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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 28, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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support but her family fought the decision. after a lengthy court battle, her family eventually moved her to a hospital in new jersey. her body will be brought back to oakland next week. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is working the story right now and will have an update at 11:00 p.m. the night. to our other top story. the end to a decade's long cold case. the killing took place in a church at stanford. >> within the past ten minutes the santa clara sheriff wrapped up a press briefing. rhonda handa has been on the story all day and brings us the latest. robert handa has been on the story. >> reporter: the crush of officers at this apartment complex centered around a cold case from 1974, the so-called satanic murder who was found inside a stanford church raped and killed. sheriff's deputies went to an apartment to serve a warrant on steve crawford. this is an old social media picture of the man who was the security guard at the church at
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the time. retesting of dnm put the man back in the center of investigation. when officers arrived the sheriff said he shot and killed himself. >> he knew that our investigators had focused on him as a suspect. >> reporter: former mercury news columnist scott harold has been researching the 1974-case. despite crawford's seemingly harmless demeanor including being a drum major at his high school, he said circumstances pointed to crawford. >> i always felt whoever killed arles perry was an insider, which is to say her body was laid out in a ritual yook the an hour to do that. that is somebody that knows that knows the rhythms of the church, knows he will not be interrupted. >> reporter: well, as you heard, that assessment is something that laurie smith is talking about right now in terms of how they got to this conclusion. they are looking now at this hour for more evidence at the apartment to kind of tie up
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those loose ends. stanford university also released a statement saying they appreciated the efforts for the investigators to continue on this cold case, and they will also be releasing more details later as they say this case is still an ongoing investigation. we'll have an update tonight on our 11:00 newscast. live in san jose, robert handa, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. >> there are three other unsolved stanford murders that happened around the same time. in 1973 junior david levine left the physics department at 1:00 a.m. he was apparently ambushed in front of meyer library, stabbed several times with a long knife. that same year stanford grab and law clerk lesley perlov was strangled with her own scarf. six months before the perry homicide, 21-year-old janet ann taylor's body was found in a ditch on sand hill road. taylor was the daughter of a former stanford athletic director. both perlov and taylor were
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strangled and both missing shoes and purses. robert has been updating the story online all day. you can follow his latest developments by following robert on twitter, his handle is @rhanda @an. >> in the last hours we have learned new details at a newspaper in annapolis. jarrod ramos was identified as the gunman. he has a history with the paper. he sued the gazeltte in 2012 after a staffer wrote about his guilty plea to harassment. there have been threats to the newspaper. >> we know threats were sent to the gazette through social media. >> reporter: five were killed and two injured when ramos allegedly opened fire at the gazette. polilse grenades. we will continue to follow this story throughout this newscast. coming up in about 25 minutes we will have a live report from
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maryland with the very latest details on today's deadly shooting spree. well, new tonight at 6:00, working to fight the opioid epidemic and the dangers it poses to first responders who come into contact with drugs like fentanyl that can be deadly in small doses. some bay area law enforcement offices are considering arming them with new tools. they want to give officers narcan, which can save lives on the spot. >> reporter: it really is, vicky. san jose police are studying the issue to see how to arm every patrol officer with narcan. at least one police officer in the bay area said they're in as well. police departments across the east coast and midwest have been training on the use of narcan for months, all because of the opioid epidemic. narcan is a medicine that reverses the effects of an overdose. >> the type that we have is a
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nasal application, so we can administer this dose of narcan through the nasal passage and it goes into the person's body. >> reporter: the san mateo county sheriff's office announced today it would equip its narcotics officers and deputies on specialized units with narcan. the move comes on the heels of this recommendation by the civil grand jury which suggests every police officer carry narcan. this past weekend two undercover agents in alameda county raided a suspected drug dealer's home and became ill. one fainted after being exposed to fentanyl in the air. responding officers gave them narcan and believe the doses >> t is certainly out tmuni to be aware that a lot of times it can be on a it is in liquified form. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office says it is on board as well. they sent me this picture of one
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of the deputy's narcan kits. police officers tell me the opioid epidemic is no longer an east coast to midwest problem, it is now here in the bay area and they want to get ahead of it. we're live in san jose. i'm damian trujillo, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. holding the line, that's what firefighters are saying about the pawnee fire burning in lake county. these are the air tankers there, helping ground crews fight the fire. the good news tonight, firefighters say it is not growing. just this morning cal fire ended mandatory evacuations in the double eagle community, and at this hour the fire is 40% contained. it has charred more than 13,000 acres and destroyed 22 structures including several homes. >>nd theeat is coming. the north bay taking no chances. firefighters are getting ready for a dangerous combination of more heat and more wind. meteorologist rob mayedia is
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tracking it. >> red flag warning for these counties, the higher hills of the counties including solano, too. we have gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour out of the north in the pawnee area. the red flag warning starting late tomorrow night. winds picking up tomorrow night around the fire lines. look at humidity levels, at 11% during the day on saturday as temperatures from friday and saturday, the areas you see there in purple and pink, upper 90s to above 100 degrees. so bay area-wide we will get a taste of the heat. the most dry conditions will be up in the north bay, hottest day coming on saturday. the coast and inner bay could see temperatures in the 70s and 80s. on the timeline of the hottest temperatures as they arrive this weekend and when we will see cooling later on in the weekend in our full forecast coming up in ten minutes. >> looking forward tot. if you would like to stay on top of the temperatures, download our free
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nbc bay area app. the weather tab has on for a driver that crashed into a pedicab in san francisco and took off. police released these new pictures of the car investigators ari investigators are looking for. the driver hit a pedicab carrying a canadian family on the 'em bar ka dare owe akba em. sam. >> reporter: garvin, the crime that happened at this intersection impacted a lot of people. you mentioned kevin manning who is in critical condition right now. the four family members from canada were released from the hospital this morning. i'm told this intersection has drawn concern before, and now accident markings and dry blood here from yesterday's crash. pedicabs pop up all over the kb embarcadero, especially on game days as a quick and easy way to get around. that doesn't mean the
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family-friendly ride comes without risk. >> it is dangerous. >> yeah, it has never happened before. something like that is an anomaly but it is dangerous. it doesn't take much for a car to swerve and hit us. >> reporter: yesterday a hit-and-run at the cross streets of samsome and embarcadero. >> they're like a family out here, all of us, even different companies. we care about each other. >> reporter: police released pictures and video of the gold four-door honda they're trying to track down as 56-year-old pedicab driver kevin manning fights for his life. this busy stretch of the embarcadero is coming under review. >> it is a rare occurrence but something we're taking serious. you know, our top priority in the city is safety. >> reporter: paul rose with sfmta explains most of the city's injury collisions happen in just 12% of locations, and this isn't one of them. but manning's friend, colin sanders, says the bicycle coalition has red flagged it to officials before. >> i think the intersection where he was hit is most dangerous intersection on the
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fast-moving lanes of traffic. that's an issue that needs to be addressed. >> reporter: they say they have done a lot in recent years to improve safety on the embarcadero from widening bike lanes to putting in new signals and signs. now the agency will look if any more changes are needed right here right now. reporting live from san francisco, sam brock, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you very much, sam. to another hit-and-run but this one ending in felony charges for a driver that ran away after slamming into about half a dozen cars this morning in san jose. it happened about 1:00 in the morning at vine and edwards. witnesses say the driver of a pickup hit a car crossing the intersection. the pickup then hit at least three other parked cars. investigators say three people got out and ran. officers tracked down the two passengers nearby. the driver was later arrested. if you live in the east bay you may hear an alarming sound tonight, gunfire. it is part of a test to see if new technology can help
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track down sctay area's kristy joins us live along highway 4 with how it works and what people need to know. christie. >> reporter: well, the chp is telling us that testing should be underway out here by about 11:00 tonight, and that could mean closures, brief delays for drivers, but they believe this is a key part in reducing freeway shootings. >> probably only have you stopped for a minute or two and then open up the freeways right after. >> reporter: chp officers are not saying exactly where the testing will take place, but it ontra costa county tonight. in remote locations around highway 4. drivers will be impacted, but all of the testing is safe. >> it is going to be a combination of live fire and blank am yu missimunition for t different acoustics. >> it is the first shot spotter installation and testing on state freeways. >> reporter: the testing is a key part of freeway security network to help officers try to
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pinpoint the time and location of shootings. chp says since 2015 there have been 136 freeway shootings in the bay area, 44 in contra costa county. >> the freeway security network overall will be a system that goes from antioch to hercules, hercules to san pablo. >> reporter: the system will eventually integrate shot spotter technology cameras and license plate readers. >> shot spotter actually moves the pan zoom cameras in the direction of the gunfire so that we basically have eyes on the freeway at the time of the shooting. >> and this is going to help us deter any sort of future gun violence that we've experienced on the freeways over the past several years. >> reporter: the chp says they're testing should be completed and wrapped up by about 4:00 a.m. reporting live in pittsburgh, christie smith, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, christie. an i.c.e. spokesperson
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breaks his silence, saying he didn't want to lie for the trump administration. now oakland mayor libby schaff responds. >> entering the sharing economy. amazon has a new way to deliver items to your front door that could involve you. details of a new plan next. . and tracking hotter temperatures and a red flag warning up for the north bay and an update to the drought monitor as well that points to why the north bay is seeing that fire danger on the rise. a look at that when we come right back.
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san francisco has gone on the
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record saying he resigned rather a former i.c.e. spokesperson in san francisco has gone on the record saying he resigned rather than lie about the impact of the oakland mayor's warning of an impending immigration raid. this all goes back to mayor libby schaff's now infamous tweet in february. nbc bay area just spoke with the mayor. >> this man took a principled stand for the simple idea that our government should not tell lies. >> that man is james schwab, the i.c.e. spokesperson who resigned following a flap over a libby schaff tweet. >> i could not fathom staying at an organization that was okay with lying to the american public. i hate that. >> in an interview with cbs news, schwab came forward with his side of the story. he says 232 people were arrested in a february raid in california. he says that surpassed even
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their own estimates. internally, he says the department called it a success, but publicly oakland's mayor was accused of helping wanted undocumented immigrants avoid arrest by tweeting out a warning that a crackdown was coming. >> but what they publicly said was that she let people go. >> reporter: and that wasn't true to you? >> wasn't true. >> reporter: mayor schaff was chastised publicly by u.s. attorney general jeff sessions. >> those are 800 wanted criminals now at large in that community. >> reporter: the 800 figure used by sessions is what did it for schwab. he says 800 people didn't get away. he was told to spin the information and not dispute session's version, so he quit. >> the idea that a public servant was told to lie by this white house should infuriate all-americans. >> reporter: schwab said he continues to be threatened and intimidated by the trump administration. in fact, homeland security agents came knocking on his door
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during the interview, which doesn't surprise mayor schaff. >> agents from i.c.e. pounding on his door? to me that was the sound of donald trump's authoritarian government. >> reporter: i reached out to the department of homeland security about schwab's accusations. they sent me a statement in which they accused mayor schaff of sabotaging their raid. they said they don't know how many people got away, but they insist that it had an impact. reporting live in oakland, anser high school assan, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. more on that to come i'm sure. a landmark deal farmers hope will put an end to workers. they signed a new contract today. the new deal comes at a time when the industry is dealing with a labor shortage because of the immigration crackdown. under the new contract, workers will receive a pay increase and medical benefits fully covered by the company. >> trying to make it a very attractive place to work.
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we want to keep the jobs here in monterey county. we don't want to export them to mexico or canada where a lot of the jobs are going. a lot of people are moving their fields. >> d' arrigo brothers places 1200 employees in the salinas valley. amazon is launching something new to expand delivery services. it is called the delivery partners program and here is how it works. entrepreneurs can buy what are called amazon partner vans. they would use those vans to pick up packages from one of 75 amazon delivery stations. those owners would be in charge of their own delivery service to get amazon packages where they need to go. >> individuals can start their own delivery business with as little as $10,000 and earn up to $300,000 operating a delivery fleet of 40 vehicles. >> amazon says it is not replacing u.p.s. or fedex, it just has more work than the drivers can handle. >> it is going to be interesting. sort of like uberization of the delivery world. >> exactly. >> interested to see how many
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people jump on that. ron mayeda is here with a look at the changing forecast and we have serious fire coming our way. >> fire danger enhanced by updates to the drought monitor. we will show you the statewide view. obviously severe and moderate drought across southern california, but zoom in closer to the bay area. there's been a shift today compared to where we were last week. look at last week's map. abnormally dry condition from the north bay hills to the diablo range. you can see the entire bay area in yellow now, abnormally dry, but specifically northern napa ancounties, the same areas under the red flag warning and where the pawnee fire isred behavior has been so active so early this year, moderate drought conditions, the very dry fuels we are seeing in lake county and some of the north bay hill tops, part of the overall drought picture. as the gusty winds pick up in the knonorth bay, something we l
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watch this weekend. you see san francisco, sea breeze is working but the fog is gone. the cooling to the ocean air conditioning has gone away. 70s and 80s inland at this hour, running ahead of where we were yesterday, and this warming trend will continue as winds turn away from the sea breeze to one that will be out of the north. it will really start to dry things out. evening plans still look pretty mild. 70s through about 8:00 tonight. look at tomorrow's highs, climbing into the mid 90s inland as that sets the stage for even hotter temperatures come saturday. you see the numbers there closer to san francisco, near 80 degrees on saturday. valleys soaring to near 100 degrees, and then cooling into the low 90s by sunday. coming up, i'll have a closer look hour-by-hour at the hot weekend temperatures coming up in the next weather forecast at 6:45. back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up, a spike in drowning cases have bay aero fishes warning parents about pool safety. >> the critical advice every
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parent should know about what age kids should learn how to swim. i feel i have been taken advantage of. >> they have me where they want me. >> unbelievable, 14,000. >> their consumer complaints went nowhere so they contacted nbc bay area respond. >> then the ball started rolling. >> nbc was first to respond. >> i'm glad i called you guys. >> recovering more than $1.5 million. >> i thought i would never, ever see that money again. >> nbc bay area respond to every call and every e-mail. to make sure you get your money back. that's our promise. o make sure back. that's our promise. on our twitt
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a u-s judge ordered the immediate release of a happening now on our twitter feed, a u.s. judge ordered the immediate release of a detained brazilian boy. this comes two days after a different judge ordered the government to reunite over 2,000 immigrant families within 30 days. dead at age 84. he wrote about 50 books. more news in one minute.
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santa clara county is seeing a spike. an alert tonight about drownings and near drownings. santa clara county is seeing a spike. >> nbc bay area is live in front of santa clara valley medical center with how the nurses spotted the problem and came up with a plan. anoushah rasta. >> reporter: the big message is keep an eye on your kids at all times, but there are something else parents can do to keep kids safe. it involves teaching children how to protect themselves. parents in san jose who bring their kids to the water works aquatic swim school don't just do it for the fun. >> knowing that she could learn how to swim, i feel self-confident. >> when we take them out to maybe to the beach or to a river, at least they know how to swim. he could stay afloat for a little while. >> reporter: according to the
6:26 pm
national institutes of health, the risk of a child drowning is much lower when they've taken swim lessons. swim instructors at water works aquatics say they believe it. >> the earlier you start the better because that means they're going to have the confidence, the skills and just the awareness of what to do in a pool. >> reporter: santa clara county health leaders agree. tonight news that more children this year compared to last year in the county are either drowning or nearly drowning, two of those kids died. dr. nicole byer says most of the children in the eight cases so far this year didn't know how to swim. >> it is alarming to me because we are barely at the beginning of summer and we've already had have been involved in drowning incidents. >> reporter: dr. bier doesn't know for sure why we're seeing the increase but says the cases have something else in common. >> supervision could have been better from the adults that were with the children. >> reporter: an important reminder that children are never safe near a body of water alone.
6:27 pm
dr. bier says something called secondary drowning can happen to kids, too, if they've swallowed too much water or gone too much time without any oxygen. even if the child does make it out of the water, secondary drowning can happen up to 24 hours later. so if your child does have a near drowning experience and seems fine at first, it is important that you take them to see a doctor right away. recording live in san jose, anoushah >> good information. thank you. ours.ecurity tight in the south details of hills visit. >> first, maryland. newsroom where a gunman opened fire this afternoon. we learned more about the gunman in the past half hour. that's next. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist
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with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer
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and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. maryland newspaper. right now at 6:30, a mass shooting targeting a maryland newspaper. tonight we're learning new details about a possible motive. a rampage left five people dead and wounded at least two others. tonight the suspect is in custody. nbc news confirmed the suspected gunman is jarrod ramos. you are looking at a photo of him just into the newsroom. police say earlier today ramos used a shotgun and opened fire t i annapolis. the "baltimore sun" which owns the "capital-gazette" is
6:31 pm
reporting that ramos had a long-standing problem against the paper filing a defamation suit in 2012 over a story about harassment involving him. >> all of this comes as investigators are combing for clues about the shooting. jennifer johnson is live with the latest on the investigation. jennifer. >> reporter: well, vicky and garvin, that's right. ramos had a previous criminal history but nothing serious, nothing like what happened today. 2:35 this afternoon when he opened fire inside the building behind me, the "capital-gazette", killing five people. shots fired in annapolis, maryland. >> male inside the building shooting people with a shotgun. black shirt, green pants. >> reporter: initial reports say several people were shot at a building that houses the "capital-gazette", a local newspar. >> our officers were on the scene very, very quickly. i think it was around 60 seconds or a and a ha suspect. that's when he was taken into
6:32 pm
custody. >> reporter: phil davis, a gazette reporter tweeted, a single shooter shot multiple people at my office, some of whom are dead. >> there was an active shooter incident, five are dead, several more are wounded and in the care of arundel medical center. >> reporter: local police say the building was evacuated. everyone inside was sent to a nearby department store while investigators combed the scene. investigator authorities say is in its very early stages. after ramos was taken into custody police went back into the building and recovered smoke grenades which did not go off. 170 people were evacuated from this building. we mentioned before that other people were injured. there were actually two people injured. they were injured by flying glass. they were not hit by gunfire. they were taken to arundel medical center about a half mile down the road. they are doing okay, but, unfortunately, five other people were killed in this tragic, tragic situation here in annapolis, maryland. i'm jennifer johnson, reporting live. back to you. >> jennifer, thank you very much for the update.
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the next presidential summit is set. president trump and russian leader vladimir putin will have their first one-on-one meeting july 16th. it will take place in heelsinki finland. moments before the announcement president trump tweeted his doubt that russia meddled in the election. on capitol hill today, several republicans acknowledged russia's involvement. it came up as the house judicial committee called for an end to the mueller investigation which is looking in part into those accusations. >> whatever you got, finish it up because this country is being torn apart. >> i think the best thing we can do is finish it appropriately and reach a conclusion. >> the president and his supporters say the probe is a waste of time. meanwhile, some u.s. allies at the recent g7 summit worry the president will let putin off the hook for aggressive acts across the globe. today in arizona, first lady melania trump visited a facility
6:34 pm
where more than 300 immigrant children are being housed. the first lady spoke with border patrol agents, u.s. marshals and a local rancher who shared their story of what they've seen at the border. mrs. trump then toured a children's facility housing 121 children. 81 of them were separated from their parents at the border. the rest were unaccompanied minors or brought by other people. it is her second advice itd to the border. the first lady toured a facility in texas last week. a day after supreme court justice ant announ h potential replacement. >> nbc bay area political analyst larry gersten joins us. is it a matter to swap one conservative for another? >> it seems like that. let's remember a couple of things. he was the deciding vote in the same-sex marriage act in a couple of years ago, 2015.
6:35 pm
in 1992, it was kennedy who kept row roev. wade from going down the tubes. he was conservative but with a libertarian streak. >> is it the opportunity for the president to pick a staunch conservative? >> it will happen. he has a few elected officials, very conservative records. they don't have the libertarian streak. not only that, yesterday as a matter of fact he put a cherry on top of the ice cream by saying, i want them to be young judges who will be with us for 30, 40, maybe 50 years. don't forget, chief justice roberts came -- not roberts. neil gorsuch came on the court at the age of 49. >> so you assure us president trump will name a staunch conservative to replace kennedy. what are you going to tell us about what democrats do to stop it? >> not much.
6:36 pm
they will raise all kinds of -- about everything. what is going on, what lives are at stake. the fact of the matter is the republicans have the votes. not only that, some of the democrats who are up for reelection will probably throw in as well. >> larry, you talk about what it does to the court. obviously it leaves a more conservative supreme court. you also mentioned perhaps it will help the democrats at the next -- in the election because maybe women who voted for president trump may be feeling regret? >> a number of women are saying that. women leaders now are marching and what have you. but lettheem next few conservats rule for the republicans. here is one more thing that will two now.blicans and thehe h he may have two more. think about j begins berg, yrs old. justice breyer will be 80 in august. who knows how long they will be there. you are talking about restructuring the supreme court, a major branch of government, for the next 30 or 40 years. it is that close. >> that's why they say the
6:37 pm
presidential election matters so much, not just for that office but for the judicial office as well. >> we always prerk tappreciate insight. thank you very much. the secret service is descending on a center in san jose. that's the center right here. former president bill clinton and the author james patterson are set to take the stage. they're on a book tour to promote the new thriller called "the president is missing." our reporter ian cull is there. you can follow along @nbcian. >> the world cup has been fascinating so far. we are not even no the knock-out stage yet, but it is about to change. >> our sister station telemundo 48 joins us with our world cup update. >> i love it, vicky. i love the tweet with your kids playing. >> thank you, yes. we're all in the spirit. >> they've got talent. today the last four match else
6:38 pm
of the group stage were played. at 48 games and 112 goals later we are down to 16 teams. the big draw of today was the game tweng englabetween england belgium. the lone goal was scored in the second half. with that win, belgium finishes the group with three straight wins. now, tomorrow we have a rest day. on saturday the round of 16 games get under way. two great games at 6:00 in the morning france will play argentina. then the team that loses this game will be a huge disappointment. at 10:00 uruguay that was perfect in group play will go up against portugal. on sunday spain will take on russia in the early cr croatia will take on their crow ash opponent in 10:00. as you see, this went terribly wrong. he kicked it into the post and it came back into his face.
6:39 pm
the good thing is michy owned it. he posted, fortnite celebrations are overrated. i had to create something new. >> imagine being the good night that got hurt in the world come by celebrating a goal and you missed the rest of the world cup. >> that would be a coach's and teammate's worst nightmare. you did it to yourself. >> and he's good. please, mitchy, take care of yourself. >> and he's fine? >> he is fine. >> he will live on the internet. >> oh, he is. the gifts are awesome. you have no idea. >> that would be hard to do if you tried. thank you so much. telemundo 48 is your home fora.m. >> i love it. the prices continue to go up. startling new numbers show how much bay area homes are worth. what about the rent? we will break it down for you when we come back.
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that's a child. that's a child, that's a child! where is she? where is she? >> you're watching the amazing body camera footage when police finally find a toddler that went missing in georgia. she went missing on tuesday night while walking with her mom. police searched the woods for about six hours before they found her. amazing -- she is adorable. look at her. amazingly, she was okay, just a little dehydrated. it is unclear how she became separated from her mother. >> that's great news. now, if you want to make one final toys r us run, now's the time. toys r us in concord officially shuts down tonight. the discounts are up to 90%. the manager says the store will sell all of its fixtures in an auction over the weekend. the closing of the toys r us and babies r us stores across the country will put 30,000 people out of work. >> end of an era. really sad. new numbers out today show what san jose, las vegas and seattle have in common when it comes to housing. home prices in those cities are
6:43 pm
soaring. according to zillow, the average home price in san jose now more than $1.2 million. that's up more than 25% from just last year. as for rent, the average rent in san jose is $3,500. that's up 1.8% from a year ago. >> you know, the only thing hotter than housing prices in the bay area? >> the weather. >> yeah. it is going up 25%. tomorrow. san jose today, 70s, maybe close >> that's quick math, rob. >> 70s in dublin. could be close to 100 degrees this weekend. we will have the details when we come right back. buy four appliances get 10% back. a great deal until the money doesn't arrive. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area respond next.
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nbc bay area respond, solving your consumer problems and recovering more than $1.5 million. if you want help, call us or
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visit nbc bay area respond to a north bay man who got stuck into a rebate runaround on his new appliances. >> our consumer team helped the no vaut owe shopper get his rewart. consumer investigator chris chmura is here to explain. >> larry miller tells us he saw an offer he couldn't refuse. buy four samsung kitchen applies and get bucks. he says he filled out the paperwork along with everything he needed to samsung. he waited for his rebate and it never arrived. at first larry said samsung told him it didn't receive the paperwork so he sent it again. then samsung denied the rebate saying larry had bought the appliances from an ineligible retailer. but larry says there's nothing about that in the rebate's fine print. so larry turned to us for help. we contacted samsung and a few weeks later larry got his $380
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rebate card. samsung told us it regrets the hassle and will carefully review mr. miller's experience in an effort to constantly improve its processes. rebates can be tricky. when you apply for one keep a running record of dates. also, keep copies -- i mean this -- of everything, especially the rebate form itself. you might need to reference the fine print juste larry did. call us any time, 888-996-tips or online at thank you very much, chris. >> you know, we at the station do training in wildfires every once in a while because we have to cover them. >> right. >> i have done them enough so i know, heat, low humidity and wind. >> yeah, that's what goes into wildfires and red flag warning. as you saw the drought monitor updating to moderate drought for the north bay hill toms. with the atmospheric hair dryer
6:48 pm
turning on, hot, dry conditions. north winds taking the moisture out of the air. fire danger will be on the increase. right now is kind of a transition time. winds are still on shore, 72 in san jose. so still some marine air conditioning for now, keeping our temperatures in check. you can see dublin 72. a high today close to 80 degrees. tomorrow, 90s likely around the tri-valley. emeriville upper 60s for see 70. the story in san francisco is what you don't see. not a blanket of low clouds, fog and mist. instead, a strong sea breeze going. at 62 degrees, wind gusts up to 36 at sfo, but the low clouds starting to go away. it is taking the marine air and squishing it down and effectively shutting off the sea breeze by late tomorrow night, replacing it with a land breeze as we go into friday night and saturday. wind speed still a little gusty outside, bringing in cooler air into the east bay valleys.
6:49 pm
look at the temperatures beginning to react, high pressure building in. the warm, dry air aloft and the marine air influence will start to go away especially tomorrow for some of the valleys. the morning still comfortable for now, but let's say by saturday morning we could see lows in the 60s as this event starts to play out. for now comfortable, mid 50s to start the day. highs tomorrow will be a spread of mid 80s, closer to the inner bay of the south bay. look at downtown san jose, upper 80s and 90s possible around south san jose and down to morgan hill. for the tri-valley, towards concord, antioch and brentwood, mid 90s likely. 70s and 80s from oakland into hayward and fremont. peninsular temperatures climbing up. mid 80s around belmont and palo alto. for now 60 in half moon bay, but maybe 70s on saturday as winds briefly turn to the north and off-shore. san francisco, downtown 70s tomorrow. for the north bay, highs in the low 90s and 80s around mill
6:50 pm
valley. point reyes starting to climb into the 70s for tomorrow. here is saturday's forecast. i want to show it to you because by lunch time some spots on saturday, firefield, solano county could be close to 100 by noon. again, saturday the hottest day we will see in the next three. napa, fairfield to antioch, temperatures close to 100 degrees as a red flag warning continues here on some of the hill toms of tps of the bay. dring the day and by about which we hope signals a breakout of the heat. saturday looks hot and very dry. late sunday into monday we begin to see an area of low pressure drop down the coast, and we think it will bring the fog and the ocean air conditioning making a come backnext week. in san francisco, temperatures climbing, hot. saturday could be close to the 80s. valleys, scorching hot on saturday. we begin to get late day cooling sunday, and then cooling back into more mild temperatures and
6:51 pm
lower fire danger as we approach the all-important 4th of july forecast towards midweek. this weekend, again, it is the combination we talked about. it is the dry, north winds and increasingly hot temperatures, especially over lake county. that will cause issues i think unfortunately on the fire lines. >> i will be in santa rosa on saturday. >> one much the hotter spots around the area. >> i'm bringing the sunscreen. >> and water, garvin. but 4th of july looks nice. >> it does. cooler. >> thank you so much, rob. a day after a dramatic walk-off win, the giants let one get away. dave feldman joins us with the highlights of the tough loss next. >> nbc bay areas microclimate weather, certified most accurate by weather rate, the only independent weather forecast verification company in the country.
6:52 pm
a day after a dramatic country.
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6:54 pm
i'm dave feldman at the xfinity sports desk. to the shock of no one the warriors and their star player steph curry are at the tops when it comes to popular merchandise in the league. the nba announced the warriors and steph curry led all nba jersey sales the fourth consecutive year. curry topped the list. second straight year for the
6:55 pm
team. three other warriors also finished in top 15 with kevin durant the fourth most, klay thompson checking in at number 10, and draymond green is at number 13. speaking of popular nba players, lebron james reportedly texted kevin durant about joining the lakers. although durant previously stated he's all intents in on resigning with the warriors. it has been reported he will not opt in to his contract by the deadline making him a free agent. still think he will be with the warriors. day game at at&t park. bottom eighth, bases loaded. giants down 7-6. han ton lin hanson lines it to right. two run shot and the rockies get it back in the ninth. they win a wild one, 9-8. a's and tigers, oakland looking
6:56 pm
to complete a four-game sweep. top three. a's down. they weren't finish. davis lines it up the middle. the a's are winners 4-2. the a's won 10 of 12 and finally head home for a weekend series against the indians. that's all the time we have for now. i'm dave feldman. back to you. >> don't forget this weekend. thank you for watching "nbc bay area news" at 6:00. >> back at 11:00. ♪
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now on "extra." all new video kim kardashian making peace with khloe's cheating baby daddy after
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publicly unloading on him. >> why they just called off the war and what she just forced him to do. >> so was that a yes? >> gwen stefani's emotional new interview about her man blake. >> how much you influence me and give me life. >> and her instagram video diaries from her las vegas takeover. >> hally berry exclusive. >> you the boss, girl. >> the ageless superstar getting extra candid about social media, her summer escape -- >> i'm everywhere. >> everywhere. >> everywhere.


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