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tv   Today  NBC  July 2, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> would you like to do it again? >> bye bye. nearly 60 million americans under warnings and advisories ahead of july 4th. temperatures soaring into triple digits. some reaching record highs. so how long will it last? dylan has our forecast. unthinkable crime. >> it's pure evil in my mind. >> what we're learning about the suspect who went on a stabbing spree at a child's birthday party. the 3-year-old birthday girl among his nine victims. we've got the very latest as he makes his first court appearance this morning. speaking out, the woman who was stalked by the annapolis gunman gets emotional in an exclusive interview about what
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led to his newsroom shooting. >> i would be afraid he could show up anywhere at any time and kill me. those stories, plus on the run again. a notorious criminal's daring prison break caught on camera. segregation scandal. one private school's experiment to separate kids by race has parents up in arms. ♪ and lebron is headed to l.a. how the west won him over and what cleveland is saying about that epic loss today, monday, july 2nd, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." nice to have you with us on a holiday week, monday morning. willie is in for hoda and lebron is taking his talents to l.a. yes, he is. he'll be in hollywood.
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lot of disappointed fans in cleveland, every other city. >> a one-man show. l.a. definitely celebrating this morning. little bit more on that in a minute. our top story, though. a heat wave scorching tens of millions of us, temperatures spiking into the triple digits in some places. sweltering, dangerous conditions roasting much of the country. states across the midwest and northeast are starting off the week under heat advisories. we'll start north of us in balmy central park this morning. hi, blake, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. folks are out early in central park trying to beat this heat. here in new york city and across the northeast we have now officially reached full-blown heat waive status and today is shaping up to be another scorcher. >> reporter: from new york city -- >> that's one way to stay school. >> right. that's the only way i figured out today. >> reporter: to boston. >> too hot, too sunny for the kids to be out there. >> reporter: to chicago. >> too hot. i feel like i'm about to fall
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out. >> reporter: an oppressive heat wave is scouring a huge swath of the midwest. >> water, water, water. you want to stay hydrated. >> reporter: in the cubs' series against the twins, several players left the game suffering from dehydration. at nascar, too, 108 degrees inside this car driver chase elliott walked himself to an ambulance for fluids after completing his race. nearly 56 million americans are being impacted by the summer swelter with temperatures feeling like triple digits in some areas. in the midwest, storms brought temporary relief from the heat but also a new danger. flash flooding. a well-known local sports radio broadcaster in des moines, larry cutler, was killed when flood waters swept him out of his vehicle. in northern california, hot, dry, winds are fueling an out of control wildfire that broke out over the weekend blowing a thick orange haze south into the san
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francisco bay. extreme weather from coast-to-coast, but the heat is having the biggest impact as millions try to stay cool as they wait for some relief. for many of us, this is shaping up to be the longest heat wave in two years. here in new york city, the city is urging people to get to know your neighbors and check on them, particularly those without air conditioning. savannah and willie. >> blake mccoy starting us off. thank you, blake. >> not much cooler today. for more on how long the heat wave will last let's turn to dylan dreyer. she's in for al. hey, dylan. >> good morning. it is going to stay hot all week long. temperatures w the 90s. we're looking at record highs likely across major cities in the northeast today and watch what happens as we go through this week. this area of high pressure backs to the southwest. it really takes until friday and saturday before temps cool off in the northeast then the heat really starts to build out west. in fact, l.a. by friday could see a high of 100 degrees.
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many areas feeling like it's 100 or higher today when you factor in that humidity, your body doesn't cool down the way it likes to or needs to. that's why air conditioning is so important on a day like today. tuesday we're looking at a heat index of 104 in philly. charleston, west virginia 102. then as we go through the middle and end of the week, it will cool off a bit. we're still looking at high temperatures in the 90s. look at washington, d.c. 96 on the fourth of july, 95 thursday and back up to 98 on friday. looking at feels like temperatures 99 in minneapolis. feels like we're well above 100 in memphis and close to it in columbia. so this is a long duration event, so brace yourself for a very hot week. guys? >> always a bad sign when you can physically see the air outside and peel your way through it. thanks very much. >> thanks, dylan. we'll check back. now to that joyful celebration that turned into an unfathomable tragedy over the weekend.
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a man went on a stabbing. at a child's birthday party. it happened in boise, idaho. among his nine victims are six young children and some are clinging to life. nbc steve patterson has the latest on this. steve, good morning. >> reporter: police in boise are calling this one of the most violent attacks in the city in history, a man taking his anger and vengeance out on a room filled with innocent children. >> reporter: this morning a quiet community in boise, idaho, stunned by violence. >> there's some child victims. >> reporter: nine people wounded in a mass stabbing at a 3-year-old girl's birthday party. six of the victims young children, some suffering from life threatening injuries. these boys say the stabbing happened right in front of him. >> we saw him say bad words. and killing -- >> stabbing our friends. >> stabbing a kid. >> reporter: this was an attack against those who are most vulnerable, our children. it's untenable, unconscionable
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and its pure evil in my mind. >> reporter: police responded to stabbings saturday night in apartments normally considered a safe haven for those all too familiar with violence, refugees resettled from iraq, syria and ethiopia. timmy kinner from los angeles was captured near the scene and charged with nine felony counts of battery and injury to a child. the knife kinner suspected of using recovered in a nearby canal. police say he has a criminal record that's extensive and was staying with a woman at the complex before being asked to leave friday night. this gentleman said kinner made threats as he left the apartment building. >> he told the kid, something going to be happening here. he said, guys, wait and you will see and that's what we see. >> the community now reeling. >> i don't trust anyone anymore. >> reporter: even the police chief could not contain his emotions. >> when you see innocence targeted and the suffering which
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occurs and when that involves children, it's something that gets to each of us. it tears your heart apart. >> reporter: of course one of the victims was that 3-year-old little girl just celebrating her birthday. the police chief says some of those victims are suffering life altering injuries. kinner is expected to make his first court appearance later today. savannah, willie. >> steve, thank you. president trump is back in washington this morning as speculation mounts over his pick to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy. the president is set to announce that pick one week from today. after a weekend filled with protest against family separation, the president is taking on growing calls for democrats to abolish i.c.e. we have two reports beginning with nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson. good morning. >> good morning to you. a white house official tells me this morning the president will be working on that supreme court search today, talking with advisers as he gets closer to
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that self-imposed deadline for naming his pick for a new justice in just seven days. >> reporter: for his high court pick, higher education on his mind. people familiar with president trump's process say he's indicated he would like a justice who went to harvard or yale. call it supremely scholarly as the president prepares for a confirmation battle he predicts will be short but bruising. >> it's probably going to be vicious because the other side all they can do is obstruct and resist. the whole thing is resist. i think it's going to go actually very quickly if i pick the right person. >> the right person sure to be right leaning with both conservatives and liberals fired up about what could happen to roe v. wade, a key abortion rights ruling. senator suzen susan collins will be a swing vote to confirm any candidate. >> candidate for this important position who would overturn roe v. wade would not be acceptable to me, because that would indicate an activist agenda that
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i don't want to see a judge have. >> reporter: and while the president insists he won't ask specifically about how a potential justice would rule on roe, he made clear during his campaign where he stands. >> do you want to see the court overturn roe v. wade? >> well, if we put another two or three justices on, that will happen. that will happen automatically in my opinion because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> reporter: with the president all but certain to select a solidly leaning right nominee, the balance of power could shift for a generation. >> each and every colleague on the democrat side understand the historic significance of this decision. >> those high stakes are why some democrats want to delay any confirmation hearing until after november's midterms. of course, it's republicans who control congress and the calendar, so that's a fight that looks likely lost already. willie, savannah? >> hallie jackson at the white house. hallie, thanks.
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now to those mentioned, thousands of marchers protesting family separation over the weekend. some calling on the president to abolish i.c.e. the enforcement agency on immigration, but the president doubled down. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has that angle covered. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. 600 of those family together rallies fiercely critical of the president's zero tolerance immigration policy. at the same time president trump hammering democrats again painting them as weak on crime and falsely insisting they want open borders. president trump this morning tried to capitalize on new calls from some democrats to abolish or overhaul the immigration enforcement agency known as i.c.e. >> you get rid of i.c.e., you've got a country that you're afraid to walk out of your house. i love that issue if they are going to do that. >> reporter: the president defending i.c.e., calling them so brave and saying democrats could go after police next. top democrats disagree over eliminating i.c.e.
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>> i think there are a lot of other things we can do before we get to that point. families are still separated, children are still in cages. >> reporter: in miami an emotional reunion for one of those separated families. a 7-year-old from guatemala back together with her mom after a month and a half apart, still waiting for her father to be released. with mariana remembering his parting words. >> translator: take care of yourself. i'm praying for you. >> reporter: immigration issue igniting sharp divisions, hundreds of thousands over the weekend in blue states and in red protesting the president's policies, including the separation of families. >> there's parents right now who can't sing lullabies to their kids. >> reporter: homeland security's responses to protesters who flooded the streets, we thank them for their interest. and critics point out the president's misleading about his role and his party's attempts to fix border problems. on saturday, claiming he never
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pushed house republicans to vote for an immigration bill. but only days earlier he did exactly that, tweeting in all caps, house republicans should pass the strong but fair immigration bill. >> peter, on another subject, north korea. obviously we know about the summit last month and the president talking about the risk of a nuclear north korea being diminished, and yet there are reports out there that the opposite may be true. >> no, savannah, this is significant. it's been nearly three weeks since president trump assured americans they could sleep well at night, those are his words. just back from the summit with kim jong-un in singapore. president trump tweeted, there is no longer a nuclear threat from north korea. but as nbc news was first to report, multiple u.s. officials now say u.s. intelligence agencies believe that despite that agreement, north korea has actually increased its production of enriched uranium for nuclear weapons at multiple secret sites in recent months. those officials also say there's evidence that north korea is
7:14 am
trying to deceive the u.s. about its nuclear stockpile, its arsenal and secret production facilities and there are new reports this morning that north korea is nearly done expanding a key missile manufacturing site. savannah? >> all right. peter alexander at the white house. thank you, peter. >> also this morning as we mentioned, for the third time in his already storied hall of fame career, nba superstar lebron james is taking his talents to a new team, once again leaving the cleveland cavaliers this time to join the los angeles lakers. miguel almaguer at the staples center with more. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: hey, willie, good morning. there isn't a stat lebron james doesn't own, three-time nba champion, two-time olympic gold medalist. four-time mvp. lebron james is widely considered the best player in the nba, now he's coming to one of the most iconic teams in sports, the lakers hoping lebron james can bring a little
7:15 am
showtime back to los angeles. this morning, basketball royalty going hollywood. >> breaking news, lebron james has a new team. he's coming out west. >> reporter: nba legend lebron james agreeing to a four-year $154 million deal with the los angeles lakers. a monumental move from cleveland that immediately alters nba landscape. >> we got lebron. we got lebron. >> lebron is about to bring championships to l.a. >> the 14-time all-star and three-time champion, joins a storied lakers' franchise, home to some of the most iconic players in history, including current president of basketball operations, magic johnson. another lakers legend kobe bryant who won two olympic medals alongside lebron reacting on twitter, welcome to the family. overnight lebron posting a message of his own on his instagram story.
7:16 am
thank you, northeast ohio for an incredible four seasons. this will always be home. >> the kind of star power lebron james brings to your organization, your city, it's almost immeasurable. >> now dubbed l.a. bron, wherever james goes he rewrites the script. in 2010 the four-time mvp announced he was leaving cleveland in a live television special called "the decision." >> i'm going to take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> cleveland rocks! >> reporter: the backlash was swift, as the ohio native's move devastated his hometown franchise. after winning two titles in miami, lebron returned to cleveland leading the cavs in 2016 to the city's first major sports title in more than half a century. >> i came back to bring a championship to the city. >> reporter: born and raised in akron, lebron has strong ties to ohio.
7:17 am
but in the end, the allure of l.a. won out. king james now looking for his next crowning achievement, leading the lakers back to the promise land. what a difference a championship makes overnight. the cavaliers released this statement saying about lebron james. you came home and delivered the ultimate goal. nothing but appreciation and gratitude for everything you put into every moment you spent in a cavaliers uniform. we look forward to the retirement of the famous 23 cavs jersey one day down the line. willie, that city certainly grateful for lebron james and what he delivered to the cavs. >> no question about it, and they should be. miguel almaguer, thanks. interesting to see the difference between the last time with the jerseys burning, the
7:18 am
owner worded letter with strong words. this time he's thanking him. >> he's done a lot for his hometown, now to the west. now to dylan with the weather. >> it's hot for so many people. sorry, that's all i've got. heat, humidity, will feel like above 100 degrees. there's a cold front in chicago, so chicago will be cooler today, but with do have the chance of heavier rain across parts of eastern great lakes. that's it across the country, your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds. equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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good monday morning. we know it means cooler temperatures. we are starting out with upper 50s and low 60s. heading into the low 80s. it is 64 in san francisco. inland areas are looking at upper 80s, up to 88 degrees today. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. thank you. before his shooting spree at the annapolis gazette, the suspected gun mabz stalked her. we have an exclusive interview with the woman who said she feared him for years. >> then what caused a charter boat packed with american tourists to burst into flames. we have the investigation into this deadly explosion. this deadly explosion. but first
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add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. our breaking news - a security guard is dead after a shooting at the development in candlestick point. today in the bay )s anser hassan is live at the scene with >> good morning, a security guard is dead after a shooting. what do we know about what happened? >> right now we have confirmed a security guard was fatally shot this morning. roads are blocked. i want to show you video from a short while ago. it happened around 5:30 this morning. a woman heard shots fired. she looked down and saw a body on the fwloor.
7:27 am
she called it in but did not see the shooter. at this point we don't have any information about a suspect or possible suspects. no details about the victim. hoping to hear from police later this morning. >> we always want to know if that's dangerous suspect on the loose. . we want to get your weather forecast a challenging couple of days. >> yeah. we are seeing low clouds. mist and drizzle and some bet are air quality going into the afternoon. temperatures cooler with some 60s. it is low 80s in san jose. for the inland areas we are reaching into the mitd to upper 80s. it konlcontinues to cool off. heating up again for the weekend. what's happening for the commute? >> we do have a couple of issues. 880 we had a disabled vehicle. it has taken ability five to
7:28 am
start showing clearing. a smooth drive towards the bay bridge. back to you. >> all right. we have more local news coming up for you in half an hour.
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we're back at 7:30. it's monday morning, 2nd of july, 2018. happy to have willie in filling in for hoda on a steamy monday. the thermometer doesn't do justice because we're swimming through the air. >> we looked at 82, a little low, 102. >> feels like temperature, 3,000. >> i think we're pushing thousands. let's begin this half hour with a check of the headlines. holiday heat. >> it's too hot. i feel like i'm about to fall out. >> a dangerous heat wave scorching the country breaking record temps and dangerous conditions for tens of millions of americans as heat advisories
7:31 am
stretch to the northeast. >> too hot, too sunny for the kids to be out there. lopez obrador wins mexico's presidential election. his left wing politics signaling a major change in mexico, setting the stage for possible showdowns with the trump administration over trade and immigration. race against time. rescue divers desperately advancing in that flooded cave in thailand where a dozen boys and their soccer coach have been missing for more than a week. terrifying moment. a shark feeding in australia goes horribly wrong when a woman is dragged under water but somehow walking away with only minor injuries. and rocket bam. a japanese rocket meant for outerspace malfunctions exploding only seconds after takeoff, today monday, july 2nd, 2018.
7:32 am
>> i'm no rocket scientist but i don't think that's what was meant to happen there. >> that wasn't the intention. nobody was harmed in the process, we hope. this morning we're learning more about the gunman that walked into the capital gazelle last week killing five employees. the shooter had a long held grudge dating back to a stalking case. the woman is now speaking out exclusively to nbc news. catie beck joins us from annapolis with that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the woman said when she first heard about the shooting she had an immediate sense of panic. she had a feeling this could be the same man who terrified her for years, forcing her to move out of state for safety. >> i would be afraid he could show up anywhere at any time and kill me. >> reporter: this morning for the first time laurie is
7:33 am
speaking out about her terrifying experience with the gunman, jarrod ramos, who she said cyberstalked her for years. still living in fear, she asked us to withhold her information and mask her identity. >> i have been tormented and terrorized for so long it has changed the fiber of my being. >> ramos now behind bars charged with counts of first degree murder after he went on a shooting rampage at the "capital gazette" newspaper in annapolis, maryland, taking the lives of five employees. a suspected motive for the crime, an ongoing grudge ramos held against the paper for coverage of his criminal harassment conviction in 2011. laurie, the victim in that case, recalls their interaction started out friendly. >> he reached out to me via e-mail to ask if i remembered
7:34 am
him from high school. i replied to him nicely that i did not. >> months later after several exchanges, things changed dramatically. laurie says when she didn't respond to e-mails quickly enough, his became threatening. he said fu, go kill yourself. you're going to need a protective order. >> laurie got police involved but said ramos still wouldn't stop. >> he is very cold. he's very calculated. he is very intelligent. >> ramos pleaded guilty to criminally harassing laurie in july 2011. the "capital gazette" wrote an article about it. afterwards ramos sued the paper for defamation. his lawsuit was dismissed in 2015 but ramos continued to write threatening messages about the paper and its employees on social media. laurie says she's speaking out now because she wants to empower other stalking victims. >> one thing i do feel now is that he can no longer silence me.
7:35 am
>> reporter: nbc news has reached out to the attorney now representing ramos but has not heard back. in 2013, the newspaper alerted police about ramos and his online threats. police say they dropped that investigation for fear they would provoke him. willie and savannah. >> chilling to hear from laurie there. catie beck, thank you very much. let's turn to dylan, in for al. the weather is the story of the day. >> it is. we had rains over iowa, four-mile creek overflowed its bank. some parking lots reported about 4 feet of water. people were trying to get out of their cars and escape floodwaters as it did become intense, especially saturday night. today our threat of heavy rain is going to occur down along the golf course, western florida to louisiana, some thunderstorms falling to the southeast of in new orleans. tropical like flooding. this is an area we have to keep an eye on. it is going to continue back to
7:36 am
the west as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours bringing it closer to houston. we could see rainfall rates of up to 2" per hour. some areas could end up with 2 to 5" of rain. especially along southern part of louisiana where we could see some of those heavier pockets of rain. then we'll keep an eye out for houston especially as we go into tuesday and the mi >> good morning. it will be hot farther to the north today with a high of 97 degrees. santa rosa reaching 87. much of the areas reaching the 80s. it is 83 in san jose and 80 in palo palo alto. it is 79 degrees this wednesday. >> and that's your latest forecast. savannah. >> all right, dylan, thank you.
7:37 am
now to a mystery in the bahamas this morning. authorities are trying to figure out what caused a deadly explosion on a charter boat. it was filled with american tourists and it burst into flames as you see there. >> it set sail from an island 500 miles southeast of st. petersburg, florida, where some of the victims are now being treated. tammy leitner in clearwater, florida, with the latest. tammy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. the coast guard tells us this situation was so desperate, four of those americans were airlifted here. those americans who were just hoping to have a fun family vacation, and now their lives are forever changed. this morning investigators are looking for clues, hoping to learn why this charter boat carrying 10 american tourists in the bahamas exploded and burst into flames. >> move the boat. >> move the boat. >> nearby a second boat filled with tourists, some fearing another explosion screaming for their captain to move back.
7:38 am
>> sir, can we move this boat. >> chris taught this video looking on in horror. >> the whole boat was on fire. people were jumping off the boat. the people were already in the water. so it was like in a movie, like a terrible scene. >> reporter: as the fire raged, some passengers and crew jumped into the shallow water and raced to help. >> doctor, doctor. >> he says there was no first aid kit on his boat, but luckily one of the passengers was a doctor. >> thank god we had a doctor on board helping us with towels and all that stuff, because we had to stop the wounds. >> among victims recent college graduate stephanie schaeffer from vermont, lifelong ballet dancer and avid soccer player. the 22-year-old sustained life threatening injuries and underwent double amputation. >> she is in a medically induced coma. i don't think she knows that she doesn't have any legs left. >> shafer was on a family
7:39 am
vacation with mother, sister and stepfather who were also hurt in the blast. several of the injured taken to a hospital in nassau. authorities asked for help from the coast guard which medevac'd several to florida. nbc reached out to the company, four seas adventures. they said no statement, it's under investigation by police. >> whatever happened, we have no clue. it was just terrible. >> one person did die in that explosion. according to stephanie's family, the explosion happened in the back of the boat and that's where stephanie was sitting and that's why she sustained such severe injuries. her family is on the way to the bahamas right now. >> thinking about them today. what a terrifying scene. tammy leitner, thank you very much. still ahead this morning, which diet is right for you. we'll clear up confusion about five popular diets and help you figure out the one that fits. >> even queen bee needs help sometimes, the concert misstep that had beyonce stranded.
7:40 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ we are back with a convicted murderer's dramatic jail break. it took this gangster minutes to pull off a daring escape and happened in front of astonished onlooke onlookers. >> this morning he's on the run and police are on high alert. lucy kafanov has the story for us. >> this is a story straight out of hollywood. this morning a manhunt intensifying for a notorious french gangster, a man once on france's most wanted list. he busted out of prison it's a scene straight out of a
7:45 am
big screen blockbuster, a brazen jail break from a french prison. it was caught on camera by an inmate as one of france's most notorious gangster's made an escape hitching a ride on a helicopter as onlookers cheered. . redoine faid was in the visitors room visiting his brother when heavily armed landed in the prison yard and whisked him out. his sentence, 25 years. over in minutes. authorities say they hijacked the helicopter from a nearby flight school, forcing the pilot to go to the prison and fly them 40 miles north. they drove off in this getaway car later found in a shopping center. that's where the trail goes cold. jail break by helicopter may seem shocking but it's happened before. this dramatic video from 2013
7:46 am
shows a chopper landing on a prison roof in canada, inmates dangling to freedom of a nearby getaway car. this also wasn't faid's first daring escape. five years ago he used dynamite hidden in tissue packs to blast his way out of a different prison taking prison guards hodge only to be captured. he spent much of his adult life in and out of prison but found a measure of fame after writing a book about his life of crime, even going on a media tour in 2010. if his escape sounds like the stuff of movies, that's because faid says blockbuster's like "scarface" and "heat" have inspired his criminal career. >> don't let your self get attached to anything you're not able to walk away from in 30 seconds when you feel heat around the concher. >> reporter: on the convicted murderer's trail, the heat is on. this morning sources tell nbc news this was a very well planned operation at every
7:47 am
stage. the pilot was taken against his will, beaten up and released. he's now in the hospital. french investigators now believe accomplices may have used drones to scout out this prison months before the escape. the men are now on the run, believed to be armed and dangerous, guys. >> wow. >> unbelievable. like you say, lucy, something out of a movie. thank you very much. >> thank you, lucy. coming up closer to home, segregated school, one manhattan's private school controversial move to separate classes by race and the
7:48 am
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7:52 am
leave. we're looking live at a preview. >> carson, what have you got? >> 'tis the season for those great classic letters from camp. these kids are delivering entertain ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for the hustle, for the grind. introducing 1850 coffee. inspired by the year the folger coffee company began. fire-roasted and steel-cut, with a bold yet smooth taste. new 1850 coffee. begin boldly. could light up the room? aveeno® positively radiant sheer daily moisturizer. lightweight hydration for positively radiant skin that lasts. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results®. discover magnum double cherry truffle.
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7:56 am
>> good morning. let's take a live look outside . mist and drizzle and low clouds and fog. air quality will be moderate as we continue to monitor the smoke farther to the north. a lot of that will be higher in the atmosphere. not expecting as much falling ash as we head over the weekend. today reaching 64 degrees there and 83 with good air quality. it will be warm reaching into the upper 80s today. it is 88 degrees. as we go into the rest of the week we continue to cool off. going to 79 for the high ton th 4th of july. for san francisco we'll watch out for low clouds and fog. highs in the lower 60s.
7:57 am
let's get an update from mike. a disabled vehicle in the service lane is a distraction. traffic does move smoother once you pass over that high-rise recovering from the peninsula side as well. easy drive for most parts. looking southbound getting towards the bridge. slowing is a disabled bridge. be careful there as well. we get a live look. traffic is slow off of 580. all right. happening now police investigate ago shooting in which a security guard was killed. it happened around 5:00 this morning. at this point police tell us that the guard was surveilling an office serving as the headquarters for that development. also within the last 15 minutes they sent out the latest update for the county wild fire
7:58 am
so far no evacuation orders. ovel assess the situation as the story unfolds putting more lives and structures in danger. and kari breaks down any changes to your fourth of july week forecast. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. good morning, it )s 7:26...
7:59 am
8:00 am
. it's 8:00 on today coming up home room shocker. >> parents were appalled by. >> it a pricey manhattan school at the center of a fire storm. >> this is 2018 in manhattan. >> some parents supportive of the decision. diet didlemma, how much are you eat sing. the details that actually work.
8:01 am
women of wimbledon. serena williams on the court and this time with her daughter. >> and her dream came true. >> what to expect as the tennis super star gears up for her first march, july 22nd, 2018. ♪ here from alabama. >> roll time. >> hi, from west virginia i'm alison and this is simon, we watch "the today ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> from the lone star state to the big apple. >> from san francisco. >> we're celebrating moms 60th birthday. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> and good morning everybody. welcome back to today.
8:02 am
it is a monday morning happy to have you here. it is not chilly out there. >> those are brave folks out in the plaza. we are climbing up to 98 or something like that. >> absolutely. a little bit sticky. we'll have more on the weather coming up. >> the president back in washington. trimming his list of candidates for the supreme court and pushing back against the critics on immigration. peter alex lander with the latest. >> a white house official telling us that the president will be talking with advisers about that supreme court pick. mr. trump saying he will make that announcement one week from today. witting his list down to five. he would like a justice who went to harvard or yale. raising new questions about who could happen about roe v. wade.
8:03 am
susan collins saying they will not support anybody overturning that policy. >> president trump criticizing democrats who called for abolishing i.c.e., the immigration customs enforcement agency. top democrat krs disagree. protests calling on congress to act and the hundreds of thousands that flooded the street, they said we thank them for the interest. >> people searching for shade, nearly 60 million americans under heat alerts and advisories. temperatures stand well up into the 90s flirting with record-highs and beaches, too hot to spend time on the sand.
8:04 am
and the heat high on the ballpark, and the cubs and twins leaving the field suffering from dehydration. >> evacuations ordered in northern california after a brush fire that started in saturday doubled in size. hot and die weather made the fire aggressive. sunday night burning more than 32,000 acres and only 2% contained. 75 miles away. >> and my first ever morning boost. what could go wrong when you leave your baby reveal to your dogs? one couple decided to do a balloon reveal where the the balloon is filled with the confetti and encouraged the dog to pop it. it floated off into the sky without popping.
8:05 am
the couple did have a spare balloon, so able to let everybody know that a baby girl is on the way. points for creativity. >> a school separating classes by race. >> this is not 1963 in alabama it is 2018 in manhattan. >> we will have both sides of the controversy right after this. it's time for the 'lowest prices of the season' with savings on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring.... does your bed do that? don't miss the 4th of july special. save up to $500 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus 36-month financing.
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8:09 am
with a controversial story. what's this all about. >> good morning, guys. the school director said the idea was put in place for two middle school grades but after the backlash it's scrapping the plan for the upcoming school year. this morning an abrupt about face for a controversial policy at a swanky private school. the little red school house says it will no longer have separate home runs for students of color next year. the director of the school said they first tested the idea this past year in two middle school grades adding the students in those home run test cases only spent about 30% of their school day there. the idea, they say, to create more opportunities for connection and support for minority students. the school's handbook suggesting research points to the academic, social, and emotional benefits to being in a classroom with others who share racial, ethnic,
8:10 am
linguistic and/or social backgrounds. that did not quiet criticism. she's gotten calls from dozens of parents at the school. >> parents were appalled. this is not precivil rights act. this is not 1963 alabama, this is 2018 manhattan. >> some parents are standing by their school. >> i think this was a really well thought out, very well intentioned idea. >> the little red school house prides itself on its progressive approach to education but that education does not come cheap, with an annual tuition of $46,000 a year. attracting children of celebrities like david schwimmer, christy turlington burns. in a statement to nbc the school writes in part, "we are committed to supporting all of our students in order for them to have the most enriching
8:11 am
possible." >> it gives them an opportunity to create community for themselves, to problem solve, to feel some strength, to feel affirmed, to commiserate, to have a private forward-looking statement speak. >> now after igniting a firestorm, the school is disheveling the controversial idea. other schools have created similar groups, but in many of those cases it's not mandatory. this school is going back to its previous class placement policy which, they say, still keeps race as a critical but not primary determinate. >> okay. >> i think they made the right call. >> i think so, too. stephanie, thanks so much. nobody wants to touch that. tennis superstar serena williams at wimbledon today, her first match before with drawing at the french open last moment because of an injury. >> she lost number one ranking after taking maternity leave
8:12 am
last year and faced uphill battle. the drop called for change. kir simmo keir simmons with the latest. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're getting our own heat wave. if you listen closely you can hear tennis balls hitting tennis rackets, gentle english applause and champagne corks popping, it can only be wimbledon. roger federer today but all eyes on serena williams. back to center court. >> once upon a time there was a girl from compton. hi. >> this time carrying her 10-month-old daughter olympia. before becoming a mom, williams won seven wimbledon singles titles including her last two titles in 2015 and 2016. >> i got a little emotional when i was telling her a story about a girl who had a big dream, then i started getting choked up.
8:13 am
>> despite her 23 grand slam singles titles, she's ranked 183rd in the world because she's been out of the game since giving birth. recognizing this does not reflect her ability, wimbledon seeded her higher, 25th. >> i think i would be very ungrateful if i sat here and said it was too low, to be honest. in fact, i was pleasantly surprised. you know, i came in here expecting that maybe i wouldn't get a seed. >> williams telling journalists over the weekend that she had to stop breastfeeding in order to lose weight. >> i literally sat olympia in my arms. i talked to her and we prayed about it. i told her, look, i'm going to stop. mommy has to do this. i cried a little bit. not as much as i thought i was. and she was fine. >> williams also questioning the number of times she has been drug tested. >> how is it i'm being tested five times in june. i've already been tested five
8:14 am
times. >> reporter: despite controversy she seems relaxed, canceling opportunities to be with friends at another engagement, a polo match. she with drew from french open with an injury. today her wimbledon comeback gets under way against 105th ranked player. but she says being a mom has increased her drive to win. >> i definitely feel a lot less pressure out there. but i am a little bit shocked at how much i almost want that pressure. i almost want to feel the need to go out there and be the best that i can be. >> and that's what wimbledon's tennis fans are hoping to see. so good luck, serena. she is now at 36 where one commentator said every year the players here seem to get younger and stronger, which is one of the many ways, guys, in which i'm not like wimbledon tennis
8:15 am
players. every year i feel older and weaker. >> keir, no. >> have you seen roger federer there, since you're there. >> i said hi to him for you. >> he's running in the other direction. thank you, keir. >> thanks. dylan has another look at the forecast. >> it's hot already. stay hydrated. we have excessive heat advisories and warnings across northeast, philadelphia, syracuse, burlington, vermont. 59 million people are at risk for extreme temperatures today. this is what it's like already this morning. it feels like 85 in washington, d.c. it feels like 87 in wildwood, new jersey. feeling close to 90 already in philadelphia. our feels like temperature when you factor in the humidity, along with temperatures in the mid-90s, it's going to feel like it's 105 for plenty of areas today. record highs likely across northeast. real heavy rain possible along golf course especially near new
8:16 am
orleans today. rain out ahead of this cold front. behind it chicago went from 90s to 77 today. that will feel nice. you could see isolated severe storms across plains and northwest. also ver that's ace look at the weather across the country. now here's a peek out your window. >> good morning. air quality will be better in the south bay and still moderate for the rest of the bay area. we're seeing these low clouds, which means cooler temperatures for all of us, including some of the inland areas. but it's still going to be very warm with livermore reaching 87 degrees. 86 in concord. 87 in santa rosa. 83 in san jose, with some low 80s in the forecast, maybe even some 70s for the fourth of july. heading into the weekend, temperatures heating right back up. by saturday, we're back up to 90. >> and that's your latest forecast. willie and savannah. >> dylan, thank you. we turn to your health this morning, diet confusion. alarming numbers from a recent study about our eating habits. >> a major global marketing firm
8:17 am
found 85% of americans admit they have the basic knowledge they need to eat the right way but when given a fat iq test, a whopping 56% did not know key facts about fats, calories and diet. from columbia university, a specialty in nutritional health, dr. ramsey, good morning. i confess to being one people when people talk about calorie counts and fat, i have no idea what the numbers mean. why do people become confused. >> let's talk about it, so many experts, diets. do i focus on carbs, fats. americans are split. about a third said low fat diets are the best for health, one-third say high fats are best for health. the majority failed this nutrition test. >> we're confident and wrong most of us. we think we know but we don't really. there are five big diets out there. the first is intermittent
8:18 am
fasting, which a lot are doing. how does that work? >> you break the habit of eating. a couple of days a week you're on a low calorie plan, 4 or 500 calories. you can eat anything but helps people adjust their relationship with hunger and get out of that habit of overeating. >> let's move to ketogenic diet. >> these are very low carbohydrate diets, atkins, south beach. people like these diets because you get an initial weight loss because you break down ketones. people eat about 80% fat and get more of that initial weight loss. it's one of those diets we do want people to check in with health care professional before they try it. >> almost no carbs. >> 60 grams, a couple of apples, a piece of bread but helps people get away from carbs.
8:19 am
>> paleo diet. >> kelly clarkson report add lot of weight loss. preagriculture food, get rid of processed, nasty, sugar, dairy, gluten. >> i'm out. >> my fourth of july holiday. yes, exactly. >> a lot of people like whole 30, 30 days you cut out the bad stuff and helps you restart things. very, very popular right now and for a lot of people very effective. >> let's move to mediterranean diet. >> physicians we like it because there's a lot more evidence. this is a plant-based diet. you do get meat and seafood, if you're going to miss pasta, you have an italian grandma, you lean towards those. we want americans to health it up, more olive oil. you get pasta but less, more plants, makes medi diet healthy.
8:20 am
>> weight watchers, it's been around a long time. >> it's about keeping track. weight watchers is a proven program for that. you get points. they have done a nice revamp and fruits and laean proteins. helps aloft lot of people in t long-term. >> what do you think about bacon cheese burgers. >> that's for lunch. >> let's swing to carson in the orange room. >> it's that time of the year when kids are heading to summer camp. parents excited and getting them out of the house and waiting for the letters to come into the mail. those letters can be hill yario. hi mom and dad, they are forcing me to write.
8:21 am
mom and dad, why did you not check if i had toys. jessica's son, i no longer have that certain bounce in my step and mississippi is a county pick me up. hi mom and dad i'm a camp. it says there is my letter. get it, love you. >> gets right to business, mom and dad need more shampoo. nick is a little passed, the dramatic stage. california not a big thing. maybe for a week or weekend and i went to basketball camp and stayed for a weekend. >> east coast. >> they go for two months. my kids are there for two weeks
8:22 am
and they write e-mails. if you go to the tech center my son wrote a note and it looks like from a hostage situation. >> lucy sent a cute one. >> the sleep away camp, three weeks and i wrote my parents the first year. barbara can come home, i wrote a letter, dear mom and dad, i have so many friends and the next one was dear mom and dad, that was a lie. i have no friends. >> first up, beyonce, she and her husband performing in poland when a stage malfunction left beyonce stranded and she remained calm and danced it off. her crew members handed her a ladder. she had to climb down to safety. and the on the run tour is set
8:23 am
to continue until be october. >> up next, chris pratt, the jurassic world star. surprising a group of fans on a celebrity tour. take a look. >> hey, what's up, chris pratt here. are you having fun? [ laughter ] >> have you seen celebrities yet? have you seen anyone cool yet? >> chris pratt. >> yo. go see "jurassic world." >> no way. [ laughter ] >> taking time to chat with fans. though word on how big the tip was for that tour guide. let's get to the -- not the daily click. >> it is the daily kick. historic, russia's win over
8:24 am
spain on sunday. the biggest upset in the history of world cup knock out. now advanced to the quarterfinals. perhaps nobody was more excited than the russian announcers during the final save. >> goal! [ cheers and applause ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> how little faith do you have to have in the team to end up being that excited? >> it translated to ah! >> it was an exciting match. it was great. russians fans flooded the streets to celebrate. big match with mexico and brazil and one fan putting all of her
8:25 am
support behind mexico. >> congratulations to everybody in the world cup, but we love mexico. for brazil and mexico, mexico. >> mexico lost this stage in the tournament for the last six world cups, so a little extra star power doesn't payoff. >> they were having a good run. >> carson, thank you very much and for more great stories and videos, download the today app. and when it comes to reading before the fireworks -- the fourth of july. i )m ...
8:26 am
our breaking news... good morning, everyone. 8:26. our breaking news. we have a new update in the last hour on the county wildfire burning in yolo and napa county. the fire has burned more than 42,000 acre up from 32,000 yesterday. there are no reports of homes destroyed. but evacuation orders are in effect near lake bariosa. the fire listed as 3% contained. in the south bay, soccer fans gathered at the staid yustadium. look at the crowd. video from just a few minutes ago. you can see the overflow crowd watching the mexico/brazil world cup match. mexico's down 1-0. for all your action and the mexican game right now, it's on
8:27 am
our sister station, telemundo 48. tune over there after you hear from mike on travel. >> i took a break from watching it as well to look over to the san mateo bridge. earlier disabled vehicle and now the flashing rights have cleared from the right shoulder, much better flow, that's good news. a light volume around the bay shows look at that, 92, no problem. a little slowing for the dumbarton bridge westbound towards the toll plaza. south bay, really nothing to speak off. even the north shore freeway, recovering after the earlier crash. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. a life shot. 8:27. only the fast track slowed. back to you. >> more news in half an hour. we'll see you.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now. it is monday morning. gosh, is it a steaming one out on our plaza. a great summer crowd getting up and getting ready for fourth of july holiday. it is a beautiful day. hi, everybody. nice to have you with us. also, happens to be our puppy sunny's six-month birthday. >> it is? >> he's not the only one celebrating a birthday. >> where is carrie cameron, our identical twins over here. hi, ladies. >> hi. >> happy 16th birthday. >> thank you. >> do you do this trick all the
8:31 am
time? >> always. >> where are you from. >> north carolina. >> small town? how small is it? we've got to take this show on the road. >> say hi to migraiy granny and. thank you. >> they paid for the trip. guys. did you know it's sunny's half birthday? that's why you have the party hat. coming up on way to take the mind off the heat, reading. we're on a mission to motivate more americans to crack open a book will we're going to share some of our favorites. do you like to read? >> i think we all have our favorite persons. >> i'm interested. busting conventional parenting wisdom. we're answering your biggest questions when it comes to raising your family, why you should be saying no more often,
8:32 am
jen jenna. >> i'm good at saying no. >> we have a treat for your family. my wife siri is here. we have a fun and festive menu for fourth of july. we have watermelon, grill up meat and a little menu for you. >> i like siri doing modeling. >> so cute. >> the cutest. >> dylan, a check of the weather. >> she's got world cup fever. >> i'm randomly on a soccer field in midtown manhattan. you'll get a kick out of it. our sister station, get it, teamed up with world cup to bring the world to 40 rock. we have bleachers set up, massive screens that will broadcast all matches through the world cup final july 15th. fans can participate in pickup game here on the soccer field. this is tournaments, clinics, meet and greets with nyfc players over the next few weeks. everything is free. come on down and bring your
8:33 am
friends, your jerseys and get ready for football. you can catch coverage on telemundo including the big game. i have some soccer balls here. if i miss this goal, it is really bad. do i have on heels. thought i was going to miss that for a second. let's get to the heat across the country. it is hot right now. it is going to stay hot through the fourth of july. in fact, on fourth of july, while there could be scattered showers and thunderstorms, the best chance of rain along golf course, northeast has spot thunderstorms possible. it looks muggy for a lot of the country for fireworks. speaking of new york city, the macy's fourth of july fireworks spectacular, 84 by 8:00 at night. still very humid but we should that's that's a look at the weather across the country. now a peek out your window. >> the cooling trentd ining tr
8:34 am
way, although inland is quite warm this afternoon. san jose, a high of 83 degrees. 80 in palo alto. 60s in san francisco and oakland. through the seven-day forecast for the inland valley, some low 80s for the next call of days. just in time for the fourth of july, 79 degrees with breezy winds. clear skies inland but low clouds and fog and low 60s for san francisco. >> all right. can i do it again? goal! >> got to keep going, right? dylan, thank you so much. omegai megyn and sheinelle are here as we look at reading in america. >> a great time to pick up a book. jenna, you've got a few for us here. >> i love to read. i'm a book worm. it started with my family. my mom laura bush is a librarian. she always encouraged me and my sister barbara to read. so we want to see the state of
8:35 am
books now. there's so much in literature that can provoke conversations. >> right. >> talk about the importance in reading. >> to me it's about empathy. reading is how, especially as a young reader, i came to explore the world. >> picking up a book is fun and entertaining and it's storytelling. we know we love stories. >> it's the love of storytelling that inspires national book foundation that honors authors with prestigious national book awards and encourages young people to read. >> a person, whatever background you're from, you can encourage people to read beyond themselves. >> reporter: one study shows 74% of americans say they have read a book in the past 12 months, that's down from 79% in 2011. of those who read a book, 39% read only print books, 7% read in digital formats and 29% read
8:36 am
both digital and print books. >> with the rise in technology and social media that people are reading less and less, what do you say to that. >> i think people are reading a little bit less. the question is why? >> our attention is divided between the ways we communicate now and the many forms of technology, but research shows that reading increases our attention span, language skills, empathy and slows down memory decline. many successful people say that reading is key, including warren buffett, who says he reads 500 pages a day. >> where is the state of reading in our culture. >> we're so lucky to live in the time we do. books are so incredible and stories are so diverse. >> i agree. let's read. >> let's read. i'm fired up. >> let's read. i'm fired up. recommend me some books. >> we're in the library, let's go. >> two of my favorite authors, i read "the secret history." >> what's something this year
8:37 am
you've loved. >> "the american marriage," "home going." >> "the woman in the window." i throw in mysteries. have you read that? >> i vice president read this. >> i love "the immortalist." did you read "manhattan beach?" >> yes, it's fantastic. >> "modern lovers." both fun books to read. i'm reading junie b series with my daughter. shus so precocious. my mom sends us books, "the gentleman in moscow." i loved it. we're not the only ones who love to read. celebrities like reese witherspoon recommending books. >> sometimes the book narrative in the media, books are dying, bookstores are closing. people are playing with smartphones more often. is the book good. everyone asking is the book
8:38 am
dead. books are very much alive. >> books are fine. books have always been here and will always be here because stories are part of us. stories are such an important part of what it is to be a human being. >> books are such good friends. to encourage folks to read today, we've decided all morning long to read to kids on the plaza. we have a new york public library here signing folks up. also we have our "today" show little free library open all summer long where you can take a bring a book. so we've decided, not that we're experts, to reveal our favorite picks for the free library. so carson. >> start with me? >> is that a good person to start with. >> i don't read enough. the topic has to hold my attention so i tend to pick very specific topics. i've been talking a lot about mental health and anxiety, my struggle with it. so my selection is the book from sarah wilson, "first we make the beast beautiful." it's a great read for any of you
8:39 am
exploring topic of anxiety, holds my attention and very fascinating. >> i'm with carson, i don't read a lot. this book i couldn't put down. trevor noah's "born to crime." i feel so strongly there's more that unites us than divides us. he was born in crime, he's biracial. at the time it was against the law in south africa. he had some circumstances as a child, to push through that and have success, it's a great read. >> a fiction book, the heaviest book i could fine. pillars of the earth, building a cathedral. it's such a great story that incorporates two wonderful characters. >> it's summer. >> every year i read it. jane eyre. i always wanted to name my
8:40 am
daughter that but mike didn't go for that. >> i'm so excited. will you help me unwrap. i'm picking "there there." "today" show book club. i started at the book. it's sandy, has peanut butter on it. read along with me. we're going to do instagram and facebook stories and chat about it. it's really fun. it is for the mature audience. >> good to know. makes me want to read it more. >> mine is a little antidote for a country that feels divided. "the soul of america" jon meacham, a number one best seller, the beginning of the country through current times, how we've been divided and putting it back together. >> i would read anything by jon meacham. "rules of civility." apt for our time today, basically great gatsby meets
8:41 am
"sex and the city." it's not an easy read but fun. it's race y, fun, got a mystery in it. a great beach read and something you and your husband or spouse can -- >> cliff notes to that? >> it's easy to read, truly, a good one. >> jenna started talking and could go on and on. savannah and i like to talk about it but her mother is the real book worm. >> we want to hear from you. post favorite books, post hashtag reading today. go to jenna's book club, too. megyn, you're here not to just tell us about the book but coming up. >> six women mastering the art of bronco riding. in several states in the union women aren't allowed to do it. how do you like me now, you'll see real life cowgirls. conventional parenting rules
8:42 am
we should all break to raise a well rounded child. some might surprise you. first, this is "today" on n. bc
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're back now at 8:44 with "today" wellness. we're busting parenting myths that can help everyone in your family. >> joining us adam grant, a professor and organizational psychologist at the wharton school of business. adam, good morning. >> good morning, professor. >> you've been writing a little bit about child rearing and so many people think, i want to teach my kid to do everything right and i want to raise a prodigy. there's something missing. tell us about it. >> yeah, i think most of us are just determined to teach our kids to be the best they can be. yet, if you look at what happens to kids who grow up wanting to do the best, obvious they feel better but do worse because they are constantly comparing their lives to what could have been, feeling like, oh, gosh, if only
8:45 am
i ordered soup instead of salad, everything would be better. >> one thing you said is very hard for parents to do is to say no. it's important part of being a good parent. >> as a parent i want to say yes over time. i found over time if you only say yes, your kids expect it. it's easy to raise an entitled child. say no and teach your kids to appreciate opportunities. >> is that starting young. i have a toddler. i'm obvious saying no, actually trying to find things to say yes to. >> i think about this more relevant when kids are eight to ten. if the kids are older, it's basically too late. >> that's in my wheelhouse eight to ten. we put a poll out to the audience, what they think is hardest to teach a child, resilience, generosity, creativity.
8:46 am
resilience winning out. >> it's not always easy to teach. we want kids to be strong yet we have helicopter parents doing everything to make sure they are okay. one of the best things if you want a resilient kid is ask them for advice. >> that's interesting so they are living vicariously through you so they don't have to go through the thing that makes them resilient, just going through your process. >> a few years ago i was preparing for my first talk and i was nervous. i said what should i do to manage anxiety. she said find a friendly face in the audience, think happy thoughts. a few weeks later she had a play and instead of telling her what to do, i could feed back her advice, therefore she knows she can handle it. >> that's great. let's good out to the plaza. we have a question from the crowd with dylan. what have you got? >> lindsey from california. what's your question? >> how do i motivate my teenager daughter to learn necessary life skills without sounding like a
8:47 am
nag. >> adam? >> tough call. i don't have teenagers yet. my favorite techniques is motivational interviewing. you think about the life experience you want to teach, 10 is nirvana, how motivated to do this. a teenager might say two or three. really? why is it lower? they generate their own reasons why it's not so terrible. >> interesting. i like that. kind of the through theme there is trying to get the child to do for themselves, not telling them what to do. >> it's hard to motivate them but they can motivate themselves. >> the very wise adam graham. a star-studded speech, rice krispy pops? siri daly's manu will start your siri daly's manu will start your fo
8:48 am
( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed.
8:49 am
prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open! only at disney california adventure park.
8:50 am
all right. this morning on "today," food, festive fourth of july. look who is here. contributor, author, my wife siri daly. we have zero time and this is a great meal. the gang is all here eating. let's start with it. this is elevated membershipu. >> teriyaki steak skewers. our local market makes them and this is our version. >> yours are flank steak, rear part of the cut of the cow or skirt steak. this is triangle steak, grain goes two way. great thing it's lean, if you cut it off really thin you end up with incredible blast of flavor. >> cutting it properly against the grain is important so you get tender meat. why don't you start cutting and i'm going to make teriyaki sauce. ho home made teriyaki sauce. if you want to switch and use store bought.
8:51 am
this is super easy. rice water, corn starch, sugar, water, fresh garlic, ginger and red pepper flakes, which you can omit if you don't want too spicy. >> a lot of steak skewers, it makes the meat -- you need the marinade to get it to be moisture and flavorful. the good thing about this tri-tip, this piece of meat will do all the work itself. we'll slice it up, put it in a bag. >> simmer that, boil it until it thickens. marinate overnight. i love the bag method because it's super easy. you take metal skewers, much easier for the grill and thread them on as we've done over here. >> willie, have you tried the skewer? that's an elevated version. >> my son will eat like 12 in a row. >> i'll eat 12. >> it's so sweet.
8:52 am
>> three minutes per side. >> it's pretty quick. >> let's go down. i'll get these going. >> this is festive, red, white, and but. i like a theme. perfect for the fourth of july. so watermelon. we're going to just cube it and throw it in this bowl. i love watermelon and feta, that combination is so . my kids don't eat anything. >> our kids. >> i can't believe we can't get them on watermelon.
8:53 am
>> we're like t is a pink pop sickle. >> so blue berryryes and fetta cheese. and some lemon juice. olive oil and lemon zest tfrmts -- i don't like my sweet and savory salad coming together. >> we use this all of the time. there you have it. >> so these are really fun desserts. i'm going to drizzle a little oil on this. add some red white and blue sprinkles and put them on a stick. >> these marshmellow treats you can take them home and find online. >> real good. >> the beer. >> what about these -- >> the top summer ale. >> [ cheers and applause ] >> water or anything. >> all right. that's it. >> thank you, nice job. for all of the recipes and more. 4th of july
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
coming up -- >> back again and we have celeb trainer bruno and to balance it out, hot dog and hamburger hacks. >> skewers next morning do a sunny side egg. san franc good morning, everyone, 8:56. lots going on. san francisco police investigating a shooting that killed a security guard in the bay view district. this happened about 5:00 a.m. near development at candlestick point. the police say the guard was protecting an office which serve his as the developer's headquarters. so far, that guard has not been identified. a a lighter note, you can see
8:57 am
the overflow gathered at the stadium for the mexico brazil world cup. that game just ended. a crowd of supporters could not will mexico to a win. mexico lost 2-0. happening now, we have a crew on the ground. we'll have reaction in our midday newscast. now, a little later, belgium takes on japan. you can watch all your soccer action on our sister station telemundo 48. about 90 minutes ago, cal fire sent out the latest update on the county wildfire that crossed into napa from yellow county. it's burned about 45,000 acres, up from 32,000 yesterday. so far, no reports of structures being burned. but evacuations will remain in effect around the lake. we'll have more news coming up in just a bit. overnight our crel
8:58 am
assess the situation as the story unfolds putting more lives and structures in danger. and kari breaks down any changes to your fourth of july week forecast. tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. good morning, it )s 7:26...
8:59 am
9:00 am
welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we have a lot to get to. we begin with the story out of annapolis, maryland. a man walked into the "capital gazette" and too the lives of five people. authorities suggest it may have been a long-standing grudge with the paper about a story they wrote about him in 2011. that's when the shooter pleaded guilty to criminally harassed a woman named laurie, a woman he barely


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