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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 26, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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asha, it brought back about his journey to the united states. >> i would not betaing in front of you if these policies were in place when my parents were coming together. >> reporter: as the signs suggests, the court's ruling didn't sit well with the eight countries now band under the proclamation thinking is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. >> reporter: and security figured prominently in the high court's decision. a narrow 5-4 ruling pitting the conservative and liberal wings. chief justice jean-roberts wrote in his majority opinion, quote, the proclamation is expressly the text says nothing about religion. but opponents wonder how the new law doesn't evoke religion. >> the fact that they pray a certain way, the fact that they look a certain way means that they can be seen as a national security threat.
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>> reporter: and in his majority opinion, chief justice jean-roberts also acknowledging that president trump, candidate trump talked about a complete and total shutdown of muslims in this country. said it is not the costatements but rather to look at that presidential directive, directi the lens of vast executive authority. in san francisco this evening, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, sam. as you might imagine, reaction already happening to that decision. this is a protest that is just getting under way. a few moments ago, at 5:00 in san jose at the corner of stevens creek and winchester right next to santana row. this is video from sky ranger from just a few moments ago. the local chapter of the council on merckmerican islamic relations is there. they say it goes against this country's values. multiple groups said they're examining ways to bring the issue back to the court again. today's travel ban ruling also prompted the high court to revisit what many considered to
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be one of the high court's most shameful rulings, which allowed the court continued internment of jansen citizens during world war ii. justice sonia sotomayor compared the muslim travel ban to internment camps set up in the 1940s. however, chief justice jean-roberts blasted that analogy, but used it as an opportunity to address the court's so-called korematsu decision, calling the decision gravely wrong. fred korematsu brought that case, calling the internment order unconstitutional. in 74 years, the court has never explicitly overruled the korematsu decision until today. this legal isn't ending, not just with the travel ban, but with the separation of families at the border. today california and 16 other states sued the federal government. the attorneys general say although the president signed an order to stop the practice, only six children have been reunited with their parents in the past week. at least 2,000 children and teenagers are still detained. and the pentagon is making plans
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to house at least 40,000 more people on military bases. now at least 50 of those migrant children are being held in california. two of those 50 right here in the bay . now, we mentioned the military bases that could serve as camps. the concord naval weapons station could be one of those camps. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in concord where it's expected to be a busy night. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, raj. protesters are gathering as we speak at the concord b.a.r.t station. they will march to city hall where they will rally against the proposed detention center. folks are also learning tonight that migrant children recently separated from their parents are now being housed in nearby pleasant hill. >> in pleasant hill shocks me. i thought they were all in texas, to be honest. pleasant hill! >> reporter: that's the reaction of many on learning a pleasant hill facility is housing undocumented children recently
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separated from their families at the border. the city of pleasant hill says southwest key, the company that runs casa pleasant hill confirmed it in an e-mail yesterday. >> basically told us that of the 25 minors that are currently at the facility, two of them are adolescent girls who have been separated from their parents within the last 24 days. >> reporter: a spokesman for southwest key told us he can't talk about the specific children at the center, but insists they're being well taken care of. >> yes not a detention center. well don't have cages. well don't have mylar blankets. >> reporter: meanwhile, in nearby concord, people are also sounding off about a navy memo obtained by "time" magazine last week outlining plans to build a detention center at the concord naval weapons station. >> it didn't work before this administration. >> reporter: congressman held a facebook town hall on the topic this afternoon. both he and the concord mayor are demanding answers from the
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navy and have pledged to fight it. >> we were caught totally blind side by this as i believe everybody in california. >> reporter: again, protesters should be arriving here to concord city hall within the next 30 minutes or so. the mayor and congressman mark desaulnier have written letters to the navy demanding answers, and tonight the congressman has now requested a walk-through at that pleasant hill child care center. reporting live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. also in the east bay, an immigration protest is entering its tenth hour. >> together and free. >> you hear the chanting, singing and marching. it's been going on nonstop since 7:00 a.m. in richmond. it's billed as 12 hours of action. 200 immigrants are here at the only i.c.e. detention facility in the bay area. the activists are furious at the
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contra costa sheriff's department is now publishing the detainees' release date, allowing i.c.e. to track and detain them without directly violating california's sanctuary law. >> to those who say maybe abolishing i.c.e. is too harsh, give me an alternative of how we can train i.c.e. officials or the department to change, and i think that perhaps it's just best to start over. >> a sheriff's department spokesperson says community-based groups regularly work with the inmates and elected officials are allowed to tour the facility. one of them congressman desaulnier says the county should terminate its $6 million contract with i.c.e. now our coverage continues on "nightly news." lester holt is going to join us. he is going show us secretly recorded video taken inside the facility for migrant children in new york. it's shot by a worker before that worker quit. we'll show you that video, coming up on "nightly news" in about 25 minutes. now to the ongoing state of emergency in lake county, officials say it could be day,
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more likely weeks before the pawnee fire is out. that fire continues to grow while crews do everything they can from the air and the ground to stop it. more than 11,000 acres have burned. 600 structures threatened. additional mandatory evacuations have been ordered. at least 20 homes destroyed or severely damaged. we're also getting a better look at the burn scar the fire left in lake county. that's where nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us live as she continues to follow this fire from the front lines. melissa, give us an update. >> reporter: jesse and raj, we're overlooking the walker area. from the vantage point you can see the thousands of acres scorched by the pawnee fire as well as the direction the fire is moving towards. the goal for firefighters right now is to bring the fire off these hills and down into the flat lands where it is much safer to put out the flames. definitely seeing increased in activity and intensity. >> reporter: cal fire was under the impression that mother
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nature would give fire crews a break overnight. instead -- >> overnight we did not see a substantial recovery from humidities. the fire was very active throughout the evening. it did grow to the east. >> reporter: according to the latest update from cal fire, the pawnee fire has scorched over 11,500 acres. at least 22 buildings have been destroyed, including some homes. there's no shortage of help. over a thousand firefighters from as far north as oregon and as far south as santa barbara are here it almost feels like deja vu for cal fire's bryce bennett, who remembers october of last year all too well. >> just last year we saw the number one most damaging fire in california history, and the largest fire in california history. that's not a coincidence. >> reporter: so what lessons has cal fire learned from the santa rosa fire? >> to absolutely be prepared, no matter where you live. >> reporter: a lesson they hope people in lake county and nearby colusa county don't have to learn the hard way. early when they feel threatened
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or given the notice. >> reporter: now hours ago, we saw plumes of black smoke all over this valley. back out here live, you see that smoke has turned a white-gray hue, and that is some good news. at 7:00 p.m., we are expecting a new update from cal fire with new figures. and of course we'll be sure to bring you those latest numbers at 11:00 p.m. for now that's the latest in lake county. i'm melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, melissa. firefighters were met with breezy conditions today fighting that fire. they're making slow progress, as you heard, on tough terrain. let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda. let's talk about whether this wind is going to keep up. >> we're seeing locally breezy conditions, but not the strong gusty north winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour. the fire got started within the last few days. you see the wind speeds right now 5 miles per hour. still dry. 27% humidity, at 90 degrees. but from here the temperatures are going to be trending hotter again as we get into thursday,
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friday, and saturday. you see the progression of 100-degree temperatures returning to the fire lines. but unfortunately, that will also be accompanied by the strong gusty north winds in some of the hills of lake county could be approaching 30 miles per hour. so the heat set to make a comeback. we could see red flag warnings as we approach friday along with some of the heat returning here in the bay area. the timeline on the warm-up headed our way in our forecast in ten minutes. >> thanks, rob. we're continuing to watch this fire both on air and on our social media platforms. that includes twitter. we have been tweeting the latest numbers of. >> a burned and homes threatened. as soon as we get them, we put them out there so you can follow along, @nbc bay area. a drug raid at a hayward motel room quickly turned into a life or death situation. two alameda sheriff's deputies were exposed to a dangerous dose of fentanyl residue when they found several kilos of cocaine and heroin. both had to be injected with narcotic can to reverse the
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potentially fatal effects. they're expected to make a full recovery. deputies began carrying narcotic c -- narcan because of the opioid crisis. the father shot and killed while camping with his young daughters. why the investigation into who did it is hitting a snag. plus, silicon valley robots headed into an alternative volcano. how they could help save lives in hawaii. leads.
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investigators are trying to figure out what led up to the deadly shooting of a father, four days later and still no credible leads. investigators are still trying to figure out what led up to the deadly shooting of a father killed while camping with his two daughters. tristan baudette. his 2-year-old and 4-year-old girls were by his side. his brother-in-law also camping with them when he says they were jolted awak by gunfire. investigators say they have no leads, but they do say there is a recent string of crimes in that park. as of now they don't believe it's related to the shooting, though. >> he is a gentle man. you see him involved with his family and his kids. >> reporter: baeudette's family released a statement. not a second goes by that we aren't grappling with the senselessness of this crime. today the supreme court put
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an end to a california law that forces pregnancy centers to provide information to their patients about abortions. the informed choices pregnancy center in gilroy was one of more than 100 centers here in california challenging the law. that law said that any clinic offering pregnancy counseling had to inform women that one option was abortion. today the senate president praised the supreme court's decision saying no one should be forced by law to deliver a message that violates their convictions. the authors of the law say they're disappointed but they're not done fighting. >> the public has a right to receive fact-based information. we regulate auto body shops. we regulate nail salons, lawyers and doctors. we don't allow them to lie. but somehow in this instance, five justices of the u.s. supreme court said this is okay. >> today's supreme court ruling makes the california law unenforceable, therefore immediately invalid. two silicon valley robots closing in on the kilauea volcano in hawaii, both there to
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collect data and potentially save lives. the robots are actually heading into the danger zone to monitor the effects of the volcano's plume. they're called wave gliders, and they're powered by the sun as well as by waves. liquid robotics makes them. the wave glidelers collect data on what the lava is doing to the neby environment without putting researcher, human researchers, in danger. >> to get some information about this plume, which is going out into the ocean o scalding hot water, dangerous to take a boat into, and killing fish. >> kilauea is the most active volcano in the world. the most recent string of eruptions started at the beginning of may. > back here at home here is some positive news. a good foundation is critical both in construction and in life. >> one san jose family is a perfect example of both. garvin thomas shows us how in tonight's "bay area proud." >> reporter: at the corner of 10th and horning in san jose,
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there is a message written in bronze. on this spot one year ago police officer michael katherman gave his life in the line of duty. this story, though, is about what's behind that message. literally the concrete into which it is set. >> it came out really nice. >> and the family who put it there. >> we're just a really honored and humbled to have been able to participate. >> he is good -- >> reporter: for close to 20 years, ray duran and his wife mara has run duran construction. theirs is an operation that pours the concrete on which america's tenth largest city is built. it is not high profile work, but it's certainly something ray is proud of. >> we're just driving around a, looking at our city, look how it's grown, look at the development downtown. and he's driving.
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we did that sidewalk, we did that corner we did that. >> reporter: but of the concrete poured at tenth and horning, ray is just a little more proud. the san jose police officer' association came to him and asked him to do the job which he and a team happily did for free, just like they did the more than one dozen previous times tragic outcomes required permanent reminders. >> we certainly love to give back to the city, to the community that has given us so much. >> reporter: the durans do this they say in part because ray's brother was a san jose police officer, and even he was a reserve officer. but it's even simpler than that. >> don't ever forget where you come from. and never forget to give back. >> reporter: it is advice ray says his dad gave him, something maybe not written in stone certainly worth setting in concrete.
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>> i love that. it's one of those things you see, those memorials. >> right. >> you don't stop and think how did it get there, literally the concrete behind there. now we know there is thi wonderful family that does this work for free. materials, the labor, everything. they're more than happy to go out and do it. >> and no one appreciates it more than the families of those iervegs exactly. it should be said the durans don't know the family, the katherman family who this memorial was for. they had never met them until the day the memorial was dedicated. >> such an important thing for the family to have that memory. >> great story. thank you, garvin. every day recently we've been seeing these guys a shark. shark sighting here. this picture taken off sea cliff state beach at aptos. yesterday nearly two dozen great white sharks were spotted close to shore near new brighton beach in capitola, and a dead shark washed ashore in aptos last week. it's summer. this is all of our territory. ours and theirs.
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be careful where you swim and kayak. >> i know. my daughter was we're headed to that beach tomorrow. >> be careful. don't go in the warm. >> how warm? >> just like last week. friday and saturday, inland spots very likely closing in on close to one thun degrees once again. but for now pretty comfortable outside. short-term, things are going to be turning cooler as we head towards tomorrow. right now 78 degrees in san jose. hazy skies. a bit warmer today in the tri-valley. 83 in dublin. we had numbers in the mid-80s earlier. and there in emeryville 66 degrees. west wind at 14 miles per hour. and into san francisco, low clouds on approach. currently 63 degrees. ughtoday was warmer inland, as we talked about last night, indeed it was. we had the temperatures cliechling abocliechl i climbing about 3 to 5 degrees. the trend reverses tomorrow as we'll be dealing with the stronger sea breeze and more low cloud to start the day. for the evening plans, 70s and 80s inland. just fantastic for any dining
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plans or some late-day runs you might have around the santa clara valley or tri-valley. and as you head towards 9:00 tonight, 60s, changing over to 50s tomorrow morning for most of the bay area. but notice the cloud cover. we're going to start the day with. i do think there will be areas of drizzle probably until about eight income the morning, bayside and coast. and during the day, hour by hour, skies clear inland. but fog sits around areas west of the golden gate down the coast. chilly day around half moon bay. the temperatures likely staying on the 60s on the coast. inland temperatures tomorrow for the most part will be in the 60s. we'll see a little more of the sea breeze tomorrow. a little more clouds for the morning that should translate to a slightly cooler afternoon forecast too. san jose upper 70s tomorrow. low 80s south of downtown. tri-valley temperatures mostly low 80s, and 60s to low 70s bayside from oakland. hayward 70s. and cool low 60s into san ratucis trendingthough,se
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onshore flow winds continue, mainly in the 70s. as the seven-day forecast shows at the bottom of the screen, this is the reason for the cooling. area of low pressure off to the east, holding high pressure at bay until thursday and friday. here comes the heat again. here comes a strong ridge of high pressure, which means by friday and saturday, you're about to see those temperatures make a 20-degree jump in some spots. look at san francisco. it could be close to 80 degrees on saturday. just like last weekend. and friday, 90s coming back for inland valleys. and we could be close to 100 degrees saturday. the thing to watch, though will, be the north winds. very likely we begin the weekend unfortunately with some red flag warnings too. >> be tough for the fire lines north of sonoma county. rob has a pond invited us. we're covered for weekend. >> we can help take care of the twins. >> that's perfect. >> how about that? >> thanks, robby. coming up, talking about another new tesla. the new vehicle that ceo elon
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musk is promising to make. threae
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happening now, actor terry cruz says his career is being threatened because he accused a hollywood agent of sexual assault. crews said the producer told him he could only return to the expendables franchise if he dropped that lawsuit. also, a mid flight meltdown on camera. a woman on spirit airlines flight was kicked off after getting upset when the plane had to make an unschedule stop. >> happening now sponsored by school of rock. tickets at hsnsf right now.
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ceo of her company. alison ettel, the woman dubbed as permit patty has resigned as ceo of her country. >> the whole world going to see you, boo. >> illegally selling water without a permit. >> this is the viral video that a lot of people are talking about. that's her in the blue shirt right there. more than a million people have watched this since it was posted over the weekend. ettel tells us she pretended to call police on an 8-year-old black girl who was selling bottled water outside of her home near at&t park. ettel claims race had nothing to do with it. ettel was ceo of treat well health which was a cannabis oil creator. today the company confirmed she submitted her resignation.
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tesla ceo elon musk puts a car in space. next he wants to put the first electric pickup truck on the road. the truck will have dual motor all-wheel drive with crazy torque. if musk follows through, it will be the first fully electric are truck on the market. the company currently struggling to meet production for the latest car, the model 3. >> a pickup truck that will be kind of cool. >> you want a pickup truck? >> crazy torque. up next, the odd rescue for local firefighters. the young boy and a statue. we'll show you. the demand for b
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in the south bay is already crazy.. coming up tonight at 6:00, beware of the boom. the demand for building permits in the south bay is already crazy. be now a silicon valley tech giant is expected to make it even harder and more expensive to rehab your home. that story and more coming up tonight at 6:00. well, this was no cat stuck in a tree. how about a boy stuck inside of a statue. yes, it happened. the fairfield fire department posting this photo of the rescue. the boy is somewhere in there, inside the statue. a curious boy got his head stuck in the dragon statue at the fairfield civic center library yesterday. the firefighters had to use a small hammer to gently chip away parts of the statue and free the
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boy. thankfully the boy wasn't hurt but the dragon was left with minor damage. nice work, gentlemen. thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next with "nightly news." tonight, president trump's first major supreme court victory, his travel ban upheld. >> tremendous victory for the american people and for our constitution. his critics call it religious discrimination against muslims. tonight all the latest reaction. extreme weather, tornado and flash flood threat, dangerous heat for millions and wildfires burning out of control. al roker is tracking it all. boiling over. another member of the trump cabinet confronted in public over child separations. >> why don't you leave my husband alone? >> why you separating families? and new images secretly recorded from inside the child migrant holding e surprisiw weapon for fighting a deadly form of cancer. how the polio virus


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