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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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right now at 6:00, breaking news coverage continues. flames in lake county forcing people from their homes as an active and very dangerous fire fight. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm terry mcsweeney. >> thousands of people forced to evacuate after the pawnee fire in lake county doubled in size today. the flames raging out of control at this hour. nbc bay area's sky ranger has been over the flames for the past few hours. here is a live look for you at that powerful pawnee fire. spring valley community evacuated, and on edge. nbc bay area's marianne favro has been monitoring the situation from the newsroom. she joins us with the latest. >> i got an update from
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firefighters who say the pawnee fire scorched more than 3,000 acres. right now, 600 buildings are threat threatened. flames are headi ining dangerou close to homes. so far, 12 buildings have been destroyed including several homes fire crews say one of their biggest challenges is the erratic wind causing this fire to change directions several times since it started yesterday. calfire reports homes are burning on new long valley road, that's in the spring valley area. mike smith lives in the area and described a close call he experienced with the fast-moving flames. >> i said i'm going to get out of this area before my escape route closes off, and so i left from pueblo trail and maybe ten minutes after that, the fire had already gone up the hill there. >> he says because of the experience with recent fires in the same area, some people who tried to defend their homes in the past are now opting to
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evacuate quickly this time. 200 firefighters are battling the fire on the front lines with dozers and hand crews and also from the air. two helicopters are out there right now. so far, there are no reports of injuries. a shelter has been opened at lower lake high school where right now, more than 100 people forced to evacuate are gathered. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. help from the bay area is already there with more on the way. the alameda county fire department tweeted this video of crews leaving early this morning to help fight that fire in lake county. firefighters from fremont, hayward, and oakland also on this team. a lot of help on the way. here in the bay area, still a lot of concern over the breez the area. >> we're still dealing with relatively low humidity. at least temperatures have cooled off significantly. northern areas like santa rosa, 63 degrees at this hour.
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the temperatures have definitely cooled off in that area. now we're still seeing slightly warmer temperatures in the south bay. 79 degrees in san jose, but the reason the red flag warning will remain in effect through 8:00 p.m. tonight, as of now, they have not extended that, is because we're still tracking some breezy to windy conditions along with the relatively low humidity. the combination of those two things can quickly spread any fire as you've seen in the past, what's currently going on now. we'll keep a close eye on this because if we look at current wind speeds, about 12, 15 miles per hour, they do die down into the overnight hours, butom at 8 p.m. look at santa rosa, the winds begin to start gusting once again upwards of 29 miles per hour. i'll have another update as far as what we can expect heading into the workweek coming up. >> see you soon, thank you, vianey. track the rising temperatures and fire danger with our free nbc bay area app. get the information you want to know on the weather for your neighborhood or anywhere else. returning now to our coverage of a neighborhood
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dispute that has gone viral. a girl selling water near san francisco's at&t park igniting a national controversy this weekend and it's far from over. today, 8-year-old jordan was back out selling water. she's trying to earn enough money to go to disneyland and help her mom who just lost her job, but on friday night, a woman who lives nearby reportedly asked to see a permit which allows her to sell water. and then the woman allegedly called police. allison nettles is the woman, many online dubbed her permit patty. she said the girl had been yelling for hours, disturbing her work. jordan's mother explains nieces than jordan was by herself. and she didn't come out. >> she says race has nothing to do with this. the social media backlash against her has been swift and harsh. lot of angry comments. some threaten as well. the video was also enough for at
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least one company to stop carrying her cannabis products for dogs. keep this in mind, coming up tonight at 11:00, an exclusive interview with the woman at the certain center of the controversy, the one who reportedly called police. hear her side of the story for the first time sit-down interview on nbc 10 bay area news at 11:00. a day of pride in san francisco. huge crowds flocked to the city today for the annual pride parade. more than 1.5 million people attended pride events this year. the civic center plaza was the place to be. that's where nbc bay area's thom jensen is live. tom? >> reporter: the crowds, you can see, starting to break up now. it was another beautiful day. a massive number of people. sun all peaceful. a lot of pride. ♪ it's a celebration of gay pride that began in 1970, and has grown from a few thousand to possibly close to 2 million this year. >> spirit is just like it's never been.
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>> i'm so proud to be a queer senior and i'm so proud we can celebrate all of the work that he and i did as youth. >> reporter: local politicians say it's a celebration of rights that have to be protected because lgbtq rights are under attack. >> we're going to fight for the better of who we are, and this is about love of country, let's always be clear about this, this is about fighting for the ideals of our country. >> it's a special place. that's something that's important to defend and also to export particularly again in contrast to trump. >> they know that we don't agonize, we organize to get something done. >> reporter: a huge and friendly crowd supporting the fight for equality. here to support free expression and celebrate a city which has led the way in gay rights. >> to stand up for what we believe in, what we think is right right now. >> i think we should be able to embrace who we are and love everyone and support everyone around us, regardless of our
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sexual orientation, our beliefs or color of our skin. >> reporter: in san francisco, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. we sure had a colorful twitter page today. follow us @nbcbayarea to see more videos and photos from pride. check out behind the scenes action as our nbc bay area team got ready to ride the floats. we also want to see your photos as well. so, please tweet us. still to come, doing their part. a fund-raiser meant to reunite families separated at the border hits a milestone. plus a heads up for anybody hitting the road in san francisco tomorrow. the tunnel being shut down for repairs and how it could impact you. and we definitely had a cool down, just to give you a comparison, novato's high are yesterday, 108. the unofficial high only topping out in the 80s. we'll take a look at how the rest of the bay area fared out coming up.
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right now we want to go back to breaking news if lake county, where a wildfire continues to burn out of control tonight. 12 buildings have been key stroistro destroyed including several homes. it's the pawnee fire. burned more than 3,000 acres. live pictures of what it looks like. now threatening 6 f00 structures. thousands of people under mandatory evacuation orders. fire crews are zealdealing with erratic winds. obviously the heat.
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so far no one has been hurt. a lot of people on edge after last year's deadly firestorm. fire departments from the bay area are up there and more on the way to help out. it's more than a minor inconvenience, starting tomorrow, muni's twin peaks tunnel will be shut down for two months, it is long overdue for several repairs and seismic upgrade. regular riders on the k, l, and m metro lines have to find other ways to get around. muni is adding buses to help during the closure but may not be enough. remember, 80,000 people go through that tunnel each day. >> the biggest fund-raiser ever on facebook has hit a new mile zo stone, we're talking about the fund-raiser started by a silicon valley company looking to help reunite migrant families at the boa border help pay for legal expenses. the fund is at $20 million. the original goal was $1,500. $1,500 was the goal. they're at $20 million. half a million people have donated including facebook
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founder mark zuckerberg. the new fund-raising goal, $25 million. we're turning now to microclimate weather coverage. a red flag warning in effect until 8:00 tonight. this video just into our newsroom showing you that breeze in san jose. that wind, vianey, creating a big concern for fire danger, of course. >> any time you're dealing with hot, high heat, and low humidity, this is the recipe for fire danger. that's the reason why they issued these red flag warnings so you can be on alert and just be mindful of the area that you live in, especially in the hilltops. i want to show you current wind speeds right now. if you notice, still nice and breezy, but getting a little bit windier toward the east bay right now. at about 22 miles per hour. along the coastline as well, 22 miles per hour. and the north bay area, 22 miles per hour in napa. now, we're going to be keeping a close eye on these wind speeds through tonight into tomorrow as well because santa rosa will get a little gustier as we head in toward your monday.
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that is where the wildfire is burning right now, and unfortunately, we're still dealing with low humidity, less than 10%. although it does tend to recover overnight. now, right now, santa rosa at about 63 degrees. oakland, 70. 79 for san jose. and that red flag warning as of right now is still set to expire at 8:00, but that does not mean that we won't be dealing with the dry conditions, even though we're seeing cooler temperatures. we're still expected to see a large threat, especially as we head into monday as well because of those wind speeds that rex pekt expected to pick up. as far as your temperatures go, this is where we saw the significant change thanks to an onshore flow. th nova novato, high of 108 yesterday to a high of 81 degrees for today. this gives you a good comparison. i'm going to tweet this out in case you want to check out locations throughout the bay area. for tomorrow, a greater decrease in temperatures. we'll be fairly comfortable in san jose at 70 degrees.
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milpitas, 81. near the east bay, check out concord, 88. concord yesterday hit a high of 105. temperatures will start a bit of a cooling trend which will set us up nicely for the workweek ahead. in the city, mission, 67 degrees. that did hit a high into the 80s th nor for the next seven days, we have a couple changes on the way but good things. 65 degrees ex-expected into tuesday. we keep breezy conditions monday into tuesday morning, not just for the coastline but inland areas as well. temperatures will begin to set up nicely into the mid 80s, and then eventually by friday and saturday, we'll start once again to see a climb into the 90s, but so far, this first weekend of summer was definitely a hot one, although we did not set know new records in terms of temperatures. >> felt like we did, though, didn't it? >> not yet. >> yet. >> remember last year san francisco hit a new record of
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106? k we haven't seen that yet, key word, yet. still ahead, a well known actor and director taking part in an immigration rally at the boarder today. plus the tweet president trump sent today about the crisis. >> nbc bay area's microclimate weather certified most accurate by weather rate. the only independent weather forecast verification company in the country.
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i'm here today because the president of the united states is immoral. i'm here today because the president of the united states is inhumane. >> actor and director rob
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reiner, one of many demanding the immediate reuniting of migrant families. the end family detention rally held today in texas. demonstrators gathered at the tent city at the tornillo port of industentry where my kbrant children are being held. the demonstration in tornillo was one of many this weekend. last week's executive order allowing undocumented parents and children to be detained together, more than 2,000 children have yet to be reunited. now the senate's top democrat is demanding that the trump administration appoint a czar now to help ree zero tolerance has left many people with zeroon wl be able to quickly unite the kids. >> president trump hit back on twitter saying, "w allow all of these people to invade our country. and nothose who do should be se back without a court hearing." the house and senate are moving
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forward on imkbrags migration r. despite the president telling republicans not to waste their time until after the elections. benjamin netanyahu told his cabinet he held meetings with two senior members of the trump administration over the weekend. netanyahu said he met jared kushner and jason greenblatt. he said they discussed the peace process, and regional issues with, quote, a particular emphasis on the situation in gaza. the fallout for a small restaurant in virginia accused of getting too political continues tonight. the owner of the red hen asked sarah huckabee sanders to leave the restaurant friday night because of her work defending president trump and his policies. people on both sides of the issue have defended on the red hen in lexington, virginia. the restaurant's social media pages have also been overrun by comments supporting or blasting the move. >> we have a pathological liar as the president of the united states. and i think those around him are
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complicit in his lies. >> to me, it's discrimination, you know? the democrats think they got the only voice in this country. they don't. >> the actual incident, though, remained calm and polite on both sides. well, when you're late for on important meeting, you got to get there any way possible. that's what this man did on thursday. this is scott holt, he was trying to get from his home in new jersey to manhattan. so he hopped on his paddleboard, crossed the hudson river. he's wearing a suit so he's dressed for success as he goes here. he claims it took him 30 minutes to cross but admits there were a few times he almost fell into the wallwater. kind of made the whole thing kind of -- >> complicated. >> very complicated. he said he made his meeting on time, so keep in mind, folks, if you're trying to get from alameda to san francisco, it's a possibility. maybe not. here's laura britt with a preview of what's coming up in sports. >> it was an afternoon on baseball and racing in the bay area. the giants looking to continue their recent hot streak.
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plus the a's are breaking records. i'll fill you in on the details and bring you those highlights after this.
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laura britt at the xfinity sports desk. it was a long one this afternoon at at&t park, albeit a perfect day to take in baseball. let's get you out to the arctio. we take you to at&t park. bottom of the second, giants down one. hernandez hits a solo shot. ties the game up at one.
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this one went into extras. that score didn't change. bottom of the 11th, giants now down 2-1. bases loaded. one out. hunter pence lines it past the diving first baseman. two runs score and it's a walk-off win for the giants. 3-2 the final. let's get you over to guaranteed rate field. the a's and the white sox. top of the fifth, a's up by one. mike canna delivers a homer, his tenth home run of the season. a's hit a new record of consecutive home games with a home run at 95 beating the downhill from there for the a's. bottom of the fifth, bases loaded. he rip ts to the right field wall. bases clearing double. the white sox take a 3-2 lead and go on to win 10-3 the final. >> would have been nice if we won the game and set the record. it means we have some power, you know, kind of a longstanding record. so i know the guys wer talking about it in the dugout and mark
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did hit the homer, and it's, you know, nice to hang your hat on, but certainly would have been a little better if we won the game. over on the pitch, world cup kbr group g action. england and panama facing off. captain harry kane with a hat trick. england downs panama 6-1 and qualify for the knockout round. over in group "h," japan and senegal. 78th minute is where we take you. japan down one. substitute scores with a goalie out of position. the game ends in a 2-2 draw and the draw keeps both teams tied atop group "h" for now. let's move from the pitch to the track. nascar drivers, they're really no different than us. all they want to do is go enjoy beautiful wine country. however, they actually had some work to get done today. let's get you out to the toyota 350 at sonoma raceway this afternoon. halfway through the second stage, one of the best road racers, a.j. allmendinger, misses his shift and blows his
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engine. that ended his day. this is bubba wallace. he tried to make a pass. he spun out and doesn't hit the fence so in caution flag. he was able to keep going. 20 laps to go, martin truex jr. passes last year's winner, kevin harvick, and he would hold on the rest of the way. he wins by 10.51 seconds over harvick. >> just hoping for no cautions and don't make any mistakes. hope the engine stays together. we had some trouble last year. got a lot of people to thank, i can't even remember them all. a lot of people that make us possible. and we get to live out our dreams because of them. so thank you, all, everybody, w. it was the third win of the season for truex and the second of his career at sonoma raceway. that will do it for sports. we'll be back with more news after this. hi!
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tonight at 11:00. get in! >> i haven't seen the movie. did he get in? >> looks like he's about to get eaten. >> can't be frozen like that when you're about to be eaten. may not come as a surprise, "jurassic world fallen kingdom" came up big at the box office over the weekend. brought in $150 million in the united states. another $100 million or so overseas. the fourth biggest opening for a movie this year. last night in bac baccaville. >> he sure did. chris pratt showed up at the vie. in addition to watching the movie, pratt also helped raise money for children of law enforcement families who are suffering from cancer. he signed autographs and chatted with fans. pratt's brother, daniel, is a deputy for the solano county sheriff's department. probably a good day today to go to the movies, right, and stay
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indoors? >> definitely because even though we did cool off, it's still hot out there, but we will cool off even more as we head in toward the workweek. we're going to drop down into mid 80s eventually. by wednesday, we'll see a drop in temperatures, even more into thursday. notice, though, we do kind of stay on that cooling trend before we see a climb in temperatures. and we're still dealing with low relative humidity, so keep that in mind. our overnight lows only dropping down into the upper 50s and 60s. so whether you wake up super early or go to bed late, you're not going to need a coat especially if you're going to be inland in the city, maybe, but even in the city, i mean, it's still fairly hot out there, too, with the exception of the winds, you shouldn't need any heavy coats at all for the next several days. >> summer in full swing. off. it was a bit much. >> it was, triple-digit heat. >> we'll be back at 11:00. hope you can join us then. >> have a good night.
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