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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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weeks ago. >> we can have it taken care of. >> reporter: but lawmakers furious, they are catch being the heat for the administration's actions. >> the white house can change it in five minutes, and they should. >> this was a policy invented, implemented and executed by president donald trump. >> reporter: a policy that has further complicated the conversation around immigration reform, as congress scrambles to find common ground. >> i think we have a problem. we need to fix it. everybody agrees we need to fix it and we're going to work on that. >> reporter: across the country, pressure is mounting. protesters calling the policy un-american. >> we want a great country. >> reporter: while president trump says the country nbc area, about ppl protested outside san francisco's immigration blocked sampson street for about two hours. they came to protest after seeing the images from the border. >> i have children of my own and grandchildren. and just the thought of them
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being taken away from their parents, it's appalling, and i just couldn't stay at home and not come out. >> today we laalso heard from locals who support the president's immigration policy. california is among 21 states demanding the administration to stop separating children from parents. the letter argues the policy interferes with crime fighting, particularly human and drug trafficking, saying the practice of mandatory family separation is inhumane and contrary to the efforts to stop violent criminals. what's happening at the border has prompted a bay area to respond. two former facebook employees are raising big money to help those immigrant children.
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they're one of the most successful campaigns in facebook history, it raised nearly $6 million for the cause, and the amount continues to rise. nbc b nbc bay area's anousha rasta tells us about the couple and the campaign. >> reporter: the money is heading to a non-profit organization in texas which provides low-cost legal services to refugees and their wanted to single parent reunite with their child, but the cause took on a life of its own. imagine trying to raise $1500 and ending up with more than $5 million and counting in just four days. a menlo park couple started their fund raiser on facebook, called reunite immigrant parents with their children, to help the migrant families who have been separated at the southern border. >> right now what's happening is
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a humanitarian crisis. >> reporter: she is from oakland but traveling right now in london. she learned about the fund raiser through friends sharing the link on the social media platform. >> i can't believe that in a country like the united states, which has been such a safe haven for people for so long that they are doing something as inhumane as this. >> reporter: in april, the trump administration began following what it called a zero-tolerance policy. parents who cross the border illegally are criminals and arrested. their children then sent to separate facilities. thousands of children are in government processing centers like this one, with no word on if or when they'll be reunited with their parent. >> it absolutely horrifies me. i can't imagine anything more inhumane. we need further action. >> reporter: i spoke to one of the creators of that facebook fundraiser this afternoon.
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charlotte willner says they do not want to speak on camera. they want to keep the focus on these families, not on themselves. >> coming up at 5:30, we talk to a rancher at the border who says he supports the crackdown. the reason? a tragic discovery he made on his property. lester holt joins us in about 25 minutes. firefighters have contained a brush fire that was threatening homes in the east bay. th that's near daugherty valley high school. fire broke out just over 90 minutes ago. firefighters have the upper hand. she became famous after a movie came out about her about 20 years ago.
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the real life erin brockovich is joining the legal fight bought against pg&e. she will be speaking at a public meeting in about an hour from now santa rosa. people who lost everything are suing pg&e saying its equipment started several of the deadly october wildfires. it conducted improper maintenance of its equipment and properties. the brockovich tangled with pg&e before. no such thing as a routine traffic stop for police officers. a union city police officer was involved in a gun battle with teenagers. it happened shortly before midnight. the officer tried making a traffic stop on east street and railroad avenue. the people in that car fired gunshots at the cop and he shot back. officers eventually caught three
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teenagers, and one was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. two of them were 16 years old. the other 15. this morning, streets in the area were closed and amtrak's capital corridor trains canceled stops at the hayward station. homophobic flyers in a park and it's captured the attention of the city council. marianne favro has more on what st city leaders are doing about it. >> reporter: several flyers were found hire at mitchell park on father's day. they've since been removed. one was put up in a restroom. it criticized palo alto libraries for displaying books about lbgtq issues.
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>> i don't think we can prevent this, but what we can do is respond as soon as it happens. indicating to the public how abhorrent it is and how we certainly are not going to take this without fighting back. >> reporter: the mayor responded with this letter posted on the city's website. then last night, then ti entire council reaffirmed support for the elbe gt q society. there is still much work to do to make sure everyone feels welcome. the city still doesn't know who put up those signs, but if they're caught, they could face a misdemeanor. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. late today, a decision by the trump administration is raising eyebrows around the world. the u.s. is withdrawing from the
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united nations human rights council. u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley and mike pompeo slammed the human rights council for chronic bias against israel. pompeo also claimed the council is ignoring human rights abuses and allowing some of the worst abusers in the world to join. just yesterday, the u.n.'s top human rights official criticized the trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy for separating kids and parents at the border. a new creative direction for pixar ands have been announced. jennifer lee and pete doctor. doctor is now the chief creative officer for pixar. both are oscar winners and walt disney vets. they will be taking over after john lasseter took a leave of absence for misconduct allegations.
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marine biologists are trying to figure out how a blue whale died. scientists are performing a necropsy. though is only the tenth blue whale death they've responded to in 43 years. they're hoping to learn more about the health and history of this species. still to come, the wedding video is gone after a car break-in here in the bay area. how the photographer is hoping to get it back. plus, more ads could be coming to your commute. the new plan from cal trans to raise millions more dollars. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog is back at the coatstline. you're going to want to see this in about eight minutes. their li.
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and now, they have no proof it happened. someone stole the their wedding video in san francisco. it was the happiest day of this lives, and now they have no pro proof it even happened. the couple tied the knot last saturday. afterwards they went sightseeing in the city. and someone broke into the car and stole all the video gear and all foot ooage of the wedding. if you're the one who stole the footage, they're asking for the memory cards back, no questions asked. a bold robbery in martinez. merchandise was stolen from an at&t wireless store. these two men wked in and forced an employee to the back
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of the building after they said they had a gun. one took an at&t worker's shirt and acted like he worked there. he took merchandise totaling $45,000. the suspects remain at large. if you've seen them on our freeways, now the billboards could show ads. right now you cannot use them for commercial use, but a new plan to reverse that for 25 signs across the state. lawmakers say the new signs with ads could bring in revenue for the state and we'll need to vote on that. critics say it could take away counties' abilities to control signage. they could replace those in la and sacramento. the 2020 census is a great big deal. that is the message from the south bay. each participant held up a sign reading engage, vote, lead.
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it's no coincidence, they're all women. the year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of women getting to vote. and non-profits reached out to get everyone counted in 2020. >> and when i mean this is large-scale outreach, we need it. we need these advocacy groups, unions, churches, educational institutions. institutions of higher learning. >> the trump administration has said it will put a citizenship question on the 2020 accept sce which many fear will suppress the number of undocumented residents counted. jersey boys, and the kindness related to the show can save a person's life. >> or make the end of someone's life just a little bit better. garvin thomas is here with such a tale. >> when you hear that someone is in hospice, you kind of get an idea of what to expect. throw that out to the woman
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you're about to meet. nancy is in hospice because her body is failing, but her mind is razor sharp. and hear heart is a little more full than it was. just how many days. no one can know. but vista manor is where 87-year-old nancy will be spending the rest of hers. bu she is more than okay with that. >> the things i love to do the most i can't do, never would be able to do. and i'm very willing to pass on at this point. >> reporter: still, if nancy expected her final days to be uneventful ones, she failed to mention that to josephine nguyen. josephine is a musical therapist for seasons hospice. ♪ i'll just be >> reporter: she and nancy quickly bonded over their love of music, musical theater in particular. >> every song that i have done
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that i know, i know you already know it. >> reporter: there was one bit of uncommon ground. josephine had never seen nancy's favorite show, "jersey boys." so when the national touring company came to san jose and nancy lamented not being able to see it one more time, she urged josephine to go, which she did, but with a plan. after the show she stalked the stage door, and when the person who played the lead walked out, she pounced. >> i work in hospice, and i've only seen the show because my patient who loves it told me to go see it, and she's not able to, and, you know, i'm just wondering if we could do something for her. >> instinct was yes. >> reporter: we skyped with miguel from the jersey boys show on broadway. >> so i went immediately. >> i just met him last night. >> reporter: the very next day, in fact, miguel went to vista manor. surprised nancy.
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and performed for an audience of just one. ♪ it just goes to show that even toward the end life can still surprise. ♪ my eyes adored you >> and thanks to the kindness of those around her, a woman who thought she was done making memories had one more wonderful one. >> you held that note. that was wonderful. >> that's fun. that is fun. >> she's been a patron of musical theater her entire life. and it really did, when she said i can't do the things i love to do, one of them is cooking. she was a big chef. the other one was going to the theater, and to not be able to go to see one of her favorite shows was something that bothered her and josephine and miguel got together and gave her her own private show. >> that's a big deal.
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"jersey boys" is a hot ticket. >> yes. >> that meant so much to her. thank you so much garvin. >> that's a fun story. let's go outside now. our live camera the tri valli. a hot day ahead is what the graphic says are we accurate with that graph snick. >> -- graphic? >> it's going to bt. we're setting ourselves up with nice weather. let's go ahead and get you outside to our live sky camera network. lots of blue sky right now. this is usually our warmest spot. humid italo humidity lower today. we do have the elevated fire threat. we'll see 60s return under mostly clear skies. i am calling for more low clouds to return tomorrow.
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patchy clouds to the south bay and 50s right on over to the tri valley as well. more low clouds. arias of fog f areas of fog. it's going to cool off a couple degrees tomorrow. it's the second day of fog at the immediate coastline. you're probably going to go out side and go, wait, i thought the heat was coming. it is. it's gi it's just going to take a little time to get here. and we'll see temperatures ratchet up. in the south bay, 79 degrees. really, really great weather for june. t you got 87 in antioch. 82 in pleasanton. 74 in red wool wowood city. no 70s just yet, 63 in the mission. and a cool 57 in the marina. and right into the north bay, probably the nicest tomorrow in
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novato. so what we're really waiting on to get here to get that heat to increase that i know is probably i going to have a few of you complaining, it's going to set up near the bay area, and that should give us our hottest weather we're thinking on saturday's forecast. a quick preview of the hottest temperatures shows us once we hit saturday, concord, 102. livermore, 101. morgan hill at 100 in the extene other thing you'll notice in san francisco, not going to get quite that hot, but really nice mild to warm weather for pride weekend with temperatures in the low to mid-70s. we'll cool off once we hit monday and tuesday. cities away from the cost line t -- coastline, fire danger very, very high. 100 on saturday. then 90 on sunday and really
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down as we hit next monday to 79 degrees as the cool front passes off to the north. another week with lots of different temperatures coming our way. >> even in the city with pride weekend and the giants in town, it should be nice and warm. >> still to come, accusations of sabotage at tesla, spelled out in e-mail, ceo elon musk allegedly sent out to all employees. the giants just annout
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pitcher hunter strickland -- broke his hand after punching a do happening now on our twitter feed, the giants just announced that their pitcher, hunter strickland broke his hand after punching a door following last night's loss at at&t park. he's expected to be out for six
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to eight weeks. and a ramen restaurant is coming to san francisco expected to open this fall. i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school.
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they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. employee is out to ruin his company. accusations of sabotage by el elon musk. tesla says a disgruntled employee is out to ruin his company. a former worker messed with tesla's computer system and
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stole data. he also says he did it on behalf of another car company. part of the e-mail says there are a multitude of big gas diesel car company competitors. if they're willing to cheat about emissions maybe they're willing to cheat in other ways. we called police to see if tesla reported a crime. the departments said no. tesla has yet to return our calls. whole foods is expanding its stores nationwide. right now, prime members can get reduced prices on certain seafood and produce as well as a discount on hundred of other items. we have a map of all the locations. scan the prime bar code at checkout. we want to congratulate some of our colleagues, our news team for winning two distinguished edward r. murrow award.
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they were honored for best documentary for "kicked out." it uncovered eviction abuses. and our digital news team honored for excellence in social media for the coverage of the wildfire. it recognizes journalism not just in the state of california but across the country. we're honored to work with this team of journalists. not one but two lucky lottery winners in the bay area, congratulations to them. millions won on scrapper tickets. find out where next. why cannabi
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such great deals now, and it won )t last long. washington washingt tonight at 6:00. >> the price of legal weed. in our 6:00 newscast. and finally, lottery luck right here in the bay area. not once, but twice. two players won $5 million. >> what? >> on separate scratcher tickets. one of the lucky winners, mikael cazoo bought his ticket the where he works. the win brought him to tears. >> of course. >> he plans to use that money to
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open his own business. >> and manag ma. >> some are like $20. >> for the $5 million one. >> congratulations. >> we got to buy some scratchers. >> you can see tomorrow 86 degrees. we do start off with morning fog. sun for the afternoon, higher 98 on friday, then 90 on sunday and 79 on monday's forecast. and look, if you happen to have tomorrow off, looking for something to do, nbc bay area's sponsored event, best food, wine, you name it, taste it. >> sounds great. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. tonight, the emergency on the border and intense pressure
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building in the nation's capitol. [ crowd chanting ] we have late word from congress as president trump shows no signs of backing down. >> you have to take the children away. >> and tonight, our team on the other side of the border with families making the agonizing decision whether to cross with their children. major escalation in the president's trade war with china could cost you more for everything from tvs erto toys, clothes and food. hl the size of golf balls. al roker is here. a new consumer alert. your credit card perks are disappearing. those price protections, return guarantees and vacation ve


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