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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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drastically. for years, he was the critical swing vote on the supreme court. today justice anthony kennedy announcing he is retiring. a major shakeup that could open the door for president trump to fundamentally cha fundamentally change the makeup of the highest court of the land. >> he's displayed tremendous vision and tremendous heart. and he will be missed. >> reporter: president trump today praising kennedy, while already making plans to choose his successor. >> and we will begin our search for a new justice of the united states supreme court that will begin immediately. >> reporter: this will be the second supreme court nominee for president trump. last year he picked justice neil gorsuch to replace antonin scalia, a lateral change. but kennedy, appointed by president reagan favored gay
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rights and abortion rights. >> if you get somebody who is much more inclined towards a conservative jurisprudence, it might pivot in the other direction. >> reporter: moments after the resignation letter was released, republicans urging a quick confirmation for his replacement. >> we will make the replacement this fall. >> theis is the most important for at least a jgeneration. >> reporter: an intense political battle brewing over the nation's highest court. and the highest court in the land will resume on the first monday in october. meanwhile, president trump already has a list of 25 possible replacements for justice kennedy. jessica? >> let's give you background on justice kennedy, a native californian, born and raised in
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sacramento. he returned to teach at mcklatchly. he was more than 20 years as a professor. his wife mary also a teacher at a sacramento elementary school. in 2009, he returned to stanford university where he got his undergrad degree to deliver the commencement address. california ties were crucial in his appointment to the ninth circuit and eventually to the u.s. supreme court. as you heard blayne say, he was the tie breaker in several landmark decisions. and although he was decidedly conservative in his early years on the court, ine did offer a decision protecting liberal lgb members and wrote the majority decision. the following year, he addressed abortion, voting to strike down
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texas regulations putting limits on clinics and doctors. more recently, he did vote to uphold the muslim travel ban and did side with the court's conservatives in today's ruling on unions. our coverage of the supreme court shakeup continues on nightly news which includes real-life conclusions. now to the immigration crisis where a controversial idea centered around the east bay seems to be dead in the water. homeland security had floated a proposal to build a site to house thousands of people seeking to enter the u.s. illegally. but as jodi hernandez tells us, many city leaders against the idea special meeting held this afternoon here, terry, and
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dozens of people spoke in front of the city council, expressing outrage over the plan. but tonight they're feeling hopeful. people in contra costa county gathered at concord city hall for a second straight day to voice opposition to any detention camp on the grounds of the concord naval weapons station. >> i couldn't live with myself if i wasn't here denouncing it. i think it's absolutely terrible. here or anyplace. >> our goal is to welcome families and to be that family-friendly community, and this is definitely not something that would promote that. >> reporter: during the special meeting, folks learned city leaders have gotten word the plan has been halted. congressman mark desaulner. >> we would cerification
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from the department of defense or the white house. >> i feel like we need to continue to bring our concerns to the table. >> reporter: while people are relieved to hear the new developments, they say they won't stand down. >> we cannot accept just words. we need proof. we need verification that they will, under any circumstances not cooperate with i.c.e. >> i don't necessarily want to say oh, hey, we're off the hook, because that, that may or may not be the best course of action. >> reporter: council members were supposed to have a meeting this evening with county and state leaders, but in light of the developments, that meeting has been canceled. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi was live tweeting updates from the town hall today. that includes this one, when it was announced that there are no current plans to take over the naval station. follow along by following us on twitter. our handle is @nbc bay area.
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a review is under way for all detention centers for migrant children separated from their parents. teams from the inspector general will be heading to all facilities in the u.s. and will check on the health and safety of the children along with the condition of the shelters. a judge ruled that all separations must stop and 2,000 separated children must be reunited within 30 days. whenever asked if he'd fight that order, president trump said he believes families should be together. on capitol hill, house moderates failed to pass an immigration bill despite last-minute support from the president. it offered a path to citizenship for the so-called dreamers. that is a no-go for conservative hardliners and offered $25 billion for the president's border wall. >> this is not about our families or injustice, this is about him getting $25 billion for a wall and another 7 billion
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to hold families in detention facilities. >> the bill failed by 121-301. republican moderates say they're going to keep trying. here in california, the pawnee fire tines continues to a path of destruction. for the first time since evacuations were ordered, some people are allowed back into their homes. flames have torn through 18,000 acres and decimated 22 structures. right now it is at 25% containment. anousha rasta is in spring valley. give us an update. >> reporter: jessica, that's right. as you mentioned, this community is called spring valley. up until this morning, people were not allowed to drive in. they are n allowed to come home. you see this hillside over here, it was on fire saturday night and sunday. thankfully those flames are gone, but what we've been seeing
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this afternoon is a team of firefighters and workers looking for burned trees road. so they've been going around cutting the trees and cleaning up after this massive pawnee fire. from the air, and on the ground, more than 2,000 firefighters at war with a raging fire in lake county. >> when the cops came and said you got to leave. >> reporter: families forced out of their homes since saturday. >> i just broke down crying. because i didn't know what i was supposed to do. >> reporter: living in their cars and under canopies with kids and pets. many of them gathering at the moose lodge in clear lake oaks. >> we went back and forth. do we go? do we stay? if we go, we can't get back in. we've got our dogs. >> reporter: the u.s. foresticer and other cold drinks. >> it's a small gtu do. we really want to help the people displaced from the fire. >> reporter: although it seems
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fire crews are getting this one under control and some of the evacuees can return california's first fire of the season came too soon for these folks. >> about every three or four year, we always end up getting a fire, but never in june. it always happens in august. >> reporter: animal control officers have been hard at work making rescues during the pawnee fire too. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from the director of the lake county animal control. reporting live in lake county in spring valley, anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. the milder temperatures are a welcome change for firefighters, but a warmup is around the corner. let's bring in rob mayeda, it was still pretty breezy out there today. >> you're right. we're still seeing winds 10-25 miles per hour. humidity levels in the 30% range, so not that bad, considering where things were when the fire got started late
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last week. now here is the not-good-news from the weather department. lake county and is he lsolano c seeing fire weather. the return of the gusty dry north winds. humidity levels in the teens and temperatures set to soar well over 100 degrees. with the wind shift, some of that smoke will come into the bay area. we'll see the heat here too, the hottest day likely on saturday. we'll have a closer look at just how hot our temperatures will get in our seven-day forecast in less than 10 minutes. a troubling case of animal cruelty. gia jun wang threw his chihuahua at a wall killing it. the humane society and the spca are investigating. now to new details about the
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massive fireworks bust one week before the fourth of july. the illegal fireworks were discovered in a storage unit in hayward. inside, 3,000 pounds of fireworks, a street value of some 50k. investigators say this time of the year people selling illegal fireworks is a big problem in the bay area. flyers promoting a controversial group. how leaders are responding. and a video of someone calling police goes viral. this happened on a b.a.r.t. train. maybe you could save energy by
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weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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firefighters are on the scene of a crash involving a pedicab near pier breaking news in san francisco. firefighters on the scene of a crash involving a pedi cab. it's one of those with two seats. five people have been injured, including a 5 and 8 year old child. they suffered serious injuries. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you the latest on this breaking story on air and online. it is unsettling for many people, a group of white nationalists may be recruiting here in the bay area. over the last week or so, flyers have been found in several bay area cities touting the group known as identity ropa. one o the still up.
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scott? >> reporter: yes, and jessica, admittedly, this one is very small. it's been here in down down san jose for about a week. the group says it put it up to try to spread the word. you may have walked past it without noticing. a small flier on busy west santa clara street in san jose, promoting identity europa. it was founded in 2016 and trying to build a national presence. >> they need to get out. and i don't see how they're going to find people here. it's so diverse. >> reporter: flyers also went up in gilroy, morgan hill and campbell. campbell city leaders say they took them down because posting on public property violates the city's municipal code. in san jose. >> there is freedom of speech. people should be able to post anything, even if it's something we disagree with. overall, a message of hate i don't think is something we
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should welcome. >> there are a lot of different cultures here. i think that brings us a little more together when we see things like that. >> reporter: city lead earers s they didn't know about the poster until we told them. they say they'll take them down as well. we also reached out to identity europa. the group says it's reaching out all over the country, including here in the bay area via posters and social media. scott budman, nbc bay area news. it is becoming more and more common now that everyone has phones. viral video. someone having an issue with someone else and calling the cops. >> you can't wait? the sign says no eating and drinking. you don't get it? you don't get it. you must be stupid. >> this video, taken on friday on a b.a.r.t. train shows a man, he's yelling at another rider on b.a.r.t. because he's eating a burrito. they have a rule against eating
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and drenching on tinking on the. the man called the police. the man left with the burrito. alison was shown calling police after an 8-year-old girl sold water in front of her apartment building without a permit. back in may another video quickly went viral on "barbecue becky "as ma becky". governor brown signed his final budget after 16 years in the governor's office. when he was elected in 2010 it faced a $20 billion deficit. when he leaves it will have a $16 billion reserve. it is the state's largest ever. it invests 5 billion to help
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with homelessness. also $4.6 billion in new transportation money will go toward repairing roads, highways and bridges. well, another battle is brewing over soda taxes. the sweet california lawmakers introduced a bill that would ban cities and counties from creating any new taxes on sugary drinks. they say cities have the right to make the decisions that benefit the health of their communities. right now san francisco and oakland have taxes. you can see behind me, it looks like a foggy day in the city. >> hair spray rain. the temperature is cooling offer today. but ase about to see at the bottom of the screen, those aren't typos. temperatures are going to start flying. right now, a relatively cool 73
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degrees. we have winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour in dublin. look at that. 72 degrees. west wind at 20 miles per hour, the reason it is so much cooler in the tri valley. all those low clouds, the sea breeze in san francisco, 57 degrees, wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. the coolest day we think of the next few days as the sea breezes on over. and the 24 hour temperature change as much as 5 degrees cooling for most of the bay area today thanks to the fact we have the strong onshore moist and cool pacific ocean air at work. late tomorrow and friday as the winds turn over to more of a land breeze, you're going to see things really start to dry out. temperatures set to soar as we get to friday. tomorrow morning, a deja vu experience, areas of low clouds what we saw today, but the finish to tomorrow should be slightly warmer.
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mperures in the low 80s. mid-80s making a comeback in some of the inland east bay valley. numbers in the low to mid-70s around the peninsula, 60s on the coast. north bay temperatures in the 80s tomorrow. so the temperature trend, a little warmer tomorrow, but look at this hour by hour change for friday. bay side temperatures close to 80. 90s starting to show up friday afternoon. here's the progression. 90s friday, peak heating, we think is saturday. you see the pink on the map. those are temperatures close to 100 degrees. north bay and east bay, at the same time, stay tuned, we may see red flag warnings go up depending on how strong the north winds r sunday wiare. there is a return of onshore marine air which will take the 90s out of san jose. this pressure will reach peak
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intensity on saturday. and this guy dropping down the coast should bring us cooler temperatures once again. but before we get to next monday, heat makes a comeback, and it's all relative, depending on where you live. around san francisco, downtown, anytime it gets close to 80 degrees, places that don't have air conditioning, it feels pretty hot. two days of fire danger you see there. jumping from the 70s outside right now, close to 100 degrees on saturday. i think there will be fire weather watches. and for the pawnee fire, almost a worst-case scenario. >> when things start to get a little better on it, firefighters get containment, we could have a major reversal. >>hun as things change direction the fire could move to the south.
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coming up, a man, dancing, on a freeway. brings southern california traffic to a halt. >> not a bad dancer. not a great dancer. >> an epic ending to this already unusual traffic nightmare. we're going to share it with you in a moment. on our twitter feed
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the f-b-i hosted a summit on preventing mass school shootings. agent happening now on our twitter feed. the fbi hosts a summit on preventing mass school shootings. they discuss ways to prevent future violence. also on twitter, you want to look at the sky. sky gazers will see saturn and a colorful full moon. more news in one minute.
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a representative for jackson )s . joe jackson, patriarch of the jackson family has died. representatives for his son tito made the announcement. joe jackson formed the jackson michael jackson, it shot to international stardom. he was battling pancreatic kanter and w cancer. he was 89. just a week we'll b the boom of fireworks.
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some of those will be illegal. in anticipation of that, sfpd has set up a special hotline to tackle the issue. the idea is to prevent emergency lines from being overwhelmed. if you are in ingleside and you see someone lighting fireworks you can call the operation kaboom task force. it will be open from 5:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. and the task force will be the one to respond. you see those photos from the firefighters, they placed the person on the -- the dogth . the dog will survive. a shirtless man stopping traffic on a busy freeway with dance moves and ae go. see him there? posing on top of the sign on interstate 110?
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police say the man put up a banner, started dancing. that's his dancing. even vaped while he was up there. officers, firefighters and paramedics stood underneath, trying to coax him down. i don't think drivers thought this was entertaining in the least. it ended with a back flip onto a large inflatable cushion. you see the police escorting him to jail. >> just another day in southern california. >> just another day in l.a. and a sick animal is returned to the wild. tiremarks .
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a normally quiet south bay neighborhood is having problems with street racing. tonight at 6:00, tire marks and loud noises. a neighborhood having trouble with street racing. that's tonight at 6:00. and an endangered california condor was just released back into the wild. the suffering from a skin infection if you can believe that. they've been treating him for the last three bye-bye. >> and that is a big bird, and that is a beautiful video. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. nightly news with lester holt is up next.
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>> we'll be back at 6:00. see you then. tonight, the biggest change for the supreme court in half a century. swing justice anthony kennedy announcing his retirement giving president trump another seat to fill and conservatives a shot at dominating the highest court for years to come. >> we will begin our search for a new justice of the united states supreme court that will begin immediately. >> how it could impact abortion, gay rights and much more. stunning primary upset, how a newcomer knocked down a top democrat and what it means for the critical midterms. extreme weather, the family terrified as a tornado comes right at them and dangerous heat threatening 160 it. hijacking false alarm, scary moments


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