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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 12, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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touches of kindness after a 3-year-old boy is hurt in a shooting in oakland. the chief of police personally visitin of kindness after a 3-year-old boy is hurt in a shooting in oakland. the chief of police visiting the toddler in the hospital and bringing along a stuffed bear. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we brought you the shooting as breaking news earlier this morning on today in the bay. pete suratos has the very latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. we had oakland police come out here in front of children's hospital to give us a briefing on what happened in all of this. they tell us that the 3-year-old is in stable condition here at children's hospital and we had a special moment after the
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briefing. you can see the acting oakland police chief along side other members of oakland police department bringing the teddy bear to that 3 year old who is currently in stable condition. we want to let the mother and the 3 year old know that they are working hard to track down the suspect. there were multiple scenes as it relates to the specific shooting. the first piece of video here is a look near the 1600 block of 80th avenue. that is near where the shooting took place roughly around 9:30 p.m. according to oakland police they are saying shots were fired at a car in that area. in that car was a 3-year-old boy with his mother. police say fragments from one of the rounds hit the child, injurying him in the face. the next piece of video is at the highland hospital. it is the mother who drove there after calling oakland police, police met the mother there before the 3 year old was transported to children's hospital. around the time the shooting police tell us that the mother
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and 3 year old were leaving a memorial for a homicide victim in that area but do not think that the shooting was related to the memorial. the area in general has seen several shootings as of late according to police and they are going to increase their presence in the area as a result. here is the acting chief of police addressing this latest incident. >> we recognize particularly in this incident where a young child has been injured that this is a very serious matter. we know that community members were there and witnessed the incident. there is information that can be provided to us to help us further our investigation. we are asking for community members to come forward. >> reporter: at this time police are still looking for a suspect. if you have information to help with this case contact oakland police. we are live here in oakland, pete suratos. we also have breaking news this mid day. investigators are looking into a deadly accident at a work site in palo alto.
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nbc bay area sky ranger is over the scene right now. this is at middlefield road near the oregon expressway, very busy area. the address for this site that we are getting comes back to the love and care christian preschool and daycare but we do know that no children are hurt. you see all the emergency personnel there at the scene and hope to gather more information on exactly what happened. we will bring that to you as our mid day news continues until 12:00 today. this morning the justice department says 57 kids under the age of 5 are reunited with their parents thmpt families were separated at the u.s./mexico border. the governments lists different reasons for the 46 separations. in some cases there are safety concerns about the parents especially those who have a serious criminal history. in other instances the parents have already been deported but the government is in the process of trying to reach them. the next deadline is july 26.
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it is definitely summer in the bay area. we have all been feeling the heat. >> a live look for you right now at san jose and richmond. a couple of spots where we are expected to see temperatures in the mid 80s. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking the warm temperatures and looks like they will stick around for a few days. >> we are stuck in a pattern where right now we are seeing the marine layer giving the coastal area some fog and some cooler temperatures there. as you make your way inland it is much warmer. we are already at 74 degrees in san jose. 76 in livermore. oakland 66 degrees and 59 degrees in san francisco and half moon bay. these temperatures are spread out and will stay there. as we go to walnut creek we see highs reaching the upper 80s and low 90s. a few more cloud moving in tonight as temperatures cool off. we will have highs up to 90 degrees today in livermore. 91 in concord and in napa 86 degrees. one thing you may feel as you
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head out the door, higher humidity. i will have more on that and what we are expecting as we go into the end of the week coming up in the microclimate forecast. there is another hearing in the golden state killer case today. this might be different. a report from sacramento tv station says that two of his alleged victims will be there. we will have a crew in the courtroom, as well, to see if this happens. the hearing is set for 1:30. in washington a bitter divide at a congressional hearing as one of the fbi agents dismissed from the mueller investigation defended his politics and his professionalism. scott mcgrew, a lot of angry words. >> you are talking about peter strozk one of two who were secret lovers, one text message
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said we will stop it. strozk was dismissed from the mueller investigation as all of that came out. the fbi agent has testified before congress today but this morning was the first time we saw him in open door testimony. this was a very partisan hearing. republicans accusing him of unprofessionalism, democrats largely defending him. here is what strozk had to say about his own behavior. >> personally what i believe in what i did i understand why people may or may not have doubts or believe that but then i would say look at the entirety of the rest of the organization of the men and women who make it up, of all the things in place to ensure that our jobs in the fbi is to independently pursue the facts wherever they are and i cannot stress to you enough that is exactly what is done day in and day out and that is exactly what has guided my behavior for over 26 years. >> president trump demanded an
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investigation into strozk and fbi agent lisa paige which was carried out by the justice department which found their behavior, text messages and affair were inappropriate but said they were not politically motivated. paige was supposed to testify earlier this week but didn't show up even though she was subpoenaed but said she will answer question business hind closed doors tomorrow. >> thanks for the latest there. developing right now charges against stormy daniels have been dismissed. the porn star was arrested last night after performing at an ohio strip club. daniels' attorney blasting her arrest calling it a setup and politically motivated. daniels was facing misdemeanor charges after police documents say she alleged touched patrons inappropriately and allowed them to touch her. the judge has already signed off on the dismissile of aal of cha an ohio law prohibits anyone who
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is not a family member to touch a nude or semi nude dancer. nbc news reported daniels is cooperating with investigators. daniels said she had sex with trump in 2006 and cohen paid her $130,000 to keep the encounter secret shortly before the presidential election. let's look now at the road ahead for the 12 thai boys and their soccer coach who spent weeks trapped underground. now in various stages of recovery they are facing not just physical challenges but mental ones, as well. we have a report from thailand. >> reporter: the boys are recovering and relaxing after the daring three-day rescue mission wearing face masks and hospital gowns, waving from their beds still together now that they are free. their families wiping away tears from behind glass, separated from their children to prevent
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infection. the healthy team a remarkable change from the haunting scene of 12 boys and their coach hungry and trapped. health officials say the boys are doing well mainly because of their coach. in a letter he apologized to the boys' parents. his aunt telling us she is relieved. his uncle, proud telling us i will hug them and cheer them up and tell them to keep the fighting spirit. the incredible rescue mission watched around the world, each boy sedated to ease anxiety. this new video showing parts of the rescue the boys carried out on stretchers. and just after the last person was out the main water pump failed, flooding the cave forcing rescue workers to scramble to safety. the boys and their coach will spend a few more days in the hospitals.
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officials say the boys were given anti-anxiety medication to take the edge off. the biggest risk in the operation was panic. they needed to control the environment in order to pull it all off. nbc news, thailand. >> interesting news coming out. take a look at this. these are lines at the build a bear in san jose. many stores are now stopping people from getting into the long lines. the company is doing a pay for your age promotion. it's exactly how it sounds. kids or parents only have to pay what their age is for a custom bear. we have team coverage. scott budman tweeted video from outside this very same mall. the bears are very popular today. coming up much more.
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president trump blasts our n.a.t.o. allies. now he is being met with protests in england. the president's overseas trip which has the world watching. and don't click on the purchase just yet. what you need to know bf you buy anything on amazon.
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overseas trip today .. traveling from belgium to the united president trump continues his overseas trip today traveling from belgium to the united kingdom where he is expected to meet with pomp and circumstance and massive protest. >> reporter: president trump begins the second leg of his european tour in the united kingdom two days in and around london including a sit down with prime minister teresa may and tea with the queen on the heels of what the president calls an important and positive n.a.t.o. summit. >> very unified, very strong, no problem. >> reporter: after reports of a very big problem, indications the u.s. could pull out of the
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n.a.t.o. alliance if other member countries did not agree to increase defense funding, a battle he says he won in brussels. >> by the time we left and got along and agreed to pay more and more quickly. >> winning over londoners may be a bit more difficult. >> what i care about is the front line of protesting in america that they have support from around the world. >> reporter: as many as 100,000 are preparing for a march tomorrow which will inchud a 16 story balloon they call baby trump. >> we want to emphasize -- >> reporter: the president brushed off the planned demonstration. >> i think they like me a lot in the u.k. and agree with me on immigration. >> reporter: so far on this trip agreement at best has been difficult to find. jay gray, nbc news, london. >> our coverage on president
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trump's trip continues right here on nbc bay area and of course nbc nightly news. now to other top local stories. we could learn more about major service cuts to early morning b.a.r.t. riders. the trains will start running at 5:00 a.m. the crews are retrofitting so they can make sure it is safe during an earthquake. the board of directors meets today. today is also the last day for owners of small businesses to apply for federal disaster loans if they were impacted by the north bay wild fafirewildfi the business journal reported that the government gave out about $21 million of assistances to 173 businesses and new applications were tapering off. and jackie speier undergoes surgery, her office not saying what kind of surgery, only she
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will be recovering at her home. she has represented the 14th district since 2008. and take a look here. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. the dow, s&p 500 and nasdaq all up. nasdaq jumped more than one percent to record high as tech and amazon surge. lots of bay area teachers and students probably wondering what exactly they are going to do as more colleges are closing their doors. the art institute of san francisco and argosy university will both close by the end of the year according to the company that now owns those schools. documents reportedly sent to the state indicates the schools will lay off more than 200 teachers, both are former for profits once labored as predatory lenders by critics. the new owners says students will be able to transfer to
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other campuses. las vegas known for high rollers but when it comes to raiders season ticket holders they need to attract a few more. the raiders plan to start their 2020 season in their new vegas stadium. the team source tells the review journal personal licenses will run between 20,000 and $75,000. they could generate more than $150 million for the team. imagine a flu test you can take at home. the government is investing to make it a reality. the health department is working to develop the technology. here is how it might work. people who think they have the flu would take a test at home and then send the info to the doctor using a smart phone app. the doctor could prescribe medicine to be delivered hoping if patients stay home they are less likely to spread the flu.
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right now would be a horrible time to have it. >> a lot of people are getting summer colds. what makes it worse is the heat and the humidity. you want to stay in the air conditioning with this kind of weather. as we take a live look outside still look ing good out there. we are seeing high clouds filter in. these are the clouds way up in the atmosphere that are made of ice crystals. as we see the sunshi shining through that gives us beautiful hues in the sky. as we take a live look outside from woodside we are looking towards the ocean where we can see low patches of clouds and fog. the marine layer returning this morning. let's go to concord. right in the middle of the day we are hitting the high temperatures in the low 90s. as you check out the seven day forecast at the bottom of the screen we are seeing a little more cloud cover for today as well as tomorrow as the humidity goes up.
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right now we are heading towards 89 degrees. for the south county we head to the east bay where we are looking at up to 90 degrees in walnut creek and free mont 88 degrees. san mateo 77 degrees. looking at 67 degrees and 84 degrees in novado. let's talk about what is going on here with the increase in the mugginess and the higher humidity. we are already starting to see lightning strikes fire up around the southern sierra. we will be keeping an eye on that as it moves closer to the bay area. there will be a slight chance that the southerly wind could bring in a slight chance of a few isolated storms near the bay area and we will have to see if it moves in. most likely over the hills if we see lightning strikes and as we go towards the weekend the shift in the wind brings in cooler breezes and just slightly lower temperatures especially for the
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coast. once again the big story today will be the surge of the monsoonal moisture. we typically see across the desert southwest but as it moves off towards the west we see it move into the bay area. a lot of times it doesn't always make it here but it looks like this time it will. we are going to feel higher humidity for today as well as tomorrow. and then it comes down for the weekend. our temperatures pretty much staying the same for the valleys reaching into the upper 80s. and for san francisco still high humidity for today and tomorrow, some upper 60s for the weekend as we see at times some clouds passing by. we will talk more about the monsoonal moisture and things going on around the bay area heading into the weekend. that's coming up. >> we look forward to it. thanks so much. netflix is the new emmy darling. we break down the nominations. the u.s. army approves a new fitness test designed to be gender and age neutral.
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there are six events including things like pushups, sprints and runs. the test takes effect in october of 2020. and we won't be saying president rock anytime soon. dwayne "the rock" johnson says he needs more experience and won't be running for president in 2020. he says he is serious about a career in politics someday and that he is not quote delusional. we are back with more news right after the break. trump )s visit to the u-k
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continues. analysis of any new comments overnight. plus: a speed bump for students who want to park at school. the coco district asking teens for more than a license - to get a permit. )today in the bay. ) 4:30 to 7. good morniit )s throwback thursh
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is bob redell )s favorite. welcome back. it is throwback thursday which seems to be bob redell's favorite. watch as the rowdy fans on facebook take him on there. oh, my goodness. no way you will see old video of me. the new one is bad enough. we are staying on top of what is trending online. >> we have been talking about tv in general. we have gotten some emmy's in the news room over the years. we are talking about the primetime emmy's that were announced as far as nominations go. this year netflix is taking the crown from hbo. they still have the crown on hbo. we are talking about 112 emmy
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nominations. they are now the champion there. it's the former dvd by mail company and now it is emmy nominated series. we will talk more about those in a second. i want to show you another story. it is a picture of bruno mars nominated for an emmy. john legend for jesus christ superstar which was on nbc. if john legend gets this emmy has the he has a grammy, oscar and tony. he is looking for the e in e.g.o.t. there is also a whole bunch of other info hosted talking about history being made talking about "game of thrones," hand made tail, this is us. >> the entire episode is
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nominated for best drama. from what i hear it is great. >> it is really well done. >> it's really well done tv show. >> exactly. someone close to your heart. the next show nominated for best drama is silicon valley. we are in silicon valley. did you know that? silicon valley nominated for best comedy. this is marvelous mrs. maisel, a woman who has tragedy in her n personal life and becomes a standup comedian at a time when women were not seen as anything outside the house. it is nominated for best comedy.
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i forgot what network it is on and i couldn't find it. it's on amazon. first asian lead of a bbc series show. you can always check out the latest news, entertainment or otherwise on >> thanks a lot. coming up, a bay area republican candidate tied to a racist robo call. the g.o.p. says they are not supporting him. the reason he is still on the ballot. california )s republica -- is turning it )s shoulder toa republican candidate for
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hi! are you two getting along? oh, yeah, yeah. [ hiss ] [ gasps ] [ birds chirping] ♪ no matter what you are they're a perfect match. the new ipad and xfinity stream app. hey guys, i'm home! surprise! i got a puppy. add an ipad to select packages for just $5 a month for 24 months.
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upgrade online now. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. california's republican party turning its shoulder to a republican candidate. >> some say candidate john
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fitzgerald is racist and the robo calls backing his campaign are raising eyebrows. jean elle has the details. >> and the jewish take over of america. >> reporter: the robo call backing john fitzgerald is sounding alarms in the east bay. >> it's just crazy. >> reporter: in an e-mail he says he is not affiliated with the group that paid for the call and does not support the message. the chair of the republican party who is jewish says the state republican party does not endorse fitzgerald because he has racist views. a check of his website and social media pages reveals he is a hall deolocaust denier. while republicans don't endorse john fitzgerald 36,000 people voted for him in the june
11:32 am
primary. he will be on the ballot in november challenging incumbent. >> it is really unfortunate that this happened. i can tell you that our party will take action in the general election to see that this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the republican party says it is sending fitzgerald a letter saying he is not welcome in their organization and working on a strategy to inform voters about his views before they cast a ballot. >> he has run for office as a democrat before and lost. the republican party president does not believe he represents their party. happening today london breed attends an event as mayor of san francisco. hundreds of supporters gathered to watch breed take the oath to become the city's first-ever black female mayor. she attends an emergency
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preparedness meet wg first responders. and lessons learned during the experiment in the primary. five counties tried this. there was a lot of confusion here. the sacramento registrar says there needs to be a better outreach effort for some people when it comes to the drop boxes. there is also a push to put prepaid postage on the envelopes saying that a lot of young people have never purchased a stamp before. this morning investigators say they are working on a new lead in the search for missing woman. angela hernandez has not been seen for more than a week. hernandez told her sister last thursday night she was stopping to get sleep in a safeway parking lot. the next day hernandez told her family she was back on the road. she was driving a white 2011 jeep patriot. the family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. newly released video showing
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the deadly aftermath of a suspected street race in hayward this week. police say they arrested a 21-year-old driver of a chevy camaro after the driver hit a 59-year-old woman. she was a long time employee. county supervisors are remembering her as a loyal and dedicated employee. >> she was killed over stupidity. and people need to think about what they do when they get behind the wheel of a car, whether they are racing or drunk driving or whatever hits. >> just sad. she was reportedly walking home when she was hit by the car. the justice department is reopening its investigation into a death. the brutal murder helped galvanize the civil rights movement in the 1960s. he was lynched in mississippi accused of whistling at and
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grabbing a white woman. a jury acquitted two white men who have later confessed and died. the woman later admitted she lied. the justice department closing the case in 2007. we are learning more about the small plane that crashed in alaska plunging into a remote mountain. the coast guard says that it really is a miracle anyone survived. a small, single engine prop plane slamming head on into the mountain. it took rescue teams three hours to reach the survivors and incredibly no one was critically injured. >> reporter: this is the moment they were in the air after the small plane slammed into the ground, 11 survivors hoisted to safety after a crash landing in dangerous weather. even for coast guard pilots, a white knuckle flight.
11:36 am
after spotting the crumpled sea plane with landing gear sheered off rescue teams had to navigate the dangerous rocky tree lined mountain, the crash site so remote after the pilot called 911 it took three hours for rescue teams to reach them. passenger still can't believe she survived. >> kind of surreal at first when we saw the helicopter through the fog and realized that they could actually see us. that was like whoa. we are going to get off here. it was amazing. >> reporter: she sent her husband a series of frantic text messages that he shared with us. we just crashed, she says. i'm so scared right now. the emotional trauma he says worse than the physical. >> she has a minor fracture. i can't think of which vertebrae it is, a bone spur where the
11:37 am
muscles connect to and then basic bruising. so pretty minor injuries considering that they were in a plane crash. >> reporter: this video of the single ingon sea otter taken last year shows the plane after a water landing. on tuesday it was flying when it slammed into mt. jumbo. one survivor tells us the plane came out of the clouds and hit the mountain without warning or time to prepare. >> everybody was really happy to see us. there was a lot of high fiving going on and maybe a little hypothermia. >> reporter: this crash landing and safe escape a miracle on the mountain. so it may take weeks if not months to know exactly what happened. >> amazing survival. state public utilities leaders are expected to close the book today on the penalties handed out to b.a.r.t. in
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connection with an accident where two workers were killed. five years ago a train struck two maintenance workers on the track. last year a judge fined b.a.r.t. about $650,000 and put it on three years probation. it a new record at u.c. admitting more transfer students than ever before. more than 28,000 transfer applicants were offered spots. in the past interviews with the chronicle the tranchancellor ta about a focus on making it easier for community college students to transfer in. new details on a village planned in san jose a few train stops away from google's huge developme
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development. it is called the gateway station project. we found it, as well. here are some renderings from the developer. the paper says the project now includes nearly 600 residential units in more than 214,000 square feet of offices. it's been 40 years since the jamestown massacre. >> over 900 people and followers of the reverend jim jones died. new this morning an exclusive first look at tomorrow's date line special and the role san francisco played in the story. >> our story begins in san francisco in the mid '70s where a charismatic preacher named jim jones was making a name for himself and attracting a particular flock. >> he considered himself a socialist and san francisco is a very liberal community. >> reporter: a young wire service reporter at the time. >> he was perceived as an activist preacher, somebody who
11:40 am
practiced what he preached, somebody who brought in poor people and helped poor people. >> reporter: jones had migrated to california from the midwest in the '60s, preaching a gospel of racial harmony. in san francisco his peoples temple ran elderly homes, offered drug counseling and fed the poor. jones was a darling of democrats. politicians like governor jerry brown courted him. the reverend jim jones was also controversial. he claimed to be christ reincarnated, a socialist god that could heal the sick, make the blind see and the lame walk again. >> take that step. >> jones had established a reputation as someone who could
11:41 am
remove cancers from people's bodies. much of this was saverly but it did bring people through the door. >> this is a piece of a powerful date line special you just saw. you can watch the full special tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. really fascinating story. coming up, we will have a look at what we can expect weatherwise. >> it will be a warm day as we take a look at los gatos. we will be reaching into the upper 80s. partly cloudy skies and higher humidity. we'll talk about what that means as we head into the weekend coming up next. a medical mishap overseas triggers a billing mystery here at home. nbc bay area responds next. sane
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hospital bill after heart problems struck in south america. nbc bay area responds to a san jose man left with a hospital bill after heart problems struck when he was in south america. >> we helped viewers straighten things out with his insurance provider. >> good morning. dave smith was on vacation at one of the most remarkable places on earth right there in peru. he felt sick and went to a doctor. the situation was so serious dave ended up being flown to a
11:45 am
heart hospital in lima. he learned health care is much less expensive in peru than the u.s. his hospital bill came to just $456 which he paid out of pocket. his health insurance provider agreed to cover that bill. dave says kaiser told him it would mail him the reimbursement check. this was in february. he never got that check. after weeks of getting nowhere he turned to us. we reached out and dave got that $456.49 check a few days later. they told us that it strives to process all claims within 45 days after all documentation is received and with this specific case a delay occurred. it went on to say we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. dave is fortunate his policy does cover most emergency care when traveling abroad. before you leave the u.s. for any reason check with your
11:46 am
health insurance provider to see if you have coverage, too. you want to know before you go. and also know who to call when you are over there in case anyone suffers a medical emergency overseas. call us 888-996-tips or visit it's a hot one. >> it's starting to get hot out there and then you will feel the humidity, too. we are looking at a live shot from dublin. 76 degrees and sunny. we have the clouds rolling by. it is giving us a filtered sunshine right now. we are seeing the temperature in san jose at 74 degrees. let's get a look at our music in
11:47 am
the park broadcast. it is something fun to do. it will be at about 81 degrees. it will be in the upper 70s as the night goes on and feeling a little humid. as we look at south bay numbers for today looking at our highs, mostly mid to upper 80s. it's a little cooler than it was but it probably won't feel that way. and then low 90s for much of the inland parts of the east bay. in hayward up to 80 degrees. 83 degrees in redwood city. daly city 69. we will mostly see upper 60s in san francisco. winds coming in from the west at about 15 miles per hour. middle valley expect a high of 77 and 86 today in napa. we are starting to see the lightning strikes form as we look at the southern sierra starting to see quite a few of them now.
11:48 am
i did a query to show how many lightning strikes we have seen recently. we are starting to see more developing. as that continues to move closer we will see winds at five to ten miles per hour at times 15 heading into the evening. with winds from the south it brings in the plume of that monsoonal moisture. and as we go into tomorrow more of the same when we reach the peak of the monsoonal moisture. you may be asking what is that? actually that is what we see across the desert southwest quite a bit this time of year. it's the reversal in the wind that brings in higher humidity. normally it doesn't make it all the way to the bay area but it looks like this time it will. we will feel that humidity moving through and a lot of times it causes the clouds to bubble up especially over some of the mountain areas and causes the air to rise. we see lightning strikes coming out of that. we will be watching out for the potential strikes of lightning close by the bay area.
11:49 am
there is the chance we can see a little bit of that moving in by late tonight and early tomorrow and throughout the day tomorrow, as well, as we will still have high humidity and highs reaching into the upper 80s. when temperatures are this warm you have humidity that gives a lot of energy to the atmosphere and then looking at some upper 60s for san francisco heading into the weekend and early next week. i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up later. >> sounds great. thank you. much more for you right here on mid day. ♪ that's my theme music. stop and listen to the music. the bay area botanical gardens inviting everyone to tickle the ivories. we like this...
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beethoven and bougainvilleas. san francisco )s botanical gardens is in the midst of its 4th annual flower power event. san francisco's botanical gardens is in the midst of the fourth annual flower power event. >> pianos are scattered around and music is in the air but this
11:52 am
year things are different. here is nbc bay area. ♪ >> reporter: in the confines of the city people often turn to things like nature and music to escape. >> i think it is good for the soul. >> in the botanical gardens beethoven are co existing this week in the fourth year of the flower piano project. >> putting pianos out in the botanical garden, inviting people to come down and play. >> it has all been to the category of build it and they will come. >> it's the most fun i have ever had. i have played quite a few
11:53 am
places. >> lots of people come out and play different kinds of music. ♪ >> you hear someone playing and someone is playing punk rock. professional players slide for a series of concerts. the rest of the time if it tickles your fancy you can tickle the ivory. >> some of the people that play and end up here with a little audience have never played a piano outside of their living room.
11:54 am
you hear a piano playing in the woods. it is kind of something from a fairytale. >> reporter: the chance to strike harmony between the notes of a piano and notes of nature. friends and family gathered together joined like the many notes in nature's symphony. nbc bay area news. >> makes you want to play. >> it does. or sing. >> we are going to a commercial break. ♪ always and forever >> we'll be right back. always t
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today - at the oakland zoo - it )s a d as they say something is always happening at the zoo. today it is something decades in the making. >> it is the expansion, we are talking about 56 acres of new terrain, more than double the zoo size and the work took three years to complete. the zoo leaders started putting this together 25 years ago. oakland mayor is among those attending the ribbon cutting which happened today about an hour and a half ago. welcome. get out there and see it. >> not cool probably at the zoo. >> it will be nice as we make plans to get out and go around the bay area. the farther inland you go it will be hotter. >> thanks so much for joining us. our next news cast is at 5:00.
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we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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♪ we are live in five, four, three, two, one. kiley jennerer is on pace to become the world's youngest self-made billionaire or the selfie-made billionaire and according to "forbes" magazine she is worth $900 million and more than her sister kim. she is only worth $350 million. she is poor. >> and kiley's cover has everybody talking, and we will get into that backlash. today, it ismmy nomination day and the walking en


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