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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 27, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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breaking news overnight. a federal judge rules that separated families must be reunited and blames the chaotic circumstances of the government's own making. we've got the winners and losers from the nation's biggest primary races. the ruling shows that all of the attacks from the are wrong. >> and president trump reveling in a rare judicial win over the supreme court's decision on a travel ban while those on the other side are vowing to continue the fight. the investigation into the fatal explosion at a texas hospital continues this morning. some possible tornadoes and severe weather threats hitting different parts of the country. and get ready for the late night lowlifes kmiz rating over
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president trump's no-talent jabs. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm milissa rehberger in for frances. a shocking upset for a longtime democrat in new york and a win for a familiar republican presidential candidate in last night's primaries. representative joe crowley, who has spent two decades in congress, lost to 28-year-old progressive newcomer alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> 28-year-old ocasio-cortez is a community organizer who has never held public office. crowley took the defeat in stride, though. he grabbed a guitar and dedicated a performance of "born to run" to his opponent. ♪ former massachusetts governor mitt romney also enjoyed anasy win in the utah senate race while both speaking out againpr his endorsement. here's nbc national political correspondent steve kornacki. >> all right. here he is a result nobody and i
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mean nobody saw coming tonight. joe crowley, this is one of the top democrats in the house of representatives, somebody who is seen as a future speaker possibly as early as next year. he has been upset, defeated, knocked out in the democratic primary in his home district in new york. a first-time challenger, 28-year-old alexandria ocasio-cortez, she has knocked him off. this is something that says about generational change potentially in the democratic party, about ideological change potentially. ocasio-cortez, a bernie sanders supporter, a member of the democratic socialists of america. she's called for abolishing i.c.e., immigration and customs enforcement. tonight she has ousted one of the most powerful democrats in the country. this is a development that's going to resonate not just in the weeks ahead but probably in the years ahead in terms of what it could mean for the democratic party. the other headline tonight, primaries across the country, this one. out in20 republican nominee for president. tonight he has officially won the republican nomination for
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the senate out there in utah. this was one of his strongest states. he's very likely to be the next senator there. sets up a very interesting dynamic given everything he's said about donald trump before and everything donald trump has said about him. how would president trump deal with senator mitt romney? we may be, after tonight, about to find out. phillip, back over to you. >> all right. it's a lot going on there, steve. thank you. a federal judge is giving the government up to 30 days to reunite children and parents who are separated at the u.s.-mexico border. u.s. district court judge dana sabraw has orded immigration agents to stop separating migrant and children and work to reunite families that have been split up while in custody. while health and human service officialay they're already quickly connecting separated migrant children with their parents, many of those undocumented parents are still waiting on edge as the government has kwlet yet to reu more than 2,000 children with
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their families. tracie potts joins us with the latest. >> reporter: this is the first time we've seen a federal court weigh in on whether or not those families have to be reunited. it was actually a case that began last november before the zero tolerance policy, and it was a case that was pursued by the aclu. they sued and now a court has said those families have to be reunited. we also expect to hear today from congress. there's a vote scheduled in the house on wheer or not these families can be united. but it's a bigger v on immigration including money for the president's border wall. that vote could well fail with a lot of lawmakers saying they're voting no because the president hasn't weighed in on whether he'll sign it. milissa? >> thank you. major victory for the trump administration. the u.s. supreme court upholding president trump's travel ban in a new ruling. it was a 5-4 decision. opponents including many democratic lawmakers were quick to slam the decision, arguing it amounts to a muslim ban.
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and in cities like new york and minneapolis, protests broke out. still the order is a far cry from the one rolled out in confusion in the early days of president trump's tere. nbc's pete williams explains the court's decision. >> reporter: after a year and a half of confusion, chaos at u.s. airports for those caught up in the first travel ban, repeated smackdowns in the lower courts and revisions from the white house, the court said this latest one can stand. supreme court upholds trump avel ban, president trump tweeted. wow. let by chief justice john roberts, the court's conservatives said the ban is legal as a presidential act to protect nionalsecurity. it's an important difference, the court said, that this one was based on a review of how well more than 200 countries do in fighting terrorism and verifying the identity of visa applicants. it restricts travel from five muslim countries, iran, libya, somalia, syria, and yemen. the ruling notes the president's
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anti-muslim statements in the campaign and in office. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: the court said quite apart from any religious hostility, the travel ban is based on legitimate concerns for the country's safety, and that's what counts. >> the justices said that because the travel ban raises an issue of national security, they are not going to get involved in figuringut what a tweet means or a campaign statement means.d justice sonia sotomayor said the travel ban was anti-muslim, motivated by animosity toward a disfavored group. she called the ruling gravely wrong. the lawyer for the challenger said they at least pressured the administration to come up with a narrower travel ban. >> the federal courts forced the president to kind of rejigger the policy and give it the veneer of constitutionality. >> reporter: the decision is a defeat for this woman who wanted to get her relatives here.
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>> my grandparents, my uncles and aunts who live in libya can't come. recently i had a wedding planned last week. they weren't able to come attend. >> reporter: this lifts the legal cloud over the travel ban, which has actually been in force since december. for the most part, it forbids people to move here from those affected muslim countries, but it also says the can be some visitors including students and people who can prove that they're not a risk to public safety. phillip? >> pete, thank you. president trump of course is celebrating the court's decision hailing it as a tremendous victory at the white house. he also seized the moment to press for his proposed border wall.nbc's peter alexander has . >> the supreme court ruling was a tremendous victory for this countrynd for the constitution. >> reporter: prentru claiming vindiohe ruling shows the attacks from the media and the democrat politicians are wrong. >> reporter: mr. trump reveling in a rare judicial win. but on capitol hill, disio as disappointing.
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>> i say who's going to be next? is the president going to issue an executive order against mexicans? >> reporter: keith ellison, the first muslim in congress, warning the ruling should make all americans nervous. >> what they've said is as long as the president invokes national security, he has carte blanche to do whatever he wants to anybody. >> reporter: republicans rallying behind the president to initially dismiss this third version of his ban as watered down and politically correct. >> i tell you this is part of the never trump resistancet mischaracterizes this as being a muslim ban. this is not a muslim ban. >> mitch mcconnell's campaign trolling political opponents by posting this photo with neil gorsuch, the conservative justice picked by president trump. >> neil gorsuch was an outstanding appointment. >> reporter: president trump trying to parlay the court's endorsement into a wider crackdown on illegal immigration. >> what we're looking for as republicans, i can tell you, is strong borders, no crime.
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what the democrats are looking at is open which will bring tremendous crime. >> reporter: that controversial stance igniting a fierce backlash and confrontations. >> why don't you leave my husbandalone. >> reporter: transportation secretary elaine chao with husband mitch mcconnell challenged by protesters monday. >> how do you sleep at night? >> reporter: that's just the latest example of these heated confrontations between protesters and top administration officials. new this morning, a law enforcement official tells nbc news the home of press secretary sarah sanders will now be protected by the secret service. >> peter, thank you. and now to a disturbing story out of new jersey. police there say a body was found at the home of new york j nk had been living at the house of late. no details on how rene died but police are investigating the death as a homicide. a spokesman for the giants organization says the team is monitoring the situation and as far as they were airwa, jenkins
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was staying at his home in florida at the time. a destructive round of violent storms has brought major damage to the midwest. last night almost 20 million people were at risk of severe storms across ka missouri, kentucky, ohio, and tennessee. these colossal storms unleashed damaging wis, heavy rains and ormoushail. th storms knocked out power t at least 16,000 just in missouri, and the governor of kansas declared a state of emergency has tornado strength winds touched down in topeka. >> good morning. we will see isolated storms. these above average temperatures on the move in the middle of the country. then by the weekend to the east coast, still going to be the big story. going to feel like 95 to day through many areas of the southern half of the country. now we're starting to see it really expanding. austin will feel like 104. o oklahoma city will feel like 104. wichita, thursday, 105.
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st. louis 103 on thursday. by the time we get to this weekend, this is the feel-like temperature in d.c. up to 99 saturday. 101 on su. still very warm in houston. chicago, friday is your dangerous day. that's when it could feel like 105 degrees. thankfully you cool off a some . there's that emprissive 100 degree heat in oklahoma and north texas. we will have thunderstorm threats out there too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you. when president trump visits london next month, there is going to be huge surprise waiting for him. there's a 20 foot tall blimp of him in the form of an orange baby because the designers say he is a big angry baby, and they want him to know that all of
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britain is looking down and laughing at him. there is one thing holding them back, the london mayor's permission. a petition is just a couple hundred signatures shy of their goal. ahead, a flight that takes you from new york to london in just two hours. >> yes, please. >> a dream that could become a reality up next. they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents.
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fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the... hey, low life. >> hey lost soul. what are you up to? >> mostly whimperi. >> be a man. >> i'll try. what are you up to? >> i'm busy having no talent. >> did you see trump's rally last night? >> nope. >> me either. i heard he said some pretty bad stuff about him. i heard he said we're no talent, low life, lost souls. >> well, that's not right. that's conan. hold on. i'll get him. >> oh, hey, guys. what's up? >> we were just talking about what president trump said last ni president who? >>p. >> one for al all for one. rivals turned allies as a rare collaboration. jimmy fallon, stephen colbert and conan o'brien teaming up.
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>> conan is shaving but hisai still looks perfect. >> jimmy has got a no do too. leading the news, an explosion inside a texas hospital leaves one person dead and a dozen injured. witnesses say a generator exploded inside a part of the hospital that was still under construction. some of the victims were burned in the accident. all of them were construction workers. patients were evacuated from the hospital and nearby nursing home the explosion also reportedly knocked out power for a large portion of gatesville. >> overnight the wildfire in lake county, california, grew even larger driven by heat and strong winds. the pawnee fire reportedly increased to more than 13,000 acres but containment is still under 20%. an entire community in spring valley is under an evacuation order as hundreds of homes remain under threat from the explosive fire thats entering its fourth day. by tuesday morning, cal fire reported having more than 1,400 firefighters on hand to fight that blaze. it is an amazing vision of
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the future. a plane that could fly new yorkers from new york to london in only two hours. boeing unveiled a design for a hypersonic passenger plane at an aerospace conference in atlanta. in theory, ultra fast planes like this one could fly mach 5. that means y-- boeing's ceo say can spp to see hypersonic passenger planes in the next decade or so. i'm in. >> the faster the better. it gets crazy at airports. just ahead, argentina's lionel messi finally gives fans exactly what they've been waiting for. we have your world cup highlights next. women are amazing. our bodies grow babies. we run marathons, companies, solve problems. how? we fuel ourselves, with strawberries, almonds, and protein; chocolate, whole grains, and iron.
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fast forwarding today, thousands of marriott international employees are planning to protest in eight cities seeking better wages and protections against workplace sexual harassment, violence and injuries. fans will bid farewell to rapper xxxtentacion. he was fatally shot outsi a motorcycle dealer ship on june 18th. fe feliz will also be laid to rest. > apollo 11 astronaut buzz
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aldrin will be evaluated by mental health experts. he is suing two of his children and a former business manager for misusi his finances and slandering him by saying he has dementia. some south american prayers were answered in russia because after a long drought, argentina's lionel messi finally the board with h first goal of the world cup, helping argentina avoid elimination against nigeria. they advance, winning this one 2-1. denmark and france got the day started, neither team was looking to try that much because both clubs were moving on to the next round regardless of the outcome. the match ended up in a scoreless draw. it was the first of the tournament witho score. australia looking to avoid elimination but per u had other plans. from beginning to end, they dropped -- look at that. that was peru's first in the tournament. they beat the aussies 2-0. but both teams are now
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eliminated. they were just playing for pride there. finally iceland looking to advance with a win against croatia. they kept the game close for a while, but in the end croatia was too strong down the stretch. iceland and their storybook story end 2-1. just ahead, bill will be back with your midweek weather forecast. stay with us. that's why megared advanced 4in1 packs more omega-3 power into just one small softgel. it supports four vital areas of your body. your brain... and your joints. give your body the omega-3s it's missing. megared advanced 4in1. one pill. more power. it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods chd-pac. helps keep your laundry pacs safe, and your child safer. to close, twist l it ccks. tide pods child-guard packaging.
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showers through pennsylvania. 8:00 p.m., a line of storms going to be near the nation's capital. isolated in the carolinas. by the time we get to tomorrow's forecast, that cold front will trigger aify additionals storms in areas of the northeast. we've got the heat and still have some storms to talk about today. >> thanks, bill. when we come back, it was a mid flight meltdown from a passenger not happy about making a stop. did you see this guy going on the hood of the car? that car going about 70 miles per hour, and he's on the phone. more "earning something you love" per roll. bounty is more absorbent, so the roll last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper.
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is refusing to dismiss an indictment against paul manafort. judge t.s. ellis iii says the charges against the former trump campaign chairman are fuirmly within the bounds of the order that authorized the mueller probe. manafort's attorney argues those charges of bank fraud and failure to file tax returns have nothing to do with election meddling. president trump previously called ellis special and highly respected for questioning mueller's motivation. the frantic search for 12 missing boys and their coach trapped in a cave in northern thailand stretches into its fifth day. the thai government has sent in extra troops adding to the large scale rescue effort. more teams have gone in fully equipped to dive into w as deep asfe aft heavy rain caused the water levels in the cave to rise quickly. a british cave expert says if ths a the coach were in the prieth place, they should be able to survive for a sixth day.
4:27 am
no signs of life have been found yet. now to a bizarre incident on spirit airlines where a woman was removed from a flight after an earth melt down. it happened when the plane made an unscheduled landing for a medical emergency. the woman is seen on camera unleashing a profanity laced tirade. according to police, the woman said she is a veteran who suffers from ptsd. she was removed from the plane but later released. another wild airport scene, this time in atlanta and outside of the plane. a man dressed in only his boxers running across the tarmac. police say somehow this guy scaled the fence, got onto the runway. you see him approaching that delta airlines flight. several passengers got him on video. he was quickly arrested and there were no significant delays reported. the woman the internet dubbed permit patty has resigned of ceo of a california cannabis company. this is after at least six marijuana businesses cut ties
4:28 am
with that company over this viral video. it shows alison ettel threatening to call police on an 8-year-old black girl selling water on the street whout a permit to raise money for a trip to disney. ettel said she's gotten thousands of hate e-mails and death threats and has since apologized. there is joyriding and then there's riding dirty. then there is this guy, hanging on to the hood of the car, just daring this florida highway at about 70 miles per hour. if this wasn't dangerous enough, this guy appears to be talking on the phone while this car is going that fast. a driver does the other safe thing, pulls out his phe, captured the video. that's how we know about it. this viral video has racked up more than a million views. goodness. i'm phillip mena. >> i'm milissa rehberger. thank you for watching "early day."toad lib live lookan frais.
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it is wednesday morning as we take a live look in san
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francisco right now. it is the hump day for a lot of us during the workweek. we thank you so much for startling your day with us here on qu"today in the bay." >> this is one of the last cooler days we'll have? >> yes, by tomorrow it will be just a little bit warmer but friday it really starts to go up. here's a look at our san jose temperature trend, looks really good today and it's going to be breezy, few clouds during the morning. reach into the upper 70s in the south bay today, few spots in the 80s and we'll talk about that and temperatures.


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