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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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zero-tolerance prosecuon it. we don't like to see families separated. at the same time, we don't want people coming into our country is takes care of the problem. >> reporter: but it's only enough to buy time for congress to iron out a permanent fix. now both parties rushing to be part of the solution. house democrats. >> make sure we reunite our families. >> reporter: and republicans. >> the law should not have our government choose between enforcing our borders and enforcing our laws, securing our borders and keeping families together. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: jeff sessions and kierst kirstjen nielsen each heading to capitol hill. the scramble coming as mounting pressure reaches a boiling point. kirstjen nielsen confronted by protesters at a restaurant. but will congress find common
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ground when it'san will presidet it. and so far, more than 2,000 children have already been separated from their parents. so even after today's action, the question remains. how exactly will the government go about reuniting these families. raj and janelle? >> that is a big process ahead. among the controversial shelters being used, the so-called at ter e shelters. the associated press was the first to reveal the buildings are clean and safe, the children, many of whom are too young to talk are hysterical, crying for their parents. houston's mayor opposes administration's plans to open a fourth shelter in the city. the average age of those kids is
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7. from separating families to sanctuary states, there is a bay area angle to all of this. you see the bus hoods loads of supports leaving oakland. the doj is suing california or sanctuary state laws. melissa colorado was at the protests and spoke to supporters at this pivotal day. >> reporter: the sacramento courthouse became the epicenter of the border battle here in california. from l.a. to the bay area, immigrant supporters and president trump supporters traveled from afar to voice their opinion on the crisis at the border. >> i'm an undocumented immigrant myself. >> reporter: years ago he made the same journey the child in this iconic photo made. he says he can relate to her fear, but he can't relate to the trauma of being separated from his parents.
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>> i can't imagine what my experience would have been like if we had been placed in these cages. >> reporter: he is one of 100 demonstrators who rallied outside the federal courthouse in sacramento. while a judge upstairs heard arguments in the trump administration's lawsuit against the state of california. downstairs -- >> no wall! >> reporter: a clash of opinions over what should happen to parents and children who break the law and cross the border. >> to use it as a punishment is completely inhumane. >> they're doing their job, protecting american citizens first. >> reporter: he was live streaming for his conservative website when we notified him of president trump's new executive order. >> we are keeping families together. >> i don't have a problem keeping them together in custody until they're activists say the president's retreat is a step forward. but the fight is far from over. >> he may have announced he's going to end the separation of
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families so he can look like a hero, but i'll believe it when i see it. >> reporter: many support president trump's decision to sign an executive order to stop the separation of migrant families, but many wonder how long it will take for those parents to be reunited with their children. that's the latest here in sacramento. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> as for the federal court case against the state of california, we're going to have more about that in about ten minutes. social media is in fact a force. right now the grand total stands at an stounding $13 million. the facebook couple launched it and the initial goal was $1500. and it's at around $13 million. it will help immigrants held in detention. border agents now have a significant challenge, as blaine
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mentioned, trying to reunite all these families separated in recent weeks. how they plan to make it happen. lester holt joins us in about 25 minutes. another stolen gun snatched from the back seat of a sufficient belongisuv belonging to an off-duty officer. it happened last week outside of a fitness center. you can see the suspect drive next to the suv, appear to do some sort of stretching there against the suv, and then he drives off. investigators say he stole a bag that was visible in the back seat of that suv. now he also used that suv was used from the sheriff's deputy on duty as well as threemagazin. it's not clear how the suspect broke into the suv. the sheriff's department says the deputy immediately reported incident. well, we've learned the man who tried to scale the white house fence this week is from
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danville, and his father's talking only with nbc bay area about what his son did and why. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in contra costa county with more on this story. >> reporter: alex minor was arrested on the spot outside the white house. nobody was hurt, but tonight hehis father is talking with us exclusively, sharing what he says is his son's long battle with mental illness. >> he's a good kid. he's a kind kid. he's got a great heart. >> reporter: that's how lincoln minor describes his son. but on monday, 29-year-old alex minor of walnut creek was arrested in washington, d.c. after trying to scale the fence in front of the white house. a tourist captured the arrest on camera. according to charging documents, alex minor told investigators president trump was the anti-christ and he had hoped to make his way into the oval office and slap president trump in the face. >> if he really wanted to harm the president, he think he
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probably would have, you know, gotten a weapon. he didn't have one. >> reporter: lincoln minor says his son is a marine veteran who served on the front lines of afghanistan and has never been the same since. he has served our country. >> yes, he served our country and he came back not quite the way he went. i know he's not who he was. and i don't think it's his fault. >> reporter: minor says he's been trying to get help for his son for years. but like so many families of the mentally ill, couldn't force him. >> he's got some serious conspiracy issues and paranoid issues. and so maybe it's gone from ptsd evolving into something else. >> reporter: minor says something needs to change in this country to make it easier for the families of the mentally ill to get them into treatment before things get out of hand. >> i want professional help for him. to help find out what's going on. does too.
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>> reporter: lincoln minor says he reported his son missing to the walnut creek police department here earlier this month. he's relieved to know he is safe and plans to travel back east soon to see him. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. first, the accusations, now the lawsuit. elon musk is going after a former employee who he believes stole company secrets from tesla. a federal lawsuit has been filed claiming that former employee hacked into computers at tesla's battery factory near reno. the lawsuit says martin tripp stole confidential information and leaked false information to the media about tesla. he allegedly admitted that he transferred several gigabytes of data outside the company. that lawsuit comes three days after elon musk warned employees of someone sabotaging the company. there's a new plan to clean up the bart civic center
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station, notorious for trash, discarded needles and people shooting up in the hallway. starting with a plan of a kiosk to dispose of needles. sfpd will increase foot patrols in the area. and health officials say there will be more outreach to the homeless and drug addicts. >> it's a problem that's been here for 10, 20, 30 years. i do think that if someone actually sat down and applied themselves to it over time they could make a difference. i just haven't seen the will to do it. >> it is a big issue. coming up, how big the addiction problem has become and how many needles are discarded and collected on the streets of san francisco. a lot of smiles and some happy it tears after a stolen puppy was reunited with her owner. luis gutierrez couldn't stop hugging his husky puppy after it was found.
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nyela was found. the man walked into a business, grabbed the dog and gave it to his estranged girlfriend who lives 90 mile the away. the suspect's estranged girlfriend was unaware the puppy was stolen and not involved in the crime. it's one of the biggest weekends of the year. nearly a million people in san francisco for the pride festival. how is the city keeping everyone safe? emergency management officials are urging people to sign up for text alerts. text the phrase pride sf to the number right there on your screen. 888777 and you can be automatically enrolled in the city's emergency alert system. it's the same system used for natural disasters and major emergencies. still to come. no more powdery makeup in your carry on bag and the reason behind the tsa's new rule. also the rise in whales hit and killed by ships.
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the latest earlier this week. the renewed pleansts. and a bear cub trapped in a car. watch as it jumps out of a busted window to free itself. the video coming up. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. not too bad today. 82 in concord, but i'll tell you when and where we'll reach 102 degrees. that updated forecast in about seven minutes. shark washed asho
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has taken a strange turn. the )california department of the investigation into why a dead shark washed ashore in app toss has taken a strange turn. after getting the necropsy tu the results over to the law enforcement division. early sunday morning, the roughly 5-year-old great white was found on the beach in aptos. we are learning about a dead blue whale. a ship strike is likely to blame. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us in san francisco with answers. christie? >> reporter: well, ra thave bee here even recently, a little closer to the bridge andre has ' attention is the amount of ship strikes in a short amount of
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time. the blue whale was a juvenile female that washed ashore. >> the bones is where we find the story, that she was struck by a ship. >> reporter: barney is with the marine mammal center, part of the team that conducted a necropsy. since early last month, five whales have come ashore in the bay area. typically gray whales or fin whales, four likely struck by ships. >> bone fractures, sometimes fractured skulls. >> blue whales are highly endangered. >> reporter: dr. sean johnson says whales are migrating and there are more ships now, an issue that has brought changes. >> giving the ships more options, more lanes to dcome ino the so bay. there's the option to slow down. >> reporter: but as researchers, they work to find out what's afecting animals
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it. he thinks technology could be a real help. >> to the policymakers and politicians so we can find new innovations to help prevent these ship strikes. >> reporter: now in 43 years, the center says they have responded to just ten blue whale carcasses, and the tissue they recovered will be used for research. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, earns about bnb news. a lot of traffic in our waters. since march, eight dead whales have washed up in the bay area. four of them have died because of ship strikes. point reyes, one near oakland airport. now speaking of the one near jack london square, skyranger was overhead. you can see it being towed to angel island back in may. scientists did find evidence of strike. returning to the coverage of the immigration fight.
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it was jeff sessions versus jerry brown in a sacramento federal courtroom. the issue, the sanctuary state law. governor brown set the stage when he signed a law limiting cooperation with federal deportation forces. attorney general sessions retaliated with a lawsuit. he says it jeopardizes public safety. neither brown nor sessions went to court today, lawyers argued on their behalf. the issue will likely be appealed to the ninth circuit court. the summer travel season is heating up. but before you take off, the tsa has a new guideline about when and what you can put inside your carryon. the federal agency says in addition to checking for liquids, agents and security lines check for powdery substances like makeup and spices. there are concerns they couldhi. the container hides 350
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millimeters of substance about the size of a tosoda can. >> we try to pack as well as we can. so far we've been good. >> it's not that necessary for the makeup, you know, to carry it in a carry on. >> the n policy begins at the end of this month. the tsa will ask foreign airports to check for powder-like substances. take a look. if you're going hiking and camping this summer, don't leave food inour car. see that subaru? an angry passenger inside, we don't know how that bear got into the car, but we do know why, because of food. now, when the sheriff's office posted this video, it added a warning about keeping food in cars. the trashed the interior of the outback car so badly the deputies couldn't get the door open. you see the deputy break the window, and theea rig
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through it >> that is so great. oh, my goodness. please, plea, please. break, and the bear says, okay, let me get my food. >> is the coast clear? okay, i'm out. i'm outta here. >> good to watch the video. i would not want to be anywhere don't leave food in the car if you're going camping. >> that's good advice. >> beautiful, sun splash. >> we're going to keep that sunshine right through san francisco the next come days after we get over morning fog and temperatures on a big rise. let's get you into our micro climate forecast this afternoon. a live look in san jose from our high-definition camera, and we are looking all good. lots of sunshine and 71 degrees. it is so comfortable today. hopefully, you're able to get outside and enjoy it somehow. and you can see we do have 60s7 and 9:00. the reason why we're so
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comfortable through today is the fog at the immediate coastline. you can see it right here across twin peaks. sutro tower obscured by that cover. and temperatures here in the 50s. now i do expect more fog, low clouds tomorrow morning. it's not going to be as extensive. right across the bay, sun for the tri valley and 56. and areas of patchy low clouds from the north bay to the east bay. the change i'm watching as we hit thursday is the warm to hot air that's just off to the south to move just a little bit closer. that's going to be good enough to help the fog to push back into the pacific. and this will heat us up by about 10 degrees. a rolook at our thursday foreca shows we have warmed it up. your warmest weather here, morgan hill and gilroy, the upper 80s.
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fire danger starting to ramp up as the temperatures increase. hottest aroundt will be comfort 60s and 70s. for the peninsula, still some of the best weather across redwood city at 77. then cooler at daley city with the ocean breeze and 60s in san francisco. warmest in the mission at 67. for the north bay, 87 in napa and 79 in mill valley. the real danger comes friday and saturday. that's when high pressure moves right on top of the bay area. this will put us now at 102 in cop co concord on saturday. well above the averages in the low 80s. san francisco, low 70s as we head into pride weekend and we cool off as we hit next week. and for cities away from the coastline, look at this.
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we are at at thatthat 90 tomorr. we'll have a full look at all the events and the weather we can expect at 6:19 tonight. >> did some gardening, i adjusted the sprinklers. >> got to get them wet now. >> okay. thank you, jeff. coming up at 5:00. google home may be vulnerable to ha hackers. the southern california
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couple accused of shackling and on our home page. the southern chaalifornia coupl accused of shackling their chil a the 911 call of the dot are waus
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played. recreational marijuana will be legal across canada as of october
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one man is dead, another wounded after a fight outside an east bay bar. it happened in sansf liberty al. four people got into some sort of a fight. two were stabbed, one died at
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the scene. police say the attackers ran off and haven't been seen since. a warning for those who own a google home device. it could leak your precise location to hackers. it says both google home and chrome cast tv are vulnerable to hackers. it could give scammers information about you that they could use to make fisching or extortion attempts. they are aware of the issue and will be rolling out a fix in coming weeks. instagram is moving into new territory. it wants to talk on youtube. the company unveiling a brand-new app that can play long videos called igtv or instagram tv. people can upload longer videos, up to 60 minutes. right now the limit on instagram they are recruiting youtube be able to stream live videos like youtube. stars to start their own shows on igtv. i got to get on insta.
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>> you do, man. that's what people are doing these days. >> tomorrow i'm getting on instagram. still ahead, an eagle nursed back to health. tonight at 6:
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she got on the plane no problem. the item a bay area woman brought on a flight that )s tonight at 6:00, she got onto the plane, no problems. the item, though, area
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woman brought onto that flight raising security kear raising kearns concerns. rescuers took this eagle to walnut creek, nursed it back to haelt and set it free this morning. rescuers have not said where. they said it's important that everyone leave the bird alone so it can find its way back to the wild. >> the nickname is lucky. lucky the bird is out. >> free. >> lucky to be doing its -- >> enjoying the weather, soaring across the bay area. >> it's gorgeous. is it going to be a nice night tonight? >> a little fog near the coast. tomorrow we warm up to 90 degrees. summer officially arrives at 3:07. fire danger increases, 101 saturday. we'll take a look at all the events at 6:19.
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>> longest day of the ye right? >> longest daylight of the year. tonight, president trump backs down. reversing his policy that separated migrant children from their parents. >> we're going to keep the families together. i didn't like the sight or the feeling of families being separated. >> an uncharacteristic retreat under intense national pressure but what now? how will so many families torn far apart be reunited?cue the racetrack. a crash at nearly 100 miles an hour, a father rushing to pull his son from an inferno. a cardinal accused. once one of the most powerful figures in the catholic church tonight suspended after allegation of abuse.


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