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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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investigation division down in crownsville, and we will be speaking with that individual quite frequently, well, shortly, i should say. >> local authorities are in the process of executing a search warrant on the suspect's home. a motive is still unclear. police are also checking surveillance video to see how the suspect arrived at the office building. the capitol gazette is one of the oldest publishers in the country starting in 1727 as the maryland fwa segazette. you find more information on our website as it unfolds. a bizarre ending to the satanic cold case killing. it happened at this san jose apartment complex this morning. robert handa is live outside the santa clara county sheriff's
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office. what's the latest from the sheriff? >> reporter: well, you know, there are a lot of fascinating information bits coming out about this cold case that is once again getting national attention and it has brought an obscure figure back into the spotlight as the possible killer. the crush of officers in this apartment complex in san jose today centered around a cold case from 1974. the so-called satanic murder of a arliss perry. officers went to serve a search warned on steve crawford who was the security guard at the church retesting of old dna put the man identified as crawford back in the center of the investigation. but when officers arrived he shot and killed himself. >> he knew that our investigators have focussed on him as a suspect. >> reporter: scott harold has been researching the 1974 case,
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despite crawford's seemingly harmless demeanor, including being the drum major at his high school, circumstances pointed to crawford. >> i always felt that hover killed arliss perry was an insider, which was toaiday out ritual fashion that probably took the killer half an hour to do. that's somebody who knows the rhythms of the church, knows that he will not be interrupted. >> reporter: now at this point, the investigation into the cold case has stalled until san jose police clear up what is technically an officer-involved shooting. sheriff lori smith will have a press conference at 5:30. we will live streaha have a full update at 6:00. the use of religious objects and the fact that the body was found inside the church raised
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speculation about witchcraft and it made it especially intriguing to true crime followers. they devoted dozens of websites and podcasts to the killing which became known as the "memorial church murder." david burke wit was tied to the case after he mentioned the murder in letters from prison. detectives questioned him but nothing came of it. amateur theories tried to tie it to the 1960s zodiac killer. air tankers are helping ground crews fight the pawnee fire. it is not growing, and they've been able to hold the fire line. and just this morning, cal fire ended mandatory evacuations in the double-eagle community. at this how much, the fire is 40% contained and has charred more than 13,000 acres and destroyed 22 structures including several homes. so far no reports of any
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injuries. but the wind is picking up. and that means danger for wildfires remains high. we have a red flag warning for parts of the bay area starting tomorrow. rob mayeda is here. >> that includes the pawnee fire area. it's the hills of snow makoun at this. winds will shift out of the north. those will be dangerously dry north winds. humidity levels bottoming out as we head to the overnight hours. you see the wind speeds picking up as humidity levels drop into the teens and locally lower w h with temperatures to climb into the 90s and the hottest days arrive by saturday. a look at the forecast coming up
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in 20 minutes. >> keep track of the wind by downloading our app. the search is on for a driver who crashed into a pedi cab and took off. police released this picture of the car that investigators are looking for. it smashed into a pedi cab that was carrying a canadian family along the embarcadero. and we have what other drivers are saying about the intersection where this crash happen happened, sam? >> reporter: this is such a close-knit group and the cyclists atalked to are torn up. they can't remember another tragedy like this ever happening in san francisco. but this intersection was a problem waiting to happen. ime before someone got hurt at that intersection.
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>> reporter: the scene of the crime wednesday, a pedi cabdriver kevin manning fights for his life. but this busy stretch of the baerksd is still coming under review. >> this is a rare occurrence but it is something we are taking serious. our top priority in the city is safety. >> reporter: most of the city's injury collisions happen in just 12% of locations, and this isn't one of them. but manning's friend, colin sanders says the bicycle coalition has red flagged it to officials. >> i think it is the most dangerous on the embarcadero. it puts a bike lane in between two fast lanes of traffic. that's something they need to address. >> reporter: sanders immediately opened a go fund me account. the brotherhood of sorts is real. >> they ran them down, like it wasn't like oh, failed to yield
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and t-boned somebody. that can happen at any point. >> team player. awesome dude. couldn't have happened to -- i'm going to start crying. he's a good guy. >> reporter: all the hospital could tell us was that manning is still in critical condition. his friends, though, said that they were able to alleviate some of the pressure in his brain. some good news out. that canadian family of four that was also injured were all released from the hospital this morning. reporting live from san francisco, sam brock. nbc bay area news. we now know the name of the woman who was attacked by one of her own dogs in the east bay. she was giving her dog water when one of her dogs pounced on her about two weeks ago in fair field. police say when officers arrived, the dog charged at them, which forced them to kill has had several surgeries since the attack. the family has set up a gofundme
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page. the goal is to raise enough money for her treatment. the date has been set. president trump and vladimir putin will have their first one on one summit on july 16th. it will take place in helsinki, finland. several republicans acknowledged russia's involvement. it came as members of the house judiciary committee called for an end to the mueller investigation. >> whatever you got, finish it the hell up. because this country is being torn apart. >> i think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately and reach a conclusion. >> the president and his supporters say the probe is a waste of time. today in arizona, first lady melania trump visited children held at a detention facility. they're awaiting immigration st. mrs. trump met with and a local
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shared stories about what they've seen at the border. she visited a shelter housing 121 children. 81 were separated from their families, the rest were unaccompanied minors. she toured a facility in mcallen, texas last week. a report tonight about drownings and near drownings. nbc bay area's anousha rasta is live with how nurses spotted the problem and came up with a plan. >> reporter: that's right. according to a doctor here, on saturday, three children were rushed to this hospital, all separate cases, but all for drowning incidents. and it all happened within the span of a few hours. >> it's alarming to me, bse we are barely a summer, and we'd a number of children involved in drowning incidents. >> reporter: tonight news from
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health leaders that more children from this year compared to last year in santa clara county are either drowning or nearly drowning. two of those kids died. dr. nicole byer doesn't know for sure why we're seeing the increase, but the eight cases so far this year have one thing in common. >> supervision could have been better from the adults that were with the children. >> reporter: she says most of the kids also didn't know how to swim. >> straight-arms, bud. >> reporter: teaching children how to swim is an important way to protect them. >> the earlier you start the better, because that means they're going to have the confidence, the skills and the awareness of what to do in a pool. >> reporter: reasons why these parents say they bring their children here to the waterworks aquatic swim school in san jose. >> knowing that she knows how to swim, i feel confident. >> i have them with me a time. very much accomplished swimmer something
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can happen. and you want to make sure someone is always watching. >> reporter: research suggests that most drownings happen at home. if you do have a pool on your property, it is important that you have a tall fence surrounding that pool to keep children out of the water when they're unattended. reporting live in san jose, anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. still to come. eyes on the freeways. the network of cameras and other technology being installed on major roads in the bay area to crackdown on shootings. >> plus, getting more control over your personal information. the changes lawmakers are pushing for to protect your data from advertisers and hackers alike. and a string of mild days about to come to an end. here's a look at concord and walnut creek behind my. look at the temperatures tomorrow, climbing into the 90s with 100s in reach as we head into the weekend. the hot changes in your forecast when we come right back. a test.
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officers are trying out new technology, to help stop freeway shootings in the east bay. you may hear gunfire tonight, but it is part of a test. officers are trying out new technology. it runs through 4:00 a.m. on highway 4, most likely near the pittsburg antioch area.
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officers will test this to determine where a gunshot comes from. >> shot spotter actually moves the cameras in the direction of the gunfire so that we basically have eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> the tomorrow wechnology was with a grant from the state. it's part of a network that will eventually include cameras and license plate readers. there have been 136 shootings on freeways. a land mark bill will give you more control over your personal data on the internet. lawmakers passed the california consumer privacy act. the bill allows you to ask companies that storeour information to delete ortant d protectionwmakers scrambled to
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today so that a similar initiative would be removed from the november ballot. the law will take effect at the start of 2020. when you hear the word design you probably think products or clothing, but how about designing our society? >> an oakland man is dedicating his life to such a task, taking on big issues like foster care and health care. and as you snee this night's bay area proud, getting the next generation on board as well. >> reporter: durrell coleman has just spent an entire hoping helping 30 students to craft prototypes. >> a way to attach a water bottle. an adjustable bottom. >> reporter: now that three aey finished, though, durrell has one final instruction. >> crush it, crush it. >> reporter: destroy it. the lesson durrell wants these
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kids to learn is to not get too attached to one idea. keep an open mind, he tells them, because adaptation is a key ingredient to success. something this 29-year-old has learned through both professional setback and personal loss. that loss came early for durrell. his older brother david, his hero, battled cancer trohrougho his teenaged years eventually dying at just age 19, always wanting to be an inventor, the experience moved durrell to want to help those in need. >> when he was diagnosed i think it became apparent that life is valuable, important and meaningful. every moment we have is something that should be cherished. >> reporter: after graduating stanford, wind turbines for the world was idea but became a
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setback when that idea folded. >> i powered foured four years life into it. >> reporter: his latest venture dc designs. which brings us back to these students. design the future is a week-long program where students collaborate with a person with disability and design a way to improve their life. inspiring, durrell hopes these people to one day do the same for all of us. >> there are 15, 16 years old, and they have a chance to say oh, i can make a difference in the world around me, a i like i. working on different ideas. differentrell says he's focussing on the kids is he wishes somebody did this for hoim when he was 15.
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he's learning a lot about design and how he can influence the world. >> it's not too late, and he's doing a fantastic job. we're going to turn our attention to rob mayeda. we saw with some of the reporters, the wind is whipping around. >> we're seeing less low clouds. technically an onshore breeze. but as you're going to see, a warmup is already under way as we await the winds to turn out of the north during the day tomorrow which will lead to extreme fire danger. right now, temperature wise, not too bad but gusty. mostly sunny skies. dublin, 75 degrees. we're seeing a bit of a west wind at 12. into emeryville, 66 degrees, set to climb into the 80s by the time we get towards saturday. and here is a very different-looking view of san francisco. yesterday you had a drizzle storm. you had low clouds, but now the low clouds are gone.
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that's like the coolant to the air conditioning. the fan is spinning. you still have winds up to 33 miles per hour, but temperatures starting to trend warmer. you can see it in the north bay. we will continue to see the upward trend of temperatures as we get into saturday. look at those wind speeds, too, picking up right now as we head towards tomorrow morning. we don't think we're going to see a lot of fog. instead 50s to start. and temperatures tomorrow, making a run at the 90s. places like gilroy and campbell, low 90s. concord concord in the 90s. 70s and 80s from oakland. and san francisco climbing into the 70s. the winds still technically an a little bit of a sea breeze, but it's a much weaker sea breeze. things aren't cooling off along the coast. winds picking up out of the
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north. temperatures in the 90s. 90s will be the upper boundary of our temperatures. saturday now, bay side temperatures in the 80s to near 100 degrees inland. check out these hour by hour temperatures. want to show you this by saturday lunch time, 100 degrees all right. you're looking at temperatures soaring above 100 degrees. late saturday, winds changing from out of the north to a southwest push as we get into sunday. that's going to be the critical time frame from this hot and dry hair drier like effect to the atmosphere back to more ocean-like air conditioning and fog coming back by monday and tuesday. so tomorrow and saturday look hot, even for san francisco, downtown will likely have 80s on saturday, then the sea breeze starts to put a dent in the heat on sunday. but valleys staying hot and dry. red flag warning, sonoma, that's going to carry through saturday night. then temperatures cooling monday
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and tuesday. so quickly heating up this forecast in many spots. close to 100 degrees on saturday. >> thanks a bunch. coming up, amazon taking on fedex and ups. the strategy the company is following from other tech giants to make delivery faster than the competition.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. the refugee and immigrant center fouclegal services set up a hot. it is designed to help reunite happening now on our twitter feed, the refugee and immigrant center has set up a hotline designed to help reunite migrant families separated at the u.s./mexico border. also on twitter, the mayor of oakland announced a plan to improve city streets. the new plan calls for 25 miles
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to be done by the end of the year, see you back here in one minute. what san jose, las vegasd
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seattle have in common when it comes to housing. new numbers out today show what san jose, las vegas and seattle have in common when it comes to housing. home prices in those cities are soaring. according to zillow, the average home is nearly $1.2 million. that's up more than 25%. >> wow. >> just last year. as for rent, the average is $3500.
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that, up 1.8% from a year ago. >> we see it all over social media all the time. the housing crisis. well, amazon is launching something new to expand its delivery services by creating a shared business model called the delivery partners program. here's how it work. entrepreneurs can buy what are called amazon partner vans. they use those vans to pick up packages from one of 75 amazon delivery stations. those drivers would be charge of their own delivery services to get packages where they need to go. >> they can start with as little as $10,000 and earn up to $3,000. the secret service is descending on s.a.p. center in san jose. you are looking live at the center. in about three hours, bill
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clinton is set to hit the stage to talk about his new book "the president is missing". we will be tweeting live updates. and coming up after this break, we'll have an update on the shooting in maryland in just a moment. you could generate your own energy,
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at home. or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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you )re looking live at the scee outside the "capital gazette" we have an update to the mass shooting in maryland. you're looking live outside the scene of the "capitol gazette". police say the shooting was a targeted attack. the shooter walked through the lower level of the building looking for his victims and used a shotgun in the attack. five people are dead and two in the hospital being treated for gunshot wounds. we'll have more updates at 6:00. we're also hearing the name is jared ramos. the annapolis shooting suspect. santa clara county sheriff lori smith will update us on a cold case that may have led to a man shooting himself today. that coming up in
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newscast. breaking news tonight, the shooting massacre at a newspaper, a gunman opening fire inside the office building. >> we do have fatalities, and we do have serious injuries. >> at least five killed, terrifying accounts of reporters hiding under desks as it unfolded. tonight a suspect is in custody but what was the motive? supreme showdown. the battle lines are drawn. who is on president trump's short list to succeed retiring swing justice anthony explosive battle on capitol hill over the mueller probe. >> whatever you got, the hell up because this country is being torn apart. >> tense moments as republicans grilled top justice and fbi officials. dangerous heat, scorching


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