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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 27, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the head of the jackson family "joe jackson" passes away. jackson was 89. breaking news at 11:00. the head of the jackson family, joe jackson passed away at the age of 89. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. joe jackson is one of the most successful music managers and he created jackson 5 and handled his children's careers. some of the kids say they were physically and emotionally abused and he has ten children with his wife katherine and they were together more than 60 years. jackson was hospitalized in june with terminal cancer. switching gears.
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friends know mexico is moving up in copa mundial. the championship hopes still remain alive. at one point we spotted devastated fans at the game in russia. each new goal like a bagger but then people started paying more attention of the phone checking the score of the germany game. as faces light up as they realize germany lost keeping mexico in the tournament. >> and back here at home, hundreds of fans packed the avaya stadium and tom was there and great for mexico fans around the world. >> reporter: it was. a lot of different emotion with the loss and then keeping an eye on the south korea game and everything went their way. and you could see the mexico fans are still here partying because of that win. they're really excited about possibly being back here again very soon and showing that team spirit. flags and fanfare everywhere, even though the real game is in
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russia. >> chicharito. >> reporter: arturo flores and the mexico loyal fans hoped to hear today. but unfortunately sweden wasn't the only one to find the back of the net. in a 3-0 loss for mexico. but win or lose, being here with thousands of people flying the same colors and cheering them on is the next best thing than seeing the game in person. >> i was glad to be able to watch it here, see the stadium with such emotion. every single goal, every single play people just get crazy and i love it. >> it is just fun being out here with all of the fans. really exciting game. >> reporter: and the fans will have at least one more shot at supporting their copa mundial heroes thanks to a south korea win this morning. and on some of the fans out here still told me when they are done here, they're going to go have korean barbecue to thank the
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korean team for knocking off germany and putting mexico in the round of 16. live in san jose, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> i was talking to people in the lunchroom and they were saying, all mexicans are a little south korean today too. and tom isn't our only reporter there. the bay area is such a big focus and we have journalists turning stories for our website and on telemundo 48. and they share pictures of fans and celebration there at avaya stadium. >> and we are your home for copa mundial coverage and has you covered as well. new this morning, president trump and pud-- and vladimir pul meet sometime next month. this is a controversial meeting. >> it is. trump said he would like to trade favors, his words, with putin and we blame russia for
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interfering with our oelection. new video of john bolton arriving at the kremlin to set that meeting up. putin's spokesperson said they will focus on international stability and regional problems and the sourful state of the bilateral relations. and i have archive of the two presidents meeting at the g-20 where mr. trump asked putin if russia had interfered in the american election and putin said no. president trump said he believed the russian leader and suggesting they create a joint cyber unit to prevent future election hacking. as for the upcoming summit, vienna is a possible location. the two sides will announce simultaneously when and when wide receiver that will be and ma -- when and where that will be time. >> and a big blow against public sector unions and a victory for
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nonunion workers. the supreme court seed they could not charge fees to nonmembers in a 5-4 decision. state government workers who chose not to join the union could not be forced to pay a share of union dues. a recent nonpartisan study said it may mean over 700,000 workers will leave unions. prepare for that heat. it is coming. the temperatures will be climbing across the bay area. >> but today not bad. rather pleasant. a live look at golden gate bridge this morning. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring the forecast for us. well, let's see, they go down and they go up and something for everyone. >> but it seems like the heat always comes on the weekend. so that is what we'll see once again. and you saw the fog in san francisco. downtown san jose is all clear. and we're going to see the temperatures rising for the inland areas. and let's go to campbell and check out temperatures for the rest of the day. staying cooler than normal. we should be up to about 81 degrees.
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but here we're only going to make it into the mid-70s today. with some breezy winds. so we're enjoying a break of the heat. and 80 in livermore and 80 also in santa rosa with some low 60s in san francisco. now we'll talk about how hot it gets once the temperatures ramp up for the weekend coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thanks, kari. new at 11:00, we are exactly one week from fourth of july which means fireworks both legal and illegal, and the police department are making big busts. >> pete suratos joins us in the newsroom. we got word of a huge bust. >> reporter: this is out of oakland where a lot of folks in the area are family with the illegal fireworks shows that light up the skies around fourth of july. but we want to get to the new pictures. a first look at from oakland police, you could see there the boxes and there is more than a thousand pounds of illegal fireworks. that is what you are looking at, with a street value of roughly
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$30,000. it is the department crime reduction team that may be arresting in all of this. they found it in a storage unit in hayward. and they were explaining how big of a problem the illegal fireworks are in their city. >> this time of the year, we know that illegal fireworks could be very profitable and we have individuals on the street selling fireworks, illegal fireworks to children and adults and it could be very dangerous. so right now $30,000, that is a lot of fireworks taken off the streets right now. >> you just heard from oakland police but they are mentioning the fire danger taken into consideration and the dry vegetation in the area. but it is safe to say we'll probably see more of the types of arrests leading up to fourth of july. live in the newsroom, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> be careful out there with the fireworks. and new details on the pawnee fire, still burning in lake countries. it grew again overnight and cal fire latest reports say 13,500
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acres have burned. that fire is 25% contained at this hour. and there are 2700 people fighting the fire, including many from the bay area. no new structures are destroyed at this time. and those evacuations are still in place. >> other top local stories. a woman led police on a chase overnight. close to the stanford campus. the police tried to pull her over at el camino and stanford but they pulled away but they surround her near the country club. and now the mug shot of the suspect, tyechia payton and officers had a warrant to arrest her for assault with a deadly weapon and police tell our crews they had to use canines and tasers to catch her. a person crashed a car into the residential care facility where he lived. it happened last night in san lorenzo. he hit someone inside and luckily that person is okay. the driver is under psychiatric
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evaluation. and in fremont, the search is on for a man who exposed himself after breaking into a home. police released this sketch hoping it leads to an arrest. investigators say it happened at about 2:00 in the morning last thursday. the man entered a home on -- -- through the backsliding door and a young woman woke up and found the man standing in her door way without clothes on. she screamed and he left. much more for you right here at 11:00, including a huge scare for a plane full of passengers. >> it was really frightening. i was sitting at the window and i counted 20 emergency vehicles, red lights, blue lights. it was really scary. >> the flight detays when s.w.a.t. teams show up. the problem that caused the high drama. and check out our social media pages. we'll help you out if you are dealing with high utility bills. >> did you get an usually high utility bill? don't panic.
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it is tommy thompson here, i encourage everybody to come to the poker tournament and it is a lot of fun so i'll see you there. breaking news just into our newsroom right now. we're learning supreme court
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justice anthony kennedy is stepping down. he's retiring at the age of 81 after more than 30 years of service to the courts. this is now definitely going to get a swing vote. he been the swing vote on the court. it is giving the president to allow the courts to move to the right and we'll see his pick. we expect a nbc special report at any time and we'll break into the broadcast to bring that to you. >> right now to the new video that we have here. traffic in los angeles getting back to normal after a man, you see that right here, climbs a freeway sign and shut down interstate 110 in downtown los angeles. and that shirtless man put up a banner and danced and vaped while holding up traffic. he finally came down and doing a back flip off that large platform into the inflatable cushion. police quickly took him into custody. frightening moments on a los
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angeles-bound flight during a high jacking scare. we're hearing from passengers for the first time. it happened last flight at new york jfk. there was concern that a high jacker attacked the jet blue flight. it turned out not to be true but heavily armed law enforcement took no chances and boarded the plane. overnight some on board praised the crews for keeping them informed but others say they were terrified. >> they got on board and said put your hands up and walked up and down the aisle and made sure everybody was okay. >> they thought there was a threat on board, a person on board and they were walking around and -- two guys walked past me with pistols and there are guys with rifles on their shoulders and it gets pretty scary. >> imagine how frightening that would be. here is what happened. air traffic controllers weren't able to get in touch with the pilot. it turns out there was a radio communication issue and a false hijacking alarm sent out. [ bell ringing ]
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take a look there. the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. right now the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq all down. the dow erased 285 point gain as tech shares slide. a follow up affecting your money. voters in mountain view will decide whether to tax businesses based on the number of employees they have. city council voted last night to put the measure on november ballot. critics say it is a tax on jobs. the mayor said if it passes, the tax would raise $6 million. all of it to be spent on transportation and affordable housing. two issues mountain view and the bay area continue to struggle with. >> and speaking of affordable housing, everywhere you look in san jose something is under construction. and that is good news for workers, but it could be bad news if your trying to plan to do something big or renovations with your home. the city said building permit requests and remodels and home
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additions will rise and if you are looking for someone to do the work around the house, you might have to wait a little bit longer than expected. right now we want to take you to -- we do have a report coming in live talking about justice anthony kennedy stepping down from the bench. let's listen in. >> we have breaking news. anthony kennedy has just announced his retirement after 30 years on the supreme court. a major development that could transform the highest court in the land for years to come. kennedy appointed by ronald reagan in 1988 has long been a crucial swing vote in the sharply divided court and his departure at age 81 gives president trump an opportunity to name his second supreme court justice in just 17 months. an opportunity here to shift the court decisively to the right.
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justice correspondent pete williams is in washington with more on the enormous potential impact of justice kennedy's decision. we'll bring you in now. pete, give us the back story. he's 81 years old and this was rumored to maybe happening. why now? why did he decide to retire now. >> reporter: strike the word potential in terms of a change. this will bet biggest change in the supreme court in at least half a century. because ever since sandra day o'connor retired from the supreme court 12 years ago, anthony kennedy has been the decider. aand in many ways this is the kennedy court. when he votes with the conservatives, we get decisions dut gutting the voting rights act and giving new life to the second amendment and allowing more union and corporate money in politics and we saw it yesterday when he was in the fifth vote of the decision upholding the president's travel ban. when he voted with the liberals, the court narrowed the reach of the death penalty. it gave legal rights to
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detainees in guantanamo bay and said states couldn't enforce their own immigration laws and most decisively he's written a series of rulings on pro-gay rights including the landmark 2015 decision declaring a right to marriage nationwide. we learned about this just moments ago when the supreme court handed us a letter that justice kennedy sent today to the white house. simply saying this letter is a respectful and formal notification of my decision effective july 31st of this year to end my regular active status as associate justice of the supreme court and signed respectfully and sincerely anthony m. kennedy. now a couple of things about this letter. first of all, the fact that he said he's going to retire effectively july 31st, when justices usually retire, at least this is the recent practice, they say that their retirement will be effective upon the confirmation of a successor. so this means we'll be down to
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eight justices on the court as of july 31st and if the president and the senate don't get their act together and confirm someone by the first monday in october, we'll be starting out this term with just eight justices again. just as we did after the death of antonin scalia. and now this is going to set off a huge political fight in the senate. because democrats are still smarting over the decision by the republicans in the last year of president obama's term not even to give a hearing to president obama's suggestion merit garland. and even though the republican have the majority, it is a still a tough fight for whoever the president nominates but you could be sure whoever he nominates will be more conservative than anthony kennedy and that will shift sometimes conservative and sometimes liberal court to one that is solidly conservative and give the chief gist is clarngs thomas and alito and gorsuch a fifth solid conservative and
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that legacy will last for years and years to come. and the only thing that could potentially change -- it is if another liberal decides to step down. who knows about that. but it is impossible to overstate how big of a deal this is for the future of the supreme court. at least for the next decade or so. >> pete williams, you said he's a centerist and been the swing vote for many years and born in sacramento and went to stanford and then harvard law school. talk if you would about how his brand of jurisprudence was forged. how did he become justin anthony kennedy. >> put on the court by ronald reagan who liked his conservative credentials and joined the conservatives and shortly after he came on to the court, he broke with the conservatives and voted to uphold the roe v. wade. and the follow-on decision declaring fundamental right to abortion. so one big question here is, will justice kennedy's departure
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and his replacement by a more conservative justice mean that the roe v. wade decision could be changed? it's easy to see how it might be. because they'll be five solid conservatives but only justice clarence thomas in addition to kennedy is among the conservatives who voted on the fundamental question so we don't know where the chief justice samuel alito and neal gorsuch stand. we could guess but we don't know how they stand on row v. wade and conservatives tend not to support abortion rights but they tend to believe that rulings for the supreme court that have been long enforced, what lawyers call stare divisive and it puts roe v. wade potentially in play. it is a big deal. justice kennedy has voted to uphold the fundamental core
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holding of roe but he's a justice who wrote the opinion striking down what he called partial birth abortion laws. so because of his catholic faith and conservatism he's never been a big advocate but a solid vote for roe v. wade. >> and announcing the retirement effective july 31st and we'll turn now to our white house correspondent kristen welker to see what the white house has said. talking about the political fight is surely going to lead to. >> reporter: the president just weighing in. he's meeting with the portugal president. he said he's a man i have great respect for and a man i've known for a long time. he's a great justice of the supreme court and someone who has great vision. he's also tremendous. so president trump really praising justice kennedy. he said he will pick someone who will be outstanding to replace him. he also thanked him for his years of service.
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he was asked when he will pick this replacement and who had it be. the president said there are numerous people. a list of 25 highly educated and highly intelligent people and it will be somebody from that list. now president trump has been thinking about this, of course, because there has been a lot of speculation about whether or not justice kennedy would, in fact, retire. and now of course the fact that it is happened, this allows president trump to put a significant stamp on the supreme court. he picked neal gorsuch and expected to pick someone who is young and shared his conservative principles and that could have big implications for a range of very thorny topics, from abortion rights to religious liberties. these fights surrounding those topics. and this comes against the back drop of a week where the president trump had a significant victory in the
11:24 am
court, upholding his travel ban, one of the most controversial policy issues an the president continues it mired in a fierce fight over the border over his zero-tolerance policy. this is a significant day for president trump. as he now thinks about who he will pick to replace justice kennedy. >> kristin welker. to recap. justice anthony krend age 81 has decided to retire on this last day of the supreme court term. his resignation is effective the 31st of july. we'll have much more throughout the day on msnbc and nbc and a wrap up tonight on nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. i'm david guerra, nbc news, new york. our midday flews cast will continue in just a moment as well. we'll take a look at that forecast. >> we'll be right back. tomorrows
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coming to the south bay. what to know if you )re going to see him... or just trying to avoid a traffic headache. plus - rebate runaround. the appliance help one shopper needed - to get the reward he was promised. )today in the bay. ) 4:30 to 7.
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we have been talking about the weather. warm, cool, warm, now cool. >> i'm just trying to make everybody happy. >> you're doing a good job. >> okay. you can still just drive a short distance to get the weather you like. we'll still have a wide range heading into the weekend. it is cool and if you are in half moon bay you're tired of all of the low clouds and the cool temperatures. we'll be happy to know it is warming up and clearing out and
11:28 am
we're seeing that already as we take a live look outside in santa rosa. the clear blue skies and looking in emeryville, the low clouds rolling by. well we are starting to see it thinning out and we'll get more sunshine into the rest of the day. nice day in walnut creek where our high temperatures will only reach into the 70s today. and it is already sunny and we'll see the winds picking up as we go into the evening as temperatures begin to drop right around 7:00 to 8:00. looking at our highs for today. concord reaching 79 degrees. and 82 in antioch. oakland expect a high of 67 and 76 in palo alto. north bay up to 80 in santa rosa and san francisco. the cool and breezy weather only reaching 62 degrees. and nice day to head to the alameda county fair in pleasanton. we know it is a hot weekend so if you can, maybe go in the next couple of days before that heat get really intense and we're looking at those highs in the 90s but today it is going to reach only up to about 76
11:29 am
degrees there. and then cooling down fairly fast for the evening. we still have a very strong onshore flow and the clouds and the fog near the coast, but heading into the day tomorrow our winds start to shift from the north and it is just slightly cooler as a response but then as the winds shift off shore, as the wind flows over the hills and comes over the land, it causes it to dry out and heat up. so it is going to be a very hot weekend and it is going to reach into the 90s with a high fire danger for much of the inland valley. so looking at our high temperatures over the next few days, the inland valley in the low 80s. 92 on friday. and then by saturday that is when we reach the peak of our temperatures, reaching 98 degrees and our cooldown will be gradual early next week. san francisco looks really nice. and if you like a little bit more sunshine, you'll get it from friday all the way through to sunday and then return of a few clouds early next week.
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we'll help cool us off once again and getting back into the upper 60s. and we'll be looking at what -- what is going on around the bay area and the forecast is coming up later. >> thanks so much, kari. >> coming up here, a father shot and killed in front of his 2 little girls while on a camping trip. the new details about similar shootings at the popular campground in so cal. l no arresc
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shooting of a california father - killed while he slept insid still -- still no arrests for the california shooting of the father who was killed in his tent with his two young daughters. they have increased patrols due to unsolved incidents in the area. >> detectives are reviewing prior shooting incidents in the area as part of the investigation. here is nbc's migel almaguer.
11:33 am
>> reporter: five days after the senseless murder of tristan boddet, the father camping with his two young daughters, questions about what could have been done to prevent it. >> i would have hoped that there was a little bit more -- at least security of the campsite where you have people sleeping there unknowing that there are dangers in the hills. >> reporter: james rodgers said he was camping in malibu state park in november of 2017 when he was struck in the middle of the night. >> i fell through my hammock and awoke to find the wound on my arm -- >> reporter: multiple wounds likely from shotgun pellets required surgery. rogers said he reported the incident to police. >> i showed them the area and told them all about what happened. and then that was pretty much it. until i found out there was a -- another incident. >> reporter: rogers know of two more shootings that happened shortly after his, including the bullet that pierced melissa
11:34 am
angelo's vehicle in the middle of the night two months later. police are investigating three other shooting incidents within the last year. but so far they aren't saying there is a connection. >> there is no evidence that this incident is related to any other prior shooting near the location. >> reporter: tristan's rabbi said his irvine community is reeling after their devastating loss. >> this is a family that really loves each other deeply and for him to take his kids on a camping trip was such a natural thing. >> reporter: he said tristan's wife erica and their two and four-year-old daughters are surrounded by extended family doing as well as can be expected. this morning malibu creek state park remains closed until further notice. >> i just have a mark on my arm. it could have been a lot worse. it did get a lot worse for somebody. and that eats away at me that it
11:35 am
happened again to somebody else. >> very tragic. that was migel almaguer. and authorities have yet to offer a press conference to offer an explanation and discuss what steps they are taking. a plea hearing for two men authorities say kidnapped and assaulted a woman waiting for a ride share. three weeks ago police arrested freddy lopez flores of novato and christian quintero of sonoma. in april they say the pair forced a woman in san francisco into their car and then assaulted her as they drove her to sonoma. investigators say the victim escaped in a safeway parking lot. an east bay teacher accused of molesting children he baby-sat is facing a new set of criminal charges. authorities arrested 28-year-old brandon gens and moon lighted as a sitter. the east bay times reported they've identified two new victims making it four in all.
11:36 am
they also believe there may be more victims. >> happening today. a special meeting to hear about. the concord city council will discuss the trump administration's plan to house thousands of migrants at the concord naval station. last night dozens of people packed the city hall demanding the council to take action. >> please, let's do more. you could pass resolutions and speak out but we must be taking action. >> we're out here really making the voices heard and who want to see a country that so many of us dream that could be, that has now turned into a nightmare. >> the concord city council tells us they've heard nothing from the navy on housing detainees at the naval station. and a follow up for you on the recent scandal involving clean-up of toxic soil at hunter's point naval shipyard and according to the examiner, it will not stop the ongoing redevelopment efforts. city leaders yesterday fast tracked the next phase of the development. plans call for thousands of new
11:37 am
homes at the same time the ongoing clean-up of radioactive soil is pushing out the completion date. leaders say they will not even allow work to begin until they are certain the soil is safe. and affordable housing projects for teachers get the go ahead in palo alto. last night the council approved $3 million for the project. eventually it would add up to 120 rental housing unit as long grand. supporters say it is just too expensive and teachers are being forced to move further away from students. critics say 120 students are not nearly enough. and keeping your kids safe on the way to school. more san francisco schools are encouraging families to walk or even take public transit to get to class. the examiner reports more than 100 schools are getting this push up from 30. a program includes safety presentations and physical changes like new signs and speed humps. the goal is to reduce traffic and cut crashes around the schools. and a big change you'll see
11:38 am
on roads soon. this morning vta said they are working on redesigns for two south bay roads. and it follows over two years of study and public outreach. now the first is tazmin drive and past levi stadium and ending near the new b.a.r.t. station. they looked at travel times and pedestrian safety. the same deal for bask om avenue and from 80 and san jose down through campbell and 85. some people want bike lanes saying that right now it is scary to ride your bike along the road. vta is redesigning alternatives for both corridors and we'll get a look at those plans coming up in the fall. a deadly explosion at a texas hospital on tuesday. explosion so strong it literally shook the small town of gatesville, texas. no patients or staff members were injured but a construction
11:39 am
worker was killed in the blast and a dozen others hurt. many of them critically. here is kristin dahlgren. >> we only know something blew up. >> reporter: smoke billowing into the sky after an explosion rocked this central texas hospital. killing a construction worker on tuesday and injuring a dozen more. several of them with severe burns. >> we have a report of some kind of explosion behind coriel memorial on the. >> it happened in gatesville. the building partially flattened. brick warms knocked down, debris scattered. >> i do understand it was a possibility of a gas line. maybe some activity going on with that that generated quite a blast. >> reporter: the force of the explosion felt around town. >> like a hundred times worse and you kind of shake in your chair. >> reporter: the blast knocking out power to most of the county. authorities evacuated patients from the hospital and two nearby nursing homes.
11:40 am
the community quickly coming together, bringing supplies to neighbors in need. >> i'm a lymph little overwhelmed by this community and the way they've just jumped on a need when it came up. >> one man in search of his mother finally found her. >> a lot of help going on up here in the central texas and we're texas strong. >> well as we head towards fourth of july, a new poll, an eye-opening one, is showing 80% of americans are concerned about condition of our democracy. now that poll was conducted by former president george w. bush and vice president joe biden foundations. it also finds nearly 70% say that american democracy is getting weaker. 50% say that america is in real danger of becoming an authoritarian country but the good news, the vast majority still believe in democracy and say it is important to keep. governor brown will get a raise right before he leaves office. state lawmakers approve a 3 #%
11:41 am
pay hike for themselves and brown. the salary will go from $196,000 to $202,000. the members of the legislation will get a $3,500 range and make about $110,000. this is the sixth straight year lawmakers have given themselves a raise. >> and we are following developing news. a desperate search for 12 boys an the soccer coach vo kb-- coa been missing for days and water levels keep rising in a cave in northern thailand frustrating the rescue crews. here is kelly cobiella. >> reporter: for a fifth straight day, rescuers are trying everything, water pumps, divers, under water drones, to find 12 teenagers and their soccer coach trapped somewhere in a pitch black maze of tunnels and caves. >> it is very cold and wet inside. we don't know what kind of provisions or what kind -- [ inaudible ] when we went in
11:42 am
and having been in there for five days they are bound to be in dark. >> reporter: the team walled the wild boars went missing on saturday after practice. their bicycles and shoes the only sign of them. this mother is calling out for her son. outside of the cave, a 24-hour vigil with prayers and waiting. the cave complex is 5.5 miles long with wide chambers and narrow tunnels. rescuers are now searching the end of the cave trail. today a new tactic. dropping down through an opening on the jungle floor. >> we don't know where they are or what they'll find down there but again at this stage, they're trying to multi-pronged approach and anything they could do frankly to find them. >> reporter: local officials say this has happened before in this cave system. tourists trapped for days by floodwaters and then rescued once the water receded. the problem is searchers still
11:43 am
don't know where this group is. they are bringing in foreign cave diving experts today and they are helping the boy -- they are hoping they found dry ground and could survive until they are found. nbc news, london. coming up, we'll check the forecast once again with meteorologist kari hall. >> and we're getting sunshine. more comfortable weather for the south bay and as we take a live look outside and go to east san jose and evergreen, in the upper 70s today. breezy winds and a very comfortable day. get out and enjoy it. we're in for a hot weekend ahead. it is coming up next. >> bay area responds, recovering more than $1.5 million. if you want help, call us or visit you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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all right. so when it comes to the weather, it is something that everyone can enjoy. hot or cold -- well not cold but cooler. >> cooler and it is foggy and at times we have the drizzle in san francisco. so right now we're still seeing that go on along the coast. and a live look outside in san francisco. now you could see the low clouds just hovering over the city. but, yeah, we call that some june gloom. but it is all clear inland and we're also very dry as we take a live look outside in sunol, it is 70 and sunny. and at 63 degrees in oakland. 70 in san jose. livermore and also in san francisco and napa looking at
11:47 am
our current temperature of 63 degrees. it is a little bit cooler compared to about 24 hours ago, especially in santa rosa. there are about nine degrees lower than 24 # hours ago and most of us a few degrees cooler thanks to the clouds and fog. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen as you make weekend plans, coming over and take a look. we're looking at concord temperature trend for the rest of the day. enjoying a break from some intense heat over the weekend. as we see our high temperatures heading into the upper 70s and low 80s. los gatos will reach up to 80 degrees and downtown san jose with a high today of 78 degrees. we're also seeing 70s and low 80s for the east bay. oakland stays in the 60s and fremont reaches up to 72. and a cool and foggy half moon bay will only see the high there of 60 degrees with breezy winds and san mateo reaching 68. low 60s for much of san
11:48 am
francisco and north bay. upper 70s to low 80s. so fur heading out boating today, heads up. there is a small craft advisory. it is not the best day to get out there. in fact, our winds picking up will increase the swells and throughout the day we're still going to see the patches of clouds and fog. breezy winds still as we go into the afternoon. the lines show you the direction of the wind. so as we go into tomorrow, it starts so to shift as high pressure moves in. and then as we go into the next several days the winds blowing off shore will heat it up. the light winds will also be very dry and low humidity and that will increase the wildfire danger so be mindful of any burning out there. and now as we look at squaw valley in the forecast for the weekend. there is also going to be warm but one of the places to go to enjoy much more comfortable weather with 70s and 80s there while we will be hitting the low 90s for the inland valley. the most -- the hottest day we'll see is on saturday as we reach up to 98 degrees.
11:49 am
on sunday -- this is just like last weekend. 90 degrees. and then we start out the week with warm weather but it will be cooling down. san francisco, low 60s today. 73 on friday. and upper 70s on saturday. we'll be a little warm with some sunshine. but at least we'll have the cool breezes there to keep those temperatures and keep more of a comfortable feel to the air. so we'll be tracking all of the latest developments and also watching our wildfires threat heading into the weekend. marcus and laura. >> that is very important. thanks. well, coming up, remembering the men and women who died in the line of duty. the way one bay area company is marking their sacrifice. the story that will make you bay area proud.
11:50 am
11:51 am
welcome back, everyone. well good foundation is critical both in construction and in life. >> and one san jose family is the perfect example of both. garvin thomas shows us how in today's bay area proud.
11:52 am
>> reporter: at corner of tenth and horning in san jose, there is a message. written in bronze. on this spot one year ago, police officer michael capperman gave his life in the line of duty. this story, though, is about what is behind that message. literally. the concrete into which it is set -- >> it came out nice. >> and the family who put it there. >> we're just a very -- very honored and humbled to have been able to participate -- >> reporter: for close to 20 years ray duran and his wife maria have run duran construction and their operation pours the concrete on which america's tenth largest city is built. it is not high-profile work. but it certainly is something ray is proud of. >> we're just driving around. looking at our city and look at how it has grown and look at the
11:53 am
development downtown. and he's driving and said, we did that sidewalk. we did that corner. we did that. >> reporter: but of the concrete poured at 10th and horning, ray is more proud. the san jose police officers association came to him and asked him to do the job. which he and his team happily did for free. just like they did for the more tan one dozen previous times, tragic outcomes require permanent reminders. >> we certainly love to give back to the city and the community that has given us so much. >> reporter: the durans do they in part because ray's brother was a san jose police officer and even he was a reserve officer. but it is even simpler than that. >> don't ever forget where you come from and never forget to give back. >> reporter: it is advice ray said his dad gave him. something maybe not written in stone, but certainly worth
11:54 am
setting in concrete. >> nice to see. >> it is. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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the clip today. take a look at. this new video showing mars -- look at that. italy space agency said it shows a 3-d color video of the mars surface and you could see the craters and the hills on the red
11:57 am
planet. >> that is something. >> unbelievable. >> what about this forecast? >> we're going to have some warming temperatures over the next few days. upper 90s for the weekend. yes, it is going to be hot. make plans to get out there and enjoy the next couple of days and get the yardwork done before it gets unbearably hot for the next couple of days and into the weekend. as we look as san francisco, more sunshine and much more comfortable weather there. >> look at that. >> getting cool. >> go to the beach. >> oh, yeah. thanks for joining us. our next newscast coming up for you at 5:00. >> could you get the latest information all day long at we'll see you tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. >> see you then. have a great day. happening now:
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