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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 8, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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today? you )re not the only one. right now- smoke from wildfires to our north is choking parts of the bay area. a live look from our camera in san jose - the santa clara valley - where the problem is very evident. i )m marcus washington. i )m kris sanchez -- in for laua garcia. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. you should be able to see the santa cruz mountains and blue sky from this camera. that's what we're used to. but not today. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall. hi, kari. >> hi. we can see what the red outlines of exactly where the wildfires are burning. of course, some of the major fires in the bay area would be the carr fire, further to the
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north and the mendocino complex bringing smoke into the bay area. with a light wind, we are seeing this being pushed into the bay area and settling in our valleys. and that's the reason why we do have this view right now of very low visibility and that hazy sunshine. over the south bay, in santa clara valley, we have unhealthy air quality and inland east bay where we're also dealing with some high levels of some ozone. for the north bay, the bay and the coast, and the south bay, we're also seeing some moderate air quality and not only that but there's still a high fire danger today, a high fire weather watch issued for the areas dealing with extremely dry conditions and hot temperatures over the next few days and we'll continue to monitor that. what else is in the forecast? temperatures go up a few more degrees coming up in the my ro
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climate forecast. >> thank you very much. we want to turn to a live report in san jose and see the report behind you, too, anser. >> reporter: that's right. good morning. normally from this vantage point you can see across to the santa cruz mountains but today thick smoke and haze and an idea of how bad the air quality is. barely make out downtown san jose. air quality could get much worse. the river park is familiar trail for jen. she runs it almost every day despite the smoke and haze coming in from the mendocino fires. >> probably not the best thing to do. >> reporter: she is a volunteer for team rubicon. she was deployed to last year's north bay fires. she knows the affects of poor air quality. >> i should probably take a little bit more caution but as far as like since the fires happened, my runs have been
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shorter. >> reporter: the bay area air quality management district issued an advisory as winds blow smoke into the bay area from the mendocino complex fire raging in mendocino and shasta counties more than a week. some who run the trails are already feeling it. >> little smoky. out of breath sometimes. >> reporter: the impacts expected to be widespread between today and thursday and at times reaching the ground. residents are warned to stay inside until the smoke subsides. >> in the afternoon you will see the tint of the -- from the smoke. >> reporter: marlene wilson watches the birds. she suffers from asthma and more at risk and that's why they got an early start. >> we come before it gets hot. >> reporter: the current advisory until thursday but another spare the air alert could be issued if weather conditions continue to worsen. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news.
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>> she was right. when it's hot it's unbearable. asking a question of the day. have you taken any extra precaution to avoid the poor air quality? let us know what you think. you can go to the twitter page and vote. that's @nbc bna. cal fire leaders saying this might be california's worst fire season in history and we have months to go before it ends. these are just three main fires that firefighters are dealing with. there are more than a dozen others that are burning right now. let's go first to the mendocino complex fire and now more than 300,000 acres. the largest in state history. and we looked at the numbers overnight. this means that it is now more than five times the size of oakland. the fire's 47% contained and the number of homes destroyed at 116. higher than yesterday. and now to new video showing the holy fire down south in riverside and orange counties. because firefighters are stretched elsewhere, resources
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there are thin. the fire is prompting voluntary evacuations. the holy fire at this point burned more than 4,000 acres. it is 5% contained. shasta county containment is mostly the same as it was yesterday in the carr wildfire. the fire approaching 50% containment in the redding area. more than 1,000 homes are destroyed. with 173,000 acres burned. to give you perspective, the carr fire is now larger than the cities of san jose and fremont combined. our update is minute by minute. if you have family or friends, those are evacuation orders and critical. head to nbc bay, bookmark it and it will always be on. >> a house fire killing a mother and two teenage twins in the north bay over the weekend is being investigated as a homicide.
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pete suratos joins us live at the police department which will be the change or really in charge of that investigation. pete, any updates we are seeing so far? >> reporter: yeah, well, marcus, i went inside here to the police department about an hour ago. they didn't provide updates on this. remember, this was a tragic house fire that took the lives of three people on sunday and overnight we learned that this is now turned into a homicide investigation which is a pretty big development when you think about what type of fire we're talking about. i' i'll show you the scene from sunday morning when it all happened and as far as what we know right now we know that when the house went up in flames in vallejo two 14-year-old twins were found dead inside of it. the mother died a short time later at a local hospital. their 11-year-old sister did escape. we can only imagine the trauma she is going through. a neighbor shot this on the cell phone saying she heard a male
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voice screaming and yelling inside of the home less than an hour before the fire was reported. and then at about 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning trin tran, one of the twins that passed away, sent a text to a friend asking if she was awake and said, she's, quote, really scared. as this investigation continues, people are remembering the two girls and their mother at a memorial outside of that home on georges street and i spoke with a resident in the area who passed by after we wrapped up the live morning reports this morning. i informed her that the house fire was a homicide investigation. and as you can imagine, she's pretty concerned. >> my brother's lived here for years and his wife and they have four kids and grown and they have kids and the neighborhood has never been like this. >> reporter: family friend says that the girl's father left for vietnam a few days ago and police yesterday cannot confirm if there's a suspect or couldn't confirm that information or if
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there's any suspect at this time. we expect them to release more information later this week. >> all right. pete, thank you. this just in. the fbi is looking for this man, joel caraza. police say in 1999 new year's day he with three other suspects attacked two men in campbell. one of the victims was stabbed several times and later died. he is thought to be in mexico and he is considered armed and dangerous. the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward in this case. and the bay area's tesla is working to clarify that announcement yesterday that had so many people talking about that the founder intended to take the company private. >> scott mcgrew, there's cleanup to be done right now. >> because of the way that musk announced it. good morning. he said on twitter he secured funding to take tesla private to buy up all the shares from all the people who already own tesla stock. take the company off the public
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market. now, not a crazy idea. companies move from public to private and it would take pressure off tesla. but tweeting that out was very irregular and it may have tesla and musk in a little bit of trouble and specific rules about how a public company announces news to avoid a stock price. you have to make it to everybody all at once. not on twitter only. not everybody uses twitter. so we'll watch to see if that causes trouble with the s.e.c. members of the tesla board issued a statement supporting the idea saying the members are looking into the issue, quote, the board has met several times over the last week taking the appropriate steps to evaluate this. not as strong of a statement that musk made and said there's funding in place. a big claim. remember, when you're ceo of a company you are not allowed to exaggerate. it's notable tesla's board
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didn't address that. possible they're in the dark. tesla shares jumped about 11% yesterday and gave musk on paper profit of half billion. shares down about 2% today. also, we are talking about this on the morning show. the chinese government said it's going to slap new tariffs on american goods, that includes cars. which will include tesla. >> all right. thank you very much. trump administration says that more than 700,000 foreigners who legally entered the u.s. didn't go home when they were supposed to last year. the department of homeland security reports more than 700,000 people overstayed their visas. that makes up the largest group of people who are in the u.s. illegally. if you overstay a visa more than 180 days you could be barred from reentering the u.s. for 3 years. fewer than 180 days and usually there is no penalty. 49ers will be honoring dwight clark all season long.
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take a look at the helmet here. that little decal number 87 all of the players are going to wear this all season long. and there will be a special spot on the field to signify the catch in nfc championship game. the statue will be also erected outside the stadium. dwight clark died in june from l lou gehrig's disease. a new york congressman arrested. the charges he's facing and too close to call. a special election in ohio getting national attention. the reason both sides are taking notice. are you having car trouble? our consumer unit posted this to the social media pages. but you can watch it here to see how you can save some cash. six things to do when your car needs repairs. check with family and friends for recommendations. search for mechanics online. and check the better business bureau or ratings. call the mechanic before you go.
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ask if their estimates are free. before you authorize repairs, make sure you receive a written estimate of the costs. if the mechanic can't return your car the same day you drop it off, ask for a written time of repair estimate. if the mechanic won't give you everything in writing, walk away. have a problem? or a tip? give us a call. or submit online. we respond to every call and inquiry.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. wednesday morning: a proposed sales tax increase in one east bay city will here are the other top stories on this wednesday morning. proposed sales tax increase in an east bay city will not be on the november ballot. last night, the concord city
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board voted down that proposal to increase the sales tax to a full cent. city leaders trying to come up with a way to stabilize the budget but they didn't get the votes to pass the measure on to voters. and an unyou believe dual brand housing complex reportedly in the works for the area surrounding san jose's future google village. these are the renderings now and supposed to be in built san jose downtown. the mercury news reports marriott has a deal in place for a combined courtyard residence inn with more than 300 rooms. and happening today, state lawmakers get involved in exploring controversy surrounding one troubled south bay school district. parents and teachers have been divided over a power struggle involving alan rock school trustees and superintendent. last month the grand jury agreed
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board members may have played favorites with contract deals and tried to oust the superintendent. south bay legislators plan to call for an audit to look into potential conflicts of interest. well, new york congressman and a fierce supporter of president trump is arrested. chris collins is facing insider trading charges. he's accused of passing non public information about a bio tech company to a son who then traded that information, passed it along to others and family members. collins is indicted along with a son and his son's soon to be father-in-law. they allegedly avoided nearly $800,000 in losses. collins said that he is innocent. all right. too close to call is the verdict this morning in ohio in their special election. it is a critical one and it remains uncalled with the republican candidate holding on to that narrow lead. you can see how small that lead is. the election in ohio's 12th congressional district, the
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final test of a republican versus democrat before november's midterms. and both parties are watching very closely. nbc's garrett haake reports where they're counting the provisional ballots. >> reporter: republican troy balderson delivering a victory speech in ohio late last night without a clear-cut victory. >> over the next three months, i'll do everything i can to make america great again. >> reporter: currently sitting on a lead less than a point, the race too close to call in a district president trump carried by 11. >> can you believe how close this is? >> reporter: democrat danny o'connor refusing to concede. >> we're not stopping. tomorrow we rest and then fight through to november! >> reporter: this comes after a major push from the president, stumping in ohio over the weekend. >> i'll tell you what. we're going to have a tremendous victory for troy. troy balderson. >> reporter: in a tweet late
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last night mr. trump claiming the visit pushed balderson over the top. after my speech there was a big turn to the better. this was supposed to be safe territory for republicans but attitudes here are changing. >> i am almost feeling like the president feels as if he's an autocrat instead of an elected official. i don't like that. >> all right. we'll continue to watch that count. just so, sonar row. >> very close. >> yeah. all right. for all of you grill masters out there, listen to this story. >> consider yourself a terrific person with the tongs, marinate on the next story a moment. how does the job title chef grilling officer sound? well, that's exactly what reynolds wrap is looking for, looking to hire someone to spend two weeks eating around the u.s. in cities known for their barbecue. this job for two weeks pays
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$10,000 plus prepaid travel and lodging and it's a win-win for the barbecue. >> can i bring the kids? then it's a family vacation. >> you have to pay for the kids -- >> they're good taste testers. i'll tell you, though. practically leave a slab of meat out in the air and have it smoked by dinner time. so smoky out there. >> unfortunate, too, because i mean, we just want to do every day things and even grilling is not really a good time for that. as we get a look at what we are experiencing around the bay area. we can see the smoke and i would show the camera in the midday newscast. we can see how thick the smoke is on this sunol camera. a live look outside, fremont, not too far away, we are also seeing the smoke hovering over parts of the east bay. as you get out there, you need to take it easy with the unhealthy air quality. if you're going for a workout, maybe go to the gym this time. or try to stay inside and then
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we are going to have to limit our time outside for the next couple of days. our temperatures are still feeling comfortable. at 74 degrees in san jose. it's 71 in antioch and in fairfield. oakland and napa now at 60 degrees. and in san francisco, santa rosa, 62 now. if you're going to head out, we advise people to take public transit right now because we can cut down on those carbon emissions and help improve the air quality and in san jose, going to diridon station for the noon hour at 77 degrees. reaching into the mid-80s today. so not as warm. in fact, all of these clouds across the bay area acting as a blanket to keep the temperatures from warming up too hot. we won't see as much of the cloud cover in the south county. looking at morgan hill reaching 92 degrees. and 70 in oakland today. 88 degrees in martinez and in concord today 92 degrees. in half moon bay, 59 there and
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san mateo, 52. embarcadero mid-60s and the westerly winds only clearing the air in san francisco and north bay with drifts of smoke coming by. santa rosa today 84 degrees. if you're planning to head out there to the a's game this evening, it is cool. we'll drop back to 63 degrees. mostly clear skies. and then in the upper 50s for most of the game. here's an update on hurricane hector. right now just south of hawaii. still a major hurricane. and this is moving off towards the west and churning up the high waves and could bring a few of those rain bands to hawaii and then hurricane john, a category 1 hurricane. that's expected to weaken over the next few days but this will actually have a minor impact on bay area weather into next week. we are going to have a surge of subtropical moisture off of that system and where we see the blues and the greens that indicates elevated humidity
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which may be good news for the wildfire fight. i'll talk more about that and expected temperature-wise coming up in the next microclimate forecast. a bizarre ending to a police chase. the way cows helped move that suspect into police hands. first happening now, bitcoin is falling sharply today after a u.s. securities and exchange commission delayed the decision on the proposed bitcoin exchange trade fund or etf that would have been the first financial product of its kind. plus, some transgender uber drivers are kicked off of the app because of a new security feature requiring requires to take a selfie. it doesn't come back as a match with other photos on file, accounts could be suspended. uber said it's working to fix that problem. much more news for you after the break. it )s about air quality.
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as meteorologist kari hall is we are going the question of the day outside here in the nbc bay area parking lot. you see the fleet of live trucks ready to head out for the news of the day. we came outside because today we're talking about the weather and as we've mentioned, kari hall has talked about the fact that this is a spare the air day and could be a problem for folks with sensitive respiratory systems. we have this post quiz or poll on twitter asking you, have you
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taken any special precautions? at this point, 7% of you say, you are using a face mask. 40% of people say they're limiting outdoor activity. i'm doing that today. 21% of people say they're mindful of it. 32% of people say all of the above. remember, if you are sensitive, you have a sensitive respiratory system, limit your outdoor activity. try to take mass transit if you can to keep some cars off the roadway and pollution plus wildfire smoke that's a problem. it's always much more interesting when you join the conversation. find us on facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat. marcus? >> all right. good advice there. okay. take a look at the video here. it's a police chase involving a stolen suv seen from above. this is infrared video of sunday night. now, that's when the suspect gets out of the car. see it right there. runs into a pasture and the cows there chasing after that man.
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look at that one right there. well, they actually hoofed up -- helped them up. getting the suspect cornered there. that's when police stepped in and they were able to corral that man. yeah. he was actually on the run after they say he stole some things. he's actually facing multiple felony charges now. well, coming up, wildfires destroying thousands of acres here in california and an up close look at the fire fight.
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we are closely following the wildfires burning across california. more than four th and we are closely following the wildfires burning across california. more than 4,000 firefighters from around the world have come here to battle those fires. >> and now the largest wildfire in the state's history is threatening even more homes than we mentioned. nbc's miguel amalguer has more.
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>> reporter: firefighters have never faced a monster like this. the mendocino complex fire, the largest in california's history, is blazing a path of destruction like we have never seen before. after destroying dozens of homes, the inferno is now threatening 11,000 structures. the northern california blaze larger than the cities of san francisco, oakland, sacramento and san jose combined. smoke seen from space is drifting as far east as salt lake city. >> it's very challenging in this area just getting to the edge of the fire. as well as firefighters' safety. >> reporter: these terrifying fire-nado sinning at 150 miles per hour tore across the hills outside of los angeles giving most only minutes to flee. >> it was racing. it was catching us. >> reporter: with 14,000 firefighters on the front lines today, grueling shifts can last
11:31 am
24 hours. across the state, more than 2,000 structures have been destroyed. 619,000 acres scorched. >> the loud roar, loudest roar i have heard. like a jet taking off. >> reporter: back in wine country, the hills are still exploding. firefighters on the front lines, at times in the equivalent of 120-degree heat facing flames that can shoot more than 100 feet into the air. >> they were huge flames. i mean, we were probably a good halfway out across the valley and you could feel the heat off the trees. >> reporter: this morning, california is cooking. a view of history nobody wants to see. miguel amalguer, nbc news. some wildfire survivors are feeling outraged right now because state lawmakers are trying to hammer out a new agreement which critics say limits the liability for utilities where it comes to wildfire damages.
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fire victims fear they lose the legal right to recover losses. happening today, a group of opponents holding a rally on the steps of the state capitol to argue that utilities when they are at fault should be held accountable. that was this morning and later this morning they hope to meet with state lawmakers. environmentalists are gathering in san francisco today to talk about what they hope is the largest west coast protest ever against climate change. that protest takes place exactly one month from today in san francisco called rise for climate, jobs and justice. today organizers talk about what they call the recent impact of climate change and the numerous wildfires burning in the state. we're seeing new video of an oakland girl whose disappearance making national headlines and been gone for three weeks. this is mollie tibetts giving a speech before disappearing. the church called her a leader and a fun and sassy kid. she goes to the university of
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iowa. and vanished three weeks ago after a run. this morning, a new plea from her parents. her dad who still lives in lafayette and works in san francisco says he thinks his daughter may be with somebody she knows and this is his new message to that person. >> if you're with mollie now, you obviously don't mean to hurt her. and this has gone far enough. you need to stop now and you need to face the consequences. >> volunteers are still working around the clock hoping that their efforts will turn into a promising lead. and quickly an end to the search for a missing san ramone teenager. police say taylor is okay. she was found in fairfield and say she had just run away from home. the family reported her missing last tuesday. paul manafort's former assistance rick gates back on the witness stand today. yesterday he confessed he stole from the boss and cheated on his
11:34 am
wife. manafort said they did well on tuesday, the government says that their case is still forfeited by documented proof. nbc's pete williams has more from the court building in alexandria, virginia. >> reporter: it's day three on the witness stand for rick gates, paul manafort's former right-hand man. his trusted aide who now admits stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his former boss in the years they worked together. some of that money he said helped him carry on an affair in london that he hid from his wife, a secret life his lawyers called it. he said he created false financial documents to help an investor friend. gates said he embezzled money from manafort's overseas bank accounts to pay the bills. he said i was in essence living beyond my means. after a day of aggressive questioning, manafort's lawyer kevin downing in a rare public statement seemed satisfied. >> mr. manafort had a great day.
11:35 am
>> reporter: the defense hopes to paint gates as the real villain responsible for the crimes that prosecutors charge manafort with committing but in a case built on bank and tax records, muddying gates may not work. >> i think probably not enough to tank the case. there are enough documents been put into evidence that krob crate what he has to say. >> reporter: prosecutors disclosed that after manafort left the trump campaign he continued asking for favors from gates. who stayed on to work on the trump inauguration. he said that a banker who helped him get a loan should be considered for secretary of the army. and e-mailed again later to say the banker and the son should get tickets to the trump inaugural ceremony. it is aware that the prosecutors value gates and in return for the guilty plea not objecting when the lawyers ask for a sentence of probation even though he could face years in prison for all the crimes he admitted to committing. pete williams, nbc news.
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sacramento police say they're looking into an incident over the weekend of off duty police officer involved in the shooting death of stephon clark. listen to what happened. >> i wonder if you started planning your wedding before you killed stephon clark or after. >> that is an activist asking the police officer, woerring if you started to plan the wedding before you killed stephon clark or after. it's posted by the sacramento black lives matter movement. the activist walked into a restaurant where the officer was sitting with friends hours before his wedding on sunday. the officer did not respond and a friend stands up and asks the activist to leave. prosecutors never filed charges in connection with the death. okay. listen up, south bay drivers. a study to make the commute less stressful is moving forward. vta accepting a $1.2 million loan from the metropolitan transportation commission, that money will be used to examine the gridlock along 85 from
11:37 am
mountain view to san jose. money from the study originally approved by santa clara county voters in 2016 and it's tied up in a lawsuit. gas prices dropping at the pump. average prices are falling after reaching their highest point of a year in early june. the state average is now $3.62 a gallon and down more than 11 cents in the past couple of months. the average price for a gallon of gas in the bay area is $3.68. some of the lowest prices are vallejo where a gallon of gas costs $3.58. >> it is only costing me $40 to fill up. >> just. >> just. only. all right. more and more americans choosing not to travel to mexico so some airlines are starting to cut back. experts say the drop in bookings likely because of violence reported in some parts of the country and year to year homicide rate in areas around can country, cozumel.
11:38 am
there are also stories of tourists drugged and robbed. several airlines including united, american and delta are pointing to their quarterly earnings reports showing a decrease in travel to mexico. okay. it's not too late for older teenagers to get the hpv vaccine. new study found catch-up hpv vaccines of 14 and 20 years old helps protect against cervical cancer. there are really no significant protection in the women who got their first dose and their early 20s. experts say more research is needed women 21 to 26 years old. turning now to the university of southern california and that school's president is resigning amid a massive sexual misconduct scandal of the school's former long-time gynecologist. nbc has the latest. >> please be seated.
11:39 am
>> reporter: university of south california's embattled president is stepping down after months of criticism over his handling of explosive misconduct allegations against a former campus gynecologist. >> it's definitely rocked the campus a lot. >> reporter: in a letter, board of trustees said it's an agenda of change. he didn't leave the post until this week and not leaving the school. instead, named president emeritus. one student said it's insulting to victims and a mockery of the university. the move comes months after a list of shocking allegations of misconduct of hundreds of women saying they were abused by the doctor, the school's only full-time gynecologist for nearly 30 years. >> he took pictures of me during the exam. >> while i was up in the stirrups. he told me i was beautiful.
11:40 am
>> reporter: natalie morales spoke with five of the women in june. >> do you feel more betrayed by the university or the doctor? >> absolutely the university. without a shadow of a doubt. >> reporter: in lawsuits filed against the usc and the doctor, former students accused the doctor of forcing them to strip naked, groping their breasts and invasive examinations for no legitimate medical purpose. a suit claims usc concealed the sexual abuse for years. ultimately the school struck a secret deal with him who wasn't fired and suspended with pay in 2016 retiring the next year with an undisclosed payout. >> it is painful to know, like, our collective voices ultimately meant near nothing to usc. >> reporter: the school says independent investigators have interviewed more than 100 witnesses and collected more than 4.5 million documents since may. usc also created an office for professional ethics and hired a new medical director. >> my job is to make sure that we learn from this, that we do
11:41 am
not repeat these mistakes here or anywhere. >> that was gadi schwartz reporting. usc board member austin will take over as the school's interim president as the university searches for a permanent replacement. a new twist in what some call the increasingly ugly split involving brad pitt and angelina jolie. they divorced two years ago and nbc obtained new court documents filed by jolie's attorney claiming that pitt has not paid meaningful child support for the children for a year and a half and jolie plans to seek a court order for the money retroactively. a source tells "usa today" that the claims are inaccurately and pitt is fulfilling the legal commitment. you were probably watching as the tragedy unfolded on live tv. do you remember it? challenger explosion. now for the first time we are seeing mcauliffe's lost lesson and what she was going to use to
11:42 am
teach on board the spacecraft, the teacher that died in the "challenger" explorer 32 years ago. nasa scientists will teach the lessons. first video released yesterday and another one out in a few weeks. amazon is launching curbside pickup at whole foods stores. customers can place orders via amazon prime now app and then have them loaded into the cars when they arrive. the service is available in sacramento and virginia beach but with plans to launch in other cities later this year. customers will have designated parking spots to just zoom in but you have to be a prime member. pickup in an hour is free of $35, no problem at whole foods, pickup in 30 minutes, though, costs you just about $5. well, increasing heat and air quality is two things people are talking about. >> air quality unhealthy today. go to santa clara for the temperatures in the day and feels comfortable, you should
11:43 am
still limit your time outside. due to the drifts of smoke and then as we go into the forecast, looks a little bit cooler. hopefully the air quality will improve, too. i'll talk more about that coming up in the microclimate forecast. property taxes are high around the bay area. when we learned one homeowner's four-figure payment gone missing, we took action. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. los s
11:44 am
11:45 am
property taxes on time -- but got hit with a late penalty
11:46 am
nbc bay area responds to a los gatos homeowner that paid the property taxes on time and got hit with a late penalty anyway. >> that doesn't seem fair. he toned to chris chmura and the big unknown question is, how does this happen? >> alan samuels asked the same question, how? getting the property tax bill, he paid it by check on time. a few weeks later, he received this. from the santa clara county tax department. a delinquent tax due notice including an extra $195 in fines and late fees. alan talked to his neighbors and found out some of them got hit with late fees, too. he called us. we contacted santa clara county and acknowledged the complaint and 100 more. the county told us it would investigate the missing payments. we haven't heard back about the cause of the problem and did hear back about alan's account. the county dropped his fees
11:47 am
altogether. if you're facing the same predicament as alan, we encourage you to speak up. call the santa clara county tax department or call us, 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay all right. we were asking folks doing anything differently because of the air quality. we had a twitter follower saying that he has asthma, working outside. doesn't feel the smoke and could be where he is, right? >> yeah. that's very possible. and the worst air quality in the inland parts of the east bay and today santa clara valley. not only the drifts of smoke and today we have high ozone levels as high pressure moves in, pushes the air and all of the pollutants down to the surface and what high pressure means, putting high pressure on hus on earth. a look at tiburon right now, we see that very shallow layer of fog over the golden gate bridge. while it is clearing for the skies, we are still once again
11:48 am
seeing those drifts of smoke around the bay area. in fremont, very light wind and that stagnant air doesn't allow for the pollutants and drifts of smoke to start to clear out so the temperatures are still in the low 70s for parts of the inland areas. half moon bay, 57 degrees and up another couple of degrees from here and san francisco now at 62 degrees. the 7-day forecast is coming up in the bottom of the screen. starting in the south bay. come on over to take a look at that while i talk about what to expect in martinez. still going to be hot there. sunny and hazy conditions. reaching the high temperature right at about 4:00. so that's when you want to try to limit your time outside during the hottest hours of the day. and then also no strenuous activities today. then as it cools off this evening, see mostly clear skies. we are advising people to take public transit if you can so if you're going out the door in dublin, about to go to the b.a.r.t. station, reaching into the low 90s there.
11:49 am
look at all of the microclimates. south bay, expect a high of 87 degrees. 84 in milpitas and east bay up to 88 in martinez. and 89 in livermore. and in san mateo, expect a high of 72 there. brisk westerly winds keeping it cool in san francisco. low 60s while we'll see some upper 80s today and sonoma with a high of 83 degrees. so just talking about this. hurricane john, category 1 hurricane expected to weaken over the next new days and turn into a tropical storm and notice as we look at this map it shows that there will be a surge in moisture and where we see the reds there's a high amount of humidity but for us we're looking at a slight increase in humidity. and that will bring in some slightly cooler temperatures, as well. not as hot and rain is not expected at this point and seeing the blues it shows some elevated humidity. and then that will continue into
11:50 am
next week and great news for the wildfire threat and the fight against all of the smoky conditions. higher humidity is a plus for those cal fire crews. you have been sending pictures to me. michelle featured the car and the smoky skies in the background. this is what we have seen at sunrise and sunset and tell where the smoke is. high heat over the next few days and better next week. highs in the upper 80s for monday and tuesday. san francisco still on the same pattern, no changes into next week. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. well, coming up on the court before for a very different reason. what steph curry did to help the family of the woman killed at a b.a.r.t. station last month.
11:51 am
get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less. oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less.
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...which means you can saynally hyes... the shoes your family wants. find top brands at big savings... ...for men, women, boys and girls all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. he )s acted as a coach and a supporter of family facing warriors star steph curry takes the court if a different role. he acted as a coach and supporter of the family facing
11:53 am
immense loss. >> urging fans to help the family of a young woman of nia wilson killed at b.a.r.t. station. nbc bay area was in san francisco where curry met with the family members. >> i'm sure everybody's aware of the tragic loss in the san francisco bay area area of nia wilson. her family is here today. i'd like you to give them a round of applause. >> reporter: donated the showcase game to the family of nia wilson, and the crowd shows its support. 18-year-old wilson was stabbed to death at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station last month. curry encouraged fans to donate to the wilson family coping with her death. support wilson's father says makes a difference. >> this is keeping me and my family so strong. all the support of the giants like steph curry and lebron. you know? that's keeping us strong at this
11:54 am
moment. >> reporter: mohammed says curry greeted family members before the game and watched with pictures of wilson around their necks. fans who came said the tribute to the family shows them curry is part of the community. >> i think that's really good. just to know that we have the support as african-american women we don't go unnoticed. >> this is another way where he continues to show how the outreach helps families and other people heal. all right. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
pitch at all 30 major league 8-year-old haley dawson is a step closer to the goal, throwing out the first pitch at all 30 major league stadiums using a 3d printed prosthetic right hand. she she's doing a good job. last night in toronto for 25th stop. >> really cool. love that. >> all right. a look at weather. anyone wanting to play outside it's a warm one, too. >> very warm today. next couple of days we are looking at low 90s, drifts of smoke and then the weekend temperatures only come down just slightly for early next week. >> all right. there you have it. thank you so much for joining us. next newscast at 5:00. >> any news you need any time of day at nbc bay
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. we are live, in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> you are not given a chance then and i want to make sure you get a chance now. >> oh my god, it is amazing. that 14-year-old getting the confetti golden shower there on "agt."


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