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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 20, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hidden in the fog this morning in the low clouds. if you're drive from fremont into the city, it will be mostly cloudy throughout the morning commute. temperatures in the mid-50s and we'll see some sunshine heading into the afternoon. mike, you have a note for oakland drivers. >> the nimitz looks great. that's the good news just east of here on international boulevard, a power outage reported there, still 1400 customers affected and this is a stretch of international right behind the coliseum. that may affect the signals for the drivers as well and street lights. i did scan the area with our camera and didn't see anything really outstanding but it's right tli by 66. that's where i'll hand it off to you guys, on service streets there's a lot of police activity but getting into the city it's okay zpl that breaking news we want to tell you about right here. dramatic scenes from san francisco this morning where a driver crashed into a 30-feet into an apartment building. this is in inner richmond.
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>> pete suratos joins us live from the scene. is everyone okay there, pete? >> yeah, good morning to you guys. look we move to a closer location here on clement, 400 block of chement, you can see this delivery truck right there 30 feet or so into this garage now. when police were on scene here earlier in san francisco, they told me they believe there's no dui at this point for that driver but that it could be possible that he may have just fell asleep at the wheel. now this all took place at around 3:30 a.m. you see that delivery truck going through the garage of this apartment complex. police as i mentioned said they do believe he may have fell asleep as he was driving here but here what's one person who lives next to the building had to say this morning. >> i woke up going to the bathroom and heard a big crash my roommate woke up and we base
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he canally ran into window to see what was going on. didn't see anything so basically went outside and we walked down here and we saw a couple of people according to the crash over here. >> there are no cars in that garage and no people were injured. when i showed up on scene, four people who said they lived in this complex and none of them were hurt but this crash is still under investigation. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, for "today in the bay." >> it is 5:02. new this morning, a fight outside an east bay bar turns deadly overnight. it happened in san leandro outside the sons of liberty ale house. four people had just left the bar and got in a fight. two men were stabbed. one died at the scene and the other is in the hospital. the two attackers took off. so far there are no arrests.
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5:02 right now. we have continuing coverage of what is next in the immigration crisis. of course, we have seen these heartbreaking images coming in from the u.s. mexican border where hundreds of families are being torn apart. meantime in washington, the president is describing the situation as nafl nasty and ugl. if they get enough votes to fix the problem, they'll sign it. what are we seeing tracie? >> reporter: what we're seeing is a lot of meeting, we'll see another one today between the president and his party republicans in charge here trying to come up with a solution although the president's critics say it was his zero tolerance policy that caused the problem. >> both could happen this week on two laws that would end separating migrant children from their parents. >> we're going to see if we can
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fix it. >> mr. president, i'll lend you my pen, any pen, you can fix it yourself. >> president trump tells republicans he's 1,000% behind immigration reform. >> i don't want children taken away from parents. but it's not clear which plan he's backing. >> we hope to reach out to the democrats and see if we can get a result. >> one compromise would limit immigration and provide a path to citizenship and nearly $25 billion for a border wall. >> children should not be a bargaining chip in this process. >> lawmakers are under pressure with courts overflowing and thousands of children and government custody. >> people i haven't heard from in years. got my cell phone and know my personal e-mail and saying i haven't bothered you in a long time. this is urgent. this is moral. >> ranchers at the border blame parents.
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>> it's terrible that they are using their children as pawns to gain access to our country. >> children in cages, congress in limbo. >> and america at a boiling point. tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> in the meantime the trofrgsial homeland security secretary was heckled out of an upscale mexican restaurant in washington right across the street from the white house. demonstrators stormed the restaurant and eventually shouted her out yelling shame as you heard there. secretary neilsen defended the trump administration's zero tolerance policy for people coming into the u.s. san francisco takes action on a plan some call long overdo. cleaning up conditions at the civic b.a.r.t. station. recent video showing some of the problem went viral. commuters at time stepping over
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and through people passed out in the walkway. many of them intravenous drug user as and sometimes there's used needles thrown around. mark farrell will roll out the new safety plan there joined by leaders. >> santa rosa leaders take another keep step in the long road to recovery. council members approved a new $447 million budget. that's about 16% higher than last year. a lot of spending will cover costs related to the deadly north bay firestorm. that includes replacing the entire water system and fountain grove and contaminated from fire related toxins. city leaders hope to recoup some of the money from federal disaster relief. >> moving a little bit closer to finalizing plans for the city's long talked about grade separation project would involve moving the train tracks off street level to improve traffic flow. palo alto weekly reports last
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night council members took some options off the table over concerns they could lead to imminent domain seizures, the project is years from starting and likely will not be finished for at least a decade. today we'll get an update to the progress being made on the trans bay transit center in san francisco. this is going up near the sales force tower. over the weekend, one of muny's largest lines started using the bus plaza. the four story facility isn't expected to fully open until august at its earliest. >> at 5:07, happening today, san francisco's battle against sand accumulation gets kicked up a notch. crews start the annual relocation of sand along the great highway. teams will redistribute 8,000 cubic yards along the strand of ocean beach. that means one lane southbound traffic between lincoln will be closed from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day that work goes on. that may take up to eight days. >> keeping you safe this fourth of july with dry conditions in
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contra costa county, firefighters want to make sure you're extra cautious with fireworks to drive those points home, yesterday the contra costa county fire protection district demonstrated what happens when tippeder dry gas and fireworks meet. not a good combination. even a common sparkler ignited within seconds. a reminder all fireworks are illegal in every part of contra costa county, even safe and sane ones. >> right now at 5:08, we're waking up to a few clouds as we look outside from san jose. we're going to have a nice and mild start if you're going out to some of the hiking trails in the south bay or also going to some of the parks, we'll be in the upper 50s and nice and cool start this morning at 7:00. at 10:00, we're at 66 degrees, feeling nice and comfortable. we will continue on with some sunshine throughout the day. mild and breezy by 6:00. we'll be at about 73 degrees looking at our highs today, oakland expect a high of 68
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degrees, 86 in concord. and for livermore, 83 degrees there. morgan hill, 85 and san francisco up to 62 degrees. we'll talk about what's going on for palo alto coming up. mike, now you have a car fire in san jose. >> it's right in front of our camera. look at this. just saw these flares being put out. it's very dark and this is 280 southbound just at highway 17. there you go, you can see that overcrossing. folks familiar with the area, you would be taking 280 and getting off towards 17 or crossing over towards 880 and that off the roadway and possibly blocking your slow lane is where this car fire is having the activity. checking on any injuries or other reports from the area we do see flashing lights on the scene already. this is right here at the 280 southbound towards 17 and 880. no other lanes affected from what we saw. it's that flaring and possibly the slow lane. the rest of the bay moves smoothly but that is a concern. i'll checkup and let you know if there are any injuries or other people involved other than that car there.
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back to you guys. >> good to know. thank you, mike. >> coming up next, a possible solution to the housing crisis. >> like winning the lottery. >> the big decision in san jose that could bring thousands of new homes to the city. >> and investors get ready for trump's second wave of a tariff attack on china. we'll take a look. >> and later, a bizarre warning to hawaii tourists, coming up at 5:26, the reason dozens are being arrested near the lava zones. deal talk.
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we're coming up on 5:13 on this wednesday morning. we're going to see some clouds during the early hours but all of that clears out as we go through the take. palo alto looking pretty good this morning as you drive to work. it's going to be in the upper 50s and then into the low 70s for today. some breezy winds and a lot of sunshine, overall a really nice day. we're talking about triple digit temperatures in the forecast. i'll have a look at that coming up in five minutes. >> as we speak, saw the flames flare up. looks like the fire department putting out this fire on the side. southbound 280 underneath 17 and 880. traffic still flowing on the overpass there. slow lanes blocked and we're tracking progress. i'll let you know about any injuries so far in that reporting. >> very happy wednesday to you. history has been made as general
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electric is evicted from the dow 30 industrials, one of america's oldest companies been on the dow since 1896 when the index was invented. starbucks will close 150 underperforming stores. an update for you on tesla's claims that it was the victim of sabotage. elon musk says he caught an employee sab tour and says that sab tour may be connected to a wider conspiracy. musk hints at conspiracy by other car companies. but we did digging for you and i talked to law enforcement all over california. we can't find anybody investigating this. i started with fremont police where the factory is. they say tesla didn't call them. they are not investigating, how about palo alto police. tesla headquarters is in palo alto. to be safe, i also talked with the county sheriff.
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he told me tesla didn't contact him either. i gave tesla another call and asked if they had called some law enforcement agency i hadn't thought of and why they weren't involving the police. tesla says it has no comment. we were talking about the markets earlier and they've had been hard hit by a second wave of tariffs, president trump hit and ready with a second wave. 10% on consumer goods. will apple get a special pass? apple iphones are made in china. president trump's trade adviser told cnbc there is no special exemption for apple but cnbc is also reporting president trump has told tim cook apple will get a free pass. we've been talking about an iphone tariff because president trump specifically promised it. 10% so you know $1,000 whatever, that would be 100 bucks. whatever that's passed on to you, we'll see. i mean the factories could absorb a little bit in china and
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apple could absorb some. >> usually the consumer, yeah, we'll see. >> this morning, it's a whole new ball game for thousands of san jose homeowners. the city actually approved a new rule to allow for more granny units to help ease the housing crunch. he owns a home in the neighborhood of san jose but the city council's decision could turn his old garage into a gold mine. >> i can probably rent out my garage for 2200 or $2300 a month and financially for me more than cover my mortgage. >> if we can get out of the way of the red tape and regulations, and so we're waiving a lot of requirements around setbacks in parking and height requirements. >> now, the lot size can be smaller and the backyard homes can be larger. mayor liccardo is hoping for up to 500 new units each year.
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>> voters in two bay area cities will reportedly decide measures to limit patient costs at stanford hospital. mercury news is reporting the union representing stanford health care workers qualified november ballot measures in palo alto and livermore. each would limit healthcare charges to 15% above actual cost. stanford would have to issue rebates beyond that. they cover the measures a employ to increase staffers and union members. three other cities where stanford hospitals operate. bay area based lyft is giving cancer patients free rides to treatment. this is happening in las vegas and los angeles. the ride hailing company made the announcement saying they are expanding their already existing partnership with the american cancer society. we don't know if the company plans to expand the free rides to cities right here in the bay area. if you ever want to help the
5:18 am
american cancer society also takes donors or volunteers to do that as well. >> absolutely. >> new this morning, broadway musical pegged on the lives of pop stars nothing new. >> in this case it sounds like they are going to be starting something -- got to be starting something -- >> you need a glove. beat it ♪ ♪ beat it >> you know who this is. michael jackson is aparntdly about to get the jersey boys treatment according to the playbill of musical on jackson's life. maybe coming to broadway by 2020. already a composer and choreographer in place and this would not be the move inspired by the king of pop. thriller live has been running in london's west end for nearly ten years now. >> what a great show. music is phenomenal. >> already a kpoeser and performer. >> how difficult to play that role. >> sure, but they have how many
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in that vegas show as well. >> yeah, not about being an impersonator, it's embodying him. >> i hope you get. >> we heard the singing. >> move on to weather. >> through the morning going to enjoy beautiful weather today and you better enjoy it. it's going to heat up this weekend and here's a live look outside in dublin. at least the weather is nice as you get ready to head out the door. the seven-day forecast for south bay coming up at the bottom of the screen. come over and take a look at it. it's going to change your plans for the weekend. let's get a look at our temperature trend for walnut creek where we start out at 60 degrees at 9:00 and it goes from 60 degrees to 70 degrees at noon. still not bad. we'll be in the upper 70s to low 80s and cool temperatures very comfortable in santa cruz today. by noon we're at 66 degrees and
5:20 am
reaching to about 73 to 74 degrees for the afternoon. all of our high temperatures in the south bay will be right at about normal. 79 degrees in san jose and in cupertino, light winds from the northwest. for the east bay, it will be as warm as 87 in anty of course, while oakland looking at 68 degrees. 58 degrees in half moon bay and san mateo up to 71 degrees. 63 degrees in the mission district and north bay. mostly upper 70s. as we get ready for pride weekend, beautiful weather, a few clouds to start out by tomorrow morning. the rest of the weekend looking mostly clear and up to 75 degrees for saturday. now what are you doing this weekend? let me know what your weekend plans are @kari hall weather. you may get a personalized forecast and we'll be talking about this hot weather for the inland areas. stay up to date for that. it's going to be up to 100 degrees on saturday in the valleys, 90 degrees on sunday and san francisco goes from the
5:21 am
low 60s today to the mid-70s by saturday. mike, you have an update on the car fire? >> i do. first, i'll show you this video, look at this. flames jumping around the car and there was a spark and flash as the firefighters started to address this fire. this is southbound 280. you see at the top of the screen, it is actually the interchange and now, after that was taken care of. let me show you the live pictures now that quickly took care of this. from start to finish from the initial report to right now, it's been just less than a half hour. that's great news as far as fire department goes there on scene. no word of any injuries or anybody related -- nobody in the car and that is great news. we're continuing to track that though because we're continuing to get more detail. we have two lanes blocked southbound 280 approaching 17. but traffic to very light. it's right here and not causing any problems for us. we're looking at the rest of the south bay and in fact of the rest of the bay, no major problems. earlier crash has cleared to the shoulder, west 580 at dougherty.
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slowing out of the altamont which is typical any time of the morning commute. a little bit of slowing towards the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see metering lights turning on and no delays for transit agencies, great news if you want to take a ride. back to you. >> 5:22, coming up on qutsed in the bay, a mess at the mandalay bay hotel. what caused this massive water leak? >> getting a jump start on tech jobs, the free program for teens to 20-year-olds to teach them to code. arhotel guests in las vegae
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greeted by this at the mandalay bay casino and hotel. talk about a nightmare, hotel guests greeted by this at the mandalay casino and hotel. water seen gushing from the ceiling in the convention center area. the leak was initially reported to be in the south convention center building but soon after that water began spreading so quickly the conference attend ees were ushered to safety through this side door of the building. they determined a water main break caused the leak. everyone was let back in and no one was hurt. quite a bit of cleanup there. >> this may seem like a no brainer to you, but taking a selfie near molten hot lava can be very hazardous to your health. that very risk is apparently not enough to stop thrill seekers from trying to take the perfect
5:26 am
selfie on the big island. that's where kilauea is erupting. ter issuing new warnings and saying 40 people have already been arrested for straying too close to the lava since may. 5:26. a unique and free program to help prepare folks for a career in tech. >> it's not too late to sign up. a seven-week program at the civic center starting july 3rd. it introduces young adults between the ages of 16 to 24 to the fundamentals of coding and overall website development. this is the first time the city is doing this. coordinator grew up in richmond and works as a software engineer for a vc firm and says it's important to teach these tools to a community not heavily represented in the tech industry. >> i wanted to see like how can i teach others about a skill i'm passionate about and i have and kind of get more people -- i
5:27 am
introduce more people to the tech industry at large. it's huge like especially in the bay area. and a lot of times getting into tech, it may seem like it's not accessible to people that live here. >> so here's some of the information with dates and location of that program if you're interested in signing up, head over to the code works section of the city of richmond's website. there may be a wait list but you should still go to a orientation date to see if you made the list. >> coming up here on "today in the bay," taking action against immigration crisis. the local advocates heading to the state capitol right now to demand change. plus -- >> when i see those videos it hurts. it hurts to see that video. >> the search for a puppy snatcher in the south bay. the emotional plea from its owner this morning. downtown san
5:28 am
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5:30 am
top of the morning to you on this hump day. taking a live look as we get started with this day. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. let's get straight to the forecast right now. kari hall looking good today. >> looks pretty much like it did yesterday morning at this time and today's weather will be a repeat of yesterday. so if you like the sun breaking out during the afternoon, the comfortable weather, you'll see it again today and as we go to campbell for our temperature
5:31 am
trend, we'll still see those clouds through about 9:00. temperatures in the upper 50s, normal, we're up to 80 degrees and we'll be just below that for today's high temperature. really nice as we look at our forecast today and you're high temperatures reaching 77 in palo alto and 87 in antioch and 76 today in santa rosa with san francisco reaching 62 degrees. mike, you're still tracking that car fire. what's happening now? >> folks are just joining us, this is the car fire off 280 southbound there. quite a lot of activity for a short period of time within the span of a half hour, it went from this at its worst to this, currently right here. we have right lanes blocked southbound 280 traffic getting by. you saw that. it's underneath that 17, 880 interchange. chp says no one around the car. good news, no one injured but we have the cleanup. blocking right two lanes, no slowing shows up and it is counter commute, that is a big deal for last half hour down in
5:32 am
san jose. a little bird for northbound through san jose. and little build towards the bay bridge toll plaza -- the metering lights are on just as you with expect. >> 5:31. we are following breaking news this morning. take a look. it's a live look at san francisco's richmond district where a van slammed into an apartment building leaving that driver critically injured. crash happened a couple of hours ago on near clement street. no reports of residents or bystanders being injured but some people are out of their homes. pete suratos will join us with a live report at the top of the hour. we understand the driver of the van fell asleep. back to our continuing coverage of the immigration crisis. happening on the u.s./mexican border. people across the nation and right here in the bay area demanding change as hundreds of families torn apart. protests continue this morning. local advocates urging action. kris sanchez is live in oakland
5:33 am
and kris, what are those people going to be asking our local leaders to do? >> reporter: they are going to be rallying and protesting this morning. we're waiting for the bus to show up that's going to carry 50 people here from the fruit veil b.a.r.t. station. one lady from fresno and another from l.a. and several other spots. in all more than 200 people are expected to show up by bus, a lot of other folks are car pooling. these folks are fueled by images like these of child detention centers where children are being detained separate from their parents as they await immigration hearings. the activists say they are going to rally at 8:00 in defense of the three sanctuary bills and at 10:00 protest outside the building where the sanctuary policy hearings is being planned. orgzers with the california immigra immigrant youth justice alliance say it's time for californians to stand up. >> i think now as jeff sessions
5:34 am
the different policies in california, we as californians have a duty to protect all immigrant communities amidst what's revealed to be happening in detention centers and different abuses that have come into light. an estimated 2,000 children are in the custody of the federal government separate from their parents. dianne feinstein has a support of 49 democratic senators on a bill that would ban family separation with would start with a zero tolerance policy back in april. nbc bay area crew is following this cara van and be in sacramento later this morning trying to get that part of the story. for now we're waiting for the bus load to arrive and them to depart as well this morning. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks for that update. this is a crime that caught a lot of people's attention, a man accused of attacking a homeless person for no apparent reason all caught on camera.
5:35 am
this afternoon, the suspect will face a judge for the first time. need to warn you you might find this video disturbing. san francisco police say 58-year-old samuel kicks a home las man on the sidewalk near the tender diagno tenderloin last month. he was arrested when officers spotted him walking on market. police say he's also a suspect in a separate unprovoked attack last month on a muny bus. in that incident he's accused of slamming a man's face into a rail being a breaking his nose. he's facing two aggravated assault charmgz. >> the search is on for whoever stole a six week old puppy from a south bay business. cameras were rolling when that man stole that puppy on monday. police are asking for help identifying the man you see here in the video. the investigators say that he walked into that business in san jose and left with that husky golden retriever mix. we spoke to the dog's owner who is hopeful that the surveillance video will help get his puppy
5:36 am
back. >> when i see those videos it hurts. it hurts to see the video but i mean, i'm so glad that we installed security cameras to see his face perfectly and his car. >> that suspect drove over in a black mercedes suv with the puppy, 6 week old puppy named nila. >> three kids under age of 10 are in the hospital after a deadly crash in concord. police tell us the gray suv you saw there actually t boned a white dodge. it happened about 6:30 last night on concord boulevard and parkside drive. the driver of the white car died at the scene. the three kids inside the suv were taken to children's hospital in oakland. concord boulevard was shut down for several hours but is back open this morning. 5:36, in making the streets safer for the elderly. that's what the city of san francisco will try to do today. district attorney george gascon along with mta will launch its citywide elder pedestrian safety
5:37 am
program. they want to put multiling you'll banners across the city to encourage drivers to slow down for seniors. >> we did some digging for you overnight and found some alarming stats from the cdc about traffic accidents in the u.s. in 2015, more than 5,000 pedestrians were killed in crashes. that averages to about 1 crash related death every two hours. and an older adult age 65 or older accounted for 19% of all pedestrian deaths. >> a follow-up to a story we've been covering for some time now. oakland city council approving a new budget and money will go towards cleaning up the streets. illegal dumping has become a huge problem as you see here in oakland. council approved more than $1 million to step up efforts to get the cratrash off the street. funding will go towards a four-person rapid response crew a lot with encouragement crew
5:38 am
members. repeat offenders could face big fines. >> upping taxes on silicon valley tech giants. could generate millions in new tax revenue if a new ballot moves forward. all about taxing the largest employer in the city apple. they held a meeting to discuss the head count tax. essentially taxing businesses for every employ, nothing was decided but if it does get the go ahead, cupertino voters could decide on the november ballot whether to pass the head count tax. other bay area cities are inclu considering the tax, including mountain view. >> a great event that raises money and awareness to end violence against women. >> we want to show you this video of the walk a mile in her shoes event. this take place every year in san jose. it's organized by the ywca. no only is it a fun time but help raise funds.
5:39 am
this starts for you interesting in helping out at 5:30 tonight. >> such a good cause. the y helps so many people. you know what, you find out it's not easy to walk in heels. >> looked like it. saw the mayor in chunky heels, see what he has this year. in san jose as well, southbound 280, did for a few minutes see slowing approaching the fire. the roadside car fire being addressed right now. two right lanes are still blocked but the traffic in the area still light in that direction. not a problem. we'll continue to track it and i'll show you the next report on live report. a little slowing northbound 101, mild slowing right now. rest of the bay moves nicely. marked one issue for oakland just east of the freeway international boulevard. there's a power outage. 1400 people still reportedly without power. better today than the hotter weekend because you want the -- >> got to make sure everything is working. especially the neighbor's swimming pool. >> right. it's one of those weekends where if you don't have a pool, you're going over to the neighbor's
5:40 am
house with a bottle of wine, like hey, how are you doing. here's a look at those numbers for the inland areas. 100 degrees, dangerous heat. if you don't have air conditioning, start making plans now to try to find somewhere nice and cool. the bay will be at 86 degrees, still very warm and the coast at 75. i think the beaches will be a popular place this weekend. even as it comes down just a few degrees on sunday, it's still going to be pretty hot for the inland areas, reaching 90 degrees, the bay at 82 and 72 degrees for the coast. if you're going to the pride weekend festivities, maybe going to the trans march on friday, it's going to be 71 degrees. perfect conditions and on sunday we've got the big parade happening at 10:30 in the morning. we'll have perfect weather for that with highs through the afternoon reaching low 70s. it's going to be hot in russian river valley, reaching up to 96 degrees on saturday but look at how much cooler it will be on
5:41 am
sunday. so that may be the day you'll make plans to get out and go for some of the tours if you're going hiking around kirkwood, it's going to be in the mid to upper 70s all weekend long with some sunshine of the we'll look at the temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. 5:41. coming up next, thousands of new jobs coming to the south bay. how you can weigh in on the i am pangt it may have on your commute. >> if you're thinking van n next ess is bad, it's about to get worse. separating families as they look ahead to november. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. introducing jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries.
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good wednesday morning, let's look at our cloudy skies over san jose right now. we'll see these clouds for a little while longer but today will be very much like yesterday where suddenly it's cloudy and the next thing you know it's clearing out of the we'll see those temperatures going from the upper 50s to the low 70s. eventually hitting the upper 70s for this afternoon. enjoy today because it's about to get hot for the weekend. i'll show you how hot it gets in less than five minutes. right now, they are loading that car right there on the flat bed as we speak. it looks like they are opening up at least one of the right lanes. earlier car fire 280 expected to slow traffic at the scene. i'll show you the bigger look at
5:45 am
the commute where things are slowing coming up. thanks so much, kari and mike. it's almost quarter to 6:00. a project could bring thousands of new jobs to the south bay. and with that comes more traffic. this is a live look at diridon station. you can get your say on the impact that proposed goingal transit village will have in the very area. here's a map of where the google village would go. it's already a congested area of downtown san jose next to the busy diridone station. hosting the first of four community forums to get input on developments happening in that area. first meeting is tonight at 6:00, the next meeting is tomorrow night. >> new details on an effort to create a rapid transit bus system. that work is set to shift into higher gear. when it does, transportation leaders say the traffic will likely be a lot more hectic. the examiner reports that workers are about to move into
5:46 am
phase two of the renovation because the work will be underground. transportation leaders expect more street parking to be taken up by construction vehicles. phase two is set to start next month. >> quarter to 6:00 right now. saratoga leaders on a push for new gun safety measures, a new order yans requiring all residents to keep firearms in locked storage and any stolen guns would have to be reported within 48 hours. today council members will take public comments. the meeting happens at 7:00 tonight at the council chambers. republicans have presented the president with plans to end the separation of family tez border. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. politicians facing re-election very worried about their future. >> crying babies and families separated have republicans very worried this is going to affect them in the november mid-terms. there are two plans. both give the president money for his wall in exchange for an end to the government's child
5:47 am
separation program. president trump says he'll endorse either of them though he has made that promise before. we're waiting for majority whip steve scalise to show a finished product. the pope has weighed in. the catholic churches joins in condemnation. there's a movement in the methodist church to sense sur or xpex jeff sessions. raised alarm about a 10-year-old girl with down syndrome who is being held despite the fact that her father is a legal u.s. resident. now, here's how president trump's campaign manager corey liewandowski reacted on fox new. >> a 10-year-old girl with down syndrome taken from her mother and put in a cage -- i read -- >> wa wa. >> did you say that to a 10-year-old down syndrome. >> how dare you. >> how dare you. >> when you cross -- >> how absolutely dare you.
5:48 am
>> lieu an do you ski was manager until fring of 2016 when he was replaced by paul manafort currently in jail. abc news was able to get video of one of the processing centers mcallen, texas. facility run by the department of health and human services. we continue to follow this while follow it on twitter, tell me what you think, i'm @scottmcgrew. >> for anyone a familiar of the oakland zoo, this is something a lot of people have been waiting for. >> today the zoo lifts the curtain just a little on the long awaited expansion. the california trail project will expand the zoo by 56 acres. now it's been in the works for years now. some of it including the gongola already open. today the zoo offers a media preview debuting the most recent arrivals including rescued gorillas as well as the california condors. the california trail officially
5:49 am
opens july 12th. so we can start planning now for our future. >> it will be my first time at the oakland zoo. >> oh, good. >> cotton candy. >> it's always a lot of fun. i think it's the best zoo in the bay area but they are all unique. we are going to have great weather around the bay area today if we're heading out to the zoo. if you're looking for something to do with the kids, here's a look at san francisco where we've got the low clouds still hovering this morning. we'll get some slow clearing as the day goes along looking at the south bay, 7-day forecast already up at the bottom of the screen. it's going to be hot this weekend. get ready for that. it's still nice and cool as you get ready to head out this morning. we've got mid to upper 50s right now and a lot of events going on around the bay area today, including the walk a mile in her shoes, great charity event going on and it will be in the mid-70s with sunshine, perfect weather, just looking forward to seeing the video of the guys walking
5:50 am
around in those heels. if you're going to walnut creek for downtown walnut creek today from 6:00 to 9:00, it will be 77 degrees and you may start out with white wine and then head over to some red wine as the evening goes along and temperatures cool down. we'll be in the upper 60s in oakland for today and napa, up to 82 degrees. 62 degrees in san francisco. and then livermore expect a high of 83 degrees. san jose reaching 79 degrees. it's a great day to wear some short sleeves and shorts again for this afternoon, he especial after those temperatures warm up, it's going to be very much like it was yesterday. we'll still have our winds coming in onshore. northwesterly winds at 15 to 20, even higher for santa rosa today and tomorrow. but then notice that the winds change direction and that's going to keep us from really getting our natural air conditioning so it's going to heat up, especially on saturday. that's going to be the peak of
5:51 am
the heat with very light winds. check out how hot it's going to be on saturday, 100 degrees for the inland valleys and even though it comes down quite a bit on sunday, it's still going to be hot and for san francisco, nice weather weekend, all weekend long, reaching in the mid-70s, mike you're seeing more slowing at the maze? >> i am, we're looking at the berkeley curve and maze west 580, a lot of slowing as it joins with folks off the east shore freeway but the berkeley curve itself moves nicely. when they come together at the bay bridge toll plaza, there's the backup and metering lights, just a small area for the backup itself. into the maze moves smoothly and contra costa county moves nicely for the wall nut creek interchange. highway 4 traditional slows and by the time you get to wil low pass doing fine. no problems south towards san ramon and the tri-valley there. a little slowing for 680 through
5:52 am
pleasa pleasanton. it is south bay smooth flow of traffic as well. southbound 2le 0 about three minutes ago we saw the tow truck and burnt out car clear the scene. all lanes are clear now. southbound 280, counter commute but even northbound not showing a lot of slowing as well. we'll track this, back to you. >> coming up here on "today in the bay," we've all seen the videos of thieves stealing packages from front doors but now help could be on the way. new exclusion from amazon. >> happening now, palo alto is preparing for a visit from germany's secretary of state. warning evening commuters to expect major delays 101 to university avenue. >> plus, nearly nine months since hurricane maria, thousands of people across puerto rico are living in damaged homes protected only by blue plastic tarp. the u.s. and puerto rican government helped with grants
5:53 am
and loans and haven't been enough where half of the people are living in poverty. more news after this. (time che(
5:54 am
5:55 am
we )re off to a bit of a breezy start today-- as you can see from welcome back, the time is 5:55 and we're off to a bit of a breezy start as you can see from this video kris sanchez just tweeted. but going to change this
5:56 am
afternoon as tha weather heats up. let chris now how the weather is in your neighborhood, follow her @krisnbc. >> still looking for hot spots after a brush fire near the griffith observatory in the oakland hills. burned several acres. and firefighters were able to get in thr control within about two hours even though it was burning in really tough terrain. no buildings or homes were threatened and no one was injured. firefighters will be at the scene through this morning to make sure it does not flare up again. >> follow-up this morning on the dead blue whale that washed ashore in point reyes national sea shore. this is the photo of the mail. scientists say it died after it was hit by a boat. they informed a full necropsy they say boats and entanglement are the biggest threat. this will host a press
5:57 am
conference to answer questions about the blue whale. >> who people are in the hospital after a random stabbing at the california burger king. two witnesses were sit at the burger king in burbank yesterday morning when a man with a knife came up to their table. he started stabbing their 70-year-old friend in the head and side apparently for no reason. a stranger jumped in and held the attacker down. no word on how that victim is doing but police say the attacker appears to be more seriously injured than the victim. new video into the newsroom this morning showing hail in california in june. severe storms pummeled several parts of the denver area with those softball sized hail yesterday. as you can see right here, it piled up on freeways and even slowed down the traffic. >> this could be a solution to package theft. ak zon has a new delivery solution called hub. it specifically for people living in apartments. here's how it works. a delivery workers enter a code to open the door and leave the package inside a hub. then you get a notice that your package is ready for pickup.
5:58 am
you can use your own code to get inside. it's not just for amazon delivery. they accept packages from any sender or retailer. the monthly service is available to 500,000 people across the country and there's no fee to use it. >> summer solstice is already here, tomorrow actually. but you can get in the spirit a little bit early today. there's a free concert in golden gate park tonight to celebrate solstice. it goes from 6:00 to 10:00 at the korve sevconservatory of fl. there will be music from the 6 1960s. space is limited so if you're going, you're encouraged to take public transit. >> if you're not looking at your screen, you don't want to miss this. take a look here. anal ga al gator was spotted taa dip in the gulf of mexico this week. it happened near fort myers on monday.
5:59 am
a cruise ship captain shot this video showing that gator float being in the water. we are following breaking news out of san francisco where a van plows into an apartment building and the damage is dra ma mattic. we're live at the scene. >> plus, a deadly stabbing in an east bay shopping center. what led to the overnight violence. >> more outrage over the controversial immigration policy. the steps lawmakers are taking this morning as they scramble for a solution. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first, kari, we're delivering the nice weather and definitely need to take it in now. >> absolutely, we have a lot of changes on the way heading into the weekend. it will be comfortable, we're stepping out the door to some clouds and some mild temperatures right now. a live look outside in san jose and it's going to be in the upper 50s for the next couple of
6:00 am
hours. by 9:00 we're at 62 degrees and a lot of sunshine and highs today in the upper 70s and low 80s, not bad at all. we're going to see those highs up to 83 degrees in livermore. 82 in napa and san francisco 62 degrees. but heading into the weekend, it is going to be hot, hot, hot. i'll have a look at that forecast coming up. mike it's an easy build to the commute, right. >> i don't like the sound of that. moving nicely and mild slowing in the tri-valley. travel times off of 580 slowing out of grant line road and things ease up towards livermore. no problems, just a little bit for 84 cutting through pleasanton as well. the east shore freeway only 21 minutes from highway 4 but the backup is at the toll plaza and it is also affecting west 580 out of the maze. for more big news in the city, i'll send it back to you guys. >> 6:00 right now. we begin with breaking news, a driver crashes 30 f


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