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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 19, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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welcome to tuesday morning. taking a live look outside overlooking dublin. looks like a lot of folks up and at them early on this tuesday morning. we'll check the morning commute in just moments with mike. good morning, thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. ka kari, another good one today. >> it will be slightly warmer than yesterday as we go into the afternoon but w withow clos and fog as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge which you can barely see at this point. we'll see that quickly clearing. let's head to martinez where temperatures will be in the upper 50s through 6:00 and then seeing mostly sunny skies, quickly warming temperatures at noon, already at 81 degrees. we'll take a look at all of the highs today as we reach into the
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low to mid-80s for this afternoon. as we head over to mike now, you've got an update on how it looks. >> a little crash going on. most of the bay shows easy drives and green sensors, i'm watching this westbound highway 24 towards the maze, a little mini interchange with highway 13. crash reported there. sounds like everything is off the road. completely off the road and that may be the distraction as crews arrive to help a car out of the dirt. i'm tracking that no slowing shows up and it's easy. farther north we have construction but it's right at the richmond/san rafael toll plaza. these are the fast track lanes and may go on to 6:00 and could mean backup will track it closely. back to you. >> breaking news in bay. a police shooting in union city sends a suspect to the hospital. >> pete suratos whipple and rai avenues with more on what happened. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and marcus. we're standing at railroad
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avenue and whipple road as you mentioned. still a very active scene here. this is where the suspects at least tried to get away before they were taken into custody by police. you've got union city police behind me. we're showing you some scene video from when you have police on scene in an area trying to look for suspects where they got away. according to union city police it happened roughly around 11:30 p.m. officers stopped a car near e street and railroad avenue and that's where a gunfire exchange takes place between several officers and the suspects in that car. i want to point out none of the officers were injured during the gunfire exchange. at that point one of the suspects drives the car to the area where we're standing at railroad avenue an the suspects jump out of the car and run into the surrounding neighborhood and all of them were eventually located by officers and taken into custody. one of those suspects did sustain a gunshot injury, was taken to a local hospital but police say that injury is not life threatening.
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going to take you back out here live and explaining that car that you guys are looking at right there, we're trying to confirm if that's the car the suspects were in or they got out of or ran into this surrounding area where eventually they were taken into custody. police do point out there's no danger orei ongoing danger to t public. pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> quite an active night there. >> it's 4:33, continuing coverage on the ongoing political battle over immigration. there's more tough talk from the trump administration as hundreds of immigrant families are being important apart. >> cheryl herd has the heartbreaking images we're seeing at the u.s./mexico border. message and come through the an not break across the border unlawfully. >> attorney general jeff sessions on fox news getting grilled about children being separated from their parents along the border.
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his comments different from the white house. the administration saying they are just following the law the democrats put in place. this comes as the world watches these heartbreaking images from the southern border. thousands of migrant children being separated from their parents. and now, newly released audio, you can hear their desperation. kids crying for their parents, released by a civil rights attorney given to her by a client. the audio is not verified by nbc news. but in it you can hear a young girl begging to talk to her aunt. >> the trump administration pol announced in april. zero tolerance for anyone caught crossing the border illegally. >> the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not
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be a refugee holding facility. >> we talked to a local attorney who says what's being done is illegal. >> it is illegal, there's no law in the states that allows a president to separate the children from their parents. they do it to prevent more people to cross the border. >> cheryl herd, "today in the bay." >> and coming up at 5:00, we continue our coverage of the immigration debate happening in washington. we'll have a live report from our nation's capital coming up in 30 minutes. leaders at therestigious school investigating allegations that a worker abused girls. the branson school released a letter saying three former students came forward to report that abuse. they are asking anyone with else with information to let them know. in this case the statute of limitations has already expired.
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palo alto leaders will discuss reept proposed tweaks to the planned train track grate they will consider church hill and palo alto intersections and city leaders hope to start track renovation and have the upgrades completed by 2028. even though california legalized marijuana at the start of the year, many cities are trying to hash out their own rules. walnut creek leaders plan to debate the issue, trying to determine how to regulate pot plants on private property and maybe delivering noncannabis businesses. if you've been to sfo, weather delaysan alaskais csidering reininstead. the airline would then bus passengers back to sf alaska airlines is able to make the move easily because it has the necessary employees and equipment at all three major bay
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area airports. alaska airlines bought america recently. >> rich getting richer. a new report showing what has increased the wealth of millionaires and billionaires. plus, good news for uber rider, the new program to help you find the cheapest rate when you're looking for a ride.
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good morning, i'm courtney reagan live at cnbc global headquarters, wall street could open sharply lower as trade tensions between the u.s. and
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china continue to escalate. markets in europe and asia already sinking after president trump threatened to impose tariffs on an additional $200 billion in chinese-made goods in retaliation for chinese tariffs on $50 billion in u.s. imports. beijing responding this morning saying it will act again if washington goes ahead with that threat and that's increasing concerns the two sides are heading towards a full blown trad markets flipping yesterday on trade worries with the dow falling for a fifth straight day down 103 points to 24,987. the nasdaq pairing its losses to close flat on the day. a new report out today shows the combined wealth of the world's millionaires grew for a sixth straight year topping $70 trillion for the first time ever. that's due to improving global market performances. the report by consulting firm says the number of high net
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individuals rose 10% to 18.1 million people last year. good things come to those who wait for their uber. reports say the ride hailing service started testing a feature to give customers the option to get a cheaper fare if they don't mind waiting longer to be picked up. one of several ways they are trying to offer lower cost rides. the feature is just being tested with employees in san francisco l.a. but it could be rolled out to the rest of us very soon. marcus ando you. >> sometimes you wait and you're like, i'll wait 20 more minutes. >> thanks, courtney. >> the housing crisis, we all know how hard it can be for renters. nati released a new report indicating someone has to work three full-time minimum wage jobs to afford renting a two bedroom home. that amounts to a little less than $33 an hour. on average california renters
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only make $21 hourly. the study is ranking california as the second worst in the country when it comes to rental cost behind only hawaii. >> well, 4:42 right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," kari has a look at the forecast and it's looking nice. >> it's going to be great today. definitely feeling like summer as we go to cupertino to ar temperature trend for today. we're going to benhe low 60s at 8:00, few clouds in the mix and all of that clears out and temperatures will be heading into the 80s. we'll talk about what's ahead with 90s in the forecast coming up next. >> oh, man, 880 we just had construction northbound over just north of the coliseum, we'll see some traffic breaks going on here. i do see some cones moving though north of here. we'll show you that coming up. rl
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a very good tuesday morning to you. our producer was saying want to show you the san francisco camera but it's very fogged inm. >> but take a look at this. a timely new spin on of those nesting dolls. those dolls within a doll within seen or maybe own or owned one a ays fans are getting the kick out of the world cup themed nesting dolls and right now they are a big seller at moscow souvenir stands. last world's cup group gets
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started today. japan takes on colombia and poland plays senegal and russia plays the second game against egypt. those little nesting doll,s it's like our version of the bobble head. >> sure. because russia, right -- i get it. >> there you it's you can play with the nesting doll outside. >> or going to avaya stadium, we'll have great weather. we're starting out with clouds. here's a live look outside as we start with another cool morning with mostly 50s around the bay area. we'll be at 61 degrees at 8:00 and then quickly warming up today once again we'll be at 80 degrees by 2:00 today. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it is going to turn hot as we head into the weekend. so you better enjoy this. not bad at all, up to 83 degrees in san jose.
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82 in palo alto, 71 in oakland and 88 in napa. and 85 in ukia and san francisco 65 degrees, it will reach in the low 90s for concord and antioch today. as you're getting dressed this morning, it is definitely one for the summer gear, short sleeves and shorts for today. sunglasses and maybe even a hat if you'll be outside for quite a while. as we take a live look outside from at&t park, you can barely see anything, we have low clouds and fog. this will clear out in time for first pitch for tonight at at&t park and it will be in the upper 50 a sti cool and our temperatures will be warming up and won't have as much fog as we go towards the end of the wend mid-70s by sunday. 72 degrees. inland areas, take a look at these numbers, i have to add on -- squeeze it in there. 100 degrees on saturday. and it's still going to be really hot heading into sunday as well. a little bit cooler for monday. and if you're going to the pride
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festivities in san francisco, 72 degrees, parade starts at 10:30 in the morning and of course we'll have more on that. let's get say look at how those roads are moving with mike. >> also, we'll look at temperatures, much more pleasant in the city over the weekend. the richmond/san rafael toll plaza, weones swe quickly cleared them. caltrans has not given the all clear for this entire area. there may be a crew back and forth east and w show active construction but no slowing. that crash still active on the chp report west 24 at high with a 13. no showilowings there either. easy flow out of the north bay and that portion of the east bay. then the rest of the bay great speed sensors. we showed the richmond/san rafael bridge. that's westbound across 92, good volume at traffic and at speed across the bay. on the peninsula side, easy light drive as well, 101 and bay
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shore freeway moves nicely. all the way to and from san francisco. back to you. >> looks good. thank you very much, mike. south bay leaders angered over the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 census plan to unveil a response plan they hope boost voter turnout. cindy chavez opposes the question and believes it may lead to a county. chavez and deputy county executive campoes will reveal a plan before the board meeting. today city leaders are expected to discuss what to do next about illegal dumping. this is a problem we've been following now for a while. mayor libby shaft saying dumping complaints have doubled. there's a 311 number to report the dumping. >> a plan to build a housing complex in lafayette could move forward after all. here's the area we're talking about off of deer field road off of highway 24. they nixed the idea to build 44
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houses on the land but now the mercury news is reporting the developer resubmitted its original plan to build hundreds of apartments there instead. it's not clear what is next for the project but city leaders say the final decision may end up in court. >> 4:50. protesting cell towers, it's a fight we've seen across the bay area now. and now san mateo is debating that same issue. dozens of people showing up at the city hall -- city council meeting last night to protest ct the towers drive down property radiation risk. last month we were there when palo alto debated the same issue. ended up approving permits for ver size zon to install the cell node on 11 utility poles around the city. nbc bay area responds coming up next. >> a driver is hurt in an accident but the insurance company wanted him to pay out-of-pocket if he wanted his medical bills covered. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. but first happening now.. four people have been killed in
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attacks in turkey as the but first, four people have been killed in attacks in turkey as the country prepares for presidential elections on sunday. the current president is seeking another term. the attacks are allegedly carried out on those opping aoe than 80,000 americans have raised $3.5 million on facebook to help reunite immigrant parents with their children. usa today reports it's the largest single fundraiser ever on social media site. more news for you right after the break. deal talk. to make sure my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo is a great deal. i asked a sales expert. it's amazing, jack! you get a spicy crispy chicken breast,
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so you save up to 30% on the... ...hotelock it in. tripadvisor. right now, it is 4:54, taking a live look in downtown
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san jose, the lights are sparkling and looks beautiful. >> another pleasant day in then oakland driver who didn't get what he expected after a crash. >> consumer investigator chris mudispute. >> good morning. anthony lancasterdrum was and up after a crash that wrecked his car. the otherver s at fault and with e insurance, an agreement said he would get $8,000. he assumed he would get the full payment up front but only got 5,000 for damage to his car. esurance offered up to $3,000 for injuries but it wanted anthony to pay for medical treatments first then send in receipts for reimbursement. he couldn't afford to front hundreds of dollars in cash so he turned to us. we asked esureance if it could do more to help anthony and it did. they worked out a payment plan
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to cover expenses which by the way totalled $515. esurance said we feel for mr. landrum's circumstances and his resulting physical complications and we strive to make claims process as easy and smooth as possible. if you're hurt in an auto accident, don't wait to get medical help. keep your paperwork, like receipts, if you weren't at fault, the other driver's insunce m c costs and make sure you fully understand all the terms in an auto accident settlement before you sign it. call us any time, 888-996-tips or online at >> all right, thanks, chris. giant star brandon crawford missed last night's game but he had a pretty good reason. >> i'd say. a baby boy. brison crawford. check out the giants shortstop of the future, 8 pounds 8
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ounces. this is crawford's fourth child and second son. the giants shortstop will miss two more games to be with his family. >> they were well worth it. >> party of six. >> i know, eight is enough. >> coming up next ona look at tt to help us through that day. >> it's going to be a nice day as we take a live look outside palo alto. this are looking very nice. pper 50s at 8:00 and mid-70s coming up next. right now we've got a couple of issues going on for this -- looking at the bay bridge, i'll explain this shot and what i see -- i think you can see some of what i can't and i'll explain more coming up. we continue to follow that breaking news out of union city. a shoot outbetween police and suspects trying to get away. still a very active scene there this morning and we are there live. that's story coming up for you next. a live look outside at a v
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foggy golden gate bridge.. good tuesday morning. as we take a live look outside. very foggy. guess where that is? bet you can't tell. >> golden gate bridge, you can't see it there. very foggy start to our morning, thank you so much for starting your morning with us, i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. >> let's check the forecast. would be nice if the fog would cool everything down for a few
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extended days. >> we were talking about how hot it's going to be as we go into the rest of the week. so today we're still enjoying fairly comfortable weather, here's a live look outside in oakland this morning. we'll see clouds rolling by to start out that morning commute as we get a look at fremont's temperatures, mid-50s at 6:00, upper 60s for noon and all clear skies, san jose heading up to 83 degrees and it's going to be hotter today in and concord reaching the low 90s, oakland today, 71 and 88 in napa. we'll talk about how hot it gets through the week and mike checking the lights across the bay bridge. >> we're looking at these slow tail lights going across but i did see the flashing lights. a crew looked like it started to clear westbound direction. just after treasure island. can't see treasure island and can't see the tower because of low clouds hovering above the driving deck. we'll track it but no problems
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reported and as far as chp goes or on our sensors over here, a nice drive across the bay. you saw the slowing for the crew clearing from the span. rest of the bay moves well. we'll point out other spots coming up. back to breaking news that we're following, overnight change of gunfire between union city officers and several suspects leaves at least one person hurt. >> pete suratos is live oad avep to all of this chaotic scene.


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