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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 20, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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separation of parents from president trump's executive order barring the separation of parents from their children at the border is a rare political retreat for his presidency. >> a change of policy does not necessary mean a change of heart, we have the details of what the executive order does and does not do. >> his order still leaves a lot of questions to be answered. how will families now be detained together. and what happens with the children that were already separad from their parents?
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during the rally in minnesota tonight the president blamed democratic lawmakers for the growing crisis at the border. >> so the democrats want open borders. let everyone come in. >> reporter: days after the president said he could not stop the separation by executive order. >> we are going to have a lot of happy people. >> reporter: he reversed course and put pen to people much. he ordered that immigrant families will not be separated and will be held together in i.c.e. custody and continued with the zero tolerance, the say more than 2200 families have are been apprehended at the border and over 2300 children are unaccompanied minors. >> it's not clear that they have records of all of the children, where they are currently located. how to reunite them with their parents. >> reporter: scholars are combing throu the day, i think it'se breath
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with japanese-american internment. >> reporter: this trump administration would like to hold families indefinitely as their parents cases are adjudicated. >> a vigil of the families for the migrant children that were separated from their parents. the crowd held lines in support of reuniting the families. more than 600 people came together to ask what happens with the kids next? we are in san rafel andterry, the big worry that we have been talking about is how to get the kids in custody back to where they are supposed to be with -- >> yeah, that was the big question here, a lot of people, a lot of passion h demanding the reunification of the separated families. and tonight, we are finding out of the immediate reunification does not seem likely.
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♪ more than 600 people brought their voices and passion to on the civic center for a families belong together rally. >> we cannot rest until the children and families are reunited. we cannot let this executive order just stop us from all the work that is still yet to do. >> but the door is still open to indefinite detecti -- detention we find ourselves going from one bad decision to the next. reuniting families is difficult. migrant children have been sent to 17 states. some to new york, michigan, and california. a complex web involving gomt agency. and untangling it will be a nightmare. this man sits in a federal prison near seattle. and the child in a children's home in up state new york.
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>> translator: he just started crying and said, don't leave me mama. >> reporter: tears were flowing in san rafel today. >> what they are doing to families, just ask a mother and a human being, it's just not right and it's been very upsetting. >> reporter: a native american woman drumming for spuiritual guidance and protest songs from a half century ago, calling for justice and freedom in 2018. in san rafel, terry mcsweeney, n nbc bay area news. >> this is impacting major airlines. four airlines announcing they will refuse to transport immigrant children separated from their parents. american airlines was the first to make a move after a flight
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attendance posted this, i.c.e. agents transporting frightened children on flights. they spoke out about the airlines decision. >> it's a welcome, welcome release, i think i can speak for almost every flight attendant that we know, we are proud of our employers that stepped up and took a position. >> united, frontier and southwest have followed american's lead. several bay area lawmakers will head to the border to tour the facilities first hand where the children and parents are being website, nbc bay >> he is the victim of ptsd, tonight the father of a bay area man, caught trying to scale the white house fence spoke exclusively to nbc bay area about his son's mental trying to years. >> reporter: the man arrested is alex minor, he lives here in
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walnut creek and his far said he suffers from ptsd and trying to get help for him is close to impossible. >> he is a good kid. he is a kind kid. he has a great heart. >> reporter: lincoln minor said he has been trying for years to get help for his son, but like with so many families of the mentally ill, he cannot force him the to get help. >> he has got some serious conspiracy issues and paranoid issues. >> reporter: on monday, 29-year-old alex minor was arrested in aest on camera. ac tex minor president trum was the anti-christ. and he had hoped to make his way in to the oval office and slap president trump in the face. >> maybe it's gone from ptsd to evolving in to something else. >> reporter: according to u.s. department of veterans affairs statistics. in a given yeerks 8 million adults suffer from ptsd, and veterans serving in operations
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iraqi and enduring freedom, 11-20% suffer from the disorder. lincoln minor said his son is a marine veteran, who served on the front lines in afghanistan. and has never been the same since. >> i know that he is not who he was. and i don't think it's his fault. >> now, lincoln minor said that something needs to change in the country to help families to help loved ones who are suffering from mental illness. reporting li ining live in waln. >> cll another stolen gun, this time the weapon was snatched from the back seat dut sheriff's deputy. it happened last week you said of a fitness center. take a look. investigators say the suspect stole a bag, that was visible in the back seat. inside was the deputy's private
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weapon, which he also used while on duty. as well as three magazines of ammunition, it's not clear how the suspect broke in to the suv, but the san francisco sheriff's department said the deputy mayly reported this incident. well a security lapse at sfo is raise ago lot of eyebrows. a woman said she had a weapon in her purse and got on a plane with no problem. yesterday, ashley montgomery took a flight from sfo to lax and went through security with the stun gun accidentally in her purse. she got through security without a hitch. she said that she was sitting with the stun gun in first class, justutcockpit. able to get through with that >> it concerns me that w and that someone else could get through with something else worse. >> sfo contracts its security screening to a private company called covenant. that screens passengers under the authority of tsa. the tsa said that the missed
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stun gun is covenant's faelt. >> the berkley balcony collapse is leading to a state law. a birthday party was being celebrated in an apartment complex when the balcony gave way. dry rot was blamed for the accident which killed six people and injured others. a business committee approved a law requiring load bearing balconies to be inspected every six year. >> last call to get a tbe 2:00 a.m. there were protests against extending last call to 4:00 a.m. it would apply to the seven largest cities in california. and the legislation is not a mandate. opponents including mothers against drunk drivers said it could lead to more danger on the
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roads. >> the highe incident of alcohol related deaths are between 2-3 in the morning. if you shifted that to 4-5 in the morning, you are talking about the whole tragedy of crashes on the highway happening at 4, 5, 6 in the morning. supporters of the bill say the extra revenue would help boost the state's economy. i'm chief meteorologist jeff renieri, tomorrow, danges back in to the forecast, we will tell you about triple digits, how long it will last and the fire danger. that is in 8:00. a stolen puppy reunited with her owner. how the police tracked down the suspected dog burglar 90 miles away. plus. they are heading to church by the hundreds. first it was beyonce and now,
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"sister act," how the love of music has a bay area church changing its tune. first a beyons
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♪ ♪ oh, happy day >> sounds nice, first there was a beyonce of mass and now a "sister act" mass. their singing a new tune and it's attracting quite a crowd. we are joined at grace cathedral, where hundreds of people went to church, tonight. gene? >> reporter: they did, wednesday night is a contemporary mass and the pastor is accurate i have. he is reaching young people on facebook and filling the pews here with music lovers. ♪ nothing you can do to keep me from my god. >> reporter: hundreds of people
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joined the gathering for a sing along with service. >> you brought forth the whole creation in a singlact. >> reporter: for some the service a message of inclusion is a surprise. >> i thought there were more songs from the movie, but i like the way they put it in with the service. >> reporter: these masses are popular with the young diverse crowd. the director of innovative ministry said he is offering something different to attract new people to the episcopal church. >> it's super diverse, so many people said to me, this is what church should look like. and it is what church should look like. it's weird that it takes "sister act" or beyonce to make it happen, but whatever it takes. >> reporter: the new tunes that religious and not so religiouses on their feet. many say they will be back. >> i saw people from all
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different backgrounds, going up to communion, it's powerful to have that atmosphere and it's fun to be singing sing-a-longs. >> people of all ages really seemed to have a lot of fun tonight. i'm told the next big wednesday night musical mass will have a blue grass theme. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> they look like fun. it's puppy love, a heart felt reunion between a man and his husky puppy after she was stolen. he could not stop hugging nylat this man, stole the puppy on monday so he could give it to his estranged girlfriend. a camera caught him as he walked in to the business and grabbed the dog and left had. the cam are ras paid off for the -- the cameras paid off for the dog's owner. >> i'm happy she is back.
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my mom said she was having a dream of her big playing, and that was the night we lost their and i'm glad she is back. >> he was arrested and the girlfriend said she was not aware the up -- aware the puppy was stolen. a million people in san francisco for the pride festival, so how is the city going to keep everyone safe? well, emergency management officials are encouraging everyone to sign up for text alerts. text the phrase pride sf to the number we posted on the screen,@88-777 to bee city's emy systems. it's a good program. it's the same system for natural disasters and r ncie >> well, tonight, hundreds of men were strolling through santana row in high heels. all for a good case, the goal to raise awareness and money to end violence against women. more than 600 pair of heels were
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borrowed and some were bringing their own. >> i'm encouraged by what you see today, it's not just a spectacle, it's about the conversation that is being propelled. and we are seeing people committed to stepping up, standing up. and ending violence. >> it's the 16th year they have held the event in san jose, by the way, san jose's mayor, the police chief and mens of the san jose state football team were among participants. that's always a fun one. >> it a really fun event. gets everyone talking about it. >> the big shoes there. >> how do you guys do it? >> training years and years. you see. >> now, jeff has the big weekend, summer starts in four hours. hours, it's on the way, and summer is going to really kick in here across the bay area with a big bang. here is our micro climate forecast, and for all of you weather lovers, here are facts
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on summer, arriving at 3:07 in the morning. it's the point where earth is the most tted toward the sun. so we will have the most daylight of the year. specifically, right here in the bay area, 14 hours and 46 minutes of it. you have to enjoy it, sunrise at 5:48 and the sunset, 8:35. what can we do as we expect through the first summer hours of summer. more low clouds and fog coming back to the bay area, typical of june. upper 50s to the tri-valley and watch out for areas of fog in the north bay, and san francisco, and some patchy clouds for the east bay as well and 55. but we do think this should start to clear out fast tomorrow morning, as we are seeing the hot air, already beginning to move encloseser to the bay area. so, hot air is not going to totally be here, tomorrow but gerngs it's just moving closer and i really think it's good for about attendee agree warm up as we -- a ten degree warm up as we
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move toward the weekend. right here in morgan hill, we are in the upper 80s. now, we will see some low 90s tomorrow, antioch and dan ville, not as warm in pleasanton and livermore. a stronger bay breeze in oakland will have us at 69. peninsul peninsula, sunshine, another amazing day. redwood city, 77, not quite 70s in san francisco, we are close. if you are out enjoying coffee, you will be at 67 degrees and it will feel like the low 70s. and right up to the north bay, 87 in napa, and 86 in novoato, and what we are waiting on is high pressure, which has all of the heat associated with it to move right on top of california. this will take place friday and saturday. and i still think it's good for day.on concord, on saturday,
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morgan hill had 100, and napa hill 100. and san jose, well in to the mid 90s. well above the averages of the low 80s. the extended forecast goes warmer. right now, it's the max temperatures, i'll seeing it, we still could see this possibly go warmer. may have to edit this a bit tomorrow. we will be up to 76 here on saturday. for the pride parade on sunday, we will have 72, a lot of sunshine that starts at 10:30 in the morning and we cool off next monday, tuesdays and wednesday. cities away from the c 98 and winds kicking up 10-20 danger. ce friday. miles an hour. 5-15 miles an hour and a hot 101, good news for back down to a very nice and comfortable 79 as we head in to monday's forecast and you are looking at 82 on tuesday, and wednesday, 78 degrees. so, we have been mentioning it a lot of people besides pride are headed here for nascar in sonoma, it's going to be in the upper 90s on friday and
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saturday. so, as we have been mentioning, that is really, you need to stay hydrated. >> water, beer, wine, it will all do. >> and water, water, water. >> thanks, jeff. >> high tech hands, what makes this prosthetic unlike any other on. and why it's making a difference in thousands of lives. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys -- plus we have music from brockinvestigation ir a great white shark was found dead on a beach monday. the department of fish and game said that the criminal probe comes after the results of the necropsy, the results have not been made public. our twitter feed has more details for you. back in a moment with more news.
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she )ll dissect any forecast changes while you sleep. tomorrow morning from 4:30 to 7. good morning, it
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♪ a toast, from estrella jalisco. pa arriba! to the stars of the mexican national team. pa abajo! to the stars that know you don't get here by luck but after years of dedication. green, white and red. thatd pa dentro! we are all in this together, no matter what! vamos por la estrella. estrella jalisco, the only premium mexican cerveza
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proud to be the official beer of the mexican national team. chance at having a sense a h, 11:00, amputees are getting a new chance with calle electronic skin. they made technology after fabric and rubber, it laced with sensors, and gives the users a is sense of touch includely the ability to de -- including the ability on to detect pain. >> elon music is -- elon mu is going after a former employee who he believes stole company
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secrets. the former employee is said to have hacked in to the computers, and martin trip stole confidential information and leaked false information to the media about tesla. he allegedly admitted to tesla investigators that he transferred several gb of data outside the can be. the lawsuit comes three days after musk warned the employees of somebody sabotaging the company. >> t cracking down on powdery substances. things like make-up, and spices, if a container has 350 mililite the size of the soda can, passengers will be asked to move it to their checked luggage. >> and another name for you, ronaldo. we will check in with the world cup after this. you have to adm
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nothg giants this season. but with all the drama and freak injuries, they are hanging in there. >> they are only 3-1/2 games out of a playoff spot. appear ahough of sunshine in mccovey cove, the dog days begin tomorrow. the giants wrapping up a tough
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series with the marlins. picking it up, bottom of the sixth. gorkys hernandez with a two-run single. putting the giants up 5-1 and they hold on to dear life to win it 6-5. as for the a's, they beat the padres, 12-4. >> did you see ronaldo, he is wearing a g on ottee now -- a gottee now, we have all the action. >> yeah, that is right. portugal with a b taking a s next round and crist is having the best world cup of his career. the only match between morocco and portugal, had made the most goals for a national team with 85 and australia looks to keep their world cup dreams alive as they face denmark. same for france versus peru. one of the favorites to win it
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all and with a a way -- what a way to close the eighth day, we will see if messi can bounce back after missing a pk against iceland. this is something that you do not see every day, the coach's injury report. southgate dislocated his shoulder while running this morning. when he was asked about it, he gave the perfect answer. better me than one of the players. england will face panama on sunday. so gareth will not do a lot of the jumping we saw last time. back to you. >> thank you. >> the coach is hurt. >> yes. >> all right, what is draymond green doing on vacation? we have the pictures, stay with us.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be.
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any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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>>eno okay,n a aymond gre hometown favorite, what does dre mont mond green do on -- what does draymond green do on vacation? golf? no, he was hanging out with elon musk, kevin durant drives a tesla. he also spoke to the staff of next door. here he is hanging on out with one of the can he-founders of the company.
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that -- one of the co-founders of the company. and that bowl, flaming hot cheetos, they are taking care of him. have a great day. this is a test. test. this is a test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in jimmy fallon."e er in the heart tonight, join jimmy and his guts


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