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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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while the president's executive order ends the policy of separating families, the measure says nothing about reuniting families already torn apart. >> there's no plan, there's no transparency. >> reporter: those familiar with the process say no easy way to bring children and parents back together. >> in terms of logistics, it will be a nightmare for cvp and i.c.e. to work out. >> reporter: and the fear that hundreds of kids will be lost in the shuffle. >> if the administration doesn't reunite these children very quickly, you're going to have a lot of separation. >> reporter: victims of the zero-tolerance policy that remains in effect along the border right now. jay gray, hidalgo, texas. >> the first lady's office is saying the idea for the trip to texas was melania trump's idea and her idea alone and she decided to go before president
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trump signed yesterday's executive order halting the separation of families, in the meantime, the administration is preparing for the possibility that thousands more may be detained. they're asking the pentagon to house as many as 20,000 on military bases. they include children who come across the border with strangers or smugglers. the four bases are in texas and the little rock air force base in arkansas. so far, no bases in california have been contacted. the administration is considering constructing new make soi makeshift facilities. four states are lining up for lawsuits against the administration. california and washington are leading ten other states in this challenge. washington's attorney swrgenera calls the policy cruel and
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unconstitutional. xavier becerra named the executive order yesterday. hundreds of rallies are planned nationwide on saturday. this is a look at those organized in the bay area, under the title "families belong together." advocacy groups, unions and the human rights campaign are doing the planning. the other big rally in washington, d.c., they're expecting more than 10,000 people. these rallies are on saturday. is it vandalism or activism. some changed this billboard. anousha rasta is in emeryville with more. >> reporter: along interstate 80 in emeryville. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: four words on a billboard, slowing down traffic. >> i think it's amazing.
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>> reporter: drawing amateur photographers and catching the attention of an emeryville police officer. >> it's a bunch of activists trying to bring light to injustices around the world. >> reporter: a self described art activist is claiming responsibility for this billboard. it said we make jupgs disappear, but it had been changed to say "we make kids disappear" signed i.c.e. the activist group handed out this proproduced video showing several members changing the sign overnight. a commentary on president trump's zero-tolerance immigration policy and the separation of migrant children from their parents at the southern border. >> there's deportations and separations without a lot of information being handed over to the respective family members. so, in essence, you know, you
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could draw a conclusion that kiredisappearing. >> reporter: that's the voice of a man who tells us he is one of those who altered the billboard. he'd only speak with us by phone and would not give us his name. >> reriskwe risked not just oury but our freedom to draw attention to a particular issue. >> reporter: the police department is not vettiinvestig at this time, because the owner has not yet filed a police report. it is a crime but they say it is petty compared to the president's policy ever separating refugee families. our coverage continues on nbc nightly news. getting changes, lasting changes to immigration laws is proving to be an uphill battle on capitol hill. key bills defeated in the house and lester holt tells us why in about 20 minutes. it is only fitting on this
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first day of summer. we're talking about heat. you can see dublin and san jose. both areas could see triple digit temperatures by this weekend. there's also a spare the air for tomorrow. this is a big warmup around the bay area, jeff. >> yes, and dangerous heat as we head through the next 48 hours. what we're seeing with things already starting to clear out. high pressure is helping to produce the heat already moving cloth close to the bay area. that's why we have a heat advise any effect. in effect for the interior valleys of north, i.c.east, and south bay. remember to drink lots of water, wearing light-colored clothing and a hat can help. don't forget the pets. number one zone is contra costa
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county. the humid at 15% to 25%. we're at 77 cat 10:00. i'll let you know where we break 100 degrees in about ten minutes. >> all those things happening around town, the pride festivities. nascar in sonoma county, maybe you're heading out of town for a road trip. you can track the rising temperatures wherever and when ever you want with our app. a deadly shooting in san jose on misty glen quarter right near andrew hill high school. a man was found inside a home with at least one gunshot wound. he died at the scene. the motive behind the shooting is unclear. this is the city's 13th homicide of 2018. no word about a possible suspect. at least $2.5 billion. that's what pg&e expects to pay for the deadly
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ravaged northern california. the price tag could be even higher after state fire officials determine the cause of 21 major fires that devoured our region last october. so far, the forestry department says pg and e's downed power lines started 14 of those fires last year. nearly 14 years after a couple was murdered on a north bay beach, the man accused of killing them pleads not guilty. 33-year-old shawn gallon is shown here. the couple was working at a christian youth camp in eldorado county. their bodies were found in their sleeping bags on a secluded beach along the sonoma coast near jenner. gallon, the suspect, was arrested for killing them in may of 2017. a high-tech solution to get around traffic jams, or will it be a nuisance to bay area
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roadways? electric scooters will be the topic of debate among san jose leaders. these scooters have triggered both cheers and complaints. >> yeah, that's right, janelle, three are some of the hottest tech companies around with growing valuations but controversy. they've been taken off the treats streets of san francisco. but they're doing something different, letting people ride the scooters to try to get a smoother relationship. it's summertime, and the scooting is easy. in fact, electric scooters are all over san jose, companies like bird and lyme spreading billion dollar valuations and quickly rolling people around the city. >> the first time i saw i it us couple of minutes, so pretty cool. >> not everyone is sold on the scooters. for one thing, they go fast and
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can often be found racing along sidewalks. they also get dropped off everywhere. >> it definitely helps students be a lot more mobile around the city. it can be disruptive, much like bikes where they get in the way of traffic and there's a safety concern. >> so soan jose will let people beat the companies themselves and ask questions tonight. >> we need to address parking issues, concerns of pedestrians on the sidewalk. we also want to make sure that the system is going to be affordable for low-income residents. >> now this is all going on here at city hall until about 6:30 tonight in san jose. in you're interested, you can come by and give one of the scooters a ride. later on this evening, people can go inside for a q&a. nbc bay area news. >> very active where scott is now. up next, accusations of sabotage
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and leaks to the media. but there's now a new twist in the battle between elon musk and a former tesla employee. >> plus, prepare to pay more when you shop online, the crucial decision made today that may force all companies to charge sales tax at checkout. >> temperatures on the rise. this will bring really poor air quality to the east bay and the south bay. details on where we break 100 degrees and how long it lasts in about eight minutes. sabatoging
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now being accused of making threats. the former tesla employee accused of sabotaging the company is now accused of making threats. the company says it got a call from one of tripp's friends saying he planned to come to the factory to shoot the place up. local law enforcement says there is no credible threat. tripp told the "washington post" that the new allegation is insane. it is claimed he sold sensitive data after hacking the computers. tripp claim ts he's a whesle blower. a land mark ruling thatayho online. the ruling will boo revenues at the expense of
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consumers and sellers who have avoided sales taxes in the past. >> the internet has had an unfair comparetive edge against stores for a number of years, and it's really hurt main street, large retailers, and it's just leveling the playing field. i think it's the right thing to do. >> today's ruling was a victory for south dakota. >> if you rely on ebt cards listen up. it will be shut down because they're shifting to a new vendor. there will be a 24-hour outage starting at 11:00 p.m. saturday night and runs through 11:00 p.m. sunday night. during the shutdown, you won't be able to access food or cash benefits. in santa clara alone, about 240,000 use the program. a life-threatening illness is a huge challenge for anyone to overcome.
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>> for one 24 year old woman, it's the latest in a string of challenges. this one, she doesn't have to face alone. >> miriam was in and out of foster care when she was growing up. you'd think learning that her kidneys were failing might make her want to quit. well, turns out just the opposite. for someone who grew up in foster care with precious few good family role models, ortiz seems to have figured out how to be a great one. >> you learn along the way. you learn what you don't want to have. >> just witness what she does three times a week for her friend miriam, driving her to her dialysis treatment, keeping her company during the four-hour process. >> she needs the support, because she doesn't have many
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people in her life. >> miriam, you sigh, ee is also child of the foster care system. their chosen family is what they call each other. being there in good times and bad, and for miriam, things are pretty rocky right now. >> you know, i do have some rough days, but, for the main part, the most part, i'm very positive, you know, about my condition. >> miriam's condition is that both her kidneys have failed. it happened her sophomore year at uc berkley, but it didn't stop her from graduating. in fact, miriam wants to go to law school. she holds down a full-time job in a law firm and uses the endless hours on dialysis as the perfect place to study in preparation. >> i'd really like to advocate and mediate family conflicts, you know. i think that i was put on thish. it would be a travesty if i were
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to give up now. >> it appears a lot of people feel that way. see works for a program that guides foster children through their time at cal. and even though miriam is no longer in school, they are helping to raise money to cover expenses when and if she gets a transplant. >> yeah, yeah. >> as for raising her spirits in the meantime? well, they're doing a pretty good job of that as well. [ laughter ] >> that image of miriam during dialysis, studying for the lsat, going through a difficult stage but preparing for the next one, and optimistic, if that isn't the picture of hope and the power of positive thinking i don't know what is. >> i feel so lazy when i hear that story. i'm so glad this one has been started. >> thank you, garvin. if you know one of your neighbors or colleagueses or
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anyone in your community doing something good for the neighborhood or the area, let us know, let fwar vgarvin know and a comment. >> the warmup is beginning and it's going to warmup even more very, very quickly. >> dining russ levels of he-- d levels of heat moving through the area. what we're looking at here is the water vapor satellite. this is a really good job of showing where the hotter, drier hair is located. you can see all this brown to beige color enveloping the pacific, california, right back to texas. that's hot, dry air. and the main thing that's dragging that into the west is this area of high pressure. i think it's good for about the next two days across the bay area for this hottest weather for us. so what i want to do is lay out. so what i'm watching right now, you can think about it in the
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back of your mind. it's going to catch up with us fast. low 100s expected the next two days, humidity, 10% to 20%. that will increase our fire danger. winds variable from 10 to 20 miles per hour and the hottest day will come on saturday. i think tomorrow morning it will sets up with a mostly clear start. we'll be in the low to mid-60s from the south bay to tri valley. and patchy areas of fog for san francisco and 56. numbers tomorrow on a big rise. up 10-15 degrees. this will now put parts of the south bay near 100, but not for everyone. the hottest locations, morgan hill and gilroy, near 100, and closer to the bay near 90s. watake breaks, drink plenty of water. keep an eye on the kids. 102 in antioch.
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that's oakland. it warms up to 80 but not uncomfortably hot. peninsula, you're getting saved from triple digits for friday's forecast. san francisco, i've pushed it up to the low 70s, and right through the north bay, close to 100 in napa, but you'll still have a bay breeze helping to keep the temperatures down a bit. extend the forecast has san francisco warming up into the 70s for pride weekend for a lot of folks visiting. so the good news, we should not see8 see 80s to 90s and we cool off next week. how i'm reading things right now on the hot, hot temperatures is 101 tomorrow. winds, south-southwest 10-20. keeps the fire danger up with 103. then we're down to 90 on sunday. once we hit monday, we're a lot better there at 80 degrees.
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there you can see cooler weather as we head into the early part of next week. watch out for your friends and family this weekend. we don't want to be overdramatic but the fire danger is going to be high on saturday into sunday morning in the north and east bay hills. it's still fresh on the minds of all of us. keep an eye out and don't hesitate to call if you see something suspicious. >> right on cue, the first day of summer. and still to come, a controversial jacket. why some are upset about melania trump's wardrobe choice. and the gorilla that can communicate with humans through sign language. the annual pride .
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about a million people are expected for sunday )s parade.
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we )ve posted a complete guide o happening now, the annual pride parade is here, about a million people are expected for sunday's parade. we've posted a complete guide to the festivities on our website including the start time of the parade and the route. drive safely, there are dui checkpoints, so sjpd will be out in full pours. in a moment. sending messages ofe
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to the bay area )s .
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people around the world are sending messages of condolences to the bay air whyrea's gorilla foundation, coco has died. she is seen here during a special. became a celebrity in the 1970s when penny patterson began teaching the gorilla sign language, eventually teaching coco to sign more than 1,000 words and understand 2,000 spoken phrases. >> coco will make an impact for years to come, like for generations to come. we wanted her to live forever. >> 46 years old. the gorilla foundation will continue its work. coming up at 6:00, our own robert handa will have more on coco's life and legacy. are you tired of springing forward for daylight saving time? that could soon change. a bill has been septembnt to th governor. federal approval would also be
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required. changing the clock twice a year came as a way to save energy during world war i and world war ii. her surprise visit with migrant children drew praise but her choice of wardrobe drew a lot of criticism. she was wearing a jacket with the inscription "i really don't care, do you"? social media was on fire calling it insensitive and in poor taste. she didn't wear it in texas but did have it on when she returned to d.c. there was no hidden message, according to a spokesperson. president trump says it the w$3 from zara. hate messages, slurs,
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nooses. allegations of racism at a high profile bay area tonight at 6:00, hate messages, slurs and nooses. allegations of racism at a high-profile bay area construction site. the demand from the construction company. and steph curry's wife aysha is responding to negative
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reviews. rockets fans in houston have been giving the place one-star reviews on yelp. that's all in good fun. >> poor sport, poor sport! >> but warriors fans are fighting back with the five-spar responses. she took to twitter to say that the food will speak for itself. steph addressed the controversy and tweeted he will eat at international smoke twice a year when the warriors visited rockets and posted his order with the #five-star review. it's all in good fun. >> people look at those reviews, they could hurt you. >> i think people going to tcur' rest toronto wi restaurant will go there regardless. >> prepare for the hotness. lester holt joins us next with
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nightly news. >> see you at 6:00, bye. tonight, chaos and confusion with thousands of families still separated and few clear answers about how this crisis will be resolved. all of it as melania trump makes a surprise visit to the border where migrant children are being held. >> and i'd also like to ask you how i can help to these children to reunite with their families. >> the first lady also raising eyebrows with the words emblazoned on her jacket. the state of emergency, a ferocious flood disaster going from bad to worse. an unarmed teenager running away after a traffic stop, shot to death by a police officer. tonight outrage, protests and a lot of people demanding answers. the price you pay for stuff you buy on the web, why online shopping is about to


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