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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 13, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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transportation s-f )s new transbay terminal opn and busy. right now at 11:00 big day in the bay for transportation. sf's new terminal opened and been. we're live with reaction from commuters who are excited about the few transit center. good morning. thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we show youd ted you the first coming in. kris sanchez is there for the first passengers to arrive. good morning, kris. >> reporter: they didn't want to stop and talk too much. they're commuters. we heard beautiful and clean and we heard the words over and over again and folks said that they
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were pretty pleased with how the first day of the weekday commute went here at the transit center. the very first ac transit bus rolled into the brand new sales force transit center before 6:00. >> i like the building. really new. super dope. much different than it used to be. the old building was pretty bad. >> reporter: commuter charles duffy say gre duffy agrees. >> no comparison. no comparison. the old station was like world war ii. this is the new age. >> reporter: ac transit expects to go from 1,300 trans bay riders a day to 2,400 riders an hour and then also be able to pick up cal tran and high-speed train, too. while that many riders could ease transit, some day, today
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the nice new digs make for a little less painful morning. >> the commute doesn't change. it is all about the traffic but just coming and arriving to this is nice. >> reporter: and it is really beautiful. you can see all of the flooding of natural light here. i'll show you my favorite things. see the california poppies on the ground? super sweet and bugs here and looks like a california oak leaf there on the ground. lots of things to see. we saw a lot of folks coming through and didn't have anywhere to go but wanted to get inside. the tour on saturday was so popular they actually had to close the doors and turn people away. it is a work in progress. you'll see some construction workers in hard hats on the second floor. that will happen around the clock until they're complete. but the polishing and the finishing up here and on the roof top park, they'll do that after everybody's gone for the day. so what a treat to have this assignment today. it is a piece of history and we'll say we remember when the doors first opened.
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in san francisco, kris sanchez, san francisco. >> good job. thank you. new at 11:00, an oakland police officer in critical condition after a crash early this morning. we have new video to show you from scene. police tell us just before 3:00 a.m. the officer was responding to a call of a suspicious person near 7th street and middle harbor. patrol car crashed into another car and into a parked semi. the officer had to be pulled out of the crash by the fire department. kindergartner's first day setting a new precedent or california. brooke adams is 5 years old and bringing cannabis oil to class. we were there when she got on the school van. her school village elementary can administer the emergency thc oil if she needs it. brooke diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy which actually led to seizures for half an hour
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or even longer. the doctors tried a number of powerful drugs. none of them seemed to be effective. when she was more than a year old, she was issued a medical marijuana card and the daily cbd oil she uses and the emergency thc oil provided different results. >> we're really excited because, you know, we have been trying to push for this for almost two years to get her to go to a public school and everyone can see that it's not a big deal. just like any other kid with any other medication. she'll go, go to school and if there's an emergency, they'll take care of it. >> both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in california but because it's still federally restricted, doctors kabt prescribe it for treatment so they'll still -- it is still legal to bring on -- illegal to bring on campuses. the family went to court about the issue and a judge is still weighing the case and issued a
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temporary stay allowing brooke to allow the school until his decision. speaking of school, kids headed back this week, even today over in oakland. >> hard to believe that school's starting already. >> especially with summer kind of hanging on temperature-wise. >> yes. really hot inland areas. still hot as we go into the next several days and then hotter going into the weekend. so here's a live look outside in dublin right now. this is the little break from the intense heat we have had recently. you can still see it's hazy out there for the inland parts of the east bay. we have moderate air quality. still some light drifts of smoke and then elsewhere looking pretty good and you can still tell that visibility is low looking toward the hills where you are. if you are going out the the hiking trails in the south bay, expect mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 70s, reach boog the low 80s and spots like east san jose, maybe going out to allen rock park and cooler today. with downtown san jose up to 89
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degrees. 96 in antioch and in concord. and looking at 83 today in napa and san francisco stays at a cool 65. we'll see how these temperatures change as we go through the week. once again, it is heating up. more on that in the full microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. developing story for you, we're learning that a pilot is dead after crashing his plane into his own home. we brought you this live coverage of the story on "today in the bay." officials say dwayne ude arrested last night after a domestic dispute at the home. he was released and then hours later flew a borrowed plane and crashed it into his own home early this morning. he died at the scene. and his wife and juvenile inside that home escaped safely. >> what a story there. right now, learning details about the golden state killer case. the suspect is charged with a murder of a man. right now, the visalia police
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department are holding a news conference regarding the suspect, someone from the police department speaking at that conference about joseph deanglo. now, after his arrest in citrus heights, a couple of months ago, he was the prime suspect in the 1975 murder of a community college teacher. police say he's also connected to 100 burglaries in the area. across california, deanglo is charged with 12 murders and suspected of committing up to 50 rapes. new at 11:00, fbi agent peter strzok has been fired. now, he the senior fbi official who helped lead the intel probe of ties between russia and the trump campaign until it was discovered he sent anti-trump texts was fired from the agency this morning. the 22-year-old fbi veteran exchanged anti-trust texts with a fbi lawyer lisa paige with whom he had an affair during the
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2016 presidential campaign. both worked on hillary clinton e-mail investigation and also on special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. former white house aide omarosa newman opening up about a secretly recorded phone call with the president. the president's once loyal aide is turning on him saying he's racist, misogynist and serious mental decline. president responding on twitterment quote, while i know it is not presidential to take on a lowlife like omarosa and while i would rather not be doing so, this is a modern-day form of communication and i know the fake news media will be working overtime to make even a wacky omarosa look legitimate as possible. sorry! nbc's peter alexander breaks it down for us. >> reporter: this morning, president trump on tape overnight former white house aide omarosa newman with this exclusive excerpt of a recording of a phone call she says she
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received from the president. she says the call came the day after she was fired by the white house chief of staff john kelly. the president seemingly unaware she was dismissed. >> omarosa, what's going on? i just saw on the news that you're thinking about leaving. what happened? >> general kelly -- general kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave. >> no. i -- nobody even told me about it. nobody even -- >> wow. >> they run a big operation. but i didn't know it. i didn't know that. >> yeah. >> damn it. i don't love you leaving at all. >> reporter: nbc news doesn't know what was said before or after that exchange. on sunday, newman revealing she secretly taped kelly firing her in the situation room. >> can i ask you a couple questions? does the president -- is the president aware of this? >> don't do -- let's not go down the red. >> this is a white house where everybody lies. the president lies to the american people. sarah huckabee stands in front
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of the country every day. i had to protect myself. >> reporter: omarosa unplugged. >> donald trump is a con. >> reporter: once one of his most loyal allies, a veteran of "the apprentice." >> you are fired. >> every detractor will have to bow down to president trump. >> reporter: now, a fierce adversary expressing regret for her role in the west wing as she attacks president trump and questions his fitness for office. >> they continue to deceive this nation by how mentally declinled he is, how difficult for him to process complex information, how he's not engaged in some of the most important decisions that impacts the country. >> reporter: over the weekend, the president dismissing the former aide. >> lowlife. she's a lowlife. >> reporter: white house press secretary sanders slamming her as a disgruntled employee. to sneak a recording device in the white house situation room shows a blatant disregard for national security an ento brag about it on national television
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further proves a lack of character and integrity. in the big, newman writes that she was told about a tape of the n-word in production on "the apprentice" and schenn said she heard it herself and only after the book was finished. >> i heard his voice as clear as you and i are sitting here. >> you have heard the tape? >> i have heard -- >> since publication of this book? >> absolutely. >> reporter: kellyanne conway slamming the former colleague. >> trying to sell books and settle scores and you have to be anti-trump for those to be successful. >> peter alexander reporting. the white house had no comment when nbc asked about the exchange of the president and omarosa which she writes about in her book. newman also says that she was fired she received an e-mail from the president's re-election campaign offering her a job for $15,000 a month. now, if she agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement. nbc news obtained the document
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that includes a clause barring newman from publicly disparaged the president and stood it down and believes the allies used the same tactic to buy silence of other former white house employees. it's a yearly push to help pets find forever homes and this year focusing on helping animals affected by the wildfires. pete suratos is live at the napa county adoption center. have you found your pet yet? >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. we are here at the napa county animal shelter, a participating shelter in the clear the shelters campaign this saturday. before we get into exactly what's offered, the names of these pets. now, this is -- this one's named after marcus. all right? marcus is the guinea pig here. and then we got kari to be named after -- they have the rabbit here. i didn't come up with the names, guys. they did.
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one of the chicks -- >> the small west one is laura. >> reporter: is laura. she said it. came up with this. with the napa county animal shelter. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for being here. >> reporter: talk about when's offered this saturday with the clear the shelters campaign. cool campaign for you guys. >> when we open at 11:00 with the campaign all the adoption fees are waived. purchasing a dog or getting a dog and live in napa county, you purchase a dog license that's $15.75. waiving the fees on animals. >> reporter: there's more pets right here. >> lots of dogs over here. bojangles, calli. we have cole who's a lab/pit mix over there. a wonderful dog and then panda, a little jack russell terrier about 12 years old. >> reporter: so much available. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: go to the website,
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type in the zip code to see where to go to the nearest shelter. cool names here an i'm not liable for the names you saw here for these animals. >> i'm a little baby chick. >> and a guinea pig. >> i want to see pete suratos. a bulldog. thank you, pete! we have plenty of coverage this week leading up to saturday's main event. you can also find information on participating shelters at nbc bay marcus, you guinea pig. >> i'll take it, you little chick. all right. so coming up, the 49ers need to pay up. a big decision that's affecting the team's rent. plus, the first time in the country a legal and approved special marijuana area at a music festival. a story you normally only see on your computer or phone. that's coming up. happening tonight, giants taking on the dodgers. you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. first pitch at 7:00 p.m. so you can watch our 6:00 p.m. news and stick around for the big game.
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all lanes of southbound highway 101 in san jose are welcome back. here's some top stories you need to know about. all lanes of the southbound highway 101 in san jose back open after at least people injured in an overnight crash. happened at capital expressway about 1:00 this morning. chp said a multi-vehicle crash with a minivan rolling over trapping people inside. it took firefighters nearly an hour to get them out. everyone is expected to survive. the chp says at least one person in the crash arrested for driving under the influence. the 49ers suffering their first loss of the season. but not on the field. a dispute worth $180 million between the team and the city of san san santa clara is settled. paying represent on the 40-year lease. they rejected the niners request to reduce the rent by more than $4 million a year. the team made the request because the cost to build the
11:18 am
stadium $135 million under budget and stadium revenues were higher than expected. incredible video shows the moment of a small plane landed on 580 saturday night. just before 7:00 last night, the plane swoops low and lands right in the middle of traffic. the driver of the car that was taking the video managed to swerve across the lanes to try to slow down traffic behind him and protect the plane. the pilot from england, not familiar with the bay area. trying to get to the hayward airport but a fuel line ruptured and had to make an emergency landing. remarkably, no one was hurt. well, aloha there. you can see the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. things not looking so good. stocks slipped today as financial crisis in turkey that sent its currency tumbling last week worsened dampening investor
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sentiment around the world. netflix chief financial officer stepping down. david wells will stay on the job until he can choose a successor and been cfo at netflix since 2010 and worked there for 14 years. well, marijuana at a music festival, probably nothing new to the bay area and outside lands featuring a pop-up pop theme park with a catch. digital editor jonathan bloom filed this report which you would normally only see online but here's a peek at it now. ♪ >> this festival is meant to celebrate everything amazing and culturally interesting and creative about the bay area. wine lands and beer lands. >> and now, grasslands. >> a tribute to the cannabis world that's obviously blossoming in our community right now. >> the sign itself could be an
11:20 am
instagram sensation. made of cannabis? >> no, no. made of some other materials. >> looks realistic. >> yeah. >> the entrance of a theme park that sprung up overnight. >> we'll have a town center. >> there's a bakery. >> have you tried it? >> not yet. >> a farmer's market for those to smoke the plants from a plant. >> will have a whole assortment of fruit and providing opportunity for people to carve their own -- you know? paraphrenalia out of it essentially. >> lush, green grass. not the kind you smoke but roll around in. >> sod delivered today. >> there's the friendly plant nursery. >> we will have some cannabis plants in here. they're not here right now. but they will be. >> experts will be inside and carl the fog will stay outside. >> this is the one festival to bring a sweater except here. it's warm in the green house. >> you could call it pot
11:21 am
paradise except for one tiny detail. >> there are no sales on site. no smoking on site. no vaping on site. >> even the edibles don't have any weed. >> you can sample the flavors here and that's kind of an idea. >> for this year, anyway, grasslands is all about education. >> really learning about this area that's now legal in california, the first festival in the world that's done it. >> people can see what a mature cannabis plant looks like, smell the different types. >> the wall was the brain child of the wine land expert. >> if you imagine. >> spray it out. >> so step one, you spray it into this and then step two -- >> yeah. you got it. >> wet your pax vape pen engraved or lemonade with the essence of cannabis and not the kick at least for now. >> over time like beer and wine
11:22 am
and who knows? >> probably. >> miss that whole section. >> did you? >> i did. >> you must be janet jackson yesterday. >> yeah. didn't make it to the grasslands. >> that was a good show. >> it was a good show. >> it was cold. >> it was. it was cold. everyone with a jacket on. >> but you know what? i was dancing so much i had to take it off midway through. >> i think everybody was having a good time that you don't pay that much attention to the weather and we know that the fog always rolls in. >> that's a weird thing right now taking a live look outside. so cloudy. misting and drizzling and temperatures in the low 60s. 62 degrees compared to san jose where it's 72. and then 75 now in livermore. so our inland spots are starting the heat up once again. if you're going out far jog expect those temperatures in to
11:23 am
pa loal to in palo alto mid-80s. maybe the next hour or so you're feeling much more comfortable and then starts to feel a little bit warm. here's the south bay temperatures. milpitas up to 88 degrees today. and 92 in gilroy. and los gatos reaching 94 degrees. some spots feeling hot. up to 96 in concord today. and martinez, 91. hayward, a high of 79 degrees. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. we're up to 78 in san mateo. half moon bay staying a cool 59 degrees and san francisco up to 60 in the marina district north bay. up to 70 in mill valley and 85 in sonoma. 98 today in ukiah. out there at the a's game this evening, expect it to be only in the low 60s once again. cloudy skies and feeling some of those gusty winds. temperatures dropping back to 58
11:24 am
degrees by 10:00 tonight. now here's a look at the set-up as far as our weather pattern. we are going to see an increase in humidity for today, tomorrow as well as wednesday. this is from the remnants of what was a tropical system out there in the pacific and it's surging some of that moisture our way. and that's also keeping back the intense heat we have seen recently and shifted just to the east but what happens as the week goes along, it just comes right back, nudges the way into the bay area so it's going to get hot once again with some intense high pressure that's going to make those temperatures rise back into the mid-90s, widespread for the bay area. so the weekend's going to be hot once again. in san francisco, stays cool for most of the week and then we won't see as much of the clouds and fog this weekend and it's going to reach into the mid-70s there. so we'll talk more about that, another look at the forecast coming up later. laura and marcus? >> sounds good. coming up, when's the big hit at outside lands this year?
11:25 am
we'll show you coming up. but first, happening now, the queen of soul is gravely ill. that is according to several members of aretha franklin's family. speaking with nbc affiliate wdiv in detroit. the vocalist behind hits like "respect" and "chain of fools" announced in 2017 she would retire. franklin canceled a performance in march and another in april after a team said she was ordered by the doctor to stay off the road and rest. we'll be back right after this break. north bay school damaged t
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year )s wildfires. what students can expect when they return to class. plus-- our consumer investigator bags a case after a bay area woman )s "run in" at a shopping center. join us tomorrow from you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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good morning. folks, in here, the tco, operations center at nbc bay area. i'm mike inouye here with my friend juan adopting me as part of the team right now. you can adopt someone for your team, as well. you know about this weekend. we'll talk about it more. clear the shelters on the 18th. that's saturday. you have an opportunity to join with any one of our animals that are out there for dogs. vote what you would pick for dogs, wolf, cats, pigs or bunnies. i'm a linguists major. i was able to speak to the animals. you can go ahead and have your voice heard on twitter. for more on clear the shelters, visit clear the or nbc bay area. it's the 18th.
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marcus and laura know because they'll be broadcasting from out there and we want you to grow your family, as well. >> that's right. you think they'll have any turtles? >> pretty cool. >> i was tweeting about this, this morning. not just turtles but slow it down. kids are heading back to school in many bay area cities this week. so good reminder. slow it down. hitting the roads. ♪ >> get up! >> there was no slowing down last night at outside lands last night. janet jackson closing out the three-day festival. i'm in the crowd somewhere. that's not me. i'm there somewhere. you had monet, salt n pepper was there yesterday. a lot of people there yesterday. you see right there the big crowds there. people enjoying the music. fun day yesterday. so thank you to outside lands for providing this. >> that guy almost as tall as
11:30 am
you. >> almost. almost. >> you do more dancing. >> oh yeah. i was moving around more than that. coming up, do you know there were some disturbing fliers found in a bay area neighborhood? who police think may be posting these, leaving the leaflets promoting the kkk. a neighborhoo.
11:31 am
11:32 am
well, fliers found littered around the neighborhood in suisun city. tonight they have triggered a police investigation. >> fliers are asking people to join the kkk. neighbors say they found it understandably disturbing and puzzling. terry mcsweeney has more. >> in our neighborhood, my mom's neighborhood? this is insane. >> reporter: lana shipman came to visit her mom and a flier inside a bag of rice lying on the street. >> i think it's very disturbing. i'm worried about how our country -- the direction our country is going in.
11:33 am
this is crazy. >> reporter: several other neighbors report finding them this weekend. a message to join the kkk. with an out of state p.o. box and a hotline. >> i mean, i don't know if it's real. locked organized. but it's definitely disturbing. i don't like it at all. i don't like tushing this. >> reporter: the police say they're taking it seriously, calling it unacceptable. officers collected more than a dozen fliers at two locations. >> it's not a hoax, then we have problem. >> reporter: the mayor saying the city is diverse. he hasn't heard of this before. >> you would think that only happens in certain states in the country. but there's still this old feeling about the fact that people feel they are more superior than anybody else. and this is sad. it's sickening. >> her brother came to the room and kind of showed us. explained what he found and he was pretty mad.
11:34 am
>> reporter: daniel says a relative found a flier outside of his home. >> i don't like it. i know that. i know it's 2018. it's not for anybody. it's not. >> police say that if anyone has information on who or even how the fliers were being distributed they would like to know. that the point, this could be littering, possibly soliciting without a license. today's the first day of school for a number of schools in the bay area and for hundreds of highers in the south bay students are returning with an extra layer of security. the campbell unit has tall iron fences around both high schools. the fences add an extra layer of defense against possible school shooters and a few entrances to the campuses. the fences actually lock once class starts. there's also new software to allows staff to access the security cameras remotely. >> an important thing to realize
11:35 am
is that high school kids are really good kids. especially here and they're really facing a lot of challenges beyond, you know, having to think about school shootings. so having this fence i think is just one more thing that will say to them, i'm safe at school. >> in the meantime, another milestone for del mar high. all students grade 9 through 12 receive chromebacooks to take home. >> there's a feeling of feeling valued, feeling like they were given a responsibility and that there was a level of trust there that was really valuable to those students. >> a select bunch of del mar students provide computer tech support as part of gen-yes, a nonprofit program an they're one reason that the district agreed
11:36 am
to fund the extra chrome books. teachers in martinez demand fair pay. today many demonstrate to show how much unpaid work they do. the teachers union said contract negotiations with martinez unified are not going anywhere. they say starting salaries $46,000 which is causing teachers to leave the district for higher paying districts. today's demonstration at the state coffee shop. a convicted south bay killer back in a san jose courtroom hoping to change a law. randy thompson was 16 when he helped his friend jay williams kill another teenager in 2009. the victim michael russell was murdered in what investigators say was a satanic ritual. in 2016, voters passed proposition 57 which helps nonviolent offenders get out of jail. russell family fears thompson could use the law to argue he should not be tried as an adult and that the conviction should
11:37 am
be thrown out. there's a push to end late-night jail releases after a woman overdosed shortly after being released from a santa rita jail in dublin. she was released at 1:00 in the morning last month. she was given a b.a.r.t. ticket. the nearest station a mile away and not the mention the train doesn't start running until 5:00 a.m. regardless of how she died, local lawmakers say that i could have been avoided. legislation is being written to require a day release, as well. so people can have access to those services. more government officials heading to redding to hold meetings on the carr fire this afternoon. president trump has not visited any wild fire areas of california. the carr fire is more than 60% contained. in southern california ash from the holy fire forcing officials to sound the alarm.
11:38 am
riverside county public health office warning people it can be toxic, containing metals, chemicals and asbestos. people are warned to moisten it with water before wiping it down and don't wipe it off of cars. it can crash the paint. ash is reaching to malibu. about 100 miles from the fire zone. right there. that is footage showing us moments in the nelson fire. closed in on the spca. this is with body camera right now. footage of vacaville police department. racing to get the animals out. it looked like the spca would be destroyed by the flames. officers worked with the staff and volunteers to get all 60 animals out and in a temporary foster home and those buildings there, spared by all of this.
11:39 am
but it remains without power and water right now. meanwhile, good news, cal fire announcing today that the nelson fire is now fully contained. one home was destroyed. more than 2,000 acres have burned. meantime, fire prevention talks are heating up in sacramento. this week lawmakers will look at how to clear more than 100 million dead trees. the new hearings to focus on prevention and preparedness and lawmakers will take a break from discussing the controversial proposal by the governor to ease liability standards for utilities if they're responsible for fires. it's a plan pg&e and others have been pushing for. and it has backing from several bay area democrats. continuing coverage out of washington state. the fbi says it found the flight data recorder from the wreckage of a plane stolen by a worker at the seattle-tacoma airport last week. also, human remains believed to be those of richard russell.
11:40 am
investigators say russell was a ground agent for verizon airlines. >> may seem difficult for those watching at home but he was a warm, compassionate man. >> he did everything in life with a certain amount of passion that i think everyone was envious of. >> investigators said he had the same broad security clearance and a potential gap at the airport. today local leaders in washington state are discussing security protocol. a cool start to the day on this monday but how's it going to shape up for the rest of the day? kari hall with a look at the forecast. >> starts the heat up. a live look outside in fremont seeing that hazy sunshine lingering in the bay area. heading into the low 80s there and will be some spots reaching into the mid-90s. we'll take a look at all of the microclimates in the week ahead. that's coming up next. collecting cans and bottles
11:41 am
can earn you a little bit of cash but not if the recycling rebate check bounces. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. yeah, that happened. nbc bay area
11:42 am
11:43 am
san francisco family who wanted to turn their tras welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a san francisco family who wanted to turn their trash into treasure. >> they decided to cash in their cans and bottles to get back those deposits and needed the team to actually get their
11:44 am
money. >> good morning. amy's parents collect cans and bottles to recycle. each one is at least a nickel. they took it to haul recology and got a check but the check, yeah, it bounced. they said they went back and forth with recology and never got paid. we asked and they said they switched to a new payment system and going online just as they were paying the family. that's why the check bounced. they told us to make sure this does not happen again we changed our internal policy. it also gave the family a new check for $145 which covered the recyclibles and a returned check fee. this one cleared. new one. the fees in california capped but still not cheap at all. 25 bucks first one. 35 bucks each additional.
11:45 am
if you have to pay a fee because of someone else's account being empty, you have the right to request that they pay those fees. like this family did. keep your records. like this family did. have a problem? call us any time. 888-996-tips. or online at nbc bay kari joining us now with a look at the forecast. >> yeah. want to get out and have a good time. you said cooler than we have experienced last week, right? >> yeah. even taking a look at the emeryville camera, see the clouds just kind of overhead and starting to clear out with sunshine. we are keeping the cool coastal bay temperatures and the inland valleys feeling warmer. getting a live look outside in fremont. see a little bit of a breeze with the flag waving there. air quality again. because for the inland parts of the east bay, we have moderate
11:46 am
air quality and seeing improvement for most of the bay area. but as we get ready to head out, maybe on the way to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, will be at 85 degrees. temperatures are coming down in some spots and it won't be as hot as it's been recently. and check out this 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen as we get a look at the temperature trend for half moon bay. you go from those temperatures that are in the 80s and 90s to the coast where it's only 59 degrees and then notice the water droplets there. going to have mist and drizzle starting up around 6:00 for the coastline. so that's about what we have seen the past few days getting a look at the temperatures in the highs today. downtown san jose up to 89 degrees. and then that's little bit warmer than normal. martinez reaching 91. heyward 79 degrees and 78 in san mateo. redwood city 85 degrees. for san francisco, mostly some upper 50s to low 60s. but in spots like the mission district up to about 65 degrees there and 83 in napa.
11:47 am
santa rosa, 87 degrees. looking at a surge in humidity here where we see the blues and the greens. shows that we will feel a little bit more humidity and out there and it feels a little bit more muggy, just a little bit, you are not imagining that. we are actually getting the 'em na rememb remnants of a tropical system and we have had intense heat due to some high pressure that causes the air to sink. it's been over the desert southwest. and as we go into the next few day this is's going to start to edge its way become into the bay area. so that heat will ramp up once again and this is pretty persistent throughout the summertime. we haven't had a lot of breaks from the heat which is very unusual and looks like that continues. just in case you missed it, we'll be clearing the shelters this week. i found out who -- which animal's been named after me. it's a cute little bunny. get a closer look at that picture and get weather updates
11:48 am
on my facebook and twitter pages. marcus and laura? >> from the napa shelter. you're a guinea pig. >> you are a cute little chick. all right. more to come here on midday. whale watching off the coast of new york. the lesson that we're learning from the gentle giants.
11:49 am
11:50 am
killer, beluga, humpback, whales certainly fill us with awe and wonder. killer, humpback. >> just a lot of different whales there. you know, today scientists really eager to learn more about the lives and have so much to learn about the past. nbc's jenna bush haguer wanted to learn more about them herself and took a tour of the wild. >> reporter: they're the largest
11:51 am
animals to ever live on the planet. weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds, these elusive ocean dwellers can live more than to 0 years and still so much left to learn about whales. did i read correctly that we've still don't know every type of whale? there's still some unknowns? >> absolutely. a lot of work to be done, not just in a museum or in a lab but also knowing about the whales out there. >> do you think we'll ever find them all? >> i hope not. i would be out of a job. >> reporter: nick is a pailen toll gist at the smith sown yal institute, spent his career studying the mammoths of the sea. and examining whales that have died and fossils tens of millions of years old. so tell me what you've learned about whales. >> so i've learned a lot of different aspects how they came to be giants in the ocean. that's the big question is, they
11:52 am
once lived on land and small and now in the ocean and they don't look anything like the mammals we see every day. what happened? and that answer is from looking at their fossils and then today it's really exciting to be able to see them out in the water like this because there's a lot we still don't know about them. >> reporter: in the new book "spying on whales" he dives deep into the history and secret lives of the mighty mammals. tell me what makes whales so magnificent. >> i think of them as mammals from space. so when you look at a whale it's not immediately obvious that they're mammals. that they're kind of like you and me. they give birth to live young that they nurse and human lifetimes in some cases. studying them gives me insights of how evolution works. >> reporter: with our spy gear in hand, we set out on the "american princess" cruise in search of the mysterious creatures. would we find one?
11:53 am
after enduring some false alarms -- >> is there a whale? are we slowing down for a whale? >> running. good reaction time. i'm impressed. >> reporter: three hours later, our whale of a wish comes true. >> the boats -- >> a whale. straight ahead 11:00! >> there it is! >> whoo! that was tremendous! that was amazing! this was worth the wait. this was worth the wait. >> awesome. oh my goodness! wow! >> oh! i saw his mouth! i saw him eating fish! >> there it goes! >> the fact that you can see the city skyline right here and there's a whale that we're tracking, what does that -- >> right there. >> right there! right from front of the city. what does that say about the species? >> i think it says in general, healthy ecosystem relative to
11:54 am
where it was and you can see plastic and trash out here so there's kind of a balance. recovering ocean but there's still human threats that are everywhere really. >> hi, whale. have you ever seen a whale this close to the city? >> with the city skyline, that's awesome. >> pretty cool. a good day. we did it. >> great assignment, too. >> pretty cool. >> you never cease the wonders of the ocean. >> i love seeing this. >> cool. >> we'll be right back. get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less.
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a british newspaper a potentially groundbreaking move by disney. british studio said it cast the first gay character. it's jack whitehall. comedian. we found video of him doing stand-up on "the today show" a few months ago. the character in the 2019 film "the jungle cruise" will be openly gay and that's a first. also starring dwayne johnson and emily blunt. a last look at the weather today. a warm one. >> in spots. we see the highs reaching into the upper 80s and the cooler temperatures in the 7-day forecast. going to get really hot again this weekend and those temperatures peaking on saturday for not only the inland valleys but san francisco, as well. >> people out in san francisco. >> yeah. going to be much nicer there. >> all right. thanks so much for joining us here.
11:58 am
11:59 am
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♪ we are live in five, four, three, two, one. >> you know that we have an interview right after this and i know you want to go in with more time. i will answer your last question and you will see that the time -- >> what time do you need to go? >> you know it is a seven-minute interview and now we are at 10. >> does she have a book? >> omarosa right there. >> natalie's off. scott evans. >> this morning we are in a morning meeting. we wat t


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