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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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approaching the homes closest to us. that's not the case anymore. there's white smoke, as you can see. we have seen choppers dump water over that area, water from a nearby lake. cal fire is encouraging people in lake county, you do not have to wait for an evacuation order to leave. if you see smoke or feel like your home is in danger, leave now. >> we have a lot of resources. >> reporter: comforting wo inin but not enough to relieve the people in spring valley. sg >> i didn't want to see another flare-up. >> reporter: this man of spring valley is in the evacuation zone. >> that's my escape plan, my harley. i will ride through the flames. >> reporter: his wife and five children heeded the warning and are staying at a family member's home. he staying put to keep an eye
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out on his neighbor's animals. do you have insurance? >> reporter: not enough. his mother passed away recently. money is so tight, he had to drop his wildfire insurance. nothing he could do now but look at the hills and fuel up his harley. >> when that house catches fire is when i will leave. >> reporter: back out here live. we are keeping an eye on the black smoke over the valley. we should point out, there's a community meeting happening at 6:00 p.m. tonight at the loyal order of the moose in clear lake. cal fire will be updating evacuees about the latest regarding the pawnee fire. of course, we will bring the very latest to you and have another live update at 6:00 p.m. that's the latest in spring valley. i'm colorado. >> dramatic images. we will mel ksa along the fire lines for next few days.
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she's going to be tweeting updates and videos. you can see here, our twitter hanel handle. >> mandatory evacuations, not only the double eagle ranch area, but also the entire spring valley community just northeast of clear lake oaks. many of the evacuees are camping out in the same place. but it's not the official evacuation center. we continue our live report from the pawnee fire. mark matthews is at the moose lodge where many of the evacuations are waiting and watching. >> reporter: this is the unofficial center. this will be the site of the 6:00 meeting that melissa was talking about. we are on the edge of it. it stretches campers and tents and people piled up here all the way, probably 100 yards to the moose lodge headquarters. inside moose lodge 2284, there are a few cots. more supplies. and lots of volunteers getting ready for tonight's dinner.
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>> tonight is hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, fruit, cake. >> how many are coming? >> 200, 225. >> reporter: for many here in the moose lodge parking lot, this is the fourth time they have been evacuated in the past several years. >> make sure you get family pictures. things that are important. first of all, the main thing, your animals. get your animals. that's the first thing. >> reporter: brady was rescued by his owners charles and lois. >> it started getting too close. we bugged out. >> reporter: that was the night before last. when was the last time you heard about it? >> i just heard that it was burning last night. i don't know how far it burnt. i just heard last night it was -- >> reporter: you are sure it's gone? >> yeah. >> reporter: the red cross has set up the official evacuation center. a red cross spokesman explains we can't show you inside for
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privacy reasons. he told us there are about a dozen people here. again, in contrast, the unofficial shelter is expecting 200 for dinner. den dennis alexander is the moose lodge governor. >> we try to do what we can to help fire victims. >> reporter: he asked the red cross about becoming the official evacuation center. >> she said, would you hayou wo close down the bar. that can't happen. >> reporter: again, community meeting tonight to tell residents about the fire will be held here at the unofficial evacuation center. we will be here to bring you the details. mark matthews in clear lake oaks, nbc bay area news. >> smoke is causing concern well outside of lake county. look at this photo from one of the cameras on top of mount hamilton in the south bay. the national weather service says the haze you see in the distance is likely a mixture of smoke and ash from both this
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lake county fire and another one burning in the sierra. rob? >> we have been watching the fire behavior. expanding during the afternoon. this is our weather underground camera looking to the east. the upper level winds starting to push the smoke off to the east of the fire line there. temperatures reaching 90 degrees. humidity levels only down to 9%. wind speeds up to 20 miles per hour. the forecast in the fire lines, brief cooling toward midweek. look at the temperatures again in the upper 90s as we go through the week. a return of the heat. that will impact us in the bay area. even though things are cooler for now, we are tracking the return of 80s bay side and 90s in the valley. fire danger. full impact ahead on the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. let's go back to our nbc bay area skyranger. these are live pictures now in
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lake county. we have so many evacuations we have been talking about. just a sobering reminder that summer is here and fire season is here. something we go through seems like almost every year in lake county. we will continue to stay on this story throughout the evening and throughout the week and have more updates for you here on nbc bay area. the world will see you. >> illegally selling water without a permit. >> a weekend confrontation between a san francisco woman and an 8-year-old girl selling water in the mission bay neighborhood is going viral across the globe. as the debate over permit patty rages on there are real consequences for the woman at the center of the storm. sam brock joins us live with more on that video that triggered international outrage and threats and real fallout. >> reporter: you know, i talked to residents that say waternd we found out that technically, you need a permit if you work here seven calendar days or
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more. parents were concerned about who was not reported. >> she is calling police on an 8-year-old. you can hide. the whole world will see you. >> reporter: you have probably seen this clip of a woman threatening to call the police on an 8-year-old girl. turns out her actions might have been more bark than bite. >> when she told me to call the police to check on it, i never had any incident report. i never called the cops on the child. nothing happened. no cops were ever dispatched at all. >> reporter: sfpd confirms no calls were logged for this incident. it appears the damage was already done. >> he didn't get stopped. he had -- he had a table. i can show you the table. he had a table there which is even more >> reporter: this woman says her 14-year-old son was selling water and food 20 feet from where the permit fiasco unfolded, the same friday.
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no one ever asked him to stop. >> my gosh. if you had looked chinese, you would have been stopped. because you look white, they must not have stopped you. it made me sad. >> reporter: in the last 48 hours, she was lost a business partner, received thousands of hate e-mail and inspired fake facebook accounts impersonating her. she maintains it stems from a massive misunderstanding over a noise complaint. >> why did they make this into a racial issue. it was never a racial issue, ever. >> i still believe that's the lesson i gave to my children, children of color it's hard. it's not fair. i don't think what she did was right. i'm very disappointed. >> reporter: she said she never knew the race of the girl when she came out of her apartment to kla complain about the noise. live from san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. the immigration crisis continues. for the first time, we're seeing
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what it's like inside one of the tent cities. that's one of the temporary shelters for hubd hundreds of t children in west texas. more than 300 children are housed here. about two dozen were separated from their parents at the border. the rest of them crossed into the u.s. on their own without any adult. administrators say when a child arrives, workers contact a parent and get their input on whether the child can be placed with a close relative. members of congress visiting the tent cities say the children they spoke with have been at the facility for two or three months. president trump has arrived in south carolina for a rally. before he left the white housei stopped at the border. that would violate the constitutional rights guaranteed even to non-citizens who are seeking asylum. >> they have a right to be treated fairly and humanely and
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given a chance to fully present their cases. >> late they are hour, mr. trump will speak at a campaign rally in south carolina for that state's republican governor. presidential politics hitting the local level. three long time local politicians say they are quilting the republican party. they are making that announcement at a joint news conference this afternoon at city hall in san jose. they called the separation of children at the border a tipping point and put the blame on one person. >> the president who has really made good on all of his terrible campaign promises. this was just the last straw. >> i hope that this decision today helps the party understand that they need to change. otherwise, there's going to be even more exodus. >> all three say they will register under the no party
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preference. keep california's gas tax or get rid of it? a petition drive gathered enough valid signatures to put a repeal before voters. not just for the gas tax. you vote on whether to roll back the higher car registration fee approved last year. the new gas tax has been afaf favorite target by republicans. the governor says it's necessary to maintain and upgrade the roads and bridges. still to come here at 5:00, making financial progress. we look into the new statistics on what is considered low income here in the bay area. a kayaker surrounded by sharks. the uptick in sightings. expect a slightly warmer day tomorrow. 80s returning again to san jose, but 90s could be making a comeback in the seven-day forecast when the heat returns. h
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today. about 2 dozen great white sharks were spotted close look at a scary sight at the beach today. two dozen great white sharks spotted close to shore near new brighton state beach. you can see the sharks circling there. the kayakers estimate the sharks were up to 14 feet long. you can see how close it is to the shore. it comes just days after warning
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signs went up ithe area. deputies notified the seascape resort where a 5-year-old great whitewa washed ashore. firefighters are devastated by the shooting death of one of their own. a fire broke out at a senior facility in long beach. as crews battled flames, someone started shooting at them. two firefighters were among the three people hit. a captain was killed. there's no word on a motive. some are calling it an ambush.t. we're going to be looking at that. that's the environment we work in today. as law enforce money acement an firefighters. >> a 77-year-old man is in custody. he faces suspicion of murder, attempted murder and arson charges. in an unprecedented move, the san jose police officers association is demanding city's independent police auditor be fired for misconduct. the president turned in more
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than 500 officer signatures demanding the cy council fire the man for misleading the public. the union says his annual police report excluded important data, misleading the public about racial disparities in use of force. >> we have to expect the ipa office to have integrity and honesty. it does not. we cannot continue to have these investigations in internal affairs and move forward without having a new independent police auditor. >> he says he never meant to deceive anyone but understands how these he has revised the report to provide more context. making six figures but considered low income. it's a shocking new statistic. san francisco one of the most expensive places to live. a family of four can earn $110,000 in the bay area and still qualify for a low income designation from the government.
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we put a face on the story. you can barely make ends meet. >> reporter: the definition of low income around here is quickly getting higher and higher. it's affecting a lot of people in the bay area, especially those trying to find a place to live. like many people working in the bay area, danny simmons is having a tough time with affordable housing. her can >> i live in morgan hills because i can't afford housing there. >> reporter: even there the cost of living is rising. >> the rent shot up. i know a lot of people who share apartments with two or three other people in one room. instead of doing that, i moved back home. >> reporter: she isn't alone. an income that would make for a comfortable living in most of america barely keeps you at the water line here in the bay. according to the u.s. department of housing and urban development, the definition of
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low income as in low enough to qualify for affordable housing programs is now $117,400 a year. $94,450 in santa clara and $89,600 for contra kcosta counties. >> people are moving out of the area or commuting. >> reporter: michael nt properte for the homeless. now they get calls from families with six figure household incomes. >> it seems to be affecting a lot of people who work. they are struggling to make ends meet. >> reporter: we also looked up the hud levels for nevada and texas, two places some people from the bay area have been moving to. as you can imagine, they were much lower, about $47,000 for
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nevada, $38,000 in texas. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it's sobering. >> that's why people are moving out of california. people stay because of the weather. >> unless you were here saturday. spending that money on your power bill. >> it was a one, two-day thing. >> kocooling trend yesterday. we have the fog in san francisco. the ocean air conditioning back, dropping temperatures into the low 60s. much nicer than the weather we had last saturday. you can see 61 degrees. a little windy in san francisco, low clouds returning, 23 mile per hour winds out of the west. low clouds reaching the inner portion of the east bay. 66 degrees, wind speeds at times up to 25 miles per hour. dublin, 105 saturday. 7 9 degr9 degrees. san jose, sunny, hazy as you
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noticed some of the wildfire smoke from fires burning to the north and east. 78 degrees, wind speeds at 14 miles per hour. air quality not impacted by the fires. most of the smoke away from ground level. speaking of the smoke, you can see it. that's the pawnee fire. looking off to the east and during the heating of the day, that column plume growing high enough that at times we have been seeing it get picked up on the radar. off to the west of the air force base and again that's where the ash and most of the smoke associated with the fire is moving off to the east northeast tonight. wind speeds gusty outside. very dry around fire line. temperatures will stay comfortable. by tomorrow morning, dress in layers. upper 40s to low 50s to start the day. hour by hour, temperatures comfortable, pretty close to af average. bayside temperatures the next
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two days, staying comfortably cool. patches of low clouds at times. you will see that for the morning as we get into the afternoon. highs tomorrow, generally similar to what we had today. maybe a little bit warmer south of san jose. low to mid 80s around the santa clara valley. 60s and 70s bayside. mid 60s in san francisco and around the north bay highs in the low to mid 80s. notice the bottom of the screen, cooler on wednesday. this low pressure will drop in. no rain associated with it. we will watch north winds picking up as high pressure now building in behind it. roller coaster ride of the temperatures again. just like last week. friday and saturday, likely to be the hottest days with valley temperatures -- here we go -- look at san francisco. could be close to the time we head towards the beginning of next weekend. cool and breezy to start the week. then there's the testimomperatun time for saturday, upper 90s.
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like last weekend, should be maybe a one and a half to two-day heat event. cooler next sunday and monday. >> i'm getting over this past weekend. >> we will need that five days to space out. >> got it. >> thanks. coming up, hit by row bboca. how many money people have lost because of this phone scam. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. malibu state park in calabasas is closed through thursday, while happening now on our twitter feed, malibu state park is cl e closed through thursday while they investigate a deadly student. the killer is still on the loose. on twitter, celebrating what would have been anthony
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bourdain's 62nd birthday. a look at some of his favorite restaurants in san francisco. thr
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traffic came to a complete stop on eastbound 80 this morning. around 5:00 officers got reports of a man with richmond. they spotted him getting into a car and driving off. they chased him on eastbound 80. the suspect shot at an officer.
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no one was hit. they caught up to him. lanes of 80 eventually opened after police arrested him and wrapped up their investigation. have they called you? if you speak english or mandarin, it doesn't matter, it's still a scam. this robocall is saturated phone calls asking for credit card numbers. authorities are quick to point out this is a scam. the victim pays by credit card so he or she can pick up an important package at the local chinese consulate. >> evenho reported here in san francisco, the actual callers may be calling from europe. the monies are transferred to hong kong and then you think you are speaking to somebody in beijing. this is really a criminal enterprise. >> be careful. the d.a. says one local victim lost more than a million bucks. a change is coming to a locally brewed beer. what its like to cross the
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border? we talk to a new immigrant living in a fos tonight at 6:00, what is it like to cross the border? we talk to a new immigrant living in foster city. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 news.
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for the first time, you will be able to drink anchor steams original beer in a can. up until now, the beer was only available in bottles and kegs. they have been making it this way for 122 years. this summer, anchor steam decided time for a change. the cans will be offered in single and four packs. the decision comes as more craft breweries like anchor steam move on toward canning. >> that's cool. >> i like that. very nice. makes me thirsty. >> we need a four pack. >> there you go. >> rob gets two. >> pretty nice weather if you are outdoors enjoying whatever beverage you like. later, the temperatures climb friday. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. lester holt is next from los angeles on "nightly news". >> see you at 6:00. bye. tonight,
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desperation at the border. president trump doubling down on his call for migrants to be deported without a day in court. >> we want a system where when people come in illegally, they have to go out. >> plus our emotional interview with a migrant mother, one of so many searching to find the child taken from her. refused service, the president attacks a staurant that kicked out his press secretary and targets a democrat who called on the public to harass trump officials. murder mystery, a father shot and killed while camping with his two daughters in a popular state park. the shooter and the motive unknown. stocks take a plunge and an american icon harley davidson moving jobs out of the u.s., blaming spiraling costs on the escalating trade war.


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