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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:58pm PDT

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>> reporter: raj, when we reached out to city and county leaders this afternoon, they couldn't believe it. in fact, one of them called it madness. tonight they say they're going to do all they can to keep the concord naval weapons station from becoming what they believe essentially would be an internment camp. >> reporter: dozens of people angered by the president's zero-tolerance policy that separated thousands of migrant parents and children at the border protested outside the i.c.e. detention facility in richmond this afternoon. >> immigrant rights are under attack, what do we do? >> fight back! >> reporter: now there are reports those being detained at the border could be heading to the east bay. "time" magazine obtained a memo showing the u.s. navy is drafting plans to build a detention camp capable of housing as many as 47,000 immigrants on the grounds of the concord naval weapons station.
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>> we don't want this in contra costra. they're not welme here. >> reporter: contra costra county supervisor john gioia says the plan is news to both county and city leaders. he says, if true, expect a fight. >> we don't want to be part of it. it's bad for our country, bad for our state, bad for our county, bad for our community. >> reporter: we reached out to the department of defense, who in a statement said "the dod is conducting prudent planning and are looking at all available regions should dhs ask for assistance in housing adult illegal immigrants." the navy issued a statement saying, "it would be inappropriate to discuss internal deliberative planning documents." >> this is not acceptable, because it's not practical. and we don't want to be part of this imral policy that the administration is pursuing. >> reporter: and we are back here live. congressman desaulnier say he can't imagine a detention camp among all of these old bunkers out here. he says it's not practical.
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he also says the navy is under a concord to transfer much of the land over to the city, which plans to develop it. that transfer is supposed to take place any day now. reporting live in contra costra county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jodi. now pushing back against the border separation further, coming up at 6:30, how president trump highlighted the plight of americans whose loved ones were killed by people who entered the country illegally. okay. get ready for one of the biggest weekends of the year hereth bay and it's going to be hot. you have pride in san francisco. the giants have a weekend series against the es and nascar in sonoma county. plan accordingly, and especially, be safe. now, among the hot spots this evening, a live look in digits for many cities in the area. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, who's tracking this heat. jeff? >> you can see the hot weather
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again started to arrive today. when you compare it to some of the hottest temperatures across the west, las vegas was at 109. my hottest temperature, concord at 102. so we are getting close to some of the top readings here throughout the west coast. tomorrow, temperatures go up even more. that's why there's a heat advisory in effect as we head throughout your saturday forecast, temperatures away from the coast, that's where temperatures could reach up to 105. got to remember to drink lots of water and do not forget those pets. now, on top of the heat, we have a brand-new issued red flag fire warnings in effect saturday until 8:00 p.m. on sunday. that's for the north, east, and south bay hills. highest threat would be in the hills above 1,000 feet. winds, 15 to 30 miles per hour sustained, but gusts could reach 40 miles per hour. so no barbecuing, outdoor burning or fireworks of any kind. so right up here into the north bay, you can see, it's around santa rosa, napa, petaluma, novato, and here it's
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for the east bay hills and areas surrounding pleasanton. look at how temperatures increased tomorrow. we're at 82 at 10:00 a.m. inland east bay. fire fears always grow when the temperature gets this high. we want to show you a brush fire that broke out in brisbane this afternoon. this is right along bayshore boulevard. luckily, it got knocked down quickly thanks to an overwhelming response from firefighters. well, hot weather, fire danger, and the fourth of july right around the corner. fireworks are now a major concern. this is some recent security footage of illegal fireworks in the south bay. nbc bay area's robert honda joins us in san jose. robert, you know this, historically, a lot of illegal . few weeks? >> reporter: well, a lot of things have to do with how they're going to do with healths related to the heat. in fact, both santa clara county and san jose are setting up cooling centers this weekend for the most vulnerable. but you're right, just about
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everyone is vulnerable to the dangers of illegal fireworks. in fact, many neighborhoods are already reporting fireworks going off. so fire agencies are cracking down, and as you can see, they want the public's help. as many neighborhoods already know, people setting you have illegal fireworks don't actually wait for the holiday such as the fourth of july. these are security clips given to us the from a homeowner's association near downtown san jose where fireworks are already a year-round intrusion. >> the caliber, if you will, of the fireworks is much, much greater. much more military, professional sized. so it's very scary, especially when we're always in a drought condition. >> reporter: san jose and its emergency response mutual aidag. >> is it more critical this weekend, when we're going into red flag warnings, and we have high temperatures and low humidities and high winds? absolutely.
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because one little firework last weekend that may not have started a fire this weekend could start a major fire. >> reporter: so san jose has ruled out a billboard campaign as well as flyers mailed to homes about its online app that allows people to upload video and photos of illegal fireworks as evidence to support any citations. the app was upgraded after nbc bay area showed last year many citations were thrown out because there was no proof. >> they've said that they're going to be watching critical hot spot areas. hopefully it will make a difference this time around. >> reporter: well, so far, this year, the fire department says it has already issued about $5,000 in citations for illegal fireworks. but right now the focus is on what kind of damage the fireworks can cause in these hot weather conditions. live in san jose, robert honda, with nbc bay area news. >> robert, thank you. now in the east bay, a lot of concern over safety at the alameda county fair. paramedics say they typically take at least two people each
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day to the hospital for heat exhaustion when they' drees or those hospital trips could be on the rise. now, we were there as paramedics treated a pregnant woman and a woman in her 80s for dehydration and fatigue. >> all you seniors out there, make sure that you're hydrated, you have proper clothing, you're wearing a hat. >> all good advice. now, if you're traveling with seniors and children, keep a close eye on them. a woman in her 70s with dementia was reported missing at the fair. thankfully, she was found safe and brought back to her senior living facility. now, here's a good resource if you're staying in town this weekend or traveling. you can track the heat through our free nbc bay area app. just click to the weather tab to get your personalized forecast. two men are now facing charges in a deadly east bay attack. just a few hours ago, police identified two suspects in tuesday night's double stabbing outside a san leandro bar. 23-year-old michael mendozaroke
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is being held without bail. the two men stabbed a man to death and critically injured a friend and coworker who remains unconscious in the hospital. not clear what led up to the fight, but detectives do not believe the suspects even knew the victim. new at 6:00, driving in san jose is getting a whole lot safer. as it turns out, crashes have been on the decline for the last 30 years, and not just by a little. crashes where someone was killed or badly hurt are down by more than 70%. that's according to the transportation system safety report, which found that there were 450 major crashes last year. well, it is being called a voirve vourkt he victory here in silicon valley. the supreme court voted 5-4 to search police officers to get a w. and scott,ty. >> yeah, jessica. if you're on the side of more privacy when we use our gadgets, this is likely a positive t mig ability of officers to find
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suspects. no matter what you stand or where you sit, you can be found, thanks to your smartphone. because these mini computers we carry around with us track our locations all the time. but the supreme court just made it tougher for law enforcement to get access to that data. >> anyone who wants to find you needs to get a warrant to get your location, as opposed to it being a continuous service that they can just go look up at any time. >> reporter: in its ruling, the high court cited both privacy concerns and legal concerns, so did cell phone users we spoke to. >> i don't see why people should know where i am or what i am doing, for no reason. >> you know, it's a real quandary, i could see it either way. i mean, certainly privacy is important to people. on the other hand, i really have nothing to hide from anybody and don't really care. >> reporter: but those worried about constant tracking called the decision a victory for digital privacy. >> i think what you're seeing across the industry is a huge
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shift towards respecting people's right to choose where their data goes. >> reporter: now, the case the court ruled on dates back to a 2011 robbery, where police collected a suspect location data for 127 days, using his phone. legal experts are noting tonight this wasn't a blanket ruling. the court leaves the door open for warrantless searches, in cases of bomb threats, active shootings, and child abductions. raj, back to you. >> scott, thank you. keeping a million people safe. san francisco's message to those coming into town for this weekend's pride celebrations. plus, help wanted. desperately. the unique steps the santa cruz boardwalk is taking to hire workers. 85 right now in san jose, but i'll show you where it reaches 105 tomorrow. my forecast in eight minutes. we
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floats that will parade down market s take a look. our nbc bay area sky ranger doing some work this afternoon, getting a sneak the floats that will parade down market street this sunday. can you see the peacock there? even our nbc bay area float. all ready for pride weekend. about a million people will be on hand for the various events. and that has sfpd, of course, working overtime. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us now from delores mark in san francisco, where the trans march is getting underway ase speak. christie? >> reporter: that's right, the trans march got underway about ten minutes ago. and really, it's an event all
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its own. they've had activities all day here at dolores park. but we've also seen in the crowd a strong police presence, as we talk with them about their plans to keep the crowd safe through the weekend. >> people just going through, making sure that we didn't miss anything. >> reporter: it's a day to put finishing touches on the floats that will make their way down market street on sunday. >> we've played a lot with new materials this year. we've got a lot ofplexi glass. we've got a lot of really cool textured plastics and films and just translucents. >> reporter: as usual, huge crowds are expected to gather for san francisco pride. the theme, generations of strength and there will be a strong police presence with members of their special operations bureau moving in the parade and at the celebration. >> we're going to have boosted numbers on patrol, as well as specialized units, ready for quick response. >> reporter: san francisco police say there is no known threat, but they are out in force, both uniform and plainclothesed officers,
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coordinates with state and federal law enforcement, all weekend long. >> there will be a level of security that will screen for weapons and items that you're not able to bring into the venue. >> reporter: some security changes were made in part after the pulse nightclub shooting in 2016 and isolated incidents over the years in the city. organizers say expect screening that is similar to last year. police say they're not revealing specifics, but their plan is ready. >> we are taking measures to make sure that the city is safe, that the, as an example, that the parade route is safe. that city streets will be closed off to vul away. >> reporter: the san francisco police are also reminding people this weekend that they can get notices about significant changes or emergencies by texting sfpride to francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news.
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>> a lot of people at dolores park already. thank you, christie. well, the heat is on so many of us are heading to the coast. but here's the warning. swim or surf at your own risk. that's the message from the santa cruz county sheriff's department after a shark was spotted off the coast. now, warning signs, as you can see, are now up along the beach and trailheads in that area. deputies also notified the seascape resort is aptos. here's why. just last weekend, that 5-year-old great white shark washed ashore right near the resort. in zroosanta cruz, it's a blessing and a curse of a booming job market. near record-low unemployment is making it tough for many businesses in popular tourist cities like santa cruz to find ardwrkk with a curious solution. anoushah, the answer is, aim lower? >> reporter: that's right. the answer is hire 14-year-olds. now, the worker shortage is not just a problem here at the boardwalk, it is also a problem for local businesses downtown.
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one business owner telling me, it's not just the low unemployment, it might also be because of the high coast of living here in the bay area. from restaurants to clothing stor stores, there is work, but not enough workers. >> this is the worst i've ever seen it. i've never seen this many help signs, ever. >> reporter: maria sentry owns the hat company of santa cruz, one of the many retail and service industry businesses here, featuring "help wanted" signs, and not just for seasonal, but also long-term employees. >> i have never had thiariaro sd be the high cost of living in the bay area that makes it nearly impossible for folks in the service industry to afford to keep living here on a minimum wage salary. >> i would love to pay top dollar for all of the people i want to hire. it's just impossible. i'm a one-woman shop. >> reporter: meanwhile, down on the boardwalk, the staffing shortage now has the amusement park lowering its working age. >> we are hiring as young as 14.
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>> reporter: there are some limits, though. those teens can't work past 9:00 p.m. or overtime, but they can work in almost every guest-related position, including games and food services. >> this is normally their first job, so they're so excited to learn the ropes, understand what it takes to be successful in the workplace. and we're excited to teach them. zblu >> reporter: and human resources will interview them right there on he spot when they walk into the news. >> thank you, anoushah. we have new images out of palo alto. take a look. this cement truck flipped over at a construction site with the driver trapped inside. this happened right there on el camino this afternoon. it took six firefighters to get that man out. he is expected to be okay. no word how that cement truck flipped. okay, people of all ages
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buzzing about a new store in san jose. it's the hello kitty cafe and it happened on santana row. hundreds of people lining up for the grand opening. it's the first one to open in california. there's hello kitty, a popular character drawing people of all ages. many people say it's nostalgic to visit the kitty. >> i'm just looking forward to memorabilia and the food, to >> i't she still in high school? so why san jose? hello kitty's parent company has south bay. the company opened its first u.s. store more than 30 years at the eastridge mall. >> i predict, jeff, in about 40 minutes, jeff is going to be at that store. >> may not be tonight, because i don't have the girls with me. but it will be fun to go. >> and the treats look good. >> yes. >> i've got to brush up on my hello kitty. >> let's all go! >> i kind of missed that one growing up. >> what?! >> g.i. joe.
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>> we'll follow jessica's lead on this. >> i'm in it, looks good. >> our forecast over this weekend will be hot for a few locations, and then for some others, it's not going to be too bad. as we take you into our microclimate forecast, we'll bring you the hottest weather today. that was in concord at 102 degrees. right now, it is still a sweltering 99. this is where that fire danger is the highest. humidity level right now at 21%. notice, we're going to stay here in the eventually, we'll drop h into some low 70s by 8:00, also into midnight. we do want to let you know, with temperatures heating up into this weekend, air quality is going to suffer. worst air quality right across the east bay and south bay. if you suffer from asthma, respiratory problems, allergies, you may need to limit your outdoor exposure. let's bring you into the temperatures and show you where it's going to be the hottest. 105 degrees, that's the warmest. concord will be at that 105. antioch, 103. livermore, 102.
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also 102 in morgan hill. i have 101 in napa. you'll notice oakland and san francisco, no triple digits. you get a little bit of a breeze off of the bay. that will keep you in the 80s. and half moon bay with 69. two major events happening this weekend. if you're going to pride, i got you back here. saturday, it's going to be warm down by the sticivicner and in downtown by 80 degrees. sunday, we'll start to cool fthgs the pagh, lots of sunshine. nothing in the way of major fog. and the other big event, nascar in sonoma. watch out for the heat tomorrow, drink plenty of water. 100 degrees. that can give you heat exhaustion. and by sunday for the big event, it should start to drop to driverless cars to the road in the tri-valley. deal talk. 84. , atxtended forecast the next step to bring
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plus fries and a drink, for just $5.99! $5.99? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my spicy chicken club combo today. they will donate d-n-a kits to h happening now on our twitter feed, three dna companies will now say they will now donate dna kits to help reunited immigrant families. but some experts say this raises a privacy concern. and disney california adventure is going pixar. tomorrow is the debut of the pixar pier at the theme park. we've posted photos of the transformation on our website,
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okay. it feels so futuristic. there is no one, actually, behind the wheel of that shuttle. that's because it's self-driving and it's being tested in the east bay. the livermore transit authority showed off its shared autonomous vehicles or savs today.
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it says it plans to put the shuttles on public roads near the dublin/pleasanton b.a.r.t. station. it's the first time a transit agency in california is operating self-driving shuttles. >> this shuttle is going to not only make our area an innovation hub, but make sure that we make our lives easier. this will make a great connection for folks in the east bay. >> each self-driving bus can carry 12 passengers and can operate for 14 hours on one battery charge. the testing phase for the pilot program is expected to take two years. some bizarre tweets from silicon valley legend, claiming he survived a failed assassination attempt. we're talking about john mcafee, who says someone tried to poison him. he posted this photo of himself with the hospital with this caption, "you will soon understand the true meaning of wrath. i know exactly who you are. you had better be gone." "i was conscious for two decades at vidant medical center in
6:26 pm
north carolina and just woke up. my enemies managed to spike something that i ingested. however, i am more difficult to kill than anyone can imagine." john mcafee founded the mcafee security company. he is no longer with that firm. as we reported earlier this month, tesla is cutting 9% of its workforce. no w will exactly be impacted. a dozen solar city installation facilities in nine states are about to close. tesla is also ending a retail partnership with home depot. well, still ahead, no compromise on capitol hill. the reason the president says lawmakers should wait until november to pass immigration legislation. and look up in the sky. it's not just the millennium tower. we investigate another leaning high-rise in san francisco. by t
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children separated from their undocumented parents will right now at 6:30, by the end of the weekend, most children is the word coming from the white house tonight. but is it accurate? as the president continues to face growing criticism over his zero-tolerance policy, lawmakers from capitol hill have left washington without passing an immigration bill. >> nbc's blayne alexander has the story from washington, d.c., where the president is once again attempting to change the narrative surrounding immigration. >> reporter: president trump standing with some of the people he says are hardest hit by a flawed immigration system, families of those killed by undocumented immigrants. >> your loss will not have been in vain.
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we will secure our borders. >> reporter: the president working to shift the spotlight that for days has focused on migrant children at the border. >> we weren't lucky enough to be separated for five days or ten days. we're separated permanently. >> i wear his ashes in a locket. this is howty g ti get to hug m. >> reporter: and after repeatedly demanding that congress take urgent action to fix immigration laws, now a stunning about-face, urging republicans to stop wasting their time on immigration and wait until after the ms, suggesl be fewer democrats in office. his capitol hill allies, chalking that up to frustration. >> and if democrats don't want to solve the problem, while we do, we're going to move forward and have a vote. >> reporter: as soon as next week, despite opposition to the bill from within their own party, democrats say they've been shut out altogether. >> we're not included. >> reporter: down at the border, the question remains, how will the more than 2,000 children already separated from their families be reunited? the administration claims nearly
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500 are now back with their parents. among them, 7-year-old darwin and his mother, who successfully sued the government to find him. after more than a month apart, the two back together, but their future in america stilled uncertain. blayne alexander, nbc washington. >> californi senator kamala harris is accusing the trump administration of crimes against humanity after touring a migrant detention center down in san diego mothers who have been children. the media was not allowed separated from their own inside. though after her visit, she did speak to the hundreds of protesters, as you can see there, who were gathered outside. >> this is the situation where the united states government and this administration brought upon itself and the reputation of the american public, brought upon us, without a request, shame.
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>> she says as a former prosecutor here in the bay area, she's been to many jails and says what she saw today was, quote, a prison. well, some bay area clergy also headed to the border. our cameras were there as they left san francisco at 7:00 this morning. they're planning to protn of th leaders, about 40 of them, driving. >> separating the children from their families? that's so traumatizing. that's going to affect these kids for the rest of their lives. we can't let that happen. >> those demonstrations say they're going to hold a weekend of prayer and protest along the border near san diego. now, our coverage continues immigration issues. it's right there at the top of the page, right now. >> we have new numbers this evening on how many terminally ill people use california's right to die law to end their own lives last year. 2017 was the first full year the live was in effect.
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numbers released by the state department of public health show that 577 people used the law to receive aid in dying drugs last year. 374 people actually took those drugs. the number also shows that 90% of those who died the age of 60 and about 95% were uninsured. well, it turns out the only building that's tilting in san francisco. a second building is also leaning. investigative reporter said construction. >> reporter: could these cracks be a sign that a skyscraper going up next door is causing this 20-story concrete building to tilt? before and after photos show new cracks started appearing soon after construction crews began boring holes some 200 feet deep to anchor the oceanwide tower to
6:34 pm
bedrock. >> as an administrator responsible for the building code, yes, we am concerned. >> reporter: ron tom is with san francisco's department of building inspection. nbc bay area has learned he has reason to be concerned. rooftop measurements we have learned indicate that the building which serves as the west coast headquarters of the fdic is now listing more than an inch and a half towards the oceanwide tower site. that may not sound like much, but construction has just dbegu on the 900-foot skyscraper. some fear the tilting will continue, like what happened to the nearby millennium tower, where rooftop measurements show it is leaning some 17 inches now. the fdic doesn't want to talk. but oceanwide told us in a statement that it has brought in outside experts to evaluate the issue, adding, "as project developers, we're committed to being good neighbors and our commitment to independent monitoring and coordination is a
6:35 pm
part of that." >> this is shades of millennium tower all over again. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin can't believe the city never required the oceanwide project to provide any assessment of its expected impact on ne exemption,onding by an oceanwid need to shore up the fdic's consultant that there was no foundation. the firm that gave that advice is the same one that engineered the millennium towers foundation. officials with the firm now called langan did not return our calls. building inspection official ron tom says the city relies on professional experts and he is satisfied with their findings. >> we do not have the resources or the ability or expertise to conduct monitoring at the department. we depend on design professionals who with the proper equipment, training, and certification to do that work. >> reporter: supervisor peskin says it's not tlaoo late to protect the fdic building. >> in this instance, the
6:36 pm
building has not yet been built, so they need to take immediate steps to ensure that the building 10 feet away is not going to suffer the same fate as millennium tower. >> reporter: peskin says with 20 high rises in various stages of development, the city must do more to prevent another millennium-sized mess. jackson van der bay area news. coming up, a preview of the high-tech show happening tonight. the search continues
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tonight for the suspect in a deadly san francisco shooting. it happened around 2:30 this morning in th the search continues tonight for a suspect in a deadly san francisco shooting that happened around 2:30 this morning in the mission. police say sharp spotter technology in that area detected the gunshots. when officers arrived, they found two people shot. one died right there, the other rushed to the hospital. a fiery scene in downtown san jose. this happened at 2:00 a.m. on west csan carlo street.
6:39 pm
witnesses said they could see the flames shooting about 30 feet in the area. neighbors say the building used to house an awning company, but it's been abandoned fortime. most recently, though, it's become a homeless encampment. another fire in san jose thisni unintentionally. it ignited outside a home on bar l -- barlow avenue not far from 680. two cars were damaged, but firefighters were able to save the home. no word yet on an official cause. this week's pride weekend will have a high-flying drone light show courtesy of the silicon valley. it's taking place inside the at&t store. it's going to light up the room with 4 billion color combinations. the display will be accompanied by an internationally acclaimed cellist who will perform the song "born this way" by lady gaga, which has become an lbgt
6:40 pm
anthem. >> so we have the transgender march that's happening right outside of dolores park. 8:00 we have that, the party and the celebrations have started. >> and weather is not going to be a problem at all. really nice weather as we head into your weekend. in san francisco, we will have that forecast coming up, but here's what i'm watching with the heat. low 100s inland tomorrow. we're talking about 105 degrees for a few spots, increasing the fire danger. winds could be about 20 to 40. we'll have details on that heat in just a few minutes. they feel their insurance company is shorting them invess chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. per
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n-b-c bay area responds to a san francisco family that )s well, overwhelming grief and then persistent frustration. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco family that's been battling a life insurance
6:43 pm
company more than a year now. >> they asked our consumer investigator chris chmura for some help, because nobody else would step up. chris, what's the problem here? >> they feel let down, both by an insurance company and the state. first, a loved one died unexpectedly. now, they say their life insurance company is shorting them $100,000. they fear the same thing could happen to any of us. >> oh, there she is. >> as he reminisces with his daughter, nora, peter smith describes her mother as always caring and sometimes feisy. >> she was a force of nature. a short ball of energy. >> reporter: last month, debbie smith fell in a store parking lot and died a short time later. her death at the age of 72 stunned her husband of 36 years. >> it's something i had vaguely considered could conceivably happen 20 years from now. >> fortunately, the smiths had accidental death and dismemberment insurance with cigna.
6:44 pm
$1,000 in basic coverage, plus additional coverage they paid extra for. >> i signed up for $200,000 of coverage for each of us. >> reporter: not a fortune, but enough for the surviving spouse to pay off the house. and that's what peter planned to do with the $200,000 after debbie's unexpected death. but when he filed a claim, he learned his benefits were cut 50%. >> half of what i paid for. >> reporter: cigna paid just $100,000 of the $200,000 peter expected. >> well, let's see. >> reporter: so he immediately -- >> that's the schedule of benefits. >> reporter: -- went to his paperwork. >> this is a printout of the enrollment form for the insurance. >> reporter: he saved everything. and the enrollment form is clear to him. >> it says, additional coverage, $200,000. >> reporter: so why did peter get just half? cigna told him benefits are customarily cut in half around age 70. an insurance trade group confirmed that for us. but here's the thing. debbie was already 70 when she
6:45 pm
applied. the computerized enrollment form included her birth date. >> there it is, in black and white. >> reporter: but it didn't calculate the reduction. so despite the front page stating $200,000 in coverage, a line four pages inside policy meantna200 grand because of their age. how misled do you feel by that? >> totally. >> reporter: nora asked us for help. when cigna didn't respond, we suggested the smiths file a complaint with the department of insurance. they did. cigna then told the state they did nothing wrong, and the state agreed. >> it looks like they didn't challenge them at all. >> as far as we can tell, they didn't. >> reporter: we obtained the 165-page file cigna sent the state to make its case. it states the smith's enrollment form includes bold text that lays out the 50% reduction. for proof, cigna said it purtt printout of the disclaimer in the packet. but it's not there. the state apparently didn't notice the key evidence was missing. it just signed off on cigna's denial. >> i mean, for both of them, i
6:46 pm
just want to say like, shame on you. and particularly the insurance commissioner's office, i feel like their role is really to protect the consumer, and i don't feel protected. piffle very taken advantage of. >> reporter: we pointed out the missing proof, and asked the state to reconsider its seemingly incomplete review. nora is demanding a second pet unrelenting. but he concedes a wider range of emotion, on top of the grief of losing his wife. >> very helpless, very angry, and very anxious to warn everyone else to watch out for their insurance companies. >> reporter: just as we were getting ready to put this story on tv, cigna officially declined to take our questions. instead, it sent us a very general statement, which reiterated it is common for accidental death policies to adjust benefit levels over the life of a policy. you and your family deserve to know how much life insurance you
6:47 pm
have, so call your agent and ask them to decipher your policy. or look yourself. find the page that says something like "age reduction schedule." do the math and if you don't understand it, call for help. if you have a consumer problem you would like us to tackle, please give us a call, 888-996-tips or >> it's never easy. >> it's so much to navigate. >> you have to look at that fine print. >> it's just so much to navigate. and in those difficult moments, sometimes we don't do it. >> we thank chris for that report. let's bring in jeff ranieri now. as we talk about friday, a lot of heat to be aware of. a lot of people outdoors is this weekend. >> there's going to be certainly those temperatures creeping up to dangerous levels as we head into saturday's forecast, but it won't be 100 everywhere. it's going to be one of those summer events where we have widespread variations in our temperatures. we'll get you a live look at at&t park right now. out there at mccovey cove, we've got a little bit of a breeze and it's helping to drop temperatures from a mild high of 75 today, right now we are at
6:48 pm
68. and you can see right through first pitch, we should start to see those temperethe 60s and if you're getting a late start heading out the door, no fog expected through tonight. it's going to be beautiful evening at the ballpark. and if we didn't mention it al isoing to be right here on nbc bay area at 7:00 p.m. so if you don't have a ticket, you can just pull up a chair, get comfortable right in front of your tv screens. right here across the bay area, we have been talking about the increased fire threat this weekend. red flag warning has been issued today. this is in effect for saturday, even lasting into sunday, for the hills of the northeast and south bay, primarily for a thousand feet and above. that's where we could get gusts, occasional gusts up to 40 miles per hour. so no barbecuing, certainly no outdoor burning or fireworks of any kind. it's just going to be too easy for any kind of fire here to get spread across the bay area. now, with as that hot air build it's going to start us off mild tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s for the south bays and clear for your morning. also, 73 here in the tri-valley. more 70s for the north bay and
6:49 pm
right over to the east bay and notice in san francisco, we'll begin fog free. temperatures on a climb. another 4 to 8 degrees warmer. so that means right across the south bay, we'll be in the low 100s, at least right across morgan hill and gilroy, now, not quite as hay and that will keep you at 95. hottest weather, highest danger right here across contra costra, alameda counties. highest temperature, 105 in concord. 104 in danville. 103 in pleasanton. that's the kind of heat that can catch up with you fast. make sure to drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, might even need to head inside for a little bit. oakland, not as warm. you have that bay wind as well with 84 degrees. peninsula, we'll stay out of the 100s, but it's going to get warm for your standard in san mateo, 90 degrees. we're also up to 93 in redwood city. san francisco, we have a few spots that will hit 70s and 80s. along the embarcadero, you're at 78. the mission, with 80. notice near the coast, we're at
6:50 pm
cooler 60s for the outer sunset and the marina. if you're here for pride, heading into san francisco 78 here by 3:00 p.m. and you're looking at sunny skies. ns o saturday. and looking good for that parade s on sunday. through the north bay in sonoma, we have nascar, 100 degrees. also 101 in napa. extended forecast shows in san francisco, go back to the 60s by monday, tuesday, skbeand wednes of next week and dry through the next seven days. and for interior valley cities, we're banking on an ocean breeze by sunday. that should drop us down to 90. and a cooler system moves in, relatively speaking here, and that should drop us down to 80. so from 103 tomorrow down to 80 once we hit monday's forecast. so we'll get through tomorrow and that high fire danger and we're all good the next several days. >> i was paying attention. a lot of things going on there. >> yeah. i appreciate it. >> thanks, jeff. okay, jeff brought it up. we are counting down to first pitch. the giants hosting the padres right here on nbc bay area. we're going to check in with
6:51 pm
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center field. okay. let's take you outside, a live lack look at china basin from our exclusive ballpark cam in centec it looks. we're minutes away from first pitch right here on nbc bay area. >> you know what we call today? >> yes? >> orange friday. a lot of giants fans are smiling. let's check in with john miller and mik krukow in the nbc bay area broadcast booth. >> the giants with a victory, back of their ace, madson bumgarner last night. and just the way it was drawn up before last season. and it hasn't happened that often. so tonight they look for their fourth straight win with chris stratton on the mound. he's looking for his ninth win of the year. and the giants trying to stay hot. they've won three in a row here at home. >> they've been pretty good at home all year long. they come in this ball game ten games over 500. for whatever reason, they relax, they catch the ball, they hit
6:55 pm
the ball, their starters are good. the relievers are good. basically, they're a pretty good team. tonight they'll try to work that magic the san diego padses and clayton richards, who is a guy who changed his arm angle over the off-season. a little bit different slider than he has had in the past. it will be a unique little puzzle for the giants to try to figure out assist they try to stay hot at home. >> and richard himself has been pitching his best ball here of late. i'm jon miller with mike krukow a at at&t park. >> because of tonight's game, your favorite nbc shows can be seen on cozi tv. "american ninja warrior" at 8:00 and "dateline" at 10:00. >> a large police presence in san leandro at the marina right now. police telling us that someone fired a gun in the air, happening during a large gathering of several hundred people. what we know so far is no one was hurt. but, of course, we'll continue to watch this and we'll have
6:56 pm
fullevelments for you coming up tonight at 1:00. > . >> and right now, great weather for the giants/padres game. >> 68 right now, dropping to 66 for that first pitch. no fog tonight. that's the good news. the heat, 103 inland tomorrow, but we're down to 90 on sunday. >> it will be beautiful at mccovey cove. we'll send it over to jon miller and mike krukow live from the ballpark. introducing jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries. you get our hot and salty fries, smothered in cheddar cheese and creamy guacamole plus your choice of 3 tasty toppings: tender carne asada, savory chorizo, or chipotle chicken. each for just 3 bucks. so tonight, kick the party in your mouth up a notch with jack's new $3 sauced & loaded fries.
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the giants go for the fourth straight win. it's game 2 of the series. giants, padres. next.
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