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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 26, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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"today in the bay" continues right now. a very good tuesday morning, thanks so much for getting up early. i'm laura garcia. >> mike is here with your traffic in just a moment. first we're going to get a look what's going on weatherwise as we step out the door and what do we need? a jacket or just roll with it? >> you've got to be ready for everything. if you're near the coast you do need a jacket. it's going to be cool today, inland areas start out nice and cool but warm up fast. we're looking at the clear sunrise, something we didn't see yesterday. we're looking as always changes under way. if you're going out to some of the parks or hiking trails today in the south bay, it will be in the upper 50s at 7:00 and it will be warming up fast at 10:00 we're already at 70 degrees, heading in the low 80s today, looking at all of the highs we'll be in the upper 80s for the tri valley at antioch. 87 today in santa rosa and san francisco at 65 degrees. we'll talk about hotter temperatures inland coming up
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and mike says the commute is building. >> it is building, just like your forecast, you've got to be ready for anything. we know it's going to build like your temperatures but right now easy drive, a little more slowing for hayward and little blip here at the dumbarton bridge toll plaza, indicating more folks starting to head over from fremont and newark towards east palo alto. a smooth flow here, a little blip through richmond, san pablo and maybe through berkeley. a motorcycle crash cleared from west 37 without major injuries and without a major problem. still slow out of vallejo tore west 37. the san mateo bridge, starting to see a few more cars. there's some haze but not a visibility problem in the peninsula, still clear, back to you. >> 6:01. and developing this morning, the pawnee fire in lake county is in effect for that area as hundreds of homes and structures are damage and in danger. >> here's the latest at this
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hour. the fire is burning in clearlake, that's about 55 miles north of santa rosa. so far more than 10,000 acres have burned and it is only 5% contained. 600 structures are threatened and at least 1500 people are evacuated. 12 homes and ten instrustruck t are destroyed. >> live in castro valley, firefighters across the bay area met up to help with the fight and we were talking about only about 5% containment right now. still a bit fight here but what are you seeing where you are? >> good morning to you, we're here in castro valley with alameda county fire. they sent the strike team ut on sunday to the pawnee fire. there were a lot of folks concerned about their homes and future of their homes at that point. but we do know the alameda county fire tweeted out some pictures from overnight of exactly some of those conditions. now, when you see in these pictures, this is from their instagram account, they had to
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put out a fully involved structure, what you're seeing there. they were on a rest period and heard sirens next door to their motel and saw the fire and jumped into action. that gives you an idea of the conditions they are seeing out there in lake county. let's get to the videos from the flames from overnight. you see those flames right there on the fire lines in lake county as they battle the pawnee fire. the good news according to california fire, the fire is moving towards an unhabited area and we'll see how things shake out today when you take into consideration the weather conditions in that area. as a result 1500 people have evacuated due to the pawnee fire. many of them going to the moose lodge, which is just off highway 20 in clear oaks lake. that serving as an unofficial shelter where they are serving food and providing shelter for people -- providing cots for people to sleep on. but most people when we were there yesterday were sleeping in their cars or tents outside of the building and then there's lower lake high. that's an official red cross shelter for the fire where crews
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spoke to one married couple who were forced to evacuate and the wife explains that her husband is actually a diabetic so there's concern how to take care of him as everything sorts itself out. >> they were getting one bottle of insulin. when the insulin runs out, i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: exactly what caused this fire, we're live in castro valley, pete suratos, for "today in the bay". >> that was pete suratos. 6:04. president trump doubling down his call to strip migrants of their right to see a judge. tracie potts joins us with what's next on the crisis on the border. good morning, tracie. >> laura, good morning. what's next prds trump having lunch today with lawmakers where
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this will most definitely come up again. it certainly did when he had a pretty rauk us campaign style rally down in south carolina last night. >> president trump firing up supporters last night in south carolina. >> it's happening, it's happening. >> reporter: earlier doubling down on his tweet that migrants who cross the border should be sent home immediately instead of seeing a judge. >> when people come in illegally, they have to go out. >> the trump administration insists those who come through the right door will not be separated from their children. >> when they come through the ports of entry, they are kept together. >> as congress tries to line up a vote to ban separating families, we're getting another look at where these kids are being kept. this government video from a tent city in texas, housing children separated from their parents. >> we're very aggressive about finding those -- >> and this day center in the
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bronx recorded by a former employee, critical of the administration's policy leaving parents in detention centers like this. >> this is a detention facility. almost like a prison. >> for now, customs and border patrol will stop prosecuting adults who cross the border with children. there simply aren't enough judges in court to handle them. >> california also somewhat at the center of this not only because of immigration but also now because of southern california congresswoman maxine waters urging people to demonstrate against members of the trump administration because of his policy on immigration. not everyone including some democrats think that's a good idea. marcus and laura. >> fighting continues. >> yeah. >> thank you very much, tracie. >> happening today, protesters say they will march on the campus of a detention center. the trump administration wants
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to place as many as 40,000 immigrants at the station just outside of concord. the city says it hasn't heard from the navy. congressman desalier who represents the area says he's hosting a facebook live town hall to talk about it. >> new details on a murder mystery with bay area ties. a 35-year-old father on a family camping trip was gunned down with his 2 and 4-year-old daughters by his side. this happened at the malibu creek state park. you've seen it on sefrlt tv shows and movies, this morning there's still no known suspect or even motive in that killing. the victim a chemist who attended uc berkeley was just about to relocate with his family back here to the bay area. family and family members as well as friends are remembering him as a family man who would do anything to help his family. >> this is a family man. and that's where he was geared fore, to take care of his family
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and be there for them. >> there have been a series of shootings over the last few weeks at the park that are for now unconnected. it is 6:07. new interview given by the woman once called the call girl killer is leading to new charges. you may recall this story high end escort alex tickleman, pled years after injecting heroin in an at a cruz. the nbc affiliate interviewed her about that death and the deadly overdose of her former boyfriend in georgia one year before. in the interview she stated she had nothing to do with his death. but on monday, prosecutors in georgia announced charges. tickleman lives in canada. authorities hope to arrest her and extradite her back to the united states. a traffic project in berkeley may make it safer for kids to cross the street for lunch. the city's department of public works says that more than 500
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kids walk across board street every day. the long fellow middle school cafeteria is across from the school. the city is considering closing it between sacramento street and california street. this is from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. on school days. a massive effort to improve san francisco's crumbling sea wall gets a boost today. as you may know, the sea wall is vulnerable to earthquakes and rising sea levels. the renovation is a major long-term effort. today's supervisors debate a november ballot measure for a $425 million improvement. that bill now moving through the state legislature would create new funding source. >> right now at 6:09, i wanted to show you this shot from woodside with this amazing view of the sunrise and low clouds and fog staying just offshore today. and because of the lack of fog stretching inland, it will be slightly warmer as you head out the door, maybe heading to b.a.r.t. station, it's going to be at 56 degrees.
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and a few clouds here and there but clearing out fairly quickly, we'll be in the mid-60s there by early afternoon as oakland heads up to 69 degrees. it will be 83 degrees today in san jose. some mid to upper 80s for the inland areas and a nice little breeze kicking in as we go into this afternoon. looking at ukia today, 92 degrees and napa will be at 82 degrees. we are in for some much hotter weather for the weekend forecast. i'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes and mike says the commute is still off to a good start. >> that's right, pretty simple. had the earlier crash up in mare island for highway 37 but it is clear from the roadway. the south bay looks easy now. we had the earlier slowdown and cleared about five minutes and it did. good recovery for those speed sensors for north 101 north of 680. this whole area of brentwood discovery bay, a lot of folks,
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just heard seconds ago about a crash there. it sounds like a fendser bender. 580 slows out of theal to mont. antioch and bay point, slowing for highway 4. you expect that for cocoa county. the rest of the county looking really good. heading towards that san mateo and dumbarton bridge, just a build westbound now making their way to the peninsula where they are met with light traffic. that's san jose and located at the top, moving very smoothly. we'll show you an easy drive for the east shore freeway. >> it is 6:11 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," developing downtown, the plans for a new office and retail space in downtown san jose. and millennials say they need a side hustle, nearly half of them. what is a side hustle? we'll take a look coming up. and later the effort getting under way to make sure everyone has clean drinking water. plus, "today in the bay" investigates a numb of californians month have unsafe drinking water in their homes. it's all coming up at 6:25. you're watching quts it's in the bay.
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beautiful clear sunrise, you can already see the changes in the weather compared to yesterday at this time. looking live right now in san jose, let's go to santa teresa where temperatures will be nice and cool to start. 60 degrees at 8:00 and upper 70s today, not bad but we're about to heat up into the weekend.
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i'll have a look at that coming up in less than five minutes. >> we're looking over here, dublin, 580 westbound, sun at the back for these folks. we'll show you what factor that sun may play for some commuters on the peninsula. stocks hit -- took a huge hit monday. reports said the white house would restrict chinese investments in american high tech. the dow fell more than 300 points. netflix had its worst day in two years. harley davidson, which trades, we had a collision here, happens to the best of every one, i'm going to move that little wire and perhaps they can raise that camera. if they raised it straight up -- that would make sense unless it's broken. let's talk about donald trump, he said to harley-davidson, they should never be built in another country, never. their employees and customers are already angry at them if
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they move. watch, it will be the beginning of the end if they surrender, they quit. h harley popular with trump supporters. a state that trump won. europe knows all of that. when the president said he would tax european products, it would tax among other things, harley. >> you probably saw that report that earning $100,000 is not enough to get by in san francisco. a new study of millennials by the online learning network shows nearly half of millennials nationwide have two jobs. their professional jobs and career and what we used to call moonlighting and millennials call the side hustle. >> they experience the weirdness between the generations, you weren't allowed to have this flexible open schedule. but that's what they want to do. they want to work at different hours and different times and possibly at home so they can do
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this side hustle thing and try different opportunities. >> i love how they call it a side ustle and we call it working two jobs. i do think more and more companies will allow that. when we were coming up, companies absolutely did not allow you to have a second job. this is something realistically i think they'll have to allow. >> some people financially have to do it. some people are driving uber now. >> why we called it moonlighting, the company didn't know you had a second job. >> sometimes you just have to. >> you do. got a lot of mouths to feed. 6:17, this morning a downtown san jose development reportedly scrapping plans to add new housing. the developer now the so-called museum place will not include apartments. we'll show a map of that area downtown and developments by the tech museum, a crowded area near adobe headquarters. and the merc is reporting the developer will focus on office and retail. >> new debate raging online and
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might hear people talking about this at work today. is harry potter a nerd or jock. someone posted that question on red dsz dit and and it sparked a lot of conversation. if you're familiar with the books or movie, you know the boy wizard wears glasses but as redsdit user points out, he actually also is a big sports star who cheated on his homework and consistently got in trouble. laura tweeted out a poll on this. you can weigh in. so far 55% say nerd. 45% say jock. what do you say? go to @ laura garcia. >> would think wearing glasses makes you a nerd. >> i don't like the stereo types or titles. why do you have to fit in a certain category. everybody is different. >> you can feel a little bit of everything. >> from in other worsome in otn
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done quite well. >> let's take say live look outside in san francisco, we're seeing sunshine but take a look at the fog sitting just offshore. and that will stay there as we go through the day. still keep it cool as you're stepping out and you're feeling 58 degrees in san francisco, mid-50s in livermore and san jose now at 59 degrees. at the bottom of the screen and look at your microclimate before you make any plans. here's a look at martinez. where we start out at 10:00 and it will be 70 degrees. looking at some mid-80s. still warm in some spots. 85 in concord and 87 in livermore. san jose 83 degrees and in santa rosa, we're looking at a high there of 85 degrees. you're heading out boating, a head's up that there will be patchy dense fog offshore and a lot of sunshine for some of those areas right near the
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coast. our winds and waves will be fairly light especially compared to yesterday. we do still have that onshore flow today giving us some slightly cooler temperatures but then our winds start to shift tomorrow. look at the time line as we head through thursday, winds will be coming in from the northwest and quite gusty for the north bay and then our winds blowing offshore which will cause our temperatures to heat up and this is what happens when we have an offshore wind. by saturday in the tri-valley, we're up to 97 degrees but a slight shift in the wind will bring down the temperatures just a bit on sunday. let me know what you're doing this weekend, @ krarry hall weather as we look at our seven day forecast, it will be in the 80s the next couple of days but a hot weekend ahead for the inland valleys. mike, you're hearing about a new crash. >> i am, just came in from our friends over in waze. our wazers on the roadway. we'll show you the roads overnight, green sensors for the most part, a little build for hayward and san mateo and
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dumbarton bridges. taking you to the waze system, west 580 at livermore towards north livermore we do see slowing on the waze sensors just updating and we have a number of reports. this one coming in from -- who was this? this is pipeton coming in over here. we say thank you to that report. make sure you join nbc bay area wazers. and then you can change your icon on the waze system as well. we can share that information with you. we didn't see a lot of slowing until a couple of seconds ago for that portion of 580. the rest of contra costa county looking nice and metering lights are on. alameda slows through oakland. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> 6:21 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," new steps to make sure
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bicyclists stay safe. >> you might assume that buying most expensive helmet would give you a safer helmet. >> the new rating system designed to make sure that helmets are working properly as the number of deadly bicyclists accidents is on the rise. world cup fever continues. bob redell is on vacation in russia where they are playing the game. you can follow him on social media to track his adventures, he's got a report for us coming up at 6:55. you'll want to stick around for that. new details now..
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crystal geyser alpine spring water starts here, new details now.. passes through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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how far does crystal geyser alpine spring water travel from its source to the bottle? less than a mile and a half. crystal geyser.
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always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. drinking water. it )s the goal of a new campaign rolling out today. s every californian should have access to clean drinking water. state agencies are teaming up to launch the california safe drinking water data challenge. you're looking at the fro motional video posted by the state. it promises to bring communities and innovators together to tap into water data and provide solutions for contaminated water. more details for you, state water leaders say on any given day, 200,000 californians have unsafe water in their taps. every year up to 1 million people across the state lack access to clean and safe drinking water. droughts and water disruptions may limit access for days, months, even years. >> 6:25, happening today, you could learn more about recreational pot use in contra costa county. supervisors will consider
6:26 am
adopting resolutions including zoning requirements for some areas and looking at banning pot related activities in other areas including alamo and bethel island. >> so many people in the bay area love their bikes but new research confirms some bike helmets protect better than others. >> and it turns out how much you're paying isn't always a good indicator as to which is safer. top per forping helmets have multidirectional i mpact protection. surprisingly, many lower priced helmets were rated higher than the priceyer models. >> you might assume it would give you a safer helmet and that isn't what we saw. >> virginia tech researchers with highway safety did the study and even developed a new ratings program for bike helmets. we've got links out there with details on how it works. coming up here on quts it's
6:27 am
"today in the bay," a popular bay area park closed just as summer is getting under way. health concerns is he park and what needs to happen before it can reopen. >> the protests planned at the detention facility here in the bay area. you're watching "today in the bay." right now at 6:30--
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you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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expecting a warm day ahead in a very good tuesday morning to you. it's 6:30. we're off to a cool start but expecting a pretty nice day ahead in parts of the bay area. taking a live look outside. this is los gatos town plaza
6:30 am
park. >> beautiful this morning. >> i want to play in the park. >> you can but not just yet. we need you here. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. >> let's goat to kari hall. beautiful shot from los gatos. >> looks really nice. we can see the sunrise and fog staying at bay. in san jose it is all clear as you get ready to head out the door. let's go to santa clara where temperatures will be in the low 60s at 8:00 and reaching the upper 70s by early afternoon. heading into the low 80s today. let's go to martinez now as we look at that temperature trend going to go from 70 at 10:00 to 84 degrees at 4:00 today. some spots will be heating up and i'll have a look at that forecast in a few minutes. mike tracking the crash in livermore. >> looking over here westbound as you trend slowing towards dumbarton and bay bridges in the
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westbound commute direction. that crash that came in early for our wayszers, westbound 80 y of fallon road. we a little slowing out of lanes quickly though. i said i would tell you how the sun is playing a factor. kari showed you the sunrise. this is heading north away from us. folks heading towards us, look at the sun at the overpass hitting folks in the eyes. that will be contributing to the sunrise slowdown 280 at 101 on the peninsula. watch as they come down in the south bay. back to you. >> this morning we're getting a better understanding of where migrant children are being held as they wait to be reunited with their parents. meantime, bay area activists are making their voices heard today at the only i.c.e. detention facility here in the bay area. >> kris sanchez live in richmond with a protest getting under way in just about half an hour, kris? >> just about a half hour. we haven't seen any of the protesters arrive but we have seen some of the sheriff's
6:32 am
deputies kind of ramping up their coverage out here outside the west county detention facility, which as you mentioned is the only ice center here in the bay area. folks should start to gather in the next half hour or so. they say they will be out here until 7:00 vigil tonight. now the families together day of action is posted on facebook and at this point more than 700 people say they are coming here. nearly 3,000 people say they are interested. of course that's just anecdotal, not an official number. here's what we know about the west county detention center. about 200 immigrants are detained here on any given day and according tororgers, they haven't allowed outside inspection of this facility. in march the east bay times reported that the sheriff banned community volunteers from visiting detain ee -- detained immigrants here and about a month later we reported that the department started publishing inmate release dates which could allow i.k.c.e. to detain them o
6:33 am
track them without the sheriff's department being in direct violation of the sank wear policy. the east bay congressman visited the facility and said the county should terminate its $6 million a year contract with i.c.e. organizers emphasize it is a nonviolent group, encouraging people to car pool and they will stay here until the vigil tonight. they are planning a press conference in the noon hour. if they say anything you need to know, we'll pass that is a long. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> sparking interest with so many people right now. thanks, kris. >> 6:33, today san jose city council decides whether to accept a revised report on police use of force. in a rare move, the council refused the initial version last month. the police union says a report excluded important data specifically dealing with race. yesterday the union president turned into a petition with more than 500 signatures through the mayor's office. the union wants the independent
6:34 am
police auditor fired for misconduct. in an interview with nbc bay area yesterday, the auditor said his report could have been presented better. >> 6:33 right now. happening today, san francisco leaders are hoilding a public hearing on the troubled hunter's point redevelopment project. the problem began years ago when nbc bay area's investigative unit first uncovered soil samples faked by the contractor hired to clean up the ship yard. that scandal widened and supervisors are considering amending the redevelopment plan. today's hearing takes place at 2:00 and you can watch all of our reports on the former ship yard at here's something you need to know. popular east bay water park is closed and reports of children getting sick. four kids reportedly got sick in the blue goose park in brentwood. their symptoms included vomiting and diarrhea. they found chlorine and ph within the required levels but also discovered the ultraviolet
6:35 am
light disinfection system didn't work and the system's automatic shutdown feature failed to activate. the system is used to destroy harmful bacteria. parents are understandably alarmed. >> should have had thorough checking every week, every weekend maybe. qc department should have checked everything. someone somewhere dropped the ball. that's the bottom line. >> the brentwood city manager says the pump is getting repaired. once the system is fixed, the county health department will inspect that facility again before it is open to the public. >> happening today, the san jose state student charged with sexual assault is expected back in court. 21-year-old is accused of attacking two men on campus. he was arrested back in march after reportedly attacking a friend who turned down his advances. >> also happening today, the future public land in oakland is debated. community add vo indicates plan
6:36 am
to propose the people's -- focusing on providing new affordable housing and ensuring public land is used to provide jobs for local residents. as part of the debate, council members will consider a moratorium. >> 6:36, you might notice a difference on the road soon. the city of mountain view could give the green light to set improvements along a busy roadway. people living near sylvan avenue want cars to really slowdown in this area. this is video we shot overnight and obviously no traffic here. but the city survey found that nearly 7,000 cars drive that road each day and 15% of them go above the speed limit. if approved, crews could improve pedestrian crossing signs and add electric speed radar signs. there's no plan to add speed humps. >> a lot of people upset. looking over here towards the south bay, starting to build over here, nothing major but we do have the build.
6:37 am
a pretty easy drive, that pattern slows a bit for west 580 towards the earlier crash over there near fallon. farther south, things are slow through san martin but look at the orange blob on the bottom. that's the weather index indicating there may be a few patches 6 of fog through gilroy and kari has been talking about hovering around san francisco as well. an easy drive down the east shore freeway now hitting the half hour mark where the metering lights and backup of course there. this is the richmond/san rafael bridge farther north from the bay bridge west towards the north bay as well. look at that sun as well. >> look at that. >> sun is coming this weekend. it will warm up by next weekend. >> it's going to be basically a repeat of last weekend where the week -- it was pretty nice and then the weekend it was like oh, my goodness, it's hot. expect the same thing. 85 degrees today and 98 degrees on saturday for the inland valleys and it's still going to be pretty hot on sunday.
6:38 am
while san francisco will be in the mid to upper 7 0e's for saturday. by sunday we're at 72 degrees. nice weekend ahead there. if you're going to yosemite, we start out with clear skies and temperatures are going to be relatively comfortable reaching 72 on friday. 77 on saturday and sunday also looking nice and warm with some upper 70s. russian river valley will be hot for the first part of the weekend and then much cooler on sunday. going from 94 on saturday to 77 on sunday. monterey also looks very pleasant. the best day of the weekend will be on saturday with highs up to 75 degrees. we'll take a look at today's temperature trend for the south bay coming up in three minutes. >> time to make the weekend plans. thanks, kari. >> coming up next, the pawnee fire still raging out of control this morning. the progress firefighters are making as hundreds of homes are
6:39 am
threatened. plus. >> melania if you're watch, i don't think the anty bullying campaign is working. >> the reason he says he didn't tweet back. the president meanwhile says to migrants, we do not want you here and has a new plan. let's take you live to the big board in new york city as well where there is flat trading after just a dropping yesterday.
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new video this morning-- ...of a fully engulfed r-v. this fire started a little before 3 this morning .. in a parking lot at the capitol drive-in in san jose - where they also hold a flea market. the r-v is obviously a total loss. but no one is believed to have been inside.
6:43 am
as far as we know .. the fire did not cause damage to the drive-in or the movie equipment. here )s the latest on the pawnee fire - still raging up in lake county. cal-fire says 10-thousand-5- hundred acres burned. it )s only 5 percent contained. 600 structures are still in harm )s way. 22 are destroyed. evacuations are still in place for about 3-thousand people. cal-fire typically gives us an update around 7am. join us during the today show and we )ll share any new information. the dry year we )re seeing in the bay area - is an especially bad omen for fire season. that )s one berkeley scientist s message this morning. she reiterates what we all know... drought-dried vegetation grass and brush is cause for concern. it )s one of many fires cal-fire is fighting. here )s the map of all the current wildfires. typically when you drive into a town you see a city limit sign - which shows the population and
6:44 am
the city )s highest elevation. but berkeley is hoping to change that. today the city council will consider an alternative option. this morning we have a look at what one of the signs might look like. the sign under consideration says: "welcome to berkeley, love life, sanctuary city and ohlone territory." the president has once again said.. some people should not get to go before a judge. scott mcgrew.. he )s speaking specifically of migrants who break the law. right. but the law doesn )t work that way. the american constitution requires due process.. whether you )re an american or not. the president tweeted his wish that migrants not get time before a judge.. and then repeated that wish at a rally last night. earlier.. the white house
6:45 am
press secretary "sarah huckabee sanders" said its the white house )s position that due process does to require the participation of the courts. going back to the president )s words.. he says.. we don )t want judges.. we want to tell people, i )m sorry, you )re coming into the country illegally. we don )t want you in the country. thats ) where critics say.. you lose due process. we.. is the executive branch. ice. ice would adjudicate whether you were illegal or not.. but ice is not a court. president trump has been tweeting at jimmy fallon about that now famous hair incident back in 2016.. where the nbc host tousseled trump )s combover. fallon said he regretted the incident.. because it humanized the candidate. trump then attacked fallon on twitter. here )s jimmy fallon last night. president trump says fallon
6:46 am
called him after the 2016 show.. to thank him for the high ratings. fallon says he never placed any such phone call. we examine the president )s tweets, executive orders, and speeches every day right here on today in the bay. we )d like to hear from yo. you can reach me on twitter-- "at scott mcgrew." now to some adorable video out of spain... you have to see this morning. a police dog tries to give his human partner c-p-r. this was a training exercise, the officer is totally fine. but you can see the dog jumping up and down on his chest... then laying over him.
6:47 am
updating a crash in "san jose"
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coming up next-- a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay... including world cup fever sweeping the bay area and the world. we check in with bob redell-- who is in saint petersburg this morning with a report for us. but first happening now.. former president george h.w. bush is getting help from a new service dog. his name is sully -- and he can open doors, pick up items, and get help. the nation )s 41st president uss a wheelchair and an electric scooter for mobility since developing a form of parkinson )s disease. plus -- actor russell crowe is making some news., he )ll be playing "roger ailes" -- the former ceo of fox news -- in russell crowe is making news and he'll be playing roger a aleis. amid sexual harassment
6:51 am
allegations, no word on when the show will air. we'll have more news right after this break. hi!
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are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping] ♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the ba- welcome back, before you head out the door, it is 6:53. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> the immigration battle, protesters plan to march to a possible migrant detention camp in the east bay today. the time magazine report says the trump administration wants
6:54 am
to place as many as 47,000 immigrants in a detention camp at the naval weapons station just outside concord. the city says it hasn't heard from the navy. congressman marcus salier is hosting a facebook town hall to talk about it. a live look at the west county detention center in rip mo richmond. it's also organizers there that will gather just a short time from now. they plan to protest white house immigration policies, organizers are calling this a day of action. the group's facebook page more than 700 people say that they plan to attend. coming up next on the "today" show, the reason president trump is taking shots at everyone from late night comedians to the former first lady laura bush. >> a 35-year-old man with bay area ties is dead after he was gunned down at the popular southern california camp ground. police say tristan boudette was camping with 2 and 4-year-old
6:55 am
daughters in mall bu creek state park. he's a chemist about to move back to the bay area with his family. there have been several shootings over the last few weeks at the park. investigators are not linking the shootings and don't have a motive or suspect in the killing. the massive effort to save san francisco's crumbling sea wall gets a big boost today. the sea wall is vulnerable to earthquakes and rising sea levels. today supervisors will debate a november ballot measure for a $425 million improvements bond. the bill now moving thousand towards the state legislature would create new funding sources. a traffic project in berkeley may make it safer for kids to cross the street at lunchtime. the city's department of public works says more than 500 kids walk across ward street every day. the long fellow middle school cafeteria is across the street from the school. the city is considering closing it between sacramento street and california street. this is during the lunch hours on school days. 6:55, happening today, you
6:56 am
can learn more about recreational pot in contra costa county. zoning requirements for some areas, also looking at banning pot related activities in other areas including alamo and bethel island. >> the world cup continues in russia with for more games. >> bob redell happens to be in vacation in st. petersburg and going to the nigeria originarge game today. >> it is 20 past midnight here in st. petersburg, russia, you can see the sun has not set nor will it. this is one of the last so-called white nights here. we are that far up north. if you look over there on the horizon, you'll see that tall spire, that's the headquarters for the company. that is the tallest company here in europe and just to the right of it is a sapt peters diagno r soccer stadium. i'll be there to watch argentina take on nigeria to see who will
6:57 am
advance to the next round and this is a chance for soccer star messi of argentina to redeem himself. many fans feel he has not had a very good showing in the world cup. this is also an opportunity for russia to show itself again to the international community to fo foreigners, like me. the last time i was here russia was kaulgd the ussr, my brother and i somewhere in the middle of siberia and in 1980s moscow, the only indication there was western influence was the pepsi stand outside our in tourist state-run hotel. that was it. today you come to st. petersburg and there's a four seasons hotel and american fast food. subway, kfc. you look at this. this is a russian made automobile. it was common place back then. i'm sure it is in some other parts of the country. today in st. petersburg, it's
6:58 am
considered to be a classic automobile, something us tourists were taking pictures next to and you look over there, there's a range rover. all i'm suggesting the standard of living has gotten better for a number of people here in this country. you can check me on twitter @bobnbc. i'll post scenes from right over there at the st. petersburg soccer stadium for march 39, that is again, tonight. from st. petersburg. >> i love it. nice moon to do that on his vacation. don't forget telemundo 48 is the home for copa de mundial. australia taking on peru in just a few minutes and denmark against france. then at 11:00, argentina versus nigeri nigeria. we're off to a cool start. but that warm-up is coming for some parts of the bay area this afternoon. as you've been telling us, not that unpleasant warm-up we saw over the weekend.
6:59 am
>> that's going to hold off for the weekend. today it will be in the low 80s for a lot of spots inland. so here's a look at our forecast. a lot of sunshine. by friday look at how hot it's going to be. 95 and even hotter on saturday. san francisco will be in the mid-60s today and some patches of fog and clouds but looking nice and sunny, little bit more comfortable there in san francisco compared to the valleys. >> yeah. >> nowhere you can escape. >> on the roadways, mike has a quick look at san jose. >> we'll take a quick live look at the san jose camera north 101. look at that sun. a lot fewer cars. this is starting to break up now, there was an earlier disabled vehicle in this area. i never saw it on the shot but did see slowing on the sensors at the bottom of the screen. look at the traffic flow around the bay. we're seeing the build where the arrows are. west dumbarton bridge near the middle and that's the bridge that takes folks to facebook and
7:00 am
congestion. >> has what's happening today. we're back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> a live look at san francisco this morning. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great morning. good morning. energized and unleashed. >> we have the greatest base in the history of politics. >> president trump sounding off last night in front of a raucous rally in south carolina. taking aim at democrats, the media and the migrants at the center of the border battle. >> we want to tell people i'm sorry. you are coming into the country illegally. we don't want you in the country. >> the president not backing down, as new images emerge from inside a detention center of children separated from their parents. lone survivor. an unbelievable moment caught on camera.


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