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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 22, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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two different sides good morning. a busy start to your friday. two breaking stories unfolding right now on two different sides of the bay. fire crews are on scene at a fire at a big downtown san jose building. we are live on the scene with firefighters gathering information and have a live report in a few moments. and in san francisco, a double shooting in the mission as detective are scrambling at this hour. our crew is talking with police now. "today in the bay" starts now. i'm kris sanchez inia. >> and i'm marcus washington. to those breaking stories in a minute. and what we can expect weatherwise. >> more heat. expecting hot temperaough
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the start of your weekend as well as we wake up this morning we are in the 50s. in san jose, 59. san francisco 57. palo alto the 54 and a quick reminder a heat advisory through saturday. a lot of reminders to drink lots of water this weekend and experiences a high fire danger because of the low humidity and elevated temperatures. going more into detail as far as daytime highs and what to expect not just for today but through the weekend. send things oeb ov s over to mi >> a cool day. potentially a quick traffic break right here south 101 about north 10, and cooler in lanes.r. presenting one or two minutes of delay at most. meanwhile, rest of the bay, a
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nice, smooth easy drive. breaking news and pete will show you that in a few minutes. the south bay, traffic is smooth here as well. where the other bit of breaking news and for that back to you. >> the breaking news in san jose, flames engulling a building overnight downtown. >> a look at the damage and who's affected there. >> reporter: good morning. yes. this is still a very active fire scene here. look at the firefighters, still on the scene of this building. even though most of the fire is out now, a lot of mop up work to do and firefighters tell me the fire chief says they are very familiar with this area. two fires before. video of what it looks like just after two this morning. bright red flames shooting out of the roof of this building we're told, abandoned building.
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they had at it including twoire. this is a known homeless everyone campment but don't believe anybody was inside. they upped the fire alarm to two because are be residents in the area and they had the residents shelter in place. >> called for more resources in case we weren't able to control it right away. >> reporter: there are, indeed, town homes behind the structure and to the right of it there, there is about a seven-story apartment complex under correction. now, we just got the all-clear from firefighters who say they were, as the building cooled down enough for them to get inside they could determine no one was indeed inside. good news. and no idea how it started but expecting a team of arson
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investigators are on its way to determine how this got started. keep you updated on twitter and be back in a half hour with more information as we get. for now live in san jose for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 4:34 and now let's head to the other side of the bay. n more breaking news. a double shooting in today's mission district. live where this happened, off of 24th street and harrison. a lot going or in that area. we heard one of the victims d d died. is that true? >> reporter: yes, that's right, marcus. new information from san francisco police. one person dieing in that double shooting in the mission district. standing on the corner of 24th and harrison. up against this police tape. sfpd and the medical examiner is here as we're learning that one person died as a result of the shooting as detectives conduct their investigation, but show
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you guys some of the video from earlier this morning. here's information that we're getting. of course, san francisco police say it happened around 2:30 a.m. a shooting on the 2700 block of harrison street where we're standing. two people found with gunshot wounds. one dieing from injuries the other take ton san francisco general or what's being called life-threatens injury. back out here live. as i mentioned, a very active scene. detectives are surveying the kbraerp noticeably absent from the information we're getting is if there is still a suspect they're looking for or if the suspect it in custody. umm trying to get that information and will bring that to you as soon as we get it. also neighbors believe someone intentionally set an early morning fire that started outside this san jose home. it started on bar lolow avenue.
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a neighbor woke the people inside and a neighbor tells us what they saw. >> walking south, i seen a gentleman running, and i know that he's an arsonist. he started the fire. i know he did. >> we don't know whether that is the case. the firefighters saved the home and the fire damaged two cars outside. firefighters are not saying whether they believe this fire was set on purpose. new this morning, if you live in eastern cocoa county make you felt it. two small earthquakes. first, 3.4 happened about 12:40 this morning and a smaller one, 2.4, rattled things later. no reports of damage. >> takes more than that to wake me up. coming up on "today in the bay," a warning for anyone planning to use an ebt card this
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weekend for benefits. there's a blackout, you need to know about it. >> and a movie pass, saving you money when it comes to seeing many movie as month, but now extra charges s are being adde. when and where to expect those increases.
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good morning. and from cnbc, wall street set to open higher recovering
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yesterday's losses sparked by trade issues between the u.s., china and other countries. the dow extending its losing streak to eight days. largest since may of last year. oil prices in focus trading up 1% today. opec members meet in austria to reach a deal to increase production. and the nasdaq dropped 68to 7127. and cars put out the american-made index, cars are manufactured here have the most person parts and support the most american factory jobs. four of the top ten made by a foreign maker, based in illinois. but it's a division of chrysler based in london. honda odyssey made in alabama, number two and three on the list. adopting surge prices.
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if a film is popular, charge subscribers an additional $2. the change takes effect next month. annual subscribers are exempt. other changes on the way in august, add a "bring a friend" option. add a friend. additional $6, can see an imax or 3d film not currently included in any plan. >> i don't like the surge prices. have to say. >> no one does, no. >> thank you. we would choose you for the plus 4, by the way. and hundreds across the state won't be able to use the ebt transfer cards this weekend. if you know someone who relies on this, listen up. the state is about to transition to a new ebt vendor next saturday. because of that, a 24-hour outage this weekend across the state. it starts tomorrow night at 11:00 and lasts until 11:00 sunday night. a lot of us do shopping on sundays. during ta outage you won't be
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able to access food or cash benefits so plan ahead. in santa clara county alone 2, 450,000 friends and neighbors use that frahm for food, cash aid, medi-cal and employment service. coming up here on "today in the bay," vainsy here with the important weekend weather forecast. >> very important. definitely involving a lot of hot temperatures. 59 degrees now in san jose. i'll talk about all the advisories you need to be aware of heading towards your weekend. ta details coming up. and a smooth drive to san rafa rafael. earlier traffic breakdown and something going on on another bridge coming up. mornin.
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th quarter to 5:00 now. welcome back pap live look from the at&t camera. so dark out there. giants hosting the padres. catch all the action right here on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 7:00 tonight right after nbc bay area news at 6:00. first pitch, 7:15. kicking off san francisco's volunteers begin pitting up the pink tower atopwiy nazis duri world war ii concentration camps to identify homosexuals. >> and the idea ofun mayberi twinkies make your mouth water. maybe not this early. an event for you sure to sizzle.
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dell you la tell you later. the annual smackdown and that happens friday. we did say smackdown. among this year's entry, a krispy kreme burger. fruity pebbles on a stick and crazy cakes. that one, funnel cake toppings including nutella bacon bits. >> ooh, bacon bits. >> you want to bring napkins from home. >> that's a full meal. >> i know! >> looking at that one side-eyed but i would try it. >> and culinary experience. >> d ay to get out and do it especially if you like warmer weather. >> yes. pack a lot of water bottles. maybe get a reusable one to help out the environment because you'd need to refill it. not just once, probably throughout the day as we continue to track this big warm-up heading in towards the
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weekend. right now in san jose, believe it or not. 59 at this hour. definitely on the milder side of things, even so early on in san jose. check at the current temperatures across the bay area. napa at 52 degrees. concord, 60. hayward, 67. san francisco waking up to 67 degrees as well. quick reminder. we're currently under that heat advisory and this remains in effect through saturday at about 8:00 p.m., meaning temperatures range between 94 to 104 degrees for inland areas. if you're looking at this map now, looking at your screen, the highlighted areas are the under a heat advisory. your greatest getaway, hang out around the coast and remember to wear light-colored clothing and hats. this will elevate the high fire danger. again, don't forget your pets. please, bring your pets indoors even if you have big dogs or anything of that nature. bring them inside. quick reminder, the fire danger elevated for saturday,
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especially sunday. tracking dry, northeasterly winds. and the hills under a larger threat. the highlighted area, my map mainly based out of sacramento but includes part of the north bay as well. and microclimate highs for today, 91 degrees for san jose. 90 for cupertino. morgan hill at about 97 and check out the east bay. what we're tracking. your triple digit heat. 101 for concord. 101 for danville and, yes, walnut creek at about 99. i'll have another update. first check in with mike, who's looking for an issue on the island. >> and looking for friends by the coast. eastbound, headlights out of san francisco, moving smoothly, well spaced. no delays coming out of the tunnel. i'mtching. a disabled vehicle is reported in this area.
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traffic is slow and getting san francisco, nice, easy drive. look at that blue there. all right. smooth traffic on the bridge. smooth for the sensors. pete is still there. police activity, watching around 24th, 27th, in that area. vianey talk and high temperatures through the area this morning, throughout the day and throughout the weekend. be careful in the area. make sure you hydrate and as vianey said, pets, don't leave them in the car and remember smaller children, not any children. any living creatures, don't leave them in the car. it's going to be hot today. smooth traffic now. live look in the middle. san mateo bridge, good company, but great speeds. back to you. >> talking about kids in cars bp this one here. this story here. north coast mother is in custody after authorities say she left her toddler inside of a hot car for hours. a mendocino deputies arrested this 23-year-old on wednesday. they say she drove to a home in
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willits early that morning and left her 18-month-old in the back of a car while she went in to socialize. also they say the windows were left rolled up and that she did not return to that car for about ten hours. her son was unresponsive when she brought him to the hospital. she is being held without bail. more details for you. the national safety council says on average 37 children die each year from being trapped inside those hot cars. within an hour. inside a commonly -- it commonly heats up to 123 degrees, that's if it's 1 h00 degrees out and tt car is parked in the sun. new this morning, what's wrong with a late night out with friends? when it comes to concerts at levi stadium, depends who you ask. a survey of residents on the weekday 10:00 presented findings last night. opinions are mixed. people who live closer to the
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stadium are more likely bothered by the traffic and parking and disruptive behavior. but also they found more than half of people are open to the idea of limited exceptions to the curfew. basically, only if it's the music i like. >> maybe. more for you right here on "today in the bay" including nbc bay area responds.six- i'm consumerng now, the europea union is set to slap tariffs on duct today.3 billion worth of this is in and aluminum. and officials in seoul are saying both north and south korea are agreeing to hold reunions of war separated families in august. this is a big deal. we will be back with more news in a few minutes. whoooo.
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and good friday morning to you as we get started to our day. downtown san jose, look at that live. lights shining and so is our look on the weekend. more for you coming up receipt hereceipt -- right here on "today in the bay." 4:54 right now. responding to a san we expected and turned to us for hem. >> good morning. you might want to pull out your insurance paperwork after we tell pete smith's story. pete's wife died unexpectedly after a fall. the smith family prevently bought accidental death and dismemberment insurance just in case to pay off their house. they expected $200,000. but the insurance company paid just $100 grand. half of what they expected. >> very helpless and very angry. and very anxious to warn everyone else. watch out for their insurance companies. >> reporter: so whatted? we traced his problems to a
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provision deep inside the contract that we discovered is common in life insurance policies. comes up tonight at 6:00, why you might have only half as much life insurance as you t ve and where toling if you have a consumer problem you'd like us to tackle, call us or i'll join you tonight again at 6:00. this weekend is a sonoma raceway event but it isn't just an racing, even pride for that matter. >> plenty of other options that don't involve crowds of ten or even hundreds of thousands of people. if music is your pleasure, three popular and free summer concert series returns. tonight is the first of san jose's four music in the park summer concerts. oakland the favorite, tony, tony, tony has done it again.
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playing at 5 oosh:30. tomorrow, music in the park returns to danville. and then on sunday, here's the big one. coachella kicks off at 11:00 a.m. >> don't be confused. k kidchella. not coachella. and folks heading out bring a lot of water. >> definitely. it's 4:57 and we're already at about 59 degrees in san jose. 57 for the coast. what spots are expected to be hottest and how long the heat advisory is expected to last in the bay area. looking over here. light traffic in san jose. 101, hoping this traffic ends. i have a feeling things will change.
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plus, the latest on the breaking news we're following in downtown san jose. a large building still smoldering after an overnight fire. a live report is straight ahead for you. 4:57. you're watching "today in the
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a live look outside at san francisco good friday morning to you. you've made it to the end of your workweek. a live look outside in san francisco. hustle and bustle it will be moving in a few hours, i'm sure. it is just seconds before 5:00 as we get started with our day and thank you so much for starting yours with us.
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i'm marcus washington, and i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia is off. we are bracing ourselves for the heat. vianey, it's going to be much hotter. >> going into the dangerous heat category especially heading into this weekend. why a heat advisory is in place. how much of a warm-up? already in the upper 50s at this hour. san jose 59 degrees. oapalo alto 54. show you how quickly the temperature trend climbs in terms of temperatures for today. by about 10:00 a.m., already at 77 degrees. by 12:00, around time you head out for lunch, it will be 85 degrees and we are expecting 90s for the south bay for today. i'll talk who's expecting to see triple digit heat and things to look out for this weekend especially if you're hanging out outdoors. coming up in a bit, send things over to mike first. >> vianey, looking at an early commute. things are very light, you'd imagine, on this friday.
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green sensors all around. at the very least, the getaway traffic starts heading up in towards this cen v start toing maybe noon, 1:00. be careful of that. getting towards the city no problems. down towards the bay bridge loot


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