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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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stopping the steele fire. an aggressive firefight, taking place right now in napa county. right now at 6:00, stopping the steele fire. an aggressive fire fight taking place now in napa county. crews gaining the upper hand overnight. the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm anoushah rasta. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. the steele fire burning south of laker be y er bberryessa. parts of headland drive remains closed. >> cal fire giving us an update in the last two hours saying the fire is now 60% contained after burning 150 acres. some positive news tonight, evacuees are being let back into their homes. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us live in napa with the latest. christie? >> reporter: yeah, you know, it's really difficult to look at. there really is not much left on
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this block where eight homes burned down in the neighborhood. as you said late this afternoon, people were allowed back in. it was really emotional. one woman who lost her home says neighbors had been taking all the steps to be prepared for a fire and they really watched out for each other. but the fire happened quickly. >> you hear it, but you don't get it until it happens to you. >> reporter: deborah heeler had gotten word her home in the berrye berryessa highlands area was destroyed in the steele fire but today they saw it firsthand. >> it's gone. >> reporter: this was their home for 16 years. >> came up right here, in fact, i thought i put it out with a garden hose, then it came up that canyon, went over, boom. >> reporter: she says the area is tight knit. her neighbor told them to get out and they had just five minutes yesterday. a neighborhood that has evacuated reas re, we w ome, we
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couldn't go home. >> it's a devastating thing to see it happen to your friends and neighbors. and we feel very sorry for them. >> reporter: stu williams did not evacuate. his home was spared. he says neighbors cut defensible space and have taken many steps to prepare for fires here. >> we've had the atlas peak fire, the county fire, and now this one. been all around us. and i've been here 30 years and never seen anything like this. >> reporter: firefighters say it moved quickly with strong wind, dry fuel, and steep hills helping fuel the flames. >> eight structures destroyed. and four that were damaged. like i said, firefighters have worked to continue building control line. has stopped. >> reporter: crews were able to make significant progress with an aggressive attack that included tankers and helicopters. they kept it at 150 acres burned. >> i'm glad everybody made it out safe. >> reporter: now, at this point, firefighters say they don't have
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a cause yet for this steele fire. they're still working on it and will continue to mop up. they expect to be here for the next day or two. reporting live in napa county, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay, christie thanks so much for that report. as we first told you last night, our very own jessica aguirre and her family were at lake berryessa this weekend when the evacuation ordered were issued. she sent us this update. >> reporter: you can see people are packing up. getting out. just to be on the safe side because the chp has not opened or cal fire has not opened this marina yet for us. it's hot, but it's really, really, really smoky thovheflamt night. >> jessica also tells us they spent the night on a houseboat on the lake which authorities told them is the safest thing t. this is new video of the
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dangerous situation unfolding in lake county right now. the town of lake port has been ordered to evacuate after the mendocino complex fire creeps eastward. the community of upper lake is also being told to get out. the so-called complex fire is burning in both mendocino and lake counties. each only 5% contained. firefighters struggled to gain ground overnight. yesterday, governor brown declared a state of emergency. at least four homes burned. firefighters from san francisco and contra costa county are on the front lines. another look at the conditions in lake port where the mandatory evacuations are in effect. city hall you see right there coupled with orange and very smoky skyline. the ferguson fire has now claimed a second life. a firefighter died when a tree fell on top of him this morning. in the past 15 minutes, we learned he is 33-year-old ryan hughes. he was the captain of a crew from sequoia in kings canyon national park. two weeks ago, a firefighter died when his bulldozer rolled
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over. more than 53,000 acres are now charred with only 30% containment. smoke from this fire shut down yosemite valley last week. park rangers say it will stay closed through friday. continuing coverage now of the carr fire burning in redding. here's some video of those incredibly powerful flames. it's the largest fire burning in california right now. a somber update tonight. a sixth person has died. overnight, the fire started pushing west into nearby trinity county. nbc bay area's melissa colorado joins us live from redding with more. hi,anoushah, people in t redding neighborhood havwait waiting for the go-ahead from authorities to be allowed back into is their neighborhoods. even though it's absolutely heartbreaking to see face to face what these homes look like, these folks still want to come out here to assess the damage and see if there's anything they can salvage. now, authorities made a tragic
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discovery in the northwestern redding region today. the body of another victim was discovered bringing the death toll of the carr fire to six. the shasta county sheriff says this person was given the evacuation order to leave, but according to his family members, he refused to follow it and stayed behind. authorities say half a dozen other people are still reported missing. the fire is still growing. it's almost burned 90,000 acres. jack haringer from mountain view bought a house southwest of here. he was monitoring the flames from his rooftop until he d iwas time to get out. >> it was fine at 8:30. 8:45 it looked like, oh, no, and we were already prepared. we had things out, but it looked like we were in trouble soon. so we bugged out. >> please evacuate. help us. help the firefighters do their job and keep themselves and their families safe.
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>> reporter: the fire is still only 5% contained. authories said they a optimistic that figure will go up tonight. the fire has hit this community at its core partly because of some of the homes that were destroyed belong to the first responders who are working tirelessly to protect their community. we know the redding police chief, he lost his home as well as several firefighters with the redding fire department. we also know a deputy with the shasta county sheriff's office also lost his home and he apparently posted on facebook that he was back here in these neighborhoods making sure that looters were not taking advantage of this already devastating situation. back out here live, resources are stretched thin with multiple wildfires popping up in northern california and cal fire crews are starting to feel that fatigue setting in. that's the latest in redding, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> melissa, thank you very much. you mentioned possible looters up there. redding police stepping up patrols in evacuation zones because officers say looters are taking advantage of empty home
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the that were evacuated because of the carr fire. last night, police spotted this man, mitchell brian stubgen in an evacuated neighborhood, wearing camouflage clothing, carrying weapons including a gun and nunchakus. police said he admitted to knowing the neighborhood was evacuated. officers arrested him for being in an evacuated area but he has not been charged with looting. we're getting a new look at the carr fire from high above, this right here is a satellite image provided to us from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. it shows plumes of smoke stretching across california. where the carr fire is raging into its foulso the largest of more than 20 f burning in california right now. so the big question is, will the weather conditions worsen for firefighters? rob, are they going to get any relief here? >> in terms of the heat and humidity t doesn't look like that. i can show you underneath the smoke, half the state seeing unhealthy air quality levels due to all that smoke pollution
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we're seeing including right there at kelseyville into lake county. degrees on the fire lines of the mendocino complex. it's a combination of two fires, ranch fire and river fire. wind speeds starting to pick up out of the northwest. around redding and carr fire, near 100 degrees around redding. humidity levels at 20%. these wind speeds we're watching closely because over the next couple hours, they will be on the increase. in addition to that, red flag warning, tomorrow morning around redding and a heat advisory up for mendocino county through 8:00 tonight. coming up, we'll let you know if we're going to expect any cool k you. we go through the next the powerful message of support for all those affected by the carr fire, the chp posted this photo on facebook and it says, "when all is said and done, we will still be with you shasta county." we're going to continue to monitor the carr fire as well as the other wildfires burning in and around the bay area. a long and exhausting fight for firefighters in the
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community dealing with these fires, we're going to continue to monitor all the wildfires on our home page, also follow us on twitter @nbcb @nbcbayarea. still to come, no safety in these streets. details behind a chp crackdown in the east bay. the dangerous stunts that forced some from cars into cuffs. and an unexpected detour in livermore. a car goes off the street into a right. the details behind this scary sunday drive.
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new at 6:00, a livermore home is red tagged tonight after a driver plowed right into the garage. witnesses say it appears the elderly driver may have hit the gas instead of the brake before crashing into the home on macho street this afternoon. no one was f hurt. gas and electricity at the home were shut off. livermore health and safety department posted a sign on the door warning people it is not safe to even go inside. the driver said to be an 86-year-old woman was not hurt. stlthree people arrested, te cars impounded after the chp cracks down on a sideshow in antioch. approximately 200 people turned out for a sideshow last night in a parking lot. the chp showed up. the crowd quickly went its separate ways. officers, they were taking part in a zero-tolerance sideshow operation last night when they made those busts.
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these are some of the photos last night. in all, task force units made 91 stops and gave out 42 citations. nearly 30,000 runners turned out today for the san francisco m marathon. get this, two locals are the big winners. runners started the full marathon bright and early at 5:30 this morning. it wasn't the only race of the day. they had an ultra marathon. that began at midnight. two half marathons and 5k race also taking place later in the morning. a lot of running going on is what we're sa. >> too much running. >> too much running? the top male runner from mill valley. san francisco's bonnie tran the top female runner. >> i'm very, very fortunate to be in a community of runners in the bay area including those guys in the 5 j conditik. have so many friends and people who show support. although i might get this attention, it takes a village. >> i thought you had to be from kenya to win a marathon.
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>> no, no. >> mill valley man did it today and a san francisco woman did it. this is the 41st annual san francisco marathon. about 50,000 people watched. >> you know what, terry, you can do it, too. >> watch? >> no, run. >> in my heyday, i might have been able to do that. it was awfully cloudy, rob. >> no worries about heat, san francisco today a high of 61 degrees. if you're going to run a marathon, the temperatures were comfortable this morning. >> in you go. >> misty skies early on to start the day. looks like misty skies to finish now. there's the view outside at&t park. we've got temperatures in the upper 50s. wind speed out of the west at 17. there you go, high of 61 degrees in san francisco. skies actually clearing in the hour around concord as the winds pick up out of the west. high of 92ent lly 84. some of the smoke still off to the east. view in emeryville, mostly sunny and cool 63 degrees. high of 66 in san jose. 80s today. right now 77. with some high clouds and also a
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little bit of smoke from those fires burning around the north bay. for air quality tomorrow, north bay locations, sonoma, napa county, moderate for smoke pollution. however, i think lake county, obviously, is going to look at unhealthy for sensitive groups due to smoke around the north bay and inland east bay seeing moderate air quality levels for tomorrow. wind speeds have picked up. we're going to have to watch out for that to the north in mendocino and lake counties, wind speeds kick up between 9:00 and 10:00 tonight, probably at their strongest. fairfield, wind speeds to 25 miles aen hour. the morning, drizzle possible along the peninsula and coast. sunny skies during the afternoon. let's call that hazy sunshine as we'll still be dealing with smoke drifting in from the north. highs tomorrow eventually after we pass the morning will be climbing to similar numbers we saw today. 50s and low 60s begin the day. highs may be a little bit warmer for areas around the southern end of the santa clara valley. mid 80s expected around downtown
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san jose, tri-valley, inland east bay valleys. just copy and paste what you're seeing now. pretty much to the end of the week. we'll have a spread of 70s near oakland. 80s toward martinez. probably lower 90s around concord and brentwood for the pennsylvan peninsula. low to mid 60s again around san francisco. temperatures not changing much for san francisco. and in the north bay, at least closer to the pbay, numbers in the 80s. the higher hills toward lake berryessa and mendocino, temperatures around ukiah, 100 systems pass to the north. there's hope in the long-range forecast, have to go all the way out to august 6th. that's another monday from now we may see the ridge begin to break down. unfortunately between now and then, high pressure may actually strengthen a little more as we approach the beginning of next week. as we talked about, san francisco not much change there,
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but the valleys, again, seeing temperatures climb a little bit toward tuesday, but don't be surprised that saturday may see the return of mid to upper 90s around places like concord, or m morgan comfortable as the fog keep s things cool aroud the bay. >> we head into august. >> keep an eye on it. rob, thanks. still to come, the spotlight stolen. believe it or not, at a beyonce concert. we'll tell you who's the mystery man and woman spotted. now it's got everyone schchecki out this viral video online. we'll show it to you next.
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. the search is on tonight for twoles.
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we told you about this as breaking news last night at 11:00. police say before 9:00 last night the pair opened fire on an unsuspecting crowd killing three people. paramedics rushed seven others to the hospital. this happened at just a few miles from the popular french quarter. investigators believe the shooting is gang related. tonight, the police chief has a message for the gunman, we're coming for you. >> this has to be personal. i mean, just fire indiscriminately into a crowd, shooting ten people, killing three, that's personal. it doesn't get more personal. >> police are offering a $5,000 reward for help tracking down those shooters. president trump is raising thta battle l and he wants his immigration reform bill passed and is prepared play hard earlier today, the president september out this tweet. it says in rt willing to shu not give us the votes for border security which includes the wall." but democrats say republicans are the ones who are stopping
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reform. >> democrats want to work on a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform package to address all of our issues across the country. >> you might remember the president told lawmakers back in february that he wouldn't mind a shutdown if it helped get a tough immigration deal through congress. the government has already shut down twice this year. both times were because congress failed to pass a new budget. a fun-filled date night for the obamas. former president barack obama, his wife, michelle, enjoying themselves at a beyonce and jay-z concert last night. fans filmed the obamas dancing. you can't go anywhere once you've been president and just hang out. >> and just dance to jay-z and beyon beyonce. >> as you can imagine, the video went viral very quickly. very cool. but no privacy anymore. >> that's okay. i don't think they want -- look at them go. >> they're digging it. pretty good dancers, too. to a different beat, we have
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sports when we come back.
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. hi, 49ers wide receiver pierre garcon missed the final five games last seasonne wit in the jimmy g. show. today the veteran pats catcher got to finally start building chemistry with the niners franchise quarterback. he spoke an the team's signal caller after training camp today. >> jimmy is a great quarterback. happy he's throwing the ball, happy with all the things he's done and happy to have a quarterback that can get us the
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ball. you know, no matter who he's throwing it to, we're going to catch it and get as many yards as we can. we should. definitely happy to have jimmy as our quarterback. you know, all the receivers are working harder. everybody's excited. everybody got a pep in their step. so, yeah, it's exciting to haeiy here. series finale, brewers looking to sweep the giants. bruce bochy went to cooperstown. a two-run home run to right. that's the 11th home run of the season for brawn. bottom third. still 2-0. one out. buster posey doubles to left september center. that will play three runs. giants take the lead. bottom fist now. o withbl one s down the right field line. two runs score. giants extend their lead 7-3. next batter, steven duggar, the rookie, hits a sack fly to right. pablo sandoval would have to get on his horse here. hustle home to score, but grabs
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at his hamstring. sandoval would leave the game with a hamstring strain. the giants avoid the sweep and win 8-5. a's looking to avoid the sweep in colorado. second inning, tom murphy jumps on frankie montez early. hits the two-run home run to deep right center field. then khris davis, it's his shot now. leading off the seventh. opposite field home run. 28th of the season. it's the fourth most in majors. cuts the rockies' lead to one. last chance to complete the comeback, but wade davis strikes out matt olson to complete the sweep of the a's. 3-2 is the announcing this morn utility man chad pender was placed on the ten-day dl with a left elbow laceration. he sustained the injury in a car accident saturday afternoon. pinder was not driving the car according to the "san francisco chronicle." his fiancee was also in the vehicle and sustained a bruise. on to the 105th tour de france.
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gaira gairant thomas the leader heading into sunday shipping the champagne early. tucked in between his team sky riders with two laps to go. alexander kristof wins the final stage. the man of the hour is thomas, he's applauded by teammate and last year's winner chris froome as they cross the line. thomas puts on the final yellow jersey as the first british-born winner of the tour de france. that's all for sports. more news after the break. fire
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california.. monday morning - we )ll update you on all the wildfires burning. plus: our consumer team plays "guitar hero" for . fire danger high across california, monday morning, we'll update you on the wildfires burning. our consumer team plays guitar hero. >> today in the bay, 4:30 to 7:00 a.m.
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people went to the theaters this weekend and they made "mission impossible" numero uno. this is the sixth film in the franchise. it's number one at the box office bringing in more than $61 million. >> wow. >> stars tom cruise as you may have guessed dwarfing the second-place film "mamma mia." that movie earned $15 million. >> that's a popular one, i'd have to say. >> you'd rather see "mamma mia." >> i feel like i'm going get judged and criticized if i say i don't like "mission impossible." >> i was asking a question. let me ask you a question, how is the weather? >> good for watching movies. >> thank you, rob, the peacemaker. thank you. >> 60s in san francisco. 90s inland. the heat is going to hold on in the valley. temperatures trending higher again this week. >> we'll be back pat 11:00. >> all right. have a good night.
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