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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  July 19, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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district attorney's office. >> you can definitely face charges for this. but it depends on the circumstances. we don't know what happened here. >> in san francisco, christie smith, nb kr bay area news. >> we're tracking developing news i paramedics got news of man with bad head injury. he was a transient walking through the parking lot when a dump truck hit him. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! honey, get inside. there just went a house therefrom just went a house. >> you can hear the fear and you can see the damage. damage and destruction in iowa late this afternoon after a tornado rips through a community right outside of des moines. this happened about three hours
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ago for about 40 miles. this video posted on twitter. there are reports of catastrophic damage. there are multiple injuries and several buildings damage. our nbc affiliate says all tornado warnings have expire. that's the good news. we'll continue to monitor the situation on air and online at we have new photos of a car believed to be the one that hit a penny cab driver. it's four-door civic believed to be a 2006 to 2011 model. last month he was swerving through slowing traffic. the driver hid the pedi cab driven by 66-year-old kevin manning. the civic then sped away and the driver remains at lancht. a social media page that
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supports san jose firefighters actually put the firefighters in the hot seat. the website expressed frustration that homeless people cause hazardous situations but home lts advocates are responding fiercely. robert handa joins us live. robert. >> reporter: that post definitely got the attention of top brass and the homeless as well. many of the homeless people here at this encampment here on story road in san jose know both the helping hand and enforcing hand of firefighters and police. so the posts by friends of san jose firefighters generated concern when it posed a scathing opinion about homeless saying they have no regard for private property and their encamment is dangerous for our folks and a huge draw on our resources. >> it sets up a scenario where
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people sent out to help with the encampment are now the enemy. >> i know a lot of them that are extremely professional as they should be. >> reporter: san jose's homeless population has been growing steadily and there are now about 4,000 on the streets. firefighters are called out to clear out encampments or put out fires. it did not represent the fire department's attitude or position and wants any safety concerns from staff or firefighters to come to him. >> that input and feedback is always welcome and we can do something about it. i can't monitor social media for that kind of feedback, so i prefer that it come to my office directly very now, the website did post an apology, but we could not reach the people who run it. the chief is still investigating. homeless advocates say they'll bring all of
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ot1st. robert handa, nbc news. not guilty. he's expected to be back in a san francisco courtroom. he is accused of picking up women while off-duty for lyft. dna linked him to four victims. >> we have an update on a tanker explosion that caused evacuat n evacuations and a shutdown on is 01. this was part of our breaking news coverage yesterday at 5:00. here's what we know today. the entire rear of that tanker was blown off as well as several cars in the kaiser law. it was delivering liquid oxygen when an explosion happened. the truck driver was the only person injured hchl's still in
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the hospital in stable condition. a surprise announce mnltz from the white house. president trump is inviting russian president vladimir putin to washington, d.c., this fall. aimed to continue their dialogue. among those surprised by the announcement, the president's own director of national intelligence. andrea mitchell broke the news to him at the aspen security forum. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah. >> okay. that's going to be special. the announcement came as the senate unanimously rebuked the president today in a rare show of bipartisanship. senators approved a resolution from blocking russia from questioning other american diplomats. the president has said he was considering putin's proposal but backed down after condemnation from both sides of the aisle. the "me too" movement
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prominent in san francisco, women's rights advocates huddled outside a san francisco courthouse saying that's about it basic civil rights. nbc bay area's sam brock joins us live from the courthouse thm is the first hearing on a very prominent issue. >> reporter: good evening. and for survivors of sexual assault, this is a very personal fight. ever since secretary of education betsy devos changed the guidelines last fall, this showdown sprang up, and as we heard from a woman who reported rape and is in the process of going to the title line right now, she has to workust to get justice. >> last year i experienced the worst day of my life. in late october 2017 i was raped by a student. >> she isn't directly involved in lawsuit against the trump administration, but as she
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summons the courage to speak before is up poerup for support. >> hope some days students can report rape and feel safe on campus. >> reporter: at a recent congressional hearing on title ix, the law that prohibits against sexual discrimination, betsy devos says the pendulum has swung to far in favor of the accuser. >> they've not respected the due process rights of both parties involved in a complaint. >> so now new guidance demands among other things that they promote new contract rules where both parties can go and what they can do. >> that restrict and limit their abilities the use the gym, to go to certain classes, to live in certain places. again, as a direct consequence of coming forward and reporting
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that they've been sexually assaulted. >> and the new rules also relax how long the school can take to investigate these kinds of reports. previously under the obama administration, it was recommended it be done in 60 days. now the timeline is indefinite. so far they have not provided me with a statement back. but i will say a comment made by a higher up at the doa previously about what 90% of women who report sexual assault actually do could become a major part of this case. reporting live from san francisco, sam brock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a warning tonight for swimmers in contra costa county. there's a toxic algi in parts of discovery bay. routine water tests found high water tests of blue/green algae. it blooms when the water temperature rises. they started testing for toxicology a couple of years ago
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after a kid swam near the algi and got sick. >> coming up, two dozen soldiers injured after a training drill in northern california goes wrong. we're going to tell you what happened. plus -- >> come on, guys. i'm out of ideas. what else. >> running out of options after a nasty crashle we' lcrash. we'll tell you about a man's legs whoa were saved after they thought they would amputate. thunderstorms over the sierra. i'll let you know what your chances are of getting this. that's coming up in eight minutes. 4
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down several operations across the city. . a huge illegal gambling bust in san jose. police raided several cafes and casinos posing as legitimate businesses. officers con fi indicated a total of 64 kbam bling machines during several months of undercover work. each machine could bring up to $100,000 a month in illegal gambling. >> they like this type of business because it's lucrative. please arrested five people and seized more than $350,000 in cash. s helping these operations become more sophisticated. despite the smoke, this is
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high season in yosemite and the ferguson fire continues to burn, but park remains open. parts of the forest are closed now. a total of five square miles are closed. it will last until the ferguson fire is out. so far about 33 square miles is burned. now today rangers did post warnings online about the poor air quality. nearly two dozen soldiers out of the hospital after a training session takes a turn at fort leggett. a large black hawk army helicopter caused two tents to collapse. they're more like shelters. 40 feet by 20 feet. 22 soldiers were hurt. a few had to be airlifted to the
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hospital. the helicopter experienced trouble with the landing. >> the pilot was practicing the ability to land as part of the training scenario, and therefore as they came in to touch down, that's why they actually were considered to be low and therefore affected the tent collapse. >> the training is currently on hold while officials investigate this incident. >> creativity is a great quality to have. in this case creativity saved a man's legs. this is about a story of firefighters thinking outside the box. >> you know, i learned a new term when reporting this story. it's a career call. it's one of those calls that sticks with you for the rest of your life. this is a picture from october 25 this one being remembered thankfully for all the right reasons. it was on this very corner of
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san francisco's park presidio bypass that nico seibert's life took an almost fatal turn. his brand-new subaru had flown off the roadway and wrapped around this tree. >> when i was in the car, i remember looking at it and staring straight up and there were branches above me. i didn't know how high it got up there. >> reporter: the wreck so bad, the first to saw it describe it this way. >> brake lights in a tree. >> their job was to keep nico alive until firefighters could get him out, but freeing nico turned out to be so much harder than expected. aned and he was part of that, he was entangled in that, embedded in the car very for more than two hours every technique in the
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manual was tried to get nico out. each and every one failed. concern was growing that nico would net get out of this car alive. a call was placed to san francisco general for a surgeon to come and do a field amputation. >> there was just a moment, took a deep breath and said, come on guys, i'm out of ideas, what else. >> i don't know what made it come to me like that. >> reporter: it was division chief bob postel who came up with the what else. looking around the scene, he saw two tow trucks waiting to clear the wreckage, and though he had never heard of let alone seen it done before, bob had an idea. use the trucks and their cables to pull nico's car apart. >> it worked. his idea is what saved everything. >> i think it's great. it's great we got him out and he
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has his leg. >> are you the one, i'm holding your arm? >> reporter: it was on his leg he was able to walk up to his rescuers and say thank you. their creativity in his time of crisis, making all the difference. >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you, again, sir. >> thank you from us too. that's incredible. this was a very riff yk decision. one, something nobody's ever tried before, and, two, they didn't know if the cables would snap. every time they tried to pry nico out, part of the car would movefere direction. that's why they couldn't get him out. this was so unheard of. even the idea of a field amputationas so unheard of. he said, can we do that. >> the picture of the surgeon standing over the car, oh, my goodness, we're about to do this. >> in that moment to look around
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and say, hay, what about this, and it worked. and it worked. >> brilliant. brilliant. probably been used several times since then. >> it's an incredible story. thank you so muslim there's so many incredible things happening. if you have anything, let garvin know about it. look up garvin thomas, nbc bay area. a lot of blue skies. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> we're checking thunderstorms across the area this afternoon. as we get a view, you can see those thunderstorms blowing up across the sierra. also a little bit of activity out here offshore. i want to get a view of how many lightning strikes we're currently seeing. you can see here 139 of them right now. it's because of that activity we'll keep a slight chance of forecast and also a little bit of a chance as we head into friday as well. i still think for most of us
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tomorrow morning, we're looking at dry weather. we'll see showers approach the south bay if you want to watch out for that. otherwise fog for peninsula and a little bit of humid here for the tri-valley. you're really going to soo them. the best possibility. 8:00 in the morning. it's still to the south of us. it's throwing out a slight chance in the south bay. as we head through the evening hours, the bulk of it continues to remain to the south and to the east of us. we're going to be tracking that. things are going to cool off by a couple of degrees. not a lot. things will be noticeable. still some humidity. this be put us at 93 in moore began hill. 87 in san jose.
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87 in cupertino. not quite as hot for the east bay, not quite near 100. it will be at least a little more enjoyable. low to mid-90s from livermore. notice the difference it makes. go by the bay. you're at 2 in hayward. we have some of the best weather across peninsula. a light wind here in redwood city with 79 degrees. an isolated 70 in san francisco tomorrow. head to the outer sunset. we'll be at 66. we're at 63. 85 over for sonoma's forecast. where do we go after this slight chance of isolated thunderstorms the next 24 hours? i think the pattern that's take that produce thesersto s,e thunderstorm threat with us, and this little system out here, about it at all. so looking ahead to your forecast. upper 60s, low 70s, san francisco. morning fog, afternoon sunshine.
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stay with that pattern all the way into next thursday. for inland valleys, we're in the low 90s this weekend and we'll stay with upper 80s, low 90s next week. temperatures, really somewhat close to average. you can see the average is 88 this time of year. sure it's above average, but it's no like we're dealing with 105 to 110. that's a sigh of relief to not see it that high. >> we'll take it. no complaints from us over here. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, a missing ring mystery. where one man found it and the distinct markings that could help track down the owner. and tweets on some of the stories. here's a look at some of them happening this hour. you can follow us using the twitter @nbcbayarea. we're back in a moment.
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someone spotted this car this morning just north of a mystery on highway 1. someone spotted this car this morning just north of pesca darrow beach. it appears to have rolled over the edge of the cliff. when police arrived, they didn't find anyone inside or around that car. >> they voted unanimously to stop a trend. for the first time, students will see a drop in tuition. it's not a big drop. only $60 a yearing but u.c. president janet napolitano says it follows years of otests a lobbying. not all students will get this break. out-of-state and international students will see a hike of more than 3%. could the power of social
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media help unite a vintage wedding ring with its rightful owner? an east bay man found this. they tweeted photos of it. it has a pattern of stars and shamrocks on it. inside is an inscription that reads from now to eternity, lily, 5-4-49. she's hoping anyone who knows anything about this ring contacts her. this arrived in hundreds of pieces. you can see it there. that was part of the plachblt sf p.d. brought the remains of dismantled guns to a local nonprofit. the idea is to take these pieces associated withorksle ofrt peace. >> i think first of all getting the guns off the streets is number one. the fact that they've been destroyed shows they'll never be used again to harm someone. this metal was mine and
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manufactured with the purpose of ending lives and we have literally and figuratively ended that pattern. the iconic brady bunch house up for sale. we'll show you next. >> let's put a bid on it.
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home. a night on the couch watching t-v turns into a snake scare. the video that )s putting a neighborhood on edge. tonight at 6:00, slithering into their san jose home, a snake scare. this video putting a neighborhood on edge. that story tonight. finally at 5:00, if you ever wanted to live like the brady bunch, now you can. literally the iconic home is on the market. are we in? i love that show. >> i love that show. >> here's some of the picture. the house is in studio city. it's listed for 1.9 million bucks. two bedrooms and three baths. how did they all live in there? >> they shared rooms. >> it's the second most photographed home in the country after the white house. be forewarned, the inside of the home doesn't match what we saw on tv. >> marsha, marsha, marsha.
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>> i loved that show. thanks for joining us here at 5:00. as a reminder, the "nightly news" is next with lester holt. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. breaking news tonight. president trump has invited vladimir putin to washington. and nbc news breaks the news to america's intelligence chief on live television. >> we have some breaking news. the white house has announced on twitter that vladimir putin is coming to the white house in the fall. >> say that again? [ laughter ] that's going to be special. >> dan coats appearing to be caught off-guard. and what about the president siding with putin over him? >> obviously i wished he had made a different statement. >> plus my executive sit-down with the fbi director about the russia threat, the mueller investigation, and this. >> there have been stories that you've threatened to resign. >>


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