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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good saturday morning. it is 57. here's a live look outside at the bay bridge from cupid's span down there on the embarcadero a. gorgeous sunrise. what a beautiful sight not to see all the thick smoke and the haze we have been seeing from the wildfires. thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. we have look at the micro climate forecast. >> it is a little on the cool
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side for the coast right now. it's expected to be breezy and windy for the coast and the hilltop areas. that's going to affect a little bit how your day goes in terms of temperatures. however, we are seeing a slight cooldown it's still going to be hot. south bay 64. it's nice and mild. trivalley, 64. in the north bay we are still seeing a little bit of haze as they are closer to the wildfires that are actively burning. 56 degrees. as far as the air quality goes we are no longer under a spare the air alert. but be mindful if you are near any of the active wildfire zones. east bay, 58 degrees. we are expected to catch a little bit of the fog. you can see the marine layer building along the golden gate bridge. that's going to help also with the air quality. if you are going to be outside along the coast today you are going to have to be more worried whether it is going to be cold or not because the conditions will be breezy, paired with cooler temperatures.
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definitely keep that in mind as you head out the door this morning. i will have closer look at the red flag warnings. and i wi >> when i was this pregnant i went to outside lands i am still yet to go. >> maybe next year. >> you have 364 days to plan. we will check in in a bit. this morning, evacuation orders are lifted for several neighborhoods in solano county where a raging wildfire is burning dangerously close to homes. the nelson fire in fairfield forced hundreds of people from their homes yesterday afternoon. it ignited around 5:00 p.m. east of interstate 80 near the p paradise valley golf course. it burned 1,000 acres.
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one family lost everything. this is video of their home going up in flames last night. a mental health facility for invats was evacuated in vacaville, and a senior living facility. >> we were scrambling to get possibly 300 individuals that were in that home, many of them wheelchair bounds. by the time we loaded up maybe about four buss the wind changed to where we didn't have to evacuate that home. >> packed up the family photos and the birth certificates and i'm going to pack up the truck and get it out of here. >> evacuations were lifted around midnight. pg&e is working to restore power outages. peabody road is closed at chuck hammond drive because of downed power lines. we have been following this fire since it broke out yesterday afternoon. our team of reporters posted pictures and video and we continue to post important information. follow us on twitter.
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a horizon airlines service mechanic stole a passenger jet from sea-tac airport, took off, and then crashed about 30 miles from the airport. authorities say the 29-year-old man referred to himself as rich and richard when he was communicated with air traffic control. in the audio released, rich sounds suicidal and apologizes to his loved ones. multiple witnesses on the ground posted video like this, showing the plane at a low altitude south of the airport before it ultimately crashed. two f 15s launched to intercept it. moments later the plane crashed into ketron island where less than two dozen people live. the sheriff's department says the plane was not shot down and that the pilot was the only person on board. >> there was no indication there was an attempt to attack anybody or anything other than taking an airplane without permission,
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stealing an airplane and flying it around. apparently the person had enough training, enough sense or whatever to be able to maneuver it somewhat. >> that person did perish in the crash. the fbi is investigating. the sheriff's office says this is not a terrorist incident. back here in the bay area a construction worker was severely injured when he was hit by a steel beam. this happened in san francisco. emergency crews rushed to save him just after 4:30 p.m. yesterday on west portal on that side of muniese twin peaks tunnel. the worker had to be rushed to a trauma center. no word yet on his condition. to a landmark $289 million verdict all over an item you might have in your garage. monsanto, the company that manufactures roundup weed killer must now pay millions in damages to an east bay man this. after a jury decided the popular weed killer caused dewayne
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johnson's cancer. the jury decided monsanto knew a chemical inside roundup was dangerous and didn't warn users and awarded johnson $289 million. johnson tells us he is relieved that the cover-up is over. the defense attorney tell us the jury got it wrong. >> it doesn't change the overwhelming scientific evidence, and the 40 years of safe use of lives saved around the world. >> scott partridge says monsanto will appeal and monsanto will likely try to settle with johnson and thousands of others who filed suits against the company claiming the same harm. to a turn around in san francisco in the deadly ghost
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ship warehouse fire. they are going to trial. the judge said he would accept a plea deal for max harris but not for derek heldmenna. the reason, a 30 page letter to the debt of probation. in it the judge says heldmenna pointed the finger of blame and didn't take any responsibility for all 36 deaths in his warehouse. heldmenna's attorney disagrees. >> on every third page it man fasts remorse. >> while it was a mackage deal, the judge said the deal is off for both men. if it had been approved both men would have spent less than ten years in prison. a routine traffic stop turned into a tragedy in fairfield. the chp is mourning the loss of one of their own. a truck veered off interstate 80 yesterday morning smashing into motorcycle officer kirk grace and the car he pulled over. the person in the car also died.
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friends and family say the officer loved his job and that his death is a huge loss to their vacaville community. >> being a chp patrolman on a bike, he loved it. i know he had opportunities to do other things, and he wanted to stay on the bike. >> the officer leaves behind a wife and three children. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. crews are making progress on the largest fire in california history. cal fire says the mendocino complex fire is now 60% contained. the twin fires continue to burn in lake, mendocino, and colouisa counties. so far flames have scorched more than 300,000 acres. more than 100 homes have been destroyed. full containment is expected sometime next month. some good news now from the front lines of the ferguson fire near yosemite. the park will reopen to the public on tuesday. it has been closed for weeks due
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to the fire which has now charred more than 95,000 acres and killed two firefighters. it's just shy of 7:09 right now. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, avoiding headaches at the dmv by going to a secret office. the sneaky way law makers and staff are able to avoid the long lines we all have to deal with. the tweet that started a firestorm. why tesla's ceo has been hit with a lawsuit.
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welcome back. it's 7:11 on our saturday morning. if this isn't a gorgeous way to start the day, i don't know what is. the sun is shining as we look towards san francisco from the embarcadero. a happy palm tree there. better air quality. you can already see it. about a week ago today we were covered in smoke and haze from the wildfires to our north. we have our micro climate forecast in just a bit. she says a cooldown is on its
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way. it's reshaping how many people will get around san francisco. yesterday, the ribbon was cut on the highly anticipated multimillion dollar sales force transit center. it's the first time in decades that san francisco has had a permanent transit center. the sparkling new space has a roof top park, retail space, and a bus bridge which seems to be generating the most excitement. >> i mean you can get now, the time a bus leaves the temporary terminal before it gets on the bridge can be ten minutes. now it's going to be 20 seconds. >> that sounds good. the first bus service begins tomorrow. today, festivities continue with the neighborhood block party near the transit center. now to preferential treatment. lawmakers and their staff are avoiding the long lines that we all have to wait in at the dmv by having their own secret office. the unlisted dmv office is in a building across the street from
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the state capitol in sacramento. the dmv says the office's task is to handle thousands of consumer complaints but they also take care of legislature members to take care of their dmv needs. critics say it is time to put an end to the political perk. >> it doesn't hurt anything having it there. it looks bad. it sets the legislature apart from the general public and would probably be smart for them to get rid of it. >> as for the long lines the public has to stand in, the dmv is trying to reduce them at its bay area offices by opening some offices on saturdays. the agency also is adding more staff. 7:13 right now. we do have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, honoring a bay area legend. we talk to barry bonds ahead of a big ceremony today at at&t park. i bet you have your day all
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planned out. 64 degrees right now in shez. i am tracking a bit of a cooldown, but also breezy to windy conditions. what does this mean? because you know if you are headed to san francisco, it is different weather out there? i will have the details coming up. san mateo bridge
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welcome back. it's 7:16 on your saturday morning. taking a live look outside as the sunshine down over the san mateo bridge. not as hazy and smokey as it has been with those wildfires burning to our north. some good news on the way, with better air quality, sweater weather along the coast, and 90s inland. but the good news is, a slight cooldown is on its way for all of us. tesla's ceo is being sued all because of a tweet. elon musk tweeted on tuesday that he might take the company private and that he secured funding. well, yesterday a federal lawsuit was filed in san francisco because of that tweet. the suit claims musk used the
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tweet to rattle the stock market, pushing shares higher and ambushing short sellers betting against the company. tesla declined to comment on the suit. more than a decade after barry bonds hung up his cleats, the giants will retire his number 25 jersey before tonight's game at at&t park against the pittsburgh pirates. that was a live look for you at at&t park. the sun is shining there. the home run hitting king sat down with our own raj mathai back in may to talk about the legacy of bay area baseball. bonds talks about learning from his dad bobby and his godfather willie mays. >> what did willie mays teach you, being through your dad and being around, was it osmosis learning from them or did they sit you down and teach you things? >> well, my dad was my teacher. willie was my godfather. willie was my idol.
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two comparisons here. to be a young kid and be a baseball player and the person idolizes your godfather, what other gift do you want? all i cared was love, that he cared about me as my godfather, and that i was good enough for him. that was just it. my dad was the same thing. but it was two different people. like i always said, willie gave me a pat on the shoulder. my dad was going to go you can do it again. i was fighting the two evils. one evil to the good side, the angel and the devil on this side. willie would be like you hit two home runs in the game. keep up the good work. my dad would be like you swung when you weren't supposed to. >> check out the documentary series bay area revelations champions of baseball on
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let's check in with a look at the weekend forecast. what should people expect if they are going out to the game tonight. >> we have a range. in san francisco or the higher elevation areas we have windy conditions. the rest of the bay area is going to be pretty good. comfortable weather. it wopt be bad out there. the air quality has gotten better. still seeing haze in the north bay. you have to be mindful of the fact that the wildfires are actively burning in several zones nearby. the south bay is a mild 64 right now. look at the san francisco camera right now. golden gate bridge. we had the nice marine layer that was building. you can see a little bit of that left over. we are expecting clouds to roll through tonight, and yes, breezy conditions expected as well. as far as the north bay, even that camera looks better than it did a couple of days ago. there is no spare the air warning in effect today. if you are heading to outside lands, bring a sweater. as the breeze kicks up you will
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definitely feel it. temperatures will remain in 60s. no huge range between the temperatures from the start of the gates opening at 11:00 a.m. through the evening hours. we are expected to remain in the 60s. we will get some cloud cover, can which is going to help with the air quality and keep it chillier out there. milpitas, 88. in the east bay, 70s in oakland, 74 degrees, all the way up to 95 further inland for concord and the antioch area as well. as far as the peninsula goes, this is where we are expecting breezy to windy conditions. also keep in mind the hilltop areas as well. redwood city, 81 degrees. san mateo, 76. in the city, temperatures will be in the 60s. for mission, 68 degrees. up near the north bay, temperatures will range from about 89 degrees up to 95 degrees for the ukiah area. a nice range in temperatures but we've also got to keep something
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in mind. because of the shift in terms this ridge of high pressure that's going to break apart as we head into the weekend we have also got a system just off to the north that's going to kick off some of those winds, which is why there is a red flag warning in place for shasta county in the redding area. that remains in effect through 11 p.m. tonight. the winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. low humidity and temperatures between the 70 and 100 degree mark. as far as the mendocino, expect the red flag warning to continue, no burning is allowed. if you are heading outside keep that in mine in terms of any barbecues. s that also not allowed as well. as far as the bay area, the changes coming up. we have an active pacific. we have christie, and john and hector. all of these tropical systems will bring a surge in the
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moisture. which means slightly cooler temperatures. you will notice it more tomorrow. not so much today, but you will definitely notice the humidity as we head into monday. 64 degrees expected for san francisco. no huge drop in temperature there is. check out the inland temperatures. we will go from mid 90s all the way back down into the 80s for a humid and tropical start to the work week. >> i thought a cooldown was good until i heard humid. >> exactly. >> i guess i'll say thanks. 7:22 right now. still ahead on today in the bay, the destructive fires last october in wine country destroyed homes and wineries. and also a brand-new cannabis farm. we hear from the head of san francisco's spark dispensary about rebuilding his crop. next. rebuild the north bay aftet
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fall )s wildfires. and fight remains over who should pay for recovery. nbc bay area )s welcome back. the effort continues to rebuild the north bay after last year's
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wildfires. but the fight remains over who should pay. we visited a cannabis farm that's trying to bounce back after the fires. >> the win was 40 miles per hour. the fire start over on nun's canyon, and spread through here fairly quickly. >> reporter: early last october. >> fire all around you. >> reporter: the brand-new spark marijuana farm in glen ellen. >> ashes flying everywhere. >> reporter: just days after the company's first cannabis harvest, fire swept down the hills, destroying everything it touched. >> there was a home here a trailer there, a home there. that was all burned. >> reporter: spark founder eric pearson watched as the property's historic barns sheltering his first crop wend up in flames. >> 30,000 foot of barn on the other side of the company was burned. >> reporter: pearson said because crop insurance cost as
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lot and covered little the company didn't have any. >> we lost 90% of the cannabis. >> reporter: farming is about rebirth. each season brings new growth, a clean slate this. summer is bringing new beginnings to peerson's cannabis farm. >> this crop is gorgeous. we have done a good job so far of rebuilding this field. we are preparing to pour a new slab on a newborn. >> reporter: as neighbors begin to rebuild homes and lives farmers impacted by the fires are also rebuilding. >> we lost everything except for our animals and the vehicle we escaped in. >> reporter: the fire in glen ellen also claimed the farm and home of melissa and austin. >> we started everything from scratch. this was kind of a big year for us, to be farming and building the farm at the same time. >> reporter: once again, the vines are yielding.
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>> want to get back to it. >> reporter: this road back winds down the path of lessons learned. >> we have plans for a 150,000 gallon water tank with lines around the property. >> reporter: pearson has learned to roll with the unknown. now with his harvest two months away there is one thing he does know for sure. >> we are coming back. >> reporter: joe risotto jr. nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up we will take you back to fairfield where the evacuation order has been lifted following a wildfire burning dangerously close to homes. plus, more money is coming to the bay area to fight the rise of sea levels. which neighborhood is getting the government's attention first.
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good saturday morning. it is 7:29. here's a beautiful live look outside from the embarcadero towards one of the piers there in san francisco.
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just next to the ferry building. the sun is shining. someone is running. good for them. >> yes. >> good for them. and it is a beautiful morning to be running. thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our micro climate forecast. finally we are seeing some clear skies. >> yeah. you know, it's definitely going to be one of those weekend where you want to go outside and enjoy the weather, especially after we have had so many spare the air days. i know the fires are still actively burning but a shift in the wind has made clear conditions in our area. a live look over walnut creek. this camera looked more orange. now it's gotten better. we might still have haze in the north bay areas but for the most part, mostly clear skies. temperatures nice and mild n the 60s, very comfortable as you head out this morning. whether you are running errands or going to work. hopefully you get the work, if you don't, that's okay. san francisco, 57 degrees. san francisco is expected to get
7:31 am
breezy and windy into the afternoon. winds will kick up to 15 to 20 miles per hour. also for the higher elevation areas. that's something to keep in mind. if you are headed to outside lands, i have a look at the forecast. no huge temperature changes in the range from the time you arrive to the time that you leave. you definitely need to pack for a breezy to windy condition day in san francisco. nice light sweater will do. 60 degree temperatures. it will be a nice day to enjoy outside lands. it will be cloudy towards the evening but folks will be out there having a good time. >> it is so much fun. i don't think i have ever been warm any moment that i have been there. >> san francisco. >> roll up a jacket and bring it in my bag. we will check in again in just a bit. this morning pg&e is working to restore a few power outages and downed power lines in fairfield where a massive wildfire ignited yesterday burning dangerously close to thousands of homes.
7:32 am
the nelson fire in fairfield forced hundreds of people from their homes just after 4:30 yesterday. evacuation orders were lifted around midnight last night. the fire is burning east of interstate 80 near the paradise valley golf course. it burned about a thousand acres and is just 10% contained. at least one family lost everything. we have video of their home going up in flames last night. the neighborhoods evacuated included a mental health facilities for inmates in vacaville as well as a senior living facility. >> we were scramibling to get probably 300 elderly individuals that were in that home, many of them wheelchair bound -- by the time we lead loaded up about four buss the wind changed and gave us a break to where we didn't have to evacuate that hem. >> packed up the family photos and birth certificates and i'm going to take the truck and get out of here. >> crews are investigating the cause of that fire. we have been closely monitoring this fire since it broke out yesterday afternoon.
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we have a team of reporters tweeting pictures, videos and posting important information. follow us on twitter kpat nbc bay area for all the latest. to a developing story out of washington state. officials confirming a horizon airlines mechanic stole a jet from sea-tac airport took off, then crashed about 30 miles from the airport. authorities say the 29-year-old man referred to himself as rich and richard when he was talking with air traffic control. in the released audio, rich sounds suicidal and apologizes continuously to his loved ones. multiple witnesses on the ground posted video showing the plane at a low altitude south of the airport before it ultimately crashed. two military f 15s immediately launched out of portland to intercept it. moments later the plane crashed into ketron eye lap where less than two dozen people live.
7:34 am
the sheriff's department says the plane was not shot down and that the pilot was the only person on board. >> there is no indication that there was any attempt to attack anybody or anything other than taking an airplane without permission, stealing an airplane, and flying it around. apparently, the person had enough -- enough training, enough sense or whatever to be able to maneuver it somewhat. >> the fbi is currently investigating. the sheriff's office says this is not a terrorist incident. that man is the only one who died. the estranged son of a bay area police chief made a courtroom appearance yesterday. a stockton judge postponed the arraignment for 18-year-old tyrone mcallister. police say he and a 16-year-old beat and robbed an elderly man teaka man on monday. while in court he flashed gang signs and flipped off the media. security cameras caught the whole thing on video. union city police chief darryl
7:35 am
mcallister apologized for what his son is accused of doing. his son will return to court friday. the ongoing debate over who is allowed to enter and live in the united states is reaching a new intensity. a federal judge in washington, d.c. stopped a deportation in progress. he ordered a plane on the way to el salvador to turn around and bring back a mother and daughter to the u.s. the two were part of a class action lawsuit against the government. the trump administration said those fleeing gangs or domestic violence could no longer claim asylum here. well, the judge said if the government does not stop deporting plaintiffs in the case he would hold attorney general jeff sessions in contempt. sessions spent yesterday in texas praising i.c.e. agents. >> we support them. we are on their side. >> protesters also were there in texas. and they had plenty to say. first lady melania trump's
7:36 am
parents became u.s. citizens through the same program their son-in-law wants to end, chain migration. it's not common the talk about helping the environment and big business at the same time. but nearly $200 million has been put forward to do just that in the south bay. senator dianne feinstein was in town to talk about the fight against climate change. skod budman shows us what is at stake. >> reporter: here in al visso we see one of the areas where the water level can rise because of flooding. it's where the construction is going to start. it's important because the level doesn't have to get that much higher before it can cross the street and reach nearby homes. on any given afternoon you will find hikers walking near the wei wetlands enjoying the water and lots of birds. >> it's nice to actually walk all the way out and be able to
7:37 am
enskbroi the scenery. >> reporter: but the wetlands have long been threatened by floods. so u.s. senator dianne feinstein spearheaded a $177 million effort to try and keep the wetlands and other south bay communities out of flood danger. >> the risk that we face is repeated sea rise. >> reporter: environmentalists politicians and the u.s. army corps of engineers will use the money to build a series of levees, the first one from al visso to san jose's coyote creek. >> san francisco is at sea level. parts of this area, as much as several pete below sea level and we don't have the dike system that we should have. and that's what this money is for. >> reporter: local leaders say businesses will be protected as well. >> but it will also protect critical infrastructure and some of the most recognized
7:38 am
businesses in the world, businesses such as sisco. >> reporter: a boost for business, along with birds, and hikers, too. construction is set to start here in the summer of 2019 and then move gradually into the north bay n. al visso, scott budman, nbc bay area news. at 7:38, we have much more ahead on today in the bay, with a sight raiders fans have been waiting for for a long time. john gruden back on the sidelines at the oakland coliseum. sports is next.
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with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. familar fac welcome back. the raiders were back in action at the coliseum last night with a familiar face back at the helm after almost two decades away. john gruden was back prowling the sidelines. the silver and black hosting the detroit lions in their preseason opener. coach gruden and quarterback derek carr begin what they hope is a extra partnership. here's the play of the game. but it didn't count. marshawn lynch went 60 yards for
7:41 am
a touchdown. however, a holding call brought it all the way back. the raiders did eventually get into the end zone. backup quarterback connor cook throws a ten yard td pass to switzerlander. the raiders win 16-10. a four legged giants fan skate boarding around at&t park last night. the giants rolled over the pittsburgh pirates. bottom of the seventh. hanson hit one down the right field line to bring home longoria. the giants outslugged the pirates 13-10. now to anaheim. the as taking on the angels. davis smashes one over the center field wall to start things off. look at that. the angels fight back from there and get the win. final score, i think a gels 4, as 3. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, digital danger. did you know that staring at your phone could be harmful to your health? >> you know, i heard that once
7:42 am
or twice but it's so hard to look away. in livermore temperatures right now, 64 degrees. wind speeds are fairly calm. we have got good humidity going on. we are tracking a bit of a cooldown. i'm also tracking red flag warnings for the active wildfire zones. all the details coming up after the break. stay with us.
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good morning. it's 7:44. it's saturday. hope you are having a good day so far, enjoying breakfast. let's look at current temperatures as you are getting ready to head out the door. temperatures in the 60s for the peninsula, also for the trivalley and the south bay. we have got comfortable temperatures. no major changes in term of the next couple of hours. but we will notice a change from the coast to inland area. san francisco right now we have still got a bit of fog thanks to a nice marine layer. 57 degrees now. the north bay is looking better but still noticing a bit of haze due to the active wildfires. although we are not under a spaer the air alert it's
7:45 am
important to remain mindful as we continue to see the air quality changing depending on the wind shift. san jose, daytime highs today 88. mill paid as also in the 80s. along the oakland and hayward area, in the 70s. further inland, we will notice temperatures in the mid 90s. areas like concord at 95. pittsburgh, 94. and through antioch also in the 90s. still expected to be a hot day. not noticeably cool for inland areas. but it will remain cool for the peninsula, and breezy as well. san mateo, 76 degrees. daily city, 66. if you are heading into the city for outside lands take a sweater or a coat. the breezy conditions paired with cooler conditions and a bit of cloud cover is going to keep it chilly through the evening hours. embarcadero, 66 degrees. in the north bay, temperatures will be comfortable. 88 for santa rosa. hotter towards ukiah at about 95 degrees. as far as the change in our
7:46 am
weather pattern, we do have that ridge of high pressure that's going to begin to break apart. with it comes a change, and a shift in the winds. winds are expected to kick up due to a system off to the north. there is a red flag warning in the carr fire area. that will be in effect through 11:00 p.m. tonight. 25 to 35 miles per hour gusts. relatively low humidity not just for that area but also the mendocino complex fire as well. gusty winds also expected and temperatures in the upper 90s. no wood burning allowed. as far as the active pacific, all of these tropical storms, john, christie, and hector will have an impact on the bay area in the form of subtropical moisture. we are going see sitly cooler temperatures, more noticeable into tomorrow. also humid monday into tuesday it is going the feel tropical out there. muggy into monday. temperatures dropping into the mid 60s in san francisco. more noticeable for inland areas.
7:47 am
upper 80s expected. that will linger at least for the work week ahead. get ready for the humidity ahead. right now, nice temperatures but gusty hills. it is 7:47. still ahead on today in the bay, she was never supposed to be alone. the new information our investigative unit has uncovered about a woman found dead in a stairwell at sf general hospital. arrives-- a bay area gl make history. she )s bringing cannabis oil to class! we take you inside the fight between her family, school and the state. when you join us for today in the bay. monday from 4:30 to 7.
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about the death of a san francisco woman.... found new information this morning
7:50 am
about the death of a san francisco woman found in a stairwell on the grounds of san francisco general hospital. investigative reporter jackson vander becken has learned ruby lee andersen wasn't supposed to be able to leave her elder care center alone. >> reporter: it was at this city-run care center at san francisco general where ruby lee andersen was allowed to leave on her own. that was back in may. 11 days later, the 75-year-old was found dead just a few hundreds feet away in the stairwell of this hospital engineering building. our investigation shows that should never have happened. >> i think it's outrageous. >> reporter: the family attorney has read through 1,700 pages of ruby andersen's medical records. >> they did not pry her the care that's required by law. they let her leave. and then they did nothing to really try to find her. >> reporter: we have obtained the sheriff's missing person's
7:51 am
report, which shows after deputies alerted local agencies to watch out for her, no one actually searched for ruby. sheriff's officials say that's because andersen was not a patient and could come and go as she pleased. but the report clearly lists her as a patient taking medications. in fact, her medical records show andersen suffered a stroke last year and was taking insulin for type two diabetes. and she was considered a risk for falling. >> she's in obvious decline and confused. >> reporter: harris is quoting her doctor, who suspected dementia and subjected she be moved to a nursing home back in january. but andersen remained at this care center, where in april officials ordered that she be escorted to appointments. but the signout sheet for may 19th shows ruby left unescorted at 9:00 to buy a battery. >> she never came back in. >> reporter: despite her condition it took more than 24
7:52 am
hours before the center filed a missing person's report. and that report didn't mention any danger. >> it's shocking. maybe because the medical -- they all knew she was an at-risk patient. it's in her records. >> reporter: the city's public health department seines andersen's family doesn't want them to talk about the case but they have upped security in the area where she was found and are assessing efforts hospitalwide. the sheriff's department told us that medical privacy laws prevented them from learning andan's full condition. yet they now say they should have searched for her based on age alone. though they wouldn't have normally checked the non-public stairwell where she was eventually found. meanwhile, harris tells us the state wants to know if the facility met its care standards for someone with dement gentleman. >> that level of care was obviously a given. you can't let a person with dementia leave on her own when she's not going to remember where to come back to.
7:53 am
>> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> you have a story for our investigative unit, please call 888-996-kiss. visit our website, investigate. now to a new high-tech tool that might mean less hassle for passengers flying out of oakland international. the airport is getting a 3d ct scanner like this one. it checks for explosives by looking inside bags from three different angles using the same technology used for medical images. the tsa says it will help cut down on security lines at checkpoints. it's no secret, scaring at our phone can bad for our eyes but can it make people go client faster? researchers at the university of toledo say yes. they say blue light coming from screens has more energy than other light and your eyes can't block it nor reflect it. over time, it causes significant vision loss. to protect your eyes, doctors say wear sunglasses that filter
7:54 am
both uv and blue light. also avoid looking at smart phones or tablets in the dark. good luck with that. all right. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, it's our cheer the shelter segment featuring our friends who will produce to you loki and leyla, next.
7:55 am
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ask your veterinarian about apoquel today. apoquel. it's itch relief worth barking about. bark welcome back. it's that time, for our clear the shelters segment. with our special guests from pets in need. t they are here with loki and leyla. i don't know who is whom. >> this is loki. >> and that's leyla. they are siblings, eight weeks old, tabby kittens. they seem really sweet. >> very sweet. >> playful. what kind of home would be good for them? and you are not looking necessarily to adopt both of them to the same home? someone can come for one or both? >> that's right. any home will do. preferably an energetic one,
7:57 am
because they are pretty active. >> someone with space to put one of those towers, those cat twoers for them to crawl on. >> ideally, we would like to have them go together. >> oh, you would? >> it helps with the socialization. and then they get to play with each other through the course of the day when they are not interacting with their people. >> it makes it easier for the person who adopts. >> right. >> because they can entertain themselves. >> that's right. >> will they get much bigger than this. >> yes. possibly triple this size. >> they will be full grown cats by some point. >> yes. >> they are typically $125 to adopt a cat. but a week from tad pets in need is participating with nbc. >> right. >> and we have stations across the country, our annual event, clear the shelters, is happening a week from today. and hypothetically, if loki and leyla aren't adopted by then --
7:58 am
but they probably will be, let's be honest, you will waive the adoption fee? >> right, all the shelters participating in the clear the shelters events have this one day where we are participating with nbc across the country and all the shelters are waiving adoption fees that day. >> i think last year 60,000 animals were adopted across the country. that's probably our goal again. >> last year we adopted out 25 cats and dogs that day, which was our best adoption day in many, many years. >> and you have been around for 53 years, right? >> that's correct. >> that's a lot of adoptions for one day. a week from today you will be doing the same thing, waiving the adoption of $125 for cats and $150 for dogs in hopes of getting these sweet little babies into loving homes. >> that's right. >> all right. we will see you a week from today. thanks to al and irene for being here. and thanks to you for making us a part of your morning. find out more about pets in need
7:59 am
on their website, pets in we will have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00 and all day on . symbol you know you're
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