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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 28, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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now at 11. deputies and police officers swarm a south bay apartment breaking news going on right now. at 11:00, deputies and police officers swarm a south bay apartment complex and we're learning it's connected to a cold case from 1974. thank you so much for joining us here on our midday new cast. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. details are slowly coming into our newsroom. it was breaking news that we first heard in our newsrooms so we sent nbc bay area's kris sanchez to the scene and gathering information. we know there was a lot of police activity in an apartment complex. not a lot of crime in that area. we're going to show you why it's
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connected to the woman you see on the screen and the stanford campus. let's check in with kris sanchez now. >> reporter: well, this is a bit of a surprise. we came out here on reports of an officer shot a suspect and found out here is that this may be the solving, the solution of a 40-year cold case homicide. the suspect was inside this apartment building where he lives and this is where sheriff's deputies were trying to serve a search warrant in a 40-year-old cold case when that man allegedly shot and killed himself. now, this is san jose police jurisdiction but the sheriff's department was serving that search warrant. we talked with sheriff laurie smith this morning and unusual for her to show up at scenes like this one but she said it resonated with her. this young woman murdered brutally and also sexually assaulted in some sort of way at a stanford church in 1974.
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the sheriff herself started with the department just the year before so this is something she was paying close attention to saying they've been working the cold case for 40 years. they knew who the suspect was even back then. and they were close to making an arrest because of some re-analyzed evidence. she said it wasn't like the golden state killer. this kind of dna evidence but just retesting of existing evidence. again, we do know that this man is now dead. he allegedly died at his own hand with a gunshot wound and we are continuing to look for more information. it appeared that some relatives might have been out here but they were quickly ferried away from us. and we'll try to make contact with them as they have some time to let the news settle. this was a 19-year-old woman who was killed at stanford memorial church and no one knew how or why. only that her body was left
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naked from the waist down and she had been impaled with an object and was killed here just two months after she moved here to be with her husband two months earlier. we'll continue to follow this story for you throughout the day. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much for updating us there. now, right when this broke kris went on facebook live to stream the latest. you can follow her for more information on this and the rest of the team. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. be sure to also download our nbc bay area app to stay informed when we have any information and when we are not on air. new details for you now. oakland mayor may take the stand in the ghost ship warehouse trial. a lawyer for the defendant max harris subpoenaing the mayor to testify, forcing her to do so. lawyers will likely ask schaaf about the city's role in the
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fire which killed people in 2016. critics say that the building was not up to code. that hearing date is scheduled for july 16th. the reputation of america's top law enforcement officials under attack on capitol hill. the head of the fbi and his boss, deputy attorney general, face tough questions in front of the house judiciary committee this morning. scott mcgrew, they countered with tough answers indeed. good morning. the issue is department of justice inspector general report. they found that james comey mishandled the public announcements of the clinton e-mail investigation and said not politically motivated. comey is fired but did two most important people involved that issue, new fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein face tough questioning this morning. the senator or the house members, rather, claiming they're not getting enough
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information from the department of justice despite that report. here's how rosenstein responded. >> your statement that i'm personally keeping information from you, trying to conceal information -- >> you are the boss. >> that's correct! my job to make sure we respond to your concerns. we have, sir. >> also at issue at the hearing, the fbi agents caught exchanging texts critical of president trump and those eager to cast doubt on the fairness of the fbi investigating the fbi. here's the new director of the fbi. >> nothing in this report impugns the integrity of the workforce as a whole or the fbi as an institution. >> meantime, the president is in the milwaukee area right now to join the groundbreaking for a foxcon plant there to start at about 11:15 our time. marcus? well, this is new video of the first lady landing in arizona. melania trump is visiting a migrant detention camp.
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you may remember when she visited a camp last week and caused a stir because of the jacket she was wearing. it read, quote, i don't really care. do you? her spokesperson said it was just a jacket and was not a hidden message. now, the president says it was a message directed at the media. continuing coverage now, we have now official word, thousands of migrants will not be housed at the former concord naval weapon station. now, a congressman says that the defense department confirmed that the news to him this morning. "time" magazine reported last week a memo listed concord as one of the sites to hold near cly 50,000 detainees. it was a large sigh of relief for activists. people protested at the town hall last two days. microclimate weather forecast, starting to heat up. >> live look for you right now
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at emeryville. people on the road getting across the area and right now meteorologist kari hall joins us. how's it looking right now? >> looking pretty good. very comfortable around the bay area. here's a live look outside in downtown san jose with some clear skies and also seeing that sunshine looking live from t tiburon yesterday this was a different story. now it cleared out and temperatures warming up faster than yesterday so most of us are in the 60s and 70s getting ready to head out the door and mid-80s for much of the inland valleys but today still relatively cool compared to what's ahead as we will have a fire weather watch in effect for parts of solano and lake con tons. of course, also where we'll be watching for the potential of more wildfires and i'll talk more about that. low humidity and the high heat, it's coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari.
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it is another top story this morning that we are following today. chp starts testing new technology to make your drive safer. so if you hear gunshots near freeways in contra costa county it might be tests. officials are seeing how effective shot spotters can be. company says it helps officers find shell casings. the testing follows several shootings on the east bay freeways and authorities already boosted patrols in response. up in lake county, the pawnee fire 40% contained and cal fire ended evacuations in the double eagle community. yesterday, officials allowed nearly 1,000 people to go back home. happening now, services under way for former san anselmo police chief. the mass at the catholic church started this morning following a procession. he died last week after a long battle with cancer. he was 79 years old. he became police chief in 1979 serving for about 20 years before leaving after a
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misconduct scandal. new, at 11:00, you can soon watch all of the 49ers preseason games online. it's streaming on and on the team's app. now, the team is making history by becoming the first nfl team that do this. the first game, thursday, august 9th. they're taking on the dallas cowboys at levi stadium. new clues for cold cases. the golden state killer arrested leading to other leads and shining light on old murders. check out the social media pages, as well. ordering something from amazon? here's what you need to know before you click confirm. >> ever buy an item on amazon because it offers protection from scammers? be careful how you pay for that item. there are more than 2 million third party sellers on the amazon sites. if a seller asks you to pay with
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welcome back to our midday newscast. when investigators tracked down golden state killer they relied on a new tool, genetic
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genealogy. since the arrest, officials say at least four more cold cases across the country have been solved, three in the past week. in those cases, authorities worked for the lab in virginia which gave nbc's joe friar an in-depth look at the new technology. >> reporter: when gary hartman appeared in court this week accused of murdering a 12-year-old girl in 1986, the victim's family was there. >> you never expect the face of somebody that's done something this terrible to look normal. >> reporter: michelle was killed in washington. the suspect hartman, a 66-year-old nurse with no criminal record, pleaded not guilty. police identified him with genetic genealogy. hunting down suspects through dna and family trees working with parabon nano labs and a team that's helped crack four cold cases in the past few weeks. >> people typically come to us because they have a case where
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they have dna but no leads. >> reporter: parabonn gave us an inside look at a case leading to the arrest of 55-year-old william talbot accused of murdering a young couple in 1987. they uploaded dna to ged match. they found two second cousins related to the killer. they took the cousins and built the family trees backward and then forward looking where the trees intersected. that led her to talbot. detectives then collected dna from a cup discarded by the defendant. he pleaded not guilty. >> i suspect we will be able to put dozens of cold cases to rest. >> reporter: like the 1992 murder of pennsylvania teacher. genetic genealogy steered authorities to raymond row, a popular disk jockey known as deejay freeze. a plastic bottle and discarded
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chewing gum linked him to the crime. he was arrested monday. >> he is free longer than she lived her life. >> reporter: as for hartman, after genealogy pinpointed him as a possible suspect, detectives followed him collecting a brown paper napkin left behind at a restaurant. they say the dna tied him to machine's murder. >> you always think, well, maybe by some quirk he would step out and say, you know, i need conviction on this or ab solve my guilt. but that didn't happen. i'm glad for dna. >> pretty amazing all the old cases. the labs uploaded dna from about 100 crime scenes to ged match. moore says about 20 of them look very promising and 30 others detectives hopefully narrow down the suspect list. pretty amazing. and right here, the opening
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bell at the new york stock exchange. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all up right now. and the dow actually rose 86 points after briefly falling 100 points with verizon as the best performing stock in the index. if you're looking to buy a toyota sooner might be better than later. toyota said it's considering raising prices on all the vehicles it sells in the u.s. this is in response to president trump's 25% tariff on auto imports. they say the camry price to go up nearly $2,000. well, they already want google to go before it gets here. more than two people attended a meeting last night to express their concerns about the tech giant's expansion plans in downtown san jose. we have been telling you about this meeting for sometime now. google wants to create what it calls a planned village near diridon station. but some say that development would take away space from the much-needed housing and cost the city jobs.
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you might have time for one more toy run. >> a manager of toys r us said that the store will auction the fixtures over the weekend. all toys r us and babies r us stores have to close on or before friday. the company says that some stores have discounts up to 90%. you know, a lot of people rushing out there to get the toys. >> yeah. >> not raining. >> yeah. i wonder what they have left. >> not much i think. >> i don't think kids want to play with the fixtures. >> well -- >> just run around the empty store. the aisles. you know? climb on the shelf. >> might be cooler inside than the weekend. >> a hot weekend. that's what we have been talking about all week long. and we'll have some temperatures ramping up. now, we are already seeing clear skies looking in san francisco right now. the temperature is at 67
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degrees. it is 73 now in santa rosa as well as san jose. and livermore at 70 degrees and look at how much warmer already compared to just 24 hours ago. we're feeling some of that warmth in the north bay where it's 8 to 11 degrees warmer. now than it was yesterday at this time. and that trend will continue for tomorrow, as well. much warmer temperatures. as we look at the 7-day forecast, already up at the bottom of the screen showing it will be a hot saturday as well as sunday. and it's going to be nice and warm in martinez today with some highs in the low to mid-80s and get out there and enjoy today. temperatures cool off quickly heading into the low 70s by 8:00 as you walk the dog one last time before you head in and the sun sets. the highs reaching 84 degrees in concord. 83 in napa today and in oakland 73 degrees. we're up to 80 in santa rosa and san jose rather and up to 67 degrees in san francisco.
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our winds today coming in from the north just enough to cool off san francisco and the coastal areas but that's why we're having a warm-up for the north bay and inland areas where it's going to still be quite breezy today heading into the next couple of days. our wind direction changes and that will drop the humidity and cause the temperatures to rise. in fact, we will have a red flag warning. this is upgraded for much of the north bay for some of the hills, all of the areas shaded in red where we have the highest fire danger and gusty northerly wind with lower humidity plus that heat will inkris the fire danger and then we'll for the pawnee fire have to watch out for some of that smoke drifting into areas that haven't had to experience it so far this week. when the winds come in from the north, that could push some of that smoke into the bay area. decreasing our air quality. it's going to be hot for the inland areas like the tri-valley
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reaching into the upper 90s by saturday with a few spots reaching 100 degrees. and then we'll bring it back to about 90 on sunday. but still, really hot. we get some much bigger cooling for tuesday and wednesday inland. and for san francisco, we're heading back into the 60s next week but that's after reaching 80 degrees on saturday. we'll talk about more of that fire danger and also some things going on for the weekend around the bay area coming up a little bit later. >> all right. thank you, kari. coming up, the bay area rolling out the red carpet twochlt former presidents coming to our area. when you can see former president obama and clinton. first happening now, telemundo is suspending popular host jeff james. it upset a lot of people. happier sports news, steph curry is most popular player in the nba. in terms of merchandise, jersey sales. this is the fourth straight year
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he's topped that list running from april to june. also known as playoff time. we'll have more news for you after the break. kari gets us re updates to the forecast overnight. plus: changes you need to hear if your summer trip is taking you overseas. what the t-s-a will start asking foreign airports to do. )today in the bay ) - 4:30 to . good morning, it )s 7:26...
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maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes...
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out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. welcome back. take a look here. it is thursday so that means throwback time. this is me back in summer of 1991. you can actually follow me on twitter. for more of the throwbacks.
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don't you love that? >> not so much. yours, yes. mine not. here's another throwback to a former president, bill clinton. he is actually coming the bay area. he'll be here today. he's actually going to be at the sap center talking about his new book there. titled "the president is missing." this is a fictional thriller co-authored by james patterson. that event starts at 8:00. another former president also making a trip to the bay area. barack obama arrives tomorrow. he's scheduled to appear at a democrat fund-raiser in atherton. it's being held at a private home. last month obama was in san francisco meeting with the ceo of airbnb. let's go live to at&t park. just the seagulls right now and a nice -- see a few people there on the field. but talk about last night. yeah. that's when the giants hosting the rockies. this game was a pitcher's duel. the giants needed something big to win here and they got it. brandon crawford slammed a home
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run in the ninth inning. take a look here. and there it goes. it could go all the way and it did. which ended up being the only run scored in the entire game. the giants host the rockies again today. that first pitch at 12:45. and then tomorrow nbc bay area is your home for giants baseball. the giants are on the road for the start of the series against the arizona diamondbacks. our coverage begins at 6:30. first pitch going out at 6:40. coming up, breaking news, an arrest for a 1974 cold case leads to a shooting in the south bay. the new details we're learn learning as investigators scour the scene. a cold case investiga
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to a south bay apartment right now, we are following breaking news. a cold case investigation leads to a south bay apartment
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complex. nbc bay area's kris sanchez at the scene at south san jose. bring us up to speed, kris. >> reporter: well, i can tell you this is starting as a bizarre story. we thought that there was an officer involved shooting inside this apartment complex from the 5200 block of camden avenue. when we arrived the sheriff's department said there was no officer involved shooting. that it was a suspect appeared to have taken his own life by gunshot and searched a search warrant by the santa clara sheriff's department connecting that man with a 1974 cold case. this was a 1974 murder of a 19-year-old woman. the wife of a stanford student. she was killed at stanford memorial church. her body left naked from the waist down. she had been molested or assaulted with an object and something was shoved up her shirt, as well. this case was cold for 40 years though the sheriff's department actively investigating it according to sheriff laurie smith.
11:29 am
>> and the case that we were serving the search warrant on is an old homicide case from 1974. it was an extremely brutal homicide in a church at stanford. we're here doing the search warrant and it appears that the suspect shot and killed himself. >> reporter: now, i asked the sheriff, listen, you don't usually come out to scenes like this to serve a search warrant but she said that this was a particular case that resonated with her. the young woman was killed in 1974. the sheriff herself started with the department the year before and a case that stayed with her throughout the years. she said from the beginning they had a pretty good idea of who this person was and they did have evidence and not until that evidence was retested recently were they able to make enough of a connection to get a parent for his arrest. we don't know that person's name at this point. we do know, however, that the sheriff's department will
11:30 am
continue that part of the investigation. this part of the investigation, the shooting itself here, san jose police will handle because this is their jurisdiction. they were in town knocking on doors and serving search warrants. my colleague is just over there trying to get some more information and also gathering information for others to have that story, as well. we are putting it up on social, as well. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> thank you. right when that story broke, kris went live on facebook streaming the latest information. you can follow her for more and the rest of the team. we'll pick up this coverage later today. we'll bring you more information when it comes in. be sure to also download our nbc bay area app to stay informed when we are not on air. earlier, on this morning, "today in the bay," we actually reported when president trump will meet russian president vladimir putin. >> the two are going to meet in helsinki, finland, july 16. we brought you the story as breaking news and "today in the
11:31 am
bay's" bob redell happened to be in helsinki on vacation. >> this morning he brings us a unique perspective on the story. >> reporter: we learned within the past hour that president trump and vladimir putin of russia meeting here in the lovely port city of helsinki, finland. this is part of the vacation. we were talking with the tour guide earlier this morning and she actually brought it up and sounded like she was excited about the prospect of a u.s. president come here for a momentous summit on july 16th. if you are not familiar with this country, we are in the northern part of europe. you were swede on the the west. heading to stockholm right now. this is the port of helsinki and to the east is russia. finland used to be part of russia. just over 100 years ago, in the 1917s after the revolution there in russia that finland declared the independence. never became a member of nato. public opinion polling here seems to suggest that people don't want to upset the
11:32 am
russians. if you were to look there on the shores you can see the american flag. probably can't with the phone but that's the u.s. embassy located and perhaps a stop that president donald trump when he meets with the russian president vladimir putin here in helsinki. bob rebel, "today in the bay." in san jose, a hit and run driver this morning slammed into about half a dozen cars. it happened at vine and edwards. it was pretty bad as you can see from the pictures. in fact, we have video right after it happened. look at them smashed up there. it happened about 1:00 a.m. in the morning. witnesses say the driver of a pickup t-boned a car in the intersection. the driver of that car trapped in the wreckage. the pickup hit at least three other parked cars and ended up outside a home. investigators say three people got out and tried to run from the scene. officers managed to track down two passengers nearby, both injured. the driver facing felony hit and run charges. developing right now, the search is on for a hit and run driver that slammed into a
11:33 am
pedicab with a family of four on san francisco's waterfront. it happened yesterday afternoon on the embarcadero near pier 29. the driver of the pedicab is in critical condition. the mother suffered serious injuries and the family's two children are being treated. people who work with the driver are in shock. >> very shaken up. this is my friend i'm very close with. one of the few i work with i hang out with outside of work. i hope he pulls through this. >> the car struck a second pedicab, as well. only glancing it. authorities say the car, a light colored sedan, last seen headed towards the bay bridge. the chp is looking for the driver in a hit and run crash that led to a crash with several cars. just a little bit after midnight in walnut creek. south of the highway 24 flyover. the chp says the crash initially affected both directions and most of the direction in the southbound lanes. no one had any serious injuries
11:34 am
and all lanes reopened a short time later. sad news to tell you about. the elderly woman robbed and assaulted in a bank parking lot in concord is dead this morning. the 93-year-old ann marie peterson hospitalized with a broken hip after a purse snatcher knocked her to the ground. this happened at bank of america in the mall last month. that suspect otto halafihi turned himself. they can't say she died as a result of the injuries after the robbery. jody hernandez broke the news on twitter. you can get updates on breaking news following us. our handle @nbc bay area. now a major milestone on the peninsula. this month the city of east palo alto is celebrating two years without any homicides. if you lived in this area back in the early '90s, '92 has the highest homicide rate.
11:35 am
the message to the community, quote, you should be very proud of the work you have done. firefighters are still investigating how a string of gas fires erupted in south san jose last night. the flames broke out just after 4:00. this is near a golf course. this was the view of skyranger. the sprinklers helped to put out the flames. and the golf course was not damaged but the flames did get dangerously close to a mobile home park and that fire eventually thankfully i should say it never reached there and no one was hurt no structures were burned. investigators say it's suspicious. and a follow up for you. we now know when a burned library will reopen in the east bay. this is video of the library destroyed in february. authorities say it was arson and so far no arrests. library officials say they're planning to open next spring. spokesperson tells the paper
11:36 am
electrical systems, ceiling and wall all need replacing. leaders trying to deal with the problem most every problem of all cities. prostitution. dozens gathered last night for the public forum trying to control it. police say officers are often focused on fighting other crimes. >> we can't always be here. right? there's so many people out here living in the community to help us solve this problem. so i think together we can really impact this problem. >> people say the problem in richmond has recently been a lot more out in the open. it's in part because underground websites and personal pages are no longer allowed to operate. retirement of supreme court justice anthony kennedy is leading to both sides promising a monomen us to confirmation for the next nominee to the high court. thump said he'll start an effort to replace kennedy immediately and pick from a list of 25 name that is he updated last year.
11:37 am
as nbc's pete williams reports, the vacancy allows trump to reshape the supreme court to make it a solidly conservative body for more years to come. >> reporter: president trump praised justice kennedy for nearly 31 years of service on the supreme court and said he's eager to get to work on nominating a successor. >> we have to pick a great one. we have to pick one to be there for 40 years, 45 years. we need intellect. we need so many things. >> reporter: on virtually every controversial case in recent years, anthony kennedy has been the decider, the man in the middle. with the rest of the justices evenly divided of conservatives and liberals. he joined the conservatives to allow corporate and union money in politics, to give new life to second amendment again rights and gut the voting rights act, joined the liberals on the death penalty and abortion and wrote a series of gay rights rulings including the 2015 decision
11:38 am
making same-sex marriage the law of the land. now the search is on for a successor and an adviser said it will be from the list of nominees of earlier. someone who's a judge. >> i think it gives the president an opportunity to shape the supreme court in terms of justices on the court who are committed to the constitution as it's written. >> reporter: among judges said on the short list, kavaanaug, hardman, barrett, kethledge and thapar of kentucky. >> justices often say that they'll step down when the successor is confirmed by leaving july 31st, justice kennedy puts extra process on the process to get the next justice on the court by the first monday in october when the new term begins. this morning, we now know when the march for our lives bus tour rolls in to the bay area. the survivors posted the july
11:39 am
schedule overnight. they announced stops in several states including california. the bus comes to oakland on july 22. go to the march for our lives website to rsvp. students say they want to end gun violence and register young people across the country to vote. the goal of the next story to help kids out in a tough spot. california will start paying for suicide prevention in public schools. the governor signed the law yesterday and sets aside $1.7 million to fund education programs. as for a reminder, if you know someone or you are someone that is struggling, there is help available. 24/7, you can call the number any time. 1-800-273-8255. you can also chat with a counselor online at suicide prevention coming up, another look at the forecast and how it's all changing. >> it's going to be eating up. go to a place like san francisco. we are getting ready for the early afternoon game.
11:40 am
looking at the players warming up on the field and the fans filing in to at&t park. it's going to reach into the upper 60s there. a lot of sunshine. we'll talk about the sun and our changing winds in the forecast. coming up next. buy four appliances get 10% back. a great deal until the money doesn't arrive. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura.
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a rebate runaround on his n nbc bay area responds to a north bay man who got stuck into a rebate run around on the new appliance. >> consumer investigator chris chmura explains. >> larry miller said he saw an offer he couldn't refuse. buy four samsung kitchen appliances and get a 10% rebate. in his case, almost 400 bucks. he said he filled out the paperwork and sent it along with everything he needed to samsung. and waited for the rebate. and it never arrived. at first, larry said samsung told him it didn't receive the paperwork so he sent it again. then samsung denied the rebate saying larry bought the appliances from an ineligible retailer. larry said there's nothing about that in the rebate's fine print so larry turned to us for help.
11:44 am
we contacted samsung and a few weeks later larry got the $380 rebate card. samsung told us it regrets the hassle and will review the experience in an effort to constantly improve its processes. rebates can be tricky. when you apply for one, keep a running record of dates. also, keep copies. i mean this, of everything. especially the rebate form itself. you might need to reference the fine print just like larry did. call us any time. 888-996-tips or online at nbc bay >> thank you, chris. it's been a long time in the making. and today, a new hotel opens in san francisco. it is actually the closest hotel you can find to the golden gate bridge. now, this one is called the lodge at the presidio and you can see the picture there, the golden gate bridge directly behind it. now, it's on the grounds of the presidio. it had 42 rooms. and you can reserve a room right
11:45 am
now. the building was a u.s. army barracks in the late 1800s and a lot of that history has been preserved for visitors to really enjoy. i'm laughing because laura was -- >> right now? okay. no. >> on the website? >> no. i didn't get a chance to check but i think a producer did earlier and she said about $450 a night. >> yeah. >> that's high. >> a lot of mullah. >> i'll tell you that's one of my favorite places to watch the air show in fleet week. >> hint-hint, kari's husband. >> we will have great weather to enjoy time out there and look at all of this sunshine. here's a live look from tiburon. upper 60s there and it's going the heat up over the week. right now, 70 in sunol. fairly comfortable and look at the golden hills as i like to say but we have very dry brush an we'll talk about the fire threat and the wildfire concerns
11:46 am
we have for the weekend. as you step out the door now, 70 degrees in palo alto and livermore and 73 degrees in santa rosa. half moon bay still in the upper 50s. checking the temperature trend for los gatos, upper 70s through early afternoon. and it's going to be very comfortable as you get out there. getting some of the yard work done and you want to do that today because some of those things may be offlimit once the temperatures heat up this weekend. another thing you want to do today is check out the alameda county fair and we'll have the highs there reaching the upper 70s. reaching the high temperature right at about 2:00. cooling down nicely by 7:00 this evening. looking at our high temperatures for today, mibreezy winds kicki up once again for the east bay and danville 84 and 75 in hayward. looking at some low 70s for
11:47 am
parts of the middle of the peninsula from san mateo to belmont, upper 70s for palo alto. and some mid-80s for much of the north bay. let's talk about these winds because this will make all the difference and high pressure shifting across the region will cause the shift in our winds. so as that high pressure moves in, we will see the winds from the north. going into the late tonight into the day tomorrow. and then by tomorrow afternoon into saturday the winds will be blowing offshore and picking up toward the north bay and will have the highest concern of wildfires, especially for the hills. that means no cutting grass, no burning cigarettes, don't bun anything. no fireworks. even though we have some fireworks shows in the north bay this weekend. you won't want to light any on your own. a red flag warning has been issued for all of these areas shaded in red including part of lake and sonoma county and
11:48 am
solano county seeing at times the winds picking up and low humidity. monterey, the weekend forecast, trying to find more comfortable places to go, it is in the low 70s there. inland areas, once again, very hot reaching up to 100 degrees on saturday and for san francisco, 80 degrees saturday afternoon. marcus and laura? >> all right. thank you, kari. coming up, have you already booked your summer vacation? did you get hit with a huge resort fee? we have a way to save some money.
11:49 am
at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. many of us staying at h well, it is an important warning for everyone taking a vacation. many of us staying at hotels but we may have to have a buyer beware here because when you're booking hotels. so you find a great hotel deal on a -- great deal on a hotel but in there is a mandatory fee. hotels call it a resort fee. and it's on the rise.
11:51 am
>> experts say more hotels are doing it more than ever before and charging more than ever before. according to a watchdog site that tracks this, in just three years, the average resort fee increased by 23%. what do you get for that fee anyway? what should you do before you book? jeff rossen tells us what to look out for. >> reporter: sun, sand, and summer. but you'll pay for it. according to a recent study, in 2017, consumers paid an estimated $2.7 billion in hotel fees. we found that happening all over. first stop, sunny san diego. here's the lobby. time to check in. see what happens. online, we get a great rate of $199 a night. only when you click on this small details button beneath taxes and fees do you see it. sandwiched right there between the san diego tourism marketing district fee and the california tourism fee, you see the resort
11:52 am
fee. for a whopping $39 a night. that's a pretty hefty resort fee. that's pretty hefty. $39. the resort fee is a few dollars less than that but you're taxed on the fee. a tax on a fee. think about that. and it is even pricier at the next vacation hot spot. >> are you ready? atlantis. >> reporter: the bahamas. i'm about to book the beach at atlantis. look at that really appealing price. $175.50. love that. at first glance, i don't see anything about a resort fee. see that button, learn more? click that. there it is. $49.95 daily resort fee. love the bahamas. when i get to the hotel. checking in, jeff rossen. turns out, the resort fee is even more. it is $53.70 a night because of the pesky resort fee tax. you see the big $175 for the
11:53 am
room, and you're like, it is a great price. but when you get the bill, the resort fee kills you. what do you even get for these resort fees? at many hotels, it includes everything from local phone calls to coupons, to the fitness center, board game rentals, bottled water, and you know the small coffeemaker in your room that you thought was complimentary? no, you're paying for that, too. the biggest surprise, here in las vegas. at the circus circus hotel, popular with families. on the website, the resort fee plus tax, $36.28. more than the room itself. >> your room today was actually $25. the resort fee is $36. >> that's nuts. >> sometimes, we have rooms that are $18, and the resort fee is $33. >> i really think these are ridiculous and unfair. >> reporter: experts say we all need to get smarter, faster. what are we supposed to do as consumers? what's your advice? >> the advice is know what you're buying.
11:54 am
you have to look at what the big price is that they tell you about, and then you've got to find out later on whether or not there is an additional resort fee. >> reporter: read the fine print. >> read the fine print. that's what you have to do. >> so many things, read the fine print. >> yeah. >> or just stay home. >> good option. we'll be right back. one of the t
11:55 am
11:56 am
unprotected giant tree lovers loving this bit of news. one of the two largest unprotected giant redwood groves
11:57 am
left in the world now in pretty good hands. save the redwoods just announced its purchase of red hill up in the sierra nevada. it's a 160-acre property contained 110 ancient giant sequoia trees. they will eventually transfer the land to the u.s. forest service making it another option for all of us to go visit. >> yeah. great time to be outdoors, too. >> right? >> go for a hike. >> warmer temperatures. >> it will be great this weekend. but we are also going to be dealing with some dangerous heat, as well. so you want to make sure if you don't have air conditioning or know someone who doesn't, check on them. invite them over. find somewhere cool for the next couple of days after today. so it's going to be hot and that will be the main story along with that wildfire threat and the red flag warnings in the north bay. >> keeping tags on that for you here on nbc bay area and "today in the bay." >> absolutely. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
11:58 am
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