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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 25, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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- - - - here is a live look outside -- sfo good morning, thanks for good saturday morning to you. it is 7:00. here is a live look outside at san jose from communications hill. wow. low clouds and fog there. hopefully you are wrm at home on this saturday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm kara clapper. vy any arana has a look at our micro climate forecast. >> that makes you want to snuggle with a blanket by a fireplace. >> with tea, or coffee.
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>> which every is good. that's setting the scene for what we are going to be seeing into next week. before we get to that let's talk about your current conditions right now. it's cloudy. 55 degrees. it's chilly out there in some parts. mostly cool though. right now in san jose, 58 degrees. we have a nice marine layer that is hugging the coastline. that's what is bringing a bit of that fall-like feel to the area. we are expecting to be clearing out nicely inland. along the coast we will see partial periods. in san francisco today more than likely we will keep a lot of the fog and marine layer covering for the most part of the day. which means temperatures aren't expected to be too warm. it will still be comfortable. you would definitely went a sweater in the city. >> yes. >> i have an update on the air quality conditions this weekend. i will have an update for you on that in the next 15 minutes. >> air quality had gotten better, then worse again. we will stay tuned for that. a teenager is dead and two
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people are under arrest following a shooting around a bear area high school. it happened around 5:00 p.m. near armijo high school. witnesses saw two suspects flee the scene and run to the high school. a 16-year-old dialed from his injuries. a 18-year-old man remains in critical condition. the football game was called off and people were forced to stay if place in the high school gym. that's where one of the suspects was caught. >> you never thought you were going to be at your child's football game and all of a sudden you are working concessions and you are on the floor because you are locked down and there is somebody on campus shooting with a gun. terrifying. >> the other suspect was arrested at a nearby home. no weapon was found. late last night a major announcement from elon musk after weeks of shakeups and odd tweets, the high-profile ceo says tesla will ram a publicly
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traded company. in a statement musk says he is quote incredibly excited to continue leading tesla as a public k. it is a privilege. this is a reversal from earlier this month when he sent shock waves a turned world tweeting he was considering taking tesla private. that caused shares to drastically drop. musk says his decision to stay public was based on long talks with investors who stuck with the company since they went public in 2010 when there were no cars in production. musk says his investors ultimately advised him against the move to go public. now to hurricane lane which has been downgraded to a tropical storm. experts say that doesn't mean that locals in hawaii are in the clear. people there are experiencing a lot of rain flooding and 70 miles per hour winds. the ebig li islands that seen 3 inches of rain.
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it washed away roads and damaged neighborhoods. flash flood warnings and fears of mudslides continue on the big island. west, to maui, lane is losing intensity but officials say it was best to prepare for the worst. >> we dodged a bullet. dup mean it's over. we are going to have rain and wind and local flooding and we don't want to let our guard down. >> 36 search and rescue personnel from san francisco and santa clara county are in hawaii helping out right now. >> officials at sfo say ten flights to and from the island were canceled yesterday. four flights were delayed in total. at oakland airport, two flights were delayed. at san jose, two flights were canceled, one delayed. as of last night we are told all flights to the island from all three airports are on schedule. back here, an air quality advisory for smoke in the bay
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area is in effectthrough tomorrow. smoke blown from the fires from the pacific northwest and northern california is creating hazy conditions. medical experts are advising people not to exert themselves outside. yesterday afternoon on the embarcadero in san francisco not many people took that advice, still running and biking. but some were work outside were able to take the day off. didn't go to work. yeah. just sat at home. it's too smokey to go outside. so you have just got to relax a little bit. >> i see it, it's ugly out here. but i don't feel it. it doesn't bother me too much. >> school districts across the bay area made the call yesterday to go ahead with friday night football. a berkeley city councilman is under fire after a recording was released by the city. it shows him trying to get out of a ticket. >> breaking the [ bleep ] -- >> sir, don't make this personal. it's not. >> it is personal. >> that was ben bartlett.
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he is now apologizing for his behavior. last month he was pulled over for running a red light. you can hear him criticizing the officer, swearing, and despite not having his license or proof of insurance. >> it's at my house. i left my wallet there. this is crazy. >> i understand that, but they are having a hard time finding you. what's your first name. >> let me take to it the station. this is crazy. leo. >> he was ticketed for not having his license. critics say he clearly used his position to get out of the ticket for running the red light. it's not clear whether he will be disciplined by the city. a victim of a caltrans collision. the victim was tras passing on the tracks when the train struck at 6:p.m. in burlingame last night. police say no one on board the train was hurt. they are investigating why the person was on the tracks to begin with.
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trains were delayed 30 minutes during the evening rush hour. another train across the bay smashed into a car. in the east bay our sky rainer was overhead near teyson high school in payward. at 4:00 yesterday afternoon the car stopped on the tracks during traffic as a train was approaching. railroad arms went down but the driver didn't move. the driver was take tony the hospital. their condition sun clear. and now to this mess, on 880. hopefully you weren't one of the ones stuck in it. 880 was shut down in both directions for more than three hours yesterday afternoon. a truck driver pulled over when his truck started to leak acid. haz-mat crews were called in. in addition the to that hold up and the usual friday traffic the raiders were playing at the coliseum. >> this is an hour extra time of extra because of this. i'm just trying to get to the raider game, man. >> nearby shoppers at the southland mall were ordered to shelter in place. everything turned out okay in
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the end. 7:07 right now. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, a mid air emergency at sfo. a united jet hits a flock of birds. what happened next, and how the airline was responding to passengers. plus, a bug that could bite your toes. the warning that's going out about a popular california hiking spot.
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welcome back. it's 7:10 on our saturday morning. here's a live look outside at sfo. low clouds this morning across the bay area. it will be warm inland, depending on in you are a glass half full or half empty kind of person the coast will be partially clear or partially foggy. we will have the forecast in just a little bit. a scare in the sky for passengers on a united flight. it's been a long journey from sfo to sing sponsor. a united plane hit a flock of birds and had to turn around
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leaving passengers scrambling to get to their destinations. today in the bay's christie smith explains. >> it felt likablep pebbles were hitting the plane. >> reporter: mike curtis planned to enjoy his anniversary in singapore but was delayed. >> two hours later they said we hit some birds. we have to release om gas and be back in sfo in 30 minutes. >> reporter: united airlines released a statement saying in part shortly after takeoff flight 1 experienced a bird strike and returned to field safely. we are working to get our customers to their destinations as soon as possible. >> i'm supposed to see my wife. it's her birthday today there. >> reporter: he was become on the another flight to beijing this afternoon with a six hour layoff before singapore after three more delays at sfo. >> i'm frustrated.
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>> reporter: a passenger shared this picture of the nose of the plane that the birds hit. an aviation analyst says bird strikes are not uncommon, especially towards the fall. >> it is unusual that they aboarded the flight and came back. he was concerned about the integrity of the aircraft. but usually the bird strikes are on takeoff and on landing. >> reporter: here's an image that shows the flight path. >> it took a long time to get an uptight. >> reporter: christie smith nbc bay area news. much more ahead on today in the bay. an update on san jose's efforts to crack the down on illegal fireworks. is it working? we have definitely got plenty of cloud cover out there. look at this shot of woodside using the weather underground cameras. i will talk about the temperatures expected for today. an update on the air quality, and of course tropical storm lane coming up. ross has the brands you want for back to school.
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it's 7:14. a live look from communications hill. vianey arana will have a look at the micro climate forecast including a smoke advisory through tomorrow. san jose is making it easier to report illegal fireworks activity but it doesn't seem to be paying off. of the more than 1,000 complaints filed on line this year just four citations were issued. the problem, the fire department says, is most reports don't provide enough information. now to a warning for hikers heading to southern california. watch out for your feet. a bug right here has gained traction on social media. it's being nicknamed the toe bug. they are in the santa monika mountains. they are capable of taking down creatures 50 times their size. they aren'tly that will but their bike packs quite a punch. why are they called the toe bug? that's where they are known to fight.
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burning salesman set to begin tomorrow. the festival's organizers have a message. enough with the traffic stops that message is pointed at federal officials. the a number of cars heading to the festival are being pulled over and searched for drugs. attorneys help renting burning man call the traffic stops unconstitutional. federal authorities call it a crackdown on a nationwide opioid epidemic on tribal lands. more than 80,000 people are expected to attend burning man this year. the south bay is getting ready for a big party this weekend. the 43rd annual silicon valley pride is happening in san jose. max club was getting decked out yesterday in rainbow flags from around the world. they are opening early, before the parade tomorrow. bartender jim michael says pride is not only a celebration for the lbgtqq community but it is a party for everybody. >> it is a very mixed crowd. i don't think anything is 100% gay anymore. everybody enjoys coming out the
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clubs and the gay community because we are a fun bunch of people. we know how to have a good time. >> the main event is the parade tomorrow. floats will make their way down market street sundayate 10:00 a.m. let's check in on the weekend forecast. my poor mother-in-law visiting from minnesota is like it's freezing. >> too many clouds. >> it's usually cold in san francisco in the summer but it's cooler. >> that tends to throw people off, especially if you are visiting the area. you always have to keep in mind we are a micro clooimt area which means the temperature can change from the coast the inland temperatures. we are getting a taste of fall. before that, we have drying going on. we have a marine layer alone the coastline. that's what we are seeing in terms of the cloud cover out there. san francisco right now, 56 degrees. san francisco is expected to see partial clearing today. so fur going to be into the city expect to still keep some gloomy
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skies. but that's okay because the temperature also climb into a more comfortable weather pattern by the afternoon. as far as san jose goes you can see how deep the marine layer really goes in. see how cloudy it is out there. it's 58 degrees. this is definitely a little bit of that cozy weather. it's going to set us up for the beginning of the work week as well. as far as the coastline goes you can see how deep this marine layer has gotten. we have low clouds. stratus clouds in hayward, concord, the livermore area. even though inland areas will clear out mid morning i would say the clouds should burn off. the coast should remain on the cloudier side. on the air quality index, i want to give you an update. the index is yellow right now, moderate for the bay area. you can see the air quality index up here. based on the colors we are doing better than we were yesterday and the day before that when we were seeing very dangerous air quality conditions. but we are hoping that through
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tonight we will see a much better condition in terms of the smoke advisory. the smoke advisory remains in place through sunday. so stilling mindful of the air quality conditions this weekend as far as the north bay all the way down through santa clara valley. the air quality is moderate across the board. better than the past two days. no spare the air alert remains in effect for today. temperatures today, you will notice a nice range. 64 for san francisco. in the south bay we will climb into the barely there 80s. topping out in the upper 70s. further inland we will clim into some upper 80s. 85 for antioch. and 90s up through ukiah. expect hazy skies over the next five days. this is what we are tracking. we have a ridge of high pressure that's drying us out nicely. dry and breezy in the mountains through monday. but we are watching the wind. come monday into wednesday it's going to be a bit breezy. the temperatures are definitely
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going to fell like fall because of the wind chill. we are talking 60s to mid 70s a nice cooling by tuesday, my favorite type of weather. i want to give you an update on tropical storm lane. current satellite shows it far off the shore, north-northeast of the big island. it comes through saturday night and into sunday we are still tracking strong winds. even though it has been downgraded right now the heaviest concern will be the heaviest rain. expecting ten to 10 inches through the weekend. not in the clear just yet. sending well wishes out there. over the next days in san francisco, we have some 60s. look how breezy and comfortable the temperatures fall on month. we are talking mid 70s through next week. i'm excited i am getting to light all my candle snooze you do like your candles. i'm happy for you. it is 7:20. still ahead on today in the bay, the new sales force transit center is a huge hit with
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commuters. we will take an in-depth look. you can watch the story on line or watch it right here after the break. our "digital video journa
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jonathan bloom" always posts his stories on our website and our welcome back. our digital video journalist jonathan bloom always posts his stories on our skbebts our social pages. here's one for you about the green space floating above san francisco above the brand-new sales force transit center. some are comparing it to new york's high line. the four city blocks of lush green open space is a major upgrade for lunchtime. >> it's nice. i mean it's not fantastic. but it's pretty cool. >> it is slightly closer to my office. that's convenient. >> $2 billion is a lot of money that i can't comprehend. >> reporter: what is it like to walk through this space and see people in it. >> it's been eight years under construction and people were patient waiting for the park. >> i think my mom would love it. >> it completely changed everything. >> people probably remember the
7:24 am
old transbay terminal. it was dark. it wasn't the most rling of places. >> reporter: a relic of days gone bay. look at the difference. >> light filled. welcoming space. >> reporter: instead of pay phones, ways to charge your smart phone. to from shuttered ticket offices to kiosks always open. >> it is a nice and shiny terminal. hope it stays that way. >> maintenance for years was takeen into account. >> reporter: some of the details. >> $5 million public art system. we are walking on one of them. the floor, designed by julie chang. >> reporter: where are we now. >> on the west deck. >> reporter: commuters pouring on the clean covered platforms. >> it will be nice when it rains. it won't be outside. >> it's helpful that all the times are posted by the buses. >> it's bright, it's safe.
7:25 am
there is bathrooms. >> reporter: but it is a flip side. >> it used to be the best kept secret. the transbay bus. >> reporter: now. >> now the word is out and lines are long a. lot of people who are normally crammed into bart aren't walking to bart they are walking here. >> reporter: it may be ang loer line, but a shorter trip. >> the city has been demanding pour open public space. they have no now. >> reporter: the wait is over. >> it is a transforming aof the neighborhood. cleatclily changed the character. >> reporter: there are games, refreshments, even arts and crafts. this isn't just because the park is new. it's part of the long term plan for keeping it like new. >> create a good vibe, an active fun atmosphere. it helps us keep everything nice and fun and safe and welcoming for families and everyone. >> i'm going on the escalator. >> reporter: in fact, without
7:26 am
looking through the glass floor tiles. >> i don't feel like i'm on top of a transit terminal. >> you would never know that you are walking over busy congested streets. >> reporter: sounded by big business. block rock is one that is close enough. >> take a walk. get a meal. >> reporter: from on your door meeting under the fog. there is just one thing missing. >> i would love to have a train station, too. >> it was supposed be the, right? >> reporter: right, eventually. >> this is part of the transit story most people won't get to see. >> reporter: two stories beneath the street things they won't see. a glitter of sunlight shines into a subbasement filled with hopes and dreams and not much else. there is a lot of room under here. >> yeah. >> reporter: room enough for double decker trains to come in on six tracks. >> it starts curving and then they will leave here. >> reporter: before they leave,
7:27 am
they have to getter auto here. that's ten years away. and for statewide high-speed rail. >> we need fund and lead remembers working on that. >> reporter: in the meantime with its shining floors and sweeping views neighbors say they are happy with what may be the world's most expensive bus terminal. >> it seems good. >> nicely constructed. >> a nice addition to the city. >> that was jonathan blume. at 7:27 we have much more ahead. coming up a major milestone for hospital care in san francisco. we will give you a review of the high-tech center that opened its doors for patients 27 minutes ago. the bay area prosecutor coming up with a unique idea to file new charges in the golden state killer case despite the statute of limitations.
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i'm a small business, but i have... big dreams... and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes...
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san rafael. wow. low clouds hanging over the bay there. can you believe its last woogd in august. thank you for joining us. we have look at the micro climate forecast. >> you know what in a means. summer is slipping away. >> slipping away. that means our good weather is still on the way. >> yeah. mind you, good weather for us here in the bay area is that cozy feel with this cloud cover. what you are seeing house outside right now is very futuristic compared to what we are doing to see pretty soon. especially as we head into the work week. san francisco, this is a nice shot. marine layer hanging out over at&t park. it's not too windy. wind speeds are calm. we expect breezier conditions tonight and into monday. cooler this morning. 50 degrees for san jose. crisp along the coast. half moon bay 56. up to the north. 55 degrees. pair that with the cloud cover. it's going to ill feel chilly
7:31 am
out there. let's look at the marine layer you can see how deep. look at the stratus clouds. acongress the coastline, in hayward, concord, livermore. if you drive through any of these areas this morning you are definitely going to notice those clouds. as we head into the afternoon we are expecting clearing for the inland areas. along the coast it will be partial clearly. i will tell you what that means for the air quality coming up over the weekend coming up in 15 minutes. >> hopefully the air quality is better. we will stay tuned. a teenager is dead and two people are under arrest following a shooting near a bay area high school. it happened around 5:00 yesterday near armey mow high school. witnesses saw two people flee the scene and run to the school a. 16-year-old boy died from his injuries. an 18-year-old remains in critical condition. the shooting 1789 forced a lockdown at armijo high school. the football game was called off and people were forced to
7:32 am
shelter in place in the school gym. that's where one of the suspects was caught. >> you never think you are going to be at your child's football game. all of a sudden, you are working concessions and you are on the floor and you are being told to lock down because there is somebody on campus shooting or you know with a gun. it's terrifying. >> the other suspect was arrested at nearby home. late last night a major announcement from tesla's high-profile ceo after weeks of shakeups and odd tweets. elon musk is now saying tesla will remain publicly traded n. a statement, musk says he is quote incredibly excited to continue leading tesla as a public company. it is a privilege. this of course is a reversal from earlier this month when he sent shock waves around the world after tweeting he was considering taking tesla private. that caused shares to plummet. musk says his decision to stay public was based on long talks with investors who have the you can with the company since it
7:33 am
went public this 2010. they ultimately advised musk against the move to go private. to hurricane lane. it's downgraded to a tropical storm but locals and tourists in hawaii aren't yet in the clear. people there are still experiencing a lot of rain, flooding and 70 miles per hour winds. the big island, which was already wrecked by the volcano earlier this year, has seen 30 inches of rain so far. it washed away roads and submerged neighborhoods. at least 11 people so far had to be rescued from the rising waters. flash flood warnings and fears of mudslides continue on the big island and all the way west to maui. lane is losing intensity but officials say it was best to plan for the worst. >> we dodged a bullet. doesn't mean it's over. we are going to have rain and wind and local flooding and we need to be vigil app and we don't want to let all our guard down. >> 36 rescue personnel from san francisco to santa clara county
7:34 am
are in hawaii right now. this of course is still peak travel season for tourists. officials at sfo say ten flights to and from the islands were canceled yesterday. four flights were delayed. that is a live look from our sfo camera. at oakland airport two flights were delayed yesterday to hawaii yesterday. and at san jose's airport two flights from canceled and one delayed. today all flights are on schedule. investigators tell us ricky kiefer stabbed a woman behind concord business. a security guard found her body wednesday night. surveillance video provided clear image was kiefer coming and going from the crime scene. that's not all. >> in addition to the video, there is audio recordings from one of the cameras and we can actually hear the woman crying
7:35 am
for help and begging for the person to stop when she was killed. >> kiefer is a convicted felon who has spent time in prison for robbery and for burglary. as tributes to john mccain pour in. one republican leader has been silent. the president. colleagues from both sides of the aisle have reached out after mccain's family announced yesterday the senator has stopped treatment for his terminal brain cancer but the white house remains quiet. the president gave a one-hour speech in ohio last night and did not once mention mccain n. past months, however, he frequently blasted mccain for his no vote in the effort to repeal obamacare. more charges filed this week against the golden state killer. it is a challenging case for prosecutors since most of the murders and rapes happened decades ago. a contra costa county prosecutor found a way to hold the suspect accountable even though the deadline to file charges has long since expired.
7:36 am
here's todaya in the bay's jodi hernandez. >> reporter: for the past four months paul graves has been poring through old files, the golden state killer's rape victims looking for a way to hold joseph deangelo accountable. >> it is the kind of case that invades your soul when you get touched by the case because it's amazing that another human being could do so much harm to an entire state. >> reporter: but because of the statute of limitations for rape, time had expired to file charges on the 1970s cases years ago. but graves was determined to find a way. >> this is the wall of penal codes. >> reporter: he found it by studying decades of criminal law. while time had run out on the rape charges four of the attacks met the criteria for kidnapping for robbery which has no statute of limitations and can carry a life sentence. >> it started this process where
7:37 am
i had this realization where yes we can actually get justice for several victims in this county. >> reporter: his work led to new charges against the 72-year-old citrus heights man for four rapes in the east bay and nine cases in sacramento county. graves calls it one of the proudest moments of his career. >> my hope is that we get justice. fair, swift justice for the victims. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area nows. now to the murder of mollie tibbetts. it prompted her friends to launch what they call the mollie movement after her body was discovered on tuesday a friend came up with acts of kindness cards. every is encouraged to print the cards which are posted on line showing people doing helpful acts.
7:38 am
mollie's family is asking for those who want to help to donate to the university of iowa in mollie's name. a new life saving land mark was unveiled. the ceremonial ribbon cutting happened outside the new cpmc bernal campus hospital. inside up in of the equipment is still wrapped in plastic but the patients began arriving at 7:00 this morning. the facility has 120 beds, all in private rooms equipped with the latest technology. and sutter health describes it as a neighborhood hospital. >> i run into so many people who talk about st. luke's who, especially native san franciscans who were born here. and they wanted to make sure this hospital was here for many generations to come. it will be as a result of today. >> it replaces the st. luke's hospital. the bernal campus has a focus on
7:39 am
argument ito paidics and elder care. now the latest giants disappointing loss went down at at&t park. still ahead. ♪ well well well, what have we here?
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last night -- a gut wrench welcome back. the frustrating season continues for the giants. last night a gut-wrenching loss to the texas rangers at at&t park. we go straight to the ninth inning. two outs, giants leading by two runs. not anymore. rougned odor ties it up with a two-run homer into mccould have beeny cove. in the tenth, giants reliever, sam dyson walks in the winning run. the giants lose a heart breaker, 7-6. the as in minnesota last night. one of their young stars chapman belts a three run homer. it broke open a close game. the as beat the twins 7-1. the as remain one and a half games behind the astros for the
7:42 am
division lead. the as were on the road but it was a busy night at the oakland coliseum. here's a live look this morning. last night more than 40,000 fans were there to watch the raiders and the packers. first play of the game, carr 49 yards to cooper. it leads to a field goal. it was a bit of a lackluster game after that. neither im team played their starters for an extend period. warren scored the winning touchdown for the silver and black with five minutes left in the game. the raiders beat the packers, 13-6. 7:42 right now. we have much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, it's enough to make you dizzy. the story behind this boat running circles for nearly two hours. what happened to its driver? call those donuts. hopefully the driver is okay. if you are looking out your window right now and saying hey it's cloudy you are not the only one. look at the fog. we have a marine layer in through the livermore area.
7:43 am
yes, we are tracking fall-like temperatures. what does that mean for us? details coming up.
7:44 am
7:45 am
good morning. it is 7:44. you are waking up to a very cloudy bay yampl that's all right because this is what we are used to in san francisco. 56 degrees right now. you can see at&t park. you have a nice marine layer emt' not just in san francisco. it made its way to the south bay and inland as well. 58 right now in san jose. wind speeds nice and calm at about five miles per hour. nothing major there. i want to talk about this air quality. because we have been under a spare the air alert the past two days. the good news for today is we are not under a spare the air alert. if you look at the air quality index by the color scheme here, the reds and the ones are for very dangerous conditions. that's what we were dealing with especially this the south bay the last two days. there is no spare the air alert in effect today or tomorrow.
7:46 am
however there is a smoke advisory that remains in effect through tomorrow. because we are still dealing with moderate air quality through the north bay in the south, inland, south bay, and santa clara valley. the reason for that is because we have plenty of smoke in the air. be mindful if you are heading outside especially with the nice cooler temperatures. it might be good to remain indoors and car pool to all the fun thing we have going on this weekend. the micro climate forecast today. temperatures a range. 64 in san francisco. oakland in the 70s. inland still warm income the 80s. we have some nights on the map. the reason is we have a bit of a high pressure. that's going to dry us out at least the next two days. we are not expecting any major changes in the weather pattern through the weekend. dry and breezy in the mountains through monday. we are watching out for that wind. as we head into monday through wednesday. it's going to be a breezy
7:47 am
monday. and it's the going to feel more like fall. temperatures will be in the 60s and mid 70s even for the inland areas. not just the coastline. i want to update you on the tropical storm off the big island. right now it's well off of the coast. even though they didn't get a direct impact they are still dealing with the outer bands. what is happening through the next couple of hours tonight into sunday there is an threatened and extended impact. heavy rain at times. expecting ten or 15 inches more of rainfall from the outer bands. they are not in the clear just yet. over the next few days, in the 60s. windy conditions in san francisco. we go from yaet today with the smoke advisory and temperatures drop into the 70s by monday. 7:47. still ahead on today in the bay. thousands of pens, pencils, markers, and more r now in the hands of tens of thousands of deserving bay area students.
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thanks to you. we have the results of our supporting our schools effort. plus the story of an unforgettable local fifth grader.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. supplies they need thanks to welcome back. thousands of bay area kids are returning to class with the sbliz they need thanks to your generosity. our nbc bay area viewers made our recent supporting our schools initiative a massive success. chris chmura is here with the
7:51 am
project that we have been working on for months. >> reporter: we worked with family giving free to give back. its operation is huge, contributing tens of thousands of backpack doe nations. we decided to follow one all summer from the hands of several volunteers to one very gradeful oakland fifth grader. >> this summer. >> every year we do it. >> at dozens of locations. >> assembly line style. packed 37,000 back packs for bay area kids who need a little help. >> we want kids to have what they need to succeed. >> reporter: from the ocean of backpack weiss chose one to follow from start to finish. this tie dye backpack. in june it was packed with paper, pencils, and pride. >> they are serious about filling up the backpack force the students. >> reporter: next in july it traveled to sunny veil to the warehouse. >> a-1, 2-5, 6-8, and 9-12.
7:52 am
>> reporter: then they were shipped to a distribution center where volunteers got them ready for the final leg. for the tie dye backpack was to woodland elementary where the principal carried it to a fifth grader, sofia lopez. >> there is school supplies understand inside. do you want to see. >> reporter: after looking at her brand-new gear. >> oh, okay. >> reporter: she told me she wants to be a veterinarian when she gross up. >> it is a cool job to take care of animals and make sure they are healthor. >> he and she knows to get to tomorrow, she needs the school supplies of today. >> it's important because without them you won't learn anything and you won't become a veterinarian. >> reporter: the principal handed out a number of other back packs as well. >> it shows us that the community cares.
7:53 am
>> reporter: he estimates 90% of his students need help getting school supplies. >> it is perfect. >> reporter: but there aren't enough donations to give everyone a new backpack. as impressive as the warehouse looks, the 37,000 it gathered this year only covered 10% of the need. the other 90% of the kids struggle. >> the kids are trying to do home work with no supplies. they arrive at the school with no paper or no pencil. >> reporter: back at the school the principal stels tells me he will gladly hand out more back packs when people donate. >> that love is extended by the community area and family. >> reporter: nbc bay area was proud to host the week long initiative to help family giving tree reach its goal of 37,000 back packs. look at what our viewers donate. 4,128 back packs, including 48,000 crayons, 49,000 pencils,
7:54 am
and 24,000 markers. as well as countless smiles from grateful kids all around the bay area. you can still contribute. go to back to you. >> incredible. thank you, chris. all right. take a look at this, if you can. quite a sight near seattle. who was at the helm of this boat? the answer is no one. the driver fell into the water and swam to shore. for nearly two hours this boat went in circles. the coast guard waited for the boat to run out of fuel. thank goodness i guess it stayed in the circular motion and didn't go straight into someone else. wow. 7:54. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, our clear the shelters segment featuring pets in need. look at this girl. we will introduce to you jessica next.
7:55 am
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to provide relief in as little as 4 hours. woof and apoquel is safe without many of the side effects associated with the use of steroids. apoquel is for the control of itch associated with allergic dermatitis and the control of atopic dermatitis in dogs. do not use apoquel in dogs less than 12 months old or those with serious infections. apoquel may increase the chance of developing serious infections and may cause existing parasitic skin infestations or pre-existing cancers to worsen. do not use in breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs. most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. don't wait. ask your veterinarian about apoquel today. apoquel. it's itch relief worth barking about. bark welcome back. it's 7:56. it's time for our clear the shelters segment with our
7:57 am
friends from pets in need. they are here holding jessica a very sweet 1-year-old terrier mix. you rescued her from the central valley, right. >> uh-huh. >> yes. she think she might have come from a neglected home. that's why she has a hip and leg issue. she will be going into surgery pretty soon. >> yes, she has, you discovered after you saved her that she had a hip and leg issue which essentially is blocking blood flow to her -- the hip blockage is blocking blood flow to the leg. >> right. >> she needs a very expensive surgery, like $5,000. >> uh-huh. >> you are amazing because you pay for it. >> uh-huh. >> you deal with the problem, so to speak. >> right. >> and then you will get her adopted to a loving forever home? >> right. first i want to thank you nbc for your assistance last week with clear the shelters. >> it was a great weekend. >> we ended up with 25 adoptions
7:58 am
that day, which is the most adoptions in one day since i have been at pets in need. so thank you very much. >> oh, thank goodness. we are so happy that was the turnout. >> yeah. thank you. jessica, when we go out and we rescue, you never know whether, you know an animal is perfectly healthy or has physical problems. i guess one of the unique features with pets in need is no matter what the issues are with her, the dogs or cats that we rescue, we will take care of their medical condition no matter what. in her case she has a hip and a leg problem. so she's probably two or three months away from being ready for adoption. she is going to have some surgery next week. >> then physical therapy, and medication to upkeep. and you take care of it all. you can't do it without our second chance fund. >> right. >> if people are willing to donate to that to help out there is more information on your website, pets in
7:59 am
thank you for coming in. all the best to jess chasm we will think of her over the next few weeks. thank you for making us part of your morning. more tuesday later at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. i will see you back here tomorrow. you could generate your own energy, at home. or to save energy,
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