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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  June 28, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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cold case that may have led to a man shooting himself today. that coming up in newscast. breaking news tonight, the shooting massacre at a newspaper, a gunman opening fire inside the office building. >> we do have fatalities, and we do have serious injuries. >> at least five killed, terrifying accounts of reporters hiding under desks as it unfolded. tonight a suspect is in custody but what was the motive? supreme showdown. the battle lines are drawn. who is on president trump's short list to succeed retiring swing justice anthony explosive battle on capitol hill over the mueller probe. >> whatever you got, the hell up because this country is being torn apart. >> tense moments as republicans grilled top justice and fbi officials. dangerous heat, scorching
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temps for over 200 million of us ahead of the fourth of july holiday. the race to rescue a soccer team trapped in an under ground cave. the u.s. military now joining the urgent search. sweet music, the young composers whose debut left with one of the country's premier orchestras left audiences amazed. good evening and welcome to our viewers in the west. active shooter, two words that conditioned us all to brace for the worst. a mass shooting in the depths of innocence. today was no exception. the call of an active shooting leading police in maryland this afternoon to the scene rampage. officials saye people were killed and several others were wounded when a gunman olisned fire at thenn newspaper. according to a reporter for the paper that witness the attack, the attacker shot through a glass door at multiple
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employees. that reporter tweeting, there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people getting shot when you're under your desk. garrett haake reporting from the scene. >> reporter: the first calls came in at 2:34 this afternoon. >> several shots have been fired. possible shotgun, at least ten shots heard. >> reporter: reports of the active shooter in annapolis, maryland at an office complex housing the "capital gazette" newspaper >> shot gun, green shirt, black pants. >> reporter: terrified reporters inside tweeting accounts. anthony messenger writing active shooter, 888 best gate, please help us. reporter phil davis saying gunman shot through the glass door to the office and opened fire on multiple employees. there is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you're upped your desk then hearing the gunman reload. authorities confirming at least five fatalities. saving others were gravery injured. >> it's scary, very scary. sorry, i'm a little shaken up
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about everything. >> reporter: police inside evacuated people from the building with their hands up. >> they told us to put our hands up and keep them up and start sprinting. >> reporter: authorities say the suspect is now in custody and being questioned. his motive, currently unknown. >> the investigation has just started. we're going to be quite awhile determining what occurred, why it occurred and how it occurred. >> reporter: the governor officering condolences and thanking the responders. >> your heart goes out to the people that lost their lives. >> reporter: the mayor adding a week ago they went through active shooting training. >> we did not expect something like this to happen in our community, but we were ready and i don't think we could have had more resources. tremendous response. >> reporter: tonight, multiple senior law enforcement officials tell officials that the suspect's name and jared ramos. they plan to search his home tonight. authorities confirming they now believe this was a targeted attack on the "capital gazette" newspaper. lester? >> garrett haake, thank you.
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in reaction to the latest massacre, law enforcement moved to step up security at many there have been more than 150 mass shootings in the u.s. just this year. nbc's tom costello has been talking to the experts about what's become a disturbing part of everyday life in america. >> reporter: it's become a nauseatingly common occurrence in america, another mass shooting in a year of mass shootings. >> i heard them shouting, get down on the floor. don't move. >> reporter: while ever american knows instinctively what to do when the fire alarm rings, schools conduct active shooter drills for a scenario that seems far more likely. >> mass shootings are part of the culture and psyche in america. the numbers get greater every year that we have to deal with and every employee has to consider what he or she is going to do if they have to face that moment. >> reporter: today's shooting, the 154th just this year.
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from marjory stoneman douglas in florida to santa fe high school in texas and a waffle house in tennessee to a car wash in pennsylvania. with today's attack on an annapolis newspaper, police rush to provide security at "the baltimore sun." while the nypd moved to secure news organizations in new york city. the motivation for today's attack, unclear. >> it could be some mental issue. it could be some type of revenge. it could be some sort of infamy, power, hate, these kinds of things, revenge, are generally motives we see around this type of shooting. >> reporter: a study released last march by the secret service says nearly half of mass shootings were motivated by a personal grievance often retaliating for a perceived wrong and 64% of shooting suspects had some form of mental illness with a quarter previously hospitalization for psychiatric treatment. investigators will try to unwind all the suspect's potential
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motivations, whether it's on social media or some sort of a personal grievance. perhaps an interaction with somebody inside the building. pulling all of that apart can take some time, lester? >> tom costello, thank you. let's take a turn to the battle over the supreme court. president trump facing visiting wisconsin today to tout his aim, a major decision that could reshape the highest court in the land for a generation so what will he nominate to replace out going justice anthony kennedy? nbc's peter alexander tells us who is on his short list. >> reporter: president trump tonight making his surge for a supreme court nominee a top priority. >> i'm going back to washington and we're going to pick ourselves one great united states supreme court justice. >> reporter: the president determined to find a nominee young enough to make a lasting difference. >> we have to pick one that's going to be there for 40 years, 45 years. >> reporter: on the short list, all appeals court judges, including amy coney --
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whoever is confirmed is sure to be more conservative than retiring justice anthony kennedy. in wisconsin, the president also boasting about a $10 billion investment from fox com, an electronics giant based in taiwan. >> this is the eighth wonder of the world. >> the company pledging to create 13,000 new jobs. but taxpayers will be on the hook for more than $4 billion in state and local incentives. if paid out, the most to a foreign company in u.s. history. >> so this is 20 million feet-plus. this will be one of the largest jobs ever built in the world. >> reporter: but tension ignited by mr. trump's tariffs and a looming trade war could cost american jobs. here on harley-davidson's home turf after criticizing the company's plans to move some production overseas to avoid stiff new european tariffs. >> build those beautiful motorcycles in the usa, please, okay? don't get cute with us. >> reporter: tonight, the jury is still out whether the
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president's economic policies will still pay off. lester? >> all right, peter. republicans are rushing to push through the confirmation process for the president's supreme court nominee. despite their majority in the senate, a few key republicans could make a very close confirmation vote. congressional correspondent kasie hunt has details. >> reporter: the summer battle over president trump's supreme court nominee already heating up in the senate. >> i don't think that we have a nominee yet. >> reporter: republicans planning to hold a confirmation vote before the midterm elections, refusing democratic demands for a delay. >> ain't gonna happen. >> reporter: even though they could lose control of the senate in november. >> the earth could end tomorrow, you know, that's not a good excuse. >> reporter: there are 51 republicans in the senate and the president needs 50 votes to confirm his nominee. with john mccain home in arizona battling brain cancer and unable to vote, it will come down to a half dozen critical senators. on the republican side, senator jeff flake has often opposed the president and lisa murkowski and susan collins are concerned about
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whether the court will uphold abortion rights. >> from my perspective, roe v. wade is an important precedent and it is settled law. >> reporter: on the democratic side, heidi heitkamp, joe donnelley and joe manchin are up for re-election. >> i think they want me to do my job, i would hope, kasie. my host is the best person with the best quaffifications gets that position. >> there is it next to nothing that democrats can do to stop this. don mcgahn has called knowuse to this knock-down-drag-out fight. lester? >> now to some explosive moments also on capitol hill as house republicans grilled fbi director christopher wray and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. republicans urging rosenstein to wrap up the russia investigation, which he's overseeing. democrats firing back.
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our chief white house correspondent hallie jackson has fore for us tonight. >> reporter: inside a house hearing room, a political production. >> i'm read what the press said. >> i would suggest you not rely on what the press says. >> who are we supposed to believe. >> thank you for making clear it's not personal, mr. jordan. >> reporter: the hearing ostensibly focused on fbi actions during the hillary clinton e-mail investigation in 2016. and that senior agent working on the russia investigation at the time who exchanged anti-trump text messages with a colleague he was having an affair with. at one point, agent peter strzok saying of a trump presidency, we'll stop it. >> these people were also the very same people who were assigned to investigate the man that they hated, then candidate donald trump. >> reporter: but critics see all of this as a cover for republicans' real purpose, they said, to try to undermine the special counsel investigation overseen by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. >> they're not interested in
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protecting our country from a future attack or holding responsible those who worked with the russians. this is just an effort to work as the president's fixers in congress. >> reporter: the white house says not so. >> there is no evidence of russian collusion, so of course there is a frustration of wanting to wrap this up. >> reporter: the special counsel's russia investigation has lasted about 400 days but the investigation into iran-contra lasted six times as long. whitewater? seven times. >> whatever you got, finish it the hell up because this country is being torn apart. >> reporter: rosenstein and fbi director chris wray facing friendly fire after president trump for months has blamed 13 angry democrats for the special counsel investigation. >> are you a democrat? >> no, i am not. >> i'm not a democrat and i'm not angry. >> hallie, i understand we're learning significant details about the summ between the and president putin. >> reporter: that summit, lester, set to happen in less than three weeks. july 16th in he'll
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sincy, finland, we learned today a place has hosted presidents talking u.s.-russian relations dating back decades. it's not clear for president trump will push president putin on russia's election interference or 2016. >> thank you. first lady melania trump returned to the border today, meeting with border patrol agents in arizona and visiting a center for migrant children separated from their families in phoenix. thousands have yet to be reunited. this is mrs. trump's second visit to a er week. her first trip was overshadowed by the message on her jacket that said, "i don't really care, do you?" . in washington today, capitol police arrested nearly 600 demonstrators, many of them women, who occupied senate offices and chanted w ca prost of the president's zero tolerance immigration policy. across the country tonight, the heat is on. dangerously hot temperatures impacting more than 200 million of us in half the country. al roker is tracking all of it for us,
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including several storms. al what do you got. >> we were going to be in central park for you, but a lot of severe weather and storms firing up from the gulfs to the plains. we're watching that very closely. we're also watching the heat. 220 million people are feeling like it's 98 degrees or better. 90 million with a heat index over 100. this weekend it will feel like over 100 for omaha, oklahoma city, memphis, and chicago. the east coast, just as warm in new york city. washington, cincinnati, orlando and mobile. some of the tips, you've got to make sure to drink plenty of water, stay hydrating. when you're driving, put something in the back seat you have to reach back for. check on your elderly family members and neighbors. a lot of cities have cooling centers to get them if they can't get into air conditioning. >> all right. al roker, thanks very much. want to turn now to a tragic story causing outrage in southern california. it involves allegations of child abuse and murder. the victim, a
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10-year-old boy found dead at his home last week. his mother's boyfriend is now under arrest. as national correspondent miguel almaguer tells us, this follows years of warning signs and a system that may have failed him. >> reporter: the day after anthony was discovered unresponsive in his southern california home, the 10-year-old was pronounced dead at a hospital. authorities say the boy's mother, heather barron, claimed he suffered injuries from a fall. but the department of child and family services says anthony appeared malnourished and severely beaten. arrested on suspicion of murder. >> we couldn't discuss motive at this point, it's too early. >> reporter: with child and family services confirming they received 12 referrals involving anthony since 2013, "the l.a. times" reports the caller says anthony and his six siblings were denied food and water,
5:45 pm
sexually abused, beaten and abused, dangled upside down and locked in small spaces. >> i'm heartbroken and i'm so angry at the same time. >> reporter: as family members protest outside child services for failing anthony, the agency confirms in interviews prior to his death anthony disclosed details consistent with media reports that he was beaten, locked up and not fed. tonight, troubling allegations of abuse as a community is left wondering if he was failed by the system designed to protect him. miguel almaguer, nbc news. all rig here. coming up, the race against time. the u.s. joins an international effort to rescue a team of soccer players and their coach tpp also, the be by amazon that could be a game-changer in how you get your prescriptions. be a game changer and how you get your prescriptions. a higher risk ofe due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin,
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in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. when you barelyonto clip a passing car. minor accident-no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. we're back now with the desperate search for a soccer team trapped in a
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flooded cave. the u.s. military has now joined the race against time to find a dozen team players and their coach missing since the weekend in northern thailand. here is nbc's kelly cobiella. >> reporter: tonight, rescuers are diving down gaps in the rock, using thermal drones while hundreds of searchers on the ground, including this team from the u.s. military, desperately look for 12 young thai soccer players and their coach missing now since saturday. their bicycles and shoes still at the cave entrance. a distraught mom calling out for her son. the team was on a postgame field trip. local media showed pictures of the boys on an earlier trip, but this time floodwaters blocked the way out. the terrain, rocky and remote. iles of narrow tunnels and caves with floodwaters rising 6 inches an hour overnight. >> the conditions are -- getting hostile.
5:49 pm
not pleasant. >> reporter: previously, trapped tourists have survived for days. >> it's very cold and wet inside. we don't know what kind of provisions, what kind of clothes these boys were wearing when they went in. >> reporter: rescuers now pumping out the water are hoping the boys have found dry ground. kelly cobiella, nbc news. >> we're back in just a moment with the end of an era as the popular mass co-for toys "r" us packs up for the last time. . ♪ hawaii is the first state in the u.s. to have 100% renewable energy goal. we're a very small electric utility. but, if we don't make this move we're going to have changes in our environment, and have a negative impact to hawaii's economy. ♪ verizon provided us a solution using smart sensors on their network
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amazon expanded its empire today. online giant plunging into the drug business, saying it will acquire pill pack, an online pharmacy with a national reach. cvs, walgreens and right aid dropped shafrply on that move. this one a challenge to u.p.s. and fedex. amazon said it would recruit people to run small scale local delivery services with amazon prime vans. after facing stiff
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competition from online retailers like amazon, the day has finally come for jeffrey the giraffe to say good-bye. a photo going viral shows the beloved toys "r" us mascot packing it up as he heads off into retirement. the iconic chain will close its last stores tomorrow after filing for bankruptcy. it ended well in savannah, georgia, after a disparate search for a 2-year-old girl who had gone missing. after looking for several hours, rescuers heard the girl crying out in the woods. a police body cam recording the scene as they moved toward her. it was a group of savannah podlislice ts cadets who discovered the girl. how these 11-year-old girls got their music performed by none other than the new york philharmonic. than the new york philharmonic. record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges.
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inal tonight, our spotlight on two young composers i was able to meet today who debuted on just about the biggest stage imaginable with one of america's most revered orchestras. listen up because you're going to be hearing big things from them in the future. >> reporter: at just 11 years old, jordan miller and cameron's dreams are coming true. in front of a crowd of nearly 30,000 people in brooklyn's prospect park. original music they composed was played by the new york philharmonic. >> did you find yourself looking around and seeing what the reaction was? >> yes. >> and what was it? >> kind of mouth wide open. ki o surprised. >> it's pretty spectacular because i think when the philharmonic plays your piece me dymic. >> reporter: the girls are part of the
5:58 pm
philharmonic's very young composers initiative. it reflects the harlem renaissance. >> it starts with the drums. >> reporter: cameron's composition is called "harlem shake." >> it's your own thoughts. >> reporter: jordan composed "boogie down uptown." >> my piece, it's inspired by the harlem renaissance, of course, and the excitement of when you first arrive. >> reporter: and while they may be musically gifted, it isn't always about notes and chords. >> what do you do for fun when you're not writing music or studying for school? >> usually soccer is >> i like doing creative writing and poetry. >> what do you say to people who say, oh, kids that young couldn't possibly be composing major scores? >> it's not really a special talent to me, necessarily, i feel like everyone can do it as long as they believe in themselves. >> reporter: these mini mow zbarts are just getting started. >> terrific kids.
5:59 pm
jordan tells me she wants to be a journalist. maybe some day you'll be watching her stand here. that's "nightly news" for this thursday night. i'm loeester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watcnow: ♪ the news at 6:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in for raj mathai tonight. >> i'm vickie wynn. jessica aguirre is off this evening. in the past half hour we have learned that the oakland teenager whose brain death case sparked a nationwidedebate. it was confirm jah mcmath died jersey hospital. her death comes five years after california declared her dead. she went into cardiac arrest after a tonsillectomy. children's hospital in oakland wanted to take her off life support but her family fought the decision. after a lengthy court battle,
6:00 pm
her family eventually moved her to a hospital in new jersey. her body will be brought back to oakland next week. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is working the story right now and will have an update at 11:00 p.m. the night. to our other top story. the end to a decade's long cold case. the killing took place in a church at stanford. >> within the past ten minutes the santa clara sheriff wrapped up a press briefing. rhonda handa has been on the story all day and brings us the latest. robert handa has been on the story. >> reporter: the crush of officers at this apartment complex centered around a cold case from 1974, the so-called satanic murder who was found inside a stanford church raped and killed. sheriff's deputies went to an apartment to serve a warrant on steve crawford. this is an old social media picture of the


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