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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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those developments. we're standing inside concord city hall as you can see, folks are streaming in quite a group has gathered here. they plan to give theounsel an earful. this is the center where the city of pleasant hill says they've confirmed two girls detained by ice at the border and families are now being cared for. southwest key the company that operates pleasant hill informed them by e-mail yesterday. >> basically told us that of the 25 minors that are currently at the facility, two of them are adolescent girls who have is been separated from their parents within the last 24 days. >> a spokesman told us he can't talk about the specific children being cared for at the center, but insists they're in good hands: as the staff tries to reunify them with their families. >> first thing we do is take care of them. second thing we do and it starts immediately is begin the process of reunifying them with a family
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member or finding them a sponsor family. >> meanwhile in nearby concord, people are also sounding off about a navy memo obtained by time magazine. outlining plans to build a detention center at the concord naval weapons station. it's completely in my view fallen apart. >> held a facebook town hall on the topic this afternoon. both he and concord mayor are demanding answers of the navy. >> we will do whatever we can to persuade the navy or everywhere else that this is a bad decision. >> i'm shocked it got this far. i thought it was all in texas and way far away. didn't think it was right in our own backyard. >> >> reporter: we are back here live you see protesters gathered outside city hall. limited room inside the counsel chambers. only room for 100 or so protesters. i think they're at capacity.
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again, these folks expt to speak during the public council meeting. a special meeting has been set for 1:00 tomorrow afternoon to christmas this t address this topic specifically. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> we'll keep you there in place. active night in concord. also active in richmond. immigration protest going on for more than 11 hours. you can hear the chanting, singing and marching. they've been going nonstop since 7:00 a.m. this is part of 12 hours of action. so really have another hour to go here. on any given day, 200 immigrants here are at the ice detention facility in the bay area. activists are furious the sld is now accomplishing the detainees release dates, allows ice to track and detain them without directly violating california's sanctuary law. a lot happening tonight. our coverage of landmark rulings
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and ongoing issues continues on our website. log on nbc bay to check stt slide show of scenes appear clo cal fire is warning people to be prepared to leave their homes at a moment's notice. already more than 1500 people have evacuated their home in search of safer ground. nbc melissa joins us know with the latest update. >> reporter: it could be days, it could be weeks before the pawny fire is fully out here. from this vantage point, we are overlooking the walker ridge area. thousands of angessig acres sco. where that fire is taking hold just southwest of here. came very close to destroying a nearby winery. we were there and spoke to the owner. >> it's a little too close for comfort. >> reporter: dawn feels helpless. >> it's gotten worse this morning. it was a little frightening last
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night, but it was more towards the north. and now it's right here. >> he manages his families vineyard and winery along cash creek in the eastern foothills of clear lake. planted each grapevine. all that stands between them and the flames are sprinkles and firefighters. >> they probably think i'm in their way. >> the pawny fire has scorched more than 11500 acres. and destroyed at least 22 buildings. including some homes. over 14 firefighters from as far as oregon and arizona are on the ground. lake county is no stranger to wildfires, but for dawn this one feels different. >> unfortunately california is getting used to this. this is like the third year out of five that we've had fire and this is the closest its got. >> every 15 minutes the flames seem to be getting closer. there's nothing don can do, but look up and pray. >> are you scared this is becoming the new normal.
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>> i hope not, but it's certainly looking that way. >> reporter: back out here live, looks like there is some progress. you see the containment perimeters seem to be working right now. and we also know that cal fire is going to be juch daupdating new figures at 7:00 p.m. we'll bring you the latest information at 11:00 p.m. for now, that's the latest. crews out there just not battling the flames. also dealing with really hot temperatures and windy conditions. bring in meteorologist rob. are those the conditions that are going to continue for the next few days. >> we're seeing right now temperatures close to 90 degrees. humidity levels in 30% range. warm and dry. not as bad as we saw a couple days ago. numbers in the up epper 90s. wednesday and thursday trending downward. orange you see 85-90 degree. watch what happens friday and saturday t. areas in pink and
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white showing you 90s-100 degrees plus temperatures returning. what's the bigger concern here, is the shift in the wind pinging up out of the north. hot and dry wind. could mean fire weather watches or red flag warnings making a comeback as early as thursday night. temperatures approaching 100 degrees inland. some of the heat impacting us here in the bay area as well. timeline of when the heat makes a big comeback coming up in our forecast. >> coverage of the pawny fire continues. go to nbc bay you can check it out in our live interactive map. >> critical vote tonight in the silicon valley and involves google. tc the city of mountain view. critics call it tax on jobs. nbc bay area mark matt yous in mountain view with the biggest employer in the city is google. they could be on the hook for more than $3 million a year.
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>> no question. google is the biggest fish in mountain view business pond. more than 5,000 employees and now the city wants to tax the company for every one of those jobs and use the money to improve transportation. >> it's not just google that would be hit by this tax, the proposal would tax every business in mountain view on a sliding scale. the more employees, the higher the bill. under the mayor's plan, google share would amount to 3.3 million per year. a little half than the tax revenue. promising the money will be spent on transportation. >> we see what we're trytoloing do is help employers. google did yacht request for comment. silicon leadership group warns this is a tax on jobs. >> next economic downturn which is inevitable, mountain view and anyone else considering this may wonder why they didn't value jobs once and wanted to tax
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their creation. >> tonight the mayor asking for 6.1 million a year. the city's chamber of commerce proposed a lower yield. >> i think we have the votes to put it on the bloallot. we have to apro-prove it. >> sounds like a good way. >> the measure is pulling above 60%, but there is some concern about what if. >> these businesses can be a cash you, but you can also drive people away. >> case in point. city of seattle which in may passed head count tax and rescinded it earlier this month after amazon said they could back away they their expansion plan there is. reporting from mountain view, nbc bay area news. >> sincetive decision there. landmark ruling by the supreme court and tonight the pushback in the bay area. you might have scene extended coverage on nightly news.
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deeply divided court upheld president trump's travel ban. that triggered protest in the bay area. our sky ranger flying over this rally in san jose during our 5:00 newscast. this is near santana row. coming up at 6:30, 25 minutes from you, nbc bay area joins us where this court battle started andover. big ruling from the supreme court today. justices put an end to california law that forced faith based pregnancy centers, so-called crisis centers, to provide information about abortions. nbc joins us outside the pregnancy center in gilroy which is really the one center at the center of this ruling, mary ann. >> reporter: you're right. informed choices pregnancy center is more than one of 100 centers across the state that challenged the law. that law required them to advise women of all their choices including abortion.
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and today, the president of this center said she was overjoyed by the sproupreme court ruling. >> calling it a victory for women, the president of inford choices in gilroy praised the supreme court's 5-4 ruling saying no one should be forced by the government to express a message that violates their convictions, especially on deeply devices subjects such as abortion. gym patterson agree >> the supreme court was very, very clear that you cannot tell free people in a free society with protected speech rights what they can say and must say or what they cannot say. and couch that in professional speech. >> the authors of the law say they're disappointed, but vow to fight back with new legislation. >> the public has a right to receive fact based information. >> assemblyman saved chou says the law was informed to make
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pregnancy centers inform women on all the choices. coauthor worries this court is signaling that all aboerrtion rights are at risk. >> when something as simple as a notice is turned down, overturned. you got a warning shot. women just got a warning shot. what is possible for roe v. wade rights. the law is now unenforceable and for that reason it is no longer valid. this case now returns to a lower court. reporting live in gilroy, mary ann favro. nbc bay area news. having a tough time keeping up with demand. booming construction in the south bay and sol con valley giant make it hard to get any work done on your house. new fallout for the woman who said she was going to call the cops on a young girl selling
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water in san francisco. plan on more wind and cooler tempts in san jose. dropping back to upper 70s. make a big comeback around the bay area once again. talk more about the heat when we come right back. something is un.
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be ware of the boom. i was seems everywhere you look in the south bay these days something is under construction. that means if you're thinking
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about doing home renovations, be prepared to wait and expect to pay top dollar. with google planning big expansion in san jose. problems expected to get even worse. nbc joins us live from san jose. that building bonanza is certainly good for the city. may not be good for homeowners. >> it's been nonstop. a lot of sky rises going up in downtown san jose. here's another one behind me here by san pedro swequare. the valley is booming. if you're looking to get your kitchen remodeled or driveway we paves, you may be waiting longer than expected to get anyone to do the job. construction cranes are becoming aommon sight in downtown san jose. so much to do that workers are being brought in from as far away as texas lured by big jobs and bigger pay checks >> things are getting better and better every year. >> jose monitors the friend head
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of the local building and trade counsel. knows it's not just the big projects becoming more common. in san jose alone the city says building permit requests for remold les have jumped. the permits division is where chris cohen spends a lot of his time. applying for permits to rebuild a carport. finding the right workers have been a challenge with all the other projects around the city. >> it's a look of good manpower. there's a lot of people out there that are laborers and say they know what they're doing, but all the good men are taken. >> paul: thereand there's no en sight. especially after google announced plan for new campus downtown. workers needed for both the campus itself and all the housing and hotels expected to follow. all that means homeowners will likely have to wait a lot longer
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for smaller projects like home remodels as wker on for bigger higher paying job. >> you may have to wait a couple of months because of labor shortage. another thing to think about, if you're looking for top talent to remodel, you might be paying premium prices. nbc bay area news. according to several recent reports, the high cost of living is driving people not only from the bay area, but the entire state. the question now where is everyone going? a new study by the real estate site trulia shows las vegas at the top of the list, followed by new york city and fphoenix. in to new cities. dismissed lawsuit against an de big oil. scenes like this of king tied
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flooding were behind the lawsuit. global warming and rising sea levels forcing the stiff to spend big bucks to protect airports roads and homes. claim claiming. the judge wrote quote, global warming is a worldwide problem. requiring a solution beyond usual judicial powers. they mised the point. they want a reimbursement from what they claim is causing the problem. the woman known as theal girl kill eer granted first interview since leaving prison. you might call she served three years for injecting a lethal dose of heroin into a google executive on a boat in santa cruz in 2015. affiliate in that area interviewed her last week about the death of that google exec and the death of her boyfriend
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in the state of georgia the year before. prosecutors in georgia just announced charges in that case. she now lives in cancanada. authorities hope to arrest her and extradite her back to the u.s. >> the woman permit patty now resigned as ceo of her company. >> the whole world going to see you. >> illegally selling water without a permit. >> millions have watched this video since saturday. she tells us she pretended to call police on 8-year-old black girl selling bottled water outside her home. reaction has been harsh. many accusing her of racism. a charge she denies. ceo of cannabis company. company did confirm she submitted her resignation. release add statement says she believes in fundamental roots that patients comes first and respectfully wishes the company's continued success in all of its endeavors. new at six. key vote that could help protect the bay area from next drought.
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santa clara water district is meeting right now to discuss buying this piece of land. you can see it on the map. 274 acres near pacheco pass for nearly a billion dollars. include as small reservoir that would be enlarged. if approved, it would be the largest reservoir built in the bay area in the last 20 years. existing reservoir is 6,000 feet of water. the new one, if built, would be 23 times the amount. a big, big decision looms tonight. let's bring in meteorologist rob and we're also entering very hot temperatures again. >> driest time of year and really have to watch for fire danger. fire weather watch up for parts of lake county and now get into friday and the weekend as gusty north wind return, but before we get there, actually going to see a little bit of a cooling trend. taking us into tomorrow. 7 76 degrees. onshore reaching san jose after a bit earlier.
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san francisco low clouds making a comeback. 67 degrees earlier today for a high. 61 right now. you see the low clouds spilling inland. tha that will eventually lead to a few more inches of drizzle. we still have 80s inland. concord and livermore. look nice san jose to morgan hill. 50s as the low clouds come in. drizzle possible for tomorrow morning. combination of more low clouds for the morning and stronger sea breeze during the day will likely bring our temperatures down a couple degrees and our inland valleys at least briefly torrow and tomorrow the coolest day of the next seven as you see right there at the bottom of the screen. numbers starting to climb as you get into friday and saturday. 60s from san francisco to oakland tomorrow. upper 70s near san jose and inland across the east bay. low 80s. here's the pattern change. high pressure building in. dry north winds on friday and
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saturday. have to watch out for the potential of red flag warnings in addition to warmer temperatures including the coast in san francisco. could be close to 80 on saturday, but here's the bigger change. going from tupper 70s low 80s tomorrow. to the upper 90s. to near 100 degrees saturday with high fire danger coming up at 6:45. closer look at estimated hide temperatures across the bay area from friday to saturday time frame. heat making a big come back for weekend plans. look at that coming up in next half hour. >> see you then. thank you, rob. upnext royal history playing out. up next the goal of prince williams visit to jerusalem. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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muslims" is trending on twitter... in responsesupreme c president )s travel ban. many politicians are using that hashtag to voice their dissent. also on twitter - a video of a spanish police dog performing c-p-r - is going viral. the dog sprang into action when his partner fell to the ground and pretended to be unresponsive. more news in a minute. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.nect than the internet, california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee.
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visit to learn more. meet again. a formal summit -- scheduled to be held ??. president trump and russian president vladimir putin will meet again a formal summit scheduled to be held actually no word yet on where it will be held. never had a formal meeting despite meeting twice at international meetings. administration has not outlined
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a purpose for the summit. expected to be in mid july after president trump visits the uk, but no word again on the location. btain pnceilliam made history of first member of royal family to meet israeli officials on their home though it was billed as nonpolitical visit. balances two very political relationships. journey included tour of israel holocaust memorial. prince william's great grandmother princes alice is honored there for shelter greek jews. brought a message of peace. >> in half century, the people of the middle east have suffered great sadness and lost. never has hope and reck sill ja -- reconciliation been more needed. plans meeting in the occupied west bank. up next, back to top stories, president trump celebrating supreme court win. bay area leaders say they're not
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giving up fight against travel ban. attorney general comes to california. the reason he's here and protesters greetim. in favor of .
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its ) also dealing a huge blow o immigrant communities across the country. 6:30. of president trump. also dealing the huge blow to immigrant communities across the country. conservative leaning court delivered for president trump. narrowly upheld president's latest travel ban ending nearly 18 month battle. >> high court decision has local
6:30 pm
lawmakers talking about making history of their own. nbc barry joins us from san francisco where the legal battle over the travel ban originally began and may continue, sam. >> reporter: you're right. we know the ninth circuit court of appeals blunted that travel ban initially, jessica. we know today the city leaders pronounce that san francisco is always at the vanguard of pushing forward civil rights for the state of california and by extension for the country. supervisors called the decision today a dark day for human rights. said silence is complicity and do not plan on being silent. >> the erosion of our constitutional rights, the mockery in dismantling of democracy t violation of human and civil rights, we must ask ourself, who is next and what is next? >> reporter: it's not a rhetorical question. supervisor dan is posing. in a week of harrowing tales of families separated at borders.
6:31 pm
latest headline, court approved travel ban for 8 kmucommunitiess the community feeling chilled. many members right here in the bay area have continuously been separated from families since december's rule sg december's. >> that december ruling is now a reality. >> this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and safe and secure. >> and security figured prominently in the high court's decision. a narrow 5-4 ruling divided between the conservative and liberal wings. chief justice john roberts wrote the proclamation is expressly purposed. inducing other nations to improve their practice. text says nothing about religion. opponents wonder how the new law doesn't evoke that basic right. >> the fact they pray a certain way, look a certain way, means they can be seen as national
6:32 pm
security threat. >> now, you might be wondering how donald trump could be making all of these anti-muslim statements as a candidate and that would not facntotor i the court's decision, chief justice john roberts addressed that issue and are said it's not the court's job do assess or denounce what he said as a candidate. their job to assess what is written in the order. >> sam, thank you. on today's ruling also prompted high court to revisit what many consider to be most shameful ruling. decision that allowed the continued internment of japanese american citizens during world in tod's ruling the sentencing justice compared the muslim travel ban to the internment camps set up here in the u.s. in 1940s after the attack on pearl harb harbor. blasted theage apology, but used it to address the decision. calling that rule reasonable degree gravely wrong and overturning it.
6:33 pm
the case was named for oakland's fred who sued calling the internment camps unconstitutional. in 74 years, the court had never explicitly overruled the decision until today. california joins 16 other states and sued the federal government today over the separation of families at the border. the attorneys general say although the president signed an order to stop the practice, only six children have been reunited with parents in the past week. 2,000 children and teenagers still detained. many of them in cage like structures and tents. pentagon is making plans to house 40,000 or more perhaps on some california military bases, even as close to us as concord. after a week of protest and debate about border policies, congress is moving closer to action. emotions ro s running high at demonstrations and images of children separated from parents many of them cries have stoked
6:34 pm
outragecross the country. hoping to vote tomorrow on a compromise bill that package is far from guarantee sfwld . >> we saw in the various facility this is weekend is enough to curdle one's blood. >> our government should not be forced to choose between keeping families together and securing the border and enforcing our laws. other republican lawmakers say they aren't sure if the a bill passes the president will even sign it. >> u.s. attorney general jeff sessions was in la this afternoon defending the trump administration immigration policy. using radicalized language. spoke to conservative legal foundation and was met by protests outside the hotel he was speaking in. criter criticized open border advocates. any detention of those crossing into the u.s. illegally. saying americans are tired of lip service and hypocrisy. >> sick of politicians who abandon promises as soon as the
6:35 pm
mainstream media criticizes them. they've seen it for decades. and now they're supporting the president who is on their side for a change. >> mr. sessions reminded people back in the spring he warned of coming zero tolerance policy on illegal crossings of the southwest boer saying back then a children could be separated from their parents. back here in california, governor browns most ambitious plans. lawmakers have passed massive ade spending plan. approved $1.5 billion for various programs. majority of the funds will be spent on california high speed rail project. rest of the money will go towards reducing air pollution and helping get millions of electric cars on the road by 2030. >> help people with limits means and we also want to have the great middle class to say take advantage of this if you're buying a few car. >> a large chunk of that money will be helped to use statewide firefighting efforts.
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>> south bay kid has become quite the artist. warriors star kevin durant and kevin hart have paintings in their homes. here he is. 12-year-old. uses art to connect with people while expressing korcreativity. suffers from vitamin d deficiencies. he can't play sports. his mother is a painter. followed in her footstep >> makes me feel good that other people like my art. >> why? >> because when they like my art, it makes me feel happy. >> makes a lot of people happy here. kevin durant's mom who you know, wanda. >> saw painting of kd that he posted on facebook and offered to buy it right then and there. comedian kevin hart heard about the work and offered to buy a
6:37 pm
painting. what a thrilling day on the biggest stage. live at the world cup. thanks to last minute match. >> tel8emdo joins now with world cup update. one game i missed. i come in the newsroom, everyone is buzzing about it. >> sorry you had to miss it. you can watch the replay on the app. remember. messi scored the first goal. that wouldn't be enough after nigeria tied the game. sethe scene for this play. oh, boy. marco scored the victory goal that gave argentina the three points it needed to go onto the next round. second place in group d where they will face france on saturday. looking ahead to tomorrow. two games. mexico up against sweden. germany needs to be south korea.
6:38 pm
by any score and avoid the curse of champion being knocked at of the group stage. then at 10:00 a.m. br brazil looks to win. and costa rica looks to score at least one goal against switzerland. the only team who hasn't scored instead this. now our very own bob got to go to the nigeria game today. you're seeing the moment where necessa messi scores first goal. then levelle at one. argentinian fans were in no mood to celebrate for most of the second half. in the end, argentina with some imagine and i can drama, got the game winning goal and all can say, is a very jealous and bob, can you please bring me back a napkin. something. >> something, bob. please. >> bob is a huge soccer fan. he plays in livermore. >> it's awesome.
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the videos are great. he's having a blast. i mean it, bob. bring me back something. >> maybe you can get out there for the championship match. >> okay. i know you know people. and yes, i agree. >> we know bob. that's who we know. thanks gabrielle. telemundo is your home. coverage resumes tomorrow. 6:00 a.m. don't miss it. >> silicon valley technology now saving lives in hawaii. autonomous robot going where no human can go to study the active volcano. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. elected a new leadert. within the last few minutes... supervisor "malia cohen" was unanimously voted in as new board president. in san francisco, board of supervisors just announced add new leader. supervisor cohen been on the board since 2011. shortened terms lasted until january. taking over for london breed. who was just elected mayor. you might have seen him along the freeways.
6:42 pm
the electronic billboards by. 400 digital signs. up from 125 over the past eight years. governor brown wants to see the number grow. could lead to millions of dollars in extra revenue for the state. safety issue and eyesore. state legislature put off scheduled vote on that issue today. >> let's bring in rob. let's talk about this warmup. first a little cool down and then it's going to get blazing hot. >> wind for wednesday and big warmup. coming friday and saturday. look at cool breeze evening. 65 degrees. 80s could return and 90s for the rest of the bay area. i'm scott. robots made here in silicon valley are floating towards a volcano in hawaii in the name of science and safety. got a first look coming up.
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6:44 pm
what she's saying now about harvey weinstein. next access. tonight at 7:30. nbc bay area. bay area technology is about to do something people simply cannot get an up close looktobo
6:45 pm
e so see the impact of volcano. have a first look at what they're doing and how the research could actually save live >> the robots are getting in the water within 300 meters of the lava plume where the temperatures are above 120 degrees. they're doing it in the name of both research and safety. >> they're floating peacefully monitoring the chaos. >> it gets all the energy from the natural environment. >> wave gliders, autonomous robots cruising the waters near hawaii kilauea volcano made by sunny vail liquid robotics which provided us with footage, they're floating i and under is danger zone where humans counties g can't go. >> to get information about the plume which is going out into the ocean of scalding hot water, danger to think about it, and
6:46 pm
killing fish. >> as the data on water temperature and oaxygen levels comes in, liquid robotics collects it and shares it with researchers in hawaii and mitt. tracking the dangerers and patterns of the volcano without putting anyone at risk. >> so much going on out there that's just you know land lovers don't think about, but it's important. >> liquid robotics says they plan to keep the wave gliders near the plume for a while. they're learning so much about the volcano itself and how nature is responding. >> okay. thank you, scott. now add robics engineer to resume. latest doll not career of the year line. encourage girls to explore stem, science technology careers. 24% of stem jobs are held by women. company is offering free barbie inspired coding lesss. designed to keep logic and problem solves.
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help partners with experts in the field to ensure they're accurate reputation of the profession. we are cool in the silicon valley. >> that's pretty cool. that's a cool barbie. >> joins us now to talk about what's happening this weekend. you mentioned it could get dicey tomorrow morning with the moisture. >> drizzle short tomorroerms. looking at a cooling trend. and much like late last week and weekend, temperatures set to climb as high pressure builds back. low clouds still across the bay. san francisco 61 degrees. high of 67 earlier. san jose had a high of 80 degrees for 76. still short sleeve weather headed out around the santa clara valley. 80s in dublin. upper 80s. little bit warmer today than that roller costar ride goes down a little bit for wednesday. for the morning, low clouds. san francisco, even around the
6:48 pm
east bay, may see drizzle for the mornin 7:00 a.m. here's the snapshot for you of tomorrow morning's commute. tri-valley, santa clara valley consider passes of low clouds. don't be surprised to find a little mist underneath the low clouds. any midday, clearing skies. keep tomorrow temperatures inland and running a few degrees cooler. i understo upper er 70s to low 80s. 60s to near 70 degrees. san jose tomorrow we're thinking upper 70s. still low 80s south around campbell south san jose heading to morgan hill. upper 80s. low to mid 80s from about pleasa pleasanton. near 70 in hayward. mostly 60s 70s. san francisco rain upper low 60s and north bay. one place close to 80 degrees
6:49 pm
santa rosa or maybe sonoma. mid 70s elsewhere tomorrow. likely be the coolest day in the next seven. very low pressures. kind of helps to crank up the sea breeze. breezy conditions. high pressure builds in big time by friday and rday not just the heat, but the dry north winds will have to watch for the fire weather watches up for lake county. beginning as early as friday. here's the temperature progression. thursday a little bit warmer than wednesday. jump ahead to friday's high. look at the red on the board here for the north bay east bay valley. low to mid 90s. hottest day at least for now looks to be saturday. especially at places like san jose and tri-valley. could see mid a little misleading. north winds picking up. may drop the temperatures a little bit. really going to dry out the air and enhance fire danger through the end of the weekend. by sunday, starts to take hold. should leave the temperatures
6:50 pm
dropping a little bit. here is the crucial factor. friday and saturday. not a sea breeze. levels could be north bay co dropping into the single digits. as the temperatures heat up friday and saturday, stay tuned. could see red flag warnings. hoisted around the bay area. start the weekend right now the hottest day looks to be saturday and depending on the timing of the sea breeze and wind shifting from north to on shore once again, we'll see temperatures cooling a little bit sunday. might take another day for monday and tuesday if things cool off. again, fire can be very challenging with the making a comeback. >> be very tuned in to your forecast, thank you rob. is china klay back up to no good? we'll have his latest antics.
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nbc sports newsroom.
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you might remember last year t world was introduced to the global phenomena that is china klay. he is back in china. better than ever. he's over there to promote shoe brand. he is seen dancing to rapper free styling about him. he also got destroyed in pop a shot. which is kind of crazy. isn't anything basketball related. real shame that the nba season has to eventually start because because he makes for fantastic tv. elsewhere the lakers are primed for major free agency. big names rumored to land in la, lebron james and paul george. the president of basketball operation says he's not worried about the lakers star. >> we're banging on one summer for the lakers, we're in trouble. right. because you have to give us
6:55 pm
time. like i told you before i took the job. there's going to be two surmmer thing for the lakers. this summer and that's it. and if i can't deliver, i'm going to step down. you going have to fire me. i will step away from it. i can't do this job. >> over on the diamond, former giant's pitcher sergio romo now with the rays. struck out a win for the rays. romo let taylor know about him jawing at him. almost started a brawl. romo said he was mad because of an incident he had with taylor weeks ago. you know, baseball prs and grudges, they just never get over them. giants hosting the rockies at at&t park. first pitch over at bay area. >> the highest asking price for a home in the city's history. coming up at 11:00 tonight t new record just set for this mansion
6:56 pm
on the peninsula. has a hockey rink in it. >> no. >> yes, it's unbelievable. it's on sale. the owner, silicon valley legend who is selling it. we'll tell you the price. we'll tell you all the amenies. extly where it is. i'm sure if we scrounge up all or money and all our family's money, we still couldn't afford it. >> how much would it take from all of us. >> about half a million. >> we could live in the guesthouse. they wouldn't know we were there. >> that's true. it has a pizza room. it's cute. we'll explain at 11:00. little more than we saw today. also dry wind. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening.
6:57 pm
my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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♪"extra". "extra" ♪ >> now on "extra." fallon versus trump. >> what are you doing? you're the president. >> the late night host unloads on the president and the first lady. why their war of words over this tv moment just hit def con1. >> breaking news on a spicy talk show set in a pub. >> seinfeld goes off about roseanne. >> i really love people who crash and burn. i really enjoy that. >> "comedians in car"most. heather locklear hospitalized after a suspected overdose. >> overdose. >> new details on her condition


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