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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 20, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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trump saying he will sign an executive order ending family separations at the border... so, what )s next? right now at 11:00, president trump says he'll sign an executive order ending family separations at the border. what's next. good morning thank you for joining us on this midday newscast. >> i am laura garcia. >> it happened a short time ago and made an enormous amount of pressure on both sides of the isle. kris sanchez is breaking down what the president is saying >> it is, we are not sure how the executive order will work or if the families will be reunited or bumped to the beginning of
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the line. a lot of folks are moved to action. nbc news kristen welker reports they were dismayed by the photos. >> i have to say that you have double standards and you have people that want absolute security and safety and you have people do look at the children and you have people like me and i think most of the people in this room that want both. we want the hard but we want strong borders. we don't want crime in this country and people coming in. we don't want people coming in from the middle east who are using children to get through the line. we don't want that. >> president trump says he'll sign an executive order stopping the family separations. does not appear he'll pull back the zero tolerance policy. that policy wechnt into effect
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early may. there is a court ruling that says you can't hold children longer than 20 days in detention. that would have been longer than 20 days ago. the president is headed to a campaign style rally in minnesota right now. just to make sure that congress gets the business on immigration, he cancelled tomorrow's congressional picnic. >> all right, thank you so much kris. >> just in this morning. two major airlines asking the trump administration to not use their services when transporting immigrant children separated from their families. both united and american airlines told bloomberg business while they don't know if their flights have been used to transporting children, they would be extremely disappointed to find out if they are used for that purpose. most airlines contract through federal employee that is the government does no t have to disclose the nature of the flight. several hundred bay area immigration activists are in sacramento of a pre-dawn bus
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ride. we were there when this left bart station after 6:00 this morning. images like children in detention centers where those children are detained and separate from their parents as they await immigration hearings. the activists plan to demonstrate outside the california stakes policy organizers using the juistice alliance. the w >> what has been happening through our social media and different images that have caused the shock across the nation have a lot of people engaged of the work that we do. >> as estimated of 2,000 children are in the custody of the federal government separate from their parents. senator feinstein keep families together. they would bar the family in
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separations that started with the trump administration of zero tolerance policy back in april. we have been extensively covering this crisis. you can find all of our story on our home page at happening today, a new plan to clean up a busy bart station which made international news recently and not for good reasons. it is part of a partnership between bart and city services for the homeless. >> nbc bay area that's underway at the civic center right now with some of the details, good morning pete suratos. >> reporter: good morning to you lauren. we are here in san francisco and we got san francisco mayor right now and joined by the police department talking about the clean up efforts that they are pushing up here that are going to be in place at the civic
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center now. i want to go over three major points planned by the city. they'll install kiosks for dirty drug needles and cutting down drug activities and fix the mess that's being left behind the station and outside of the bart station and not inside the civic bart station. pd is going to have 290 officers hours each week to the station. that's a five fold increase from existing levels. bart is going to expand its staffing by 78 hours a week. the agency will split the cost down the middle. they're going to address the big problem of homelessness here so you can integrate bart into a health department. now before this news conference i did get a chance to speak to the man who uses this specific station frequently and have
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complained of some of the conditions and he seen folks doing drugs here and here is what he had to say. >> it is heartbreaking and it is very - i just can't understand why they want to us it in public. i guess they are blind because they are on drugs. god bless them, maybe they can find a program or get some type of help. >> taking you back here out here live, the mayor addressing the crowd of the cleanup effort. we are live here at the civic center, pete suratos. nbc bay area. thank you very much pete. we'll get an update of the progress being made by the by the way san francisco. one of the newest largest lines started using the bus plaza. the four story facility is not fully opened until august at the earliest. up for a nice day ahead,
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let's take a peek outside overlooking downtown san jose. see how things are looking. the sun is up but it is not too warm. it is very pleasant right now. we like things like that, right, carr kari? >> absolutely, we are ready for the afternoon game at at&t park and we see fans starting to make their way through the stands. first pitch is at 12:45 and at 63 degrees. it is cloudy now but there will be some clearing as the game goes along. it keeps us nice and cool and going out of some of the hiking trails and reaching into the upper 70s today which will be very nice and breezy winds and comfortable and a lot of sunshine. the winds will pick up as we go into the afternoon with the evening hours of gusts up to 20 miles per hour and those ocean breezes also keeping the coast cool but in land areas will be quite warm today and concord and antioch today reaching the upper
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80s and morgan hills at 85 degrees and 79 in san jose. we have some much hotter weather on the way going into the weekend with a lot of festivities going on around the bay area. i will talk more about that, also just how hot it gets is coming up and less than ten minutes. we'll check back with you, thank you very much kari. police are looking for two men involved in a deadly fight outside an east bay bar over night, it happened at san leandro. two men was stabbed and one died at the scene. the attacker then took off. santa rosa leaders are taking another tee step in the city's long road to recovery. council members approved a $447 million budget which is higher than last year's. a lot of the money will cover costs of the fire storm.
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the 4th of july fire works, firefighters want to be extra caution of fire works. a reminder that all fire works are illegal in every part of contra costa county. would you take a look at this. eye catching images this morning in san francisco, inner richmond. a van slammed into the apartment building leaving the driver critically injured. it happened at 3:30 this morning at clemens street. some people right now are out of their homes. san francisco's battle against sand accumulations getting a kick up notch today. crews start the annual relocation along the great highway. team wills move 8,000 cubic yard. one lane of southbound traffic between lincoln will be closed from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
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each day that work goes on. it may take up to eight days. >> summer soltice is tomorrow, you can get a look at that earlier today. a free concert at golden gate park to celebrate soltice. >> it goes 6:00 until 10:00. there will be music from the 1960s. space is limited and you are encouraged to take public transit. >> coming up next, yo forite starbucks could close its stores for good. the coffee maker is downsizing. we'll take a closer look as to why. >> check out our social media pages. we'll help you out if you have problems with your car. >> six things to do when your car needs repairs. >> check with family and friends for recommendations and search for mechanics online and check the better business bureau for ratings. call the mechanic before you go.
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ask if their estimates are free. before you authorize remapairs make sure you rereceive a written estimate of the cost. if the mechanic can't return your car the same day of drop off, ask for a written time repair estimate. if the mechanic want give you everything in writing, walk away. have a problem or a tip? give us a call. or submit online - we respond to every call and inquiry.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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the nasdaq is reaching an all time high. the dow jones industrial is also up.
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six points so far. starbucks' shares sank on tuesday. >> on top of closing companies operating closed locations. >> here is jo lynn kent reporting. >> reporter: the coffee giant is planning to close 150 stores next year. it is most saturated market. the company says that's up from an average of 50 closures a year. >> starbucks's ceo says our recent performance does not reflect the potential of our brand. we must move faster to assess the needs of our customers. >> starbucks is going through a little bit of a growing pain right now. what the ceo is saying is starbucks is facing challenges with their own customers and with the consumers at large. like many companies starbucks is
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putting a renewal gift on its platform. 39% sales came from the loyalty app and starbucks had five million new digital customers since april. it has been a rocky few months for the rocky giant. this month, the ceo stepped down as executive chairman after more than 30 years of making starbucks a household name. that news come after one week after starbucks shuts down all of the u.s. stores to provide employees racial training. prompted accusations of racism. >> what happened in the way of the incident escalated and the outcome is nothing but rep prehenceable. >> now starbucks is shifting its business to put a renew focus on the customers.
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>> starbucks is definitely going through a reneurwal of how it approaches and attract today's consumers. the city of cupertino could generate millions of dollars of the new tax revenue if the new bla ballot proposal goes forward. taxing businesses for r every employee. nothing was decided but if it does get the go ahead, cupertino voters could decide on the november ballot whether to pass the head count tax. the bay area city also considers this new tax including macronutrients vie mountain view. amazon has a new division called hub. it is specifically for people live in apartments. here is how it works, delivery leaving a badge inside the hub
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and you will get a notice to pick up and you will use a code of your own one to get inside. it is not just for amazon delivery, the hub has packages of any central retailers. monthly services are available more than 500,000 people across the country and there is no fee to use it. a consumer alert for anyone who have not used credit perks in a while, even though you see ads everyday. major banks are rolling back credit card benefits and discovery dropped extended warrantees on products that you buy. chase is getting rid of price protection which lets you get money back if something you buy goes on sales. citibank is lowering trip cancellations. >> not every company is taking away perks. starting in august, american express will send its warrantee protection and one thing credit card companies are not changing
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is the rewards that you get based on the amount of money that you spend. we want to show you a video now of hail in colorado in june. severe storm in denver and softball size hail yesterday and it is piling up the freeway and slowing down traffic. >> in other states besides california, they get hail injun and july and mostly spring and summer. here we get them in the winter so it is a really unusual for us to see something like that but everywhere else is pretty normal. >> yes. >> we don't have to deal with that right now. we got some sunshine, although you may hear some people kblaning about the heat. we are fortunate in that matter. a live look outside and looking at dublin right now and temperatures are in the mid-60s.
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we have got a lot of sunshine and 66 as you head out the door right now in san jose. 63 degrees in palo alto and right now at 62 degrees. looking for our highs, it is going to continue to warm up. we start out with the clouds and now clearing out for the in land areas and it will be up to 85 degrees in morgan hills and east san jose is 80 degrees today. today 85 degrees and fremont and expect a high of 79 while at redwood city topping out at 74. 62 at daily city. outer sunset, slow clearing. mission reaching 63 degrees and 82 today in napa and mill valley expect a high of 73 degrees. as you make plans for the afternoon, you may be already trying to get those heels on your feet for the walk a mile in her shoes or practicing walking
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around, it is going to be a nice afternoon for the charity event. 75 degrees and mostly sunny skies. it is going to be breezy out there and fairly comfortable and then downtown walnut creek, we have the uncorked event happening. it will be 77 degrees and mostly sunny and warmer there. cooling off nicely for the ooer evening and for the alameda county fair and pleasant today. a good day to get out there with temperatures in the upper 70s. with e know it we know it is going to be hot for the weekend. winds are coming in on shore. that's the case tomorrow as well. by friday we'll have a shift in the wind as high pressure moves into the bay area and that's going to cause most of our winds come fing from the north and shifting offshore by saturday and into saturday. we don't get our natural air-conditioning and temperatures heating up and as the wind blows over some of our hills as it moves down into the
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valleys, it gets hotter so we are looking for a hot weekend for the in land valley. it will be nice and comfortable for a pride festivities this weekend. on thursday, we'll be up to 66 degrees and clearing out for the rest of the weekend and looking nice with mid-70s. while in land areas will be baking for r the first day of summer and into the first weekend of summer and reaching the peak of our heat of 100 degrees on saturday and cooling off nicely from early next week. we'll go to 100 on saturday and 80 degrees on monday. a lot of drastic changes here over the next few days. >> the first time we are saying come on monday. >> right. >> hurry up. >> thanks a lot kari. coming up next, russia is beating the odds when it comes to the world cup. and bars talking about maybe running out the key items they need. we'll explain that coming up. happening now, disney is offering more than $70 million
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for fox entertainment business in a counter bid to comcast nearly $66 billion offer. fox is responding calling this new offer superior than comcast. comcast by the way owns nbc bay area. we'll be back after this break with more. changing by the minut are all over the story. analysis as the situation develops overnight. and- kari is tracking triple digit heat. she )ll dissect any forecast changes while you sleep.
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tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it trending onliny
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area dot com. mike inouye joins us now to when it is coming of what's going around town, we are
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staying on top of nbc. mike inouye is watching what's going on. >> not traffic. >> remember at, the whole section is devoted to the world cup and partnering with our sister network of telemundo. >> oh, that's ronaldo. we have a handsome man and making me look for handsome by getting him off the screen. russia won yesterday and so they needed uragauy way. slau russia is ensured of the spot in the next round. they get to move on.
11:26 am is where you can stream that game as i did. iran is playing right now verses spain and portugal verses morocco. she's got to concentrate on work but i am sure on the game. but you know we are talking about partying. let's give a note because i also discovered this. there is a fuel shortage of europe. >> are they saying because of all of these? >> both are affected by c2o shortage. we would want to know that as well. >> for mow, i will follow it on the gas world where i found the information. >> interesting. >> you can tweet it out, mike has the gas world. >> make sure you are following. >> thank you, mike.
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>> hey mike, while you are at it. get on your walking shoes. your heels for a great event that raises money and awareness to end violence against women. >> right now you are looking at the video of "walk a while in her shoes event." not only it is a fun time but it helps raise funds for wyca. this gets underway at 5:30 tonight at park valencia. >> that's really nice to see. >> the bigger the heels, the easier to walk in? >> the chunkier. >> the higher -- >> close to god. >> yikes. >> coming up next, san jose is taking a big step in tackling the new housing crisis. the new plan could bring hundreds of new homes into the market every year. could lead tor
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a big decision in san jose and it could lead to a lot of money for homeowners. the question is will it really help the people looking for houses. this is about a lot in a property. >> reporter: brian thorn owns the home in the park neighborhood of san jose. >> i think we'll have a one bedroom and have the kitchen and a bath and have a washer and dryer. >> reporter: the city council could turn this old garage into a gold mine. >> i can rent out my garage for $2,200 a month and that will cover my gormortgage. >> reporter: for san jose, it means a bit of a dent in the housing crisis. >> we are waiting for a lot of requirements around setbacks and
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parking. >> reporter: now lot sizes can be smaller and backyard homes can be larger. the city is hoping for several hundred new units each year. >> that's the equivalent of a couple of development project. >> my mother-in-law recently sold her house and she's getting older and we want her to be around family. >> mayor sam ricky leardo says homes can be built. a man accused attacking a woman for no apparent reason. the suspect will face the judge now. i need to warn you, you may find this video disturbing. >> san jose police say the 58-year-old kicked the man who was homeless on the sidewalk. he was arrested on sunday when officer spotted him walking on
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market street. he's also a suspect in a separate unprovoked attack last month on a bus. that incident, he's accused of slamming a man's face into a railing and breaking his nose. he's facing two aggravated charges. three kids under the age of ten are in the hospital this morning. it happened about 6:30 last night on concord boulevard and park side drive. the driver of the car died at the scene. the three children were taken to the hospital in oakland. it is back open now. >> the danville man accused of hopping the white house. nbc obtain the breach of 29-year-old alexander thomas miner accused of dumping a bear. he was on a mission from god to hunt the president.
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he carried a backpack but no weapon inside. a torture case in southern california moves forward in court today. the 57-year-old david turbin and his wife louise turbin accused of holding their kids captive. today's hearing will determine if there is enough evidence for a trial. if convicted, the couple faces 94 years in prison. the search is on for the person who stole a six-week old puppy in the south bay area. police are asking for help to identify the man you see there in the video. he walked into the business then left with a husky golden retriever mix. we spoke to the dog's owner who is hopeful the surveillance video will help get that dog back. >> when i see the video, it
11:34 am
hurts. i mean i am so glad that we have the security camera so we can see his face and car. >> the suspect drove off in the black mercedes. voters in two bay area city will decide to limit cost at the university hospital. t each would limit healthcare charges to 15% above actual cost. several would have to issue rebates beyond that. stanford -- the union drops efforts to qualify similar measures. we are talking about redwood city and pleasant ton. the council aprovproved thew
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budget which includes more than a billion dollars to step up the effort to get trash off the streets. the funding will go to the rapid respond crew as well as enforced members. > erin brockovich. >> nbc bay area reports from santa rosa where survivor holds brockovich star power and expertise that's going to make a difference. >> consumer advocates talk with survivors in santa rosa encouraging them to hold pg&e accountable. eight months after the october fire storm that killed 44 and destroyed thousands of homes, survivors are emotional. >> all of it is overwhelming and we are not young. >> reporter: cal fire says pg&e
11:36 am
equipment caused the majority of the north bay fires that caused on the tub fire that impacted most in this room has not been determined. you were here and you know right from wrong and you know what you need. brockovich is teaming up with lawyers representing hundreds of victims and suing pg&e for damages. >> they're pg&e and they are worth billions and you have the obligation and a duty and responsibility to your customers. >> the survivor like john franzman wants to be made whole. >> reporter: recovery is a slow process. >> murray hopes to have brockovich on her team. >> if it adds weight to the lawsuit and her name which is known. >> reporter: known for suing pg&e and winning.
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we did ask pg&e what it thinks of brockovich joining the legal efforts, utility did send a respond but did not address miss brockovich. this building was replaced in the old building that was built in 1963. the new building is set to be safer and firefighters expect for it to last at least 70 years. outside although you can't see it in this picture. there is a dog drinking a fountain and a wooden bench for the public to sit down. so there is still a little work to be done and the former dedication of the community open house comes later this year. making the street safer for the elderly. that's what the city of san francisco will try to do. >> district attorney along with mto will launch the pedestrian
11:38 am
safety campaign, they want to encourage drivers to slow down. >> we did some digging and found some alarming traffic accidents in the u.s. more than 5,000 pins are killed from crashes. older adults, i am talking about ages 65 and older accounted for 19% of all pedestrian deaths. well new this morning, a unique and free program to prepare folks for a career in tech. >> it is not too late to sign up. >> coding is holding training program for ages 16 to 24 of website development. the program grew up in richmond and working through the software engineer for a vc firm. it is important to teach these tool in the community and not heavily represented in the tech
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industry. >> i want to see how can i teach other a better skill than what i am passionate about or introducing people into the tech industry at large. if you are interested in signing up, head to the code works. go to the one of the orientation dates listed here. >> get ready to go. >> coming up, kari will look at our forecast. we'll need to enjoy these cooler temperatures before they leave us us, right? >> right, live look outside in san jose, let's go to campbell for the rest of the average reaching upper 70s with a nice breeze and sunshine. get ready for some sizzling temperatures for the weekend. that's coming up next. >> her new glasses give her headaches. she could not get the lens maker
11:40 am
to see it her way. nbc bay area responds, next.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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for... today the zoo lifts the curtain for anyone who's a fan for the oakland zoo, this is something you have been waiting for. today the zoo is lifting the expansion. it has been in the works for some time now and some of it includes the gondola already
11:43 am
opened. california trail officially opens on july 12th. >> how about this? the bald eagle that left in its nest in milpitas is now recovering. >> the bird has been nicknamed lucky. nbc bay area's doctor examines the bird. >> reporter: our camera were rolling as we examine the baby bald eagle looking for injury. >> reporter: this video shows the eagle testing out its wings. the baby believed to be fallen from a tree on sunday. officers with the department wildlife trying placing it back on a branch yesterday but the bird took another tumble.
11:44 am
officers brought the three mo months old to get checked out. some dehydration and being a bit on the thin side. doctors say the bird is in good condition. so that he got a little bit of calorie. it could have that in the system. they then let it spread its wings and stretch its legs in the avery. >> everybody is excited that we have an eagle and it is nice to see that he's relatively unhurt. >> reporter: that hopes to reunite him with his parents so they can help it as i leat lear how to fly and hunt. >> it looks like if all it has is one little bruise is pretty lucky. >> jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> it is getting well-fed.
11:45 am
>> lucky for him. >> and lucky for us we have been experiencing these cooler temperatures but coming up la r later, i don't know how it will be. >> we have been talking about how hot we'll be over the weekend, we are trying to savor what we have going on. >> make plans for the pool. we are seeing a busy day and a lot of sunshine and nice weather. half-moon bay, the picture is already starting to change as we see those clouds moving back away from the coast and going offshore. temperatures are still cool and 62 right now in san francisco. in land areas mid to upper 60s and a few low 70s there. half-moon bay is going to be 58 degrees during the middle of the average. it will cool down fast once again as the clouds move back to half-moon by the way, it will be foggy.
11:46 am
some of the spots will be reaching to the low 80s. in martinez we'll be up to 81 degrees reaching a high temperature of 3:00 this afternoon and cooling down nicely at 7:00, we'll be at 74 degrees. here is a look at all of our high temperatures for today reaching 76 in santa rosa and concord, 86 degrees and san jose at 79 and livermore at 83 degrees. palo alto reaching 77 degrees. right now we have winds coming in on shore. how about westerly winds but by friday, this is when it starts to heat up and our winds change and blow offshore so it is going to be really, really hot and also dry. at least we won't have really strong winds which could pose a high fire danger, still very hot n nonetheless. 97 on friday and 101 degrees on saturday. it will be cooling down on
11:47 am
sunday but it will be hot low 90s while santa cruz stays in the 70s. by sunday expect a high of 66 degrees. make your weekend plans around those temperatures. we have got the pride festival happening in san francisco. we'll have perfect temperatures reaching into the upper 60s there around the civic center with the sunshine may feel a little warmer and for the in land areas, we'll be topping out low 80s today and 90 tomorrow for the first day of summer and up to 98 degrees on friday. we'll reach over 100 degrees in a few spots on saturday and then it comes back down. we won't get the big cooling until monday once our highs reaching upper 70s and san francisco will be in the low 60s today and some low 70s by the end of the weekend looking at some mid-70s for all the festivities and festivals going on in san francisco and much cooler early next week.
11:48 am
i will have another quick look of the forecast a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. >> coming up a story that proves there is kindness out there. meet a bay area woman who gets a surprise of a lifetime as she is near the end of her life. this will warm your heart. you don't want to miss it. >> before we get to break, i want to show you how you can join our community on the waze application. go to our waze app and in the bottom corner, there is going to be a magnifying glass, click on that and click at your name, that's your profile and scroll down to see teams and you will pick ours, nbc bay area wazers, that's how you join the community and that's how we help each other out. we'll get back to you right after this break. this is gonna be awesome. rated pg-13.
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greeted by this at the mandalay bay casino and hotel. water is seen gushing from the ceiling in the convention talk about a nightmare and hotel guests at las vegas.
11:51 am
water seen gushing from the convention area. what a mess talking about here. that leak reported to be in the south convention building. soon afterwards the water spread so fast that the conference attendees had to evacuate. everyone was eventually let back in and fortunately no one was hurt. that building has no structural damage. now to baseball and beer. >> turns out some people can't hold their beer literally. >> this happens during last night's game of the brewers a. a fan's beer, knocked out of his hand by the ball. it explodes on top of the dugout. not all the beer spilled out. they had a lot of fun with that. we are talking about the
11:52 am
power of kindness, it can really save a person's life. >> remarkably. in the case of the next story make the end of someone's life just a little bit better. >> here is gavin thomas with today's story. >> reporter: just how many days no one can no. this is where the 87-year-old nancy will be spending the rest of hers. >> don't worry. she's more than okay with that. >> the thing i love to do most and never did and never would be able to do. i am willing to pass on at this point. >> reporter: still if nancy expected her final days to be uneventful one, she failed to mention that to josephine nguyen. josephine is a musical therapist. she and nancy bonded over their
11:53 am
love of music. >> every song that i have done you already know it. >> josephine have never seen nancy's favorite show, "jersey bo boys'. >> she urged josephine to go with a plan. when the actor who played the lead walked out, she pounced. >> i am a music therapist and i have only seen the show because my patient who loves it told me to go see it and she's not able to -- i am just wondering if we can do something for her. >> my instinct was yes. >> we skyped with miguel on broadway from the jersey bow sh show. >> the next day miguel went to
11:54 am
surprise nancy and performed for an audience of just one. it just goes to show that even towards the end, life can still surprise -- thanks to the kindness of those around her, a woman who thought she was done making memories had one more wonderful one. >> that was wonderful. >> isn't that so lovely? >> it really is. >> the you mewusic is the international language. >> that was gavin thomas reporting, we'll be right back.
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don )t know why- ask our producer. broadway musicals pegged on the lives of pop-music stars .. kari is checking out the next story with us. we don't know why. >> in this case it sounds like they're going to be starting something. ♪ >> beat it! michael jackson is about to get the jersey boys street. it may be coming to broadway by the year 2020. >> we can start saving our money
11:58 am
out there. >> right? >> that would be fun. >> we'll see you tomorrow starting at 4:30. have a great day. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly
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it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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♪ we are live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> i love you, i love your voice. and this is brock vich


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