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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 2, 2018 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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francisco good morning and thank you for joining us. i )m kris sanchez in for laura garcia. and i )m scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. starting in the south bay... fog and bit of smoke. >> yeah. we have to deal with it all today. we have had poor air quality over the weekend. we could see the drifts of smoke coming by. we see a shift in the wind and the clouds and the fog we are seeing over san francisco right now. air quality will be moderate for the north way, east bay and fir
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mainly aloft. we'll see temperatures from the low 60s to upper 70s. you'll notice more cooling. you're also starting with what's happening in the south bay. this is reading in north from san francisco. it will be more visible during the daylight hours. we had a lot of slowing southbound. not a lot of folks know where that is but it is off of the freeway if that's what you need to know. there may have been a vehicle because there's no construction scheduled for that area. over here coming up from san martin your limit for the south county. this is equally light through
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s here. back to you. and we are getting word that authorities th authorities stopped an attack. it was planned for downtown cleveland, ohio and at least one person is under arrest. we will be watching for that and as soon as we get more information we'll bring that to you. we have breaking news locally as well. fire crews battling a fire at golden gate park. it is the video in from the scene just happening at the golf course. we are told the clubhouse has been burned. a 9 hole public golf course. it will be closed today. if you had plans to golf you
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don't have that anymore. 32,000 acres have burned so far. today in the bay we are near the county lines with the latest. >> reporter: we were at homes that were about a smile themile county line. >> there are a few areas under mandatory and voluntary evacuation in napa county. there is peace of mind knowing fire crews are on standby.
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>> it is from 6 miles down all the by across. put her up ho noksville road. >> for now they are staying put in napa county. >> we prepared. lek tris t lek tr electricity went out. >> a small fleet of helicopters went to fill their water buckets for air drops. this has lead to a weather phenomenon. this is moving so quickly it is consumer thousands of acres an
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hour. today in the bay. >> thank you. also new this morning more plaintiffs will join a class action lawsuit. the suit says the company con contracted to clean contaminated soil. the company falsified samples for years. two former supervisors were sent to prison in may about the same time the clut loout was filed. the attorneys plan to announce 2,000 additional plaintiffs. this week family and friend of the people killed could learn the fate of the men accused in that case. they were in court and both faced 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. courses tell us lawyers for if men are finalizing separate plea
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judgments they say a hit abdomen r -- hit-and-r and run could hav avoided. a woman drowned in half-moon day after ror trying to save three chirchlt ldren.d las. the wave swept up her young family members. when she went after them waves swept her up as well. we don't know her name yet but
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we know she 47 years old and bay. get a raise today. minimum wage is going up in one city. we'll tell you blast on sale.
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wall street wants to kick off in the red this morning.
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today we'll get news on construction spending. at&t raising the price of the direct tv now streaming service by $5. it will now be 40 dra$40 a mont. it brings it which raised prices. the hike also comes a few weeks after at&t completed the take overof time warner. it will cost you a little less to host your july 4th cook out. it will average about 1% less than last aut $55. back over to you. >> all right. good men you. minimum swaj going $1
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higher. it climbed to $15 per hour yesterday. that means no one should get paid less than that whether they get do part time or temporary work. the goal is to raise minimum wage to this level. from now on that minimum wage will be adjusted based on the annual increase. we'll be watching the fog rolling back in. we'll talk about that in time for thefire works. we are see ago few clouds rolling by. mostly clear. we'll get sunshine and cooler weather today. we'll talk about what's ahead for the rest of the week coming up next. we are talking about these lights too. a sudden burst of traffic. the fast track lane clearly an advantage. we will track that and show you what's going on for the rest of the area coming up. today in the
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morning. live pictures from our bay bridge toll plaza we are looking at a little bit of back up this morning. live pictures from the bay bridge camera. pretty dark. hard to see the air quality right now. you could probably take it out. look at what's what the ride on the bridge looked like yesterday. this is smoke and ash in the
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air. while the air quality management did not order a spare the air alert it did issue a smoke advisory telling people to stay inside if there is a lot of smoke where you live or if you see ash falling. a lot of folks found them covering their lawns yesterday including in ft pretty clear. >> it did. i saw twitter -- at f it traps some of that smoke you get the ash coming today. we will see some of that smoke carry higher. it won't be as bad as far as the air quality today. we still see the fog in san francisco this morning. it will be foggy for a little while longer. helping to keep it cooler for the coastline and san francisco.
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it is 58 as you step out the door. it is 60 in san jose andin livermore. the forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. at 11:00 it is 74 degrees. it will be warm today but not as hot as it was over the weekend. if you're on the way out it will be in the upper 50s. the rest of the day will be nice and comfortable with sunshine. as temperatures for today it is 83 in san jose. concord 86 there. it will be quite warm. mid-to upper 80s. we are still going to be hitting the upper 90s there. half-moon bay will reach 60 degrees thanks to the clouds and much cooler marine air. you'll be comfortable wearing
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light short sleeves and also shorts. once again, a jacket needed for the first part of the day. i want to show you the wind pattern. it will effect how much smoke we see being carried into the bay area. winds are lighter coming in from the north. it shows you some of the wild eflys coming in from the north.b offshore. it will increase our air quality and make it a littleing offshor noon and early afternoon. then it starts to come back in on shore. that will give us fresher breeze sz s as we go through the today. it is is just in time for 4th of july. it is upper 70s towards the inland area. heating up again for the weekend. san francisco, we'll have to watch out for possibility of fog
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in time for the fireworks. >> be t bay bridge toll plaza where it suddenly backedettling kbreen sensors around the bay.h second. i want to show y this. typical for 580. clear by the time you get north of greenville. over here highway 4 moves smoothly. still have activity. freeways are open. no problems for 242, 24. over here crossing the bay it is westbound just fine. it is eastbound coming back over the richmond side. there was a report near the toll plaza. we have a cram there.
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back to you. >> all right. thank you. other news, border arrests decreased last month ending a streak of four straight monthly increases. border patrol made more than 34,000 in june, down from may. it may reflect seasonal trends or it could be a sign to the trump administration. it is actually deterring people. police arrested two people in fairfield yesterday. protesters say at least a dozen children forced apart parents are inside that facility. it also houses unaccompanied minors who showed up at the border two years ago. before they awere arrested.
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when policetay on the sidewalk two refused. >> i am very concerned about the fear they must have, t how theyt be feeling so absolutely terrified and have no o released after they were backed. dozens of protests saturday demanding parents separated be united immediately. >> a major strike. hundreds of workers were planning to strike for three days then they reached a three year contract deal. it gives employeeing between a $500 and $1,000 bonus. workers will also get raises through 2020. if you're planning on a 4th of july outing here are conditions to consider. today is the last day you can fish for salmon.
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you can see it would include the bayould a help t survive. >> exactly. another win at the box office for the dinosaur. jurassic world brought the total to more than 900 money dollars. won't be long before it closzs over a billion dollars that month. incredibles 2 came in second. help me with this one. >> it's pretty funny. >> yeah. >> not funny. coming up, a very special retirement ceremony. you to see who is being honored. >> and nbc bay area responds. >> it's one of the fastest growing crimes in america. you can protect yourself from
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thieves who are targeting home sales. nbc bay area responds next. first, happening now, a spe docked at the international space station. the dragon has attached a robotic arm. we have a new miss california. she won over the weekend. it is the final time the contest will hold a swim suit comp tegs. -- competition. nbc bay area resa
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disturbing trend that )s leaving bay area home buyers with staggering losses -- and little hope. it )s a story we first brought you this past friday. leaving buyers very little hope. this is a story we first brought you on friday.
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>> we told you how scammers stole $25,000. it was her life savings. it turn out purely from a dollar standpoint she got off easy. >> you might think this can't happen to me. it is moproof it can. she does want us to hear her story. she lost nearly a half million dollars as well as the home she was looking to buy. hackers some how hijacked the e-mail chain. tricked her into wiring money to the wrong account. >> you couldn't have moan. we don't know. >> we revealed the huge costwea every should take to prevent this kind of fraud.
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we created a special section on our web site you can also call us, you beginon at 11:00. tonight also city council members have a lot to discuss. >> yeah. they will probably get overshadowed by this guy. this is police canine. she retiring today after five years of service. it will honor him at 7:00 tonight. it is following a big hit in the community and on twitter. the best of luck in his retirement. and i hope he gets to stay inside today out of that smoke. that smoke is pretty heavy still. >> yeah. the good thing is that our air quality will be imin we check o walnut creek temperature trend. heading out low 60s have coming
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hot weather. we'll taub about what'sorecast . and a look at this here. we have amoe' talk about the changes we are watching at the bay bridge coming up. a live look outside fn
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jose foothills.. ad lib and a very happy monday morning to you. let's look live outside. good morning everyone.
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i'm scott. marcus has the day off. >> and so does laura garcia. we are here with you and we know there is a holiday on the horizon as well. >> hopefully a clear one. we are looking forward to cooler weather after a hot weekend. no fog there as you get ready for your drive. we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s at 7:00 and upper 70s by 1:00 today. we are heading into the low 80s there. as we get a look at our high temperatures san jose 83 degrees. it will be hot reaching 88 and 85 in napa. it will see the patches of fog and 64re bridge. that's not unusual.
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we do see the change. they have just opened all cash


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