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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 11, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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barn. the only silver lining to her family's tragic day, one of their two horses that escaped the hale fire. the gonzalez family lost four horses during the fire yesterday which tore through multiple properties along hale road. she says the horse was able to run out of the burning barn and rescued by her brother-in-law. she said the family is in mourning, calling the horses family members. >> it's sad that they lost their horses. i saw them all the time. nice horses. >> reporter: nunez is also relieve. cal fire units were able to stop the flames literally at his yard. >> you know, it happens really fast and really quick. the only thing yout's just about yourself, about your belongings and family. >> reporter: sources say cal fire investigators are focusing
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around mira monte avenue as the possible origin of the fire. from our own observation, the burnt trail starts as a narrow path, then spreads out. >> the origin and the cause are still under investigation. hopefully we'll be able to release that soon. >> reporter: feeling lucky today? >> oh yeah, thank god and thank the firefighters. >> reporter: firefighters made it through a windy afternoon. they say they hoped to declare full containment by tonight. fire danger and weather go hand in hand. here's a live look in san jose. warm weather today, but a change is in store in these next 24 hours. tracking some moon soonnsoonal thunderstorms headed for the bay ea. you don't say that often. >> we'll be watching for my kind of stray lightning strikes that could spark some fires.
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it's all about the high pressure to the knnorth low pressure to e south. this is helping to conveyer belt this into northern california. thunderstorms over 29 palms, palm springs, victorville. this would likely all continue to propagate over those areas within the next one to two hours. as we get a wider look, you'll notice the most numerous lightning strikes right there across the central and southern sierra, in the past half hour 34 of them. 11:00 tomorrow morning, the moisture, the clouds still off to the south. you can see it right there. as we advance this through tomorrow afternoon and evening, we'll start to see the clouds increase and some noticeable humidity. y i'll show you where we could get the highest rainfall in california from this monsoonal
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moisture. a brave neighbor sprang into action to help mother and daughter escape the flames inside their home when a fire jumped from a house next door to theirs. the fire broke out in coyote creek in san jose. >> reporter: there was a lot of smoke in this area. fire broke out earlier today in each of the two garages, but then things got much worse when a gas line in between the houses caught fire as well. fire ripped through two homes at the same time. >> it was small at first. it got big quick. >> >> reporter: by the time judy campbell and her daughter knew what was happening, the neighborhood was running towards their house. >> i don't know if they knew what was going on, but they had the door open already. we told them to get out. >> reporter: judy got out, then
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tried to fight the fire. >> i grabbed the fire hose but there was nothing i could do. everything escalated so fast. >> reporter: it escalated because a gas line caught fire in between the two houses. >> we let that burn until we can turn off the gas first. because gas is much more dangerous than gas that's burning. >> reporter: everyone got out safely but neither family will be able to return home for a while. >> this is devastating. we've been here for 19 years. i know it's just a home, but you know it's our home. >> reporter: judy campbell tells us she will rebuild as soon as she can. the fire crews tell us they were still working on finding out how these fires started in the firs francisco happened with a smile, a promise for a better future and appreciation for the past. london breed was sworn in as
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mayor. just before noon, breed became san francisco's 45th mayor. she's also the first black woman to lead the city. this story and her story goes much deeper than the color of her skin or her gender. >> reporter: you outlined all of the different layers involved here. mayor breed's speech was as much aspirational as it was an assurance to those struggling in san francisco, look, i got your back. she promised today to build more affordable housing, she promised to take needles off the street and she promised to take on a trump administration that is coming into direct conflict ofc. we are one san francisco. as your mayor, i will do everything i can to unite us and bring us together. >> reporter: for london breed there was no song and dance over her intentions other than the
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ceremonial lion dance. breed lamented the lack of affordable housing and said the status quo will change now. >> not on my block, not in my back yard. we have made mistakes in the past by not moving housing production forward all over the city. >> reporter: but her strongest words and the crowd's most engaged response came on this upper cut to the federal government and its treatment of immigrant children. >> we are going to tell the president that here in san francisco, we don't put children in cages. we put them in the classroom. >> reporter: one past mayor applauded the new mayor's posture. >> what was interesting about this whole ceremony is the reaction that was most intense was in relation to trump. that's the moment historic. it's fantastic. she's the most qualified. >> they need to see that just
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because you live in public housing or you're in a single parent home does not mean that you cannot make it to the top. >> reporter: and setting new policy for san francisco won't necessarily be easy for mayor breed. as former mayor willie brown told me today, just a few months ago this same board of supervisors ousted breed from her interim position and the public put her back into office. the two sides are going to have to bury the hatchet for the greater good. >> our coverage of the inauguration continues online. a record number o californians will walk through the halls of the uc campuses this fall. the uc colleges accepted more than 28,000 transfer students. nearly all come from california community colleges. it's part of a plan to get more californians into the uc system in response to pressure from
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governor brown to make californians a priority when it comes to accepting new students. twitter is purging suspicious and locked accounts which could trigger a drop in twitter followers. for example, president trump lost about 100,000 of his followers but he still has 53 million. president obama lost about 400,000 of his 100 million followers. twitter is cleaning up its platform to make its content more meaning full and accurate. face to face with the immigration crisis. christie smith joins us to explain. >> reporter: this group from st. ignatius started planning this trip back in november and had no idea the situation on the border would heat up like it has. now they're learning how people are being affected in person. >> each morning we wake up. we walk through the port of
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entry into nogales, mexico. >> reporter: chad is one of two educators traveling with high school students from san francisco. >> we spend most of our time accompanying migrants. we work in an aid center serving food, listening to people's stories, helping to provide the most basic support. >> reporter: stories from people seeking asylum who said they were living in fear and had confusion about the administration's zero tolerance policy on immigration. but also optimism. >> there's so much more to it than one might think. you have to really try to understand their perspective. > reporter: students heard from detained. students say it's been emotiona >> it's saddening when the next day they're gone. >> reporter: in some cases sent back to their native country.
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students also met ranchers along the arizona border and spent time with border patrol too. >> they thought it was their duty and they have to protect the borders. >> reporter: the students say they have more insight on a complex issue. learning in the community is an experience they won't forget. >> we don't simply want to tell them this is what you need to think. what we want to give them the opportunity to form their own conscience. >> reporter: now the students will be back in the coming days and said they would absolutely recommend this experience to their classmates. up next, they pulled the plug on a high dollar music festival in the east bay amid allegations of fraud. what happens to all those people who have tickets to this weekend's festival? plus, would you pay for a better appointment at the dmv
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democrat t? a warm 96 in concord today. right now we're at 90 under sunny skies.
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g or bad luck? supposed to be a big time was it fraud, a misunderstanding or maybe just someis video advertising what w
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supposed to be a big time music festival in the east bay. but then the plug was pulled. the festival cancelled after a lot of finger pointing and concern. keep in mind that festival was supposed to be this weekend. nbc bay area is in antioch with us for some answers. >> reporter: on the music festival's website it says the event needs to be postponed because of low ticket sales and negative media reports. people who bought tickets to attend the event and artists who paid to perform aren't buying that. >> it just turned into a big, big mess.orter: a promotional vo and website for the xo music festival seem eed legitimate to people who bought tickets to the three-day event in antioch. that is until artists were dropping out claiming they weren't getting paid and there was no contract with them. >> i charged artists 100 there
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are to get on the stage. >> reporter: two days before the festival the contra costa event park that leases the land announced it is cancelling the event, telling nbc bay area news the promoter failed to provide the proper liability insurance for themselves as well as their contractors. we have a copy of the contract between the event park and the promoter. the contract says insurance is due in our office two weeks prior to the event. it is unclear why the event park waited until today to cancel the festival because of the insurance problem. the promoter sis being investigated by police in freemont for an unrelated real estate scam and facing felony fraud charges. we've made multiple attempts to contact him but didn't get a response. >> he said his lawyer would contact me and we could go from
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back from his own pocket until pierre is going to pay artists he gets his money back from habib. >> a lot of people trusted me. >> reporter: on their festival the website lists facebook as one of their sponsors, but the social media company tells us it is not sponsoring the event. atf raids have people rattled in san mateo. take a look of agents in front of the restaurant. the owners of the restaurant say the broke up the front door and even used flash bang grenades. >> they say somebody was doing drugs or something, but we're here just cooking and trying to make people happy with our food. >> reporter: the bureau says the raid was for criminal activity but provided no further details. the owner says they've never experienced anything like this before. new details about the woman
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arrested for allegedly starting fires in half moon bay. she claimed she was trying to stop the zombie apocalypse. monica berlin pleaded not guilty in court yesterday to charges of setting hundreds of hey bales on fire twice at a ranch off of highway 1. berlin claimed she was preventing a cult from committing a massacre and a zombie apocalypse. the hay bales are worth an estimated 20,000 bucks. wait times at bay area dmv offices are twice as long as they were last year. today we learned some customers are going online to an independent website to avoid the lines. >> reporter: the dmv says this company is using the dmv's own
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website to book these . now it's investigating whether that's legal. it was a very painful day here at this office in santa clara. i just spoke to a man we already talked to this morning. he just walked out of the building. he's been here nine hours. long lines winding around the building at this dmv office in santa clara have forced this man to miss an entire day of work. >> i came here. i thought it would be two to four hours. looks like a full day affair. >> reporter: some had to wait as long as six hours to do their dmv business today. even those with appointments claimed two-hour waits. dmv blamed the delays on the time it's taking staff to new the new federal ids which will soon be required to fly. at this office in south san jose you'll have to wait more than nine weeks to get an
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appointment. it's not much better here in santa clara. >> tried to make an appointment a few weeks ago and the closest available time was like mid august. i'd rather wait six hours than six weeks. >> reporter: the website based in oakland offered to get you an appointment in two weeks, but it will cost you about 20 bucks. >> i don't understand if they can do it, why can't we do it? >> reporter: we asked dmv the same question. the agency confirmed is using the website to book appointments and issued this statement saying, we continue to investigate this operation and remind dmv customers that we do not charge to schedule an appointment to visit a dmv field office. if you need to get something done with dmv this month, take a number. we reached out to today for a comment but received a response. in the meantime, dmv says it plans to make a major announcement about service
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changes as early as tomorrow. here's a little tip for you. aaa also offers a lot of dmv services, so you might want to check there. we now know what sparked the county fire near la. it was an electric fence. it's burned more than 90,000 acres. cal fire said an electric fence started the fire because it was improperly installed. that county fire is expected to be fully contained by thursday. let's get a check of our forecast. we've got monsoonal moisture on the way. i love that word. we never get to say it. >> monsoonal moisture. >> little bit of humidity moving in with that as we head through the next two days. wel also be increased f danger from any
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lightning strikes. we'll get you a life vive view emeryville toward oakland. a lot of blue skies today. 73 for the high. right now we're dropping down to 68. eenl we are looking at some changes moving in. you can see on storm ranger in southern california where some thunderstorms are popping up right now. most lightning strikes, though, in the central sierra. it's from that monsoonal moisture moving in from the south. we are going to see the activity pick up. i don't think any of this over bishop is going to move our way tonight. but slowly and surely we'll see thunderstorms moving close by. more of that in a second. i want to get us through tomorrow's forecast. a mix of sun and clouds, also the high clouds and humidity increase by the afternoon. we're looking at a dry forecast. with some hubituncomfortable hn
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livermore with low 90s. santa 84. 86 in san jose. here's the deal on my extended forecast. humid, also muggy on thursday and friday with that monsoonal moisture close by. we're not looking at a huge chance here in the bay area. as we head through this upcoming weekend, we're dry and lots of 80s over the next several days. coming up, we'll show you where some of the heaviest rainfall will go and how close that will get to the bay area. for the first time we are seeing the boys stuck in a thailand cave now recovering in the hospital. we're going to introduce you to the two us air force members who helped in the recue efforts. on
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a lost dog is reunited with its family tonight happening now on our facebook page, a lost dog is reunited with its family tonight. that dog jumped into a police car in walnut creek and animal . the family says the pit bull now has a micro chip. on our twitter feed, a family tragedy in southern california. a horse fell on two a rec center. a 12-year-old girl is dead, her 4-year-old sister in the hospital. pounds, but thailand )d
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soccer players managed they each lost nearly five pounds, but thailand's rescued soccer players managed to drink water from the cave walls where
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they were trapped and that saved their lives. we're also learning about a close call. right after the last person was rescued yesterday, the coach, the main water pump failed, flooding the cave so fast divers had to rush out. the 12 boys and their coach are said to be doing well now. but they're still quarantined because of infection. >> we were expecting casualties. the multinational effort absolutely knocked it out of the park. >> experts give huge credit to the boy's soccer coach, an ordained buddhist monk who taught them to meditate in the cave, lowering their stress levels and saving their energy. one boy was able to translate wh the team was first found. president trump's new tariffs on billions of dollars of everyday products.
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as of april 20th, the permit was suspended for that number. were you aware of that? >> i know nothing about that. >> a tow company involved in a fatal crash was operating off the grid in the bay area. what happened after we brought our findings to the chp. dangeroe
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unit dug up new information off the grid and operating dangerously, our investigative unit dug up information about
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the tow truck accused of causing a crash that killed a city worker. >> last month liliana was killed when a carolled o rolled off th of a tow truck into a ditch where she was working. we've learned the tow truck never should have been on the road. a memorial replaces the police tape marking where liliana lost her life. the mother of a 2-year-old was one of a handful of female plumbers on the job killed. police investigators are still trying to figure out how this buick became unhitched from the tow truck. they were operating with a suspended permit. >> this company obviously ignored the rules. >> reporter: bob berry served on a state committee to design
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safety measures in the towing industry. he says he and other companies have called chp several times to report irvine towing for operating without a permit. he says a valid permit lets you know a company's drivers and vehicles all passed safety inspections. this is a bare minimum to have this permit? >> yes. >> reporter: what does it say to you this company is operating without one? >> it's so unfortunate that they were out there in that situation and this woman kwas killed. >> reporter: they also do business under the names strive pride in mo decembdesto. chp record show the company's permit was suspended april 20th. two months later they were still towing, causing the accident that killed liliana.
6:32 pm
days after that our surveillance cameras caught the company towing cars at this lot in oakland. >> it is shocking. >> it shouldn't have ever happened. >> reporter: chp officer mark fisher says the agency is responsible for regulating roughly 6.7 million commercial vehicles. only about half a million are inspected each year. he estimated about 2% operate illegall illegally. a company with this kind of history, should they be shut down? >> yes. >> reporter: who would do that? >> our unit would go in and do an inspection on them and let them know they should cease operations until they're up to satisfactory. >> reporter: in this case, that didn't happen? >> i don't know that. >> reporter: fisher says northern california chp officers were unaware of this tow yard in oakland. >> if you have a company with multiple violations and aren't adherent to rules and
6:33 pm
regulations, shouldn't get very long to get that report done and stoe sent to the district attorney's office. >> reporter: we called company management multiple times but they hung up on us. my name's vicki with nbc bay area. so we went to the oakland yard where a driver told us the company was s towing cars. are you guys open for business? >> they're open but they're not here. >> reporter: they're towing cars right now? got it. as of april 20th the permit was suspended for that number. were you aware of that? >> i know nothing about that. >> reporter: what is it that you think needs to happen to fix this problem? >> well, at the very least the highway patrol needs to do a very thorough inspection and this company should be shut down. >> reporter: chp officers inspected the company's oakland tow yard for the first time
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earlier this month and issued an unsatisfactory rating. usually that means the company has 120 days to fix problems or face shutdown. but this company is already operating without a permit. just monday we caught their trucks still towing cars. this is a story we will continue to stay on. >> if you have a tip for vicki or anyone else in our investigative unit, give us a call or visit our website n day one of the nato summit certainly got off to an unusual start. president trump called out one of america's allies in a tense exchange with the nato general. >> how can you be together when a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against? >> the president also attacked germany saying it's a captive of russia. mr. trump showing he will not pull punches in person. but many worry about his
6:35 pm
approach, especially given his upcoming meeting with russia's vladimir putin. >> the russians are seeking to exploit every division that exists among us in the nato alliance to their advantage. >> the president's nato meetings continue tomorrow morning. from there he heads to london and scotland. the so-called trade war with china is escalating. president trump is slapping tariffs on an additional $200 billion in products. china is vowing to retaliate. this trade dispute already includes thousands of products americans buy. if it continues, the national retail federation says its will lead to higher prices on many everyday items. >> sporting goods to travel goods,luggage, lighting, flooring, carpeting. they're looking at a potential recession. >> the tariffs are intended to get china to shrink its trade surplus and stop stealing.
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technology. croatia beat eng florida panhandle -- england in a nail biter today. >> it's good to be croatian. there's no way you picked france and croatia in the final. >> no. i had argentina going up against germany. how wrong was i? croatia making world cup history today for the first time. england 1-0 in the fifth minute. free kick goal. but after that there was really nothing left to celebrate. tied at the 68th minute. and over time for the croatian team for the third straight time where they score the game winner and croatia beat england 2-1. just two more games to go on sunday. coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. france looking to win world cup number two in their history while croatia looks to win its
6:37 pm
first. on saturday belgium and england will playhe mchroatian fans cel the team's historic win over england. i'm pretty sure that no one will sleep in croatia today. it's a very well deserved party. it's not every day that your country makes it to the world cup final. it's amazing what they've done. >> we would have never guessed it. >> france maybe, but not croatia, never. >> might be a few hangovers in croatia. >> pretty sure. telemundo 48 is your home for our coverage saturday of belgium against england. big changes for bart riders. the reason ea trains will soon stop running. its months awf
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a bike lane on the richmond-san rafael bridge. but now - the metropolitan
6:40 pm
it's months away, the opening of that bike lane on the richmond san rafael bridge. the transparency commissiortatis making new moves to use the bike lane for cars during peak times. bike riders say the move will discourage people from riding their bikes to work. some big changes on the way for bart riders, especially for people who commute early in the morning. starting in february trains start running ata.m. an hour later than they start now. bart is delaying service so crews have extra time tofit the. it will run buses for early et . jackie speier undergoing surgery tomorrow. he' she'll be recovering at home, so she will miss some votes in congress in the next couple of weeks.
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the congresswoman has represented the 14th district since 2008. tonight is the annual at&t park slumber party. take a life look at the ballpark. some tents being set up right now. it's been an exciting day there already. a couple of hours ago the giants beat the cubs in extra innings. campers get to watch a league of their own tonight and "star wars." there will also be pizza, midnight snacks and games. >> that sounds like a good deal. s there. we need the go get someone to c our camera there. >> we got a little fog roll into the coastline. a nice cool breeze at at&t park tonight. eventually low cloud move in. currently 62 degrees ing.
6:42 pm
we'll talk more about monsoonal moisture tuin just a few minute. ♪ pianos amidst the flowers. bay area botanical gardens inviting anyone to tickle the ivories. ella
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6:44 pm
beethoven and >> pianos areed around the gardens. music will fill the air over the weekend. this year things a little different. ♪ >> reporter: in the confines of
6:45 pm
the city, people often turn to things like nature and music to escape. >> i think it's good for the soul. >> he was playing -- i don't know what it was. ♪ >> reporter: in golden gate park's botanical gardens, beethoven and flowers are coexisting this week in the fourth year of the flour pia fl project. >> inviting people to come down and play. >> reporter: a dozen pianos, a dozen days. it falls under the category of build it and they with come. set out a piano -- >> this is the most fun i've ever had. i've played quite a few places. >> lots of people come up and play different kinds of music. >> reporter: the key to this
6:46 pm
event, no limits on age or skill. >> over here someone's playing chopin. and someone over here is playing like punk rock. >> reporter: over last weekend and next, professional players slide into the benches for a series of concerts. the rest of the time, if it tickles your fancy, you can tickle the ivories. >> some of the people that end up here with a little audience around them have never played the piano outside of their living room. >> besides the sounds of nature and bird, you hear a piano playing in the woods. it's kind of something from a fa fairytale. >> reporter: it's a chance to
6:47 pm
strike harmony between the notes on a piano and the notes of nature, friends and strangers gathered together, joined like the many notes in nature's symphony. >> those people are so good. so impressed. >> she's really good. >> i don't know like that. that was beautiful. >> are you going to go this weekend? >> i don't know. maybe it's techmpting. >> i can do twinkle twinkle little star. >> we're looking pretty good here as we head through the next couple of days. we do have to get through some clouds, some humidity and some isolated thunderstorms near the bay area. it's all about this monsoonal moisture bubbling up from the south.
6:48 pm
fwhoex d we have storm ranger positioned in southern california. most numerous lightning strikes right here in central california over the central sierra down towards southern california where storm ranger is scanning the l.a. basin. you can see this scan is reaching back to palm springs. that's where we do have hail and also heavy downpours from this monsoonal moisture. we stay dry tonight also into tomorrow morning with a mix of sun and cloudsart. typil fog of course in san francisco and low clouds stretching back to the east bay. what i really want to put a focus on iseast in the cloud cover and how things play out for tomorrow. at 11:00 we're still under sunny skies. keep your eye on the bottom of the screen. you see those clouds bubble up from the south. that's that monsoonal moisture. it will give us a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky. at times that sun is going to be trying to break out.
6:49 pm
notice some rainfall toward the central valleys. we're still pinning the best chance of rainfall to the south and east. at big bear, over one inch. half inch in bishop. san jose only .001 of an inch. it's just showing the computer models trying to bring us a slight chance. north, east and getting a stray lightning strike. if we see anything get close to the bay area, we definitely will bring that to you. tomorrow it's going to feel like summer outside. that humidity is going to make it feel at least a little bit strange outside. you're at 86 in downtown san jose, 89 in morgan littlhill. 92 in danville, bay breeze in oakland with 75. 83 in redwood city tomorrow. heading to san francisco, we'll have 60s.
6:50 pm
for the north bay you're at 68 at point reyes. my extended forecast keeps some humidity and cloud cover with us on thursday. that will linger on friday as well. we'll see drier air and a mix of fog and sun this weekend in san francisco, temps in the 60s and a nice start next week. interior valleys also looking at humid muggy conditions next two days. we'll be tracking the thunderstorms nearby the bay area. then for this weekend lots of sun and temperatures in the no days. then it gets kind of interesting. monsoonal moisture is very finicky. if we get anything near us and that fire is danger is going to increase. a stray lightning bolt certainly could spark a fire. up next, speaking of weather, a lot of sunshine and cheering at china basin today.
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drama...sunscreen and buster.. whatta win for the giants... three things at the ballpark today, drama, sunscreen and buster. >> what about beer and water? >> oh yeah, that too. >> what a win for the giants. >> reporter: rubber game of a three-game series with the cubs. the giants hadn't lost a home series since early april. they still haven't. picture perfect day for seseba. it's kyle shanahan ldoff home run, juston ball of his career. the hitting was contagious in the first. mccutchen and crawford score.
6:55 pm
hernandez winds up at third. fresh off the disabled list, chris bryant, 2-1 pitch. it's a 4-3 game. in the seventh tony watson grooves one for baez deep to center. buster posey off the wall in right. buster on a bad hit plays all 13 inning game winning hit. giants 5, cubs 4. >> both teams were fighting hard out there. we had the right guy up. i can assure you buster wanted in that game as bad as anybody. i'm sure he was tired. >> a late voting push on the ballot. >> i just want to point out that i believe i was told that russia actually interfered with this election. >> reporter: the giants off tomorrow, then they welcome the
6:56 pm
as to at&t park for a three-game set starting friday night. >> what a day to be at the ballpark. we've got a lot going on this weekend. >> we do and some sunshine coming for this weekend, but right now we have monsoonal moisture to the south and east. it's going to bring in a little bit of humidity through the next two days. by friday we're at 88. we'll be watching those thunderstorms close by. this weekend we're dry, upper 80s, 60s in san francisco. >> summer in san francisco. >> you might be at botanical gardens. >> you never know.
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"extra" ♪
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now on "extra," george clooney's terrifying crash. the moment of impact exposed. insane new video, the oscar winner thrown into the air like a rag doll. his family fears he could have been killed. >> when you're projected at 60 miles an hour, the chances of you not developing a significant injury is low. >> his long recovery and where he's hiding out. tom cruise, the rock, two of the world's bigges >> tom's breaking news to renee about "mi 6," "top gun 2," and why he's not slowing down at 56. >> what is wrong with this guy? >> can't help mylf


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