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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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tomorrow, more beds and tent cities are being set up to accommodate the overflow of undocumented children and adults who have been detained at the border. tonight president trump was on capitol hill defending his zero tolerance policy on immigration. >> across the country the concern isng over the administration's decision to separate children from their parents. from the bay area to washington, d.c., hundreds of people demons
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joins us in san francisco where immigration is the local and national conversation right now. cheryl? >> reporter: well, we all know that lawmakers on both sides are vowing to do something about the immigration crisis. but the people i talked to tonight say those same lawmakers aren't doing it fast enough. on capitol hill, late tonight, president trump demanding congress fix the crisis that he created with his zero-tolerance policy. >> the system has been broken for many years, the immigration system. >> reporter: republican lawmakers feeling the backlash over the fallout are vowing to end the separation policy with an emergency bill. >> a plan that iigration status is determined. will consider a short-term fix, he ultimately wants comprehensive immigration reform.
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>> lawmakers believe the president is the one who can reunite children with their family who's have been detained for coming into the u.s. illegally. >> this was a policy invented, implemented, and executed by president donald trump. >> reporter: as the fight over immigration reform rages on, people here in the bay area are watching closely. many of them gathering tonight for the city's first ever refugee food festival where immigration was on the minds of many. >> to see such un-american way of treating people is really hard to watch, and we knows hai. >> reporter: more meetings are scheduled to take place on capitol hill tomorrow morning. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. $7 million in just four days. a couple from menlo park has raised millions on facebook to
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help migrant children that you saw separated from their parents at the mexican border. hoping just to raise $1,500 to help a single parent. but people shared the link worldwide. it grew to at least, at last check, $7 million. that money will be used to hire attorneys to represent migrant families and their children. the information you need to know about kids being separated from their families as well as a breakdown of the current immigration policy is on our website. if you want to find out some research for yourself, check it out. a big decision tonight in san jo could lead to a lot of money for homeowners. houng in this is will it help all about the in-law units on your property. terry mcsweeney joins us at city hall where the council just voted to make this happen. >> sam liccardo was hoping these less restrictive rules would lead to between 300 and 500 new
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units of housing per year all built in the backyards of existing homes. for homeowners, all kinds of possibilities for their property. brian thorn owns a home in the nagly part neighborhood of san jose. >> we're going to have a one bedroom and a kitchen and a bath and have a washer and dryer. >> reporter: the city council's decision could turn this old garage into a gold mine. >> i could probably rent out my garage for $2,200 or $2,300 a month, and that would financially for me actually more than cov means a bit of a dent of e way of the red tape and regulations, and so we're waiving a lot of requirements around setbacks and parking and height requirements. >> reporter: now lot sizes can be smaller. the backyard homes can be larger. the city is hoping for several hundred new units each year. >> that's the equivalent of a couple of development projects. >> reporter: mr. torn may also
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give true meaning to his new in-law unit. >> my mother-in-law recently sold her house and she's getting a little older. it would be nice for her to be around family. >> reporter: mayor liccardo says these little homes can be built fairly quickly and that homeowners are generally less demanding when it comes to rent. live in san jose, iter ter, nbc bay area news. gone but not without a trace. the cameras were rolling when a 6 week old puppy was stolen from a south bay business. police are asking for help in identifying the man you see in this video. investigators say he walked into the business on baring drive in san jose and he left with that little husky golden retriever mix. we spoke to the dog's owner, who was hopeful that that surveillance video will help get his dog back. >> when i that video, but, i mean, i'm so glad that we install the security cameras so we could see his face perfectly and his car. >> talking about the car.
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the suspect drove off in that black mercedes suv with the 6 week old puppy. three kids all under the age of 10 are in the hospital this evening after a deadly crash in concord. police tell us the gray suv t-boned the white dodge. it happened around 6:30 this evening on concord boulevard and parkside drive. the driver of the white car died at the ene. the three kids inside the suv were taken to children's hospital in oakland. concord boulevard was shut down for several hours. investigators remain on the scene. a sigh of relief in the east bay tonight. crews were able to contain a fire that came dangerously close to s look. this is near doherty valley high school. sky ranger was overhead. you can see that charred earth down below. the fire broke out just after 3:00 this afternoon. about 40 acres burned. no word tonight on what started the fire. taking on the utility again.
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high profile consumer advocate erin brockovich was in santa rosa tonight talking to victims of the north bay fires. known for taking on pg&e and winning, she's joining a legal time fighting to hold pg&e accountable for damages. jean elle joins us from santa rosa. jean, survivors are hoping that brockovich's star power and her expertise may make a difference for them. >> reporter: they are, jessica. as you mentioned, brockovich is famous for taking on pg&e. tonight she met with santa rosa fire survivors, most f from recovered as you can sigh. she told them to keep their heads up and to take on that corporate giant. >> there's some things that you're not going to be able to >> reporter: high profile consumer advocate erin brockovich talked with north bay fire survivors in santa rosa, encouraging them to hold pg&e accountable. eight months after the october
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firestorms that killed 44 and destroyed thousands of homes, survivors are emotional. >> all of it is overwhelming, and we're not young. >> good days, bad days. >> reporter: cal fire says pg&e equipment caused the majority of the north bay fires. the cause on the tubbs fire has not been determined. >> you were here. you know right from wrong. you know what you need. >> reporter: brockovich is teaming up with lawyers who are representing hundreds of victims and suing pg&e for damages. >> because they're pg&e. they're worth billions, and you have an obligation and a duty and a responsibility to your customers. >> reporter: survivors want to be made whole. >> i had a $900,000 house before. if i rebuild in that same spot,. insurance doesn't cover that. wilbur ter: recovery is a slow gets pg&e's attention. >> this has to be dealt with.
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>> if it adds weight to the lawsuit. it adds her name, which is known. >> reporter: known for suing pg&e and winning. we did ask pg&e tonight what it thinks about brockovich joining the legal effort. in a statement, the utility says the loss of life and businesses and property in this community is heartbreaking, and it is remaining focused on recovery and rebuilding. reporting live in santa rosa, jean elle. now to the silicon valley. the city of cupertino could generate millions of dollars in ne revenue. disss the head count tax. sha sha essentially taxing businesses foactoes get the go-ahead, cupertino voters could decide on th to n pass t tax. another strike to mom and pop businesses in fremont. a family owned bowling alley is being forced out to make way for housing. the hillman family has owned the
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cloverleaf family bowl for over 55 years. the owner says the landlord is selling the building to make way for a housing project. fans of the bowling alley are calling on city leaders to save it. >> we don't need more housing in that area right now. >> we're not going to give up. we're here as long as we can be here. i hope we don't have to chain ourselves to the building. >> more on 10,000 people agree and signed the petition urging fremont city planner to save the building. the lease is up in five years and in that time tmily hopes to status. still to come, precious wedding memories stolen in a san francisco smash-and-grab. whathe doing this evening, hoping to get it back. and it fell out of a nest in the south bay. how a young bald eagle is now recovering. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. low clouds returning right now, but i'll show you why this moves out and when weould reach 102
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degrees. that forecast in about eight minutes.
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that's what they're saying. shame. this just in from washington, d.c. the controversial homeland security secretary, kirstjen nielsen was heckled at an upscale mexican restaurant right across the street from the white house. you can see there -- dark video but you can see the demonstrators storming into this restaurant and eventually shouting her out, yelling "shame." secretary nielsen has defended the trump administration's zero tolerance policy for people trying to come into the united states. strong arming employees. tw men pull off a robbery at an at&t wireless store and get away with thousands of dollars of merchandise. police say those two men walked into the store, forced an employee into the back of the building, telling them they had a gun. one of the suspects then took
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the employee's at&t shirt and went out front and worked at the store. he eventually took $200 in cash from customers before stealing nearly $50,000 in merchandise. newlyweds in san francisco are heartbroken tonight. all of their wedding photos and videos were stolen in a smash and grab burglary. it happened on saturday at the botanical gardens in golden gate park. the wedding party decided to enjoy a day outdoors. when they got back, they found their rental car with the windows broken and all the photographer's equipment stolen. that photographer flew out here from philadelphia to document his best friend's wedding. and now all he has is a couple of pictures to show for it. >> i pride myself on making unique and meaningful, heartfelt films and just a bummer that one of the people i care about the most isn't going to get that. >> that's $14,000 worth of equipment that was stolen. professional sony cameras, cases, a gopro, memory cards,
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and a drone. that photographer we just heard from is hoping someone will come across the stolen cameras and take them to police so his friend's wedding pictures will be recovered. palo alto is reaffirming its commitment to the lgbt community tonight after someone posted offensive signs at a popular park. several homophobic posters were found at mitchell park on father's day, including one in a bathroom and another one at the playground. the signticid palo alto libraries for displaying books ab lgbtqmoh. people's bad behaviasically what it is. i think that it is inflammatory, and it's offensive, and it's not representing anything that is true. >> palo alto's mayor, liz kniss, called the signs disturbing. she did that on the city's website. kniss also reaffirmed palo alto's support for the lgbtq community. the city council did the same during a meeting last night. as we speak, they are
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spraying. vector control is warning people in parts of santa clara and sunnyvale to stay inside for the next few hours. a mosquito fogging is under way. here's a map now of the area being sprayed. it's centered around reed avenue and east evelyn avenue. again, parts of claire and sunnyvale. if you live in this zone, you're asked to stay inside until the spraying is done. this is happening because moix of mosquitos have tested positive for west nile virus in that area. spri spraying will last until about 2:00 a.m. a young bald eagle that fell from its nest in milpitas is recovering in walnut creek. he's been nicknamed lucky. nbc's jodi hernandez was there as doctors examined lucky and tells us how he's doing. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling as veterinarians with the lindsay wildlife hospital examined the baby bald eagle, looking for injuries. >> a little bruising here. >> reporter: this video shows
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the eaglet in its milpitas nest just last week testing out its wings as it prepared to try to fly. but the baby is believed to have fallen from the tree on sunday. >> sometimes just like a child trying to ride a bike, they stumble and fall. >> reporter: officers were the department of fish and wildlife tried placing it back on a branch yesterday but the bird took another tumble. so officers brought the 3-month-old to the wildlife hospital to get checked out. besides some bruising on its wings, some dehydration and being a bit on the thin side, doctors say the bird's in good condition. vets gave it a meal of mice to help it regain strength. >> so that he got a little calories. we also hand-fed him some mice so he could have that in his system. >> reporter: they then let it spread its wings and stretch its legs in the aviary. >> everybody is excited that we
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have an eagle in care. it's nice to see that he's release fif relatively unhurt. >> reporter: given it survived two falls, lucky is just that. >> it looks like if all he has is one little bruise, that's pretty lucky. >> reporter: in walnut creek, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> lucky is a handsome bird too. >> yeah. >> and a meal of mice. >> that's what they eat. >> you could see how big his head really is compared to the hand size. powerful bird. we've got a huge week and weekend coming up. we were talking about it with nascar, the giants and pride. >> it's going to be packed in like normal. it's going to be hot for parts of the bay area but you're still going to be able to find a little bit of cool as well. let's take you into our microclimate forecast and check out this beautiful view. if you're listening to us and you happen to be away from the tv, this is one to come check out real fast. you can see that fog line is
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moving in right across the city tonight, and it is gorgeous. it's up to about 1,500 to 2,000 feet. so with the low clouds in place, that means of course we keep the fog in san francisco through tomorrow morning and temperatures in the low 50s. this will also bring back patchy areas of low clouds across the interior valleys as you start off on your wednesday morning. 57 here in the south bay. tri-valley at 56. also more overcast for the north bay. of course san francisco as we mentioned and right across the east bay at 55. so it's the second consecutive day of that thick fog at the coast. so tomorrow, temperatures are actually going to be cooling off a couple degrees. i know what you're saying. we're talking about the heat. why isn't it going to get hot tomorrow? we've got to wait a couple days before it gets here. overrule on your wednesday forecast, really nice across the south bay. 79 in san jose. warm in morgan hill and gilroy with mid-80s. contra costa, alameda counties, feeling the heat most in antioch
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and danville. mid-80s and a cool 68 in oakland. right through the peninsula, probably no need for the a.c. tomorrow. 77 here in palo alto. 71 right up through san mateo. san francisco in the upper 50s, also low 60s. you got that classic westerly wind out of the west at 20 miles per hour. and right through the north bay, mill valley at 73. napa, 82 degrees. so all good as we head through your wednesday forecast. but when you're probably going to get a bit annoyed with my forecast, maybe even upset, is when we start to crank up those temperatures. i know certainly some of you like the heat but there's many it's going to be too hot for. what we're keeping a close eye on is high pressure building in from the south. i still think it's going to be a two-day event, friday and saturday, with saturday being the hottest. let's put a focus on saturday. you can see how hot it's going to be. 102 in concord, well above that average of 83. morgan hill, 100. even san jose and redwood city getting up into the mid-90s. the good news about the heat,
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it's still going to stay comfortable right into san francisco. still warm for your standards but can't argue with this kind of a forecast as all of those people, hundreds of thousands of people coming to san francisco for pride this weekend. pride parade there on sunday at 10:30 in the morning. we cool off by next monday and tuesday. city as way from the coastline, check out these temperatures. 86 tomorrow. up to a hot 98 friday with increased fire danger. 100 on saturday. then we are back down to 78 once we hit next monday's forecast. so at least it doesn't last too long. now, the one event i'm concerned about with possibly some heat exhaustion would be toyota savemart 350. that is on friday with 96 and saturday, 99. for the big event on sunday, it looks like it will be cooler, but friday and saturday you've got to watch out. >> there will be a couple hundred thousand people in sonoma county. >> that will be warm. >> thanks jeff. up next, breaking and entering. meet the bear with a sweet tooth. yes, that's a bear going after
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this home in tahoe. whoa. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. whoopi goldberg is my guest tonight. it's an all new show. it's a great show. stay tuned. and happening now, a possible hate crime in napa county. an afghani uber driver claims his passenger threatened to kill him because of his ethnicity. and on our twitter feed, tributes to a rapper shot to death in florida. people turned out in l.a. in remembrance of xxxtentacion. we posted video of people in melrose piling on to a car driving through the streets. back in a moment. to the south b now you can weigh in on the impact it may have on your commute. plus- getting a jump start on tech jobs. the free program for teens to 20 year olds to teach them to code. join us- tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7.
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uber wants you to go electric. the company says it's launching an electric car program in seven cities across the nation, san francisco included. it's called ev champions and drivers will make some money off of it. san francisco drivers make a dollar per ride bonus for using an electric car. uber is striving for at least 5 million electric car rides over the next year. alexa has a new job. guest services. amazon and marriott hotels have partnered to increase the hotel experience. the echo device will assist in providing services ranging frome concierge for dinner recommendations all without picking up the phone. alexa, order me a cheeseburger, something like that. >> i don't trust alexa. >> we're back in a moment with some bad blood in the giants game tonight and your world cup update. stay with us.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be.
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any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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talk about being a little upset. giants pitcher hunter strickland so mad with his performance last night, he punched a door, and he broke his pitching hand. >> you get upset sometimes.
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he's out six to eight weeks but that's not the end of the story. the bad blood from last night extended into tonight's game. top of the second, giants pitcher dereck rodriguez drills louis brimson and the umpire says both benches, you are warned no more of that. shortly after the marlins pitcher retaliates by hitting buster posey. straily immediately ejected from the game. bruce bochy not happy about that because you drilled buster posey. that doesn't go well. by the way, there was a game in all this. the giants beat the marlins tonight. 6-3 your final. the a's bead the gearing towards mexico game on saturday. gabriel sotelo joins us with more. >> believe it or not, the first round of group matches is done and the home teams start the the second round today. russia took care of business beating egypt 3-1. with today's result, they have six points and have practically
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qualified for the next round. they will face uruguay to determine who will win group "a." bad news from brazil's came as name ar jr. had to leave practical early due to a pain in his right ankle. the team doctor said this is due to the ten fouls he received. 7:30, uruguay will try to keep pace with russia for the first place in group "a" when they face saudi arabia. and at 10:30, iran, who got that surprise win with an own goal against morocco will face spain. also for the first time in copa mundial history, the first round of group games did not have a scoreless draw. that's great. jessica, raj, back to you. >> you going to watch the 4:00 a.m. portugal game in. >> go portugal. we're back in a minute.
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it doesn't matter what species you are. we all have a sweet tooth. >> that's a black bear in lake tahoe who loves m&ms. it wasn't the first time the bear has broken into the home. he's a frequent unwelcome house guest. he's been there six times in recent months, and he always
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gets sweets. >> how big is he? 7 feet in. >> big. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> too big for that kitchen. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starr." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- whoopi goldberg, david hogg and lauren hogg,


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