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tv   Today  NBC  July 10, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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in the bay. we'll be back with a live local news update. >> and don't forget at 11:00 as we gate look. make it a great day and thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. breaking news. complete success. just this morning the final four boys and their coach pulled to safety from that flooded cave in thailand. a remarkable end to a nearly three-week ordeal. buenos días, éxito total. but the group not out of the woods just yet. growing concerns over possible infectionseeping the boys separated behind glass from their families. we're live with the very latest. let the battle begin. in a primetime address to the nation, president trump revealed conservative judge brett kavanaugh as his supreme court nominee. >> there is no one in america more qualified for this position
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and no one more deserving. >> the president calling for a quick confirmation. >> president trump has made his pick. but donald trump isn't a king. >> this morning the choice, the potential impact on roe v. wade, and same-sex marriage, and the looming battle on capitol hill. deadline day. half of the children in detention centers are set to be reunited with parents today as the federal government acknowledges it won't meet a deadline. those stories plus dramatic rescue. banged up. george clooney involved in a car crash in italy overnight. how he's doing this morning. and tight squeeze. why airplane bathrooms are set to get a whole lot smaller. today tuesday, july 10th, 2018.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. it's a tuesday morning. we're glad to have you with us. glad to have craig here. hoda will be along in a minute. we have great breaking news to tell you about. >> the world collectively breathing a sigh of relief this morning. let's get to the top story. the daring cave rescue operation in thailand is over. the final four boys and their soccer coach are now free. >> the first eight boys to be rescued are still in the hospital. they asked for and got some chocolate. >> the situation has captivated the globe for 18 long days now. they first disappeared on june 23rd.
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>> got two reports for you this morning. let's get started with bill neely who's right there who watched the boys come out over the last few days. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we can all breathe out now. it was dangerous, it was daring, but it's been a success. and it is over. all 12 boys and their coach are out of the caves behind me and they are being cared for in the hospital right now. let me tell you, the celebrations on this road behind me over the last few hours are being quite something. not just rescue workers but support teams cheering, whooping. i just talked to divers a couple of minutes ago. one of them very tired, indeed. they say they're exhausted. but the word they kept saying was happy, happy, happy. and it has all happened so very quickly. twice as fast as the original day. three days of operations now. and it's all over in just three
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days. one by one they came, one boy in each ambulance. each ambulance one step closer to what many believed was impossible. all 12 boys pulled out alive from a death trap. and one by one the helicopters left. until just before sunset the thai navy s.e.a.l.s confirmed that all 12 boys were free. they posted, we're not sure this is a miracle, a science, or what. all 13 wild boars are now out of the cave. the coach, too, was out. he emerged just over eight hours after today's mission began. the fastest yet. the first boy freed today in just six hours, more ambulances, divers, and air tanks in this final push. more urgency than ever. four of these boys we don't know which spent a 17th night in the cave with their coach. and with three divers and a doctor.
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for a successful rescue, all of them had to get out. they are all out. we think we'll do it today, says the commander. 100% success. they escaped an underground nightmare two miles on. the boys wearing face masks for two hours clinging to a guide rope and almost under the lead diver. another right behind. one passageway so tight, the diver hs to tank off air tanks to squeeze through. doctors say the dive gave the boy mild hypothermia, two had pneumonia from the cave. the first eight freed are now fine. rescuers cleared rocks, perfected the route, drilled passages, and worked up to their necks in water to make this rescue possible. six of the trapped boys went to this school. at least three now are free. their friends can't wait to play soccer with them again. you're happy? >> happy.
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>> reporter: the freed boys are being promised less homework. teachers and pupils are being told not to ask them questions about their ordeal when they return. it seemed impossible a week ago, but the divers dared to believe and this morning it's a reality. all 12 boys are alive and safe. so nearly three weeks ago they all went into that cave together and tonight for the first time, they are all together again on the eighth floor of that hospital ward. the commander said it was a war against time and against water. it's a war they've now won, but spare a thought, guys for that thai navy s.e.a.l. diver. he gave his life to save theirs. thailand will be grateful and the world can now breathe a sigh of relief. savannah, craig. >> such grateful parents to him as well. what a sacrifice for such an important cause. thank you so much.
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now that those rescues have been completed, the focus will shift to the health of those boys and their coach. nbc's janis mackey has more on that story. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, craig. it was just moments ago that the last of the ambulances drove past behind us. the crowd erupted and cheering as it went past. all 12 boys and the coach will now be in this isolation ward in hospital. they're still at risk, but they are now safe. they have scratches, fever, and signs of hypothermia, but overall the boys rescued from the cave are in remarkably good health. doctors say they will be quarantined here for up to a week because of high risk of infection. for now their parents will be able to see them through windows but can't touch them. these kids are soccer players and are healthy and strong, said doctors today. they're up and doing things themselves. it was against all odds that the
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boys were even found. >> how many of you? 13? >> reporter: surviving ten days in total isolation and total darkness. now wearing sunglasses around the hospital to protect their eyes from light. just how dark? we ventured into a cave about five miles from where the rescue is happening. we're only 30 feet from the cave entrance and you can feel the difference. it's humid and dank. and we're doing with this lights. take those away, sitting in this. or worse, your child. psychologists are already talking with the boys and say they are in good mental health. for the most part, they're just really hungry. all of them have lost weight. about five pounds each. they're being given bland food, but asked for an upgrade to chocolate. once blood tests show that they're clear of any bacterial infections they might have picked up from water or soil, then the doctors will give them the green light to be reunited with their families.
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and that is when we will finally see those hugs. savannah, craig, back to you. >> all right. thank you. we turn now to the big story happening at home. the president announcing brett kavanaugh as his nominee to succeed justice anthony ken di -- kennedy on the supreme court. we've got all angles covered. we'll start with peter alexander at the white house this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. brett kavanaugh heading to capitol hill within this next hour where he's going to meet with mitch mcconnell. a senior white house official telling nbc news the president made his final decision sunday night. then called kavanaugh to personally deliver the news introducing him to americans as one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time. with a signature made for tv reveal, president trump in primetime announcing his pick for the high court.
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>> i will nom neat judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> reporter: kavanaugh who spent the last 12 years as a federal appeals judge in washington. >> judge kavanaugh has impeccable credentials, unsurpassed qualifications, and a proven commitment to equal justice under the law. >> reporter: kavanaugh describing his philosophy as straightforward. >> a judge must be independent and interpret the law, not make the law. a judge must interpret statutes as written. and a judge must interpret the constitution as written. informed by history and tradition and precedent. >> reporter: kavanaugh is at home in washington clerked for justice kennedy 25 years ago with ties to two past presidents. once investigating clinton for the lewinsky scandal. later serving as an aide to
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george w. bush. he introduced his wife and young daughters to the country last night. >> margaret loves sports. and she loves to read. liza loves sports and she loves to talk. >> reporter: first the kavanaugh pick. now the political pitch. getting 51 votes in the senate to back his nomination. >> if confirmed by the senate, i will keep an open mind in every case. >> reporter: outside the court, fierce protests. >> are you ready for a fight! >> reporter: many senate democrats already calling the nomination a nonstarter. highlighting his past articles in law journals that congress should pass a law that -- >> donald trump is nothing if not a man who protects first and foremost donald trump.
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>> reporter: republicans are applauding this pick. crucial swing votes murkowski and collins supported his last nomination. an indication he would again. that confirmation battle now under way. white house officials this morning expressing confidence in my conversations with them that the senate will confirm kavanaugh by the start of the next supreme court session. that's october 1st. the president for his part now en route to europe for a week-long foreign trip. three stops, a visit with the british prime minister and the queen, then a one-on-one meeting with vladimir puth whon the president an hour or so day said may be the easiest of them all. >> all right. peter, thank you so much. what else do we need to know about the nominee? where he stands on the issues facing the country? pete williams was first to break the news on who the president would be picking last night. and casey hunt's on capitol hill.
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let me start with you and congrats on your big scoop. people are going to wonder, the decision that protects the balance of the court. where does he come down on some of these hot button issues? >> he hasn't written many rulings on those issues, but he will undoubtedly provide the fifth vote for a solid conservative majority. and that probably means the court will be more receptive to state laws that make abortion harder to get. in striking down. it does seem unlikely the court would go further and overturn roe v. wade. the court would probably give businesses more leeway on religious freedom. but it's not likely to reverse itself and ban gay marriage. and the affirmative action is already on life support. without kennedy, it's probably doomed. >> let's turn to the political
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fight that's brewing on the hill where republicans are of course in control of the upper chamber. how much can we expect? what can democrats really do to stop this? >> reporter: don't forget, john mccain still out with brain cancer. so that makes it 50 votes. and mitch mcconnell has no margin for error here. so all eyes are on lisa murkowski and susan collins who have both expressed concerns about protecting roe v. wade. this pick seems to be one that is more likely than not to get their support. they both supported him for the federal bench. so they have voted for him before. this is somebody who presents as an establishment republican. somebody who a lot of people have been comfortable with over the years, who worked for george w. bush. the flip side of that, that could make senator rand paul of connecticut a little bit of a wild card. he could have concerns about judge kavanaugh's tenure when he worked for george w. bush.
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mcconnell's challenge, keeping everybody together. democrats, of course, there's not a whole lot that they can do by themselves to stop this. they can put up a fight, make a lot of noise, potentially delay things a little bit. but at the end of the day, they would need one of those republicans with them. the argument you're going to hear from chuck schumer, it focuses on health care. the affordable care act, those protections for people with pre-existing conditions. that's an argument that democrats think they can make in states that donald trump won. there are some key senators who are facing re-election in those trump states. and they need to be able to potentially make an argument. they are, many of them, thinking about voting in favor of this pick, the democratic challenge, of course, keeping a united front against this nominee. >> we'll be watching. pete williams in washington. a deadline the trump administration will not fully
7:16 am
meet for reuniting the separated children with their families. >> reporter: good morning. a judge has asked the feds to provide an updated timeline this morning that will lay out exactly which children will be reunited today and which will require more time. but we've spoken with several migrant parents here at the border who say that every day they spend apart from their children feels like a month. amid mounting pressure and protests over migrant families separated at the border, the federal government is admitting it won't meet a deadline to reunite the youngest children with their parents. digna from el salvador broke down in tears describing the moment she was taken away from her children. when do you think she'll be reunited? i don't know, she says. the court said to reunite children younger than 5 years
7:17 am
old with their families by today. instead a lawyer said only two children had been reunited so far. and that 54 of the 102 kids are expected to be reunited today. among the government's reasons for not reuniting families, the parents of criminal records cannot be verified. >> the government didn't track these families. they separated these children, took them away for months, but didn't have clear records about which children belonged to which parents. >> reporter: the department of health and human services says it now has under 3,000 separated children in its custody. the judge had ordered children 5 and older be reunited by july 26th. while the few have had emotional reunions in public, more remain in limbo. in a separate ruling, a judge denied the government's request to detain migrant families long-term.
7:18 am
calling it a cynical attempt to shift immigration policy making to the courts. the justice department says it disagrees with the ruling and is reviewing it. >> gabe gutierrez this morning. thank you. it's 7:17 on the west coast. 7:18 now. let's get a first check of the weather. >> thanks so much. take a look at this. this is a phoenix sky harbor airport. look at this haboob coming in. this is an epic dust storm. then heavy rains. look at the torrential rain. monsoons are starting to set up. that's what we're going to be looking at over the next several days. you can see here the moisture coming up out of the south. and we're going to be looking at those monsoons coming in from the pacific. the storms will intensify in the afternoon. continue during the day tomorrow. moving into the southwest. anywhere from maybe an inch or two coming in. and it has been hot. look at the southwest. you have seen temperatures, your hottest june on record for
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arizona and new mexico. eighth warmest for california. nevada, tenth warmest. colorado fourth warmest. this is in the ♪ [ coughs ] ♪ ♪ [ screams ] ♪ [ laughs ] ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa. your one item would be the name your price tool? it helps people save on car insurance. why wouldn't it save me? why? what would you bring? a boat. huh. >> go good morning. a lot of sunshine as we head tout the doout the door. temperatures warm up fast. we are heading to 90 degrees today for the south bay. up to 95 in the county.
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concord reaching up to 99 degrees today. low 90s for much of the north bay. san francisco 71. the heat continues through the forecast through the end of the week. >> all right. thank you. coming up here, what was it look to be trapped in a cave like those boys in thailand? we'll have a look right here in the united states. the big change just announced by starbucks and other major companies to make plastic straws disappear. first this is today on nbc. ( ♪ ) pixar pier has arrived! prepare to be awed. prepare to be moved. prepare to make a mad dash... ( ♪ ) ...because with the incredicoaster, pixar pal-a-round, and a bunch of your favorite pixar characters, it's going to be pretty incredible. pixar pier is now open!
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firefighters so far - are not saying if they know what caused an overnight fire that heavily damaged a popular irish bar near san francisco )s fisherman )s wharf. it started just before midnight at )fiddler )s green ) .. whics located across from the cannery .. on columbus avenue. no one was seriously injured. one firefighter did need treatment for some kind of minor injury. the building has apartment units on the upper floors. and according to the fiddlers g it's 7:26. a firefighters needed treatment. it predates the 1906 earthquake. four people or residents there are now looking for a new place to stay. kari has a look at our forecast. another long one on tap.
7:27 am
>> yeah. we are starting out with clear skies. no fog. it will heat up today for the inland areas. a look at 99 degrees today in c concord. san jose 90 today. 88 in palo alto. as we head through this forecast the valleys stay hot and slightly more humidity heading in for the end of the week. all the of the humidity clears out but the heat stays. let's get an update. >> it is easy getting to half-moon bay. south 680 the crash has cleared through lanes. the tri valley looking better now. worse for 680 up here. south 680 at south main a crash blacks your right lanes. it happened for the last 15 minutes. it is causing slowing.
7:28 am
back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. i'll have back with another update in half than hour. see you then.
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7:30 now. it's tuesday morning the 10th of july, 2018, a big day at buckingham palace. >> that's right. the royal family helping celebrate a big anniversary. we will take you there live in our next half hour. >> so much is happening right now. england in the world cup, wimbledon going on. >> yesterday. >> president trump is heading to london this weekend. >> all eyes over the pond. let's go back. >> the showdown over the supreme court pick. supreme decision. >> i will nominate judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> president trump taps conservative judge brett kavanaugh as a nominee for the
7:31 am
supreme court. >> a judge must be independent. it must interpret the law not make the law. >> protests breaking out overnight as politicians on both sides of the aisle brace for a heated confirmation. brexit stage left, british prime minister theresa may left scrambling after boris johnson and two other cabinet members quit amid chaos around the future of the uk. political infighting. a cast member from walt disney world killed at an industrial accident near the resort in orlando. authorities now investigating. to the rescue, firefighters race to free an arizona woman from a car submerged in floodwaters somehow pulling her to safety. >> selfie slip up. a happy grandfather records himself by accident missing the proposal going on right in front
7:32 am
of them. >> you're filming your self. >> ah, man. >> today tuesday, july 10th, 2018. >> that was genius. >> stop. >> god gave him a memory. he'll remember what happened. >> he won't get to take pictures at the actual wedding, will he? let's get to the close call of george clooney, the actor over in italy when his scooter collided in a car. this morning tense moments from one of hollywood's top stars, george clooney rushed to the hospital after getting in an accident tuesday while riding his motorbike on the island of sardinia. the academy award winner reportedly heading to a film set when a car turned without giving him the right-of-way hitting clooney's scooter. an italian newspaper tweeting this photo of the accident site. the driver of the car stopping to call for emergency services. the ambulance taking the 57-year-old to the nearest
7:33 am
hospital. italian officials say clooney's mr it is negative and he was not seriously injured. a hospital official telling nbc news clooney has already been discharged. clooney who has a home on the mainland is currently living in sardinia this summer with his wife amal with twins and other family members while direct agnew tv series, catch-22. a close call for one of hollywood's biggest stars. we have reached out to george clooney for comment. we have not heard back but i do think we can probably all exhale. >> glad he's okay. let's turn to mr. roker now. >> looking at chris, it's not been moving. yesterday we told you where it was, same place, 200 southeast of cape hat reduterahatteras, n carolina. the biggest threat, it will
7:34 am
probably become a category 1, but basically rip currents all the way to new england, dangerous surf for the next few days. we take a look at the remnants of beryl. live regarded from puerto rico. you can see we're basically looking at wet weather pushing its way to the east. as it makes its way bringing rain to the dominican republic. we're looking for the system to make its way into the bahamas bringing more rain for the bahamas, rain for the midweek. here is what's interesting. five day zone of development. this the chance it could redevelop as a tropical system and take the path chris ha good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. another hot day. up so 99 degrees today in concord. we'll see low 90s for much of the north day. san francisco stays at a comfortab
7:35 am
comfortable 71 degrees. the heat continues inland. a little more humidity by the end of the weekend. slightly cooler for the weekend. san francisco through the 60s through the rest of the weekend into the weekend. >> and that's your late ers weather. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks so much. just ahead the next big event bringing the royal family together one day after the christening of young louis. >> an exclusive look at powerful documentary revealing brilliance and pain that shaped the life of robin williams. >> also this show's special connection to justin bieber and hailey baldwin's engagement. we'll tell you why we're taking complete credit for their marriage. marriage. [music playing] marriage. across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease. but what if, one day, there was a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor?
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♪ as we've been reporting this morning, all of the boys and their coach have now been pulled to safety in thailand. >> their ordeal a similar situation inside a cave in st. louis 25 years ago. miguel almaguer is there this morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the cave system where six people were killed much like what happened in thailand when a fierce thunderstorm rolled through here. everyone was trapped with no way out. experts say it's a cautionary tale. operations now unfolding in thailand, a dramatic look what it's like to be trapped inside a cave.
7:41 am
>> i'm going to take you as far as you're comfortable going. >> reporter: this is cliff cave near st. louis. the conditions similar to those in thailand. tim edmonds is a park ranger. >> time to find out how dark it really is. >> reporter: just 30 feet in, . >> your other senses will kick in, but you can also get disoriented. it's hard to tell when you're standing straight and when you're leaning. >> reporter: the soccer team in thailand trapped more than two miles in. some for more than two weeks. >> visualize if you were one of them kids in that cave, had no light, and you're sitting up on one of them ledges waiting and sees the water flow by you. that must be a horrifying experience. >> reporter: cave expert dan lamping says heavy rain can turn a fun outing into a deadly disaster within minutes. >> there's not typically a gradual rise with cave streams.
7:42 am
it oftentimes tends to be a quick, abrupt wall of water. >> reporter: that's just what happened here 25 years ago. >> when we arrived down here, the water was just very rapid. >> reporter: exploring underground, five young boys and two adult counselors found themselves suddenly trapped after a violent thunderstorm filled this cave with water. the turbulent tide sweeping away the two adults and four of the boys. none of them survived. but miraculously, 18 hours after the disaster struck, rescuers found 13-year-old gary marr alive. clinging to a narrow ledge, he was conscious and shivering. he said he could feel the bodies of his friends floating by. >> i wanted to panic. but i was thinking about them and myself at the same time. i said, well, they already dead. still a chance for me. >> reporter: gary's aunt linda
7:43 am
marr says he still suffers from post-traumatic stress. >> he was afraid to get in the tub and bathe after that. >> reporter: experts say the kind of flooding that nearly took gary's life entrapped the soccer team in thailand for more than two weeks is more common than people realize. >> people can be misinformed. this could see an immediate rise. hence the importance of knowing what's going on on the surface, checking the weather before you go. >> reporter: experts say all across the u.s. there are tens of thousands of caves like this one. they say when those flash flooding events come, torrents of water can race right through here. several feet high in a matter of minutes. guys, back to you. >> all right. miguel almaguer. wow. that really makes you feel what those kids must have been going through. >> and the road ahead for them having to spend the weeks inside. coming up next, we'll switch gears and you can add starbucks to this list. the reason behind a big new push to ban plastic straws. right after this.
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crisp leaves of lettuce. freshly made dressing. clean food that looks this good. delivered to your desk. now delivering to home or office. panera. food as it should be. panera. the french girl insists only on food made with simple delightful ingredients. she has never even heard of gmo's. oui, the french style yogurt. we're talking about growing effort to cut back on waste. >> changes are being made by major companies like starbucks stand they are said to change the way we eat and drink. joe fryer has more. hey, joe. >> reporter: hey. starbucks joins a growing list
7:49 am
of cities saying no to single use plastic straws. the company will start eliminating those straws at stores in seattle and vancouver. all locations will make the switch by the year 2020. starbucks iconic straws might be green in color but when it comes to the environment they are not green. that's about to change. >> i think they are doing the right thing. >> the coffee giant plans to start serving in couples-of-cups with these strawless lids. cold beverages make up half the sales. >> i love going to starbucks where they have the sippy cups. >> we should stick to the regular straws, i think so. >> by some estimates americans use 500 million a day, because they are too lightweight to make it through recycling many end up in the ocean adding to the plastic pollution problem. >> it doesn't biodegrade in the ocean. >> this group aims to eliminate single use plastics. >> the great thing about the straw it doesn't stop there. once the awareness opens up
7:50 am
about the straw you start thinking what else am i doing. >> you call it a gateway plastic? >> gateway, yes. this sea turtle is poster child. a viral video shows researchers removing a straw wedged in his nose. celebrities and athletes have joined the campaign. >> next time you see a plastic straw like this, just say no. >> more companies are nixing plastic sippers like ikea, hilton, while mcdonald's plans to test alternatives. at this cantina and grill they serve paper straws and that's by request only. >> there's been very little blowback about it. particularly if they ask and you tell them why, they are like, oh, okay. >> the biggest complaint people have, they feel like they get soggy during drinks. >> they really don't. >> you can find reusable options made of stainless steel glass and more.
7:51 am
>> starbucks says straws made of biodegradable materials will be available for those who need a straw. and of course for blended drinks. the company estimates it will eliminate 1 billion plastic straws a year. >> joe fryer. there's really no argument against this. we bought some of those stainless steel straws a few months ago for the kids. they love it. >> a red vine, use both ends. >> i love the '70s, more sugar. >> coming up the royal absolute for the anniversary. the big event that has the royal family stepping out at buckingham palace. buckingham palace. >> shrinking path rooms on ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ for the hustle, for the grind. introducing 1850 coffee. inspired by the year the folger coffee company began.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good tuesday morning. expect a lot of sunshine and wide range in temperatures. it will be 63 degrees. inland it will be as hot as 99 in concord. san jose will be at a hot 90 degrees today. our inland areas will continue on with hot weather over the next few days. a lot of sunshine. we will feel an increase in humidity. temperatures only go down a few more degrees. it looks like it will be above normal heading into next week. san francisco stays at a cool 66 degrees and looking at more of that heading into the weekend. let's get an update on the morning commute. >> we lad a big jam for 580.
7:57 am
a quick recovery over here. slow as you approach the plispl. overall it looks pretty pleasant. slow south 880 towards union city and through a building. holding steady and the south bay looks like this for northbound 101 through san jose. this is right before you get to the shot. back to you. >> thanks. happening now a popular irish bar is closed after a fire caused major damage. right now we don't know the cause. you can link to more details on the scene on our twitter feed. new surveillance may be coming to a neighborhood around the bart station. leaders are looking at adding license plate leaders.
7:58 am
head to our home page for the full story. also another update in half an hour. francisco tomorrow. london breed )s rise to the mayor )s office... and the key issues she )ll tackle first. plus: pot will be the talk of the south bay. the discussion which could impact the future of marijuana sales. )today in the bay. 4:30 to 7. 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
something incredible is here at disney california adventure park. it must be epic! thrilling! daring! come ride the incredicoaster. it's going to be simply exhilarating, dahling.
8:00 am
hoda kot i i i i i is nbc news . it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, it's a miracle. all 12 boys and their soccer coach rescued from that flooded what happens next. plus, remembering robin williams. an exclusive look at a powerful new documentary exploring the life, legacy, and laughter of the beloved comedian. >> he was really comfortable on stage. off stage, i just felt he was holding himself together.
8:01 am
>> what his family and friends are revealing about the man behind the curtain. and crowning achievements. think your family has a busy summer? we're live as the royals get together to celebrate a military milestone as the first images from inside prince louis's christening emerge and harry and megan prepare to hit the road again today, tuesday, july 10th, 2018. >> making memories with our mama. >> from montgomery, alabama. orlando, florida. >> we came from dallas, texas. >> to meet al roker. >> i think we can arrange that. welcome back, you guys. it's a tuesday morning. thank you for starting your day with us. we've got a great crowd outside, don't we? >> we are all smiles inside because of this wonderful breaking news. >> this doesn't happen every day. we're going to get right tower news at 8:00. it's amazing.
8:02 am
the thai navy s.e.a.l.s now say all 12 boys who were trapped in that flooded cave and their soccer coach have now been rescued. nbc global correspondent bill neely joins us from the scene with great news. hey, bill, good morning. >> reporter: can you believe it, hoda, just amazing. i don't think anyone a week ago would have believed these 12 boys would have been pulled out alive. it seemed like the most unlikely rescue. it is right now mission accomplished. just a short time ago on their website, the thai navy s.e.a.l.s posted the following, and i will read it. they said hooyah, 12 wild boars, that's referencing the name of the soccer team, and their coach are out of the cave. everyone is safe. now waiting to pick up four divers. hooy hooyah. that's referring to three navy s.e.a.l.s and the doctor in the cave with the boys right up to the final moment. i can't imagine what it was like
8:03 am
for those boys last night on the 17th night the cave must have seemed very empty indeed. all their friends had gone. but just a short time ago we saw the final planses go past. we heard the helicopter going overhead. we haven't got it confirmed that the final boys are now in the hospital, but we can confirm that after 17 long nights, it's a week exactly, since those boys were discovered in the cave. they must have felt the chances of their own survival were low. they are now free. it is officially mission plishlplishl accomplished. >> hoda, savannah, back to you. >> meeting with their families hopefully will come soon. bill, thank you very much. both sides digging in for supreme court battle over the choice. brett kavanaugh announced last night. peter alexander has reaction.
8:04 am
good morning. >> good morning. brett kavanaugh heading to capitol hill to meet with senior lawmakers. a senior white house official said the president made his final decision sunday night and called kavanaugh personally delivering the news. during this prime time reveal the president presented this 52-year-old appeals court judge from washington, d.c., as one of the sharpest legal minds of our times, in his words. here is why it's matters. if confirmed kavanaugh would cement the conservative majority for a generation. among other things it probably means the court would be more receptive to state laws that make abortions harder to get. kavanaugh is also a solid conservative. he's clerked for retiring justice anthony kennedy 25 years ago, later served as a top aide to former president george w. bush. republicans love him. here is what to watch. two crucial swing votes lisa murkowski and susan collins, how will they vote. they both supported kavanaugh up for judgeship.
8:05 am
democrats are digging in for a fight. many protesting this pick noting how putting kavanaugh on the bench could affect the president's own fate highlighting past articles in law journals where kavanaugh said it should change the law making the president immune from lawsuits and criminal investigations while in office. savannah. >> peter alexander with the story at the white house. thank you, peter. we have encouraging news about the baby boy who survived a cold night buried in the woods in montana this weekend. doctors say he's in good condition with minor scrapes and bruises. police found the crying five-month-old under a pile of sticks and debris. they started their search after getting reports sunday night about a man acting strangely and threatening people. 32-year-old francis crowley indicated to officers a baby left in his care might be buried somewhere in the mountains. officials did not reveal crowley's relationship to the child but they say his survival was nothing short of a miracle.
8:06 am
two miracles on this tuesday morning. >> prayers for that little one. we're going to get our morning boost. should we do that for you guys. a florida man named jamie was laying down sod when he suffered a heart attack. when he was loaded in the ambulance he begged his wife to please find a way to get the lawn project done because he didn't want the sod to die and go to waste. guess what, gene's brother stayed behind and went to week. hours later fire truck, ambulances, emts all helped laying the sod. it was the same group of guys that had been at the house earlier when he suffered the heart attack. first they saved his line and now his lawn. they knew he was going to be out of commission for a while so they wanted to do what they could to help. as for gene, he had a stint put in, doing a lot better, and his lawn is perfect. >> incredible. >> some guys will go to great lengths to get out of yard work. just saying.
8:07 am
ahead, the week rolls on with a special event in london. inside prince louis's christening. >> the powerful new documentary exploring life and legacy of beloved actor and comedian robin williams. >> my father didn't always feel he was succeeding but he was the most successful person i know. >> we will have an exclusive first look after these messages.
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
we always like to play royal music for al's forecast because he's our little king. we love him so much. hi, al. >> that's me, the king of weather. let's put it up here, see if it's ready. yes, it is. oh, there's the midweek weather, looking at the monsoon storms,
8:11 am
there's all sorts of activity going on. we've got -- nobody was ready for this monsoon moisture. we're looking at showers and thunderstorms down through texas. we've got chris off the coast just hanging
8:12 am
>> don't forget to take us with you on today show radio, sirius xm radio. off the rails with all of us. and now the royal family gathering on the balcony, a special celebration of the royal air force. >> one of many high profile events if for royals. here's more. >> good morning, the royal air force turns 100 years old today and just moments ago we saw a dazzling celebration, military aircraft buzzing over buckingham, the gun salute right now and look behind you and will and kate, marharry and meghan joining the celebrations just feet away alongside the queen. this morning a roaring show of force, the royal family celebrating 100 years of the royal air force. at westminster abbey, the queen,
8:13 am
accompanied by prince charles and camilla, harry and megan and other members of the family gathering for the big occasion. duchess kate making a surprise appearance despite being on maternity leave until october. the kids stayed at home today after a big day for the newest addition to the family. 11 week old baby louis formally christened at st. james palace. prince louis wore the same gown worn by brother prince george and sister princess charlotte at their ceremonies. big sister charlotte, known to speak her mind, walking hand in hand with dad, telling photographers "you're not coming." >> you're not coming. >> close friends and family joined the celebration but notable no shows -- prince philip and the queen. no cause for alarm, the grandparents have been scaling back on public engagements and this week is a busy one for the longest-reigning monarch with a series of high profile events
8:14 am
including a meeting with president donald trump at windsor friday. but first royal newlyweds harry and meghan are expected to steal the show when they head to ireland on their first official trip as husband and wife. >> they will get to see a lot of the country, the people of dublin. it's a very high profile visit. >> the duke and duchess of sussex setting off for two days in dublin, a big debut for america's princess as her fairy tale continues to unfold. harry and meghan are on the balcony behind me but they will be rushing off for the trip to dublin. the two-day visit not all work, reportedly including a trip to the guinness storehouse and back to london for a busy royal week. the queen will be meeting with president donald trump on friday at windsor. >> wow, just leaning in for a shot on the balcony, lucy, thank you.
8:15 am
>> going to guinness. >> that got your attention. >> and carson who moved over to the orange room. hi. >> good morning. airlines have admitted to shrinking seats and reducing leg room in an attempt to fit passengers on planes. now they're taking aim at airplane restrooms. that's right, if you can believe that. u.s. airlines are reducing the size of restrooms by three inches to add more seats. these changes could add up for the airlines. experts saying adding a single seat can bring in an extra $400,000 per seat per year. as emergencied, passengers are less than thrilled about this idea walter posting the bathrooms are small enough, i can't even stand up straight in one. here's one, how can they possibly get smaller? that sums it up. mary adds "in the old days you could bring the little one to change a diaper." i don't know how that will work. >> as of now the airlines say they show no sign of changing
8:16 am
course. >> pop start? >> yes, it requires me to be mobile so let's head out to our lobby where something very special took place nearly ten years ago. but first an update on justin bieber and haley baldwin. the couple are engaged. bieber confirmed the news writing my heart is completely and fully yours and i will always put you first, you are the love of my life, hailey baldwin, i wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else. there's what he wrote in part and why am i here in the lobby right now? i'm here because this is the exact spot where justin and hailey met for the very first time. here's the video to prove it. >> my name is steve baldwin. >> how are you doing bro? >> this is my daughter hailey. >> nice to meet you. >> we've been enjoying your music. >> there's steven, hailey's father. look at the classic bieber shake of the hair, that means i like you, i think. >> she's like whatever. >> this is less than ten years ago and that took place right here at the "today" show.
8:17 am
unbelievable. perhaps we should throw a wedding for them here. >> that is crazy. >> she didn't seem that into it. >> she was stiff arming. >> played her cards well. they wouldn't be getting married without the "today" show. >> bringing people together. that's us. >> are you going to keep walking? where are you? >> i'm going to move on to the next item but i like al roker as the best man. >> we'll move on to orange is the new black. season five left off with the ladies of lynchfield being moved to a new prison and from the first look at season six it doesn't look like they're settling into their homes easily. have a look. >> first my friends become not my friends. and then i'm given a color that other colors want to fight. >> blues and khakis have beef with each other. pinks are safe out there.
8:18 am
>> navigating adult female friendships is so complicated? >> that is an awesome show. you fans? watch that? you need to. hoda, don't look at me. >> yesterday the first trailer for season six dropped, all of your favorite characters are returning which is amazing. the new season will be available to stream on netflix. write it down, hoda, july 27. orange is the new black. exciting news for "star wars" fans. billy dee williams -- >> what? >> the man who played lando calrissian in the original movies will reprise his role for the upcoming "star wars" episode nine directed by jj abrams. like that? the movie starts production this summer. another bix. another big name in talks is keri russell. >> i saw that. she wrapped up the american series. might have free time on her hands. the role unknown for her. she has worked with j.j. abrams most recently on mission
8:19 am
impossible 4. december 20, 2019. a long way away. that's good news. >> lando. daily kick, do you, carson? >> lots going on. the world cup semifinals kick off today. fans are feeling the pressure. people are sharing pictures of their fitness trackers during big matches. this reads, apple watch heart rate over 120 beats per minute while you appear to be inactive. unbelievable. your heart on fire just sitting there. another tracker showed people in the fat burning zone. just by watching games. >> you can burn calories by watching the games. >> england gained more star power against their match against croatia. check out what justin timberlake had to say. >> it's coming -- >> there he is. a i show in london. it's coming home.
8:20 am
england's world cup motto. all eyes on france and belgium today. we took it to an expert to predict a winner. that is shaheem the camel. bout any hesitation, shaheen said it will be france. coverage of the world cup on our sister network, telemundo. >> if they did it yesterday -- tomorrow. hump day. >> everything is going on in london. >> everything is happening. >> wimbledon is happening. >> world events. the president is going to be meeting the queen. theresa may. >> got to get you over there. >> you should. i think you could arrange for that. now to a revealing new look at the life of one of the most beloved and creative comedians and actors. >> robin williams will be remembered for his command of the stage and the mike. a new documentary is examining the genius. kristen dahlgren is here.
8:21 am
>> good morning, guys. it's called robin williams, come inside my mind. it explores the life and career of the brilliant, zany and unique entertainer. hbo gave us an exclusive look at the highly anticipated film years in the making. >> with out of this world talent, robin williams burst from the screen into the hearts and minds of fans. >> good morning vietnam! >> humor. ah ah. >> genie of the lamp. >> ah! >> latin term for that sentiment is carp a diem. >> his award winning run ending in tragedy. taking his own life while battling dementia. >> off stage, i felt he was holding himself together. >> williams' struggle back in the spotlight with the recent
8:22 am
suicides of kate spade and anthony bourdain. >> my father didn't always feel he was succeeding. but he was the most successful person that i know. >> the upcoming hbo documentary, robin williams, come inside my mind. pull back the curtain. >> being in the spotlight isn't easy. >> the director of the documentary. >> it was amazing to see the energy he had. i mean, he would come on that stage and give you everything he had. >> your hair is blowing in the wind and the window isn't even open. >> i think people admire that, the courage, the honesty, the humor. the mind. the quickness. >> he and i are like this. >> we are. >> one of the film's most powerful interviews coming from robin's long time friend, billy crystal. >> i walk him back to his town house. zack, he's crying like crazy.
8:23 am
simple on the base of the skull of the baby and zack starts to kbie et down. i hand him back to robyn. he looked at me like i was -- like a genius. that was the first time we connected in a different way that wasn't about comedy. it was about being a father and being a friend. >> as incredibly -- i was incredibly moved by the interview. i think billy thought they were going to grow old together. >> people call these things imperfectio imperfections. but they're not. that's the good stuff. then we get to choose who we let into our weird little worlds. >> he was everyone's comedian. he was there for everyone. i think people felt that. >> robin williams, come inside my mind premieres monday at 8:00 on hbo. such an p incredible talent and loss. >> i saw him years ago in d.c.
8:24 am
in terms of the standup comedy, one of the best i've ever seen. >> he could do it all. >> on the set, he was electric. >> kristen, thank you so much. kwcoming up, jean chatzky i back. >> plus, we have a -- >> poor jean. >> healthy baking stuffing. >> look who is here. dave chatzky. look who is here. the best finds at the fancy food shows. all dressed up. >> after your local news. meet the guys who played you're it with disguises. i )m .
8:25 am
8:26 am
firefighters so far good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. firefighters so far not saying if they know what caused an overnight fire at a popular irish club near the wharf. this happened at fiddler's green, which is across from the canary on columbus avenue. no one was seriously injured but firefighters needed treatment for some kind of minor injury. that building had apartment upstairs and it predates the 1906 earthquake. four residents are now looking for a place to stay. right now, tracking your traffic, there is a crash in freemont. >> we've had overall a relatively light tuesday. we are looking at more slowing south 880 and dixon levee road.
8:27 am
a crash just reported there. there is active in lanes right now. northbound through the south boy, your typical build. we have a disabled vehicle getting cleared from mountain view, north 101. so far, it hasn't rippled over towards 237. we're looking at recovery here on the peninsula. southbound 280. we have a crash that cleared the lanes. this is about the same time, about the same place as yesterday. so that is a problem for the city it looks like. the bay bridge, a slower smoother drive to oakland. >> i'll have another local update in 30 minutes. hi!
8:28 am
8:29 am
are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping] ♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy.
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add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months. upgrade online now. 7:30, tuesday morning, 190 of july, 2018. what an awesome awesome crowd we have on the plaza. everybody in a great mood. the weather is beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> the family all here. >> we're together. >> awesome. >> such a great crowd. let's have a moment. what do you say? where are the hart sisters. what's your name? >> kiley. >> peyton. >> where are you from? >> los angeles. >> from l.a. it says you're on all american road trip making a difference one family at a time. >> we're here with our family and we're spreading random acts of kindness and going around the country and doing acts of
8:31 am
kindness around the country and raising money for philadelphia hospital, children's hospital. >> that's amazing. i hope my kids are watching. give me an example of random acts of kindness. >> we gave out free ice cream to 100 people at a park. >> how cool are you guys. >> in central park, we'll meet you there. thank you for being here. what a great thing you're doing. the hart sisters. >> they inspire people. >> inspiring. >> i forgot to say, one republic will be here friday. >> be there, be square. coming up, paying for college is more manageable with jean chatzky. she'll show you how to make headway on the loans as quick ais possible. butter, dairy, our friend is here with some of the healthy and tasty things he found at new
8:32 am
york's fancy food. he dressed the part as well. al roker dressing the part. >> not as fancy as dave. let's show you what we have for your weather. shaking out for today, we've got severe storms, afternoon thunderstorms in the gulf. monsoonal moisture continues spot southwest. strong storms in phoenix yesterday. we've got tropical storm chris just off the coast. tomorrow we're looking at chris slowly moving away but we're looking at rip currents and strong surf up and down the east coast. monsoonal moisture continues to fire those storms up in the southwest. sunshine, pacific northwest, severe storms will continue making their way through the northern plains. look for lots of wet weather as you make your way down into the gulf coast. and 242 bamds. what does that stand for. >> our area code. >> area code. >> today is our 45th anniversary of independence. >> independence.
8:33 am
>> happy anniversary, bahamas. >> what's your family name here. >> atly and scott. >> what island? >> nassau. >> very that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got some really hot weather over the next couple of days that will continue for the next few days with highs into the 90s. at least through thursday. by friday, more humidity, a few more clouds rolling across the bay area, and the temperatures come down just a few degrees in time for the weekend, but still very warm. meantime, san francisco will be in the low 70s today. and partly cloudy skies through the end of the week. we'll see those highs in the mid-60s by saturday and sunday. . look who is double digits. what's your name? >> sidney. >> happy birthday. >> now head back inside. >> happy birthday sidney. megyn joins us with what's ahead at the top of the hour.
8:34 am
>> have you seep this movie "tag"? >> yes. >> it's got all these famous faces. it's about a group of guys that still to this day play the game of tag. they started it first in elementary school and then it got serious in high school. the movie is based on this real life group. they don't kid around. let me tell you, when they get together for the past 30 years and they try to tag each other, they mean business. watch. >> a handful of the guys were together maybe over the holidays or something and having a beer and we were talking about how it's harder to stay in contact with each other. somebody came up with the idea, let's start the game up. we've been doing that since 1990. >> from the swimming pool to the starbucks parking lot. >> i'm going to have to go, there is a tag. >> nowhere is safe. >> you're pretty paranoid, looking around every corner, looking at suspicion with some people's calls. you have this psychological warfare. >> you're it, baby.
8:35 am
>> swimming pool, starbucks, and that's just the beginning. >> yes. >> they are so into this. >> so one tag happened at the funeral of one guy's father, which the guy appreciated. he said his dad loved the game. he would love that. one of the guys we saw there is a priest. he's like a sitting duck. he no longer gives communion in february. >> how did this happen? >> one guy moved to boston. he's been doing really well at the game because they can't get him. one guy hid in the trunk of another man's car and jumped out. the taggee, his wife was with him and tore her acl. >> tagging everybody. >> every february, entire month of february, not before, not after. whoever is the last one tagged at the end of february has the shame of being it for a year. >> a year of being it. >> that is going to be a good
8:36 am
one. >> it's really about friendship. that's what it's about. >> you did not do this segment in february because they would all get tagged. >> one guy surprised a man and his wife in their bed in the middle of the night. he broke and entered. that could have gone south. >> it's going to be good. >> we'll see that on "megyn kelly today." thank you, megyn. >> just ahead this hour the college debt struggle, which is not fun. jean chatzky has a smart way to get out under that stack of loans. first this is "today" on nbc. year, i am sorry about that.
8:37 am
8:38 am
[music playing] (vo) progress is in the pursuit. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during summer of audi sales event. we are back with our special series paying for college. this morning we're going to give you smart ways to get out of debt. the average student coming out of school with loans last year owed $40,000. luckily today financial editor jean chatzky is here to show us how to get started paying that off. good morning, jean.
8:39 am
>> good morning. >> it's a terrible feeling to step out of college and say i've got this huge loan. if you want to start chipping at it, how do you start. >> first you have to figure out federal loans or private loans, because the steps to take are different. let's start with the federal ones. loans come with a ten-year repayment plan. if you can handle that or come close to handle that, you should pretty much stick wit. the interest rates are fairly low. they are graduated repayment options that still take ten years, so you could start with a slightly lower payment and ratchet it up if you think your salary is going up. that's one good option. >> i think often people have a ton of bills and people say that's the last one. i'm going to take care of my must and pay what i can. >> if that is your scenario and you truly can't handle it, you want to look at income-based repayment. that extends the number of years that you're going to have to pay
8:40 am
off these loans to 20 or 25, but it caps the amount of money you have to pay every month to 10 or 15% of your salary. that can be a big sigh of relief for people. if you're in one of these income-paced repayment plans and you work in a helping profession, you can look into public service loan forgiveness which will eliminate any debt that's left after 10 years. there's a lot of paperwork involved in this and you have to do it exactly right but it's a good thing to look at. >> jean, you know so many people are struggling with this, with debt. so we asked people if they would share stores. >> my name is rachel shore. i'm a speech therapies at a elementary school. i owe $60,000 in loans. my mom was great, a big supporter. i was in eighth grade and my mom had a stroke. what the speech therapist did was get my mom pack to my mom. she inspired me to make sure i
8:41 am
was doing my best, the right thing. i really, really wanted to go to uba. she wanted me to go there. she was alive when i went in. i got my acceptance and she was so happy for me. i love my school, working at my school and i wouldn't want to be anywhere different. i did not go into education for the money. i knew i would do whatever i had to do to pursue my passion and get to help others, so i kind of just accepted the fact that i was going to have to take these loans and do whatever i could to pay them off. >> my name is christopher edwards. i'm a rising sophomore at southern methodist university. so far i owe $11,000 in student debt, and it will only do up from here. no one in my family has been able to achieve a bachelors degree from a four-year university. my mom is thrilled. she's excited i get to have the opportunity she didn't have when she was raising me on her own. my mother really is my inspiration. she's the one who set an example that hard work does not go in
8:42 am
vain. my ultimate dream is to be remembered as somebody who did service for the community and service for this country. the best way i can describe student loans, like a dark looming cloud over my head. >> we are very happy to have christopher edwards and rachel with us this morning. first of all, i want to say congratulations to you on your accomplishments. your parents must be so proud of you. your parents must be so proud. >> thank you. >> co-founder of higher education financing company common bond, he's here, too. david, you work a lot with people struggling with debt, don't you? >> we do. it gives us great pleasure to help reduce that debt. >> is that what you do, david? >> it is. >> you've got something you'd like to give to our lovely two. >> i do. christopher, rachel, it's been a pleasure getting to know you this morning. as you know, at common bond we help students and graduates receive low cost loans to help pay for school. in fact, of those who have
8:43 am
worked with us so far we will save them combined $500 million over the life of their loan. we're on a mission to make education finance more affordable. when we heard your stories, we were touched and we wanted to do something. so it gives me great pleasure, and it's a deep honor to be able to give you something both very special from all of us at common bond. i'd love for you to take a look at this and see what it is. >> one for you and rachel you have one. let's see what it says. it's a certificate of appreciation and -- >> $10,000! >> $10,000 to pay off your student loans. that's not so shabby is that? >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> christopher, your mom over there? >> yes. >> how is your mom? hi. >> hi. >> what do you think? >> i'm so grateful. it's a blessing. i just can't thank you enough. all this hard work we know is
8:44 am
not in vain so we just want to thank you and we appreciate everything you've done. >> we appreciate everything you've done you did good with your son, raised a great job. and your parents did a great job. i can't thank you enough for this. this will make the beginning of your lives a little easier. >> thank you. >> thank you for everything you do. >> jean, thank you, too. up next, fun new finds from the fancy food show. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back to "today." we are with dave, nutrition, wellness contributor, creator of that wildly popular eat this, not that series. he paid a visit to fancy food show held right here in new york covering more than six football fields of space with more than
8:47 am
200,000 products. you checked them all out. >> sure did. >> he's here with what he considers the best of fancy foods and you dressed the part as well. >> thanks. it was not easy to get into this expo. in order to be a contributor you had to basically have core focus on quality, innovation and be a leader in the category. otherwise food and beverages could not get in. >> these items we're looking at, any rhyme or reason these are the best. >> we were looking for three things, looking for them to be brand-new. you have not seen any of these products before. we wanted them to be trendy. food bloggers talking about them, all over instagram. we wanted to make sure they were good for you and great tasting. sometimes you get nutrition but they are not delicious. >> hard to believe there are foods we haven't experienced. >> it was a really high bar. >> i just stuck my finger in here and it's pretty good.
8:48 am
>> this is awesome. faba butter, a replacement for margarine in your frig. 90 calories per serving. you're saving 10 calories. what's niceties liquid at the bottom of chickpeas you can whip up and it's delicious and nutritious. put it on baggeuettesbaguettes. >> pretty good. >> fruiton, why would you take healthy bread and put it on a salad. what this company came up with fruitons, take this dried fruit that has less sugar, less fat, take it around and put it in your smoothies, on pasta, on meats. you can pretty much put it on everything and it's a really healthy snack as well. >> what do we have here? >> we're so excited about this at eat this, not that. this is turmeric infused white
8:49 am
vinegar. >> turmeric is all the rage now. >> it's a super spice with anti-inflammatory properties, 50 calories per serving. if you use that instead of typical thousand islands, ranch dressing, safe 10 to 15 pounds a year. >> i have yet to try an energy bar that's tasty. >> a great fix better than sports bars and liquids. this an organic peanut butter, almond butter multi-grain crackers with honey, dark chocolate, himalayan sea salt, and it is delicious. it's only 220 calories. >> not bad. >> everybody was really dpexcit about that at the expo. >> not bad. not bad at all. i have a 2 1/2-year-old and 4-year-old and it's a challengeing to them to eat vegetables. >> cauliflower is all the rage. it's in pizza crusts, pasta.
8:50 am
in this case you get to eat 20 of these for only 100 calories and it's basically blended with spinach, broccoli, carrots, beats and shiitake mushrooms. >> this has the same mouth feel as beef jerky but shiitake mushrooms. it's flavorful. same texture and has fiber. >> who doesn't love bacon dave. >> if you're going to go natural, this is naked bacon. that stuff is terrific. >> that's good. >> no nitrate, phosphates, smoke, zero harmful additives. it's amazing. >> that's really good. tastes like bacon. >> if you've got to have the real thing go for that. >> this is all the rage as well. >> keffir.
8:51 am
frozen, great substitute for ice cream, very few calories. it's also got the super spices. >> what's the story of the cone here. >> 20 calorie gluten-free cone. if you've got to go for the real thing or keffir, put it in this tapioca. >> i can't get over the bacon. >> i love the frozen keffir. >> thank you. to shop for those products and more head to we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
hour but we did save time for birthdays. >> yay, time to break out the smucker's jar and meet some very sweet people. first up, happy 100th birthday to evelyn, proud grandmother, married to the love of her life
8:54 am
for 50 years. robert, retired farmer, 104 years, stays active going outside and mowing the lawn. way to go. happy birthday to ocie robinson from kansas city, missouri. loves to sit back and watch her favorite team kansas city royals take the field. miss laura lee from wisconsin is 100. keeps herself busy by cooking for friends, trying out fun crafts. even played golf until she was 98. wants to go golfing with carson. charles potter celebrating 103 years, an active guy from ocala, florida. he served his country in world war ii. we thank you for your sunshiner happy birthday, 108 to wavel ashbaugh from broken arrow, oklahoma. she says the secret to longevity, keep moving. if you know somebody celebrating milestone or anniversary we want
8:55 am
to hear about them. go to >> that's one of the oldest birthdays you've done. what's next? >>. >> klg is back. we're going to make lobster rolls. basically eating and drinking. >> what's better than one lobster roll? >> two. >> two. >> - gps makes navigating the open road easy. >> two. >> but keep it in park until you enter your destination. you've got a lifetime of traveling ahead of you, so don't cut your trip short with a distraction. the more you know.
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as soon as today good morning. it's 8:56. i'm marcus washington. as soon as today, contras could tra county leaders may approve small surveillance for a small but busy area between pleasant hill and walnut creek. the voting on license plate readers and surveillance readers. this is called contras cou koco center. that area extends about five miles either way.
8:57 am
and includes the new transit village. that plan, if approved, apparently it will not have any kind of financial impact on the county. happening now, our bob riddell is at that meeting. he'll have a live report in our midday newscast. you can link to more right now on our homepage. one popular irish club near the wharf is closed after a fire caused major damage. that building apparently predates the 1906 earthquake. we don't know what caused that fire. link to more detail also right now and the video from the scene on our twitter feed. and if a cow outfit seems to suit you, chick-fil-a today has quite the deal. free food. you will have to dress up as a cow. so maybe you're feeling moved by this story and go to our facebook page, get all of those details. we'll have more local news for you in an hour. >> stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. franci
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london breed )s rise to the mayor )s office... and the key issues she )ll tackle first. plus: pot will be the talk of the south bay. the discussion which could impact the future of marijuana sales. )today in the bay. 4:30 to 7.
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good morning, and welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. mission accomplished. just about an hour ago all 12 boys and their coach successfully rescued inside that flooded cave in thailand. can you believe it ending a 17-night nightmare. nbc's bill neely on the ground in thailand where the rescue has been taking place. watch. >> one by one they came, one boy in each ambulance. each plans one step closer to what many believed was impossible.


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