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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 19, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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sunday august 19th good morning. it is 7:00 on sundays, august 19th. here is a live look outside in san jose. ominous skies there. thank you for joining us. i i i'm kira clapper. >> low clouds made a comeback this morning. misty skies closer to san francisco where you can see temperatures in the mid-50s with a cloudy start to the day. partly cloudy conditions later on. clear skies in concord. smokey skies at walnut creek. san jose, we have patchy, low
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clouds around the valley right now. 60 degrees, cool temperatures mostly in the 50s. we'll see numbers climbing into the 90s south of downtown san jose, morgan hills. staying cool around san francisco, cooling today with highs in the mid-60s and more significant cooling as we head through the seven day forecast. more on that at 7:15. >> i like the sound of that, significant cooling. we will stay tuned for that. as rob mentioned, air quality continues to be a prab this weekend. the warm temperatures with the lack of wind have us in the second clear the air day in a row. the air quality management district says the haze is a blend of wildfire smoke from across northern california and smog from the cars on the road. that can be harmful for people with weak respiratory systems. the best way to avoid the air is
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stay inside. for families with a busy weekend, that's easier said than done. >> a big mustang tournament taking place in walnut creek here. i was coughing the whole time. the kids were playing in the game. it's difficult to deal with. >> the air quality management district is asking people to consider not driving today to reduce the amount of smog in the air. track the weather conditions days in the air with the nbc bay area app. you can get updates for your specific neighborhood. now, to a developing story in berkeley. a brazen attack at a busy park. someone opened fire on a group of people at a park in south berkeley. it happened around ak 30 yesterday evening as the park was full of people enjoying the warm weather. two men were injured and rushed to the hospital. a third, we are told, was grazed by a bullet. witnesses say it was startling to hear gunfire in an otherwise
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peaceful evening. >> around the corner, by the church. before we got to the corner, heard a shot. i said let's get these. it sounds like gunshots. >> police have yet to release a description of the shooters they are looking for. the shots came from a passenger side of the car that drove by. after a week of mechanical problems, the bridge over the sacramento river is not open for drivers. cars, instead, will have to take alternate routes on highway 12 as caltrans waits for a part to repair the bridge. the gear that raises and lowers the bridge broke last week. first, the bridge was stuck in the up position, then the down position. ships are allowed under the bridge. they raiseed the bridge to allow shipping vessels to pass through. that included two ships from oakland. it will remain up until 3:00
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a.m. tomorrow morning. now, a video catching a lot of attention. it shows i.c.e. agents taking a southern california man into custody, leaving his pregnant wife alone at a gas station. the couple were on the way to the hospital for a scheduled c-section. the video comes as immigrant families remain separated. we have the story. >> reporter: she is heart broken. the mother has been released from a texas detention facility, but doesn't know when she will get her kids back. her 9-year-old in houston, her 13-year-old in san antonio. >> translator: where are you, they ask. i don't know what to tell them. >> reporter: the trump administration is saying some families may not be reunited because of the parent's criminal or immigration history. in a statement, i.c.e. claims she is an ms-13 gang member.
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her lawyers say that's not true and they provided paperwork from the gomvernment saying she is nt in a gang. >> they bonded her out. she is not a threat to the public. >> reporter: isis under fire in another case, this time in san bernardino. wednesday morning, agents arrested an undocumented man stopped for gas to take his pregnant wife to the hospital for a c-section. it was high-risk and agents left herself to drive to the hospital. >> the whole situation is worrisome. >> reporter: this attorney says it is more of an extreme case. >> it's inhumanity of president trump's administration and the goal to demonstrate their intolerance for the immigrant community. >> reporter: the man detained by i.c.e. committed no crimes, but i.c.e. says he is wanted for a
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crime in mexico. a white house lawyer has been talking in the investigation into whether president trump obstructed justice. "the new york times" is reporting don mcgahn volunteered to talk to robert mueller to protect himself. mcgahn became concerned the president might implicate him, so he met with investigators. in a tweet, president trump claims he allowed mcgahn and others to, quote, fully cooperate. president trump and a former cia director, john brennan continue their feud. brennan said the president is drunk on power, unfit for president and conspired with the russians. he made the comments on rachel maddow on msnbc. the president lashed back yesterday, labeling brennan, quote, a political hack who cannot be trusted with the secrets of our country. >> what really gets under my
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skin is mr. trump's lack of decency, integrity, honesty and lack of commitment to the country's well being and national security. >> this just came up lately and it's a disgusting thing, frankly. >> brennan is a paida analyst fr nbc. many signed a letter of protest against president trump for revoking security clearances. you can hear more from john brennan who will appear on "meet the press" with chuck todd at 8:00 after this newscast. it is 7:07 right now. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. the video seen around the world. a teenager shoved off the bridge. she speaks exclusively live to nbc. what she says she wants to happen to her former friend. a break from all the bing watching netflix. something new that a lot of customers don't like. take a liv
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welcome back. the time is 7:10 on your sunday morning. no sun here. low clouds hanging over sfo. this is our brand-new camera at sfo. meteorologist rob mayeda has your microclimate forecast in a bit, similar to yesterday. temperatures 60s to 90s, but cooler than yesterday. some stunning video to show you this morning of a sacramento police officer hitting a teenager with a car. that happened last month but the video and details have just been made public. a 16-year-old boy was stopped for riding his bike in the dark without a light. the officer asked if he had a warrant out for his arrest and the teen took off running. another took off making a hard turn at 27 miles per hour hitting the boy. the teen can be heard screaming, i'm sorry, as the police put him
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in handcuffs. they are angry officers didn't get him medical attention first. >> they struck him with a car and could have hurt him. the first goal is handcuffs. >> they say it is standard procedure to chase a suspect trying to get away. he was treated for minor injuries. now, the video seen around the world, a 16-year-old girl shoved off a bridge in washington state and sharing her thoughts about whether the girl who pushed her should get jail time. she suffered multiple broken ribs and a punctured lung. she slammed into the water 60 feet below. they said the water would have felt like concrete, given the length of the fall. she broke her silence and gave her first live interview to "today." she says she is in a lot of pain and never asked her former friend, 18-year-old taylor smith to push her off the bridge as
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smith claimed. >> i just wanted her to be put away for a little bit so she can think about what she did. >> off camera, in this video, you can hear smith pressuring her to jump before she shoves her. prosecutors are causing smith with reckless endangerment. at 7:12, much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, thanks to you, nbc bay area cleared the shelters. how many pets found their forever homes. more on the growing problem in california that left so many pets in need. we are hoping we can clear the skies around the bay area from the smoke we are seeing in the east bay. there's a video of concord and walnut creek. we have 56 degrees. more 90s on the way before a cooldown in the forecast. we'll look at that when we come back. are helping students achiee
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their dreams. meet one ambitious young lady who )s ready for back-to- school, thanks to you! and we )ll track all the news that breaks overnight, plus top stories to get you ready for the day. )today in the bay. ) 4:30 to 7.
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take a live look outside -- communications hill - san jose welcome back at 7:14 on your saturday morning. this is sunday, pardon me. this is a live look at san jose
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from communications hill. i officially just became the anchor of the sunday morning news, so i lost track of what today actually is. some viewers aren't liking what they are seeing for the first time on netflix, commercials. they are testing running ads between shows. netflix says only some customers are seeing the ads that show original content, not other shows and movies. they say the ads can be skipped at anytime. clearing the shelters this weekend, nbc bay area and tele-mundo 48 found pets their forever homes. yesterday, alone, more than 1100 pets were adopted in the bay area alone. we have a look. >> reporter: like so many people on this day, this family saw the eyes of two waiting, energetic kittens and couldn't turn away. >> yes, we knew they were the
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ones. >> reporter: they adopted them at the san jose animal care center. >> the kids have been wanted pets for a while. this presents a great opportunity. >> some shelters, when they reach their limit, that's it. they can't take new pets that need to be relinquished. giving them a home opens another spot to get a home. >> reporter: other she wanters were participating in clear the shelters, sponsored by nbc bay area and tele-mundo 48. other places fees were reduced or free from san francisco to berkeley. >> we were walking by and saw a cute puppy here. it really needs a home and now she is happy and loves us so much. i'm so happy and the family is happy. >> we have very special friends here with us today. >> reporter: in walnut creek, they were spreading the word. >> he is hoping for a forever home.
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>> oh, yes. so cute. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: helping connect people and pets waiting for someone because on this day, the shelters were cleared and hearts were filled. >> very happy. >> i'm glad to finally have a kitten and a pet to play with. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cole. here is a look at the numbers across the country. 76,000 shelter animals found homes thanks to the event yesterday. 1200 shelters took part nationwide. since we started in 2015, 230,000 pets have found new homes. if you would like to find a list of participating shelters and locations go to if you weren't able to make it out yesterday, you can go out today. there's plenty of animals in need of a good home. for continuing coverage, check out twitter and facebook. our team of anchors and
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reporters posted videos of their day at shelters across the bay area. you know for a fact the puppies got adopted, but we don't know if the kitties got adopted. there's still time to take them home. >> if you brought home a new dog yesterday, good walking weather this morning. >> yeah. >> low clouds, misty skies this afternoon. the temperatures will be heating up. more 90s in the east bay areas. the fog is back at sfo. temperatures in the 50s and having an impact, not surprising on flights. some arriving flights delayed by 39 minutes. we'll see if the times expand due to the reduced vizibilities and low cloud cover right over sfo this morning. no low clouds around concord or walnut creek. waking up to temperatures in the 50s. later on, numbers in the 90s expected in concord and san
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jose. overcast and clouds in the valley, close to 60 degrees. for the afternoon, places like san jose will likely see the worst of the air quality. unhealthy for sensitive groups. that's why we have the spare the air alerts continuing for today as well. some areas of smoke at times around the north and east bay. the winds higher up bring smoke north to south into the bay area for the afternoon. right now, we have low clouds, misty skies around san francisco and the coast as we head through mid-morning today. what's left of the clouds inland, break up, giving us hazy sunshine, a cool and cloudy day on the coast except around santa cruz, you are likely to find sunshine there. then, those marine layers begin to deepen up, thicken and bring more drizzle into tomorrow morning, which sets the stage for cooling. highs today into the 90s inland. fairly hot as we get away from downtown san jose.
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morgan hill and gilroy, mid-90s in the forecast. similar temperatures in livermore, concord and cant yough. low to mid-70s in livermore. peninsula temperatures mostly 70s. coastside, low 60s in san francisco and the north bay, high temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. so, things today, just a little bit cooler than the temperatures we had on saturday. notice, as we get toward monday now, especially inland, these temperatures start to drop off. the marine air, which is below 1,000 feet should start to climb. more marine air moving inland. the high pressure will be dropping down the coast, and should bring up the sea breeze and lead up to a drop in the valley temperatures. 10-15 degrees cooler. later in the week, high pressure trying to build back. maybe a slight ramp up in temperatures again thursday and friday. not nearly as hot as the high
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temperatures yesterday. seven day forecast shows san francisco cooling, morning drizzle a part of the forecast through the middle part of the weekend. look at the valley temperatures today, 90s. starting tomorrow, we may see 90s off the board. refreshing tuesday, inland temperatures drop to the mid-80s, breezy at times, but comfortable weather. as the breezes pick up, better air quality and cooler temperatures for the middle part of the week and likely carry through to next weekend. back to you. >> really good with the cooldown. thanks. it is 7:21. still ahead on "today in the bay," what is art and what is technology? deep questions if the museum of modern art. our digital team posted this story online. you can watch it here first. next.
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comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. welcome back. have you ever thought about
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where reality ends and imagination begins? augmented reality, the magic window could be as surreal as painting or your smartphone. the digital video posted this story online and social media pages. you can watch it here, right now. >> we have been trying to find a hat. >> to be at play is to be open to what's around you and have a higher attention to your surroundings. >> go over here to enter the vendor world. >> amazing. >> point your camera at the world and suddenly stuff shows up for you that people see at the same time. >> it's been surreal. >> sort of in this surrealist movement where it's unclear what is reality. >> he's known for painting the sun of man and boulder in the
7:25 am
sky. it makes him the perfect subject for the move. >> i think the biggest a.r. experience since it opened. >> each behind me poses a riddle or puzzle to the visitor that they participate in. >> reporter: it's play sf. >> it's a way of bodily experiencing what you have been looking at in the galleries before. visitors tell us that helps them to understand the artwork. >> reporter: they are hardly the only screens around. in a place where photography was frowned on decades before, they accept it. now, the museum is toying with ways to take it a sptep further. >> you can enter through the doors. >> reporter: this is a co-founder of a start-up that's been invited to use the lobby as
7:26 am
a testing ground. >> we can go over to this cloud here. with the iconic rock. >> reporter: instead of looking at your phone, look through it. >> share the art. you are not just on your phone like this, you are looking at each other and interacting with each other. >> reporter: close to 100 people are immersed into it making them appear in space. they tell you, this is not a pipe, it's a digital representation they can see if they look through the phone. >> walk through the door, share the experience. >> that shared experience is where the line between the real world and virtual one could fadeaway. real world pride is never hurt. >> i found a magic hat in magic world. >> reporter: back here, they announced $27 million in funding. >> we think it is a new type of the new frontier that could be thought of as spatial.
7:27 am
>> reporter: where you can build sculptures. a world anyone can see by looking up. sign the artwork. >> take a selfie here. it's there to stay. the two of us, forever. >> reporter: forever, on the ceiling? >> on the ceiling. >> too cool. it is 7:27. much more ahead on "today in the bay." a warm end to this weekend and air quality continues to be a concern. this is a live look over san jose from communications hill. meteorologist rob mayeda will have the microclimate forecast. also, was yesterday really good luck? what had so many people rushing to the alter to say, "i do." sunh
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here is a live look outside -- good morning. it is 7:29 on sunday, august 19th. here is a live look outside in san francisco. yep, yep, that's the city we know. thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm kira clapper. >> misty skies and fog in san francisco. it's having an impact at sfo. you can see the low clouds, the ceiling as we say there, low visibility. delays approaching 40 minutes. 60 in san jose. afternoon temperatures will run a little bit cooler, but it's relative. livermore toward concord and morgan hill, san jose in the 80s. 60s and 70s from san francisco to oakland. all the temperatures topping out in the mid-80s. ahead, cooler changes ahead in the forecast. we'll look at that coming up in 15 minutes. >> only in the 80s. but, yeah, it is a nice change. we'll take it. thanks. as rob mentioned, the air quality is going to be an issue today as it was yesterday. the warm temperatures, coupled
7:31 am
with the lack of wind put us in the second spare the air day in a row. the air quality management district says the haze is a blepd of wildfire smoke from across northern california and smog from all the cars on the road. that combination can be harmful for people with weak respiratory systems and small children. air quality officials say the best way to avoid the effects of the air is stay inside. for families with a busy weekend, that's easier said than done. >> a mustang tournament taking place in walnut creek. i was coughing the whole time, the kids were playing in the soccer game. difficult to deal with. >> air quality management district is asking people to consider not driving to reduce the amount of smog in the air. firefighters spent yesterday checking for hot spots in martinez after friday night's dramatic brush fire. it broke out on highway 4. the flames burned 30 acres of
7:32 am
hillside. at one point, the homes were threatened and the fire burned in the hills. crews were able to stop the flames before it reached any buildings or homes. investigators say they believe sparks from a vehicle started that fire. be sure to track the conditions days in advance with the nbc bay area weather app. get updates on the forecast for your neighborhood right there in the palm of your hand. we are following a developing story in berkeley. a drive-by shooting at a busy park. someone brazenly attacked a group of people at san pablo park in south berkeley. it happened around 5:30 yesterday evening as the park was full of people enjoying the warm evening. two men were injured in the shooting and rushed to the hospital. a third person was grazeed by a bullet. witnesses say it was startling to hear gunfire erupt during an otherwise peaceful evening. >> we were around the corner by the church.
7:33 am
before we got to the corner, hear shots. i said they were fire crackers. i said it sounded like gunshots. >> they have yet to release a description of the shooter. the shots came from the passenger side of the car that drove by. a family dispute leads to the arrest of an elderly man. it happened yesterday morning on the 1100 block near san francisco's alamo square. this is video of police arresting the 85-year-old suspect for allegedly shooting his 49-year-old nephew. the victim was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. after a week of mechanical problems at the rio vista bridge, they are not open for drivers trying to get between solano and sacramento counties. cars will have to take alternate routes on highway 12 as caltrans awaits a part to fix the bridge. the gear that lowers and raises
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the bridge got stuck. ships are now allowed under the bridge. last night, caltrans raised the bridge to allow shipping vessels to come through. it will remain in the up position until 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. president trump and the former director of the central intelligence agency are now openly at war and mincing no words. in a stunning attack on the president, john brennan has said trump is drunk on power, is unfit for office and conspired with the russians. the president fired back labeling brennan a political hack who cannot be trusted with the secrets of our country, after yanking his security clearance earlier this week. kelly o'donnell has the very latest. >> reporter: a new battle in a very public feud. >> i have never respected him. i have never had a lot of respect. >> he's drunk on power, he is
7:35 am
really is. >> reporter: after president trump ripped the security clearance from former cia director, john brennan. on twitter, the president called him a loud mouth, who cannot be trusted with the secrets of our country. brennan says he has no party affiliation spent three decades at the cia, serving as director under president obama. friday, he hit the president where it hurts. >> there is collusion. >> reporter: he cites donald trump jr., 2016 trump tower meeting and candidate trump urging russia to find hillary clinton's e-mails as troublesome. >> i don't know if that is conspiracy and whether any of that conspiracy is criminal liability. >> reporter: brennan is a paid national security analyst for nbc. the president accuses him of making his collusion claims for tv. >> this was just came up lately
7:36 am
and it's a disgusting thing, frankly. >> reporter: three months ago, the president celebrated the cia. >> it is a true honor to stand here today before the most elite intelligence professionals on the planet earth. nobody even close. >> reporter: using his power to revoke clearances set off sirens for dozens of officials who sign add letter of protest. others say ongoing access to secrets has value. >> the reason officials have these clearances is so they can turn around and give advice to their successors. >> you can hear more on john brennan who will appear on "meet the press" with chuck "today" at 8:00 after this newscast. back here locally, an executive says he has the secret to success at work, to skip lunch and breakfast and dinner. "today in the bay's" scott mcgrew explains.
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>> reporter: a long-time silicon valley executive and venture capitalist working in artificial intelligence. this sunday on "press: here," we are going to talk about the future of jobs as ai takes over. there's an interesting fact about him. he doesn't eat, for days at a time, doesn't eat at all. describe, i mean, i know what it feels like to have stayed up far too long, a day or something. what does it feel like or feel normal that you haven't eaten in four days? >> it feels good. specifically, our bodies have two engines. we are like hypercars, we can burn carbs or fats. most of us don't turn on the fat burning engine. we have hybrid cars, but we only use one engine. you use the other, it feels great. all sorts of things happen. we are trying to convince
7:38 am
hoodie wearing tech kis to wear suits. this sunday on "press: here" after "meet the press" sunday morning at 9:00. >> yeah. i need to watch that. saturday, yesterday, always a busy day for weddings. yesterday was on another level because of the date, which a lot of people found lucky. a lot of couples decided it was the perfect day to get married. we went to redwood city where staff were working overtime to accommodate the rush to the alter. >> we pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride. >> reporter: they said "i do" in front of family and friends. >> oh, my gosh, so excited. >> reporter: the mom was visiting from out of the country. they decided the time was right, august 18, 2018. >> wouldn't know the meaning until she told me about it.
7:39 am
it's something special. forever. >> reporter: her best friend and photographer had explained it to her this way. >> eight to chinese is -- one in front of it, it's daily. so you are prosperous daily. it's a very, very good sign. >> this crosses cultures that the number eight and numbers in sequence are not only good luck, but a sign of health and prosperity. >> reporter: jim has heard many reasons since the clerk's office opened up offering civil wedding ceremonies due to popular demand. >> we normally perform only four marriages a day. we had booked 16. >> reporter: the number is also -- some grooms told us they like the day because it would be easy to remember. >> excited. a little nervous. >> reporter: for this couple, they believed it was the perfect way to kick off a union to last a lifetime. >> we just heard it was good
7:40 am
luck. i mean, we want the best for our wedding. >> reporter: christy smith. just shy of 7:40. the battle between the intelligence community and the white house rages on. larry joins us live to break down president trump's decision to revoke former cia director security clearance. the as continue to be the talk of the sports world. grant will join us to show how the green and cold took the top spot in the a.l. west. sports is next.
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♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. grant here at the xfinity sports desk. the a's hosted the astros. take you to the coliseum, bottom of the first, no score. chris davis crushes the ball, left field line. marcus and jed lowry score.
7:43 am
that is more than enough runs. now, over to the top seventh. trevor cahill finishing off a masterful performance with a strikeout here. seven innings, one hit, seven strikeouts, a's win, 7-1 to take a piece of first place. giants take on the reds. bottom four, 1-0, reds. bases loaded with two outs. that is off the end of the bat for brandon dixon, doubling down to right. two runs score. the reds pile it on, 7-1, the final. to the gridiron, week two of the preseason. first drive of the game, jimmy garoppolo. down the sideline. that is a 40-yard game. later in the drive, jimmy surveying finds trent tailor in the back. 136 yards, one td, one
7:44 am
interception. raiders visiting the rams. getting the day off. fourth quarter, 16-9, rams. they connect for the touchdown, 16-15. they go for two. no dice. rams win, 19-15. that's all for sports. more news after the break. ♪ ♪
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of former cia welcome back. as we discussed in this newscast that president trump, this week, revoked the security clearance of former cia director, john brennan and soon, thereafter, officials republicans and democrats wrote to the president calling the actions inappropriate and deeply regrettable. separately, retired admiral, william that supervised the raid that killed osama bin laden accused him of mccarthy era tactics. larry is here. what do we make of this commotion? >> here is the big picture, this
7:47 am
is really serious business. we have open warfare, open warfare between the intelligence community and the president of the united states. now, instead of these two critical components of american government working together, to protect the nation's interest at home and abroad, they are at each other's throats. they will affect the nation's ability to defend themselves because they have a wealth, just a wealth of institutional memory of flash points all around the world. they are often consulted by current government officials for their knowledge. these vital relationships are now threatened. >> i'm wondering if i missed something. how did we even get here? >> okay. look, for some time now, several national security officials criticized president trump for not condemning russia's
7:48 am
intrusive role in the 2016 elections and is continuing interference in the american political process to this day. former cia director, john brennan has been among them. wednesday, press secretary sarah huckabee sanders announced brennan's security credentials because of his erratic conduct and misbehavior. that left a lot of observers confused. later in the day, the president cleared up the confusion saying he revoked it because of his alleged role in the mueller investigation. now, as far as we know, there was no such involvement. the president also announced he intended to revoke security credentials of nine other current intelligence officials, all who he says participated unfairly and illegally in the early days of the mueller investigation. again, no evidence of that. >> what is the significance of this? >> well -- >> where do you start?
7:49 am
yeah, yeah. >> it's heavy stuff. it shouldn't surprise anyone, there's a split over this move. there's a split in everything. so many policies such as immigration, minorities, russia and, of course, the press. trump defenders argue he is protecting the nation from inaccurate statements from people abusing their security clearances and harming the nation's well being. the trump critics have another way of looking at it. they accuse the president of muzzling legitimate criticism from people who understand the gravity of policies with respect to russia. some see it as a not to veiled attempt to muzzle the mueller investigation itself. >> yeah, so, no crystal ball here, but what do you think could happen next? >> that remains to be seen, at a minimum. we have to go beyond that. brennan and others should there be others, could sue trump. they could sue trump for not
7:50 am
following procedures relevant to termination. there's a way you have to go about doing this. it would ask the court to determine, which is more important, the president's power outlined in article 2 of the constitution or the right to free speech. no doubt, such a suit would go all the way to the supreme court, but probably take a year, two, maybe three to get there, at a minimum. regardless, regardless, regardless, the president's own words confirm he will not accept criticism he views as unjustified or at odds with the policy. in a country where free speech is regarded as an anchor of liberty, that, in its will set alarms for trump critics. there's another point that should not be overlooked here. to the extent the president and intelligence community remain like this, the nation is more
7:51 am
vulnerable than it would be otherwise. tough times. >> yeah. there's so much we could still talk about. we will continue to follow this. as always, larry, thanks for being here. still ahead on "today in the bay," squeezing in the last bit of summer. the festival in one bay area community that's drawing big crowds. right now, seeing low clouds over oakland as the a's take on the astros early. temperatures in the 70s. coming up, we talk about the spare the air day and the changes ahead in the seven day forecast when we come back.
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one of the peninsula )s starting off with low clouds, including misty skies in san francisco. we have temperatures mid-50s. we see the cloudy view there at 55 degrees. not as much cloud cover inland this morning and smoke still in the skies near mt. diablo. walnut creek, temperatures mid-50s and san jose, low clouds through the valley this morning. temperatures closer to 60 degrees. you can see the overcast skies to start. now, hour-by-hour, we'll see what is left as the low clouds break up and giving us this hazy sunshine, a spare the air day. unhealthy for sensitive groups for smoke pollution and summertime smog we typically get from car pollution and the sun
7:55 am
from the day. smoggy conditions. areas of smoke drift at times into the north bay and inland. a few low clouds to start inland. as we get through 10:00 and 11:00 this morning, the clouds staying to the west of the golden gate bridge. sunshine around santa cruz and plan on seeing more low clouds push further inland as cooler temperatures set up as we go through the first half of the week. high temperatures around san jose, 80s once again as you get south of downtown, campbell, saratoga, morgan hill, we should see 90s again, lower 80s. 90s, again, from areas east of 680 toward livermore and the tri-valley, along highway 4. numbers in the mid-90s. 70s for oakland and peninsula temperatures, cooler than yesterday. mostly 70s. 60s into san francisco, highs in
7:56 am
the mid-60s with midday sunshine as the clouds break up. the north bay, highs in the mid to upper 80s for today. so, temperature wise, similar to saturday, not quite as hot inland. the bigger change comes monday as we see the inland valley temperatures cooling significantly as high pressure begins to loosen its grip. the marine air has been suppressed to the coast and the bay, jump up to 1,000 and 2,000 feet. the area of low pressure drops to the coast. that will lead to brief cooling monday to tuesday and wednesday, thursday, friday, likely see temperatures rebound a bit, upper 80s, closer to 90 inland. we shouldn't see mid to upper 90s. the trend next weekend takes the temperatures down. changes here. san francisco trending cooler. morning drizzle or late evening overnight into morning drizzle, a staple of the forecast for the first half of the week and value le temperatures now, looking
7:57 am
more comfortable. hoping for better air quality as the temperatures cool down. inland highs, once we pass today, begin to drop into the 80s and likely stay there into next weekend. that is a nice looking change as we go through the next few days. >> a very nice looking change, rob. thanks. perfect weather to get outside and enjoy jazz music. burling game on the avenue arts and music festival is taking over this weekend. yesterday features bay area bands playing jazz, fusion and traditional jazz. look at that, plenty of food, hand crafted goods and carnival-style rides for the kids. the burlingame block party. we have a month of summer left, according to the calendar. >> they have everything there. >> yeah, looks like a lot of fun. it is three minutes until "meet the press" starts. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning and
7:58 am
making clear the shelters such a success. more news at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00. we hope you have a great sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
russia probe. president trump revokes the security clearance of former cia chief john brennan. >> mr. brennan has a history that calls into question his objectivity and credibility. >> and threatens to do the same to other former officials who have criticized him. >> security clearances for those who still mhave them may be revoked. >> i think bruce ohr is a disgrace. i suspect i will be taking it away quickly. >> brennan reacts. >> i think this is an egregious act that flies in the face of traditional practice as well as common sense as well as national security.


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