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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 26, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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low 70s throughout the afternoon. and mostly sunny skies. we'll take a look at what's going on around the bay area and the temperatures that will come down a little bit more for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike, you're starting out with the richmond bridge. >> i am, because some folks may have heard overnight there was a crash that closed the bridge because of a small fuel spill. that was eastbound traffic. you'll see while there was a steady stream, now there's just one set of tail lights traveling across the bridge, but it's open for business. both directions have reopened without any problems. there's slowing at the bay bridge because the cash lanes have the backup and they have yet to open at least one more cash lane for the morning commute. we'll track that. to the south bay, you see the flip in highway 87. that should clear, but i'll track that. we don't want problems for guadalupe parkway, and then here, activity, a closure for one roadway. i'll talk about that in particular, but i want to tell you why it's closed. for that, we hand you back to
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laura. >> breaking news we're covering here in the east bay. that fire continues to burn in contra costa county. it's triggering evacuations. it already in fact destroyed a home. so it gives you a better idea of where it is, it's in the clayton valley area off marsh creek road. steep terrain there, one of their biggest challenges. pete joins us live along the fire lines. what's the latest, pete? >> good morning to you, laura. we're standing here along marsh creek road, actually in that area around the 1200 block where this all started. in fact, you can see it off there in the distance. you can see there on the steep terrain, the fire continues to burn. the brush fire that's being called the marsh fire, it's still burning there as we have a number of agencies on the ground. you have contra costa county fire, mirogga, all of them are here. they have been here through the night since the fire has been burning since yesterday afternoon. as we stay on the live shot, you see there the fire burning.
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i want to read to you exactly what we know. so far, according to cal fire, 247 acres have been burned in the marsh fire. the fire is currently add 20% containment, and when it comes to the road closures, we're standing along one of them on marsh creek road, and we got an update that it's still closed between morgan territory road to the west and gill road to the east. but the evacuation has been lifted on leon drive and morgan territory road south of leon drive. when it comes to the power outage in this area, it's expected to last through 9:00 a.m. as i mentioned, there brush fire began in this area roughly around 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon near the 1200 block, 12,000 block, excuse me, of marsh creek road. so far, we have three structures including a home, burning down with about 100 structures threatened in the clayton area. there was quite a line of cars trying to get out of the area around marsh creek road yesterday. you see the video, as residents were forced to evacuate.
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>> my family is okay, my husband was at work, my kids were at friends houses. i got my dogs and that's all that matters. >> i just wish that they would hit the plants on the side of the hill by our house a little harder. >> so the main goal for crews at this point is they want to protect the structures in the evacuation areas. i want to mention, there are evacuation centers set up as clayton meeting hall and brentwood community center. as we take you back out here live, you see the flames burning in that steep terrain area. that's the battle that lies ahead this morning. now, the lower temperatures could be good news for cal fire. they're saying the lower temperatures will help with the containment efforts. we'll continue to monitor this and have another update in the next hour. we're live in clayton, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thanks for the latest there. >> in the meantime in southern california, authorities say arson is to blame for this destructive wildfire in i.d.
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idyllwild. five homes have burned and dozens more threatened. flames broke out yesterday morning. it's zero percent contained. evacuations are in effect. nearly 5,000 acres have burned. >> breaking news at 5:04. an arizona state trooper is dead, another hurt after being shot on a highway near phoenix. this is the hospital where the trooper is being cared for. officials say it all started when troopers got a call of a man throwing things at cars. they got into an altercation with the suspect, that's when the suspect got hold of one of the trooper's guns and began shooting. meanwhile, you are seeing video -- >> president trump flying to -- go ahead. >> president trump flying to midwest steel town to talk trade there. he'll have a new deal with the european union. let's try that again.
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how about, let's just talk trade with tracy palo altoie potts. let's do that. >> that's what the president will be talking about today when he heads to the midwest. he's also promising billions of dollars of bailout to farmers caught up in the trade war. no tariffs between the united states and europe, plus europe would buy up huge chunks of u.s. soybeans and energy. >> we're going to make it much easier for them. >> all part of president trump' new trade deal. >> this was a very big day for free and fair trade. very big day in deal. >> still in the works, nothing is final. that announcement as the secretary of state -- >> i understand the game that you're playing. >> understanded tough questions on capitol hill. >> we don't what the truth is. >> about president trump's closed-door meeting with russian president vladimir putin. >> i think i have a pretty
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complete understanding of what took place in the meeting. >> he offered no details but promised u.s. policy has not changed. >> did donald trump leave the meeting and order the secretary of state to change policy? his answer today was so far the answer is no. >> it's unclear to me whether or not secretary pompeo really is fully aware of what was discussed, what commitments were made or not made. >> pompeo insists the president went in with eyes wide open with russian meddling in the 2016 election. >> he has a complete and proper understanding of what happened. i know. i briefed him on it for over a year. >> he left some lawmakers still wondering if what the president says in public matches what he may have promised russia when the cameras were not rolling. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. happening today, the deadline for the white house to reunite children who have been separated from parents at the u.s./mexico border. we know some 2500 children over 5 years old were initially
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covered by the federal court order, but now it's believed perhaps hundreds of them will not be reunited in time in part because i.c.e. may have already deported their parents. later on the "today" show, we'll hear from a honduran mother who spent weeks trying to reunite with her two young sons after being separated. >> now we're standing on your new block, your new street, your new house, your new city. what is that like? >> my biggest joy is to have my kids with me again. >> a mother's love there. watch it later this morning on the "today" show. >> this morning, the girls' turn. the u.s. junior olympics water polo tournament taking place in the bay area. we have video of last year's boys event. now, we don't have video of the boys final, but those games did wrap up at the stanford pool on tuesday. numbers wise, this event is huge. 500 girls teams representing six age groups play games at more than 30 bay area swimming pools
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now through sunday when the girls finals take place. that's all happening at stanford. >> i'm heading out there. i have a little cousin who is participating in that. great to see. now to cover your weather and traffic. a live look at highway 101 in san jose. today there's a spare the air alert for the entire bay area. kari hall joins us with a look at the warmup on the way. >> it's still going to be hot. we have had the hot weather for several days now. the fact we're not getting much of a breeze, that makes the air quality a little worse. especially when you have wildfires burning nearby. temperatures as you head out the door right now in the mid 50s. 56 degrees in oakland. and 62 now in san jose. as you make your way out the door, maybe you're heading to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station. it will be 62 degrees at 6:00, and our pleasant hill temperatures will be warming up as we go to noon. 86 degrees already as we start out with sunshine. looking at our forecast in san jose, our temperature trend
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here, not as warm. we'll be in the upper 70s by noon today. a look at all of our microclimates. expect it to be in the low 60s in half moon bay. in palto alto, 83, and 99 in antioch by this afternoon. we'll take a look at what's ahead for the weekend coming up, and mike you have a look at the early morning commute. >> the freeways themselves look great. look at the speed sensors. all over the bay. reports of concrete, though, on the roadway, chunks on 680, just north of mckien. i'm going to check on that. chp should give us the report as they scan the area. we're looking farther north. we're looking at a closure now. pete is out here, clayton valley, as laura told us, and he's talking about the closure. marsh creek road. between morgan territory and gill, that's where there's the closure. what that does is cuts off the fulsome clayton from heading down toward 580. you'll have to take ignacio
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road. take it over to 680 and take that down to the tri-valley if that's your route for the morning commute. again, that's closed because of the fire. we continue to follow the marsh fire out there. the rest of cocoa county moves nicely. the freeways show no slowing. the cash lanes, you have to deal with those over there. back to you. >> thank you, mike. next and all new this hour, the clothing brand looking for average people to promote their clothing. the more you wear, the more you earn. >> the silicon valley tech giant takes down videos from a controversial commentator, but not facebook. >> plus -- >> i would like -- everybody would like for it to go away. >> nearly every nfl team back at practice, including the 49ers and raiders. people still talking about the national anthem controversy, however, at 5:25. one owner's new message to president trump.
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mike traffic tease it's 5:13. let's get out the door. starting out with cool temperatures. as we go to evergreen and our temperature trend for today, upper 60s in east san jose, and 78 degrees by 11:00. heading into the upper 80s by this afternoon. still going to be hot. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend coming up in about five minutes. we're looking at your live shot from dublin. look right above the clock in the bottom right corner. a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. going to see if we can get more details but clearly, traffic is
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flowing. >> wall street could be in for a topsy turvy day today. the dow is indicated to open higher after president trump and european officials announce they have made progress in talks to avoid further trade tensions. and the nasdaq could drop after facebook reported disappointing earnings with a slowdown in user growth, and warning revenue could decline this year. facebook stock losing a fifth of its value. on today's watch list, reports on unemployment and durable goods. also the busiest day of earnings season with results from the likes of mastercard, mcdonald's, intel, and starbucks. the dow rising 172 points yesterday. the nasdaq closing up 91 to 7932. alexa can now tell you the hours and phone numbers of businesses in your area, as amazon works to make the voice assistant more useful. for example, you can now ask your echo device, alexa, what
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time does rite aid close and you'll get the hours for the pharmacy nearest to your house. the new data is the result of a partnership with a company that stores information on more than one million businesses. >> tommy hilfiger wants ordinary people to be brand ambassadors. it's using a smart clothing line that used embedded bluetooth tags. it's providing what it calls one of a kind rewards and experiences for consumers. basically, the more you wear the clothes, the more points you earn. the line includes men's, women's, and unisex items available through tommy hilfiger's website and its flagstip store in new york city. scott and laura. >> thanks. well, a follow-up for you now. controversial conservative host alex jones facing punishment from one silicon valley tech giant. youtube has deleted four of his videos. among the videos in question, one called, quote, how to prevent liberalism, which shows an adult shoving a child to the
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ground. youtube says the clips violated the company's violence policy. the video surfaced also gave him a strike. meaning jones can't livestream on youtube for three months. i have talked about jones before, just yesterday, we were talking about how facebook is saying his info wars conspiracy theories do not violate the social network's community standards. his most recent controversy saying special counsel robert mueller runs a pedophilia ring. that is certainly not the case. >> it is 5:16. new this morning, no matter how clear the weather gets in san francisco, you can't escape the cloud. that's because google cloud's next 18 going on at the musconey center. the main focus is cloud computing. this event is called google's biggest event ever. key topics include data security and a.i., or artificial intelligence. >> a.i. really is all about enhancing human capabilities and helping them in their work. >> the conference got under way
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on tuesday and wraps up today. >> in the meantime, we'll talk about real clouds, and kari hall. >> she has a look at our forecast for today. inland, another hot one on tap. >> yeah, it will be a hot day as we start out taking a live look outside this morning in fremont. as you get ready to head out the door, and the roads are rolling. let's talk about air quality because in the north bay, as well as the bay and the coast and most of the bay area, we're going to have moderate air quality today. and it will be highest in the east bay where we see the worst air quality because of some locally dense smoke. you'll have that drifting by because of what's happening over around clayton now. as we get out the door, we're advised to take public transit. if you're on your way to the fruitvale bart station, in the upper 50s in the morning and upper 60s in late morning and early afternoon. if you want to go out for a workout in walnut creek because it will be hot again, try to get
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it done early. that's when we'll have cooler temperatures. some better air quality, and then it will start to heat up at noon we're at 82 degrees, and that's when it's time to maybe head to the gym if you want to go for a workout during the afternoon hours. our high temperatures are going to be still very uncomfortable for the south bay. gilroy expecting 94 degrees for the high. 87 in san jose. and 98 degrees in concord. martinez, 93 degrees. and oakland, 76 degrees. it will be nice and cool for half moon bay, reaching the low 60s. and 77 in san mateo. san francisco, a little cooler than yesterday. a breezy westerly wind, and some low clouds rolling by. and in sonoma today, expect a high of 87 degrees. half moon bay will be the coolest place in the bay area, and if you want to head over that way, it will still be cloudy throughout much of the day. and only reaching the low 60s. we'll get there by this afternoon. inland areas, yeah, it will still be hot.
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that's where we'll have the temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 90s. it will still be hot tomorrow, but then we'll bring the temperatures down a few more degrees in time for the weekend, looking at upper 80s, low 90s for early next week, and san francisco reaching into the upper 60s over the next few days. we're not going to shake that fog. heading over to mike, still looking for concrete. >> we are. chp has been dispatched, but they haven't gone through the area. we're talking about north 680. no slowing shows up and no reports of any other problems but we'll still track that. we'll take you over here toward cocoa county, benicia bridge, car keens bridge. the cash lanes have all clears and now they're going to start building just in time for the morning commute. we have all the cash lanes open. mass transit, no delays. avoiding the bay bridge, you can do that by taking b.a.r.t. under
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the water. no delays for any of the other agencies here, and that's good stuff. in the north bay, looking at a smooth drive for southbound 101. a clear shot of san rafael. the golden gate bridge camera shows a smooth drive on the deck as well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. another day, another wild ace comeback. the buzz around the team this morning. >> and as more and more cities ban plastic straws, could replacements be dangerous to some people? next, why one woman is worried about getting hurt. >> we're constantly updating stories online. mike tweeted about traffic saying it's all clear at the richmond bridge, for now. distance relationship. this is long distance with the best wifi experience,
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good morning. welcome to you. it's 5:23. new video to show you showing rescue efforts in greece. crews are still searching through charred homes and cars to try to find missing people after the deadliest wildfire to hit that country in decades. this morning, at least 79 people are dead. flags across greece are flying at half staff. >> 5:23. new perspective this morning on plastic straws and the bans that are sweeping the country. just this week, san francisco made it official. supporters say the goal is to cut down on plastic waste to help the environment, but it could make life a bit more complicated for some groups who rely on straws.
5:24 am
here's a woman suffering from a condition similar to cerebral palsy who says she relies on straws to safely drink beverages. >> for me, having a straw is all about accessibility. and freedom. >> critics say the environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic straws like metal and glass could pose an injury to folks with certainly disabilities. some businesses say they'll ignore the law and still offer plastic straws to those who need them. >> as nfl training camp tees up, so too is the debate about how the league plans to tackle potential national anthem protesters. nfl owners devised a policy that they have now put on hold. lester holt spoke to malcolm jenkins who in the past raised a fist during the anthem. he does not believe the issue will go away. cowboys owner jerry jones is making it clear he expects his
5:25 am
players to stand. but wishes president trump would stick to the business of running the country. >> it's his interest in what we're doing is problematic. from my chair. and i would say in general the owners' chair. unprecedented, if you really think about it. >> i think at the end of the day, protests and fighting back is the american way. that's the most american thing you can do, is use your voice. >> jenkins makes an effort to immerse himself in social issues including criminal justice. he believes professional athletes are perfect to lead the way in these matters because they have deep ties across the social spectrum. >> you can't say the word amazing without the a's, but when it comes to baseball these days, the a's pretty much own the word. that's because last night, the oakland a's had another amazing comeback. the rangers up 5-1. chris davis home run cuts that lead to one, and then the a's down to their last strike in the
5:26 am
ninth inning. davis hits that two-run home run to give the team a 6-5 win. this is one day after they rallied from an eight-run deficit. the a's a game and a half back in the wild card race. 5:26 right now, breaking in and ask you for the password. that's what one burglar did. the wi-fi request that got us talking overnight. >> is facebook about to lose billions of dollars? why the company's stock is tanking and what experts are saying before the market opens. >> and brand-new numbers in our state's highest profile political races. where the candidates stand this morning. you're watching today in the bay.
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ad lib live picture - )marsh fire ) threatens homesn clayton we're starting our 5:30 hour of today in the bay with a live look at a fire burning in the marsh creek area. that's in clayton valley. it's threatening a lot of steep terrain there in the area. we've got live reports coming up. it's only 20% contained. about 275 acres consumed so far. >> good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mccrew. marcus washington has the day off. let's get your day started with a check of the weather. >> we'll be watching out for the air quality and also hot
5:30 am
temperatures again today. as we start out, though, with cool breezes as we take a live look at right now temperatures 55 degrees in san francisco and half moon bay. 62 now in san jose. let's get through the morning commute as you head out the door in brentwood. 70 degrees at 7:00, and then a big warmup for today. already heading up to 93 degrees at 1:00. if you will be out during that time, try to stay cool. later on this evening, we have a giants game here back at home. first pitch will be at 7:15. 61 degrees. very chilly there, and it will be a cool day for the coastal areas in san francisco. we'll talk more about this wide range in temperatures and how that may affect your weekend plans coming up in about seven minutes. mike starts off with a shift at the bay bridge. >> a subtle shift from this shot, but a few minutes ago, i saw a lot of folks line up in the fast track lanes. the shift from cash to fast track as the morning commute gets under way. we typically see metering lights, but we don't see a big
5:31 am
backup here. i think they have turned on the metering lights in the last few seconds, but we'll track the backup. no problem out of the maze. a smooth drive. here's highway four, and there's conco concord. there's one crash around port chicago highway, the commute direction. we'll wait to get updates from chp, but it sounds like it should be on the shoulder. the rest of the bay shows an easy drive. no major problems, but countercommute for 87 also has me on alert. i'll check on that and bring you updates. >> thank you very much. 5:31 right now. breaking news and a live look at clayton where firefighters are trying to knock down a brush fire that started yesterday afternoon. forcing about 1,000 people to evacuate. it's called the marsh fire. it's burning in the area around marsh creek and morgan territory roads in clayton valley. it destroyed a home yesterday and two other structures. firefighters say it's just about 20% contained. close to 250 acres have burned.
5:32 am
they're dropping some air attacks on, trying to tackle it any way they can. it's steep terrain. pete will join us with a live report coming up at the top of the hour. >> the south bay in the meantime also dealing with a wildfire this morning burning in southern santa clara county in san martin near the church avenue and monterey road. at last check, one home was destroyed as well as several other structures and cars. at one point yesterday, crews closed all lanes of southbound 101. listen as people who live around the area were fighting the fire themselves. >> trying to help the best i can because it's my neighborhood and i have known these people and everything. so it's completely crazy right now. >> a big united front. people literally grabbing buckets of water. right now, that fire is 60% contained. >> it's 5:32. we're following developments in business and tech news. shares of facebook in big trouble. when the markets open in less than an hour. the company reported its numbers last night.
5:33 am
now, here is the close before the news. and this is the after-hours trading after the news. if this decline holds, the tech giant's value could drop boy more than $100 billion. today in the bay's bob redell is live in menlo park with a look at why this is happening. >> good morning. yes, we're outside facebook headquarters in menlo park. facebook did beat the earnings for shares estimates but revenue and a number of daily users were lower than what the market expected. and the company is now warning that its future revenue growth could take a hit this year as their expenses increase. >> we're investing so much in security that it will significantly impact our profitabili profitability. we're starting to see that this quarter. >> that was ceo mark zuckerberg, and yesterday's after-hours earnings call. this is the first earnings call report since the cambridge
5:34 am
analytica scandal during which we learned 87 million users had their information exposed. as a result, facebook has given users more privacy choices which could help explain the drop in ad revenue. analysts believe the drop in daily users is linked to new privacy rules in europe. one bright note, facebook did report it crossed all of its applications which includes the main app, facebook messenger and instagram. there's now a total audience of 2.5 billion people. facebook is down 20% in free market trading. that represents, if my math is correct, a loss of about $125 billion in market capitalization, and again, if my math is correct, a personal loss of around $11 billion for mark zuckerberg. reporting live in menlo park, bob redell, today in the bay. >> one we'll watch today. thanks a lot. >> 5:34. on to decision 2018. a new poll puts gavin newsom and
5:35 am
dianne feinstein in the lead for their respective leads. first, the governor's race. newsom topping john cox 55% to 31%. the numbers come from the public policy institute of california. now, over in the senate race, dianne feinstein has 46% support, nearly double that of our challenger, state senator kevin de leon with 24%. >> san francisco police hope you recognize the man you see there riding the handlebars of that bike. we're slowing it down a little bit for you. they believe he may be tied to an unsolved murder. police yesterday released a still image of that same man. somebody shot and killed mitchell warren in september of 2016 in the tenderloin. his family says he would have celebrated his 26th birthday this saturday. police believe he may have had some kind of altercation with the man you see there in the video. new information obtained by investigators may help solve the disappearance of a 20-year-old college student raised in oakland.
5:36 am
molly tibbetts vanished one week ago in iowa, where she lived for about half her life. friends say she went jogging last wednesday, hasn't been seen since. the fbi is searching through her digital footprint and now looking at information from her fitbit. they're looking at social media as well and messages she sent before disappearing. people who know her just want answers. >> she's been a blessing to our family, and we just want her home. >> investigators say she left her contacts, her glasses, wallet, and i.d. behind, but if she was wearing her fitbit, it may show movement on the day she disappeared. >> new this morning, you have to hear this story. strange crime on the peninsula, it happened on sunday morning, and we're just learning about it now. teenager facing charges after palo alto police say he climbed through a window and asked a sleeping couple their wi-fi password. the couple, both in their 60s, woke up. the man got out of bed, pushed the teenager down the hallway and out the front door. then called police.
5:37 am
the couple says two kitchen knives were missing. police are also linking the unnamed teenager to a bicycle robbery. strange one there. well, would not having to drive yourself to the grocery store make the trip less stressful? waymo is offering rides to walmart. it starts later this week. they're testing it out in phoenix, arizona. walmart shoppers will place orders online. then the car will take them to and from the store to pick it up. part of waymo's early rider test program that gets people access to the driverless minivans. waimo will also start offering rides to other businesses and restaurants in coming weeks. what do cruthink? >> waymo to walmart. >> coming from a linguistics guy. >> right now, speeds are grade for the sensors. around the south bay, up the peninsula, this whole shot looks great. i want to take you farther south. we talked about, of course, the
5:38 am
marsh fire in the clayton valley area, but we're also talking about the fire down here. san martin. yesterday, as laura said, southbound 101 was closed for a period of time. this morning, all lanes are open in both directions. heading up in toward morgan hill, highway 17 on the other side of the screen, that move nicely over to santa cruz. not a problem now. an easy drive through fremont. picking up the volume here. over the nimitz freeway, and right here, the golden gate bridge. you can see the lights all the way across the span, and you can see a silhouette there. we don't have as much as we did in the past few days. in the meantime, we're getting closer to the weekend. kari, i'm assuming a hot forecast. >> it is going to be hot in some areas. of course, we can find natural air conditioning across the bay area, but of course, spicy at the gilroy garlic festival and reaching up to 90 degrees.
5:39 am
that's coming down from the upper 90s. that's an improvement from the past couple days. a lot of sunshine, trying to find some shade and stay cool. on saturday across the bay area, we'll see a range in temperatures from 67 at the coast to 84 by the bay. and inland areas in the upper 80s. more of the same on sunday. really not changing too much as we keep the low clouds and fog along bay area beaches. if you're going to the toyota nhra nationals happening at sonoma raceway, it's going to be very warm there during the middle of the day. this is an all weekend event. i'm just looking at saturday here. we'll reach up to about 87 degrees. as we go into the afternoon. and then if you're going to the benicia waterfront festival, our storm ranger will be there, and vianey arana will be there, so you want to check it out and enjoy your time outside with those high temperatures reaching into the mid 80s throughout the day. if you will be hitting the roads this weekend, maybe heading to heavenly, the sierra is going to
5:40 am
be warm. upper 80s, and at least this weekend, we don't have a chance of storms. things looking all dry with sunshine, and if you're making summer plans to head to santa barbara, nice there with upper 70s and mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend. also, a great weekend to go hiking. mrb uir woods will be nice. 73 degrees on friday and saturday, and sunday will be at 72 degrees. are you already following me on facebook? i'm @karihallweather. i had a few people reach out and get a personalized forecast. follow me on facebook, twitter, and instagram. i'll have a look at our today's forecast for the south bay. that's coming up in three minutes. >> sounds good. imagine a flu test you could take at home. >> an east bay company working to make it happen. next. and new this morning. the progress researchers are making and how it would work. >> plus, yosemite shutdown. t the impact on businesses in the valley. kari weather tease
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mike traffic tease it is 5:43. a spare the air alert day. that means carpool, catch public transit, bike to work. if you're going to make your way to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, it's going to be cool. dublin temperatures go from the upper 50s to 87 degrees at noon. a fast warmup, and a time for poor air quality. we'll talk about what to expect heading into the weekend in about five minutes. >> we're looking at the san
5:44 am
mateo bridge. tapping the brake lights westbound. that's the commute direction. it moves smoothly, but i did find a new jam over there approaching the bay bridge. we'll show you that coming up. well, new this morning, if you're sick but not sure if you have the flu, maybe you have a cold. an east bay company has created an at-home flu test. >> they're out of emeryville, and this is how it works. you swab your nose and put the swab in a device that can detect the virus. you'll know in about 20 minutes if you're infected. if positive, an app connects you to a doctor who can help prescribe medicine. >> instead of people going to the doctor's office and infecting other patients who could potentially be high-risk,pede ateric or elderly patients, they could test at home and get that prescription as quickly as possible at home. ideally within an hour. >> the company expects to go through fda clinical trials this summer and hopes to have a version ready for you to buy by
5:45 am
2020. as of today, californians can use a new tool to be better informed about their doctors. medical board of california introducing a new mobile app allowing you to check up on your doctor's license. among other things, patients can follow physicians and receive alerts if there are changes to a doctor's license. that information is currently only available on the medical board's website or by contacting the board. >> between now and sunday, yosemite national park will be free of visitors and nearby businesses will take a hit. firefighters ordered evacuations yesterday from the ferguson wildfire burning outside the park. it's not so much the danger as they just wanted the roads clear for the trucks. it's about 30% contained. the lingering problem, as you can see, is smoke. visitors had to leave, and they're disappointed. and so are the businesses that count on their cash. >> i'm super disappointed. like, they were telling us all about it and how there's a whole bunch of cool stuff to see down there. >> tourists who have been in the area, they're not going to stay
5:46 am
here long enough to sunday for when the park opens up again. >> the fire has burned more than 40,000 acres. highway 41 in the yosemite is closed, and again, those evacuations are supposed to be lifted on sunday. our coverage of the story continues at 7:00 with the "today" show. miguel almaguer will report live from yosemite. a group of house republicans taking the battle over the mueller investigation up a notch. they have taken the first steps to impeach the deputy attorney general overseeing the probe, rod rosenstein. last night, a group of 11 house republicans introduced a resolution accusing him of blocking congressional access to information about the investigation. leading gop lawmakers say this resolution falls far short of having enough support to pass. >> call it california capital 2.0. one lawmaker behind the plan hoping to retain some of the original vision of the sacramento capitol. california lawmakers approved replacing the 66-year-old annex at the state capitol, but now lawmakers are pushing a bill to
5:47 am
preserve some of the old structure's history, including keeping some architectural design and historic imagery from the original building in the new span. >> stories that talk about how we govern ourselves and the strength of california. and you know, attention to fiscal discipline is actually very important. >> the east annex was added to the original capitol building in the 1950s. no date yet set for demolition. >> new data shows a slump in home sales here in the bay area. according to analysts' reports, home sales in june were the lowest in four years. new home sales were about 32% below average. while previously owned home sales were about 12% below average. analysts say the reason could be affordability. for the first time, more than 40% of the homes in the bay area are being sold for a million dollars or more. >> we still don't know who won that massive mega millions jackpot at a south bay liquor store, but it turns out they get more money than we first
5:48 am
thought. lottery officials originally said the jackpot was $522 million. it's actually $543 million. that number changed yesterday. the winning ticket was sold at ernie's liquor store in east san jose. the family that owns the store gets $1 million just for selling the ticket. >> i know who it was, my long-lost cousin. >> everybody was talking about it yesterday when i was out. i rode past the liquor store and saw the media and everybody out there. that's what everyone was talking about, what they would do with that money. >> half a billion dollars. >> what would you do with just the change from $522 to $543. >> that would be a lot of money. >> we're all lucky with this forecast heading into the weekend. we're going to have cooler temperatures moving in, and as we take a live look outside from our emeryville camera, we're trying to avoid this. a lot of cars out on the road, because it's a spare the air
5:49 am
alert daw, and that means carpool, catch public transit. our air quality will be a little worse today. we have that marsh fire over clayton valley. that's going to blow drifts of smoke and high ozone levels across the bay area. we'll have a look outside in san jose. let's go to campbell. temperatures are not going to be too bad today. a little cooler than yesterday. we'll be at 67 degrees at 9:00, and 81 at 1:00 today. and reaching 84 at 3:00, as you make plans. if you want to go outside for a workout in the tri-valley and livermore, try to do that early because already by 10:00, we're at 75 degrees heading into the upper 80s at noon. we'll continue to heat up from there, reaching 95 for an afternoon high. san jose, expect a high of 87 degrees, and 76 in oakland. san francisco keeps it comfortable with a high of 70 degrees, and napa today reaching 90. as we look at santa cruz for the weekend, that's where you'll have some nice weather. if you're thinking of getting an
5:50 am
escape to the beach this weekend, in the upper 60s to low 70s. just a few clouds in the morning hours and after that, clearing skies. looking at the inland valley forecast, reaching into the 90s today. also again tomorrow, slightly cooler for the weekend. but we're still above normal, reaching into the low snienlts as well, early next week, and san francisco stays in the 60s. heading over to mike, you have one problem spot. >> not the bay bridge toll plaza, but it is one of your shots you showed. i'm going to talk about that. over here, the south bay shows a nice easy drive. a new crash reported west 237 just off 880. we'll track that. looks like it's around north first, the exit there, but chp should give us more info coming up. over here, a lot of slowing westbound. 80 past golden gate field, to just beyond the shield. the live shot shows you the same thing kari was showing you earlier. as the sun has come up over the last three or four minutes, we have been able to make out what
5:51 am
looks like a box truck. it sounds like it hit the side of the road and kind of is now across the right two lanes. that's causing all these folks to jam up coming down from golden gate field. the bad part is right there in the backup. the good part is past that, the berkeley curve looks great. look, that means things are light at the bay bridge toll plaza, because again, everybody is stuck over there from berkeley in toward emeryville westbound 80 is where the crash blocks two lanes. the maze benefits and so does the traffic off the maze. here's the south bay. kari showed you the nice clear skies there. we're talking about the flow of traffic with the blip we showed you, right there is where the blip shows up because the volume of traffic is starting to build right here right on schedule. back to you. >> at 5:51 right now, coming up, your chance to meet a little girl trying to make a difference in the world by selling lemonade. where you can see her today here in the bay area. maybe even buy a glass to hp her cause. >> first, uber announces drivers in the bay area made more than a billion dollars last year across
5:52 am
california. ride share and delivery drivers made nearly $3 billion. ride share company says 31% of the drivers were unemployed before driving with uber. >> plus, england dealing with the hottest day of the year so far. temperatures expected to hit 96 degrees across the country. britain has experienced an unusual stretch of hot, dry weather this summer. more news after the break. : li
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5:55 am
welcome back to you on this thursday morning. bob redell is tweeting about the big story. facebook stock in a freefall in premarket trading. he's live at the headquarters. follow bob, and he'll have a live report at 6:32. >> at 5:55, new this morning, a possibility treatment for people with parkinson's disease. researchers at the university of arizona are about to start a new clinical trial that could help people with the disease. a lot of parkinson's patients take a medication. doctors say it helps control symptoms for several years but after a while, 40% of patients using the medication start to develop uncontrollable and involuntary movement. right now, there's no treatment to cure those side effects. so a team of researchers is testing a decades-old drug
5:56 am
called ketamine. it's used to treat pain and depression and it could help people with parkinson's. >> a single infusion of ketamine over a five to six hour period can help quiet down the abnormal movements for several months after the treatment. >> so the clinical tests on ketamine will start this fall. new this morning, researchers say they have identified the best diet for reducing your risk of cancer. a study in france looked at nutritional recommendations from several health organizations. research found a largely plant-based diet high in whole grains and low in meat, sugar, and salt, had the greatest benefits. low alcohol consumption was also key in reducing risk of all type of cancer. >> there will be a funeral for a transgender man in san francisco who took his own life. friends say his family disowned him and didn't want to claim the body, so the community came together to raise the money for the funeral service.
5:57 am
22-year-old dane gray came out as a transgender man last fall. friends say the city college student spend a lot of time at the queer research center on campus. when it closes to the summer, he felt he had nowhere to go. the funeral will be held at noon today. doors open at 10:45 and it's open to the public. >> no one should feel so alone. >> it's 5:57. the battle of ride shares is heating up. thousands of taxi drivers protested in barcelona against ride sharing apps like uber which they say are taking away their jobs. the protest became rally with people setting off fireworks. taxi drivers are holding a short strike to demand more regulations on ride sharing apps. oh, my god. >> a rattlesnake. >> i'm laughing because i'm not in that boat. this is not what you want to see on a lake. a family vacations in north carolina had a visitor on their
5:58 am
boat, a rattlesnake. the family spotted the snake, it eventually boarded the boat. the family screamed and seemed to scare it away. it's a timber rattlesnake, its more venomous and it can grow up to four feet long. can somebody not start the engine or start rowing? >> need a bigger boat. >> let's take you live to at&t park. the giants host the milwaukee brewers. first pitch, 7:15. if you're headed to tonight's game, you may want to get a drink outside of at&t first. look for this little gal. she's 5-year-old theresa ann. she's from nevada. she's got a lemonade stand. she's raising money for police officers and police dogs and children's causes. she has a little police uniform. right now, she's on a california law enforcement tourn. she'll be at at&t park today as the giants honor law enforcement officers. >> a ticket for sweet goodness there. >> coming up at 6:00, breaking news in the east bay.
5:59 am
a brush fire threatening homes, prompting evacuations. around the clock fight as firefighters try to gain the upper hand. >> plus, deadline looming. the reason the government might miss today's court-ordered deadline to reunite migrant parents with their children. >> and comments from alex jones. the reason youtube is getting rid of some of his videos. today in the bay continues right now. thursday morning. dpoom to you. thanks so much for joining us. or friday eve around here. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. let's get a check of your weather as we come closer and closer to the weekend. >> let's go back to at&t park. >> i thought you were going to say monday. >> no, absolutely not. we're making it to the weekend. and we're celebrating friday eve, as we take a live look outside at at&t parb. this is where you'll find cooler temperatures. we talked about this, finding
6:00 am
the police officer at the gate serving up lemonade. first pitch at 61 degrees. make sure you're wearing something nice and warm as you're making your way to san jose. here's a look at our temperature trend for the morning. low 60s, heading into the low 80s by noon. we'll look at all of our microclimates coming up. and mike has a look at the morning commute. >> bad news, good news. first, bad news. this crash is blocking two -- well, basically three lanes. 2 1/2 lanes of westbound 80. that's your commute direction right here at ashby. this is in emeryville. it jams up berkeley, traffic coming past golden gate field to about carlson and central. this is a bad problem for the east shore freeway. this box truck right here as the sun comes up, you can see it blocking a couple lanes and some sort of spill there as well. they may need the absorbant to clean it up. that could mean an extended closure. that could be a big problem if you're headed to the bay bridge via the east shore freeway. there's the jammed traffic coming off


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