendy said he would sit in her lap as they watched "rupaul's drag race" about drag queens and he was mesmerized. what did you want to do that? >> i think it was how beautiful they were and how, how amazing they looked. i want to look amazing, too. >> reporter: yes, he's only 10. but desmond says he knows who he is and is very open about it. desmond, are you transjend cent transgender? >> no. >> reporter: do you identify as guy? yeah? when did you come out? >> when i was bornl. >> reporter: a video of him at new york's 2015 gay pride parade went viral. he said he wanted drag to be a
8:17 am
career. they went to a therapist. the advice, don't encourage the behavior but don't discourage it, either. people say to that, he's only 10. wait a while. >> wait for what? >> mozart first touched a piano when he was 3. i think there's talented children. if you see that talent and he wants to do it, why not? >> reporter: is it too young for a 10-year-old to be marching down a runway in a sexualized way? >> i don't see him sexualized at all? i think if people see sex in that, there's an issue on their end because i just see a child who is enjoying themselves. i mean, i know ballerinas wear less than he does and no one says that's inappropriate. >> reporter: his instagram, desmond is amazing, has 40,000 followers and he has his own youtube channel. there's people that would say to that, you're letting the kid lead. >> i heard that before. >> reporter: what do you say? >> his life. >> yeah.
8:18 am
it's his life. i don't agree with that statement 100% because he is a child. he has to have the parental support. it may look like he's leading us. but we're in the back, supporting him 100%. >> reporter: and desmond uses his platform to support other kids. >> if you get bullied, just tell them to mind their own beeswax because they are not fierce. you are. >> reporter: you hope it inspires other kids to come out? >> and many other people. what made me who i am because i'm fierce and amazing. and drag kids are going to take over the world. >> as you said, he's got a big following on social media. what did people say? >> it's interesting. he gets a lot of positive reaction, especially from other children who say, thank you for being a leader and showing i can be myself. there's a lot of negative
8:19 am
reaction. a lot of reaction, even this morning, when i posted a video on my twitter page, a lot of negatives saying, how could the parents do this? you heard me ask them questions about the choices they're making. >> is he making money off of this? is this lucrative? >> he is modeling now and starting to make some money. the parents say it's not about that. but he is. you get the sense this kid has a mind for what he wants to do. he has business plans already. he wants a clothing line. he wants to start something called house of amazing, which would be an online site for other kids who are into drag to get together in social media without adults involved. that's one of his visions, as well. >> kate, thank you. >> thank you very much. we hope everybody enjoyed father's day. we talked about that a little bit. carson is celebrating. for him, father's day should be a week, right? >> father's day month. celebrities were quite active on social media, showing photos and well-wishes for their beloved
8:20 am
dads. there's chrissy teigen, showing john, saying what a man. what a mighty good man. justin timberlake, with sigh us will cyrus, sa. and adam levine and his second child. kim kardashian shared these pho photos. one with her dad and one with their children. and this was a favorite of ours. mark hamill shared this photo of his on-screen dad, darth vader, referring to the "star wars" plot twist from "empire strikes back," luke, i am your father. and twitter troll ryan reynolds tweeted this, having matching don donor organs in case something happens to me, is a true blessing. father's day. >> one observation i had, i did the same thing i do every sunday. we went to mass. we went to brunch, a couple
8:21 am
bloody marys. i got a hall pass. i do the same thing but my wife let me. >> nobody complained. happy father's day. >> that's what it is. >> thank you. take us to "pop start." >> it was a great weekend for fans of jay-z and beyonce. the couple dropped a joint album. the "pop start" chief correspondent sheinelle jones, had the music and the message that goes with it. >> only because of beyonce. the past two weeks the couple has been in europe on a concert tour. fans were wondering if new music was on the way. and in typical fashion, they released it with no notice. it was a super surprise for jay-z and beyonce fans. the married couple releasing a joint album together for the first time.
8:22 am
the two were performing in london for their on the run 2 tour, when sharing the news with unsuspecting fans. >> we want you guys be the first to experience this new project. >> reporter: the announcement breaking the internet and causing immediate reaction around the globe. >> beyonce just dropped an album. and i'm freaking out. >> reporter: the new nine-track album, called "everything is love," was accompanied by a stunning music video, shot in the halls of the louvre in paris, the world's largest museum. some commentators saying the video appears to highlight racial bias, showing the power couple and dancers posing in front of priceless western art. highlights black figures in a gallery of primarily white faces. and jay-z, not mincing words with his lyrics. taking aim at everything his zero wins at the grammys, to in nfl controversy of players taking a knee during the national anthem. ♪ i said no to the super bowl
8:23 am
you don't neknow, you need me ♪ >> reports of infidelity and separation, something he spoke about with david letterman. >> i have a beautiful wife who is understanding and knew i'm not the worst of what i've done. >> reporter: jay-z saying music helped them heal. >> we were using with our art, almost like a therapy session. and we started making music together. >> reporter: now, with their love on full display -- ♪ i can't believe we made it >> reporter: tackling music and social issues together. the video is still trending on youtube and currently has more than 10 million views. the one part about this album that is not a surprise, it's only available to stream on tidal, the streaming service owned by jay-z. >> tough to get. >> it's tough to get unless you get tidal. >> thank you, "pop start"
8:24 am
correspondent, sheinelle jones. she'll have more information on beyonce, as soon as beyonce wakes up today. up next, sarah paulson, she and her co-stars from "ocean's 8," stopped by the graham norton show. it was paulson that shared the funniest story of them all. >> no one was taking my picture. and i was like, wow. i guess i'm -- wow. okay. >> no one was taking your picture. >> like, pictures, pictures. pictures of many othis one. i was like, hello. i turned around, and madonna was standing there and everyone was taking her picture. someone happened to snap my picture when i first saw her. and that was unattractive. >> this is the moment that sarah paulson noticed it was madonna beside her on the red carpet. >> she acknowledged that madonna
8:25 am
found that moment amusing, which made her feel better about the whole as the women spoke about dressing for the met gala, it was revealed that helen carter has never come to the event herself. and and rihanna revealed why. >> yes. >> yes. >> no. >> you haven't? >> because you wear dresses like that. >> i'm going to cry now. >> the comment was this good fun. breaking news, nowback to shonelle. >> you can get their albums on apple music. just in. >> breaking news from two feet away. so excited about finding a large stick on his walk, but ran into a few issues when he tried to bring the stick home.
8:26 am
>> it's a problem there because it doesn't fit through the door. he neveri )m ... if you notice smoke in the skies near briones good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. if you notice some smoke in the skies near the reservoir over the coming days, it may be from wildfire training exercises. as soon as today, firefighters from the fire district will creacre conduct training on two sites. this is near the pg&e substation. the other site is closer to the reservoir where happy valley road meets bear creek road. those exercises won't only take place if those conditions are pipe. they could happen this month over any of eight or so days. separately firefighters are supposed to do a controlled burn over in morgan hill. right now, mike is tracking a
8:27 am
crash over there, a big rig crash over in oakland. >> this is from sky ranger, just a few minutes ago. this is why the on ramp from seventh street and port of oakland is currently closed. yes that rig, well, the box trailer on the back of it is overturned. you see some sort of spill there. so still closed much longer than they thought. out to the maps. we're showing you it's not affecting 880 itself. but it is affecting folks entering off of the port of oakland. the freeway itself moves freely. the port moving nicely. rest of the east bay, slowing from 580. fruitville, the crash still blocks one lane there. >> i'll have another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hey, everybody. welcome back. it is 8:30 on a monday morning, can 18th day of june. th check out the smiling faces on this plaza. and guess what, guys? we're going to put you guys to work. we have a crowd moment that al roker is going to take us to. >> all right. we need three volunteers. let's see. we've got roy. where is roy? roy, your 50th anniversary. congratulations. brittany. there's brittany. and linda, your 70th birthday. we're going to put you to the test here to see if you know these little phrases.
8:31 am
okay? all right. here's kevin. he's got the sign for you. what's tbt? >> throwback thursday. >> okay. what does gobsmacked mean? >> gabsmacked. >> i have no clue. >> amazed. stunned. nobody knew that one. ghost. what does ghosting mean. >> the name of a movie. >> very good. >> "ghostbusters." >> no. in fact. >> like ghosting somebody on snapchat. >> you disappear. and finally, that's it. there you have it. guess what? just ahead, you're going to see how other folks did when we kick off our senior versus senior series, exploring the generation gap. plus, we're about to get tips for living our best life, from the stars of the "queer eye" reboot. megyn, what do you have coming up? >> we'll have more on what
8:32 am
mr. markel had to say. and i'm going to bring you the most embarrassing bathing suit drama i had in front of my mother-in-law this weekend. i brought a mannequin in the studio to bring you there. i am having a little ptsd. >> how is your mother-in-law doing? >> i'm not sure we're speaking. >> wow. >> i pressed the limits. inadvertently. it was unintentional. something bad happened. >> was justin timberlake there? >> it didn't go well. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> we'll' what we got for you. the week ahead, record heat in the northeast. flood risk in texas and the gulf coast. strong storms making their way through the plains. the midweek period, storms in the great lakes to the midwest. at the end of the week, sunny and fine in the northeast.
8:33 am
se stea that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. the clouds we're seeing now across parts of the bay area will be clearing out. we're in for some warm weather today for the inland areas because it's going to get very uncomfortable as the week goes along. as those temperatures heat up, first day of summer will be this thursday. we'll be up to 90 degrees. check out saturday, 97 degrees in the inland valleys. meantime, san francisco will be in the mid-60s today. and some upper 60s to low 70s for the rest of the week. very nice weekend ahead. >> and we've got a new co-anchor. hi, vale. >> vale made a special appearance. say hi. >> hey. >> i know, you're going to kick off our special series, "senior versus senior." >> in this age of tech, it can seem like the generational
8:34 am
divide is wider than ever. we wanted to see how far apart we are and how we can bridge that gap. >> we descended on new jersey's old bridge high school, to explore everything that it means to be young or old. school lessons, versus life lessons. >> senior. >> reporter: we pit high school seniors against senior citizens, to find out once and for all, which generation rules. >> without sounding rude, some of the younger people are just spoiled. >> slow, forgetful. >> need help crossing the street with groceries. >> reporter: okay. we're calling this one a battle of the ages. let's bring in the seniors. come on down. hey, now. >> we've got 20/20 vision. i see the title, i see the win. we're all going to take it. >> reporter: here comes your opposing group of seniors. they're moving a little slower
8:35 am
than the first group of seniors. >> i think they probably feel like they're going to beat us. but they're not. >> reporter: our first game, war of words. here we go. do you know what bae is? the catch is, the words come from each other team's generation. yolo. you owe lots of money. no. that's not it. >> yolo. >> i nomknow marco yolo. what does it mean? >> you only live once. >> test pattern. >> when you see a nice shirt, you get a little swatch, a test pattern. >> reporter: that's not right. you know what the dab is? >> that. >> this in italian has a different meaning. >> reporter: we asked both teams to try out their baking skills, with plenty of ingredients but no recipe.
8:36 am
>> you need salt to bake. >> i don't know if you can tell by looking at me. but i know my way around the kitchen. >> some brown sugar in there. >> right. diversity. >> i don't know if they can cook. >> take a big bite, al. >> this is an interesting cookie. it has the consistency of a bagel. it's very chewy. have none of you people ever made cookies before? especially you people. i'm going to have to go with this cookie. >> he took just a little bit of this. he didn't taste all of the goodies inside. >> is it for a car? >> is it for a car? yes. you used to crank the car to star it up. seniors, i have a feeling you might know this one. >> meat grinder. >> that's correct. you can break the tie here. >> it's glop. what's another word for glop.
8:37 am
>> slime. >> you were so close. time for the senior selfie. oh, you're drinking water. >> i make my grandchildren, when they come to the house, okay, check your hardware at the door. >> reporter: and the best selfie goes to -- our faceoff culminates with a chance for both teams to bust a move. >> i found there's no such thing as a cha-cha or the mambo. they don't even know. >> reporter: that's not pretty. maestro, please. and our senior citizens, just as out of step. >> what i learned from the senior citizens today, just because you got old, doesn't mean you have to grow up. >> reporter: the high school seniors. still tied at the end, the winner by a round of applause -- the senior seniors.
8:38 am
>> toward the end, i felt like the competition didn't even mattered. i felt like everybody won. >> unexpected. actually, young people and old people have a lot in common. >> i don't think i've ever really gotten that close with a group of people all in one day like that. >> at the end, we wanted to adopt them. >> the best thing about today was we've made new friends. >> that's right. >> i got to tell you, it was one of these things where they all came together. i wasn't expecting it. but they each enjoyed each other so much. >> good moves, too. >> i love that. >> that was fun. >> we should do that every day. >> robin sindelar put that together. coming up, the "queer eye" guys are here to make over your mind, body and soul. just that. this is "today" on nbc. whoooo.
8:39 am
finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches... ...over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the... ...hotelock it in. tripadvisor.
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we're back. 8:40, with the stars of
8:41 am
netflix's wildly successful reboot of "queer eye." >> season two just premiered and it promises to be an epic one. >> we work with the fab five. they put their whole heart into the community center out there. >> these are five gifted men who are gay. and through the course of the week, we were able to build some relationships. that's what it's about, building relationships. >> all right. let's introduce you to the team. tan france is the style guru, culture expert, karamo brown, anthony porowski is the culinary master. >> and jonathan van ness, the groomer and bobby berk, the expert in design. when you roll up into someone's town and come knocking on the door, i know they have a preconceive ed notion of what
8:42 am
they're getting. but when you pop in, tell us what happens. >> a lot of people don't know who we are. we picked heroes who have no idea what the fab five or "queer once they meet you, once they get to know you, are they, like, letting you in? >> at first they're scared. every single one of them always said, the first moment you guys came in, they are like, what did i get myself in? i'm terrified. usually within ten minutes, they have their walls found and are receptive. >> i remember the show 15 years ago and was so successful. to take it on and say we're going to re-do it, it must have been exciting and intimidating. >> it was a legacy to show that it was so successful back in the day. it was really intimidating for all of us, but we didn't want to make a re-hash of the original show, we wanted to make it our show and have done a great show of making it our own. >> one thing that struck me is that you went into the heart of america. and i think some people may have preconceived notions, but you walked in, do you think you were
8:43 am
able to just change some minds or ideas? >> it was an opportunity to really focus on quality conversations and not think about the public stuff all the time, because that can serve as a missed opportunity. but figuring out how to help these people allow us to be in a better service. >> you make over your first woman. >> yes. tammy. >> i know it was really emotional. >> it's like, with such an opportunity for so many people to have their inner soul heal, inner soul wounds heal a bit. for a lot of people in our community, we have been through a lot. so it was nice to meet tammy to have the healing moment together. >> well, you guys have -- i just think it's been such a great reboot. i got to meet you before and you were such a pleasure. >> i know. and it is not just about design or food or how you dress, it seems like each episode goes kind of deep. >> that was our intention. when we set out to do this, it
8:44 am
wasn't just, we want to make something fancy, we want to completely change lives and encourage people to think differently and break some divides. >> do you all get along? >> not at all. >> we have to get their advice. you guyes each have a must-have, right? and these guys are going to help do the honors. >> of course. >> who wants to start? do you want to start? okay. >> unscripted. >> that one is when i had my first time on tv. >> the must-haves. >> actually, these guys already have it. it's a well-fitting suit. and the suit that doesn't fit well, even if it is expensive, is not going to look good on you. it doesn't matter how much money you're spending. al, you did a great job of making sure the shoulders are on the shoulders, the pant length is the correct length and the shoe compliments the suit.
8:45 am
>> oh, thank you. >> for me, my pitips are to che in with yourself, be curious, and cry. there's a check-in with yourself daily, figure out what you're feeling about life, be curious about life on your lunch break instead of being at your desk, go out to explore a park or museum, and don't hold back the emotions, men or women. >> when the alarm went off this morning, i cried. >> and what about kitchen stuff? >> for kitchen stuff, everyone always has salt and pepper on their table. my equivalent is lemons, i tend to put lemon zes zest. and any type of limes on a meat or roast will wake it up. >> how about people like me watching, our hair and keeping it shine? >> so when you have it blow-dried and are sweating and are like, i don't know how i'm not going to stay wet looking?
8:46 am
put a little peppermint or spearmint on the back of your neck. it will keep you cool. >> nice. >> yeah. >> who doesn't love that? >> last but not least, we'll talk about how to splurge at home. tell us your advice. >> for me, people ask where to spend my money at home if i don't have a lot of money to spend? bedding. you spend 30% of your life in bedding. you need to feel like you are waking up in a hotel. when you wake up with scratchy sheets, that's not good. >> it's more than thread count. >> it's about the quality of the cut people are like, how can you tell? if it feels good, it's good. >> we want to say thank you to the fab five. their show is available on netflix. first, this is "today" on
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are back with a special event that's become an annual tradition here in new york. >> the yankees just wrapped up the tenth hope week, giving back to their fans. some of the stars were with us on the plaza last week to kick things off. sheinelle, you have the highlights. >> when the season begins, there's few dates that the yankees circle on the calendar, like the match-up with the red sox. but there's nothing that players and coaches look forward to more than hope week. the simple joy of a ball game in the sand lot. a summertime tradition. and fun slinging mud with friends, the kind of afternoon any child would pressurtreasure. the point of this day, to get messy and be a kid. with the added bonus of being joined by members of the new york yankees.
8:50 am
the first event, brought players and coaches together for the muddy puddles suggest. this boy wanted to jump in puddles while he was being treated for cancer. he never got the chance. >> to spread the message to parents everywhere, there's kids that are disabled that are not able to do the things your kids can enjoy so easily. >> reporter: on the first day of hope week, the players and coaches brought their own families to play with families that were touched by cancer. >> it warms your heart. >> reporter: that sentiment carried on into the next day, when the yankees welcomed cassidy warner to yankee stadium . in april, she posted a video saying she was bullied at school. she said, i feel so alone, i
8:51 am
have no one. the yankees posted their own video in support, saying you are not alone. count the new york yankees among your friends. and, see you soon. their clubhouse meeting, followed by a kick ball game in the shadow of yankee stadium. >> i was in that position, too, growing up. you feel lonely and it's tough to make friends. but there's people that love you and care about you. >> reporter: the yankees partnered with a nonprofit organization that aims to eradicate bullying. cassidy was shy in the face of all the attention. but she got help from her new friend. there was a part that said, we may be taller than you, but we look up to you. >> we're trying to deliver a powerful message and stop the bullying. she's a brave child to do what she did. and her message is being heard across the whole world. >> if anyone's getting bullied, just stay strong and don't let the bullies know it's hurting you.
8:52 am
then, they'll keep doing it. >> reporter: the girl who said none of her classmates would have lunch with her, now sharing a meal with the yankees. acts of kindness don't need to be random. on wednesday, the yankees went to a new york city school and joined think kindness. it's an organization that teaches children that good deeds have a ripple effect, bringing positivity to places you may never expect. 87-year-old sal spent his career helping others as a firefighter. on thursday, as part of wish of a lifetime, players joined sal as he returned to his old firehouse. and the guys got to suit up as members of new york's bravest. on the final day of hope week, fresh aharcuts. the yankees joined the ymca for hair cuts. >> it really was time well
8:53 am
spent. these folks, when the players walk in, they just light up. and the players genuinely enjoy it. it's a mutual experience. >> they're winning on the field. went to the game yesterday. that's really winning. they're winning in the game of life by having hope week. >> the tenth year. >> they'll keep doing it, for sure. >> thank you, sheinelle. we'll be back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
we have a big fourth hour coming up. you know who is co-hosting with me? jenna bush hager will be here. she always adds a little spark. >> she's crazy. >> the wheels came off. >> jenna started doing the rodeo dance. it was crazy. >> the rodeo dance? i know that dance.i )m - -...
8:56 am
a verdict - likely today .. in the good morning. 8:56. i'm marcus washington. a verdict likely today in the case against a group of supporters called the berkeley five. prosecutors charged all five after fights broke out during an alt right protest in berkeley last year. the five defendants were all part of a group of counterprotesters and all received misdemeaner assault charges. the man who's been dubbed jogger
8:57 am
joe in oakland will be arraigned today. he is accused of stealing a phone from a man who was filming him. that man says he confronted him about a viral video showing him trashing a homeless man's property. he is facing robbery and assault charges related to the second incident. happening now, we have a crew at the courthouse following the developments. we'll have the latest in a live report at midday. also at midday, developments on several fronts in the fallout of the separating of undocumented families at the u.s. border. united nations is now condemning president trump's strategy. link to those on our homepage, including a response from texas na native laura bush. and firefighters plan to conduct planned burns in at least two locations to prepare for potential wildfires. you can find out where those drills are scheduled on our homepage. more news in an hour. area drivet
8:58 am
he expected after his crash. plus- the reason some county officials want to erase millions of dollars of debt for (thousands ( of local families. today in the bay. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
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[ applause ] good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we begin with our southern border. have you been following this? you may have seen by now the photos of some migrant children making national news. after the trump administration settled on what it calls a zero tolerance policy, when it comes to illegal border crossings. it's an approach that has led to the separation of thousands of families. i day, we' every day, we're learning more about why the children are being separated from their parents. th


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