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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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serious injuries. chp antioch was under the influence of alcohol. >> he was an honor student. they graduated together. we took pictures of them. >> reporter: his mother says the teens went out to an 18 and older club in san francisco. she says dakari texted his twin brother before they headed back home, saying he tried to get the car keys, but she refused to hand them over. >> you have to wake up and be told that at the risk of your decision, your two friends are no longer >> reporter: five young liveser call your parents. >> reporter: and the family says they will still hold a birthday celebration for dakari on sunday. they say they are in talks with theigh scol to also hold a vigil on sunday, as well. that's the latest in antioch, melissa colorado, nbc bay area it was a desperate situation when it broke out last friday. video shows the fire burning
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within feet of the spca. staff quickly jumped into action. this is body cam footage released by the vacaville police department showing the frantic moments as officers and staff race to get the animals out of that shelter. firefighters stationed themselves outside to fight the flames while 60 animals were safely rushed out. toy, cleaned up as animals got back to their normal routine. dogs, cats, snakes, and mice were all saved and they spent the last couple days in temporary foster homes. the office will reopen on wednesday afternoon, despite losing thousands of dollars worth of medication when power was lost. donations are pouring in, and everyone is feeling grateful today. >> especially after seeing the body camera footage, you know, we thank her so much and the other officers were rushing in when, you know, the fire was so close to us to save as many animals as they could. >> the nelson fire charred more than 2,000 acres in fairfield and vacaville. one home was destroyed. with the help of a drone and
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interactive map we're getting a new look at the fire in redding. it's among the worst in california history. the city releasing this interactive map, you can see right here, you can click on the various points showing all the various neighborhoods. you can then see the images showing 360-degree views from the air. among the neighborhoods we're talking about here, lake keswick estates, sunset west neighborhood. more than 1,000 homes in all were burned. these images were captured as part of a collaboration by drone pilots from several bay area sheriff and fire departments. the menlo park fire district played a key role in all of this. we were there as they flew their drones over for this project. you can see this interactive map by heading to our website. we've linked it at more than # 00,000 acres have been scorched in this redding area fire, and that's prompted more action from the white house. today, a key member of president
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trump's cabinet toured the burn zone, and like so many other people, he is scrambling for answers. nbc area sam brock joins us in redding with the story. >> reporter: good evening. secretary of the interior ryan zinke said you can learn a whole lot more by coming to the front lines than you can in washington, d.c. this where i'm standing right now is the front lines. communities like these, redding estates, lost something like 70 homes. zinke's message to the folks who live here, we have got to do better in terms of fire prevention for years to come. >> this is not the new norm. it doesn't have to be. >> reporter: on the tarmac at the northern fire operations center in redding, interior secretary ryan zinke pledges not to let what he calls unprecedented fuel loads contribute to hellacious wildfires. less than ten miles away. >> need something, that's for sure. i don't know exactly what you're assessing, the fact everything burnt down, or the fact that i have nothing. >> reporter: former home owners like denise francis sift through
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their belongings and express appreciation at a government mission, but exasperation of what might come of it. >> i think it's fortunate we are investigating on what we need to do to make this not happen again. but we can't stop mother nature. >> reporter: recent conversation has tilted toward thinning trees and brush, as well as additional logging. that sparked the ire of environmentalists who counter that climate change is the primary catalyst of the devastation. today, zinke addressed the opposing views. >> i've heard climate change. whetheu're a pro poiponent, opponent of climate change. >> the management style could come up in a farm bill before congress that would pave the way for the removal of more trees. in redding, sam brock, nbc bay area news. a difficult day for oakland police. an officer is in critical condition after his cruiser
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smashed into a car and a parked semitruck. it happened at the port of oakland around 3:00 this morning. nbc bay area's robert handa is live in oakland with all the details. robert? >> reporter: well, for hours crews have been here cleaning up this crash site involving the police suv and two other vehicles. we're told the officer, who has not been identified, is still in critical condition after he got hurt responding to a call for help. the young oakland police officer was rushing to a call just before 3:00 a.m. of a suspicious person in the port of oakland. police say the marked suv was traveling eastbound on middle harbor road when it collided with a civilian car, sending it careening into a semi-truck parked in the middle of the road, a typical staging area for trucks. frank, the big rig driver, told me he was sleeping. >> it was a crash, wake me up, and then i saw a cop vehicle in front of my truck. >> reporter: what did you see, what did you feel?
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>> i was -- scary. and then i called 911. >> reporter: after hours of investigation, the vehicles were taken from the crash scene around 3:00 this afternoon and we got our first close-up look at the very extensive damage. it was painfully obvious why the fire department had to be called in to extricate the officer. officials confirm the officer involved is the son of a police lieutenant. >> right now our thoughts and hopes and prayers are going out to the family and to the friends and also our fellow officers. >> reporter: the crash is still under investigation. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear more from the big rig driver, as well as give you the latest on that investigation. live in oakland, robert haneda, nbc bay area news. the man suspected of being the golden state killer is facing a new murder charge tonight. police arrested joseph deangelo back in april. he's charged with killing 12 people and suspected of raping
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50 women across california. shortly after his arrest, deangelo became the prime suspect in the 1975 murder of a visalia man. prosecutors say he shot and killed claude snelling when he tried to stop deangelo from kidnapping his daughter. today prosecutors charged deangelo for that murder. >> this community was terrorized. i hope that we can take what is really our first and not only holding him accountable for the crime here in visalia, but really providing justice. >> deangelo is also connected to nearly 100 burglaries across california, but they happened too long ago, so prosecutors can't file charges in those cases. it's been nearly a month and mollie tibbetts is still missing. today another tool to help find the 20 year old, who grew up in oakland. tibbetts is a student at the university of iowa. she was last seen jogging the evening of july 18th in the small town of brooklyn, iowa. the finding mollie website now has an interactive map to help
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jog the public's memory and a link to give anonymous tips. the reward in this case is up to $336,000. how did he pull it off? investigators are trying to figure out how a baggage handler stole a passenger jet from c-tac airport on friday. this is video from above of the crash site. richard russell was killed in that crash. the fbi recovered human remains and the black box recorder last night. flight experts are investigating how he was able to start the plane, take off, fly for an hour, pulling off a barrel roll in the process. russell says he picked up flight knowledge from video games, while some are skeptical, others believe that's possible. russell's friends and family are in disbelief how his life ended. >> this is a complete shock to us. we are devastated by these events. >> officials are still investigating how russell gained access to the aircraft. a former reality tv star is bringing made for tv drama to
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the white house. former white house staffer omarosa manigault newman is attacking president trump and he is firing back. omarosa has revealed a second audio tape where she secretly recorded a conversation with president trump. this was a day after she was fired last year. once a loyal supporter of mr. trump, omarosa is turning on her former boss in a new book called "unhinged." on twitter this morning, president trump called her whacky, nasty, a low-life, and not smart. >> low-life. she's a low-life. >> he's different than the person i met back in 2003. he has some serious mental impairment. >> omarosa says there are more tapes that she hasn't decided whether or not to release them. crews are working to clean up a ship wreck and fuel spill in santa cruz. this 56-foot fishing boat ran aground yesterday. captain and his dog got to shore
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safely, but overnight the surf slammed the boat on to the rocks and it shattered, spilling 200 glans of diesel into the ocean. crews stopped the leak and vacuumed 600 gallons out of the fuel tank. they are now trying to clean up the wreckage. up next, back to school with extra security. the changes that some local students are going to see when they get back to campus to prevent school shootings. everything's a little bit new, but we're trusting that they can take care of her. >> this is the north bay kindergartner making history on the first day of school. it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. fog rolling into san francisco, we'll let you know how extensive the clouds will be tomorrow morning, plus a change in the smoke forecast. a new look at that in about seven minutes. solano county.
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firefighters..... have gained control.... of a brush fire in vallejo. we're following some breaking news in solano county. firefighters have gained control of a brush vallejo. you can see very smokey at one point. it burned along eastbound 37 near interstate 80, so not far from the six flags discovery park there. within the past five minutes, firefighters announced that they are mopping up and there's no threat to the community. again, this was a small brush fire near 80 and 37. back to school today for
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many students, and it was a historic one for a santa rosa kindergartner. she became the first student in california to legally bring medical marijuana to school. without it, she could suffer a life-threatening seizure. it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. it's the first day of kindergarten for 5-year-old brooke adams, but before she goes, she has medicine, cannabis oil. and she'll be bringing her medicine to school, as well. >> everything's a little bit new, but we're trusting that they can take care of her and i'll be close by. >> reporter: mom, janna adams, is excited and nervous and understandably so. when brooke was an infant, she was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. her seizures last from three minutes to three hours. doctors tried a bunch of drugs but seemed daily cbd oil and thc
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oil were the only things that worked, fewer seizures and now lasting only three to fourmen minutes. >> with the medicine, she pretty much takes a nap and she's back to normal. >> are you ready for school? >> reporter: it's illegal to bring medical marijuana on to school campuses, so the adams went to court. the judge says for now brooke can go to school. the unified school district released a statement saying they are happy to have the opportunity to serve brooke and has direction from the court to be able to do so. >> we hope the judge will rule in our favor and let her stay on campus and i'm hoping by this temporary situation that everyone can see that it's not a big deal, just like any other kid with any other medication, she'll go, go to school, and if there is an emergency, they'll take care of it. >> it was a good first day. the adams family met with a school nurse last week to show her what to do if brooke suffers a seizure. as for the court case, the judge is expected to issue his final
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decision in late september or early october. raj? many high school students returned to school today to find a new level of campus security. the campbell union high school district installed, you see them here, security fences at del mar high school and prospect high school. these iron fences add a layer of defense against possible school shooters. now there are only a few entrances to the campuses, and the gates lock once class starts. >> they are really facing a lot of challenges beyond, you know, having to think about school shootings, and so having this fence, i think, is just one more thing that will say to them i'm safe. >> teachers and staff can also look at campus security cameras now remotely. another story of security, and this time more privacy. even if you opt out, google is still tracking you, can still track you. the a.p. investigation revealed many google services store your location even if you use privacy
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settings to prevent it. now, the privacy issue impacts more than 2 billion people. google says you should turn off the web and app activity setting if you don't want to be tracked. a middle eastern country could be riding shotgun as elon musk looks to take tesla private. musk hinted the funding was secured last weekend. today he revealed more details on who, saudi arabia. musk says the saudi arabian fund would buy 5% of the company's stock and he hopes to hold on to a 20% stake. many are skeptical, believing the tweet was designed to shake up the stock market. >> he's always doing something interesting. jeff ranieri is with us now as we talk about back to school and monday. >> so much going on. our weather forecast really comfortable to start off on this monday forecast. nice cool breeze. we're going to talk more about that in a few minutes, but into your micro climate forecast we do want to remind you on this monday we have the giants and the dodgers going at it head-to-head here on nbc bay
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area at 7:00. we'll take you down there to our live camera and relatively clear skies from this van teenatage p. 75 degrees in los angeles, 72 degrees at 7:00 p.m. again, nbc bay area, we're going to have your vip pass. let's bring it back here to the bay area, and it was so nice today. we had that cool, foggy breeze at the coast. temperatures down five to ten degrees, and i still think we'll keep that fog as we head into tomorrow morning. in fact, the cloud cover looks pretty widespread, so most of the bay will be dealing with the low clouds as we start tomorrow morning. we'll have that thick fog along the peninsula and 58, even low clouds through the tri-valley and 61. for san francisco commuters, not only the fog, but drizzle as you start off and down to a cool 55. now, only get the nice breeze for the morning hours, it will keep the smoke away from nearby fires. we're seeing a change in the smoke forecast. once we hit tomorrow afternoon, it actually could bring us some
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smoke from washington and oregon, so again, the surface winds by tomorrow afternoon could bring back more smoke that you'd be smelling here in the bay area. right now we're calling for increased smoke from the north bay, right on down to the south bay. of course, we'll be tracking it at and all of our shows. as we bring you to our temperatures tomorrow, they are not going to be too hot with the cool, foggy breezeea coastline. that puts us at 84 in morgan hill, 79 in san jose. no way triple digits tomorrow. looking good, below average here for concord at 85, danville 84, oakland 69. along the peninsula, 76 in palo alto, 70 in san mateo, san francisco, 60s from the marina down through the ingleside and north bay 73 in mill valley, 80 in santa rosa. all this area here a little bit of the ocean breeze, but you head away from the ocean breeze, notice the difference, 77 in santa rosa. you're going up to a hotter 92
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in ukiah. the more north you go, the less of the fog influence. on my extended forecast you can see in san francisco eventually we'll see some milder temperatures return once we hit saturday and 70 degrees. we're back down to 60s early next week across the inland valleys, we have that morning fog tomorrow. we're watching some tropical moisture to our south and east, then as we head through the next three days, staying in the 80s, but look at this, temperatures get much hotter by friday and saturday. we're in the mid to also upper 90s. looks like that trend would stay into about sunday, then eventually we do start to drop off as we hit next week's forecast. we may have to bump that up to low 100s by friday and saturday. right now that's our best estimate on the temps. we'll continue to monitor that. >> warm back to school. >> it is. >> thanks, jeff. up next here at 5:00, san francisco store opened since abraham lincoln was president is
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getting ready to close for good. we catch up with customers hoping to catch a deal. tonight, the president's reaction after former aide omarosa releases a secret recording of him. also confronting another aviation security threat. how to keep planes from being snatched on the ground when we see you back here for "nightly news." more bells and whistles ae
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new salesforce transit center. well, have you seen it yet? more bells and whistles at the new sales force transit center. week day bus service kicked off today bright and early. the first ac transit bus rolled into the center just before 6:00 a.m. a lot of pomp and circumstance there. a lot of balloons. eventually, the center right there in san francisco will connect to caltrain and high-speed rail. with the new transit center, ac transit expects to go from 1,300
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trans bay riders a day to 2,400 riders each hour. the end of an era for an iconic san francisco store. gump's is going out of business. the high-end retailer opened in 1861. the same year abraham lincoln was elected president. gump's filed for bankruptcy last week. retail analysts say the store couldn't keep up with the changing fashions. >> really makes me feel bad. it's part of san francisco history. it's part of old san francisco that we don't have anymore. >> it's just so hard to lose something that just feels so much a part of people's past. >> it goes way back. no one from the company was willing to comment, but off camera they said the store expects to remain open until the end of this year or until all the merchandias sold. all this week nbc bay area and telemundo 48 are working together to clear the shelters. it's our annual event helping pets find forever homes. one of the participating shelters is sonoma county animal
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services. staff and volunteers went into overdrive last october when the fires broke out, including a cat separated from its owner, but as luck would have it, the owner found the cat. it was posted on the shelter's website. this was the reaction when they reunited. >> oh, my god. i'm so happy. but we didn't lose our kitty. we were in coffee park and i guess that's where they found him, back on san marcos. he came looking for his home. >> oh, they have each other now. if you want to provide a pet a forever home, you can help us clear the shelters this saturday. to find a list of participating shelters, go to our website, most shelters are waiving or reducing adoption fees. >> going to be a good week for a lot of animals around here. up next, visitors finally heading back to yosemite. good news for the valley. stay with us.
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cars. the south bay neigh tonight at 6:00, kicking in doors and stealing cars. the south bay neighborhood fed up with the rise in crime. the steps some people are taking to fight off these criminals. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. and we mentioned earlier it's a
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big night for the giants. a showdown at dodgers stadium. you can watch this game right here on nbc bay area at 7:00. about 90 minutes from now. because of the game you can watch your favorite nbc shows on cozi tv, comcast channel 186 or digital channel 11-2. "american ninja warrior" is on at 8:00, followed by "dateline." yosemite valley has been closed nearly three weeks re.ause of the nearby ferguso some roads remain closed while firefighters continue to battle the flames. web cam video shows the park smokey still, but park rangers say air quality has improved quite a bit. they are excited to have visitors back inside yosemite valley. >> that's how it should be. it's looking much better. thanks for joining us at 5:00. lester holt joins us next with "nightly news." >> tonight presi trump lashes out after the nbc news exclusive. omarosa's secret tape.
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>> omarosa, what's going on? "the apprentice" entrepreneur turned fired white house aide recording the boss, escalating the attacks. >> do you think he is mentally competent to do this job? >> no. >> the president calling her a low life as a battle from reality tv to the white house turns ugly. how many more tapes are out there? >> manslaughter charges after a fatal encounter that reignited the debate over the stand-your-ground law. a man shot to death. >> dramatic high-water rescues. a boy pulled from raging floodwaters. a police officer nearly swept a


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