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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 17, 2018 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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officer killed in the line of duty. hundreds pack a church to say goodbye. officer "kirk griess" died when a driver slammed into him while he was doing his job. now -- those who knew him best are remembering the good times. good morning, and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia. and i )m marcus washington. nbc bay area )s pete suratos is live from vacaville.wher e the memorial service is taking place. and pete, this has to be an emotional day for all of those in attendance today. all of them are here to pay their respects to officer kirk griss.
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before moving to contra kos tra and then the family and friends said he enjoyed traveling, visiting when 3 states. but his life cut short when she was struck and killed by a driver on a traffic stop in fairfield just last week. this was the scene when it took place and he was behind suv on the shoulder on the highway when a man in a pickup chuck struck the officer and the suv and killing the officer and the man in the suv. chp identified the driver as 36-year-old sean walker facing gross vehicular manslaughter charges. out on bail and arraigned in september. i want to point out officer greiss is survived by his wife and three adult children. pete suratos, nbc bay area. >> emotional day. thank you so much, pete. we are streaming the entire farewell right now on nbc bay
11:03 am the judge is ordering two men charged in the ghost ship fire to go to trial. nbc bay area's bob redell spoke with the attorneys representing the two suspects. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the lawyers representing almena and harris said they're looking forward to going to trial. that they believe they can prove their clients are innocent and the only reason they accepted the plea agreements is to alleviate the suffering of the victims' families but the new judge overseeing the case reneged on the offer for six years and almena nine years in prison minus time served. the judge didn't think he was remorseful enough addressing the court and many victims' families agreed. they each face 36 counts of
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involuntary manslaughter for the ghost ship fire. almena turned the warehouse into an illegal artist live/work space. there's a motion to have the client's case separated from almena believing that the statements to the press are hurtful to the client and almena plans to file for a change of venue. almena pled no contest trying to accept that plea. >> i'm a trial lawyer. i want to go to trial. you know? i'm not happy to go to trial after all of the bad publicity. >> it was difficult to advise him to take that plea bargain. >> reporter: did they cut my bite? the judge is expected to set a trial date on september 7th. trial expected to start january or february of next year. both defendants were in court
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today and never publicly addressed the judge. interestingly, a defense attorney expressed optimism that this case could still be settled with a plea bargain depending on who the judge is assigned to their trial. reporting live in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. well, turning to the microclimate weather forecast, really going to heat up. kari hall, you have been telling us about this. i can feel the difference today. >> already starting to feel warmer out there. warms up faster and then going through the day it just turns hot and also seeing the hazy skies taking a live look outside in san jose right now. we are going to see the hazy conditions not only today but throughout the week. here's a live look outside. twin peaks in san francisco and the fog is rolling back. skies clearing. we will have moderate air quality in the day off and on until those wildfires are completely put out. so we're going to see the drifts of smoke moving in. our temperature now in
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fairfield, a warmest at 77 degrees. 76 in morgan hill and 75 now in livermore. 82 in san jose and going to see the temperatures going from the low 70s in the lunch hour to the upper 80s by early afternoon. we'll be up to 95 in livermore. 90 in napa. 67 in san francisco. we'll see some more widespread 90s tomorrow and i'll talk about that. also, what's ahead for clear is shelters ahead in the forecast. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. almost a month since 18-year-old nia wilson stabbed and killed at the b.a.r.t. station in oakland. two sisters seriously injured. this morning, her family is suing b.a.r.t. we have a development. >> reporter: the family says no family should suffer a tragedy like that again hoping this lawsuit brings an end to violent crime on b.a.r.t. nia wilson died after she and her sisters were stabbed at the
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b.a.r.t. station. about two weeks later, two other people were assaulted at that same b.a.r.t. station. in response after that rash of attacks b.a.r.t. performed a top to botty safety review and responded by saying it's come up with a plan. $28 million plan of adding more officers to its stations and updating the technology on its 4,000 cameras and putting more officers at every station. b.a.r.t.'s website says, quote, nothing is more important than your safety. well, this suit fights that saying that b.a.r.t. failed to provide its riders with a highest standard of care and the lawsuit filed right now as we speak and we will have the latest on the website and social platform once the charges are filed. back to you. >> thank you. just in to the newsroom, a family of a brentwood teenager asking for help finding him. this is 13-year-old elijah wilson. his mother said she dropped him off last night at sunset ball
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fields and returning 15 minutes later, he was nowhere to be found and wearing a gray and blue patterned shirt with blue jeans and asked to call brentwood police with information. shares in tesla hammered this morning, down better than 8% as the ceo once again trying to do damage control. >> scott mcgrew, elon musk is trying to explain himself as a simple tweet grabbed the attention of the government investigators. >> he said he had the money to take the company private, this was on august 7th. that tweet a disaster. ceos cannot announce information that way. and it was inaccurate. he had a telling interview with "the new york times." among the things we learned, musk wasn't trying to make a marijuana reference when he said he'd buy tesla at $420 a share. he says he was just rounding up. he says he doesn't regret the
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tweet saying his friends are concerned about his health and well-degree and takes ambien to sleep and also looking for a top lieutenant. he approached facebook's cheryl sandberg and learned from the article the tesla board of directors is worried of the tweet habits and question if ambien has nothing something to it. the stock is down 8% and i suspect it's less of the worries of musk than a "the wall street journal report" saying not only the s.e.c. looking into the tweet, right, there's one pre-dates the tweet. they're interested in how tesla counts the number of cars it says it's manufactured. they're looking into that as to whether that number's accurate. that would be devastating if they were caught not telling the truth on that. >> all right. deeper dive there. all right. thank you, scott. meantime, also talking about this earlier this morning on "today in the bay." no military parade for trump this fall. he's called it off himself after
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skyrocketing costs. officials announced yesterday military parade which is never been done would cost almost $100 million. this morning, president trump tweeting the parade is off and blamed washington, d.c. officials of price gouging. d.c.'s mayor refuted that. president trump got the idea of holding the military parade after a visit to france last year. he now plans to attend that same event again this november. much more for you here. san francisco, trying to clean up the streets. a proposal the city is looking into that's creating controversy. and flames lighting up the skies in the east bay. details of breaking news we shared with you earlier this morning. i'm at the humane society of silicon valley and time to clear the shelters. we have corporate volunteers playing with kittens. i'll tell you all about how you can make one of these pets a forever friend coming up.
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right now, a look at the memorial service, a chp officer, this is in vacaville, the officer killed in an accident and many people there saying their love for him, showing respect to him. again, we are streaming this live right now on nbc bay >> very tragic story. now to the other top stories following on this friday morning. fire investigators are locking for the cause of this early morning fire. a warehouse destroyed near stanley valley. at 3:00 a.m. they saw that. the building fully engulfed. no reports of any injuries. the building was vacant. san jose teacher accused of inappropriate behavior with a minor. christopher florio was arrested yesterday at his home. investigators say he had sexual conversations with a 16-year-old in girl functions back in june. and allegedly asked for sexually explicit pictures on social
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media. the 39-year-old teacher interacted with teens at two places including the youth symphony. right now, san francisco leaders laying out plans to open a drug injection center. the facility will be the first of its kind in the nation. not clear how many or where the sides will be but the plan has support of mayor breed who while campaigning called for opening a site in san francisco soon. and the opening bell there. with the video music awards, they're on this weekend. right now, the stock market's looking good. the dow, nasdaq, s&p 500 up. the dow rises as apple hits an all-time high. so are you looking for a new addition to the family, a furry friend? nbc bay area along with telemundo 48, working together to clear the shelters and finally happening this weekend. tomorrow, we're all trying to find animals a forever home.
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>> we are live at the humane society in milpitas. i know you're not walking away with another pet, right? >> maybe. >> you know what? maybe. you know, this whole week it's tugging at my heart strings and not to even more but meet this little kitly. i don't know if she'll turn around but her is iris and she is blind. she is looking for a forever home. and she's still playing with toys and she is brave. i have seen her almost jump off. she is definitely one of those little kitties that pulls at your heartstrings. we needs a forever home. a special needs kitty. we have cats and not just big but little cats and corporate volunteers playing with kitties and marcus, you might recognize this. this is laura garcia. check her out. there she is. >> little laura. >> gorgeous. a good girl. she's been sitting.
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i like that, laura. that's a good thing. here to tell us more about this special event for saturday is carol. carol, tell us about the location. how many pets are available and what's the cost? >> sure. we have over 100 animals up for adoption today at the milpitas location and the petco. friday, saturday and sunday, dogs $40. kittens $20. cats $10. rabbits and pocket pets are friends. >> what does that include? >> all the animals spayed and neutered. vaccinated, a health exam. if you have to pay for that on your own, it's a lot more than the cost of what you will be paying over the next three days. >> i know that some of the residents, long-time residents, right? what's the importance of adopting and not shopping? i have a rescue. i rescued him from el paso. >> it's an opportunity to save
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lives. there's a lot of animals in california that really need our help and this is an opportunity not only to bring a wonderful animal into your home but the experience of knowing you have saved a life. >> thank you so much, carol. a shot of laura garcia. such a sweet heart. just like you, laura. >> you are so sweet. take a picture of her for me. >> i send it back the you. you can find -- oh, i will. i'll send you a picture. back in the studio. hi, laura. >> perfect. over in milpitas. at the shelter there. and it sounds like they have great animals there. to find a list of participating shelters near you for tomorrow's big event, just head to nbc bay as we mentioned, most waive or reducing the adoption fees so it's great. we'll be at the berkeley humane tomorrow morning, broadcasting live for our weekend show so it will be fun. come out and meet us and maybe find a friend. >> right. >> isn't that cute? >> we'll help you find one right for you. >> the weather is nice out there, too.
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>> yeah. >> earlier part. >> nice early. that will be the key for everyone trying to get out there and do anything around the bay area. here's a live look outside from emeryville towards the bay bridge and san francisco. we have the hazy skies. with breathing problems, you may notice that still some smoke in the air. here's a live look outside in palo alto. heading out for the lunch hour in the middle of the day. reaching into the low 80s and then going to see the temperatures much more kf comfortable at 8:00 and really nice today. but here's a look at where we're headed. hotter today compared to yesterday. reaching 95 in livermore, antioch and concord. san francisco reaching 67. 88 today in san jose. and check out the seven-day forecast. the heat-up in the temperatures don't last and then looking at what's going on around the bay area this weekend. this is ongoing. the rowing championships at lake merritt. you might see all of the action
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going on. our temperatures in oakland for tomorrow reach -- start in the mid-60s and go to mid-70s. 74 at 4:00 and then the polk street blues festival in san francisco and that's where the temperatures will reach into the low 70s so a little bit warmer tomorrow and then cool off and going to squaw valley, it is nice there. a lot of sunshine in the sierra. we are looking at mostly some 70s and 80s and then we talked about this. clear the shelters. and this is the forecast for the burlingame location. it's upper 60s at 11:00. and even -- even if you go out in the middle of the day, there it's nice and cool with some low 80s in the middle of the day and then you can check out my facebook page. @kari hall weather. this is the town that -- the town cats of morgan hill? they named the cat after me. this is my names sake. >> perfect.
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>> green eyes. reaching into the upper 90s for tomorrow. and then still very hot on sunday. but we do catch a break early next week. upper 80s inland and san francisco. more of the same. warmer for tomorrow. laura and marcus? >> nice. we like kari hall. >> we do. >> thanks a lot, kari. coming up, imagine not waiting in line at the dmv. >> i like the sound of that. >> it's a dream. also, there's an app for this. but first, happening now jurors deliberating right now the paul manafort trial. yesterday jurors had four questions for the judge. one of the questions was about defining reasonable doubt. manafort is facing bank and tax fraud charges. more news for you after the break. are helping students achie
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their dreams. meet one ambitious young lady who )s ready for back-to- school, thanks to you! and we )ll track all the news that breaks overnight, plus top stories to get you ready for the day. )today in the bay. ) 4:30 to 7.
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of our original digital content on nbc bay area dot com. welcome back, everyone. we want to show you some of the original digital content on nbc bay got better things to do than wait in line at the dmv? a local company will do the waiting for you if you're willing to pay. we took the service for a test drive. the digital video journalist jonathan bloom posted this story online and we want to show you right here on the air. ♪ >> what do you think of the line? >> horrible. >> i know. i'm potentially might be here all day. >> i'm trying. >> we've seen how bad the lines have gotten the past several months in california. particularly because of the real
11:24 am
i.d. >> bring a passport? a bill? >> no. >> people are being to pay a little bit to avoid the hassle of the dmv and that's really what we are doing. >> professional line waiter? >> like they wait in line for you? >> would you hire someone to wait in line for you? >> i would, yeah. >> are you rebecca? >> rebecca patterson is a professional line waiter. >> good do meet you. >> officially her title is line waiting concierge. >> you're going for a real i.d. >> the service comes from yo gov. >> government inefficiency is around for thousands of years and what we are solving. >> they help with waiting in loin. >> book on the we believe site and then assign you a concierge to text you. all friendly. >> they charge $25 an hour. rebecca texted when she arrived and said she --
11:25 am
>> everywhere you go? >> it does. >> you might wonder what type of person wants this? >> they happen to be uber drivers. >> and the hourly pay about the same. rather than driving, you're helping people drive? >> yes. >> help is where she earns the title. face it. the dmv is confusing. >> forgot my passport. the line concierge will remind me? >> exactly. go home. wait in line. get your document. >> predictably, that's what happened. she held my spot. >> here we go. passport. tax form. just in the nick of time. >> not expired? >> just barely. >> issued a number and sent past the waiting people to fill out a form. >> driver's license. english. >> in some cases the concierge can go back to waiting for you. >> i'll give you a -- >> while you tend to more eager matters. rebecca kept me posted by text.
11:26 am
there you are and helped when i got lost inside the dmv. oh, this way. by the time i was seen -- that's me -- the service saved me about three hours. all right. success. i have a receipt to prove it. whether it's worth it depends on who you ask. >> would you pay someone to wait in time for you? >> no. >> why not? >> i'm broke. >> ask kids. everything is on a budget. >> i wouldn't pay for that. if i had the money i would. >> as they hire more workers to help shorten the line, yo gov is looking at other offices. >> i always hate coming the dmv. >> i have to go wait in line. is that cool? >> yeah. >> thanks, man. >> pretty cool there! okay. so jonathan bloom putting together a lot of interesting stories for us. follow him on twitter and you'll see more of the stuff right on our website. that's nbc bay coming up, a disturbing confession. a father admits to killing his pregnant wife and two daughters.
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the story that has the nation shocked. new developments
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now in that disturbing murder case in colorado. the man charged with killing his pregnant wife and their t new developments in the disturbing murder case in colorado. the man charged with killing the wife and two daughters appearing in court. >> this as the investigators recover the bodies and search for a motive. nbc's miguel almaguer reports. >> reporter: seen for the first time as a murder suspect, chris watt in court emotionless. the victims, his pregnant wife and their daughters. 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bella. >> my daddy is a hero. >> they were the happiest kids ever. she was -- she was born to be a mom. >> reporter: after playing the grieving husband and father for three days --
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>> i just want them home so bad. >> reporter: -- media reports say watts led investigators to where he dumped his wife's body, an isolated field at the oil and gas company where he worked outside denver. >> we have been able to recover a body that we're quite certain is shannon watt's body. we have strong reason to believe we know where the bodies of the children are and recovery efforts from in process. >> reporter: watts said to have confessed to the murders. no mottive is released. >> this is absolutely the worst possible outcome that any of us could imagine. >> reporter: what investigators do know is she was dropped off at home 2:00 a.m. monday morning after a business trip. her husband says he left work around 5:00 a.m. in between, watt said he and his wife had an emotional conversation. detectives have not released how she was murdered or when he
11:31 am
allegedly killed his children but say all three were killed at home. >> definitely interested in the kids and very doting. and a little shy. other than that, he was a really good guy. >> reporter: with a community and family in mourning, her brother says his sister was pregnant with a boy. writing on facebook, i'm so distraught and in shock. my blood is boiling. and the pain and anger and sadness i have in my heart. her family now making their way to colorado to say good-bye to a mother and her two children. >> i love you. >> reporter: allegedly killed by the person who was supposed to protect them. >> miguel amalguer reporting. crime is on the rise and one upscale san jose neighborhood and some people living there giving police an earful about it. last night several residents of willow glen showed up at a community meeting with the police department.
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those attending asked us not to record out of security concerns. our reporter there says that things often got heated. this is because of recent weeks willow glen has seen auto thefts, carjacking, home invasions and burglaries, complaining of police response times calling 911. >> frustration and anger in there. it's super scary to live in a neighborhood and feel like you are under siege. >> what we found in our neighborhood is that the absolute best thing we can do is get to know our neighbors. >> as you heard, people we spoke with said the neighbors need to come together and keep the streets safe. authorities in the east bay are looking for a man to see -- you see right there. at the register. that's him. this is at a convenience store last month. in seconds you see him actually pull that register there and slam it to the ground. yeah. he smashes that and he actually got away with the cash inside.
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police say he is also behind another robbery at a pizza parlor. santa clara is fighting a judge's order to hold district based elections. that ruling against the city was handed down earlier this year after an asian american resident sued. the judge ruled the city in violation of the state's voting laws and the elections effectively keep asian americans out of power but make up nearly half of the city's population. the judge ordered the city split in six districts. rumors circulating that east bay congressman swalwell is considering a run for president in 2020. we reached out to him. here's his response. he writes, i'm doing all i can to win my seat. help elect a democratic majority and have a healthy baby due november 4th. after that, i'll consider running in 2020. so, it remains to be seen if he'll actually run. swalwell has become a regular voice against president trump and his policies. it's almost seems like it's
11:34 am
becoming an annual california ritual. out of control wildfires causing massive devastation. each of the past two years california's largest fires have broken records. now the white house promises to work more closely with california and other western states to try to prevent this. the agriculture secretary says the new effort is in the works to try to reduce the frequency and severity of fires. days after pennsylvania released a scathing report, pope francis has a message. the vatican says two words, shame and sorrow. here's nbc's ann thompson. >> reporter: after two days of silence, the vet can delivering a message to the pennsylvania abuse victims from pope francis. >> the holy father has shown in chile wants to put the victims first, make sure that they know he is on their side. >> reporter: against the men who did things the vatican says were criminal and morally reprehencible. >> there has to be
11:35 am
accountability. not only for the abusers but also for those who permitted the abuse. >> reporter: the extent of the depravity uncovered by a pennsylvania grand jury is staggering. fondling, rape and physical abuse by 300 predator priests on more than 1,000 child and teenage victims over a 70-year period. >> pope francis can take what happened in the past, learn from it and move forward. >> i feel the sorrow for the children that were affected by the scandal. >> reporter: one of the alleged victims, james falusac. >> the response failed this victim and many others yet again. >> reporter: after years of revelations involving priests violating young people, survivor groups want more than words. >> mere words are insulting at this point. it is time for the pope to start removing culpable bishops. >> reporter: did problem is not just the leaders in
11:36 am
pennsylvania. allegations that the former powerful cardinal accused boys and young priests have catholics asking how could he rise to be a prince of the church? this morning the u.s. conference of catholic bishops promising answers with a full investigation led by the vatican with a group of predominantly lay people. >> ann thompson reporting. responding to the pope's remarks, the pennsylvania state attorney general writing in a statement, quote, i appreciate the validation of our work in pennsylvania. and the expression of remorse on behalf of pope francis. i hope that under the holy father's leadership the church will now embrace and support the grand jury's recommendations. well, an early heads up for anyone using the pozi tube. starting next monday the two will be closed three straight nights extending into overnight hours and last each night from
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9:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. for maintenance and inspections. ten days from now, a similar closure to impact the webster tube. today, have you heard of friday night lights? something happens in hayward that hasn't happened in 50 years. they're turning on the lights. they have upgrades to the sports facilities including the stadium. sports programs at the school received major upgrades. well, it is a sign of the times. literally and figuratively. an iconic sign of innovation in the silicon valley area is being dismantled. >> it's been there for decades along highway 101 in redwood city and the headquarters torn down long ago and now stanford university is a satellite campus and redwood city said it wasn't historic. stanford said the letters in storage on campus and the company doesn't want them. they want to donate it to a
11:38 am
historical society. former employees said it should be standing because of the role in history. >> about 50 major companies looking at the genealogy charts of silicon valley, media and technology, it all comes from ampex. seeing the sign is important. in that spot or nearby. >> former employees include steve jobs, the founder of atari and oracle. google might be opening a retail store in chicago. >> chicago tribune reports that it would be a two-floor store across several interconnected buildings. a few blocks from the company's midwest headquarters and show off the range of hardware products. it is not the first time the tech giant attempting a physical store. until now google opted for the occasional pop-up store. silicon valley executive says the secret to success at work is to skip lunch. >> and breakfast. and dinner.
11:39 am
scott mcgrew is here to explain. >> phil libin is a long time executive and venture capitalist. this sunday on press we'll talk to him about the future of jobs as ai takes over but you're right. there is an interesting fact of him. he doesn't eat for days at a time. i want you to describe -- i know what it stays feels like to stay up far too long. does it feel that you haven't eaten in four days? >> it feels really good. and specifically, it kind of -- in 30 seconds, we have two engines. all human bodies. we can burn carbs or fat. all of us basically never turned on did fat burning engine bauftd way we eat. we have the cars with engines and only using one of them. you start to use the other one and it feels great. all sorts of different things happen. >> and introduce you to a haber
11:40 am
dasher from san francisco trying to convince techies to start wearing suits. right after "meet the press" sunday morning at 9:00. >> thank you, scott. well, tributes continue to pour in for the legendary singer aretha franklin. she passed away thursday at her home in detroit at the age of 76. >> hey, there. the iconic career began here at the new bethel baptist church where her father was a legendary pastor and she sang publicly for the first time in the flier. memorials continue to grow not only here but across the city and around the country. in harlem and along hollywood walk of fame. fellow musicians and entertainers are sharing memories and messages of gratitude online.
11:41 am
ariane grande opened last night with this tribute. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ funeral arrangements are still pending. legendary producer clive davis plans to host a concert later this year at madison square garden honoring the queen of soul. in detroit, i'm jay gray, now back do you. >> oh, such a legend. >> yes. coming up, a look at the forecast. heating up, kari. >> still looks hazy. a live look outside in san jose. you can barely see the hills in the background. check out the temperatures shape up. reaching into the low 80s here and there's spots feeling hotter. we'll talk about what's ahead coming up next. puppies and kittens, scammers are using our four-legged friends to tug at your wallet and often empty it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. to many consumers who have fallen for scams. well, nbc bay area sadly responds to many consumers who have fallen victim to scams. >> yeah. too bad. often con artists tug at the emotions. investigator chris chmura says that's why some of the puppy scams are the cruel and costly. >> they are. leonard is one of the people scammers have tricked. leonard thought he was bringing a new king charles spaniel into his life and buying it online from a pet store in virginia but
11:45 am
that is not at all what was going on. and overseas imposter duped him with a bogus ad. there was no puppy. never was. just a scheme to steal his money. they're almost impossible to track. here's how to protect yourself. ask to speak with past buyers, people that did business with that seller. don't blindly prepay them. insist on picking up the dog yourself. don't go down that path of shipping unless you must. try to pick up the dog yourself and only then give them money. our digital team put the teams and more in this video for social media. we'll tweet it again now after the show. but you know, that is fun to share. and helpful warning. you know what? avoid the risk going to clear the shelters tomorrow. free, reduced priced. i will be in san jose at the shelter on monterey row. >> we will be in berkeley.
11:46 am
early in the morning. but it is true. i adopted from san jose animal shelter there and let me tell you it's the most loving little animal. to cute. >> i love seeing the pictures on social media. >> they make a difference. you make a difference to them and bottom line it's you, as well. >> see you tomorrow. please. >> come on out. >> see you later. tomorrow. >> good having you. we will be out there tomorrow. and it's going to be a warm one. deciding what to wear in the morning. >> you are all good in berkeley because that's where it stays cool but if you head over to spots like livermore and up towards antioch and antioch, it is hotterment still a wide range in temperatures. here's fremont as a nice little breeze. hazy skies and sunny throughout the day up to about 83 degrees there. let's get a look at the microclimates and what to expect today. expect a high of 90 at milpitas. and 90 in east san jose.
11:47 am
gilroy 95 this afternoon. 95 in concord today and 85 in vallejo. and then we'll keep it cool for the coast and half moon bay at 66 degrees. skies cleared and getting sunshine the rest of the afternoon. redwood city reaching 81 degrees. and expect a high of 67 degrees on the embarcadero. and napa reaching 90 degrees. as we look forward to clearing the shelters tomorrow, we head to the human society and 75 degrees in the early morning hours but then heating up. if you'll adopt an animal then think about heading to the park. take care of them. make sure they have lots of water and it's best do go out in the early hours of the day and as we head makes for the weekend might be heading to the festival of india in fremont. on sunday the parade with the event both days and well' see the temperatures in the upper 60s on sunday.
11:48 am
78 degrees at noon and some lower 80s for the middle of the day. if your plans include napa valley, it is warm there. still maybe some drifts of smoke and our temperatures reaching into the upper 80s but not bad at all. and then much cooler as we look at santa cruz and the forecast there reaching 75 today but temperatures coming down a few more degrees for saturday and sun. inland areas are going to be hot. all going to be looking for somewhere to cool. going to the pool. air conditioning. it is going to peak up to 98 degrees tomorrow. 95 on sunday. and then our temperatures coming down quite a bit for the first part of next week. some low 90s for wednesday and thursday. we'll be up to 70 for san francisco tomorrow with some sunshine. clearing the shelters there and next week more of the clouds and the fog as the temperatures come back to the mid 60s. we are tracking it all. wide range in temperatures still across the bay area, marcus and
11:49 am
laura. >> thank you, kari. coming up, are the bridges in danger of collapse. a look at america's infrastructure which is falling apart. bridge collapse in italy
11:50 am
11:51 am
warning to all americans about well, just days after that deadly bridge collapse in italy, a warning to all americans about faulty bridges. millions of people could be at risk. >> collapses can happen without warning because of bridges of hidden failures. here's nbc's jeff rossen. >> reporter: this week, terror caught on camera in italy. this popular bridge collapsing. killing dozens, trapping others under the debris and rubble. rescuers pulling survivors out of the wreckage. the cause now under investigation. but what's left, a haunting image we all fear. and it turns out bridges are crumbling here, too. from florida to georgia. michigan to utah.
11:52 am
>> oh my word. what happened? >> reporter: chunks of a bridge smashed through an airport shuttle with passengers inside. crushing the hood of the car. >> another six or eight inches, might not have been talking to me today. >> reporter: america's infrastructure is falling apart. according to the u.s. department of transportation, 47,619 bridges are in poor condition. >> this is a national issue. you can find deficient bridges in all 50 states. >> reporter: in 2016, i checked out one of the bad bridges for myself. right now i'm standing on the arlington memorial bridge in d.c. with rare access down inside the bridge and so bad it's a critical condition and wearing the gloves and lead paint and then believe it or not, concrete chunks fall off the bridge. you can see why we're so concerned about this bridge. >> reporter: charles is in charge of this bridge for the national park service. >> look at this up here.
11:53 am
this is the roadway and there's metal peeling off of irtd. look at this beam. this is holding up the roadway, too. we have all of this concrete is gone. decayed away. look at this flange. >> reporter: this is holding up the roadway? >> you can feel the cars right above us. this beam is holding the bridge up. >> reporter: what we see next is more disturbing. >> this is the support for the entire bridge, completely rusting away. look at this, jeff. completely gone. >> reporter: you can put your hand through that. >> rusting from the inside out. >> reporter: years later, this bridge still isn't fixed. repairs final slated to start in the fall but industry experts say getting funding takes too long. >> the nation needs to step up and make more investments in the infrastructure. we shouldn't have to wait for a bridge collapse in another country or for a midterm election to get going. >> jeff rossen reporting there.
11:54 am
while campaigning, president trump promised to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. so far there's been no movement on that front. we'll be right back. "animal?
11:55 am
11:56 am
for some movie lovers - it )s a classic that )ll live forever. the food fight seen in "animal house" strikes a cord for some. >> wait until you see the -- topping all of it. take a look at it. >> not yet! now!
11:57 am
food fight! >> this happened during a minor league baseball game on tuesday and it is insane. this is a planned theme night. that food flying after the fifth inning of the st. paul saints game in minnesota. the team said they did it and this was to mark the 40th anniversary of the movie. as you can see, everyone got a free poncho coming into the stadium there. >> what a mess. >> and the team said they also organized the food donation drive, as well. >> looks like a food fest. >> a lot of fun. well, definitely just a real quick look, warm in the weekend. >> hot inland for the weekend reaching into the mid-90s today and then some upper 90s tomorrow. and then it comes down next week. looking at san francisco, we keep the 60s. >> all right. sounds good. thank you for joining us. >> see you this weekend out there at clear the shelters. get you a pet. make it a forever home.
11:58 am
have a good one.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. we are live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman, woman ♪ ♪ you make me feel, you make me feel ♪ aretha franklin tribute last night. welcome to "access live." we are watching ariana grande there. >> she did not want to do that. she showed up on fallon to d


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