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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 25, 2018 3:00am-3:29am PDT

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a hazmat situation sends dozens to various salem hospitals overnight. we'll have the latest. the situation at the border turns to zprags for some seeking loved ones while nbc news take you behind the scenes of various border crossing. >> new details surrounding prince william and jared kushner's separate trips to the middle east. >> it's a new date in saudiarab exercise the legal rights to drive a car. >> and wicked weekend weather causing havoc in various parts of the country. early today starts right now. >> and jj stone wints wits more frances rivera. we begin with breaking news out
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of salem massachusetts. 20 people are hospitalized after a hazmat situation. responded to a color even leak at thermal circus. employeesy allowed inside after the situation was cleared. but the same night workers started to feel sick. complaining of nausea and had difficulty breathing. officials say the issue is contained to the building. it reremains closed as hazmat teams revengts. >> to washington where the president rattled the judicial system with an series of tweets. unleashing attacks on undocumented immigrants calling for before there was yet another head spinning development an issue that rippeam appear led legislative fix in sight as congress is poised on a bill to tackle the issue. jennifer johnson has more from washington. >> reporter: protesters in tornillo, texas where migrant children are held demanding they
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be reunited with parents. >> it's not right. it's immoral tornillo one of several protests across the u.s. >> i'm ashamed of my president. >> there are over 2,000 children now in federally funded facilities across the country. many separated from parents at the border. some parents already deported. the senate's top exact is demanding the trump dprpgs appoint a czar to reunite the families. >> the situation b able to quickly unite twitter saying we can't allow all of the people to invade our country. and those who do should be sent back without a court hearing. the president told republicans not to waste time on immigration reform until after the november elections. but the house and senate are moving forward. >> i did talk to the white house yesterday. they say the president is still 100% behind us. >> other lawmakers downtown that. >> they had the wall in their hand and they let it go because they wanted more. that's one of the problems is
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we never know where the goal line is. >> reporter: lawmakers say they may pass a smaller immigration bill first dealing with family separation if a comprehensive reform bill fails. jennifer johnson, nbc news. washington. as the immigration debate rages on, another battle continues along the southern border. border patrol is on constant watch trying to keep people from illegally kraus crossing in the u.s. including smugglers. nbc's reporter was embedded with a unit and brings us more from the front lines. >> reporter: 88,000 square miles to protect. and only a day. >> the chief, gabriel acosta says they face waves of smugglers. >> the books went back to mexico. >> they are retreating to mexico right now. >> yes gloo do you know if they are mierpgts. >> at least two are smugglers
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they haven't made entry to the u.s. side. they are going back to mexico. a deterrence is also a success in our book. >> drugs are also being brought in. earlier this week, 41 bundles of meth seized at a checkpoint in llaurado, texas, worth more than $800,000. stash houses are a stomach along the which. smugglers keep migrants in houses like the ones the photographs. four people caught trying to caught into the u.s. one woman pregnant. >> it's sad to see someone six months pregnant put themselves in the position where something could happen. >> agents on high alert to keep the border secure. nbc news, llaurado, texas. let's go overseas where the future king is england to taking part in what he calls a historic five-day tour of the middle east. prince william exercising a delicate tight rope walk that includes diplomatic and royal
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duties that gets more tense with the president's son-in-law jared kushner in the region reechlg his long awaited peace plan with or without input from the palestine president. matt has more. >> good morning, phillip. as you mentioned this is prince william's first time in the region arriving in jordan yesterday. the start of a five-day tour -- five-nation tour of the entire region. this is supposed to be not so political but it's still of a strange fit for the young prince, the heir to the throne as you said. but there is nothing not political about the middle east next door in israel we saw what the israeli press referred to as the american prince, jared kushner. he is the son-in-law of the president, heading the middle east initiative of the president, trying to come up with a plan he hopes to present to both the palestinians and israelis to seal what the president calls the ultimate
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deal creating palestinian peace or palestinian israeli peace that been elusive. and underscore the british prince to how difficult and volatile the region is. kushner already managed to offend the palestinian president by insinuating in an interview with the palestinian newspaper that he -- that president mahamoud abbas would not be able to accept a deal that he isn't committed to peace. and this already made some bad will between the united states and the palestinian, already bad will are from the president's move of the u.s. embassy from jared kushner working from a deficient there. and hoping the prince has more luck. >> matt bradley in london for us thank you. turkish president recep
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erdogan and his ruling party have claimed victory in the presidential election overcoming the biggest electoral challenge to rule in more than a decade. the electoral board declared he had an absolute majority paycheck the way for another five-year term. despite this the opposing republican people's party did not kmeeld concede defeat. . we turn to emerging details about anthony bourdain's death. according to his toxicology report the chef appear television hoeft did not have narcotics in his byrd when he did. the details were revealed to the "new york times" saying there was only a trace of a non-narcoticic medicine in a therapeutic dose. nbc has not verified it. he was found dead earlier this month in france. he was in the village filming an upmany coming episode for his television show.
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police ruled his death suicide. storm damage brought a disaster declaration to parts of eastern oklahoma. a severe storm moved saturday night into and last the through the afternoon leaving many without power. the damage is widespread. and emergency crews worked to clear roads and downed trees and power lines. there were even reports of roofs blown off buildings. during a damage survey cre located a camper that was flipped upside down. but so far no injury are reported. more heavy rain is moving into the state today. let's see where with we stand now with bill carenens. >> and waits wake up time in the middle of the night as this line of thunderstorm in oklahoma city. the a lot of loud collapse of thunder out there. north of omaha and south of sioux falls flash flooding. today severe weather from des moines southworth and northern missouri charleston to kwlaum.
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small hail will be the worst of it. then tomorrow we have a greater threat of severe storms maybe supercellsnd a mid-atlantic. we'll get amp storms in many areas from florida southeast into texas. and one of the other stories this week is a building heat wave we'rewith. >> we'll here you from in a little bit. down to the which are for the travelers championship. paul kasey had a four-stroke lead into the sunday final round. but the last three holes proved costly. he couldn't hold the lead. that opened the door for bubba watson started the day six shots back but finished strong. >> what a round. the two-time master's champ
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unbeatable protection helps prevent early skin aging and skin cancer with a clean feel. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. neutrogena®. goal! >> harry cane. harry cane and more harry cane. england superstar led his team to a 6-1 route over pan mau. the largest marj. of victory in world cup. . japan and senegal after a late goal from japan's player, the match ended in a 2-2 draw. bowing teams have a chance to qualify. finally colombia having no issues in the match against poland. she shut out poland 3-0 thus eliminating pl poland from the cup.
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here are the teams eliminated so far. more action continuing this morning. this morning a tearful and remorseful roseanne barr is speaking out telling her side of the story for the first time since that controversial late night tweet about valerie jarrett brought down her hit show. opening up four days since abc announced it would go ahead with the connors martembamgtsed actress says she lost everything in the weeks since the tweet went viral. making herself a hate magnet. here is somewhat she had to say. >> i have black children in my family. i can't -- i can't let them say these things about me after 30 years of my putting my family and my health and my livelihood at risk to stand up to people. i never -- i'm a lot of things. i'm a loud mouth and all that
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stuff. but i'm not stupid for god's sake. and i never would have waitingly called any black person a -- say they are a monkey. i never would do that. and i didn't do that. and if people think that i did that it just kills me. i didn't do that. although they think i did. and if they do think that, i'm so sorry that i -- you know, what was so unclear and stupid. i'm very sorry. >> the words of roseanne barr there. reality stars chip and jonah gains announced the newest member raflg. a new born baby boy. crew. his first name doesn't begin with the letter d. the former stars of hg tv nicker cupper parents of to five children. joan an shared photos on instagram showing off the anticipation as the four oldest
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hundreds of thousands of people around the country paraded through the striets for the annual lgbtq plus pride celebrations. in new york city thousands of marchers took other the streets
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in addition to 80 floats. on the west coast san francisco wrapped up a weekend of pride events with their colorful parade with organizers saying as many as 1 million people turned out. across the border reveller separated in mexico city with activists calling on the government to do more to end gay discrimination. >> and in saudi arabia they made history lifting the world's last remaining ban on saudi ruler announced they would be granted the legal right to drive they the first time. nbc's reporter joined them on a joy ride that's been a long time coming. >> a victory lap for women's rights. across saudi araby women hit the road for the first time ending the dades ol bag. >> it's irrelevancic for every woman. we achieved something. >> until now women relied on drivers or male relatives to get to work and school risking a
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fine even arrest for driving themselves. >> it will be easier to get around whenever i want. and to go wherever i want. financially, it will take less of my paycheck. >> the move part of the young prince's massive reform efforts. >> are you ready. >> i am ready. >> women lake this can start businesses without a man's permission. she is an interior design we are a passion for fast cars. >> it's so hard because women have proven themselves in many aspects. it's nice to be in control and to be in the driver's seat, right? >> yeah. >> women here still don't have complete control over their own lives. they need a man's permission to get a passport. travel abroad or get married. even as the government opens the roads to women it's cracking down on women rights activists. yet many women told me the country is changing for the better. >> we are happy and want more
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now. >> you want more now. >> yes. >> for saudi women it's full speed aahead. nbc news ryeiad. >> that will add to the economy there too besides the historic victory because all the women will go to work and add to the workforce. i can't imagine living in the united states with us like that needing permission to do things we take for granted. like i said little by little there is more ahead for them in store. just ahead have you ever heard of the story of the woman who wanted to call the police on her 8-year-old girl for selling water outde you more about that when we come back. scarred soaked for the health of your unique skin. the sun does not care. to know what works walgreens. trusted since 1901. now, all sun care products are buy one, get one 50% off.
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viral video shows a woman addingly calling police on this 8-year-old girl for selling water bottles in san francisco. jordan rogers was standing outside her home hoping to raise money for a trip to disneyland when her white neighbor accused her of not having a permit. the woman under fire the woman has been dubbed patti. coming up on "the today show" the 8-year-old and the woman will tell their stories. i love everyone has a cell phone camera now and all of this stuff comes out of the wood work. >> everybody telling on everybody else. my favorite part was she was talking behind shechted to tellen the little kid but didn't want anybody to know about. >> it's on "the today show." >> here we are. official baby number 5 for a
3:24 am
54-year-old actress. she and her 39-year-old husband revealed the news. they named her daughter freida. weighing in at 5 pounds 9 ounces. she has four adult sons from previous marriages. they said they are overjoyed to welcome their daughter into their lives. it's been a long road and so worth it. >> unbelievable. i'd love to know more about the that story. >> coming up you meet a 99-year-old making a birthday and wishes comes true one call at a time.
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your digestive system has billions of bacteria but life can throw them off balance. re-align yourself with align probiotic. and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health. welcome back. one 99-year-old man is bringing smiles and touching the hearts of thousand was his melodies. he estimates he has made about
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35,000 birthday calls to friends and even strangers on their peshl special day over the past 18 years. kevin tibls has the story. >> the earl birds are up and carl web's fingers are picking out the numbers. at 99 years of age he can't visit everyone on the birthday list. >> well happy birthday to you. >> but no one misses out on goodness. i wouldn't be alive without it. what's so special about this deeply religious man with the golden voice, he has been making this these calls every day to the congregation of his church and even complete strangers for 18 years. >> and he has a drawer full of number cards to prove it. >> all told, how many calls do you think you've made? >> somewhere between 35 and 36,000 times of singing happy birthday. and before long i think i'm going to learn all the words to happy day. >> the phone numbers are
3:27 am
compiled by friends at westminster church in greens borrow, north carolina. >> it's the creativity he came up. he figured out a way to serve. >> he has been singing since with his album. recorded a >> these days he spreads the love in the home of daughter betsy. >> not day goes by that i don't get somebody coming up and saying thank you gror dad for that call. >> and watch the eyes light up as the mel odious message arrives. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> when carl couldn't be in church on his birthday, everyone recorded a song just for him. >> are you a bit of a ham. >> bit of a ham? i reek of ham.
3:28 am
>> love positivity, kindness friendship. our world needs more carl webs. >> for whatever love he sews. he reaps ten fold. kevin tibbles, nbc news. green borrow, north carolina. >> wonderful. let's head to bill careens for a quick look at the forecast. >> good morning again. thunderstorms in the middle of the country causing problems over the next days. we could see flooding through the midwest by the time we get to wednesday the storms move through the ohio valley process. the heat waive begins
3:29 am
having undocumented immigrants deported without a trial or any consideration.
3:30 am
>> roseanne speaks out about her firing and her controversial tweet. >> and in saudi arabia, it is finally legal for women to drive a car. and a big weekend at the box nersfirom the b.e.t. awards. good morningmena. >> i'm


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