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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 23, 2018 5:30pm-5:59pm PDT

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cooldegrees. not bad. not bad. >> we'll be back at 6:00. >> see you then. tonight thousands of people protest the treatment of my grant families as confusion grows over how parents and children will be reunited. the uproar after the white house press secretary is asked to leave a restaurant in a small virginia town that voted overwhelmingly against president trump. crimes committed long ago now being solved using the same technology that lets us find our distant relatives. >> drug testing for pot while more companies are deciding why it is no longer necessary he wal ♪ >> tonight remembering vinnie paul of pantera.
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>> and taking the selfie to a whole new level. >> good evening across the country in border states and states far removed from the border, americans turned out for ralies over immigration. the resident this week sign the president signed an executive order to ensure childrens are no longer separated from parents and officials tell us they are now keeping families together. with zero tolerance in place adults be prosecuted and it's unclear what the long term plan is. sarated prior to the >> tonight, growing outrage over the roughly 2,000 children stil we are in texas. made things extremely real. >> immigration activists in mical
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micalon, texas, surrounding a bus full of migrants. >> i don't think people can imagine what it is like to put yourself in the shoes of a four-year-old child in a foreign land, in a cage, like an animal. these are human beings and deserve to be treated as such. >> anger boiling over in cities like san diego to florida. after president trump executive order stopping the separation of migrant family who's cross the border illegally but keeping to >> right now we're looking at whatever we do we're going to keep the families together. >> is there an adequate plan to reunite the families. >> well we haven't seen separatr son on his sixth birthday and don't know if she will see him again before she's deport the. and this woman sued the
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government to get her seven yolanda son today she told us as a mother you must fight to get your child back. >> did you think necessity anticipated it would be this kplimic indicated. >> complicated. >> no i don't think they anticipated much of anything at all. >> she's on team of more than a hundred migrant parents. >> they didn't think it through which parents to match with which kids. >> customs border patrol said it reunited those in its custody but doesn't count for 2,000 in 17 will take. >> thank you. while all of this is playing out nearo of the largest immigratio raids under trump administration took place in recent weeks, part of an enforcement effort that ramps up targeting businesses
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suspected of hiring undocumented affiliates. our reporter on the impact. >> a crack down in america's heartland. federal officers rounded up more than 200 undocumented workers across five cities in ohio. >> they had arms, the dogs the helicopters. >> she said she's here illegally, said under cover officers showed up in her job pretending to offer doughnuts before taking hundreds into custody including her mom and sister. >> all i could think of was my mom. didn't know where she was at. >> they targeted meat processing plants and nursies. those that were arrested mostly were from guatemala their kids left alone and afraid in churches like these. >> what's happening in the border down south is it also happening here? >> translator: their kid separated. kids without parents.
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couples separated. husban husbands. the wises don't know what to do. ed they don't have income, don't know how to pay the rent. >> which is why the community is trying to help anyway they can. >> it's heart breaking, which is why you're donating all these i'ms of food and clothing you are going to take to them. >> yes, yeah. >> show of solid airity for families in limbo. >> president trump continues to talk about security at the border, in las vegas appeared at nevada republican convention. kelly o'donnell reports on that and up roar regarding the press secretary. >> the issue dominate the this past week his own zero tolerance policy led to family separations
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at the border but he charged ahead blasting a message of deterrence and security. >> if they see any weakness they will come by the millions. we have to have strong borders. we're going to have the wall. we're going to have the wall. >> but a new flash point all over social media was not part of the vegas trip. white house press secretary sarah sanders on the jagged edge of angry politics after she was asked to leave a lexington, virginia restaurant about 180 miles outside of washington. last night a server at the red hen posted a kitchen note that sanders was turned away or 86 today she tweeted from her official government account she was told by the owner to leave becausor for the pred. she said she does her best to treat people especially those i disagree with respectfully that ienl of social media wild fire that takes everything in its path.
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in a torrent ant "-trump and and eye-sanders voices praising the owner for taking a stand. the owner stephanie saying there are moments people need to live their convictions. this appears to be one. our attempts to speak to the owner didn't get far. she wouldn't go beyond tweeted comments. there's such a frenzy to the sanders tweet is about a quarter million and counting giving oxygen to a heated national conversation over programs unexpected place where's our politics leave a bitter taste. >> thank you. in south carolina, a republican congressional candidate who got a lot of attention after president trump endorsed her and she won acritical and stable afr being injure in a car crash she and friend were drive being
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their car was hit by another car driving in the wrong direction. the driver in the other car was killed. arroga arlington airington defeated mark sander in a primary earlier this month. there's severe weather to contend with stretching from the south nearly 40 million affected by the storm. >> you see the thunderstorms are possible stretching from dallas to memphis all the way to atlanta, and small section in richmond, philadelphia, eastern colorado. tomorrow it could be worse. more tornados possible through much of kan panhandle because this cold front is dropping south through the plains. destructive winds. large hail and isolated chance for horrendotornado will extendt searing across the southwest.
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las vegas, nevada at 109 degrees. the record for today is 113 so getting close. tomorrow will be lot again with triple digit heat from redding, california, all the way into texas. >> hot, hot, janice, thank you. investigators in tacoma, washington, say they have solved 32-year-old cold case thanks to new technology xts 66-year-old gary heartman accused of killing a girl in 1986. a team in california helped to crack another cold case just last month. we have an inside look at the case. interest. >> 31 years after the young couple was murdered while vacationing in washington state investigators say they got the break arresting william tal bottom. >> if not for genetic gene yolg
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used to capture joseph deangelo. in washington case authorities work with the labs that generate dna data from crime scene samples and upload to ged match, public gene yolg website and found two second cousins related to the kill zbler. >> you need to find out who they and their family members are. >> enter a genetic gene yolgists that has helped thousands find long lost relatives. >> did you think you would be a crime fighter when you got into this business. >> never crossed my mind. >> she built their family trees backward to the great and led her to talbot. and i cut discarded by him matched the killer. he pleaded not guilty. >> in this case it was straight
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forward only pointing at that one man that might not always be the case. >> parabon already uploaded another 100 crime scenes at ged match and look very promises. >> i suspect we'll put dozens of cold cases to rest. >> some worry this technique is an invasion of private sectcy b the only way they were able to find this decade-old case. fascinating. there's a heated debate in this country what to do with statues and symbols of confederacy seeing it lead to violence in the last year. in russia there's similar question what to do about statues of sovie story from rus >> controversial statues and symbols of the past have ignited a fierce debate in united states. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> a similar reckoning of history has unfolded in russia after the collapse of the soviet union in 1991 statues of soviet
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leader where's torn down and many here in the museum park, lennin and stalin, under their leadership some of the darkest periods in the history of the ussr where millions of people were killed. today their statues along with others of soviet leaders have been collected into a modern day sculpture brark kids come to play and ride bikes, it's one way the russian people deal with their past without forgetting. >> i see this monument with wonder and delight. they took them down in a lot of places but here i can return to my past. >> one statue ran secret police that preceded the kbg. >> good thing we didn't throw it out, i don't think that's right, it's a reminder what happened to the country and to us, you can't reject it, you have to remember it. >> but questions remain about
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how to best address these g about that has been, i think, a question that the whole country has been asking for the past 2 a or so years. how can we use these as examples of the tragedies that can a rise from political movements. >> the park tries to do this by including a sculpture called victims to total dlt itarian regime and serves as a lasting tribute to those who suffered monumental brutality. nbc news moscow. now switching to britain some might say is a true crisis of beer shortage in some places and behind it another shortage of carbon dioxide used to push the pressure out from taps, the co 2 crisis comes as more beer is conassumzuassume assumed
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is consumed it's not just beer. >> a brewing crisis for british beer. europe'sar dioxide that fuels the beer taps is running low, putting pub managers under pressure. >> stock up while you can. basically that's what i'm told from my bosses. >> five factories that make c 0 gas shut down across europe all at the same time. leaving them with only one bubble making plant as world cup season leads to a run on booze. >> if we are not already out we are on the verge of being out. we have to stop producing. >> not just beer but essential for soft drinks and meat packing. if manufacturers fill the pinch the pubs should be prepared. >> we're being told to drink as much as we can before it runs out. >> the exmen arms is armed for a
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crisis. >> are you worried? >> i think everyone's worried, yeah. it's a very real problem. >> the pub has a huge co 2 cannister in the cell yar. >> we have an emergency cannister on the other side. >> a back up plan to keep britain bubbly. matt bradley, nbc news london. >> matt took that assignment very seriously. still ahead tonight the big change at drug testing at some companies why they are no longer looking to see whether job applicants use pot. also remembering the rock icon vinnie cofounder of one of the most influential heavy metal bands.
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we're back significant change in the sign of times a growing number of employers are dropping the testing of marijuana when hiring new workers, driven by a strong economy and increasing legalization of pot. >> there's more jobs than people to fill them. jobs report out just moments ago, the unemployment rate dropping to an 18-year low. >> employers looking to entice good workers may need to adapt to fill openings. used in more longer drug testnls a employee is high at work. >> it will be hard to run a business if you have no one to staff it. >> in las vegas cesar entertainment no longer testing
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for marijuana pre-employment unless required for d.o.t. related positions. >> we felt given the changes in the laws happening across the country that it was prudent for us to take i different point of view on marijuana than other drugs. >> experts say the trend is growing in hospitalitiality and health care. >> i don't mind derogatory marijuana off the screen. >> four years ago he was seriously injured by a drunk driver in a head on crash. >> i have lingering injuries in my back, neck, shoulder. >> he uses a combination of marijuana based topical creams and ease the pain and do the things he loves. >> it gave me and myself back and my family me. >> even though marijuana is legal in colorado he left his management job because he didn't want to fail random drug tests
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that are required. >> you lose your job you potentially lose the next job. >> you're still looking for that job. >> still looking but i feel it's out there. >> as companies catch up to changing times in this job market he's probably right. steve patterson, nbc news denver. >> still ahead. the new vision of you. technology changing the way we replicate ourselves.
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♪ respect, walk, what do you say ♪ ♪ >> the unmistakable sound of pantera, cofound bid drummer vinnie paul whose death was announced earlier today. he was form if born in 1981 and his band with his brother became one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history. vinnie paul was 54 years old. and another passing. dick leitsch helped to clear the way for gay bars to work openly he was 83 years old. when we come back, a new twist on mini me.
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finally tonight call them toys of the future, the new family port rate or ultimate selfie, whatever you call them, they're new images we can create of ourselves or anyone using ifrnt 3d technology, surprisingly accurate and endlessly fascinating. >> tucked away on this quiet new york city street passers by stop and stare, three d printing
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technology to capture pretty much anything or anyone. >> people are coming in, it's as much about the experience as it is the final product. >> ceo has seen generational dudes, marriage proposal dudes, customers like hearth stern created her first for a new tradition for her family. >> i was so shocked when i saw it i told myself i would do it for my daughter every year on her birthday. >> that is going to look exactly like you look. >> exactly. >> don't know if it's good thing i'm going to cameras aimed at y in a split second your image is captured for my ride a added a passenger my daughter. >> look into this camera. >> okay. >> 3, 2, 1. >> next stop, brooklyn, new york, 3d images go through
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printing process that's done overnight. one layer of white powder at a time follow bid a layer of pigment and then color. it takes several thousand layers to create a figure that is then vacuumed, excav ated and dried and dip in cleaning and prepared for boxing. >> our great dude reveal. no way. it's you. wow. >> a future not graphy captured in mini at your form. >> holy cow. >> it looks just like her. >> that is "nbc saturday nightly news" on this saturday night. tomorrow. a new and unique approach treating substance abuse by keeping recover ing moms and their children together. for all of us here have a great night.
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right now at 6:00, fire crews on alert this weekend as the rising temperatures lead to some serious fire danger. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm anoushah rasta. the triple digit heat and windy conditions in some areas are a dangerous combination. live loo dublin. there have already been several small fires across the bay area. >> nbc bay area's roz plater has been looking into what firefighters are doing this weekend to help keep people safe. we begin our team coverage with vianey. >> that heat advisory is still in effect for another two hours.
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that expires at 8:00 p.m. but for good reason. 99 degrees right now. it was just at 100. we're barely starting to creep down in terms of our temperatures. but even then in the north bay right now, 98 degrees. just to give you an idea, the national weather service did release their hottest temperatures as of 5:00 p.m. today. concord airport reaching a high of 105 degrees. at the livermore airport, 100 degrees. at the san jose airport, 98. get this, at sfo, 88 degrees. now, i do have some good news. we are going to get mother nature's cooling in the form of a sea breeze that's expected to kick in overnight into sunday. but we're still expecting breezy conditions, which is why that red flag warning will remain


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